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The Horse Farm - By TheNomeKing Author: TheNomeKing Species: Man to Stallion, Man and Woman to Mares Date: April 21, 2012 Rating: X The Horse Farm

"Wade, I need that barn clean by one o'clock!" Melissa shouted across the barn opening, hay and sawdust littered the surface. Melissa had just hired Wade as a stable hand, helping out cleaning and keeping to farm clean.

"Alright, I'll get it done by then" replied Wade, pushing his back into the shovel and scooping up some bovine faecal matter off the concrete floor, along with hay and straw. It had been a joy hiring a stable hand to clean and refurbish to barn, they had always wanted to breed horses, but mares were extremely rare in the region, and buying them proved to be very expensive, even when she was married to such a rich man.

"After you've done that, I'll bring you out a cup of tea!" shouted Melissa back to Wade as she trudged out of the barn entrance, leaving the stable hand to clean up the mess her cows had made the night before. Melissa walked down the muddy pathway along her farm; several stalls for pigs lay strewn in parts on the side of another pathway, to her left; a couple of large storage containers, storing food and hay. Her whole life had been spent on farms, she was very good at keeping and maintaining animals, and she knew that he would want to live on this farm for the rest of her life. She kept walking along the pathway; her thick green Wellington boots squelching in the mud, until she caught sight of her house. It was a large two story house, made in the 1920's, the walls old and the roof was tile. It may have been an old house, but it had charm and character; which was something she loved about living in the countryside. Finally she reached the back door, and kicked off her Wellington boots at the entrance, so as not to get mud and shit on the clean tile and wood floor of the house. Melissa walked inside her house and along the hallway to the stairs; a door leading down to the cellar was built into the wooden panels of the stairs, with an advanced digital combination lock on the side.

Melissa smiled as she entered in the 8 digit combination, a series of complex clicks and a buzz indicating the lock opening, she then twisted the latch up and rotated the door handle. Opening the basement door; her face was met with a wave of cold, and Melissa continued down the stairs, her mind on his Husband Stephen and their efforts. As she moved down the creaky wooden stairs her feet touched metal, and she was met with the light of the basement. The whole room was metal lined; Desks and workbenches edged round the room, several centrifuges, microscopes and even a large spectrometer lay to her left. Several storage containers littered the edges of the room; many with biohazard symbols on them, However one large chrome container stood out, with a symbol marked "Alteratron Industries". It was a scientists dream; the room constructed for one purpose, that purpose was far too sinister and wicked for any normal person to comprehend. Stephen was over in the corner of the room, looking through one of the digital microscopes, she walked over to him, a computer on the side, displaying images of messenger RNA strands and complex proteins, data on Eosinophil cells.

"Hey honey, how's the serum going, have you managed to get it working?" Asked Melissa; causing her husband to move his eyes over from the microscope past the computer into her own eyes. A smile formed on his face, and he leaned over to a vial on the workbench, containing a clear purple liquid.

"Done it, this should work, I had a hell of a job resequencing the X chromosome, and getting the cells to accept the new genetic information, but it should all be ready" Replied Stephen, his eyes wide with desire and impatience.

"Brilliant, I don't know what I would do without you, I could never have done all this" replied Melissa, a smile forming also on her face, her heart racing at the prospect of their finished project.

"Well I wouldn't have been able to synthesize the compound without the basic Cervine Serum you managed to retrieve from that crashed truck. I can't believe Alteratron Industries would try and transport something so dangerous" complimented and questioned Stephen, his voice filled with worry and doubt, but his resolve never stronger.

"If you want to go upstairs and make Wade's tea, I'll be up in a moment with G.R.A.F.T. And also make sure it has two sugars to hide the taste" continued Stephen, placing the glass Vial on the counter and continuing to look through his microscope.

Melissa's attention was drawn upstairs as the telephone begun to ring, she quickly walked to the basement stairs, dashed up the creaky steps and into the main hallway, then into the kitchen where the phone sat on the wall"

"Hello...." Melissa answered eagerly, hoping this phone call would be the one she had been waiting for

"Yes is that Mrs Erickson? this is the breeder you called up a week ago, I have your stallion ready for transport, however he is quite ill at the moment. Unfortunately he will not be able to make the journey this month, I'm afraid your going to have to wait until next month" boomed a distorted voice down the phone, the man informing her of her situation.

"Oh dear that is a problem, we have just got our new mare, and she's desperate for some company. Never mind, next month should be fine, Thanks for calling" replied Melissa, parting ways as she put the phone down and sighed. She walked over to the kettle and pushed down the button, a bright red light on to top turning it on as it begun to boil. She pulled out a single cup from the cupboard and placed it down on the counter. She giggled when she noticed a picture of a mare on the front; she continued to laugh softly to herself while dropping in a teabag and two sugar lumps.

"Heh, sugar lumps, she'll be having plenty of those" Melissa said to herself, giggling and smiling, then noticing the kettle had boiled. She poured the boiling water from the kettle into the cup, the colour changing from clear water, to a deep brown colour. She lifted out the teabag and walked over to the Fridge and opened it, where several other vials lay inside. They all contained the same purple liquid, but with different names on them, several for cows, other for pigs. She finally found the milk and picked it out from the rack, closing the fridge with her foot. She popped the cap on the milk bottle and poured a small amount in the dark tea, stirring it with her spoon, clinking noises echoed through the kitchen as the spoon struck the side of the mug.

"Is the tea ready?" asked Stephen from behind her, his hand holding the purple vial, ready to be used.

"It is....put it in honey" replied Melissa, she smiled as he walked over with the vial and screwed off the cap. He carefully poured in the clear purple liquid into the tea, its colour barely even affecting the colour of the tea itself, and remaining conspicuous.

"We don't have much time, the cells can survive about 10 minutes, we need to be quick" exclaimed Stephen as he resealed the vial, and grabbed the cup. They both walked out and pushed on their Wellington boots, Stephen carefully kept the mug level and made sure no tea spilled. They both trudged down the Dirt path toward the barn, no shovelling noises were heard inside. It seemed that Wade had finished his cleaning in the barn, and was waiting for his cup of tea. They both came round with the mug and spied Wade sitting on one of the bales, his forehead ripe with sweat.

"Heya, great job of the barn, brought you a cuppa" replied Stephen, a friendly smile on his face beamed outwards, as he handed the mug over to Wade.

"Thanks a lot, let me drink this, and ill get back to whatever you want me to do next" replied Wade, gulping down a good portion of the now warm tea, the sugar providing sweetness and masking the taste of the serum.

"Oh you just drink the tea, you'll get your next duties soon enough" replied Stephen as he continued to stand there, simply staring at him drinking the mug of tea, Stephen trying to contain his laugher, as he just realised the picture on the side of the mug was a mare.

