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Assault on T-397A by ilovebe

Rated R
  • Published: Dec 21st, 2016
In the words of Colonel Trautman from Rambo: First Blood II: "Goddamn mercenaries!" A comely officer for a private military contractor is caught in the cross-hairs of the good guy's experimental transformation gun.
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Always Room For More by doctorpluto

Rated R
  • Published: Nov 15th, 2016
A young man finds himself at the mercy of a slimegirl, soon he finds out she's a lot sweeter when you get to know her.
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The Pool by fiat

Rated X
  • Published: Sep 4th, 2015
  • Last Updated: Sep 5th, 2015
A determined woman with an overwhelming desire braves a terrible challenge in an attempt to achieve what she's always wanted. Vague, I know (and maybe a little melodramatic :P) but, I think this scenario has some pretty cool context that I don't want to spoil. As usual, PDF is the best way to read my stories:
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