Nuts Nuts Nuts

by TF_Hive
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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"How's this?" the girl smiled. Rich, ebony hair, brushed over one side of her face, her arms spread just ever so slightly to show off her new sweater. A cute purplish colour, closer to pink, actually.
"It looks.. . eh… Frumpy." her roommate answered. Blonder, more fun. Her hair as open as the rest of her.
"Frumpy? Don't say that!" the ebony haired nerd protested. "Frumpy is for grannies and other lamers!" as she huffed, the sleeves fell even further over her hands.
Blondie's eyebrows raised. Ashley's fell. 
"Point taken." it suited her nicely at least. Frumpy or no. The large, fluffy sweater just made her feel so homeley and safe. And besides, a self-made girl had to make money somehow. She was, technically, a genius, paying her own way through uni. Not that she'd ever admit it, mind you. Did Librarians assistants make good money? Probably not. But the job was gold dust in other ways, and hey, every little helps.
Well, her outfit wasn't the hit she'd expected it to be. But she was happy with it, really happy. It was her own perfect little fortress to hide from the world in. Well, they went about their regular breakfast routine. Food for Ashley, some kind of satanic ritual in the bathroom that lead to Khristie being well.. Kinda hot. Really hot! She'd never admit it though. A mixture of jealousy and 'Natural beauty' elitism all but ensured the 'You look nice!'s that left her lips on command would be laced with the finest bile that a lonely girl with an internet connection and a complex could stool up.

Well, anyway. She went to work. Grabbing a healthy little brunch bar from the cupboard before she left, snacks! They were the reason for her tummy, she told herself this every day.
But still, as she sat at her gold dust job, gold dust because when crunch time came, she could just scootch her hours around, and the old lady who ran this place, who despite what they claimed wasn't a witch, would smile, and nod her head, and just make it so. She couldn't help but think.
Think about food! Banoffee was surely her favorite flavor of anything ever. Mindlessly slaving through the inventory. Maybe a checkout here, or there. But what could she do about her banoffee cravings? It's not like they sold that heavenly mixture in a chocolate form. Maybe for lunch, she'd pop to a store, and just buy a whole banana, and a stick of toffee and shove it into her face at once.
She'd admit, that thought got her a bit excited, she couldn't though, could she?

Flop. She fell, ceremoniously as ever, back onto her bed. Only one weirdo today, and given as Libraries were free to all, that was a triumph. She'd heard of crazy cat ladies, never crazy squirrel ladies.
"So what, was she just throwing them around?" Khrissie laughed.
"Nah... But she clearly didn't need a book on them! She was wearing a coat of the poor things, and I swear one of them looked at me."
"Pfah!"the Blondie laughed. The bed shook, her roommate joined her, one bedroom, cheaper this way. Those arms wrapped around her waist, and she felt a little kiss of those lips, she flinched. Stupid blondie. Must've thought it was funny to get a rise out of her. Wriggling free from her touch and pressing her face into the solace of her bed.

Dreams came. She dreamt of circles, and spheres, and beautiful big balls. Rounded oblongs and running in the wild. Those little orbs were dip dyed brown. Or auburn. She was salivating at the thought. Such pretty little shapes.
She woke up wet, in more ways than one. And for once, not all by herself. Unraveling her arms from Khrissie, she tugged her jammied self out of bed. Slipped into the bathroom, and begun to peel her undies down.
The girl in the mirror was unfamiliar to her. But hot. She liked what she saw. That cheeky little smile. 'Hey sexy'. she thought, as she ran her fingers against her excited, slick, already wet folds. She was hot. So hot. Unbuttoning her pink spotted blouse, just as the last button came undone.
Knockedy knock knock. "C'mon! Some of us like to look good before work! Bathroom hog." 
Her roomate eloquent as ever, she stammered out a "Sorry." forced out of her trance, she gave the babe in the mirror a little kissy, as she tugged her leggings up, buttoned her blouse, and flushed the toilet too. The perfect crime.

She threw on her new sweater, may as well get the most out of it. Beautiful indigo pinkish thing mhmm. Made her so happy. But then, she looked from her clothes pile, to Khristie's. Biting her lip, she started to shift, and pull. Tugging out some outrageously short booty shorts.
Wiggling into them, she felt the fabric strain against her poor, cubby ass. How did the girl manage to wear these? But as she admired the way her body looked, all curved out in the mirror, she knew she'd have to wear these!

