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Twenty-three year old Cheyenne Summers was lying on her bed trying to block out the fabricated sounds of gun fire and zombies coming from the next room. Her boyfriend, Brian had been on those damned video games all day and it was Friday night with no chance of him stopping anytime soon. She enjoyed to play with him every now and then but he was beginning to get on her nerves, ever since he was laid off from his job this was all he wanted to do.


“Augh! I'm so tired of this...” Cheyenne said sitting up, brushing her long, brown hair out of her face. “What am I going to do with him? I can't get him to do anything else...” Cheyenne looked over and saw their dog Hunter sitting obediently at the foot of her bed. When Cheyenne looked at him he wagged his tail and panted happily.


They had gotten the dog from a shelter a few months ago, shortly after Brian had been let go, because Cheyenne thought it would be fun for them to care for an animal or two. Unfortunately she ended up taking over most of the responsibility, not only with the dog but with just about everything around the house and it was becoming exhausting. To make things even worse, she was also the only one that had a job at the moment.


Cheyenne pet him behind the ears while she spoke, “Why can't he be more responsible? He doesn't have a job and he won't even bother looking for one... He's just being plain useless. I think I need to have a talk with him...”


Cheyenne sighed and went to the door. She opened it and went out to the living room where Brian was playing Left 4 Dead 2 on his computer, a game that Cheyenne had actually enjoyed playing when he actually let her. He was so engrossed in it that he didn't even look over when she entered the room. She glared at him and crossed her arms. Another minute passed before Brian finally looked over and jumped in surprise at the sight of Cheyenne standing over him.


He smiled meekly and started to speak, “Hey babe-”


“Don't. Just listen,” Cheyenne interrupted. “I've had it with you just sitting on your ass doing nothing all day. You hardly even pay attention to me anymore, you don't help out around the house, you don't have a job and I'm fed up with it,” She said, counting his faults on her fingers.


Brian looked at Cheyenne speechlessly then looked down at the floor in shame. “I know, I know. I've just become lazy and downright useless, but I don't know. I just hate working, I'm sorry...” He said sadly.


Cheyenne tapped her foot impatiently, trying to keep from yelling at him for being so pathetic. He could at least have some self respect... She thought to herself.


“Well at least you can admit you have troubles but that's not enough. You need to start helping out more around here and you need a damn job! So you can start making it up to me tomorrow by going out to look for a job and doing the chores around the house.”


Brian looked at her miserably. He knew everything she was saying was true and he hated it. He sighed, “Alright, alright,” He stood up and looked at Cheyenne. “Tomorrow I will start looking for a job and I promise I will start being more responsible,” He said embracing her. “I am sorry I have been neglecting you...”


Cheyenne smiled faintly and pulled away from Brian, “Okay, good. I am holding you to your promise... Oh and one more thing, no more video games until I know I can trust that you will actually hold up to your promise.”


Brian opened his mouth as if to protest but quickly decided against it and powered down the computer.


“Alright then. Now I think I am going to bed now. Coming?” Cheyenne said coyly, hoping to provoke a response out of Brian.


Cheyenne was pleasantly surprised when Brian smirked and said, “Yes I am.”


Cheyenne sauntered into their room, her body already tingling with arousal. She had been so stressed out lately, she needed to let off a little steam and although lazy, Brian could be quite a gracious lover when he was in the mood, which wasn't very often lately, so tonight was a rarity.


Brian followed Cheyenne into the room and closed the door.


Afterward, Cheyenne could not help but think that this was all their relationship was now. Purely physical, no communication. She brushed off the thought and figured she was just over-reacting, they were just going through a bit of a rough spot, it would get better...


Tomorrow is a new day... Was Cheyenne's last thought before she drifted off to sleep.

The Next Morning....


Cheyenne woke with a start at the sound of her alarm. Although it was the weekend she preferred not to sleep all day so she usually set it for around 9 A.M. She rolled over, turned off the alarm clock and yawned as she stretched. She sat up in bed and became aware that Brian was not in the bed, he usually slept till at least noon. Cheyenne stopped and listened... nothing. Had he actually gone out to look for jobs or actually do something useful? Cheyenne smiled and hopped out of bed, maybe Brian was finally seeing reason and doing the right thing.


After taking care of a few chores around the house and quickly finding nothing better to do, Cheyenne decided on a trip to the mall. After giving Hunter a pat on the head, she left the house, all the while, still wondering if Brian was actually looking for a job or if he was off doing something less productive. She shook the thought from her mind, she wasn't going to let her overly suspicious behavior ruin a good day.


Cheyenne parked her car, in the surprisingly near-empty parking lot, this place was usually packed on Saturdays, but that was just fine with her, she didn't want to deal with hundreds of people anyway so this was a plus for her. She stepped out into the scorching afternoon sun and locked up her car. Cheyenne walked past the few cars in the lot and failed to notice an old, green Ford parked some spots down from her. It was Brian's car.


Stepping into the cool interior of the mall, Cheyenne sighed in relief, happy to be out of the smoldering sun. She made her first stop at a clothing store she often visited when she came to the mall and browsed for several minutes then paid a visit to her favorite coffee shop. She had never seen the mall so quiet before, it was strange but it only made her visit that much more enjoyable.


Sipping her coffee, Cheyenne started for a pet store she had never seen before but something from the corner of her vision caught her attention.


Across from her was a location that had the largest amount of gaming equipment she had ever seen, there were computer towers, televisions, and gaming consoles neatly arranged around the interior. She looked at the glowing sign above the shop and saw that it was aptly named, Gamer's Haven.


This is new... Cheyenne thought to herself.


She looked inside and saw that there were only a couple people inside it presently. Her mouth then gaped, there was no mistaking what she was looking at. Among the many computer towers and monitors she saw Brian sitting at one of the open computers playing some PC game. Cheyenne gritted her teeth in anger and almost crushed her coffee cup in her hand, but she got a hold of herself and made to confront him. Then she stopped and had an idea, she allow him his fun then ask him about his day tonight when he got home. Then she would let him have it.


Using all of her willpower, Cheyenne turned and made her way to the pet store she had her sights on originally. She stepped inside and was greeted by a young blonde woman, dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt.


“Good afternoon! Welcome to Furry Companions!” The woman said.


It took Cheyenne a moment to register the greeting. She was still very upset about Brian; after several moments she responded.


“Oh, hi there. I'm sorry, I'm a bit spacey right now... Just a little frustrated,” Cheyenne said, mostly to herself.


“Oh that's quite alright miss...”


“You can just call me Cheyenne,” She said, smiling at the woman.


“Okay then, Cheyenne,” The woman said winking, “You can just call me Claire.”


“What a pretty name. Nice to meet you,” Cheyenne said with a smile. “So I've never seen this store before, when did you guys move into the mall?”


“I actually just opened up last week, but I haven't had many customers.” Claire said hanging her head.


“Oh, I'm sure business will pick up! You just moved in after all,” Cheyenne said encouragingly.


“...You know, you're probably right! I just gotta keep at it!” Claire said after a few moments, a strange glint appearing in her eye. Then she suddenly looked startled and said, “Oh my, I haven't even given you a chance to look around the store. You go ahead and let me know if I can help.”


Cheyenne nodded, “Will do. Thanks.”


Cheyenne began her search around the store. She found that, for the most part, the items were pretty generic, except for the food and collars. Some of the bags of dog food she examined had strange names and most were brands she had never even heard of before. Such names included things like “L-Health” and “Hearty Heat” but she couldn't find descriptions on any of the bags about what they were supposed to promote so she just moved on. Things only became more out of the ordinary as she moved into the collars section. Each of the displays were neatly organized by the size of dog the collars were meant for and even went as specific as the exact breed they were for. She was even more surprised to see that the collars were protected by thick enclosures of plexiglass with sliding doors that were locked with deadbolts. This kind of security seemed very excessive for just a bunch of dog collars.


