Sarah`s Dog

Published: Feb 17th, 2008


Man to Dog.


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Sarah's Dog - By Umgestalten Author: By Umgestalten Species: Man to Dog Date: Nov. 25, 2007 Rating: X Sarah's Dog

The following is a verbatim transcript from a taped narration by William Lloyd given on this date at his insistence to the transcriber, Sarah Jean Lloyd. These facts are written down for several reasons, the primary being that William Lloyd wants to assure all concerned parties that he is alive and quite well and that the circumstances of his current condition are of his own doing and were, in the end, made of his own free will, choice and informed consent without coercion, force or any threat being made upon his person.

My name, as is stated above, is William Lloyd. This statement, or narrative if you wish, is being made because of what has happened to me. I want to ensure that my wife, Sarah Jean Lloyd, is held completely blameless in my current situation. She, if anything tried to persuade me not to do what I have done but in the end, agreed to my course of action and has fully supported me in all ways. Further, I have not disappeared, I am currently quite well and living with Sarah. I am completely happy and even knowing what I know now, I would take the same course of action again.

Day One

This all started before Sarah and I were married. We had been dating for a little over two years and were living together. The "M" word had been freely tossed about on many occasions. In addition, although I had never asked and Sarah had never accepted, we both knew we were going to be married and in the not to distant future. It was a given. I knew it, she knew it, and all our friends knew it. We even had the marriage license already. There were just a few small hurdles to overcome before it happened.

One hurdle was that I needed to find a new job. I had been laid off two months earlier and hadn't found anything yet. Another hurdle was the choice of where we were going to live and the life we would lead. Sarah loved animals, all kinds and shapes of animals. You name it and she loved them. She grew up out in the rural areas around all sorts of domestic livestock and such and wanted to live in a rural area after we were married. I wanted to live in a city, the bigger the better as far as I was concerned.

Animals were the other sticking point or hurdle in our relationship. She loved them, I didn't. She wanted to have dogs and cats in the house and other beasts outside. She wanted to raise livestock and hoped to breed dogs and cats. I felt that they were a total waste, especially animals in the house. I had a special dislike for dogs.

The last conversation I had with Sarah, before everything changed, went something like this, "They're dirty, they smell, and it's worse when they get wet. Dogs bark and jump all over guests when they visit. They breed fleas and other vermin in their hair and the house gets infested with their parasites. They track dirt and mud into the house on their feet. They get up on the furniture and leave dirt and hair all over everything. Then there are the food bills and Vet bills and you have to pay every year for shots and a license. I just can't tolerate dogs and would never have one."

"What ever happened to the 'Man's best friend' bit? Didn't that ever get instilled in you when you were growing up? Didn't you ever want a dog when you were a kid?" she asked.

"Never. I never wanted a dog or anything else." I answered. And that was typical of most of our conversations on the subjects of where we would live and animals but Sarah never gave up and I never gave in and that was how things stood on the day this story really begins.

Sarah and I had just finished with a conversation similar to what I outlined above and I decided that it would be best if I took a walk and picked up some takeout for diner. Sarah was not a very imaginative cook after one of our 'discussions' and I wasn't a very good cook at any time.

I left our rented house and was on my way out for some Chinese food when one of the neighborhood dogs, a small, annoying thing of indeterminate lineage, came bounding across its yard towards me. It had a stick or something in its mouth and bounced around my feet forcing me to stop walking.

It then dropped the stick at my feet and sat there looking up at me with its tail wagging so hard that its ass was moving back and forth. I knew the stupid hairball expected me to pick up that slimy saliva coated stick and throw it. 'Yeah, like that's ever going to happen!' I thought and then kicked the stick a couple of yards away. Big mistake!

It yipped and gave chase but was back in a flash for a repeat. The blasted thing kept running around my feet nearly tripping me several times. I yelled at it and threatened it but to no avail. It just kept running around my feet nearly tripping me again and barking a weird bark because of the stick in its mouth. Sounded like a hair lip dog barking. 'What an idiot.' I thought. I stopped and pulled my right foot back as if I was about to give the annoying beast a good swift kick when I heard a voice say, "Don't you dare kick my dog!" and my body froze in place.

I tried to explain that I would never kick it and that I was just trying to scare it off but I couldn't. I was quite literally frozen in place. I mean my body wouldn't move. Everything else around me kept moving. Cars continued to drive by and the birds flew around and chirped but I was frozen just standing there on one foot with my leg drawn back as if I was preparing to deliver a good swift kick to the soccer ball sized fleabag.

The source of the voice I heard was soon standing in front of me smiling. She looked up into my eyes for a short bit and then said, "You really don't like my dog. I can read it in your thoughts. A small creature that never meant anything more than to play a game with you and to bring you fun and pleasure. I can see your contempt for all animals," she said as she slowly walked around me.

When she had made a complete circuit and was once again standing in front of me, in my frozen one legged stance, she continued, "You need a lesson young man, and I'm just the one to give it to you."

Now normally a little old lady threatening me with being taught a lesson would bring a smile to my face and a 'Yeah, sure' attitude but in this case, she had my undivided attention for two reasons. One, because she had me literally frozen in place and I couldn't move and two, because she had me literally frozen in place and I couldn't move.

Now that may seem redundant but not being able to move meant that I couldn't just turn and leave and it also had me scared shitless and afraid to move even if I could have. I just stood there balanced on one foot and listened to what she had to say.

With a sonorous tone to her voice she said, "Bit by bit you shall know the life of the creature you would harm. The breed shall be chosen by fate, the extent shall be chosen by you. Natural instincts shall be your enemy. Overcome them and day by day and you shall know again your human form, give in to them and reach completion before the fortnight setting of the sun and you shall live the life of that which you so despise. That is my spell, that is your curse and it shall remain as such until the final setting."