"Look at you, you dog!" the girl in her doorway laughed.
"Shut up.. It's warm out!" smooth. Really smooth.
"It looks good!"
"Shut up." she was smiling at least. Sweater and some booty shorts. She's lucky it WAS hot. Like her. Going out like this, it was what she'd always dreamt of! Always! The sweater hung down to her thighs. She could well be wearing nothing under it. Rummaging through their kitchen, she cried ot "Do we have any nuts?!"
"Nuts? Why?"
"I've got a craving, sue me." ah! Jackpot! Perfect. Her face just lit up as she stashed the packet of cashews into her pocket. Tight fit. Nhnn.. She agitated, she could take two more, right?

At work, she could hardly concentrate. She'd downed one packet on the way there. Those sweet, salty, brownie orbs. Nuts were her favorite. Her favorite things ever. Always had been! She tugged another pack out from between her legs, her eyes darted around, she wouldn't want anyone to steal them!
Her lips wrapped hard around one~ Suckling it raw. Puckered and puffed and suck suck sucking.
"Enjoying much?" eep! She was a dear in headlights. She crunched down on her cashew as a tingle ran up her spine. Her eyes scoured the invader, some dirty haired blonde girl trying to steal her nuts.
"Mhmm.." she gasped, swallowing down. She scrunched the baggie between her hands. 'Mine.' "Is that all?" her eyes ran lower, over that dirty blonde body. There was nobody around, this was making her hot. She could bend her, bend her over, bend.. Bend. Fuck her. Fuck her right here!
"Uhh.. Hello?"
By the time she came to, she had a single thread of stupid drool running against her chin, and her packet of Cashews pressed right into her booty shorts. "Sorry.." was all she could weakly answer, as she scanned that book, and handed it back. "Two weeks.. Yeah?" her whole body bunrt with shame. How could she be so stupid! Now surely, everyone would think she was stupid. Or worse! 


"You've gotten bigger?"
"What? No way!" back at the apartment. After an argument. No way had she gotten bigger. Her sweater was lifted, sure! And her bra was tight. But.. That was just normal.
"You've definitely gotten bigger."
"Don't be stupid! That doesn't even make sense!"
"Trust me." she wanted to, she really did. Those words just struck such a chord to her, maybe she had gotten bigger. She could almost see her bellybutton under her sweater, when before it hung lower than her ass. N-No.. That didn't make sense. None of it made sense.

Dreaming. It was more frantic than before. She was breathing heavy, grinding, unconscious on her back. Whimpering, as in her dreams. She thinks of bent over girls. Pouncing, pinning. She's thrusting harder, faster. She wants it. WANTS IT. Big, fat, acorns tugged between her lips. A big, bobbling vat of what could only be chocolate.
She bathed in it.
She needed it.

She awoke, panting, hot. An hour earlier than usual. The sun wasn't up yet. She was on her knees, in front of their wall sized mirror. Panting hotly at the girl in her reflection. "Hello.. Hot stuff~" she moaned, tearing her pyjamas off. In three seconds, flat, she was naked. Utterly and entirely. Her body covered in ticklish, brown splotches. Both hands at her cunt, stuffing her fingers in desperately. They came out soaked. She was soaked. Bucking into her own touch as she watched her clitty tremble. 
"Ahnn.. Nhnn!" she wasn't quiet. Pinching her trembling clitty between her thumbs. Her tongue hung out, she licked the mirror~ In her minds eye. She was dragging her muscle against the biggest, saltiest acorn she could think of, "Ah!" her hips thrust forwards. Her clitty really was standing on end. It had swollen to about the size of her thumb, and she grabbed it with one hand. Her tit with the other. As she grasped her chest with a hard 'smack!' a rich, chocolatey slapmark appeared, spreading outward sin splotchy streaks. She watched with lusty stupor as her areolas grew darker, grew bigger. Palming her chest desperately as she jerked her thimble sized prick! Chest filling out as she clawed that length desperately, her big, rounded tits spilled into her fingers as they got even bigger.
Knockedy knock knock. "Ash.. Are you alright?"
She knew the answer to this! It coursed through her blood. Louder than the heartbeat that rung so clearly in her ears. Her body was painted such a beautiful shade of brown before her as she screamed out, "YEE~EES!" fuck! As she did so! She rammed her hips forwards! Right forwards! Her twitching clitty even thicker between her fingers! "Better than ever before!" it was hard to breathe. The whole bathroom stunk of nuts. Her tits were getting bigger than ever before, she must've gone up two bra sizes! With one last, desperate push, she came, hard! Throwing her hips forwards as that veined thimble between her fingers TORE itself forwards! Doubling in size, and in thickness! The fat rounded tip of her desperate, chocolate dick gushing it's desperate, streaking load all over the beautiful girl before her! She was spread out, on her knees, and more than ready to be showered in it.
Once she came down, from that beautiful, twisted high. She was panting heavily, on her knees on the bathroom, tongue out, licking at her invisible acorn. She turned to the bathroom door. Utterly, and entirely naked. Her ebony black hair sticking to her forehead, still brushed over one eye, and she got to her feet. And she answered that door.