“Uhm, Claire? What's going on over here?” Cheyenne said, truly baffled at the sight.


“Oh! You've found the collars!” Claire said enthusiastically, making her way to Cheyenne. “I know this seems like excessive security but with how much I pay for these things I need to be extra safe.”


“How much do you pay for these things exactly?” Cheyenne said, unbelieving.


“Well I can't exactly say. The company that sells them tells all their distributors that they can only share a small list of details about the collars, their price is not one of the items on that list,” Claire explained.


“Well you definitely have my attention.”


“Alright, well they contain special technology that have been known to increase intelligence, health and even the lifespan of the animals they are attached to,” Claire explained with a straight face.


“Wow! Are you serious?”


Claire broke into a smile and started to laugh, “No, I'm just screwing with you! They're just collars and I don't want them stolen but you should have seen your face!”


Cheyenne glared at Claire then her glare broke into a smile. “Yeah I guess you got me... Thanks for that. I needed a good smile. Problems with the boyfriend have just been taking a toll on me.”


“Ah, so that's it... Don't you ever wonder what it would be like if those people that just bother you night and day could be more like dogs? I mean dogs are loyal, obedient, and great companions in general,” Claire said, with that glint in her eye again.


“Y-yeah, I guess they do make great companions,” Cheyenne said, growing a bit uneasy at the look Claire was giving her. It was like she was suggesting something but she had absolutely no clue what she could be hinting at.


“Anyhow! My apologies, I just love dogs!” Claire said, breaking the awkward silence. “Since you have been so willing to talk to me, I would like to give you a gift.”


“Oh no, it really isn't-”


“Please, I insist!” Claire persisted. That look in her eye was really beginning to freak Cheyenne out. “Take your pick of any of the collars in here,” She said, unlocking one of the doors and sliding it open.


Cheyenne didn't take another second to think about it and grabbed one of the collars meant for a Husky.


“Thank you Claire. It means a lot,” Cheyenne said nervously.


Claire seemed to notice this change in demeanor and said with a smile, “Sorry if I made you nervous with my persistence. I just really think this gift will lift your spirits.”


This statement confused Cheyenne but she decided not to press any further about it, it was a gift and she was grateful.


Cheyenne stood there for a few moments, staring at the floor then decided she should get home. “Well I really should get going. I've got a certain someone to chew out,” Cheyenne said, walking toward the door. “Oh and thanks again for the collar!”


“Anytime, good meeting you!” Claire said with a smile.


Cheyenne looked back once more and wished she hadn't. Claire had that creepy look in her eyes again, it was all irrational to be afraid of the girl and she knew it but something was... off about her. She just didn't know what exactly. Cheyenne looked down at the collar and found that she had grabbed a pink one, this wouldn't work for Hunter but it was a little late to take it back now... Cheyenne dropped the collar in her purse and walked out of the mall.

3 hours later...


Cheyenne sat at the kitchen table and fiddled with the pink collar in her hands, examining the strange object. There was a rather useless looking plate on it, that is until she touched it. A small digital readout came up on the plate, it had two options, “Unlock” and “Lock” which she tested and was surprised to see a locking mechanism that prevented the collar from coming off. In the back of her mind she suddenly heard Claire's voice from earlier today: Do you ever wonder what it would be like if those people that just bother you night and day could be more like dogs?


Cheyenne smirked and chuckled a bit at the mental image of Brian with the pink collar on, sitting like a dog. That's when she got an idea, one that would solve her problems and let her have a little fun while she was at it.


Yes! This is going to be interesting, Cheyenne thought to herself, rubbing the collar, whilst smiling devilishly.


Just then, she heard some rustling at the door and in came Brian with a silly grin on his face.


“Hi, how did your day go?” Cheyenne said gritting her teeth.


“It went alright, no luck on finding any openings but I will keep looking,” Brian said, walking to the fridge.


Cheyenne's eye twitched involuntarily, fortunately Brian was turned around and failed to see this. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.


Brian grabbed a piece of cold pizza from the night before and turned to face Cheyenne. “What's that?” He asked, pointing at the collar she was now crushing in her grip.


Cheyenne loosened her vice on it and dropped it on the table. “Oh just a gift from a woman who opened a new pet store in the mall last week,” She said nonchalantly.


Brian choked on the pizza he had in his mouth but recovered quickly, hoping that his fit didn't arouse suspicion and continued, “Oh, so you went to the mall today?” He asked nervously.


“Yeah I did for a little while. It was a nice visit,” Cheyenne said without looking up from the table.


“Well that's good to hear. I'm glad you had a good day. I'm going to go watch some TV for a little bit...” Brian said, trying to evade further discussion. He started for the living room.


“Okay, I think I'm just going to go upstairs and take a shower or something,” Cheyenne said, getting up from the table and taking the collar with her.

2 hours later...


Cheyenne had patiently waited upstairs until she was sure Brian was asleep. Now she crept down the stairs and much to her joy he was passed out on the couch. She slithered to the side of the couch and loosened the collar as much as possible just so she could be sure it would fit. She unfastened the clip and since Brian's head was conveniently raised by the arm of the couch she had no trouble putting it around his neck and locking it into place with the touch pad. She would continue with her plan in the morning.


Brian squirmed and slid away from Cheyenne just as she finished putting on the collar. As Brian slept the collar began to bind with him, the magic it was created with already beginning the process, it's master had assigned.

Hours later (at about 3 a.m.)...


Brian, still on the couch, tossed and turned in his sleep for a few moments before his eyes snapped open in a panic, his body was frighteningly hot. He shot up off the couch, trying to cool himself but the scorching heat suddenly left his body. After a few moments of standing in the dark he dropped back on the couch with a heavy sigh and laid there with his eyes open. He shifted his head to the side, trying to get comfortable and that's when he discovered something was wrapped around his neck. He reached up and felt around the object but after failing to discover just what it was, he got up again and went into the bathroom down the hall.


Flipping on the light, Brian looked in the mirror. “What the hell?” He whispered to himself as he examined the pink collar around his neck. He chuckled to himself, “Good one Cheyenne.”


He felt around for the release, found it, pushed the clips in and tried to pull the pieces away from each other, but to no avail. He tried again and nothing. Determined, he turned the collar around so that he was looking at the clips in the mirror. He almost couldn't believe his eyes, there was no seam where the clip should be, just a solid plate. He pulled again desperately and something shocked his hand powerfully. He yelped in pain and held his hand against his chest protectively, but something felt...strange. He pulled his hands away and he started to panic at the sight of them, they were pulsing and shifting.


With several loud cracks, his finger nails lengthened slightly, his hands slimming and his fingers growing longer, more graceful. He shuddered as his body hair fell away, his skin softening and becoming lighter. He hunched over the sink, his rear end jutting out involuntarily as it expanded, rounding out and stretching his shorts' seams to their limit. He inhaled sharply as his waist pulled in, his hips widening until they stretched the waistband of his shorts beyond repair, a grunt of pain escaping his plumping lips. He fumbled for the button of his shorts but he didn't make much progress before his legs trembled and gave way, sending him to his padded backside. Skin and muscle writhed while bones creaked as his thighs thickened and his calves condensed. His feet crunched, becoming dainty and decidedly more feminine while his legs began to stretch across the floor, growing longer and more shapely.