When she had finished speaking, she waved her hands in front of my face and walked away towards her house with the small dog following. I heard her front door close and in a flash, my body was freed from its frozen state as suddenly as it had occurred. My leg that had been drawn back in preparation for a warning kick, flew forward to complete the motion but I no longer had control and it continued in its arc. The force caused my other leg to follow like some old slapstick comedy routine and I found myself sitting on my ass on the old lady's front lawn.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as I surreptitiously glanced around to see if I had attracted the attention of any neighbors, my mind already formulating excuses for my actions in case I should happen to see anyone. Finding no one in sight, I casually rose from my seated position on the old lady's front lawn, dusted myself free of the grass particles clinging to my pants, and continued on my way to pick up the Chinese takeout.

As I walked, my mind ran over the events repeatedly. I tried to fathom what had just happened and what she had meant her words. Those words were burned into my mind but they made little sense to me. No answer was forthcoming before I reached the restaurant so I dropped my train of thought until I was on my return trip carrying our takeout order.

I was deep in though again when a very large black and brown German Sheppard, came running out to greet me. I have no idea why but he acted like he was my best friend and with recent events still fresh in my mind, I was not about to try anything against this dog. Besides, it was considerably larger than the first one and not the kind of dog that I wanted to anger.

He ran up to me, took a small hop, and easily placed his large front paws high on my chest. I found myself somewhat intimidated by the size of this animal and would have been a lot more worried but found solace in the fact that its tail was wagging and it made no threatening dog type gestures.

A woman's voice came from somewhere off to my left, "Down Bart! Get down! Come Bart! Come here."

The dog's large head turned towards the voice of its mistress, gave a hushed, "Woof," from deep in its throat, then turned back to me. It gave a quick lick to my face with its long slimy tongue and then got down on all fours again and trotted in the direction of the voice.

Once 'Bart" had left I turned to see the source of the commanding voice that had saved me from the largest German Shepherd I had ever seen. She was walking across the lawn with her hand out and talking at the same time, "I am sooooo sorry about that," she started. "Bart's a very good dog and really just a big softy. He wouldn't have hurt you at all. I've had to keep him in the back yard because I've been keeping another dog temporarily for a neighbor, Sarah, down the street. I know her because we met about a month ago and when she rescued Duchess, that's her dog, on an impulse after seeing her on the Animal Shelter advertisement on TV that said she was going to be put to sleep in twenty-four hours if she didn't find a home Sarah just couldn't stand the thought of that because she said she saw something in her eyes and so she went right down and adopted her but then on the way home she got cold feet because her boyfriend, Bill, the guy she lives with, hates animals. So, she stopped here and begged me to take the dog for awhile till she found a way to break it to him and I just sort of fell for it but I can't really keep her because I already have Bart and Duchess is just so big and I think she is about to go into heat too cause Bart is starting to really sniff around Sarah's dog. I had Bart in the back yard to keep him away from her, away from Sarah's dog, not Sarah, but he just jumped over the back fence like it wasn't even there and ran out here when he saw you and that's how it all happened. My name is Vicky by the way. Do you live around here?" she finished, I think, but she was still holding my right hand with both of hers.

I looked down at her hands and she dropped my hand and took a deep breath. I was afraid she was about to start in again so I smiled and quickly said, "Yes, I live just up the street with my girlfriend, Sarah. My name is Bill. I was just getting us some Chinese takeout."

I loved the wide-eyed look that came to her face as her mouth opened and closed several times before she said, "Oops."

I just laughed and said, "Sorta spilled the beans, huh?"

She took another deep breath and I just knew she was going to start in again so I just smiled and told her not to worry about it and that I had to get home before our diner got cold. In truth, I wanted to get going because I was feeling a bit strange and thought I'd better get home quickly. I started walking and waved goodbye to Vicky.

As I walked, I got a cramping feeling in my lower gut and thought I might be coming down with a stomach flu or something. Then it moved lower and by the time I was just about at our front doorsteps it was getting pretty bad.

As my right foot hit the first step of our porch I felt like someone just gave me a swift kick in the nuts. I quickly set the Chinese diners on the first step and then fell to my knees clutching my groin. I let out a painful groan as I rolled to my side on the front walk and curled into a fetal position. "Oh shit-fuck-piss!" I said a little louder than maybe I should have because it brought Sarah to the door.

She took one look at me and ran down the stairs. "What's wrong Bill? Did you slip or fall?"

"No," I squeaked out. "It's my balls. I feel like I was just kicked in the nuts! Oh shit it hurts."

"Do you want me to rub them or something?" she asked.

I cringed at the thought and told her, "No. Don't touch anything. I think it's going away."

The pain started to fade and left me with a slightly nauseated feeling down there but I was able to get up and walk carefully into the house. As I walked I could feel that something wasn't right and knew I needed to check it out.

Sarah took the Chinese into the kitchen as I went to the bathroom to run some checks on what the hell had just happened to me. I turned on the lights, closed the door and started to unbuckle my pants. That's when I felt the lump under my belt that felt like I had a hard-on, but I knew for certain that I didn't. Believe me, getting hard after what I just went through was not even a remote possibility.

Anyway, I continued by unfastening my pants and lowering them along with my briefs. That's the first time I saw the effects of the curse, or 'spell' as the old lady had called it. My pubic hair was gone and had been replaced with a tawny brown patch of hair, or fur if you prefer. My eyes followed the new patch as I pulled up on my shirttail. My heart was beating hard like it was going to break through my chest wall. I had seen this before. I knew what was coming even before it was completely exposed but my mind refused to allow that it could be attached to my body.

