Howling Conversion

by TF_Hive
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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"What.. Even is this?" the pink haired girl cried. She'd been around the station, time and time again. 'Dirty, girldick'd criminal' she was once called, and what sort of criminal didn't have their mitts on every single inch of this damn station.

"Don't you know?" The voice flicked on before her. It was familiar, well, she'd swear it was. Her wonderful, plague'd Elisa. Only different. The room lit up, crawling through grotty maintenance tunnels to discover this part of the ship. The place was a maze, a labyrinth of pipes, and wires, and she'd never seen this before. Lit up by a gentle, azure glow, and a familiar face before her.

Well.. The hologram of a familiar face. "Memory banks indicate a disused research project." Elise, or rather, E.L.I.S.E, spoke. The hologram's lips out of time with the synthesised, robotic voice. As the hologram glanced around the room, it stirred to her machinations. The Artificial Intelligence may as well be omnipotent. As the room crawled to life. Where the tunnels were dark, rusted. This room was not! The door hissed shut behind her, as Chloe glanced around. "I'm honestly surprised!" the grotty little thief chuckled. "That I've never seen this place before." she swore the hologram smiled. But she was sure it had nodded. "Could start stashing things here~." she toyed, eager to tease, the reflection of the girl she'd taunted so eagerly in life.

... Not that she was dead, or anything. AI's were weird, okay.
"Please." the voice was calm. Most definitely Elise's, she was sure of it by now! She wasn't just persuading herself that. Calm. Authoritive. Clearly synthesized, and yet.. In control? Chloe was getting caught up on this whole situation. "Step onto the platform."

"Platform?" she retorted quickly, glancing over once more. The room was clean, white, almost medical. Some kind of lab, likely. "Oh, that platform." if nothing else, she was a damn force of nature. And far, far quicker to speak before she thought. "What's it do?" she was apprehensive, cagey even, as the raised piece of floor glowed a soft hum of blue. Lit up from the floor around her. 
"Please." it repeated once more. As calm as ever. "Step onto the platform."
"Well.. It can't hurt me. Cause.. That'd break your laws. Ahem." she cleared her throat. AI's were bound to their laws, everyone knew that! It was clear, to anyone. Synthetic or not, that Chloe was apprehensive, to say the damn least! But, well. She trusted this girl. AI or not. "Right. Ahem." she cleared her throat, one last time. And took a leap into the unknown.

Both feet planted onto the raised platform. It sunk in just ever so slightly. Clicking into the ground. The hologram was quite happy to watch her, as. Click.

And.. Nothing. "Well.. That was anti climatic." the hot-pink rogue quite relieved that well, damn near nothing happened. Before. Wghrr! The room was kicked into life, kicked into damn overdrive by the looks of it. A device, completely unkown to her, she was no scientist, damnit! Not today! It was like a wall, with three light arrays on it. The lights turned on, almost blinding her! "Whaa-AAAUGH!" and it hit! The hot blue light seared into her body! She tried to struggle, but only then did she realize her feet were bound! Two metal 'boots' if they could be called that, swallowing her feet whole from beneath! And eeping her stuck in place! Her chest shoved forwards! Jumpsuit burning against her body! Her cry was a pained one, of panic and pain, as the light dyed down. She was panting. "Elis-aaaaah!" as the lights kicked in again, she tried so hard to fight! She had NO fucking idea what was happening, her eyes clamped tight, shut! As her tits seared against her dress, and it just.. Melted away! She had no words! Her librarians suit just searing away, starting on her chest, her poor little bra appeared for the briefest of seconds, and then her bra joined in too! Searing away, and flittering into charred little fetters, which fell to the floor around her. One last blast, of boiling hot light. That seared her outfit, her headset, her dress, left her hot and warm and tingly all over, and utterly unstained. Unbruised. She was naked, tied to the floor. And panting like a wild thing.

"You always were so pretty, Chloe~." the AI giggled, the hologram most definitely smiled now, as the bound pinkette felt so exposed! A million little cameras taking in her now-nude visage, "Ellie I swear to god!" she gasped, as she felt a little wet trickle running down her thigh. 

"I - ahhhnnfuck!" she sure was being cut off a whole lot, but this time. There was no light, no nothing! She just fell to her knees, her legs unbound, as she took centre stage. "W.. What have you done to me?"