Brian gritted his teeth and clenched his petite hands into fists as every bone in his shifting body cricked and groaned. He shuddered and with a loud crunch the rest of his stocky frame shrank, his hard-edged bone structure softening to match the other altered portions of his body. His face shifted, bubbling strangely as it rearranged, his lips plumping even more and developing a distinctive pout, his eyebrows thinned, the extra hairs falling to the floor, his eyes grew larger and softer in appearance, his irises shifting hue to an icy blue. His broad nose shrank and was molded into that of a delicate, button nose more suitable for his now feminine face.


Brian was unsure if Cheyenne was the culprit of what was happening to him but he needed help, the pain was unbearable. He made to stand but found it impossible when his chest constricted his breathing suddenly.


An intense burning sensation on his nipples and chest forced him to investigate and with a shaking hand he lifted up his shirt only to be greeted by two rapidly growing mounds of flesh. Unsure of what else to do, he tried to force them back into his chest, only to gasp in surprise at the sheer sensitivity of them; this discovery seemed to fuel their growth and they pushed out further against his hands, making him moan in pleasure. Breast flesh spilled out between his fingers until they became much too large for his small hands to hold and he let them fall heavily on his chest, the movement coaxing even more pleasure from the sensitive orbs. The pleasure suddenly spiked through the entirety of his body, paralyzing him and sending him sprawling onto his stomach, which only aided in putting more pressure on his now erect member. He gasped and shuddered as his whole body froze in what he thought was an orgasm, but instead his breasts grew even larger, mashing into the tiled floor; his throat smoothed out as his Adam's apple dissolved and his throbbing maleness started to creep back into his crotch, shrinking with each passing second.


In a panic, Brian flipped over and pulled off his shorts, only to wish he hadn't as his member was now all but gone, it was smaller than his thumb and still shrinking. His testicles pulled tight against him and with two wet pops, one right after the other, they disappeared into his body and inched their way up through his abdomen before settling in their rightful place as his new ovaries. His penis turned clit also nestled into it's new home and what was left of his scrotum split and shifted until he possessed his very own pair of labia, which mockingly dripped clear fluid, reminding him of the organ he had only seconds ago.


Brian was horrified by the sight of himself and although he was already terrified out of his wits, his curiosity got the better of him and he looked in the mirror. Unfortunately he just so happened to look as one final change took place; his hair lengthened down past the small of his back and shifted from brown to a silken raven hue. This combined with the sight of his own face was enough to make Brian's breath catch in his throat and his eyes roll as he passed out on the floor.

The next morning...


Cheyenne awoke to the sound of her alarm again and stretched as she turned over in bed. Noticing the absence of Brian, she suddenly remembered what she had done last night, now that she thought about it, it seemed really stupid to her; he could easily just remove the collar with the touch pad and laugh it off as a bad prank couldn't he?


Creeping down the hall way to the top of the staircase, Cheyenne crouched and took the steps one by one until she could see the couch. Brian wasn't there.


Cheyenne stood up, “Huh, that's strange...” She said to herself as she descended into the living room.


At the foot of the stairs, Cheyenne looked around the corner into the kitchen, found nothing, then turned toward the hall way. The bathroom light was on and the door was open. Strange... She thought to herself, walking toward the bathroom hesitantly. Right before the doorway, Cheyenne began to feel uneasy, as if something was waiting for her on the other side of the wall so she peeked her head in slowly, only to find nothing.


“What the hell...” Cheyenne said. She flipped off the light and turned around, coming face to face with an unfamiliar young woman. “Who the hell are-” Cheyenne started to say but noticed a familiar looking collar around the woman's slender neck and she was wearing what looked like Brian's clothes. “Brian?” She asked with wide eyes.


Brian cast his gaze at the floor, his long raven hair obscuring part of his face. “Y-yeah,” He said, shuddering at the feminine voice that came out of his mouth.


Cheyenne rubbed her chin and looked Brian up and down then after a few moments she said, with clear amazement, “Wow, this is incredible! I-I don't know what else to say... ” Cheyenne stopped talking as she suddenly broke out into laughter at the sudden turn of events.


“You're laughing? Look at me! I'm a woman! This is not some joke, this is a problem!” Brian exclaimed, cringing at his own voice.


Ignoring his pleas, Cheyenne continued with her mocking, “You know, you make one sexy woman, you might even be more pleasant to look at now,” Cheyenne said with a smirk.


“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Why are you being so nasty?” Brian said, putting his hands on his hips in a distinctively feminine fashion. He noticed this and tried to adjust his posture to look more intimidating, however, this was difficult for him since he was now a good two inches shorter than Cheyenne.


“Well let's just say you made a promise you couldn't keep!” Cheyenne exclaimed.


“What are you- oh... You were... at the mall...” Brian said, hanging head in shame.


“Uh huh, I was at the mall,” Cheyenne said then interrupted Brian when she saw him open his mouth to retaliate. “No no! Don't even bother to try and explain yourself this time, just stop talking. I gave you another chance and you blew it!”


Brian just stood there, trying to speak but every time he started to talk, his voice seemed to stick in his throat only leading to a series of strangled, noises and grunts. He grabbed at his throat in a panic and looked at Cheyenne with pleading eyes.


“What? No amount of apologizing is going to- wait... you can't speak can you?” She said, her eyes lighting up with realization.


Brian shook his head frantically.


“Hmm, I wonder... okay speak!” Cheyenne said as if talking to a dog.


“Woah, that was weird...” Brian said. “Listen, Cheyenne I-”


“Quiet!” Cheyenne demanded and Brian was silent. Cheyenne smiled wickedly. “Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” Cheyenne exclaimed gleefully. “Oh and I suppose you do deserve some sort of explanation. So, after I got this collar I decided it would be fun to force you to wear it and do a bit of let's just call it “roleplay”. I was realizing this morning just how stupid this idea really was because I couldn't actually force you to do anything let alone force you to keep the collar on, but now I see that you have decided to become much more obedient,” Cheyenne said, moving closer to Brian and tracing her finger over the collar. “It seems as though you love your new accessory since you haven't taken it off yet,” She said, reaching the release for the collar.


Brian's breathing quickened and his heart raced. He was thoroughly terrified of Cheyenne in this present moment, she was angry, he could see it and she now had what seemed like complete control over him. What else would she do to him? He really didn't want to stick around and find out but he was paralyzed by fear.


“Hmm, only answer this, did you touch this plate at all?”


“Yes, I tried to remove it and couldn't,” Brian answered angrily.


“So that's why you haven't taken it off! Oh this is too great! Wow, I haven't been this excited in... Well I've never been this excited!” Cheyenne exclaimed, her behavior similar to that of a giddy school girl. “Okay, let's focus now. First thing is first, you're going to need a new name, in fact I will let you choose whatever name you would like,” She said with a smile, giving Brian his ability to speak once more and with it, he found the will to move.


Brian saw his opportunity, pivoted on his heels and made a dash for the front door, stumbling at first due to his large breasts and new center of balance. He reached the door and put his hand on the door knob but try as he might, he just couldn't summon the strength to turn it. He was right there but he couldn't do it!


“Come on! Why-why can't I open it?!” Brian said in a panic. He was aware of Cheyenne's presence and he looked over to see Cheyenne standing next to him tapping her foot impatiently with her hands on her hips.


“Now now, what kind of thank you is that? I do something nice for you and you try to run away...” Cheyenne scolded. “Well I guess that means I get to choose it for you! Okay, let's see... How about Brianna? Nah, too close to Brian... Ah, I got it! Aurora! I think that is perfect for a pet don't you think?”