When my shirt had cleared my mutated appendage I felt like I was going to faint. I was getting dizzy and light headed, That's when I realized that I had been holding my breath the entire time. I took a deep breath, turned slightly and sat on the toilet with my legs stretched out before me and continued to stare at… I stared at the balls and sheath covered member of a dog.

The first words out of my mouth were, "What the fuck, over?" as I pulled my shirt off over my head and then grabbed at the foreign object in my crotch and running up my abdomen. "Shit-fuck-piss! That old bitch gave me a dog's cock! How the hell could she do that?" Then I thought, 'Who gives a shit how she did it. She's going to change it back!' and I got up off the toilet and was going to pull up my pants when there was a quick knock and Sarah came in through the door.

There I stood in all my naked glory with my pants down around my ankles and the cock and balls of a dog attached to my groin. She didn't even notice at first and just started talking, "I put the diner out on the table so when you're done in… Bill, why are you naked?" she asked smiling as her eyes started to move down my body. I made a move to cover myself with my hands but she saw it first. "What the hell was that? Move your hands."

"No. It's too weird. Just let me get dressed. I have to go out. I need to see someone."

"Not until I see what that was." She stated as she moved over to me and pried my hands away. "OhmyGod, Bill, that's sooooo cute. It looks so totally real. Billy the Beast looks like a real little beast now. How did you ever do that?" she asked as she put her hand on the sheath and started to pet it.

"It's so soft and warm. It feels real too. It would be so great if it was real. I've always had this weird fantasy about doing it with a big dog. If this was real it would almost be like my fantasy partly come true."

I felt her stroking me through the soft fur and my mind had to accept the fact that it was real and it was all me down there. The feeling of her stroking me through my soft fur also had its affect on me and in short order the reddish pink tip of my pointed dog cock made an appearance at the opening of the sheath. My eyes sort of rolled back in my head and I let out a soft moan.

Sarah saw my, or the dogs, penis emerge from the sheath and pulled her hand back like it had been burned. "Bill, that looks so real," she said in shock as she reached for it. As soon as her fingers touched me a shudder ran through my body and more of my new member exposed itself. Sarah wrapped her fingers around it and started to move them slowly. "OhmyGod! It is real. But how?" she said as she let go of it again.

I covered myself and turned away from her almost too embarrassed to talk. When I had regained some measure of composure, I tried to tell her what had happened with the little dog and the old woman on my way to pick up the takeout. Then I told her about her friend Vicky down the street and meeting Bart, the large German Shepherd. By this time, she had dragged me into the bedroom and we were sitting on the bed while I was talking, "I think the old lady's spell or curse or whatever is real. As crazy as it sounds, I think I've been cursed or had a spell put on me."

"So what exactly did she say to you?" Sarah asked.

"I don't really remember it exactly but it was something about knowing the life of the animal I wanted to hurt. O yeah, I got it. She said, 'Bit by bit you shall know the life of the creature you would harm. The breed shall be chosen by fate, the extent shall be chosen by you,' whatever all that means," I said.

Sarah thought about it for a moment and said, "Well, the part about the breed being chosen by fate sounds like your accidental run in with Bart and being a German Shepherd. I don't know about the bit by bit part. Sounds like maybe you will learn a little at a time how to use and know the animal part that you have been given. It seems like you got the best 'bit' of the creature, meaning Bart. So, how about getting to 'know the life' a little?" she said with a wry grin.

I listened to her and said, "But that's crazy. How could she put a spell on me that would change a part of me at into a dog?"

"It doesn't really matter how she could do it. The fact is that it appears she has done it." Then Sarah giggled a little and said, "And, like I said, I think you got the best 'bit' first," as she reached out and stroked the soft fur of my new sheath again.

I tried to twist away from her and said, "Sarah! This is crazy. I have a dogs cock and balls and you want to mess around? How the hell can you just accept it like that? That's just sick or nuts or something. "

It was, however, readily apparent that she didn't agree and that she knew what effect she desired as she stroked my fur covered sheath and gently squeezed my prick inside. Results wern't long in coming. (no pun intended) That pointed dark reddish pink tip soon made its appearance again and was followed shortly by about six inches of rigid shaft. I leaned back with my arms behind me on the bed+ for support and my head lolled back, my eyes slowly closed, and I just moaned softly as she played with my newly altered appendage.

Suddenly I felt my shaft encased in something soft and warm and when I looked down, all I saw was the back of Sarah's head as she slowly moved her mouth and soft lips up and down my dog cock. Oh damn that felt good and I just let her do it no matter how strange or perverted it seemed.

I felt on the verge of cumming when she stopped and stood at the foot of the bed and removed all of her clothes. I'd never seen her undress so quickly. Her clothes left her body and flew about the room as she tossed them aside.

As she undressed, she was looking at me and down at my rigid dog cock. She smiled and with a lust filled almost growl said, "I want that inside me. I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard with your new Billy the Beast!" and she pulled me off the bed and leaned over the bed herself and presented her rear to me. I could smell her sex in the air and it was driving me nuts.

Without further rational thought I grabbed her by the hips and started to guide my shaft into her. She was wet and well lubricated and I slid the full length into her easily. I started to stroke her gently but she yelled out, "Harder! Fuck me like you mean it! Bury that puppy machine in me as deep and hard as you can."

Her talking to me like that had its desired affect. I started to ram her pussy as had as I could with my new dog and was soon jack hammering her with a speed that I didn't know was humanly possible. I knew I was close to cumming when I felt a new sensation. It was like I wanted to go even deeper but there was an obstacle in the was holding me back.