"You know I must admit I enjoy working here, it.............................................." Wade continued, his words interrupted with a pause, his eyes staring onwards into the distance, it looked like he had frozen. Suddenly his hand began to shake rapidly, as if they were freezing cold, and he lost his grip on the mug and it fell from his hands. The mug Smashed and clattered on the floor, the tea spreading out on the clean barn floor.

"What is....this......ohhh what!!" Wade moaned, he felt swelling sensation in his hands and chest swelling, his belly becoming bigger and larger, as if he had just eaten a huge meal. It looked like he had a large beer belly, his chest becoming wider and thicker. Wade felt is shoes began to tighten and clamp down on his toes; his feet were lengthening and stretching outwards. The sensations of his changing body flooded through him, and he began to pant, his whole body felt hot. Wade felt warming sensations radiating in his chest and stomach, where the serum had been ingested, he felt his shaking hands stiffen, they stopped shaking and Wade watched in terror as they also lengthened. He could feel his feet grow longer, pressure building in his leather shoes, the pressure becoming painful. He winced in agony; his feet becoming so long, the leather eventually gave way, Gasping as his much longer feet started to thicken with more flesh. He looked down to his long feet, they jutted out the front of his broken shoes, heat radiated in his crotch and cock, causing him to moan.

"Oh god.....what's...going on" he moaned as the heat began to grow in his cock and loins, Stephen and Melissa stood next to each other, not bothering to answer, just watching him change. His feet were now free of his shoes, he felt his middle toe lengthen and thicken, it pushed forwards slightly while his other toes shrank and became vestigial. He could feel them shrink and receded into his growing hind legs, his long muscular feet now his lower legs. He then felt his single toenail grow and stretch; it felt like he hadn't cut it in days. He looked down to see his middle toe thicken and become the same thickness as his lower leg, he moved his toe up and down while his toenail flattened and thickened. He recognised his toe now as a horses hoof; his toes were now the sesamoid bones of a horse, the ankle like joint which connected the lower leg to the hoof. His new hoof stopped growing and he pushed down on his new legs, weigh being distributed on his new horse hoof.

" does it....feel so good" groaned Wade, his feet now fleshy horse legs, his human knee joint still jutted out, and kept his upright stance for the moment. The heat which had spread from his stomach now concentrated in his groin, he felt his penis bulging and growing inside his pants, which were hanging over his furless horse legs, his hooves clopping on the hard floor beneath him. He felt his buttons buckle under the groaning stress of his enlargining cock, eventually his trousers gave way and shot off from his widening hips and large belly, and he looked down at his massive cock. It was still human, but much thicker and larger than before, his mouth wide open at his long prick hanging down flaccidly. Wade reached a hand down to touch it when he noticed his hands too; were shifting, his middle finger was rapidly growing thickness, and it felt like they were inflating with water. His leg and buttocks twitched as the muscle grew, his arms and chest felt warm as they thickened and became larger. His muscles twitched round his back, as warmth spread down his hands and thickening fingers. He was changing all at once; his mind was in a delirium from the sensations of the transformation.

He had hoped his hands would stay the same, but his hopes were to be shattered, he felt a cracking sensation as more of his fingers shrank and sunk into his lengthening cannon bones that were once his palms. Wade gasped and felt his cock become incredibly stiff, he breathed deeply due to the strangeness of his transformation; he was somehow turned on by the sensation of his hoofs clopping on the floor, his large cock, becoming erect and his hands becoming hooves. His large human cock moved upwards toward his belly as it grew fully erect, it felt rock hard, like he had just swallowed 20 Viagra pills. However his cock didn't stop there, he felt it continue to move up until he felt his foreskin touch his belly. The strangest sensation at his belly and cock as the skin around his shaft started to merge with his belly, his whole cock lengthening and merging into his groin. He moaned at the near orgasmic sensation of his cock merging to his belly, his cock wriggled inside his detached foreskin, and it felt somehow different. His foreskin thickened and loosed around the inside of his cock which also began to change and shift, he felt the sensitivity of his cock grow ten fold, and felt it rub inside its fleshy home. He felt sheer arousal, and gasped as the tip of a long mushroom shaped cock emerged from his completed horse sheath.

"Ohhh...GOD YES!!" he screamed, his voice sounding strange and somehow more masculine, his balls and cock so sensitive from his transformation. His lengthening horse cock was pink, with patches of darker brown skin over the sides and tip of his large head. His Urethra stood out like a pipe at the tip of his horseflesh, he felt his balls wriggle and enlargen to the size of tennis balls, and they rocked and hung low under his legs. As his cock grew larger from his sheath, he could feel every inch of his long equine member. His new stallion shaft rubbed against the exit of his sheath, sending waves of pleasure seeped through his cock, as a small amount of pre-cum dribbled from his multicoloured patchy horsecock. He moved a long changing hand up to his new length, which now jutted out near his face, his eyes staring at the tip of his large member.

"Honey, something's wrong, why isn't he changing genders, we tried to get him to become a mare" whispered Melissa into Stephens ear, her concerns surfacing when she noticed his cock didn't change into a vagina, rather a much larger cock.

"Oh wow....Yes!" Wade moaned as he rubbed his cock with the base of his growing forelegs, waves of equine pleasure seeping through his body and loins at the stimulation derived from his horsemeat. He felt his nails thicken further as he massaged his horsecock, his nails now thick horse hooves, his palms now just as long as his lower and upper arms, they could be considered his forelegs. His forelegs were proving incapable to pleasure himself; he could only rub his lower legs on his member, the stimulation doing almost nothing to sate his lust. His belly was very large now, and his legs and butt were huge, they looked out of place on his slightly larger than normal upper body. He groaned as a wave of orgasmic sensation flooded across him, more pre seeped from the tip of his horsecock, Wade saw his cum dribble out and having his face within distance of his tip he reached down and licked the tip of his cock. Aside from the sheer ecstasy he felt from licking his cock tip, his cum was pleasantly salty, and slightly sweet, not bitter in the slightest, and he enjoyed the taste and continued to lick and suck his long horse shaft, his forelegs still rubbing his length. As he sucked more and more of his horsecum, he felt his ears move and twitch, they became strangely stiff, and he groaned as they pushed upwards. His ears became longer and thicker, more muscles moved and shifted round under his skin, his skull shifting and changing round to the top of his head, where his new horse ears sat. He could hear so much better, he flicked them, moving them around and exploring the sensation of movable ears, whilst sucking the cum from his cock. Wade was in heaven, and it was only going to get better, as a tickling sensation spread from his groin, his large balls knocked against his inner legs, sending pleasure through his balls and cock.

Wade was too preoccupied sucking the large amounts of pre-cum from his horse cock to notice the tickling sensation was actually growing horse fur. He felt the tickling spread round his equine sheath and up his fat belly, it moved down between his legs and round his large firm rump. He moaned as the fur made its way down his legs, covering his fleshy horse legs, felling his hooves clopping on the floor, only served to turn him on even more. Wade gasped and felt his anus twitch, he felt it push out slightly, becoming thicker with stronger muscles, the skin around his balls and ass turning a deep black. He felt his new balls swing and flicked his horse ears in pleasure, experimenting with his horsecock, and pushing his wet tongue down inside his large piss-hole, sending waves of ecstasy through his body.