“Pet?! Okay I think you have let all this power go to your head, I am not your pet!” Brian said, his voice quaking with fear.


Cheyenne, now looming over Brian, leaned in and spoke firmly, “Now listen here, my patience with you over the past few months has been awfully generous I think and I am tired of supporting you and your habits with nothing in return. That being said, you have two options now. One, you make this easy on yourself and accept this or two, you make this so much more difficult than it needs to be and you continue to be defiant. So what's it gonna be?”


Brian shook his head defiantly, “I won't be a prisoner!” Then he took off down the hall toward the sliding glass door to the backyard.


Cheyenne sighed and shook her head at his poor decision making then followed him into the dining room where he struggled to open the door. Cheyenne stood behind him and crossed her arms, waiting patiently.


“Aurora...” Cheyenne said mockingly.


“Don't call me that!” Brian said, still frantically trying to open the door.


“Okay, that's enough!” Cheyenne demanded. “Sit!”


Brian stopped trying the door and to his horror, he sat on the floor, assuming a position very similar to that of a dog. Hunter, having heard the commotion came down the stairs and Brian heard the familiar clicking of his claws across the floor as the dog padded over to him, sniffed him, then wagged his tail happily and began to lick his face affectionately.


“Well isn't that cute? Hunter seems to approve of the new look,” Cheyenne said with a laugh.


Brian pushed Hunter away and hung his head in defeat.


“Oh quit the pouting, I think you will find your life much more exciting than before. We're going to have so much fun! You'll see!” Cheyenne said, turning to leave. “Oh yeah, you can get up now,” She said as she ascended the stairs and walked into the bathroom.


Brian stood up and sat at the kitchen table with his head in his hands. Hunter was close behind him and sat on the floor next to him, his tail wagging vigorously.


Brian looked over at Hunter. “What?” Hunter whined and nudged his hand with his wet nose. Brian chuckled and pet the attention seeking canine. He guessed the reason the dog had become so attached to him already was because he didn't look or smell like him old self. It was rare that Hunter had even allowed Brian to touch him, probably because he hadn't paid much attention to the dog in the past.


Brian scratched at his neck under the collar, “How can you stand these things?” He said to Hunter, who just cocked his head and panted. Such a beautiful dog... Brian thought longingly as he stared into Hunter's icy colored eyes. After a few moments he snapped out his strange trance-like state and became aware of how sticky his skin was, a shower was in order. He got up, walked down the hall to the foot of the stairs and heard the shower going upstairs already. Cheyenne was already in there. He would just have to settle for the shower downstairs...


Wait! What am I doing? Now is my only chance to get out of here! Brian thought to himself, turning to the front door. He put his hand on the door knob, took a deep breath, turned it and to his joy, it opened. He heard a whine to his left right before he crossed the thresh hold of the house and freedom. Hunter was standing next to him looking up at him with his captivating eyes, his ears flattened against his head. Brian looked away quickly and took a step out of the house, but he couldn't bring himself to move any further.


No no no! C'mon I'm almost free, I can leave! Brian thought to himself but something was overpowering his actions, forcing him to turn back. Still battling his own actions, Brian slowly closed the door and sunk down to the floor, once again defeated. Hunter panted and wagged his tail at Brian's return.


“Was this your doing?” Brian asked accusingly.


“Aurora? What are you doing?” Brian heard Cheyenne ask from the top of the stairs.


He looked up and frowned, “Can you not call me that please?”


Cheyenne, drying her hair with a towel retaliated with, “Why not? That's your name.”


“No! It-” Brian said, stopping himself before he said something he would regret. “Never mind, can I take a shower now?”


“Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. You look and smell pretty gross,” Cheyenne said nonchalantly.


“Gee, thanks...” Brian said, standing up.


“Are you being snide with me?” Cheyenne said threateningly.


“No no, of course not!” Brian said, rushing past Cheyenne into the bathroom.


Closing the door, Brian exhaled in relief, he was finally all alone. Brian looked into the mirror, hesitated for a moment and began removing his sodden clothes. After removing his boxers, Brian backed up and looked into the mirror. He gasped at the reflection before him.


“I am... HOT!” He exclaimed, hoping it wasn't loud enough for Cheyenne to hear.


He turned around, swiveling his head so that he was examining every section of his body that he could. He struck a few awkward looking poses before remembering what he came into the bathroom to do. He turned on the shower and stepped inside once the water was steaming.


While he cleaned himself, he immediately noticed a difference in the feel and experience of the water and soap being slathered over his body. His skin was so much smoother and sensitive, not to mention, he now had quite a curvy frame. When he reached down to clean his feet he was nearly brought down with the weight of his hefty bust and had to brace himself against the shower wall.


“Damn these things are heavy,” He said to himself pushing his ample breasts against each other which proved to be a bad idea. His knees buckled from a sudden burst of pleasure that shot through his now aroused sex. “Oh god... and sensit- Ooooo!” His soft skin tingled, the water pounding his body leaving him shuddering with pleasure from the simple contact. He wasn't sure if this was normal but he didn't care, it just felt so good...



Cheyenne was searching her closet for some clothes to wear, while Hunter sat on the floor behind her, panting and wagging his tail every time she turned towards him.


“Such a good boy,” Cheyenne said, scratching behind his ears. “You really like Br- oops, I mean Aurora, don't you?” She asked the dog, who's ears perked up when she mentioned Brian's new name. Cheyenne stopped petting Hunter, her eyes lighting up. “If that collar can do this much then surely it must...


Hesitantly, Brian reached down with a hand until his fingers rested upon his throbbing vulva, like an electric shock, pleasure coursed through his body. He felt a sudden tightness center upon his chest and stomach, making him look down curiously. He hefted his breasts out of the way and he gulped nervously at the sight before him, in two uniform columns running down from under his breasts to just above his crotch were six pink nubs that were slowly pushing their way out away from his torso. One after another, the nubs soon grew into full nipples and the skin beneath them began to bubble and balloon outward. Brian opened his mouth and moaned, his teeth becoming sharper, especially his canines, which took on the distinct shape and sharpness that a dog should have. He ran his hands down each of his growing breasts, caressing each one slowly, coming to favor the bottom most row.


He didn't know what was happening but he didn't want it to stop and it seemed his wishes were granted when his now eight rows of soft, sensitive breasts expanded even larger, each row from top to bottom always staying one size smaller than the one above it. The pleasure proved too much for Brian to handle, even while on his knees and he dropped to the wet floor of the tub on his back, never once stopping his gentle kneading for fear that the glorious pleasure would end. His throbbing sex, soaked with both water and his own sticky feminine juices ached to be filled, but with what?


A sudden painful, stretching sensation gripped his ears, the tips developing points while they lengthened and he grimaced at the sensation, his eyes closing tightly as he rode out the change. Once his eyes were closed, he was assaulted by lewd images of thick, canine shafts filling every inch of his needy, burning...


“No! I can't just give in like this...” Brian said, snapping out of his sex addled trance, sitting up with an incredible amount of effort due to the added weight, and switching off the shower.


Using the wall for support, Brian stepped out of the shower, the movement making him very aware of the eight jiggling masses on his body as well as the throbbing coming from his hot nether lips, but he had to stay focused on something else, giving in meant Cheyenne would win. After drying off quickly, Brian walked to the mirror with unsure footing and his breathing quickened when he saw himself, his mouth becoming dry when he noticed his ears. The longer he looked into the mirror, the more he found his new body more... exotic and sexy. Before he knew what he was doing, he pushed out his chest toward the mirror, accentuating the several rows of tender breasts. He licked his lips seductively, which was when he noticed his new set of teeth. He ran his hands down his torso again, tweaking the cherry nubs on his bottom set of-


“Well well, what do we have here?” Cheyenne interrupted.


