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Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Ever since she was old enough to talk, Sonya Maria made it very clear to her parents that she suffered from nightmares. Every night she would suffer from vivid fearful nightmares that would haunt her young mind well into the day. With little to turn to for help, her parents introduced her to Doctor Thinvel, a young therapist who had obtained fame over TV for having treated an odd case involving nightmares. Thinvel gave a hasty diagnosis of sleep paralysis as well as a lighter suggestion of possible schizophrenia. She was prescribed some medicine, and for a while they seemed to actually suppress the nightmares. 

Sonya grew up with little to worry about as far as the nightmares were concerned, though occasionally one would surface through the medication. Sonya would always dream of a terrible dark place with some woman whispering to her, leaving terrible suggestions to her that Dr. Thinvel insisted was advice she should not take. The few times the nightmares did surface, Sonya simply awoke like anyone else with a terrible dream, and would return to sleep later either with courage, or a fresh new dose of the drug inside her. 

At age 18, Sonya was a beautiful looking girl, with short blonde hair and faded olive skin. She kept herself busy practicing her gymnastics and trying to keep up with her college classes. She had to either live in a dorm or an apartment, and it just so happened the rather was a much cheaper option. It had been her great aunt’s at some point, but her parents had inherited after her passing. It was all rather convenient, and Sonya could hardly disagree with a cheap facility. 

The door clicks open, and Sonya emerges back inside the old apartment building. The lights click on, and the messy living room illuminates to life. “I really gotta start actually cleaning this place.” Sonya comments, walking a few steps further in, dropping her small purse and her car keys on the end table near her. The door closes behind her. “I don’t really think the place is messy enough to warrant any cleaning services, so this may just be a job for good old Sonya.” She sighs, and dusts her hands off on each other. 

She bends over, her short skirt playing teasing games against the terrain of her rear. Picking up a soda can, she tosses it over into the living room trash can. “God damn, am I really getting so bad that I just leave cans lying around?” She sighs; she must have been getting really bad lately when it comes to being clean. The room was festooned with various other things that alone were quick fixes when it comes to being clean, but together was a monstrous mess of dangling magazines and abandoned cans and crumpled bags of half eaten potato chips. 

The kitchen was at least a bit cleaner. Sonya reaches into the fridge and drags out a can of soda. She then pokes her head into the cupboard and slips out a new bag of chips. “Cripes, hard to focus on cleaning when I always have a good snack lying around.” She grins, though she was starting to realize just how much she talked to herself. Maybe she had to talk aloud, even if to herself, because her mind was always racing anymore. It was hard to keep up with her thoughts, let alone actually focus on such little details when her mind was always concerned with such major issues.

She always wondered how she was ever even going to make it through college, or how she would ever turn the degree she pursues into a job. She was running out of ideas on how to make sure her life would eventually function once she was completely on her own. Sip. The fizzy brew with a swirl of smooth vanilla citrus swirls inside her mouth, and waves down her throat with a chilling crawl that settles the rest of her throat. She was completely guilty of enjoying soda more than anyone should, but she deserved to celebrate it so. Her parents had always forbid her caffeinated beverages out of the advice of her therapist. Anything that messed too heavily with her sleeping patterns would interfere with the effects of her sleeping medicine. But now she was really starting to binge on the tasty sugary beverages that filled her with a satisfying fizz and a well needed buzz. “Hehehe.” She giggles to herself. It always gave her mood a little extra lift to partake in some soda here and there. 

She wanders back into the messy living room of the apartment, landing herself cleanly on the modest sized couch, the aged material of the squeaky sofa leaving a satisfying squeal of aged framework, the anthem of every couch potato. The blonde reaches for the remote, moving some of her bangs out of the way of her eyes. She flicks through the channels, and action so often repeated by the inattentive television viewer that it was amazing anyone ever watched anything. Her shows weren’t on until later in the evening. She was tired from practice today, and wasn’t in any rush to work on papers that weren’t due until far further down the line. She envisioned just turning in early to be an attractive option until the door bell had rang.