Sarah let out a loud moan and said, "What's that? Is that… Oh � My � God! It is, it's a knot, you've got a knot just like a real dog. Put it in me Billy. Ram that knot home boy. Come on boy, do it. Fuck me harder!" and I did. I fucked her as hard as I could and I could feel that bulge start to penetrate as it stretched her opening. Then it passed into her and I could feel the tip of my dick hit bottom. I pounded her harder as my peak approached.

Sarah let loose a lust filled moan that was almost a low growl and I could tell she was about to orgasm as well. Then it hit. I felt the knot expand and I let loose jet after jet of my juices into her. Sarah threw back her head and screamed what was almost a howl and her vagina spasmed and clamped down on my shaft even as my penis seemed to get even larger.

After what was without a doubt the best sex I had ever had, I collapsed on her back completely exhausted and drenched with sweat. A few moments later I tried to withdraw my shaft from her warm, comfortable pussy but when I rose from Sarah's back and started to pull out she let loose a cry, "Don't! Don't do that. We're tied. You have to wait until you knot goes down."

I had no idea what she was talking about and started to panic. How could I be stuck in her? What the fuck was she talking about? I tried to pull out again and she screamed in pain, "Stop! That hurts! You just have to wait. It will be ok." And she reached back and rubbed my side with her hand as she tried to calm me. All I could envision was explaining everything to the paramedics.

Sarah kept me calm though. It took almost fifteen minutes of her softly talking to me and gently touching me before the knot subsided enough for me to pull out. When it finally did, I was so relieved that I just collapsed on the bed beside her on my stomach.

Then it hit me. It started with an itch at my tailbone, or as I later found out, my coccyx. Anyway, it quickly moved into a full blown, real hurting status pain and I cried out as I felt like something was stabbing me at the base of my spine, from the inside! At the same time a pins and needles feeling spread all up and down my legs and across my ass.

Sarah jumped off the bed and stood staring at me with both her mouth and eyes wide open. "B, Bi, Bill! What the hell is happening? I looks like… Oh geeesh! You're growing a tail and the hair on your legs is changing."

That was just what I needed to hear. "Nooooooo," I cried out partially in pain and partially from fear. I tried to look but all I could do was roll on the bed as the pins ad needles turned to a burning like my skin was on fire and my feet cramped up. Then, just as suddenly as it started, it stopped and I laid there breathing deeply trying to catch my breath.

I felt Sarah's hands running up and down my legs and then I felt a weird sensation that was totally new to me. As I looked back I saw her holding up something long with a heavy coat of long black and brown hair and I knew she was holding my tail. I looked up at her and she had an incredulous look on her face. She turned and looked straight at me and said, "Oh Bill, I can't believe this but I have to. I'm seeing it and feeling it, It's real."

I rolled over and got to a sitting position but I had to lean forward a lot. I quickly found that I could no longer sit normally. It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch when I sat on my tail. I looked down at my legs and they appeared to be mostly normal if you ignored the light coating of mostly black hair with a tawny brown on my inner thighs. It wasn't real thick, more like all my normal sparse short leg hairs had become dogs hairs about two inches long. I could still see my skin through the hair.

I said mostly normal because my feet were different. For one, I only had four toes and my toenails now looked like a cross between human toenails and a dog's long curved nails. When I tried to stand up, I found that I was standing on just the balls of my feet. My heels remained off the floor by several inches and wouldn't make contact with the floor. Sarah said it looked like I was walking in heels but without the shoes.

When I sat back down on the bed and looked more closely at my feet. I found that I did indeed have only four toes, each with a curved black nail, and that the bottoms of my paw/foot had rough black pads on them the same as a dogs. At this point, remaining calm was out of the question. I went hysterical. I mean, what would you do if you suddenly found that from your bellybutton down you almost resembled a dog more that a human?

Sarah's the one that calmed me down by holding me and doing the best she could to comfort me and assure me that she was going to stick to me no matter what. I guess it was her nurse training kicking in. She always remained calm in an emergency, but not me. I was totally out of it.

"How can you say that? Look at me. I'm a freak! What if it gets worse? I have no idea what's going to happen to me. I could wind up a dog," I whined.

"First off, you are not a freak to me. You are the person I love and want to spend my life with. I'm not going to leave you any more than I would if you were disfigured in an accident. Second, we need to figure out just exactly what the old lady said to you. You have to try and remember every word of it," Sarah said calmly. "Now, what do you remember?"

"Right now I don't remember shit! How can I? I'm fucking covered with hair, I have a tail and my feet are all fucked up, and you want me to remember what some crazy old bitch said to me! We need to fix what's wrong with me first."

In her calm voice Sarah said, "That's exactly why we need know what she said. Look, I know you don't believe in witchcraft, spells, spirits, and such. We've talked about it often enough and you've laughed at me plenty of times but I think what she did was put a punishment spell on you. All spells have five basic parts. There is the reason, the spell, the conditions, the duration and the ownership but not necessarily in that order. If you can remember the spell then we might have some clues about how to stop it so please try to remember, please try."

Sarah grabbed a pad and pen off the nightstand and got ready to write down what I remembered of the 'spell' that the old woman supposedly laid on me. As I spoke, she wrote, "Ok. I think I know the first part," I said and then recited it, "Bit by bit you shall know the life of the creature you would harm. The breed shall be chosen by fate, the extent shall be chosen by you."

"Then I think she said something about natural instincts being my enemy. It went something like, 'Natural instincts shall be your enemy. Overcome them and day by day and you shall know again your human form, give in to it and reach completion before the fortnight setting of the sun and you shall live the life of that which you so despise.' Yeah, that's it. That's what she said, I think."

"Was that all there was?" Sarah asked me.