Brian jumped and stumbled backward into the wall, trying to cover himself up. “That door was closed for a reason!”


“Well I can see that now,” Cheyenne retorted, referring to his obvious additions. She stepped closer to him, “Stand up so I can see my handy work,” She said.


Brian tried to resist the command but it was no use, no sooner had Cheyenne told him to stand, he was standing before her with his arms by his sides.


“I suppose I should tell you what's going on here,” Cheyenne said, tracing her fingers around one of his breasts teasingly, making Brian squirm. “Well, I was in the bedroom with Hunter and as funny as it sounds he gave me an idea. You see, he has taken quite a liking to you for some reason and I'm not going to deny our well behaved pooch the opportunity at a... companion.”


“You wouldn't!” Brian said, quivering.


“Oh it's already started! What do you think these are?” Cheyenne said, sliding her fingers down his varying bevy of tits. “And these?” She continued, rubbing his pointed ears and showing him his teeth in the mirror.


“No...” Brian said, realization striking him full force.


“I figured I wouldn't change you all the way just yet, I think prolonging this will be so much more fun for the both of us! Don't you think?” Cheyenne teased. “It seems to me that you have already been having a bit of fun,” She said, referring to his glistening, dripping nether lips.


“I just got out of the shower...” Brian managed to say.


“Mhm. I think you like being female but you don't want to admit it. Am I right?” Cheyenne said, raising an eyebrow. She waited a few moments... No answer. “You know, I can get this answer out of you whether you want to share it or not,” She threatened.


Brian crossed his arms and glared at Cheyenne. “I am not going to admit to something that isn't- I love being a sexy woman and I'm incredibly horny!” He suddenly blurted out. Brian clamped his hands over his mouth and looked at Cheyenne with wide eyes.


“See? I knew you loved it! You're really starting to show your true colors Aurora...”


Brian was scared by his outburst but what he said was true wasn't it? He shook his head and retaliated, “It's not true... and my name is Brian!”


“Well you sure don't look like a Brian anymore, let alone sound like one. Aurora is a better name for a dog anyhow. Anything else you would like to say?” Cheyenne stated triumphantly. “No? Good. Now I imagine you're hungry. Why don't we head downstairs and get some food before we start our day?” Cheyenne demanded more than asked.


Cheyenne started for the stairs and Brian followed behind meekly, but then he noticed something amiss when his nude body was blasted by a wave of cold air. “W-Wait, what about my clothes?”


“Eh, you don't need em,” Cheyenne said nonchalantly.




“But what?” Cheyenne said, turning around to face him.


“Oh nothing...” He said sadly.


“Hunter!” Cheyenne called, going to the pantry and grabbing the bag of dog food.


Sitting at the table and hugging himself to ward off the cold, Brian heard the clicking of Hunter's claws on the hardwood floor. Cheyenne turned to him and put his bowl down on the floor then, right next to it, she put down another bowl full of the same food. He licked his lips, his stomach reminding him of just how hungry he really was.


Cheyenne looked up and spotted Brian for the first time since they entered the kitchen. “What are you doing?” She asked accusingly.


“What? I'm just- Oh no! No no no! I think you've done enough to me today already. I need human food, you know, because I'm a human!” Brian exclaimed.


“Now now Aurora, I prepared this food for you and this is how you thank me? You are going to eat this food. You're hungry aren't you?” Cheyenne scolded.


“Sure I'm hungry but not for dog food!”


“Mhm, I bet you're thinking about just how good it tastes right now. You can't wait to eat every last bite...” Cheyenne coaxed.


Before he knew what he was doing, Brian was moving toward the bowl on the floor. It was like someone else was steering his actions entirely while his conscious mind rode in the backseat. Sat on the floor but this wasn't enough for Cheyenne.


“Aurora, that's not how dogs eat. On all fours...”


Every part of Brian's mind rebelled against the commands he was being given, except for one tiny voice hidden in the back of his head that he just couldn't tell to shut up. It was this tiny voice that forced him to take that first bite of dog food but it didn't make him enjoy it. That he did on his own. Without being aware of it Brian ate on his own accord with no guidance whatsoever. He really was enjoying it. Hunter looked up from his bowl at Brian and tilted his head in a curious sort of fashion, then resumed eating.


“Hmm, I think this calls for a little reward...” Cheyenne said with a chuckle, focusing her attention on her new pet's rear end.


As Brian ate, his spine began to pop and crack, his tail bone extending steadily from his backside. He moaned into the bowl with unrestrained pleasure as Cheyenne's “gift” spiked Brian's already heightened sex drive. Soft gray and white hairs began to sprout from the fleshy tail as it grew longer and curled upward, wagging back and forth to show his excitement. His hot, pulsing lips drooled clear strings of fluid onto the floor, which Hunter noticed after Brian's tail fanned his aroused scent around the room. Hunter approached the small puddle and followed it to the source, eventually sticking his cold, wet nose into Brian's slick crotch.


Shocked by the foreign, cold invader, Brian gasped and scrambled away from Hunter and the food. He looked at the empty food dish in horror, all that remained was the after taste but, despite his disgust with himself, he couldn't deny how good it felt to be on all fours like that, it just felt so right...


“That was quite the show. That was actually fun to watch. I didn't think you were such an exhibitionist, you're just full of surprises!”


Brian blushed, his ears flattening against his head. He wanted to come up with something to say in his defense but there was no denying what he just did and how much he enjoyed it.


“Well, since you have been such a good girl we will take a nice trip to the dog park. And since we can't have a naked part dog, part woman running around you can even wear some clothes,” Cheyenne said, patting Brian on the head.


Brian's tail wagged excitedly, for which of the things Cheyenne had just listed, he wasn't sure, but he supposed they were all good news.


Brian made for the stairs, failing to notice he was still on all fours. Cheyenne giggled at the sight of her soon to be canine bounding up the stairs, following closely behind until they reached the bedroom.

After many debates, Brian and Cheyenne emerge from the bedroom...


“I'm grateful you are letting me wear clothes but do they have to be so revealing of well, you know?” Brian said, adjusting the form fitting top that did little to hide the outline of the additional rows of breasts, nor did the deep v-neck, leaving an ample amount of cleavage out on display. The pants were also less than helpful, they were too tight and succeeded only in scrunching his tail in an uncomfortable position and effectively squished his still aroused sex making walking tricky.


“You'll get over it. Unless you would rather go nude. That would definitely attract some unwanted eyes,” Cheyenne said as they walked to the front door.


“O-on second thought. I'm okay. Let's go,” Brian stammered, closing the door behind them.

In the car...


Brian was forced to take the backseat throughout the car ride because Hunter had apparently called shotgun when he beat him to the spot. This was not what bugged him however, what worried him was his increasing desire to stick his own head out of the window just as Hunter was doing. It wasn't just curiosity that made him want to imitate the dog, it was pure, burning desire that he ignored through the whole ride and suffered for it. His miserable feeling was coupled by his still unnaturally high desire for sexual release, he swore he could actually feel his folds throbbing through the tight jeans. Every slight movement brought with it a shudder and a slight spurt of his sticky essence. His mind was beginning to cloud again, his thoughts wandering back to the images of rutting canines, eager and ready to mount him...


Brian cupped his crotch and rubbed his leaky vulva through his tight pants, slouching in the seat and being careful not to moan or make a sound to avoid giving Cheyenne any hint of what he was doing. He wanted, no needed this-


“We're here!” Cheyenne exclaimed.