Wade moaned and groaned through a cum stained mouth, sucking more and more of his cock tip, savouring the taste of his cum, and enjoying the transformation. His sucking was interrupted by a strange poking sensation round his ass; he gasped and felt something long push out of his spine. He couldn't see, but he could feel a new appendage growing outwards, it grew longer and longer. He knew it to be a horse tail, he could feel every growing inch of it, he moved and twisted it around, his mind learning to control his tail, it felt like a very long prehensile finger attached to his ass. The tickling continued down to the tips of his lower legs, the fur met his horse ankles and covered the flesh around his hooves. His legs, ass groin and entire lower body, resembled that of a medium sized brown stallion, with a fleshy hairless tail squirming around behind him, his cock jutted out to meet his mouth, where he sucked and licked his dripping member. He winced as thousands of pins-and-needles feelings spread along the base of his tail, down to the tip; he felt the length of his tail become slightly heavier, as thick black coarse horse hair started to grow all around it, until he possessed a long hairy horse tail. He flicked his new tail around his furry backside, he loved the sensation of having a tail, and it felt so natural to flick it from side to side, whipping his firm buttocks.

Wade felt like his whole body was top heavy, even though more mass was present in his lower half. Wade could feel his hoof hands start to take its tole on his balance, and he had to remove his forelegs from his horsecock to balance.

Suddenly, he felt an almost animalistic surge of panic, as he felt his spine and body elongate, his whole middle body thickening and bulking with muscle. It wasn't his growth that made him panic however, it was that his lengthening spine pushed his face away from his cock tip, no longer able to suck and lick the tip. His eyes grew wide as his mouth grew further and further away from his long equine member, a thin trail of sticky pre-cum stringed between his lips and the tip of his length. With his new upper bodily mass, his flailing forelegs and bulking chest, his upper body was starting to become coated with his thick brown fur. He folded his horse ears back in fear as he began to loose his balance, knowing that if he turned onto all fours, it would end up bad.

"No...No, god no!" he grunted, and felt his weight tipping forward; he knew he couldn't fall backwards; he would hurt himself badly under his own weight. He snorted as he fell forward feeling his front legs shake with pressure as his front hooves clopped loudly on the floor, he was now on all fours, and it felt strangely natural to be in such a position. At this point Wade looked like a small pony, his upper joints slightly too long, the tickling sensation covered round his back and chest, coating him in a short brown horse fur. Suddenly a strange cracking sensation hit his upper human knees, it felt like cracking your knuckles, painless but the vibration could be felt. He groaned as his once human knees become shorter and receded into his flanks, his rear legs now bent backwards, like a proper horse, he felt like the belonged in that position. Standing on hooves felt like standing on the tips of your toes, at the end of your toes was a large nail, which felt heavy, and your feet would be your lower legs.

Wade moved his backwards bending rear legs up and down, feeling the new joints, he smiled with a cum soaked mouth at the feeling of his new horse joints, his ears flicked atop his head in appreciation. His Upper arms and elbows were next to change, the same knuckle cracking sensation hit his elbows and joints as they reshaped and his upper human arms shrank into his body, leaving his forward bending horse legs behind. It felt like standing on the tips of you fingers, using your lower arm and palm for legs, It truly was a bizarre sensation, but not unwelcome. He felt much more comfortable on all fours for some reason, his front legs clopping on the concrete, as more fur grew up his large back and thick shoulders. Wade flicked his new horse tail and ears, his backside now fully transformed, his front legs covering with fur, only leaving his neck and head human, beyond that he was a magnificent brown stallion.

He felt his long horsecock slap against his furry belly, he begged for release from his sexual tension, but no matter how much he pumped more blood through his shaft, making it slap against him, he couldn't bring himself to orgasm.

He then pinned his horse ears back on top of his human head, feeling his ears rub against his human hair. He felt the muscles in his neck twitch and bloat; it felt like somebody was pumping water into his neck, like it was thickening. Suddenly dread hit him mind, the reality of his situation now hitting him, he realised his neck was going to change, along with his face. He suddenly realised..............He was turning into a horse!!

And he had just let it happen, He was so busy caught up in pleasuring his cock and lost in the pleasure, he didn't realise what was truly going on! He didn't want to be an animal, nor did he want to change into a horse, but he couldn't help but feel drowsy, somehow relaxed and calm.

"The sedatives are kicking in, I don't know why the serum didn't change him to a mare, and maybe I didn't sequence the chromosomes right" whispered Stephen, his mind now thinking about modifying the compound.

"Well we can always try again, we still have him, and hopefully we can simply re-administer" replied Melissa, her crotch slightly wet at the sight of Wade's massive horse erection and hanging balls.

Wade felt his neck thicken more and stretch, he felt like somebody was pulling his head away from his body, in reality it was his neck growing and pushing his human head forward. He flicked his horse ears, as more of the tingling sensations made their way up his lengthening horse neck. He panted and groaned, his still human head looked onwards, he felt his voice box tickle as the vocal cords changed.

He didn't want this, he didn't want to be a horse, and he didn't want to become an animal. He wanted to return to a human, he wanted to get back to work, and have his supper, not transform into a filthy horny animal.

His horse ears flicked and moved to the side, and finally round the back of his dark hair, as his neck grew more and more, Wade wanting to say something, to try and plea for help.

"No more, No more please nooiigg, Noighhhh NIEGH!!! He whinnied in a high pitched horse neigh, his voice box shifting and becoming that of an animal. Wade realised after grunting and whinnying several times, he could no longer speak human words, only whinny and nicker like the horse he was becoming. He moved his long thick neck about; more tickling and itching sensations flowed up his graceful neck. He felt the same pins-and -needles sensation hit the back of his neck, as a long thick mane started to grow. It moved and pushed out, growing longer and longer until he had a thick black mane running up to his head, he could feel the coarse hair on the side of his furry neck. He flicked his ears as more fur grew round his ears and head, he felt his face beginning to push out, the sensation similar to swelling in the face, almost like a strange numbness. He could feel his nostrils widen and become larger, he sniffed and snorted, fresh air filling his large lungs, Wade felt shocked at how much his whinnies and snorts sounded like a horse. His human hair lengthened and became far coarser, flowing around his ears and down his face, and he felt the coarse hair flow round his furless horse ears. More tickling grew up his neck and round his face, he felt the fur grow up to his long pointed horse ears which stood on top of his head, they twitched and flicked as fur grew round and inside them, they looked now like proper horse ears.