"No. I think the last part was, 'That is my spell, that is your curse and it shall remain as such until the final setting,' if I remember right."

Sarah studied the words she had written down for a while and then said, "Ok. My best guess as to what all this means is that, the spell is activated by your contact with a dog or maybe just seeing one. That's what made little Billy change. When that happens, the conditions kick in which are, you have the natural instincts of a dog. I think you could insert 'sex drive' for the word instincts. If you let those instincts take over and give in to them, you will change some more until 'bit by bit' you change completely into a dog. If you go for a day without giving in to any instincts, you will change back a day at a time but, give in and it progresses another 'bit' and the day starts again. The spell duration is a fortnight, or two weeks, so if you do go all the way back to normal and then see another dog, it starts all over again. If you completely change then you will remain a dog for the rest of your life."

She just turned and looked at me, her expression asking if I understood. I nodded and said, "I understand what you're saying but I just can't believe that one person can cast a spell on another."

"You can't?" she said. "Hmm. Then how do you account for the changed hair on your legs, a dogs cock, and the shape of your feet? Oh, And I almost forgot about that cute new appendage you have wagging behind you," she asked as she scratched my inner thigh.

I turned my head quickly and saw my tail swinging contentedly back and forth across the bed sheets behind me. That sight brought back everything and I stood up and did my best to walk away from Sarah and her gentle petting of my leg. "If I have to avoid sex to get back to normal then you have to knock off the touching and petting," I told her.

"Oh. Sorry," Sarah said.

"So I just have to stay away from sex for a day and I'm normal again and then I have to keep from seeing or touching a dog for a week. Right?" I asked her.

"No. Stay away from it for a day and you change back one 'bit' as far as I can tell. So you would lose the tail, hair, and feet but still have Billy the Beast. That would take another day to lose. It would be best if I could talk to the old lady and get it straight from her but I doubt she would cooperate much with anything that would help you," Sarah rebutted. "Besides, it's too late to go anyplace now so why don't we nuke the Chinese and have something to eat."

I was amazed at how calm Sarah had remained with her boyfriend and future husband suddenly starting to turn into a dog but, to a certain extent, her calm had an effect that helped me from completely losing it. I agreed with her about eating and awkwardly followed her on my malformed feet or paws or whatever they were. It was like trying to walk everyplace on my tiptoes.

When I got to the kitchen I plopped down in the chair at the table as I usually did and howled in pain as I felt my tail bend under me. I jumped up, passed it through the back rungs of the chair, and sat down again. Sarah laughed and told me that for as long as I had my new appendage I would have to remember not to sit on it.

She heated our diner back up in the microwave and we talked as we sat there and ate. We figured that my last change happened at about seven o-clock so that would mean I should change back to normal, or to where I was before this last change, at seven or so the next night. We decided that I would remain celibate for the next twenty-four hours in the hopes that I would change back.

If that worked, then another twenty four hours should get little Billy back to his former self and I would be completely back to myself again. Once that happened, we planned to close all the curtains and blinds in the house so I couldn't see outside and that there would be no TV, magazines, books or anything else where I might see a dog for the rest of the two weeks. Sarah would search the house for anything like a dog picture, statue, figurine or whatever there might be. We still weren't sure if the change could be brought on by sight but decided not to take any chances.

After diner we decided to go to bed but that I would sleep on the couch to avoid any possible chance for a repeat of our earlier activities. I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly considering that I should have suffered from brain frenzy with all that had happened that day.

Day Two

The next morning we got up and had breakfast. I had done a check when I woke up and nothing more had changed during the night so there was some good news. After breakfast, Sarah left for work at the hospital and I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I smelled like a dog and wanted to get rid of the odor.

It was really strange showering with all the hair below my waist. I used a ton of shampoo to get it all lathered up. It was even stranger still to shampoo my tail. I also found it a bit erotic for some reason, or at least little Billy did. He put in an appearance and it was all I could do to keep from taking the matter in hand. I debated using Sarah's conditioner but after the time it took to rinse out the shampoo and the effect this was having on my libido, I decided to forgo that idea.

After I got out, I tried my best to dry all the long hair but was still feeling wet so I grabbed Sarah's hairdryer and started to blow dry it. It worked well for awhile but then I got to my tail and again started to get excited. In mere moments my cock was extended from its sheath and screaming for attention. I decided that if I ignored it that it would just go away. Wrong!

Even after I finished drying the rest of the hair on my legs I was having a terrible time trying to ignore the raging hard-on I had. It was like there was something else causing it. I never touched it or rubbed the long hair on my legs. I did my best to ignore my tail waving around behind me as I walked about, but it was as if there was something in the air, something that I needed to do or someplace I needed to go. I tried reading and watching TV but I was restless and found myself pacing the house unable to concentrate on anything but the 'need' that was growing in me. After several hours of this, I was surprised to hear myself making a sort of whining sound.

During this time my hard-on would recede and then come back again full force. I finally made myself a sandwich for lunch and grabbed a soda pop from the fridge. It was late afternoon and a nice day so I figured that I'd eat out on the back patio and get some fresh air, Maybe after I ate maybe I would walk around our fenced in back yard for a change of pace so to speak.

I had no sooner set my sandwich and pop on the table out back than it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was something in the air that got me all excited and hard as an iron shaft. I couldn't sit and eat. I had to get out into the yard and try to walk this off. I refused to give in and touch myself. I wasn't going to let it get to me. I was determined to remain strong.

Unfortunately, even the most determined can be thwarted if an outside force is strong enough and my outside force came mere moments after I walked out onto the back lawn. It came in the form of Missy, our next door neighbor's beautiful Irish Setter as she came bounding up to me.