Brian jumped in surprise and composed himself the best he could right before she turned around to look at him.


“Have a nice ride?” Cheyenne asked, seemingly suspicious of him.


“Y-yes, yes I did! I just need some air,” He answered, rushing out of the car.


He opened the door to let Hunter out, which turned out to be a big mistake because right as the door opened, Hunter's nose was immediately buried in his crotch, rubbing and caressing roughly. While he tried to push the dog's snout away Brian moaned, his knees buckling, as his mouth went dry. Before he knew what was happening his gaping sex started to spasm in orgasm, warm cum soaking the silk panties beneath his ill fitting pants. He twitched uncontrollably, his mouth gaped and he dropped on his side onto the gravel. He was both in a state of shame and pure bliss as his intense orgasm subsided.


“ *gasp* Aurora! Bad girl!” Cheyenne exclaimed just loud enough so Brian could hear it, feigning anger in order to mask the fit of laughter that threatened to overtake her, she had seen every moment of what had just transpired. “You get up this instant!”




“Now, before someone sees you!”


Brian grumbled and stood, his knees wobbling unsteadily. The droplets of fem-cum his thin panties had failed to absorb ran down his legs in thin trails, his jeans managing to soak up most of it. Sadly, this was the only remotely good news he had received today.


“Oh my...” Cheyenne said, bringing attention to the wet crotch of his jeans. “You did make a quite a mess of yourself didn't you? Now why would you choose now to do this?” Cheyenne teased, tapping her foot impatiently.


“It wasn't my fault... Hunter got a little too eager when I let him out. Can- can we just sit down now?”” Brian said, covering the front of his pants with his hands and walking carefully to the nearest bench.


Cheyenne snickered, let Hunter into the fenced in area of the park and followed Brian to the bench. Sitting next to Brian, Cheyenne playfully said, “Now what are we going to do with you?”


“Why are you doing this to me?” Brian said, getting slightly choked up. “You're real sick, making me a prisoner like this!”


“A prisoner?” Cheyenne said, raising her eyebrow.


Brian simply glared at her.


“Okay okay, maybe I have been a bit harsh at times but you had it coming. Besides, you can't deny how much you are enjoying this, I can see it. You're just not ready to admit it, I think this is just what you need. A fresh start. I told you, it would be easier if you didn't fight it,” Cheyenne explained. “But you haven't listened to my advice in a while so it's no surprise. Just you wait, you will see what I mean.”


Brian thought on this, maybe what she said was right but something was still nagging at him. He turned to her and asked, “What do you get out of this?”


Cheyenne laughed. “That's easy, this kind of power over someone is something I have only dreamed about, not to mention I get a new dog with some... added benefits I think you will find just as exciting as I do. Oh, and by the way, I'm not holding you prisoner, you can leave whenever you want. You have been able to since the start, so just remember that.”


Brian stared across the field at the dogs and their owners and thought on what Cheyenne had told him but his concentration drifted when he saw someone throw a Frisbee. Brian's confined tail wagged quickly and he panted idly and although he was unaware of it the thought of chasing a ball or a Frisbee became more and more enticing by the second.


“Want to play?” He heard Cheyenne say. He turned to look at her and almost answered but then realized she had went inside the enclosure and was now talking to Hunter. Brian felt a pang of envy that Cheyenne was not asking him. Desperate to gain some attention, Brian joined the two of them on the other side of the fence and noticed several of the dogs near him take an interest in him. To his dismay, a black lab and golden retriever approached and began to sniff his feet, then his legs, which they both licked at briefly. He didn't know why he didn't stop them but he soon wished he had because a sudden probing to his nether region seemed to fuel more changes without the aid of Cheyenne.


His nipples stood at attention, poking out from under his shirt in a very obvious manner and he felt a tightness in the front of his already constricting pants when the lab's nose made contact with his damp crotch. His labia swelled, but it was a different swelling than just arousal, his vulva was actually pushing further outward, his hard clit becoming thicker and slightly longer in time with the rest of his shifting genitals.


Cheyenne, who was preoccupied with Hunter, only noticed Brian when she heard a familiar moan. Alarmed, she turned around to see him sitting on the ground, with his tail swishing about and an overly friendly pooch between his legs. Cheyenne rushed over and tried to pull the lapping dog away, hoping to avoid any unwanted attention. She slipped up a few times but managed to pull the dog away.


“C'mon you sex crazed animal,” Cheyenne said, pulling Brian up. “We need to get you out of here before something else-”


With a loud pop Brian's feet popped partway out of his shoes, extending in time with his soon to be claws. Cheyenne hurried him along until they reached gate, which he forcefully leaned on.


“Oooo, Cheyenne... Wait, I need to- oof”


Brian's pleas were intruded upon by his elongating feet, the heels of his feet rising and snapping into place as the new joint just above his forming paws.


Cheyenne looked back worriedly and her eyes widened when she saw a concerned looking man start to approach them. Cheyenne grabbed Brian and cradled his body as she made a mad dash for the car and as soon as everyone was inside she sped off.


Cheyenne sighed heavily. “Damn that was a close one. Why didn't you jus- woah!” She exclaimed when she glanced over to see Brian place his “feet” on the dashboard, except they were closer to large bestial paws at this point, which were still to pulsating and shifting. Cheyenne's attention could not be diverted from the extraordinary sight before her, so she pulled the car over on the side of the road and watched with rapt fascination. In the backseat, Hunter caught Brian's increasingly animal like scent and he stuck his head up front, his canine shaft emerging from it's sheath in search of the female responsible. He found only Brian and lapped at his neck affectionately, but due to the lack of a bitch in heat, he soon lost interest.


Brian groaned and rubbed the bottom of his feet, moaning in response to the changes occurring, the skin on the underside of them became puffy and pink, reforming into malleable pads suitable for walking without protection. Petite toes, now capped by thick, black claws became stubby additions at the end of his proto-paws; the structure of his legs following suit as they crunched and reshaped, his femurs developing the distinctive curve of a haunch. The muscles in his thighs stretched and shifted into toned, lean, sinewy muscle that pushed out against the tight skin of his hairless legs, which were not destined to stay bare for long, for thin white hairs prickled across the surface of his lower body, patches of the growing white fur transitioning to black and gray to create the tell tale coat of a Husky.


While she watched, Cheyenne found herself heating up and breathing harder along with Brian's breathy moans as he tended to his fluid drenched problem, which from Cheyenne's point of view looked downright stuffed inside of the tight fitting jeans she had forced him to wear. There was no doubt about it, it had definitely grown larger. Cheyenne could only imagine the sensations he was feeling presently, it made her oddly curious about what it would be like to change her own body... she couldn't describe why she found the thought so erotic...


With one final wet pop and relieved sigh, Brian's legs completed their change into a complete set of hind legs, complete with a silken, dense layer of gray, black and white fur. His quickened breathing remained however, along with his insatiable yearning for release, there was something that his body felt it was being denied, but he just couldn't figure out what it was.


Still gasping for air, he looked over to see Cheyenne's mesmerized face staring back at him. “Cheyenne?” he said quizzically.


Cheyenne blinked and shook her head, “Oh, erm, r-ready to go now?” She asked, glancing at his transformed legs and shivering.


Brian looked at her suspiciously then shrugged, “Yeah... I guess. I don't know what I am going to do about these though, I can't even walk like this!” Brian complained, scratching at his legs.



Brian made a surprisingly canine whine and flattened his ears against head.