Wade groaned with a guttural moan, as he felt his lips feel thick almost as if they were puffed up or swollen, he articulated and moved them around, the muscles in his lips stronger and more pliable. In reality they were thickening and becoming easier to move, more suited for eating grass and hay. Wade articulated his new thick lips he could move them quite efficiently, and he poked his tongue to lick his lips to find that it had grown coarse and very long. He was able to lick all the way round his lips, and even into his nostril, tasting his horse snot before retracting his long tongue back into his lengthening mouth. He swished his tail from side to side, as a wave of orgasmic pleasure hit his face; it felt like a pleasant rush of pain, almost painful, but somehow pleasurable. The strange pleasurable pain was accompanied with a warming sensation, which radiated from his nose and mouth. He moaned and watched his nose and mouth push out further, becoming a short snout, his lips and nose thickening with his enlargining head. However His muzzle did not stop there, it grew longer and longer, he could feel every inch of his expanding skin and horse face. His skull moving and shifting inside his head, he looked through his eyes and watched his nose move out a mile in front of his face. His thick neck twisted his long face and head around; he was almost trying to shake his muzzle off, with no success. Wade winced and felt his teeth thicken at the back of his long muzzle, his front teeth thickening and becoming flat slabs, more suited to chewing grass. His eyes started to shift next, his whole vision shifted from looking at an empty side of the barn, to his right eye looking a pile of hay. Wade felt his mouth salivate with hunger at the thought of hay, realising his mind was overcome with horse like thoughts. Meanwhile his left eye pushed to face the barn entrance. Where Stephen and Melissa stood, he suddenly remembered the tea, and its strange taste.

"YOU" He thought to himself in his mind, he knew it was there doing, they had spiked his tea with something. He moved his ears flat to his head in anger, he grunted aggressively, and stomped his hooves on the concrete. He flicked his tail as the sight of his two employees, thoughts of rage and anger flooded through him. He was going to kill them, trample them with his new body, watch them scream, but he stopped and perked his ears up when they started talking.

"He's done, his mind should still be human, Maybe we can try to re-create the mare serum, it seems that the sex replacement didn't work" Stephen whispered to Melissa, Wade's keener and enhanced hearing picking up his quiet words.

They wanted to change him into a mare? Why?

Why would they go to so much trouble to change somebody into a horse, which could simply be bought? He didn't understand, he was confused, and most of all, hatred. How dare they even think about doing such a thing to him, but he couldn't fight back, he would be shot for being a wild animal. He decided to play along with their little game, biding his time, but he wasn't going to make it easy for them, he wasn't going to be good. Wades mind now turned to food, and he trotted over to the hay, moving his new horse legs with ease and arching his thick neck down to the hay on the dirty floor. Using his new flexible lips he licked up several stands of hay with his mouth and moved it to the back of his new mouth, and started to chew, his tail flicking and his ears twitching. His mind on thoughts of his captors, and his plan to get his own back on Stephen and Melissa.

"My god, I think I've done it" Stephen whispered over to Melissa, the lighting from the basement lab illuminating the computer screen.

"How can you be sure, it didn't work the last time" replied Melissa, her voice filled with doubt and uncertainty

"Positive, it will defiantly work this time. I haven't had enough time to synthesise a cure yet, but I should be able to get it done within the week." continued Stephen, a smile forming on his face which was devious and filled with mischief.

"It will even work on Wade, we can finish what we started" He finished, closing the program on the computer and turned round to check on the sample in the beaker.

Melissa somehow not comforted by Stephens words, walked back to the stairs and climbed up the creaky wooden steps to the door which led to their house. She walked through and into the house, walking over to kettle and flicked the switch. Crashing and banging was heard outside, she turned to look out the window down the path to the pasture, to see a large stallion crashing and destroying the fence. He used his powerful hind legs to bash off the fence panels; they clattered to the ground the horse frustrated and angry.

"Stephen!!!! He's at it again!" She yelled down the basement stairs, hoping he would hear her calls.

"Coming!" he yelled, sounds of moving beakers and glassware echoed downstairs, Stephen obviously grabbing some things. Stomping was heard up the stairs as he run up the creaky wooden steps and emerged in his black trousers, a red T-shirt and still wearing his white lab coat.

She stood there in similar black trousers and a button shirt, her eyes looking out the window at the large brown stallion, bashing and destroying the fence.

"Hey, lets give it a go, I'm positive it will work" said Stephen eagerly, holding a large beaker filled with the purple serum.

"Why have you got so much of it?" asked Melissa, her eyes drawing toward the large filled beaker, wondering why he had such a large quantity.

"Well he's a fully sized horse, he'll need more than a human dose" said Stephen, obviously not realising that only a single drop of G.R.A.F.T. Was sufficient to transform any organism fully.

"Common, let's go, before he breaks out again" exclaimed Stephen, not bothering to put on his Wellingtons and walked straight out into the dirt with his shoes, Melissa did the same, and walked behind her husband. The loud banging continued, Wade still bashed against the fence with his hind legs and hooves; A whinny was heard followed by more banging.

"Get him inside the barn, tell him we have the antidote, he can still understand, I think he still has his human mind, but not for long" remarked Stephen, starting to break into a light run, being careful not to spill any of his serum. He finally reached the barn and walked inside with the beaker, Melissa walking past to see Wade finally breaking through the fence and attempting to escape. Melissa broke into a run, her breasts bounced as she ran toward the brown stallion, his ears flat against his head in fury and rage. The source of his anger ran toward him, his mind in a furious hatred at his body, he didn't want to be a horse, and he was taking his frustrations out on the fence.

"Wade, easy boy, come over here, we have something for you, something you will want" remarked Melissa, she looked over into Wade's large eyes, which were still somehow partly human. He stopped for a moment, and calmed down, panting through his nostrils and swishing his tail. He looked at her in confusion, what could she have that he could want?...............apart from a carrot.

"We've got the antidote, I told you that we would change you back" she said, her eyes filled with hope, lying through her teeth. Wade seriously doubted that they actually had the antidote, but his curiosity was peaked, and he moved himself round, his hooves pushing into the dirt. Slowly he made his way closer to Melissa, his ears pricking up in anticipation and curiosity; he clopped next to Melissa and followed her as she walked toward the barn.

"Good boy, you've calmed down now" said Melissa, stroking his thick neck, somehow even though he hated her, he was comforted by her kind words, and the thought of returning to being a human. He kept trotting through the dirt, he was quite accustomed to his horse form, and he was used to his body now he had time to explore it properly. He moved closer and closer to the barn, to see Stephen inside, he stood on the same concrete floor he had become the stallion a month before, holding a beaker full of a purple liquid.

"I'm surprised you managed to get him in" remarked Stephen, he smiled as he whisked the liquid around in the beaker, the purple serum reflected off the sunlight. Wade took a look at the beaker and immediately began to feel uneasy, he moved his ears back in fear, and began to feel anger. He remembered what they did to him, how they simply watched as he changed into a horse. Wade started to move his head up sharply, throwing off Melissa's hand, his mane swishing, he whinnied in anger.

"Eeaasy there fellow, just drink this and your problems will disappear" Stephen said, he edged closer toward the giddy Wade, his long face filled with anger.