She quite literally came running into the back yard through the gate next to the house and immediately started to sniff about under my tail. She then gave my cock a few gentle licks, turned her hind end towards me and cocked her tail to the side. I could smell her sex long before I even saw the ripe swollen red form of her estrus engorged vaginal entrance.

With motions born of eons of canine natural instincts I dropped to my hands and knees and got up close and personal with Missy and in no time at all I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back onto my stiff raging cock. It was nearly the same as it had been with Sarah. I began a fast pace of pounding in and out of her but was soon hammering her far faster that human legs and hips are capable of moving.

In a short time I felt the familiar feeling of my knot trying to gain entrance into Missy's vagina and I pounded all the harder until I felt it slip inside of her and felt my dog dick get larger and harder. A few more strokes and it was done. I felt the jets of hot puppy juice rush though my cock and empty into her waiting vagina and womb. I raised my head and almost let loose with a howl of triumph but instead, I collapsed on her back as I realized what I had just done and wondered if this was the end of me. Would this complete the changes? Would Sarah come home to find a dog in my place?

Angry with myself for being so weak and giving in, and disgusted with myself for having just had sex with a dog, I rose and tried to disengage myself from Missy's rear end by pushing on her rump with my hands. It was, of course, not going to happen; we were firmly united by my swollen knot in her tight vagina. I wasn't going anywhere for awhile and had to accept that I would have to remain kneeling behind her until nature took its course.

And that was how Sarah found me. She came home after her shift at the hospital with plans to comfort me and heard sounds coming from the back yard. She walked out onto the patio just as I finished my final strokes and then tried to remove myself from within Missy. She was frozen in shock and, as she later admitted, fascination, as I finished mating with the Irish Setter. The it hit her, "Bill! What the hell are you doing?" She yelled. "You know what this will do to you. Why? Why would you do it?"

Hearing her voice was like someone dumping ice water down my back. The knot shrank immediately and Missy pulled free. She turned around and gave me a few gentle licks and then walked to the shade of a tree in the yard and started to calmly lick herself clean.

I looked up at Sarah who was standing next to me by this time and started to explain, "I tried. I really tried. I couldn't help… Arrrrghhh!" I cried out in pain and dropped to the thick grass of our back yard. My legs screamed in pain as I rolled to my side and watched while they twisted and contorted before my eyes. First my knees pulled up until they were ninety degrees to my body and the lower part of my legs remained slightly bent back from the knees.

I cried out in agony as my thighs began to lose size and change shape and my feet started to distort and change more than they had been. My calves shrank and altered shape and at the same time, I could feel a grinding as my pelvis changed shape and seemed to rotate more in line with my spine.

Sarah knelt beside me and tried her best to comfort me just as the familiar pins and needles feeling started to hit my legs and butt. My legs continued their changes as more hair grew on my legs. Just when I thought it was about done there was a sudden cramping in my hands.

With the pain of the other changes mostly finished, I was able to concentrate on my hands. I watched as my fingers became short and stubby and the fingernails curled under from the sides and grew longer. At the same time my palms grew longer and narrower and the heal of my palm changed to look more like the wrist of a dog. Hair started to grow out to match what was on my feet and as my palms extended my thumbs were dragged along for the ride and shrank to small nubs with curved nails at the end; they had become the vestigial fifth toe or dewclaws.

As the last of the changes finished I lifted my head and looked up at Sarah. She sat there with tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks. "I'm sorry Sarah. I couldn't help it. Something just came over me and I had no control over what my body was doing."

"I know dear. I could see that from the patio door. Once you caught a whiff of that bitch in heat, you were completely controlled by the canine instincts. I shouldn't have left you alone today. I should have known the drive would be too strong for you to handle all on your own. I'm going to make a call and put in for an emergency two weeks leave. That way I can stay here with you and together we can beat this spell," Sarah said as she took me in her arms and hugged me.

I could hear her sniffling and the tremors going through her body as she held me. I finally decided that we needed to get back into the house so I said, "Well, we better get back in the house before something else happens. We need to check out just how much damage I've done with this little diversion of mine."

Sarah let me go and stood up as I rolled onto my stomach and tried to stand up. I pushed up with my arms and tried to get to a standing position but my legs just weren't working right. I looked up at Sarah and said, "I can't seem to stand up. Can you give me a hand?" as I held up my right hand to her. As she took it, we both saw that it wasn't a hand any longer. It was far more a paw than a hand.

I pushed up with my legs and was soon standing up with both of my new paws on Sarah's shoulders and leaning on her for support. We both looked down at my legs and realized at the same time that from my now very small waist down, I was completely changed to a German Shepherd dog. We also realized that there was no way I was going to be walking upright on my legs and hind paws.

"Just let me back down," I said with a defeated tone. "It's obvious that this isn't going to work." I said to Sarah in a voice that was far calmer than I actually was.

She let me down gently until my hands, or front paws, were on the ground and I was standing on all fours for the first time. I walked with some degree of difficulty to the patio and sat by the door waiting for Sarah. I knew that I couldn't operate the doorknob with my paws. Walking on four feet was harder than you might think. My legs were now set up for it and worked well but my arms had not changed, other than the hair and paws in place of my hands. My arms were not designed to walk with although having paws instead of hands did seem to make it a bit easier.

My mind reflected on how calm I seemed to be considering what had happened to me. I attributed it to the release of endorphins into my system by the sexual arousal and activity that I had just been through. I was sort of on a high at the moment and wanted to get inside before I crashed.

As Sarah approached I stood up and waited for her to open the door. When she got there she let out a small giggle as she looked down at me. "What?" I asked her.