Cheyenne rolled her eyes, sighed and rested her left arm on the door. Then she got an idea. “How about some fresh air?” She said with a mischievous grin as she rolled down Brian's window along with the back ones for Hunter.


Brian looked at her worriedly then at the open window and stuck his head out of it with little hesitation, panting in the wind like the dog he seemingly so desired to be.

Back at home...


Brian crossed his arms and shook his head defiantly, “No, I'm not gonna do it.”


“Alright, have it your way. Aurora, eat your food,” Cheyenne responded to Brian's lame-brained decision.


Brian moved toward the food bowl on the kitchen floor, on all fours, due to his legs being incompatible with a two legged stance. He was right on cusp of letting go and allowing himself to enjoy his approaching dog-hood but he was afraid that he would lose himself in the process. All that matter right now however was the food in front of him.


“I still don't see why you have to fight it. It is plainly obvious, you are loving every second of this,” Cheyenne said, gesturing toward his swishing tail.


“I don't know what you're talking about...” Brian retorted, his mouth still full of food.


Cheyenne stood up, nonchalantly walked up behind him and kneeling, she probed his dripping sex with three of her fingers. Brian gasped and moaned, his arms and legs almost buckling from the simple action.


“Uh huh. Just as I thought, the sooner you give in, the better this will feel. By the way, don't go tracking this all over the floors, if you make a mess, you're going to have to clean it up and it won't be with your hands.” Cheyenne said removing her fingers with a loud schlick and walking out of the room into the bathroom.


Choking down the rest of his food, Brian allowed himself to dwell on his options. Cheyenne did tell him he could leave whenever he wanted but how could he do that now? He was clearly more dog than human at this point, he noted looking down at his altered body. Most importantly, did he really want to leave? He had everything he needed here, was he just going to throw that all away so that he could go back to his tedious, boring ways? He thought on this for a while and remembered what had happened at the front door only just today when he tried to leave... he couldn't go through with it. Maybe this really was what he wanted...


“Aurora! Come here girl!” Cheyenne called from the top of the stairs.


I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that name... Brian thought to himself as he walked awkwardly through the hallway to the foot of the stairs where he looked up to see Cheyenne in a set of revealing, silk pajamas he had never seen before.


“I've got something to show you,” She said, sashaying back down the hall.


After a few stumbles on the stairs Brian managed to reach the top. He continued into the bedroom and he was speechless when he saw Cheyenne. Her panties had been thrown aside and her lacy teddy had been pulled up to expose her plush labia.


“What are you waiting for? Put that long, doggy tongue of yours to work...” Cheyenne purred.


Brian looked at her bewildered and started to speak, “But I- mmph...” but he was cut off when his tongue pulsed, widening and lengthening inside of his mouth.


“What was that?” Cheyenne asked with a wicked smile.


Brian opened his mouth to answer without thinking and his tongue spilled out limply. Now that it had room to grow, it surged with a finalizing heave past his chin.


Watching every second of this, Cheyenne moaned just thinking about that large tongue inside of her.


Brian approached her and tested his flexible tongue by lapping lightly around the edge of Cheyenne's steamy loins, making her shudder.


“Put it in already!” She suddenly exclaimed with a gasp.


Cheyenne whimpered as the warm appendage entered her moist passage. There were no words to describe the pleasure, the canine tongue filled her to the brim and caressed every corner of her with it's undulating muscles. She pulled Brian's head closer to her crotch and squeezed her thighs together, trapping him in a hot prison of warm, feminine flesh. Part of Cheyenne's rock hard clit pushed up against Brian's nose. This gave him an idea; he reached for her cherry nub and gently rubbed at it with his fingers, making Cheyenne cry out, her breathy moans rising in crescendo as she neared her eagerly awaited release. She bucked her hips, mashing her dripping slit further into Brian's face and suddenly collapsed flat onto the bed, she was unable to do little more than groan at this point.


Her eyes went wide, her body shuddered and then went completely limp as a powerful orgasm came rocked her very core and she screamed in ecstasy. Brian lapped at the sweet, sticky nectar that practically poured straight into his mouth and frigged his swollen, puckered box with his free hand but again, he was denied release. Something was missing but the answer still alluded him. Frustrated, he continued to lick until Cheyenne pushed his head away.


“N-no more... I- gasp can't take anymore...” She said, falling onto her back again only to close her eyes and pass out.


Brian found speaking impossible due to the oversized tongue hanging out of his mouth so there was no pleading for help from Cheyenne in return. Thoroughly upset, he stormed out of the room and down the stairs in a frenzy fueled by lust, leaving a trail of sticky drippings in his wake. His heart pounded and his emotions ran high, he didn't know what was happening to him but in a desperate attempt to end the raging fire in his loins, he positioned himself against the couch and, whilst straining his upper body, he lapped at the pestering gash between his legs. His clumsy attempts were far from successful, his body simply wasn't meant to bend that way.


That's when he heard the familiar clicking of Hunter's claws across the wood floor. He heard a low, intimidating growl come from the dog and he looked with wide eyes as the dog approached him slowly from the middle of the hallway. Passing by the moonlit window near the front door, the dog's icy stare reflected the light along with a distinctive form of a thick, red canine shaft bobbing between his legs.


Brian scrambled backward across the floor, but a feeling welled within him that forced him to stop. The closer Hunter came the softer his breathing became, curiously, his presence made him feel calm, safe. Brian turned over and unknowingly presented himself to Hunter, his gushing slit responding to the act by shifting back toward his darkening anus, making it much more accessible for his mate.


My mate? Brian thought to himself, looking back at Hunter as he straddled his waist. Hunter wasted no time and his throbbing maleness slowly entered Brian, turning his protests into moans... “Oooo... N-no...” Hunter pushed harder, sinking further into his former master. “That- rrrrr- sounds...” Hunter made his first thrust and Brian's mouth began to push outward into a muzzle, distorting his words into gruff canine growls, “...grrrruhh- perfect...” after he finished uttering his final human words, Brian's mind became less accepting of his former name. Somewhere in his head, a “switch” was flipped, opening his mind to the new instincts that he had been keeping dormant. He was no longer Brian, he was Aurora.


Aurora's vocal cords completed rearranging, making human speech impossible but no words were needed to convey the connection she now shared with her new lover. Her nose followed her growing muzzle, moistening and darkening as it reached the tip of her reforming face, which was now the proper fit for her oversized tongue.


Fur crept it's way up from her hips, acting as a catalyst for further changes. The fur raced across her back, her spine popping outward, pushing out from under her skin while her waist and hips narrowed. Her narrow hips snapped and reshaped to fit her four legged posture and her chest began to barrel out, her over abundant bosom shrinking into the fur covered flesh until she was left with nothing more than eight rows of teats. Aurora would have been slightly upset at their disappearing act if it weren't for the intense stimulation already fogging her consciousness.


Continuing it's journey, the fur reformed her shoulders, the bones crunching and pulling in. She growled in discomfort, earning an affectionate lick on the ear from Hunter, who's thrusts were becoming increasingly sporadic and Aurora responded by kneading his bulging dog prick with the walls of her cervix. Aurora closed her eyes as the fur engulfed her head as well as her arms and hands, the prickling sensations morphing into a pleasureful tingle when Hunter's meaty shaft swelled even larger and released a large spurt of pre into Aurora's waiting womb.


With a final pulse and rush of fur, Aurora whimpered and panted, her transformation finally completed but the buzz of her heat still remained. Everything was so much different than her old form, the sights, the sensations were amplified and her sense of smell was especially more acute. With every thrust Aurora could detect the highly concentrated pheromones wafting up from hers and Hunter's interlocked sexes, the scent made her belly tingle with an impatient desire to be filled with his virile seed.