"Shhhh, easy boy" Stephen said calmly, he rubbed his hand across his hot nose and lips, Wade could feel his cold hands across his muzzle. He was still angry but he somehow he felt calmer when they talked to him like an animal, it made him forget that he was once a human.

"Good boy, just a little drink and all your problems will go away; I said to you that we would fix you." Melissa said, her hand reaching up to try and pet him on his face. However Wade remembered she was the one who poisoned him, she was the one who giggled as he drank the tea which induced his transformation. As Stephen edged the beaker closer toward his equine lips and mouth, he remembered picking up their conversation with his keen hearing. They said they were going to perfect the serum, turn him into a mare. He wasn't stupid, and he wasn't about to let a pair of morons change him further!

"Oh woohhh easy!" Stephen shouted, and he pulled his hand up sharply from Wade's nose, as he lifted himself up on his hind legs and hooves. He pulled himself up into the air, his front hooves flailing wildly, and he whinnied loudly in disagreement.

In the confusion and chaos his foreleg and hoof knocked the beaker out of Stephens hand; it flew toward their faces, the contents spilling out of the glassware and onto the faces and mouths. The beaker shot round the air, spilling more of the serum over their clothes and finally it dropped to the floor and smashed the rest of the liquid spilling out onto the floor. They both stumbled backwards, their hands moving up to their faces and feeling the liquid spilled on their clothes and mouths.

Wade moved back down on his front hooves, a loud "clop" echoed the barn as he resumed standing on all fours. He looked at them; their upper bodies and faces covered with the purple serum, and let out a horse like grunt. Snorting and puffing, he backed off in fear at the smashed glass, his instincts kicking in and causing him to walk backwards.

"Oh....oh my god...I think.........I got it in my mouth!" exclaimed Melissa, her hand rubbing her mouth and lips, trying wipe off the serum from her face. Shock hit Stephen and he tried to reason, rubbing his hands through his hair, he felt hot and stressed, fearing the worst would happen.

"Maybe....maybe it wasn't enough...we might be ok." reasoned Stephen, no changes had started so far, and it had been at least a minute since they swallowed it.

"Ohhhh...ARHHH...My stomach!!" Melissa yelled, moved her hands down sharply and gripping her belly, as an almost burning warmth spread from inside her. She could feel the warmth spreading from her stomach down her belly and slowly into her crotch. She panted in fear and shock, hoping to god Stephen hadn't taken any in, and that he could cure her.

"Oh god no Steve, no!" she cried out as her husband began to grip his belly as well, a burning warmth spreading from his chest downwards. Melissa could feel her belly swell; it felt like she had eaten a huge meal and her lower body was bloated. She could finally see her belly as it pushed up from under her shirt, she felt it swell and push against the fabric of her shirt and buttons. With a pop, the lower buttons came loose; revealing her swelling and growing belly, warmth and pleasure seeped down to her loins as her belly expanded.

"Oh god Steve, its happening, I can feel it, Oh god!" she groaned, feeling her feet push against her poorly made leather boots, the pressure building inside her shoes as her feet expanded. Eventually her shoes gave way and the soles moved downwards, and she gasped as her expanding and lengthening feet pushed out through her shoes. She could feel her new lengthening feet press out and rub against the rubber and leather, a hole in the front of her shoes providing a perfect place for her new hind legs to grow. Stretching and cracking sensations spread through her toes and feet, she could feel her toes began to twitch and shift.

"I know, oh god I can feel it to" replied Stephen, his belly had also begun to expand and grow, his red shirt moving further toward his chest as he growing belly pushed it upwards. Finally Melissa's pants gave way to her belly, the buttons snapped and flew off, revealing her naked body beneath. Her feet were already long enough, and she had to resort to stand on her tip toes to keep balance, an act which proved very difficult while her middle toe expanded and thickened, becoming the same width as her growing hind leg. While her others twitched and degraded away into her growing foot. Her attention now to her crotch, which radiated with warmth and pleasure, her cunt was swelling and becoming larger. She could feel her cunt lips grow thicker; they pushed together, their own friction sending waves of pleasure up her body. She panted softly, her vagina pushing out, becoming more muscular and thick, she felt trickling as fluids seeped from her quivering cunt, staining her loose trousers.

The skin around her thick lips began to darken, the warmth seemed to concentrate its focus there, Steve could only watch as her vaginal folds became a matt black colour. She realised now that Steven had got the mare serum right, her cunt was now that of a horse. Her belly continued to swell, more mass being transferred to her legs, as she felt them bulk up, her muscles becoming thicker and more powerful. She felt them twitch and shift, it felt like pleasurable cramp flowing down her legs. Her trousers couldn't take the growing horse legs, and started to rip under the pressure. She could feel both her toes now larger and thick, her toes now her horse ankle, she felt a stretching pushing sensation in the tip of her lower "foot". Her nails began to lengthen and thicken, her legs continued to bulk up and push outwards, more tearing fabric wrapped round her thick legs. She felt the Nail become thicker and larger, and slowly it flattened and pushed out, it felt like she had a large heavy weight at the end of her toe. Her new Equine hoof started to take shape, her toes forming skin round the hoof and the rest of her toes receded into her foot. She was left with a pair of digit grade horse legs; she shifted her weight onto her new hooves, and felt the vibrations run through the bone of her horse leg, as she clopped her hoof to the ground.

Stephens's pants also began to budge from the growing belly, and they too gave way, revealing what Stephen had dreaded. His cock had begun to shrink, even though erect from the serum, his penis only measured a measly 3 inches. His cock now small, it hung from his body, covered by rapidly darkening pubic hairs.

"My...cock, Oh god no, not the mare serum!" he cried out, his cock beginning to receded into his body, he could feel it shrink further, it was like standing in a cold locker-room. He felt the flesh turning in on itself, his foreskin pushed round his glans and merged into his cock. He felt Melissa's hand hold onto his own hand in fear, she desperately looked for comfort. Steve Moaned loudly, squeezing Melissa's hand while his piss-hole widened, it started to enlarge as more of his shaft receded into his body.

While his dick shrank, his feet also began to budge against his shoes, his transformation progressing slower than his wife, possibly since there was more mass to convert, or because he had to change genders first. He could feel the tips of his toes push against the fabric, his muscles tensed inside his legs and feet while his foot became longer. His legs also thickened as more muscle developed, the same pleasurable cramping sensation, followed by warmth as his legs became too much for his trousers to contain, causing them to split

"There' to be something we can stop it!" Melissa shouted, she was scared at the pleasurable sensations of her leaking mare cunt, and her clopping hooves. She felt a prickling tingling sensation round her rump and groin, and watched as the tips of brown hairs poked their way out of her skin. Her mare cunt dripped fluids, sending more pleasure through her body, taunting her with her own feelings; she hated the sensations, but loved them at the same time.