"On nothing. It's just the way you are standing there waiting to be let in the house with you tail wagging and all. It's kinda cute."

I'm sure she saw me blush. I could feel my face burning when she said that. As I looked up at her again she had her hand over her mouth and I could tell she was stifling a laugh. "What now?" I asked a little annoyed.

"I'm sorry, Bill," she said laughing out loud. "It's your tail again. When I said it was wagging your head drooped and your tail fell between you hind legs like a scolded dog. It was even cuter than the wagging."

"Just open the f… Open the door please."

She opened the door and we went inside. I tried to sit on the couch but that was impossible so I just started to climb up to sit on it but Sarah spoke up, "Oh no you don't! You just stay off the furniture with your dirty paws. Just sit on the floor for now. I'll get a towel or something to put on the couch for you to sit on."

So I sat on the floor and said, "Never mind. The floor is fine. If I don't learn to control myself I'll will be spending a lot of time down here."

She sat down next to me and pulled my head onto her lap and started to scratch my head. It felt sooooo good that it took awhile for it to register that I was behaving very much like a dog that was being petted. I suddenly pulled my head off her lap and said, "We have to talk. We need a plan to keep this from getting any worse. I don't want to spend my life down here."

Sarah got a mischievous smile on her face and said, "I don't know. I kinda like having you sitting at my feet. I think that even after you get back to normal I'll keep you there," and then she laughed softly.

Before I knew what I was doing my body went into doggy fun mode and I stood up on all fours and then gave a little jump and my front paws were in her lap and I was licking her face. She started giggling and pushing me away and I climbed higher onto the couch. I was straddling her with my legs and licking her neck and getting really excited when all of a sudden she pushed real hard and I was on my back on the floor.

"What's the matter with you Billy? Do you want to spend your life as a dog?" she screamed at me.

"What? What did I do? We were just having some fun," I answered as I got to a sitting position on my haunches.

"Fun! That was a lot more than fun. Look at yourself," she said pointing down between my legs. "You were trying to hump me like a dog. Didn't you even know what you were doing?"

I looked down and saw the long pointed reddish dog cock extended out of my sheath and dripping pre cum. "Oh shit! I didn't even know I was doing it. How the hell am I going to control myself and get back to normal?"

Sarah knelt down beside me and started to pet my head and softly said, "That's ok Billy. Well get through this. I'll be with you almost every minute."

She took my head in her hands and started to look it over and then she ran down my neck and over my upper torso and arms. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm just trying to see how far the changes have gone. Except for the your hands being paws and the hair on them, you are still totally human from the waist up."

"Oh boy!" I answered sarcastically.

She started to pet my head again and talk about the plans for the next almost two weeks. We were at day two of fourteen days and I now had to go three days in complete abstinence in order to change back to normal again. I laid my head on her lap with a slight groan and a big sigh, we watched some TV. After a bit I laid down on the floor and drifted off the sleep at her feet.

She woke me up later when she got up and said, "I guess we better get to bed now. Are you going to sleep out here or in the bedroom?"

I thought about it and really wanted to sleep with her again. One night on the couch was enough for me so I told her, "I'll sleep in the bedroom. I missed you last night."

She nodded and went into the bedroom while I caught the last of the news on TV. Then a little later she came out and said that everything was ready for me and I followed her to the bedroom after she turned off the TV and the lights.

In the bedroom, she stopped and pointed to the corner and said. "There. How's that? I made a nice comfy bed for you out of some old blankets and my exercise mat and I put your pillow down there too. Try it out."

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement but I knew she was right in keeping us separated so I walked over to the makeshift bed and got onto it and walked around for a bit and then flopped down and curled up with my head on the pillow. She pulled a blanket up over me and then went to our bed by herself. She said, "Goodnight," and turned off the lights. I just snorted and laid there while I drifted off to sleep.

Day Three

I heard Sarah starting to stir about half an hour before she actually woke up. It was strange and disorienting to wake up and find myself sleeping on the floor in the corner of the room but then it all came flooding back to me. I remembered all the things that had happened and my current condition.

I could feel my deformed legs and tail beneath the blanket and I could see my hands that were now the front paws of a dog. I wanted to scream out my anger and frustration but I knew it wouldn't do me any good. All I had to do was control myself for three days and I would be normal again. That is if I could ever be normal after an experience like this.

When Sarah got up, I stood up on all fours and walked out from under the blanket and went over to her. In an almost unconscious motion she reached down and patted the top of my head and said, "How you doin' boy… Ah, Billy. Did you sleep ok last night?"

"Yeah, fine. I was actually more comfortable than I thought I would be. What's for breakfast? I'm starved."

"I'll fix something up for you as soon as I'm done in the bathroom," she said as she slipped on her robe and slippers.

I sat on my haunches outside the bathroom door waiting my turn and occasionally glancing down at my lower half. If it wasn't for the fact that it was me I was looking at it would have been a fascinating sight to see. Half dog, half man. Three days before I would have bet the farm that this was impossible. That it could never happen. Ha, not anymore.

When Sarah finished and came out I trotted into the bathroom and shoved the door closed. I walked over to the toilet to relieve a screaming bladder and suddenly realized that the 'usual' method was not going to work. I tried standing with my front paws on the toilet tank but the sheath held my dick at a totally wrong angle. I would piss all over the damn place if I did it that way.

Next I tried lifting my leg like a dog but that wouldn't let me aim properly either. I finally backed up and tried to get myself over the bowl. This was only slightly more successful in that some of the piss actually did get into the toilet. The rest of it went over the rim and onto the floor. Then when I walked off of the toilet my boy dog bits got hooked on the rim and that was less than a fun experience.