Roaming over with a snail’s pace and a depressed person’s eagerness, Sonya opened the door to see on the other side their stood with sturdy perfection her so called friend, Tabitha. Tabi, as her friends called her, was a monster of a woman. She had long black hair often kept in a ponytail, and an uneven tan. She was ruthless in all sports, cut throat in anything social or political. She was a sharp mind and a brutal body. Sonya found herself involved with her on the basis Tabitha had selected her to be her rival in particular whenever Sonya could pull off the positions that Tabitha found her athletic legs failed to do. “Sonya.” Tabitha said, as if names warranted a good greeting at eight at night. “I was just wondering if you needed a ride for tomorrow.” Sonya was pretty able to see she was just using practicality as an excuse to lead into something else. She figured she could take the bait. 

“Um, sure, I figure it should, hehehe, be convenient.” She finds a grin forming, a nice social mask to inch over her face and hide her suspicious scowl. 

“Good.” Tabitha replies. “Oh, also-“Here we go, Sonya rolled her eyes. “I was wandering how confident you feel about that one dance we have to do. Do you feel confident in it?”

“Yeah, I think I can do it.” 

“Ah, cool. Because I do too, I just wanted to make sure you were feeling the same. 

“I am sure that is how you felt. Thank you, Tabi.” They exchanged wishes for a goodnight, and Sonya returned to her apartment. A short shower followed her exchange. A healthy dinner of ramen was shoveled away, and she was ready to fall right asleep. She had forgotten to take a pill earlier in the day, but nightmares were seemingly infrequent, so she had figured tonight of all nights wouldn’t be the night they finally came back.

A saw blade haze cut ringing pain against her eyes. Sonya shakily raised her eyelids, her eyes opening wider than they have ever been. She was surrounded on all sides by subterranean stone walls composed of misshapen rocks. Some stone formed the figure of a face screaming in agony, awful pale crystal growths sprouting from the forcefully opened eyes. Other growths appeared more sexual in nature, with plenty of stony breasts studding the walls.

In the center of the back wall of the hardly lit cave was a menacing black door. Sonya stared at it for the longest time, wondering anything she could conceive about this door. What was it for? How do you open it? Where does it lead? The door seemed suddenly closer. Her hand felt something cold and metallic. Her shoulder lunged forward against her will, and the gate was opened. A set of thinly illuminated stairs were before her. Her foot tried to inch forward, but she caught the compulsive movement and tried to swing her leg back. This caught her off balance, and she was thrown down the flight of steps. 

Sonya awoke in a cold sweat from her sleep. The nightmares were back in full swing. They had not been that vivid in years, but usually they were so much hazier, or there was somewhere there talking. She never remembered being able to open a door. Movement felt unnatural. Her legs were numb treacherous limbs that slapped against the floor like slabs of meat that moved only for different masters. Sonya at last forced her knees to move to her dictation, and moved herself into the kitchen. The clock on the microwave read 2:30 AM, the dim light of the clock offering an ominous glow, tinting the dark corners of the cramped kitchen a faded green. 

Nursing a glass of water, Sonya tried to slow her heartbeat. She slid into her couch seat again, maneuvering through the mess by pressing feet against the floor in the sea of darkness, rattling a few cans at times. She swallowed a pill with her water, hoping that some sense could come back. She took a few more minutes relaxing, the dark playing tricks with her perceptions until she figured the pill was in her system enough to have some effect and she returned to bed.

The next morning came, and there wasn’t another nightmare yet. Sonya sluggishly lifted herself from her bed, wandering over to the shower to douse herself in steamy water. She got dressed in some humble clothing, and shoved a few bites of oatmeal down her mouth. She slid out the door, locking behind her, and vanished to go grab coffee on the way to school. Classes went on as usual, though she was certainly much more at risk of falling asleep than usual. Math nearly claimed a good twenty minute nap from her if not for the caffeinated beverage boosting her strength. She was unfocused, and nearly forgot she had practice again. She had her own car, but Tabitha had offered a ride, so she’d just have to ask to be dropped off back at the college parking lot to retrieve her vehicle. 

Practice went as well as it always does. Sonya does her best, fitting in plenty of laughs with the other girl while Tabitha tries not to stumble over her bulky frame while doing her damnest to outdo anyone. Flexibility was just not her talent, but she was determined to imprint the skill on her even if it kills her. She already nearly broke her leg over trying to mimic some of the more complex moves. She just got up, and told Sonya that she was to educate her on the maneuver and mentor her through whichever parts she got wrong. Typical. 