"I...I haven't completed the antidote, there's nothing we can do, even then we can't make it back to the house" he groaned, while his piss-hole and cock began to move down to his groin. Melissa could feel a poking, almost prodding sensation at the base of her spine, just above her growing ass that was now covered in brown fur. Slowly the tip of a fleshy tail, moved and wormed its way out of her spine, she could feel every inch of its length, the cold air hitting it as she moved it around while it grew. It continued to grow longer and longer, squirming and stretching further outwards; she twisted and moved it around. It felt like moving an arm of a finger, but at the base her spine, and much thinner.

Stephen felt his cock-head move under his body, and between his legs, he moaned as his cock-head slowly made its way closer to his asshole, passing through and past his scrotum.

"Ohhh...No...No...NO!" he shouted, his protests ceased when he felt his cock nestle neatly between his legs, next to his asshole. His cock was no longer present, it was mearly his piss head sticking out of his body, between his legs. He moaned and groaned, and he felt his piss-hole widen and enlarge, the tip of his cock stretching into new shapes. His whole glans puffed out and became far more sensitive than they were before; soon they had grown into a pair of feminine cunt lips. His piss-hole widened and moved deeper inside of him, crafting and creating a new womb. His whole body shook in ecstasy as he felt his balls move back, they were almost sucked inside his new throbbing cunt like a vacuum cleaner, their hairy skin teasing his cunt, making it leak fluids onto the floor. He panted and groaned in pleasure as his balls were sucked inside him, moving deeper and turning into two ovaries, which immediately began to ovulate.

"Ohhh....oh honey, the mare serum" she groaned, moving her hands up to her mouth at the sight of her husbands dripping cunt. Her groin and lower body, now covered in her short brown horse fur, She felt her Mare cunt dripping at the sight of Stevens human cunt, which was about to be reshaped.

Stephen felt new sensations from his cunt flow through him, his new lips puffed up and thickened with muscle, he groaned as they rubbed together under their own size. He leaked more of his mare fluids onto his torn trousers, his feet and toes continued to grow beneath him. He panted and groaned again, as he felt his muscular lips push out further from his body, becoming pronounced and puffy. He looked down at his new mare cunt, and saw the skin darken, like his wife's, it became dark and black, dripping clear fluids onto his ripped trousers. Melissa's tail was nearly fully grown, and she began to feel her whole body writhe with pleasure at the new feelings. She was overcome with her new hooves, her mare cunt dripping, desperate for attention.

"Ohhh....Steve...I wish you....weren't a mare...why am Horny…Ohhh" she moaned, her mind no longer able to resist the sheer pleasure of her body any more. She reached a human hand down to her dripping thick mare cunt, her hands running through her crotch fur. She felt her finger rub the tip of her muscular cunt lips, she groaned in sheer pleasure as she drove her finger insider her dripping horse lips. The feelings were nothing like her human vagina, her hairless tail flicked as she continued to massage her mare cunt, enjoying the feelings of her growing equine body. Another hand found its way round her boobs; she cupped her breast through her shirt and began to rub it softly. She felt her ears lengthen and twitch, she felt the edges tighten and become tipped like dagger points. She didn't take notice of her growing ears, more contented on massaging her twitching horse lips, her hairless tail squirmed as she felt the same tingling sensation progress down her thick horse legs. Most of her Trousers had been ripped by this point and only shards remained on her legs, which quickly fell to ground as her fur grew down to her hooves, clopping on the floor.

"Melissa...what are you. doing" he exclaimed, his hand covering his mouth, as she watched her massage her mare cunt, her face a reflection of sheer pleasure and ecstasy. His own cunt throbbed and dripped, begging for attention, his equine desires creeping up in the back of his mind. He tried so hard not to enjoy the sensation of his tail pushing out his spine, but having a tail felt so good, as well as the warmth of the tickling fur which was growing round his ass and groin. He felt his new tail push out further, he moved and squirmed it around, smiling as he felt its length grow longer. His feet were still expanding, and like Melissa before, he had to shift his weight onto his tip toes to avoid falling backwards. His middle toes were already huge, and his other toes became vestigial, he moved them around before they retracted inside his growing leg. It was like somebody was pulling his foot further away from his ankle, only it was growing longer, his toe felt like it was being pumped with water, it inflated and became the same length as his foot, the skin seamlessly merging into his new equine ankle.

"I.....I cant help it...Oh it feels so good" Melissa moaned softly, the feeling of her mare cunt driving her crazy, she wanted more, and instead of one finger, she pushed another two in. She imagined being fucked by a stallion; her tail began to grow hair as she fantasized about being screwed by a long thick horsecock. She was lost in herself, she loved her new cunt, it was much better than her old one, and she revelled in her pleasure. Melissa began to feel stiffness in her hands, her fur now covered her backside and legs, her lower body, seemingly that of a healthy mare. She arched her head back and closed her eyes in ecstasy, her ears continued to lengthen and widen. Her thumb and fingers began to feel numb and stiff; all apart from her middle finger which felt like it was on fire. She gasped as she thrust her hand deeper inside her horse lips, more of her mare fluids dripping onto the concrete floor, lubricating her changing hand. Steve had drawn his attention away from Melissa which was now down to his mare cunt, which also dripped fluids, it ached with orgasmic sensation, and screamed at him to pleasure himself. He moved his hand down his furry groin, his shirt now starting to rip as his nipples and chest muscles twitched and began to expand.

"What's....Ohhh god...what's going on down there" he said to himself, his hand reaching further down to his cunt, he was so close to touching, so close to pleasuring himself, he knew if he touched his cunt, he would love what he felt, and he would be lost, but not before he noticed Melissa. She had retracted her changing hand from her mare cunt, which leaked fluids from her insertion, her middle finger thick and bulbous, her other fingers shrinking. She felt a stretching sensation in her palms as they elongated and stretched, her middle fingered became thicker as the bone widened and enlarged. Moaning she felt her fingernail on her only finger stretch and push out further, her other fingers had been absorbed into her lengthening palm which was now about three quarters the length of her lower arm.

"Steve...Stevenn....Pleaaaaassse touchh meeeeeeee" She groaned her voice distorting and becoming more manly and animalistic, her neck thickening and her chest starting to widen. She was unable to pleasure herself with her growing front hooves, her upper human legs began to shorten and retreat into her body. She felt her tail finally stop tingling, and she swished her new horse tail around behind her, her brown fur progressing up her body, and nearing her breasts. Her nails were now very thick and resembled small hooves, her upper arms already beginning to retreat into her body, leaving her with her front bending front horse legs.

"No...No it will just make things worse....I....I can't....." Steve moaned, watching Melissa beg in front of him, her ears now long and thick. She felt them move further up her head, new muscles formed around them, allowing her to move them to her will.