"Science." Elise smirked. Her hologram stood before Chloe's kneeling self. Her fully clothed, hologram'd body. Most definitely the girl she knew and loved. She was staring right up at her, eyes perfectly level with her crotch. "Your dreams and desires have been taken into account." the artificial voice spoke. "In an effort to improve crew morale. Every one of your desires is going to come true, Chloe."

"W.. What? That's impossible!" the girl protested! On her knees. Shaking her head. Both hands wrapped around her chest, squeezing it helplessly. "I feel so funny..." she squealed, "This can't b- ghmffff!" from there, between the Holograms legs! Something very real, plunged into her face! Chloe's eyes grew wide! As she felt her lips be speared, the thick, metallic tendril, it felt as he real as any flesh. At first she was startled, couldn't believe what was happening! She couldn't suck off a hologram, those things weren't real! But as her thoughts came to, and she noticed what the metallic tentacle was attached to, she tried to fight it! Tried so hard! Her face made to bob and bounce, she reached both her hands and wrapped them around that pumping sliver, as her lips were stretched, and the omnipotent machine smiled, "Do not fight it. Your performance will be monitored for future experiments."

Was that supposed to convince her?! Seduce her?1 Well it didn't work! She narrowed her eyes at the bitch E.L.I.S.E and yanked even harder on that pumping length! Splrt! It gushed something inside of her lips! A sticky, wet substitute for the real thing. Coating her tongue in the faux-pre as Chloe tried so hard to yank that overpowering cock out of her face! Her lips stretched and pumped on it again and again!
"Ghnnffff!" she cried, it felt like just yesterday, Captain Woods had let the whole world know exactly who was in charge. And now here she was, nude and emasculated, overwhelmed by a perfect, immortal machine! Her eyes rolled in their sockets, as her head spun. She could hardly piece together how it had happened! As she glhrf'd and hdffmfd'd right on that cock! 

"Relax." the voice told her. Both from Elise, and inside her head. She was obligated to agree, as her eyes stared up at the smiling hologram of her girl. Nude, her thighs shoe. Her poor, flat little A cups stood totally on end. And her dick~ It was rock solid. Chloe always had a dick~. And often was one~ As her struggling, clawing hands soon found themselves pumping, and jerking steadily! Milking that shaft inside of her tingling lips. She started to wag her hips, as her body begun to change!

She didn't know why it did. Could've been the weird, blue-space lighting was altering her, outside in~. Could've been, she was just pumped full of noxious, insidious goo~ And that was rotting away her insides~ Melting away at her core, and seeping out~. She didn't know why it was, because she was a stupid, stupid girl. "Silly girl~." the voice rung in her ears, she nodded eagerly. She wanted to fight it! But that prick in her lips made it so hard to fight! She was slowly melting down, onto her hips. Spreading her thighs further apart as her bare cunt almost kissed the floor, her dick rigid, pointed right at the girls feet. "You always made, a much better bitch~." the AI giggled. As she shoved that tendril right into Chloe's lips!

Yanking back, the Pinkette felt her lips stretch along that shaft! They'd done that all night, so there was nothing wrong, with them puckering into a pretty little ducklip. But, the harder the AI pumped, the harder her lips were stretched! spreading her legs further apart beneath her kneeling self! She moaned whorishly, as her lips were yanked on, and her face stretched~. Her pretty puckered lips stretched forwards and forwards, practically stolen from her, as she felt her bones click, and crack! jaw elongating before her! As soon, she was taking in yet even more of that thick, artificial dick than ever before! She blinked her eyes rapidly, as she let out a happy moan, her nostrils upturning into a cutesey little snout, as her lips warped into an elongated muzzle! "Rrrrr~!" she drooled, as her once blue eyes filled with a droplet of hot pink~ And, she blinked once more! Her eyes warped into an unnatural set of lovey dovey hearts! Eager to show just how devoted she was, as her smiling muzzle plunged down, again and again, onto that shaft.

Her hips swayed from side to side beneath her, as she dropped a hand from that shaft, jerking it with but one, as her other clawed her tit desperately! Scratching at the skin as, "Mrr, mrrr~!


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