Keys unlock the door, the door opens, and Sonya goes inside. “Wow what a mess.” The record repeats. She sits, she showers, and she clicks and clacks away at a laptop for a good hour in an attempt to catch up with papers that were going to be due eventually. When all the productive hours vanished, Sonya prepared herself for bed. This time she had slipped herself a pill earlier, so certainly by now they would have an effect. She slid into her bed, gripping a stuffed bear by habit whenever she was afraid of a nightmare coming on, and slept.

The bottom of the dark stairs proved no brighter. Sonya stomped through the dark space. Every step the world went a little blacker, thin curtains of light seemed to hint at the presence of a wall nearby, but whenever her hand pressed against the apparition there proved nothing solid to be kneeled against. She took one more step, and she spotted it. A massive city, positioned deep beneath the ground. 

Ragged old buildings gather around on tall hills, the center a depression that was level with the walkway Sonya walked down. Following the path to the center of the village, she discovered a mighty fountain. Red fluid spewed from the top, cascading down complex marble structures which the fluid ran down like an aqueduct. Sonya reached a hand towards the fountain, her limbs phantoms once again. Her finger dabbed against the thick red substance. It clung to her finger and nearly dried up when presented with her skin. She brought the substance to her mouth, pressing it softly against her lips. Her hand waited for her to open her mouth on her accord. By her own curiosity, Sonya lifted her lips and stuck her tongue between the slim cranny. The substance pressed against her tongue. A sharp iron taste rung through her tongue, her spine shivered.

Screaming, Sonya bit down on her stuck out tongue as she woke up. She panted heavily, forcing herself out of her bed and back into the kitchen. The microwave rang 3:00 AM. Slow breathing eased her urges to scream, her consciousness earned respite and sought to organize her fears. “W-what the hell is going on? I haven’t had nightmares this bad since I was like nine…” 

Sonya found herself spacing out during class to eye over her peers. She felt like there was something hanging over all of them. There was something she wanted to see, but no matter how the quirky blonde squinted she could never pick out the minute details. She felt it though, an unmistakable presence. They were all carrying onto some terrible device, some creature that followed and haunted them. Acrobatics presented nothing to distract her. She refused to participate, and her usual friends were beyond worried for her. Tabitha, feeling especially big today, decided to confront Sonya, grabbing her on the shoulder. “Yo, are you feeling okay? You are not acting up to snuff.” 

“Y-yeah, I’m fine. I just kinda want to get through this practice.” She replied.

“Why is that, Sonya?” Tabitha asked like a suspicious officer.

“No reason, I just have some early shows on today. You know how I am when it comes to my shows.

“Good point.” Tabitha wasn’t exactly satisfied with the answers she got, in her mind she was just being deprived of the competition she craved so much. Still, at least Sonya had gotten her out of her hair. She couldn’t stand one more second of being stuck in this gym, and she was not in the mood for an interrogation. She was better at this damn sport than Tabitha was anyways, what gave Tabitha the right to say Sonya wasn’t acting particularly well. And with her skill, Sonya at least earned one crappy day to get some rest snuck in.

Home. It was just home. It was always home. It was always a huge mess, she was always just adding more cans to the pile. She was considering grabbing a trash bag and shoving it all away, but she couldn’t gather the ability to care. She couldn’t, not with the nightmares back and being so damn vivid. Sonya snacked on two pills, and spent the evening in painful waiting agony. 

She couldn’t stand the idea of going back to sleep, and a new nightmare awaiting her. The medication should be working, but it didn’t do much last night. She didn’t want to sleep tonight, so in an attempt to prolong her consciousness she worked away at her essays.

Typing away, she slowly pressed each and every key. Every phrase formed in slow sequential order. Not a letter was typed a beat faster than the last.

Her mind played curious games, bringing her back to wonder about other things. Maybe she should be calling her mom right now, figuring out how to arrange an opinion with her therapist? She delayed homework for another second.