"The makes the mares...calmer....more complacent, snap out it baby....its...Oh...Oh God" Steven moaned, attempting to explain that her lust for sex was the serum changing her brain and mind to that of a mare, the goal they had tried to work towards in the first place. Steven felt a little bit of pride that his serum worked, but his pride quickly vanished, when he felt his tail grow longer, and long horse hair push out from it, pricking and tingling sensations running across his tail. His toenails were now very thick, and could function as proper hooves, and Steven shifted his weight onto his new lower horse hooves, allowing them to clop on the floor. He stood on his new Equine hooves and lifted up his right digit grade leg, realising the hopelessness of his situation, and attempting to pull his shirt off, as its was far to tight on his growing chest.

Unknowingly Wade had taken the time to walk around them, during their transformation, eyeing up Melissa at first, then Stephen as his horse cunt grew thicker and larger. But Melissa seemed more willing and complacent, her hands and arms horse legs, she moved her forward bending horse legs and groaned as more fur grew up under her shirt. She heard him snort behind her, and then felt his thick muscular nose sniff under her swishing horse tail, smelling her scent. Her mare cunt dripped and she moaned with pleasure as her breasts began to shrink on her chest, her nipples lost colour and vanished slowly into her shrinking breasts. A surge of pleasure rushed through her body as her breasts finally disappeared into her thick muscular chest, leaving it flat as fur tickled its way over her horse chest. She moaned and felt Wade retract his nose from under her tail, she swished her mare tail from side to side, loosing herself to the feeling of her tail and hooves.

"Whaa...what the....OHHH!!" she groaned loudly, as Wade shifted his weight onto his hind legs and moved toward Melissa's back. She felt the tip of a huge object poke at her dripping horse cunt, and realised as it entered it was his stallion flesh, his long cock plunging into her pussy. Wade had been overcome by his stallion urges, and he desperately wanted to fuck, pushing his weight onto Melissa, his front legs and hooves moving round to her side. As he thrust his way inside of her, she felt more of her upper body weight shift forward; she feared that she would end up the same as Wade, on all fours. But the pleasure was incredible, if this is what it felt like to be a mare, then she didn't care about her future. He thrust inside her, and pulled out slowly, only to shift his weight forward again and push his horsecock deeper inside her dripping wet mare cunt. She groaned, and felt her face warm up, her lips and nose felt swollen and bloated, her face beginning to push out slightly.

"No...Oh God no...Get off her!!" protested Steve, his cunt dripping from the sight of his wife being screwed by the stallion, his own hands starting to form into hooves. He felt his palms stiffen and stretch, it felt like he had a large weight attached to his knuckles, his middle finger thickened and enlarged while his nail becoming larger. He felt his other fingers twitch and become shorter, his whole palm and finger became his lower horse leg, and he flicked his tail from side to side as he felt his nail enlargen into a hoof. He looked down at his new horse hooves, his finger now his ankle and his palms his lower leg. He felt his upper human arm retreat further into his body, moving past his lab coat sleeves which had begun to tear and rip under his expanding chest; fur now covered his clopping horse hooves, and his furry mare belly.

Melissa could no longer take the weight of Wade, she felt herself move closer to the floor. The only part of her human mind that still remained, kept her balanced and on her two hooves, keeping her from becoming a quadruped. But her dominant mare mind was begging to get all of her hooves on the ground; she wanted this, to be an animal, to be Wade's mare.

"Yeee...YEehhh Heeeee" She groaned, her voice distorting further, her words turning into horse like whinnies. Her Pussy stretched further, as she shifted forward more, allowing wade to get more of his long huge cock inside her. She adored the feelings that she derived from her cunt, her mind awash with pleasure and ecstasy. Her face shifted out further, she could feel her face move forward, and she felt her nose flare up and push forward, becoming larger. It felt like she was flaring her nostrils, but an involuntary muscle contraction. Her lips thickened and became larger, she articulated them, they felt like they were swelling, large and bulbous, but in fact her lips were gaining muscle. She snorted through her horse nose in sheer pleasure; the feeling of his cock rubbing against her moist mare lips was overwhelming.

"Melissa....snap out It...snap.....oh...ohhh" he groaned, attempting to get his wife to run, and resist, but his words fell upon unwilling ears. She didn't care anymore; she didn't care about her human life, her job or her husband. She only cared for her body, and his cock thrusting deep inside of her, she felt her face shifting out even more, becoming far more equine. However his weight proved to be too much, and she felt herself tip forward, and Melissa gasped in ecstasy as she fell forward, knowing that this is what she wanted, to be his mare. As she tipped, her Whole chest exploded with heat, her shirt tearing and ripping around her reshaping chest, her arms moving closer together, and becoming her front legs. She felt her face push forward further, she groaned as her lips and nose enlarged further, her growth stopping, while her muzzle was nearly complete. She felt herself fall forward and with a loud "clop" both her front hooves hit the ground and caused her to moan in absolute ecstasy as her new stature was perfect for him to thrust the rest of his throbbing horsecock inside her cunt. She felt her whole long head push forward, her neck twitching and becoming thicker and longer, she moaned in an equine tone, as her neck pushed out, thickening and becoming long. She snorted air through her horse nose, as more of Wades cock thrust deeper inside her, long coarse black hair grew down her long slender neck, becoming a mane, the growth felt more painful than the fur which moved up her neck and round her face. Her Front legs were now covered in fur, and her skull began to shift, she felt her ears move further up her head, muscles positioning themselves properly, allowing her to move and flick her mare ears.

"N....nnn...Nee.....NEEIGGHHH!!!" she whinnied, the last of her human voice vanishing, her face finishsed pushing out, and her long hair became coarser and flowed down her horse muzzle. More tickling sensations moved down her muzzle and covered her long face, Melissa in sheer pleasure as wade continued to pound her horse cunt, its twitching and leaking, combined with orgasmic sensation in her muscular hips and furry horse ass, told her she was about to cum. Her vision changed next, she felt her eyes move outwards to the side, her skull moving her eyes outwards round to the side of her head. It was bizarre, but not unwelcome; her vision became more suited to seeing in all directions, while at the loss of depth perception. Her eyes began to darken and shift her pupils becoming longer and rod shaped, while her irises darkened and turned a deep chestnut brown. She felt her cunt quiver, and she whinnied as a flow of pleasure, flushed through her loins, as orgasm struck. As she cummed, her mare cunt leaked, his cock sliding further inside. She forgot why she was so resistant, why she was bothered about such petty things like Stephen and the serum. She was so much happier thinking about his cock, and the feeling of her orgasm, it flowed through her whole body like a wave of ecstasy, she clopped her hooves on the concrete floor. She felt his cock tremble inside her vagina and womb, and a warming shooting sensation filled her up as he too orgasmed. His large amounts of horse cum shooting inside her mare cunt and womb, filling her up. She lost herself to the feeling, her human mind simply giving in to the sensation of the stallion on top of her, filling her up with his equine semen.

Stephen Still stood there, watching his wife undergo her final transformation into a mare, and become an animal. He had a look of sadness in his eyes, a mixture of emotions and feeling running through him, hate, sorrow, but most of all...Jealousy.