Her cock twitched, her roomate had never looked hotter. "I got bigger."
"Uh.. Yeah."
She was a tanned, fat titted goddess. And with a little twitch, she'd just got an inch bigger too. "C'mere, you." the long haired girl shoved an open mouthed kis on her roomate. Her ass was squeezed, Kathie wasn't too shocked to know what was happening. That big, fat, brownie bubblebutt spilled right against her fingers, as they stumbled backwards over their landing, and into their bedroom. Kathie was on her back. Ashley was on top. Thrusting, grinding. Wedging that brown prick into her roomies jammies. Her asscheeks squeezed, "How long were you gonna keep this a secret from me~?" her roomate moaned, with a fair deal more gasping, and a desperate longing to never end this kiss.
"I couldn't." Ashley gasped. Thrusting harder. "I'd just BURST!" jammies were yanked down. she was turning her girlfriend over. "Your ass is so amazing, I used to be sooo jealous~!" kisses along her spine, as a pale blondie's ass ground against a thick, twitching prick.
"S-Shut up." she moaned, oh how the tables had turned. "A-A-And.. Fuck me!" SMACK! That tanned dick wedged deep in her ass! Spreading the love it so delightfully gushed! "Fuck me! Fuck mnme! FUCK MEEE!" Katie howled into their bedsheets as her fat ass grew even fatter! Spilling out around that shaft, as she was pounded into their creaking bed! To the tune of delighted chippers and squeals~! Her naked cheeks were painted a bushy tan. As Ashley's chest started to tickle again, "Aaaah~!" n, she gasped and squeaked and let out a rupturous yell~! As a massive tuft of fur, as brown as the rest of her, tore itself from between her breast! Wedged right between the top of them. The fur spread out~ Dotting her body in a thin sprinkling of it~ It spread along her back, as she watched Katie's ass swell~! Katie was a much prettier name than Khristie~. They both knew this. Without a word~ That was her new name~ As her ass bounced on that cock~ A tuft of fur tore itself from her body too~! A little bush of beautiful brown, bubbling against the small of her back. It got bigger, and thicker~ Before with a mighty CRACK~! t It tore itself out of her body too~! "Ooo~oooh fuck~!" she yelled, as that beautiful brown burst from above her buttocks~! And curled into a massive, bushy tail! The fur spread up along her back like a virus, as her tits were pounded into the bed. Tickling and itchy as she was ponded into the bed! "This is soooo much better than befoer~!" Katie howled, as her ass was filled. "Soooo much better~!" her black haired girlfriend Ashley chimed~! "I don't ever want this to end~!" "Me eeither!!!"
Their frantic, frenzied fucking consumed them, as they lost count of their orgasms. And their own bodies were consumed in the rich shade of fluffy fur. Ashley's was doused, from head to toe, in a light shade of Auburn. Katie's was lighter~ But different~ It didn't cover her chest~ Instead a creamy wash of silky smooth fur did! The brown and the white melded into a beautiful, soft underbelly~ Which, thanks to the curvature of her lovely, fat tits, totally looked like a big, white heart for an underbelly~!
As Ashley's hair bounced harder, and faster~ Her hair got messier, and messier~! Her tail so happy and pleased! Even more pleased with that bushy one rubbing into her tum from below! her tossed and ruined hair would however bounce away to reveal, two, perky~! Fluffy ears~! Big, pointed squirrel ears~! The girls were infected with their love~ And Ashley was already eying up her new outfit~!
"FUCK ME, FUCK ME! FUCK ME~! CUM INSIDE OF MY SQUIRREL BODY~!" the oh so dominant, oh so blonde Katie was screaming for her shy, submissive roomate to rail her ass like there was no tomorrow, and fill her like it too~! "YES!" she howled! A wish she'd gladly grant! As her shaft erupted, for one last time into her girlfriend~! "Oooooo~oh~!" such a delightful coo~ As she filled her rear with her explosive, infectious goo~.

She awoke, a sticky, furry pile of body parts, covered in wetness, and just a little bit sore. Her body squeezed tight arond Katie's.
"Shouldn't you be in work~?" her lovely girlfriend purred.
"Fuck work." she moaned, licking that throat, and tugging up a bikini, or two, from the pile. And as she started to get dressed, in her skimpy little swimwear. Katie shoved her lips against her massive rack. "You got bigger~." she moaned, a face full f tits, and bikini. The thing skimpy enough already, now it barely concealed 1/3 of her massive tits. "I know~ Jealous~?"
"Sooo jealous~." her legs spread. "Fuck me~."


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