No response. She left a voice message. “Heya mom… Ummm, so I kinda got some bad news… Yeah, the nightmares are back… and… woooh boy, they are kinda awful. Like, I’m pretty sure they’ve never been this bad. I think I drank blood in one of them… so yeah, on the scale of one to ten, these dreams are feeling more like a strong eight point five. So if we can get in touch with Doctor Thinvel, that’d be great. Thanks.” She put the phone to the side.

She pressed her fingers against the keys. What time was it? She peered at the clock in the computer. It was 11PM. She felt uneasy, and tired. She took another pill, expecting to be in bed by midnight. She felt temptations to drink another soda, but her hand violently jerked her back into her seat, away from the fridge stocked with sugary beverages. She breathed heavily, the whole process leaving her in shock. She went back to work on her project, clicking away.

“- As well, in recent years it has been proven that legalization does not affect youth drug rates. This is a sure sign that kids will just do what they want to anyway. Though what is effective on drug abuse in America is education. According to research in 2012, drug use in well-educated neighborhoods was down 20%.

An asstromical event for sure. This proves that legkillization doesn’t affect if kids will ruin their minds or ruin my mind or ruin my mind ruin my mind ruin my mind ruin my mind Ruin My MiNd rUin ym Nmind Yuibng My mMixnd Ruginh My Midnfd RuibngBMY MIND TRr” Her head slammed against the keyboard. 

She screamed, her head in the fountain, taking on the bloody loads that washed over her face. “W-What the fuck are you doing to me!? Let me go! Let me go!!!” She screamed, blood pouring down her throat, her pulsating head gurgling and choking on the fluids.

“It’s more like whatchya doin’ to yourself, hun~” Sonya peered over. It was a shapely figure, preposterously voluptuous with eye filling curves dominating her smooth circular hips. Her thin waist was unrestrained by anything save for a black thong adorned in a single horizontal red stripe. Her skin seemed tinted a bright blue, but it was difficult to really tell in the faint lighting of the cavernous town. Her eyes were piercing blue, which unmistakably gave off a faint glow. Sonya moved herself out of the fountain, feeling not a thing restrain her. It was now she took notice she was completely naked, not a piece of clothing to her form, her breasts slathered in a few drops of the red of the fountain. “See now, I haven’t seen somebody be so dumb in a while, kekeke~” The woman rose clawed fingers over her lips to muzzle her laughter. She had a feminine face with thick lips, broad white hair with square bangs, and two horns that curled out from her forehead. 

“What are you?” Sonya asked. She didn’t have much in the way of questions to really figure out what this place was.

“I’m Konza.” She replied.

“No, I-I asked what are you.”

“So you don’t care who I am?” Sonya figured the girl had her there.

“Sorry, what is this place?”

“It’s a special place, Sonya. You haven’t come in a while, and I do miss our talks. I must say, you’ve shaped out very nicely. When you were so young, I never envisioned you to have such small tits, though. I figured you’d sprout a better rack than that.” Sonya was bitter to that statement, and it wasn’t a very good addition to her already mountain high stack of issues.

Sonya looked down over herself. Her breasts seemed a tad larger than she was used to. They only seemed to get bigger, in fact. “T-the hell?”

“Yeah, that’s a lot better, don’t you think Sonya? A girl’s gotta have big enough tits to keep their fuck buddies happy.” 

“The fuck are you talking about? I don’t have anyone I fuck! I’m single.” She yelled, shaking her head. It was all nonsense, all of it.

Sonya opened her eyes. She rolled out of bed to the left. She lazily lifted a hand and rolled it against her eye. She felt a cold sweat run across her back. She felt overall pretty sweaty in fact. She turned her head to the bed. A man slept completely naked in her bed, a few sheets covering him. Sonya’s eyes shot open as wide as they could manage. She looked around for her own clothes, sliding them over her body. Her breasts were much more bothersome than usual to put on. As well, the bra she clipped on was much larger than any bra she remembered owning. She hurried over to the bathroom, discarding her clothing in a confused haste, and threw herself into the downpour of hot water.

She leaned her forehead against the shower wall, losing herself to thought. She could not remember letting any guy inside the apartment last night, let alone whoever the hell this guy was. At least by luck he seemed to actually be a little bit hot, and was very much in what she would consider a dateable age range. It just wasn’t really her behavior. However, the biggest oddity was the size issue. Breasts this large was a new detail all together, and this she knew for sure went against what she knew to be true. She played with the massive orbs. They were sensitive all over, another inaccurate fact, for her boobs were just some unfeeling sacks of fat with sensitive tips. She shook her head, she couldn’t shower too long or she would be late for class. 