Telling her that she would soon get her wish Hunter nipped her neck in a dominate yet loving gesture and thrust once more, the bulge of his growing knot spreading her tight passage, tying them together. A quick twitch inside of her was the only warning before Hunter unleashed a thick rope of hot spunk into Aurora, she howled and came in tandem with her mate. The only exit was plugged by Hunter's effective knot and their fluids pooled together inside of Aurora's greedy womb. Aurora's need for sex had finally been sated.


Hunter dismounted and turned away from Aurora, panting, the two canine lovers stayed like this until morning...


“Now where are those two?” Cheyenne said to herself as she walked down the stairs. “What the hell?” She exclaimed, when she stepped in a cold, slimy trail of fluid. “Damn it, Aurora, what did I- Oh my...”


She had found them all right, in all of their messy glory and Aurora was now, well, she now fit the pet name she had been given. There was no second guessing what had happened in here.


Cheyenne hesitated for a moment and then called to the sleeping dogs, “Aurora! Hunter!”


Hunter stood up, stretched, trotted up to her excitedly and rolled over on his back, showing the matted fur on his belly. Aurora awoke slowly, yawning and stretching before she noticed Cheyenne.


“Did you have fun last night?” Cheyenne asked the sleepy dog.


Aurora tried to speak but found herself incapable and instead she barked a few times then whined. She looked behind her and stared at the mess behind her with an inquisitive look.


What happened to me last night? She thought to herself but then she caught wind of the musky scent coming from her leaking slit. Oh... yeah...


“I hope you did because now there's quite a mess to clean up. But I need to know, am I talking to a dog or a dog with a human mind. This is not exactly what I intended to happen and I don't know what the damage is...” Cheyenne said. “Okay, if you can understand me, nod your head,”


Aurora wagged her tail and nodded her head.


“Hmm, okay. Maybe this collar can help us communicate,” Cheyenne said, kneeling down while avoiding the slick spot on the floor. She pulled the front of the collar around to the top of Aurora's neck and saw the same blank plate she had used to lock the collar. She tapped on it and saw the digital readout come up again. After scrolling through some options she found a simple panel of touchscreen controls, an off button, on button and a continuous flat line extending across it. She pressed the power on button.


“Did it work?” Cheyenne heard a familiar voice say, the flat line turning into what she could only describe as sound waves.


“Well I'll be damned, it actually works.”


“Oh grrrrreat! I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't talk everrrr again,”


Cheyenne snickered, “Having a little trouble with those “r's” are we? Your speech won't be flawless but just be happy you can at least talk.”


“Yeah, I suppose I can live with it...”


“So what was it like?” Cheyenne asked with genuine curiosity.


“It was... I don't know, I can't descrrrribe it... but I have to thank you...”


“Thank me? For what?”


“For this, you were rrrright, all I had to do was accept. I get it now... this is what I am meant to be now.”


Cheyenne smiled, “I have been waiting to hear those words. You see? This wasn't about me having power over you...”


Aurora grunted incredulously.


“Okay, I take that back. This was the most fun I have ever had! I mean, that's not all this was about but yes it was a big portion of it, what I really wanted you to do was take responsibility for your actions. This might seem like a strange way of trying to make you do that but soon enough I think you will experience the most important lesson.”


“What do you mean?”


“You're going to have puppies!” Cheyenne squealed with unconstrained excitement.


“W-what? How could you possibly know that?”


“Oh c'mon isn't it obvious?”


“B-but I thought... Hunter was...”


“Fixed? Hell no! Far from it! In fact, I guess he is so virile that, before he was at the rescue shelter we adopted him from he was used quite excessively for breeding at an illegal facility. Poor thing,” Cheyenne said, patting Hunter on the head. “Didn't you learn anything about this dog before you had sex with it?” Cheyenne said jokingly.


“Hmmph, very funny... Do you rrrreally think I'm... prregnant?” Aurora asked with much hesitation at the use of that word, although a strong sense of yearning welled within her at the very thought of a belly full of puppies.


“I am fairly positive.”


“I-I don't know if I am ready...”


“Of course you are! I think you will come to find the idea quite appealing in the weeks to come,” Cheyenne said, scratching behind Aurora's ears. “Now go off and take care of what you need to to clean yourself up, I have some cleaning to do myself before work.”


Aurora wandered into the kitchen and laid on floor in order to get a better angle from which to clean herself. She leaned in and only had her tongue slightly out of her mouth before she was disrupted by a friendly lick on the snout. She looked up to the culprit and nuzzled her nose against his.


“Maybe this won't be so bad...” Aurora said out loud when she really meant to keep her thoughts to herself.


“Speak for yourself!” Cheyenne exclaimed as she scrubbed the soiled floor. “Just be glad I'm not making you put your tongue to work...” she continued to grumble.


Aurora jumped at a sudden warm intruder and she was relieved to see it was only Hunter's tongue. Sex was the, for once, the last thing on her mind.


She rolled onto her back to further enjoy the stimulating bath. Yes, I think I could get used to this...


Epilogue... 6 weeks later...


Time passed quickly for Aurora as the precious lives inside her grew, as did her belly, making even simple tasks like walking challenging. She also knew that each passing day brought her that much closer to the fateful day when she would finally see the little fur balls that had been causing her such distress.

She was eating much more frequently and was constantly hungry even after she thought she was full and everyday she would lumber in, famished, her consistently overfull teats weighing her down significantly more than she thought they should be even after she requested a milking. She felt like a cow and she suspected Cheyenne was putting something in her food because they always felt the heaviest after eating but she had no proof to back up these suspicions.


Hunter was the same affectionate canine Aurora had grown to love so much that sometimes, when Cheyenne was away, she wished that he was capable of speech but for the most part no words were needed to communicate. They shared something that she could not describe in the human language and even if she knew how, it would be a secret between them and no one else.



Three weeks later the day had finally arrived, Aurora was giving birth. She was both elated and terrified but her companions were by her side every step of the way until eight healthy, Husky puppies were feeding contentedly on their mother's abundant supply of milk.

Some weeks later...


“I can't get over how beautiful they are!” Cheyenne said, swooning over the tiny bundles of resting pups. “May I?” She asked.


“If you must, but only one at a time.” Aurora said standing over them.


Cheyenne cupped one of the soft, murring pups in her hands and held it to her chest, then after a few moments she put it back down in the large box that housed the other seven. Cheyenne turned away from Aurora and clicked something into place.


“Aurrrorrra...” Cheyenne almost growled. “I have been saving this for some time now, but... I think it's my turn to have a little quality time with my favorite Husky...”


Aurora looked up and saw a familiar looking collar around Cheyenne's neck, but her attention didn't linger there long, because it was soon brought to the growing bulge in Cheyenne's tight jeans.


“W-wait...I-I don't think I am ready...” Aurora said her heart pumping and her body heating up.


“Don't worry, I took the liberty of giving you a healthy dose of some special food I got when I picked up this collar, it's supposed to promote a healthy heat in females and increase fertility so, I will be sure that this counts. So, you ready for the encore?” Cheyenne said, starting to remove her clothes.


Aurora could only whimper in response, the formula of the food beginning to course through her system. She turned her swollen vulva toward Cheyenne, wafting her scent about the room.


“Well, what are you waiting for? The crowd is waiting...”




Thanks! Not my best in terms of the ending, but I am glad you enjoyed it!
In my opinion one of the best tf stories on the lab. Well written, a great description of a very slow transformation, I love it!