He was so jealous of Melissa, being able to enjoy Wade's cock; he wanted the same feeling in his dripping mare cunt. He wanted to be filled, he wanted the same feelings that Melissa felt, his tail swished, to the side, revealing his moist mare lips. He felt them quiver and shake, more fur grew up his chest, and progressed down his front legs, more muscle eventually pushed through and tore his shirt open, leaving only his lab coat intact.

Wade withdrew from his Mares cunt, causing Melissa to whinny, as cum and fluids dripped out on the floor, she arched her head down to the floor in pleasure, her ears flicking on top of her head. Stephen looked over to her and cradled her head in his long hoof legs that were once his hands, unable to grip or rub her ever again. Stevens's cunt twitched with anticipation, begging him to succumb and release him from his torment. Melissa flicked her tail in satisfaction, whipping her firm rump, and tickling her equine lips with its coarse hair. He begged for a similar satisfaction, he wanted to be filled with his horse cum as well, to have his cock rub against his aching folds.

Wade however was more than happy to oblige, and trotted towards Stephen, who still looked at his former wife, the new mare looking at him with her equine eyes. He sensed Wade behind him, and felt hot air rushing into his crotch as he sniffed his cunt, causing him to moan in pleasure. Before he could react, Wade had gotten up on his hind legs, and jumped on top of Stephen. He felt his large furry belly rub against his worn and tearing lab coat, and he groaned at the feeling of the mushroom shaped head pushing into his dripping black mare cunt.

The feeling.....Oh the feeling was amazing, Steven thought to himself, it felt like somebody had thrust the physical embodiment of pleasure into his mare vagina. He was awash with ecstasy, the feeling of Wade's long horse cock, covered with veins and ridges, rubbing against his wet muscular mare cunt lips, Steven was in pure ecstasy at the feeling. He groaned, his voice distorted and became coarser and more animalistic, as Wade screwed his former boss, accelerating the transformation that Steven had put wade through.

No....Nooot...Nee...Neigggg....NIEGH!!!" Steven whinnied loudly, his protests turned to equine sounds, his face pushing outwards, as more of Wade's heavenly horse cock moved deeper inside him. He gritted his flattening horse teeth, as his lips inflated with muscle and mass, he felt them become more movable, while his nose moved upwards and his nostrils flattened out onto his new muzzle. He snorted through his nose, as his mare cunt dripped fluids down Wades long member, Stevens mind awash with equine wants and desires, pushing his human mind aside to make way for his growing horse psyche.

Steven felt his body weight shift forward, he knew he would be doomed if he got down on all fours, but deep within his mind, his human mind told him that it was already to late. It told him to enjoy it, enjoy it while he still had his human mind, his cunt quivering as he climaxed, the onset of his first vaginal orgasm growing inside him. He grunted and snorted in dirty equine pleasure, as his face moved outwards further, he felt his face grow longer, fur growing up to his short neck. However it was to remain short; no longer and he let out another short whinny, as his neck thickened. He felt his muscles twitch and lengthen, warmth spreading into his neck and head, his skull shifting to a more animalistic configuration. The more of Wade's cock that drove into him, the more he changed, he started to use his hind legs and move with Wade, wanting him to drive his horsecock deeper inside his dripping mare lips. Steven now knew why his wife had allowed Wade to fuck her, it was pleasure untold, he cared not about perfecting his serum, nor about his house or possessions, he only cared for sex, he craved it like a drug, and his body was the junkie.

Now wanting more of Wades cock deeper inside him, he willingly shifted his weight forward, his front legs moving closer together, his lab coat eventually gave way and tore around his growing chest and upper flanks. He felt his hooves clop onto the hard concrete, just as Melissa had done before; she was now grazing on some hay on the barn floor, using her flexible lips to pick up the hay with ease. Stephen looked down his long lengthening muzzle, and stared at Melissa, envying and wishing he had her body, but he was soon to possess a body just like it. Now on all fours, it allowed Wade to thrust further inside Stevens cunt, Wade moved his hooved forward and used his powerful hips to push inside him again. Stephen felt Wade move inside his cunt, he realised now he was truly a mare, he was truly a female, begin fucked on all fours by a handsome stallion, he was no longer a HE, he was a SHE; and she loved it.

Stephen revelled in her new sexuality and body, loving the feeling of Wades cock thrusting past her mare lips and deeper inside her womb, a womb which would soon be filled with his seed. Stephen finally felt her face stop growing, her neck became long and graceful, and her short dark human hair began to lengthen and grow coarser, draping down her long horse face. She felt prickling sensations all down her long furry neck, as more horse hair grew forming into a long beautiful black mane, she snorted through her nostrils as she felt her first female orgasm hit her loins. Stephen felt an orgasm unlike any he had experienced when she was a male; it ran through her whole body, like a wall of pleasure hitting her. Her hooved legs shook, as her black mare cunt quivered with wades cock still inside her, as the orgasm filled her up. She felt her eyes change position, her skull pushing them to the side, becoming bigger and rounder, finally pushing to the side of her head as she felt her cunt drip her fluids over Wade's large stallion member. Her Pupils became long and rod shaped, her iris's darkening into brown, and her ears moved atop her head, muscles twitching below them, causing them to flick and move to her will.

"NIEGH!!! NIEGH!!!" Steven Whinnied loudly, his sounds filling the barn, as his orgasm reached full strength, Wade's cock shaking and erupting cum from the tip. Stephen felt his warm semen shoot inside her, his cum filling her up to the brim, as Stevens mind started to slip. She didn't care about her human life before, about being a man before, she enjoyed being Wade's, she wanted him to fuck her, and like the animal she was. Stevens human mind became her mare mentality, her whole body shook in pleasure as Wade began to pull out, more orgasmic sensations seeping through her body, as his mushroom tip stretched her lips wide open, before plopping out, and Wades stallion cock hanging loose below his body.

Why was she so worried about the serum, and about her house and possessions, about people finding the drug in her basement, she had everything she could ever want, a magnificent mare body, her dripping black cunt, and stallion to fill it. What more could she want, what more could she need, and she had her wife with her at all times, Melissa too a mare.

Stephen joined Melissa in her grazing, and used her new thick lips to feel around the ground for hay, and scooping it up into her muzzle and mouth, using her new flat horse teeth to grind the food down with ease. Wade was satisfied that he had gotten his revenge, he knew he would never change back, but he was thankful he still had part of his human mind, and he would certainly have more than enough sex available with his two mares in heat.

3 months had past, investigations had gone into the disappearance of Wade and the couple, and many suspected wade had killed them and removed their bodies. They only found out of their disappearance when they came to deliver a stallion for their mare, when the found they were gone, and three horses were left by themselves in the barn and pasture, they immediately called in the authorities.

3 months had past, and a new couple had moved into the house and abandoned farm, they took care of the stallion and his two mares. They constantly wondered what sort of couple would leave their farm along with two mares....

Two beautiful......magnificent.......graceful

.............pregnant mares...........


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