She dried off as fast as she could manage, and put on all her clothes. Her shirt never felt so tight in her whole life. It clung to her like wet cloth dipped in glue. She hurried out the door, only now feeling just how sore her legs were. It was the soreness of a champion bull rider who took a head butt to the crotch and still kept riding the bull. 

Class was a concept that did not apply to her drifting mind. She never paid a single moment of it any mind. She was far too concerned with paying her breasts far too much mind. She could not get past the perception that she was larger than she normally was, and the nightmare was not helping things. It must have been a misconception, and maybe a college girl could still grow. What was also puzzling was the man in her room. Sonya was no virgin, but she would never see herself as someone that casual. 

The professor was suddenly asking for everyone to be turning in their papers. Sonya was already digging in her bag against her will, retrieving the paper. She could have sworn this wasn’t due for another week or two. She skimmed it over. “-This proves that legalization doesn’t affect if kids will ruin their minds with the harmful drugs. Rather, the proper way to prevent drug use is to inform the public on their dangers. And really, if they so badly want to harm their bodies just to get high, so be it. We are a nation of free choice in the end-“ Seemed well written enough to turn in, she thought with the critique she’d give to some author besides herself. The paper was all foreign to her. Not a word felt like her writing.

She was seconds away from skipping her practice. Every part of her body wanted her to miss out on it, just go home and see if that guy left, figure something out about why her breasts were the way they were, or see if her mom called back. The only thing that drew her to practice was the hope that she could capture some of the sanity of her life. This always made sense. She came in, and her normal group already clung to her. “Hey! Sonya!”

“Sup?” Sonya replied with a big grin. Her friends grinned, orbiting around her. 

“You’re looking good girl! You ready for practice today?”

“Oh yeah! I’m gonna rip it up real good!” Sonya nods, already doing a few stretches, her athletic uniform clinging to her tightly. In through the door comes Tabitha. Her usual, well-built self. She stares at Sonya for a second before giving a stern nod. She was already set in her ways of performing as usual. 

“Man, there goes Konza again.” One of the girls said. “Always trying to match you, Sonya.”

“Konza?” Sonya asked.

“Yeah, Konza! Sonya, it’s that bitch that always wants to be as good as anyone else.”

“You mean Tabitha, right?”

“What? Sonya, who is Tabitha? The chick we’re talking about is Konza. See, over there.” The girl points to who Sonya knew as Tabitha. “See, that’s Konza. Come on, you told us about how she always goes to your apartment to find excuses to see how you’re feeling about your performance.” Sonya was confused, but for sure this was the final straw. These nightmares were driving her insane. 

Sonya did her best performance she could, workouts went well, and her routine was practiced flawlessly. She earned some praise. She surprised herself how masterfully she could still swing her body with the extra mass in the chest. She had muscle memory for every extra pound her breasts added. She even felt foreign in her own body now. 

Home was the same. Home was a constant. In the monotony of her life she found comfort. Checking the bed room, the guy was long gone. She checked her phone to see if her mother had called back, which she did. She hit play. 

“Sonya, I did not send you to college to get laid. We were clear that you were to pursue your sport, not screwing, not drugs, not parties! No, I am not getting you more of your nightmare medication. You overdosed on it to try and get HIGH, so I will not be the one to provide you with any more. I am this close to disowning you, Sonya. Get your ass back to focusing on school or I will pull you out and find you a job here.” The tone plays. Sonya shivers, dropping the phone. There’s a knock at the door, but she can’t be bothered to deal with it. She was openly sobbing, kneeling down on the floor, surrounded by cans, surrounded by bags of chips, surrounded by used condoms. 

Her thighs trembled. Her knees betrayed her, and her legs dragged her to the door. She answered it. It was Dr. Thinvel. He was still very young, though with a few extra years showing wear on his face. “Hello.” He cooed with a seductive tone. “I’m here for our ‘appointment’.” They slid into the bed, Sonya lost to why she was acting in accordance with this. He dangled a bottle of her prescription above her head. She reached for it, only able to think about getting the nightmares out of her head. “My, my. You really are addicted to it, aren’t you?”

“I-I just want the nightmares to stop!!!” 

“The nightmares to stop, huh~?” Konza asked. Sonya looked at the demoness. She looked from her right to behind her, the blood fountain still pouring strong, the dark cavern atmosphere overwhelming her. 

“W-what have you done?! Why are the nightmares affecting my life?!” 

“Are you so convinced they are? Maybe ya life was always like that, hun~”

“Change me back, change it all back!”

“Oh, I’ll change you alright. I can think of a few things I’d want done different.” The shapely demon approaches her. Sonya trips over her feet and falls in the fountain. 

“N-No! Leave me alone! Leave the fuck alone!!!” She screamed until her voice was hoarse. 

She opened her eyes. Her bedside felt occupied again. More than anything, she did not want to see that her child hood doctor was occupying her bed. She was pleasantly shocked when she turned to peak. It was Tabitha. Or was Tabitha going by the same name as that demon? Or was Tabitha the demon and this girl’s name? Sonya was confused, and it was not worth thinking too hard on anymore. She even wondered if yesterday was real.

She went into the bathroom and showered. She faintly recalled the demon of her nightmares mentioning something about changing her body some more… There was a second row of breasts right before her first. And nestled between her fat thighs was a tiny little nub. Right on time as she thought about it, the little thing started to sprout out a little further. It grew and grew, reddening on the ascent, until a very canine prick stood at full attention there in her shower. She felt her hands locking into clawed positions. She couldn’t take it anymore. She knew it. She finally accepted it. The nightmare and the real world were the same.

Claws poked through the tips of her fingers, and she used them to rip massive gashes down the front of her body. The skin went loose like clothes cut from her body. Every vein in her body spilled pools of blood. She flooded the shower drain faster than it could drain all the blood, leaving an overflow of red nectar piled up at the bottom of the shower. The water washed away the blood revealing luscious pure candy red skin beneath the blood which was just a few shades darker. Her new skin was tough yet smooth. She rubbed her hands up and down against it. All the frustration was finally giving way, removing that troublesome skin was giving her some room to finally think again. 

She tugged at rear, removing another layer of pointless skin, allowing her much more deserving demon skin to shine and glimmer in the water. She feels her lips darken and curl into a grin. “Hehehe…ke..kekekeke… I really am fucked up.” She grins. “But that’s fine, that’s so alright.” She scraped more and more skin away. 

She placed all claws against the front of her face, planting the points forward, piercing her forehead. With a grin, she drags the cutting nails straight down. Her skin peeled away like a potato, her pure red face revealed. Her eyes turned into black pools, and her pupils turned yellow, a slight glow to them. She cackles again, rubbing her body up and down in the shower. There’s a knock at the door. Must be Konza. She probably heard all the laughing. “Come in~” Sonya says.

“My, my~” Konza grins, her skin already fading to blue, her breasts filling up, her rear expanding. “It sure took you long enough to give in.” The naked beauty emerges into the shower, sharing the hot stream with Sonya, her clawed feet fish around in the bloody pool as if it were just more water. “I’m sure you know what comes next.” Konza says, bending her massive rear against Sonya, rubbing her chubby cheeks against her. “Fuck me~”

She slips, indulging in every rabid fantasy she ever had. Making her red hot prick slide in and out of such massive girl cheeks. This was doing more wonders for her mind than therapy could have ever hoped to do. Her tongue let loose from her mouth, her body shoved in and out, every muscle in her body twitching to keep that cock shoved inside the most perfect ass in the world.

The water bounced off their shimmering skins, the blue succubus taking on a much brighter blue tone. “W-Was it the pills?” Sonya asks mid-fuck, massive breaths and moans interrupting the flow of her question.

“Yeah, they were always seasoning your mind for this day.” Konza replied, her ass getting stuffed at Sonya climaxed. She giggled.

“Well, one thing’s for sure, I won’t be getting any more nightmares.”

“Oh?~ And what’s that?”

“You’ll be keeping me up all night.”

Happy Halloween. Let’s date the shit out of this story.



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