I did the best I could to pull toilet paper from the roll and rub it around on the floor to clean up the mess. I did not want to have to tell Sarah about this. It was a bear to get the piss soaked paper up into the toilet but I made it and then flushed it down.

Then came my next problem. I closed the door when I went in and I couldn't open it. My new paws just wouldn't work on the slick round knob and my mouth wasn't big enough. I didn't like it but I had to yell for Sarah to let me out.

"Aww. What happened? Did my puppy lock himself in the bathroom?" Sarah said as she let me out and patted my head.

I harrumphed and padded my way to the kitchen and waited for her.. When Sarah arrived she said, "Sorry Bill. I was just trying to inject a little humor into the situation. Guess I failed."

"Naw, that's ok. I guess it was kinda funny if I look at it in hindsight. It just didn't hit me as funny at the time," and I smiled up at her. A big smile spread across her face and she told me my breakfast was on the table.

That's when my next challenge arrived. I walked over to my chair and knew right away that I couldn't sit up there with my legs the way they were. I pushed the chair aside with my head and reached up and put my front paws on the table and raised myself up. There it was, a nice hot bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup and a spoon sitting next to it.

I looked at the bowl, then at the spoon and then at my paws. There was no way. Sarah saw the problem at the same time as I did and said, "Oh what's the matter with me? Hang on there," and she moved her chair over next to me and picked up the spoon and started to feed me like she would a small child. "Sorry about that," she said as she fed me.

"Don't worry about it," I answered. We both have a lot to adjust to for the next few days."

When breakfast was over I curled up on the floor at her feet and we watched some TV. Daytime TV is shit and I was quickly bored out of my mind. Sarah seemed absorbed in the soaps but I was soon fast asleep.

Later, Sarah made some sandwiches for lunch and woke me up to eat. She held it for me while I ate it a bite at a time. She also had some pop which was interesting to try and drink it out of the can with someone else holding it.

After lunch I needed the bathroom again but remembered that last time and my difficulties using the facilities. We had discussed that over breakfast and Sarah suggested that maybe I should use the back yard for the time being so I told her that I needed to go out.

She let me out the back patio door and I wandered out into the back yard. The first thing I did was check to make sure the gate was closed this time. I felt totally self conscious with Sarah standing on the patio watching my every move like a hawk but I knew why she was doing it. She didn't want me out of her sight.

The call of nature finally overcame my need for privacy. I walked up to a tree, lifted my right leg and emptied my bladder. The act came naturally to me like I had been doing it all my life. When that was done I felt a strong need to check out the tree so I walked up to it and sniffed. I didn't really smell all that much there.

I was wondering what dogs get out of it when I caught another scent. It wasn't something distinct but it was familiar. Then I suddenly knew, this was the tree that Missy had laid under when she cleaned herself after our… Well, you know. I was smelling a dog in heat. I felt the need rising in me again and moved from there as quickly as possible.

I wandered the yard aimlessly trying to concentrate on looking for a place to take a dump. Something told me I had finally found the perfect spot and I started to squat a bit when Sarah's voice came across the yard from the patio, "If you're about to go number two, remember that I have to clean it up. I don't want your 'land mines' all over the back yard. Find an out of the way spot and keep them all there."

I stopped in mid squat and walked over behind the garden shed in a small dirt area. I figured that would be easy to clean and squatted there and took care of business. From habit, I felt the need to wipe but dismissed it. 'Dogs don't wipe themselves,' I thought to myself as I walked back towards the patio. Then it hit me, they don't need to, they lick themselves clean and I felt a shudder of disgust run through me.

Then I remembered my brother's mangy mutt when we were kids would drag it's butt across the carpets and leave skid marks so I dropped my butt to the grass and dragged it. Damn that felt good.

Then I heard Sarah call me, "Billy. Where are you? What are you up to? Get out here where I can see you."

"I'm coming,' I yelled.

"You better not be," she answered with a note of laughter in her voice.

Although meant in humor, it brought back the thoughts of earlier and I could feel my cock start to stir again. I walked as fast as I could back to the house and went inside.

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful. Sarah found a beach towel and spread it on the couch so I was once again permitted back up next to her again. I found sitting on the couch somewhat awkward because of the soft cushions. Laying on my stomach was much more comfortable.

I kept expecting to make a change back one 'bit' because it had been twenty-four hours but nothing was happening. Sarah said that the only thing she could think of was that because the spell seemed to be tied to the sun that maybe the 'day' mentioned in the spell was one full cycle of the sun and not just twenty-four hours. Her new theory was that I had to go from rising sun to rising sun, which meant that the day would be complete the next morning as the sun came up. I grumbled a lot but as time went by it appeared she might be right.

At bedtime, I went to what was now 'my corner' and lay down on my bed and Sarah covered me up for the night. I watched her get ready for bed as she undressed and slipped on her nightgown. It brought back memories of that first time with her right after my first change and I started to get that old feeling back again. It wasn't long before I was lying on a very hard and fully extended penis.

It didn't help at all when Sarah knelt down next to me and gave me a hug and kissed me good night before she climbed into what was now 'her' bed. I was left lying on the floor sexually frustrated with a raging hard on. I listened to her breathing as it become the slow rhythmic pattern of deep sleep and I felt myself slowly relax and my frustration fade as sleep began to overcome me also.

I don't know how long I slept but I was having a dream about Missy that gorgeous red haired Irish lass next door when I came back to conscious thought. I was slowly rubbing my rock hard prick against the soft sheet of my bed like I was having sex with Missy. I was flat on my belly with my legs spread apart as far as they would go and humping like crazy.

My rational mind was lost to the sexual needs of the dog. No thought, no matter how fleeting or vague, even crossed my mind regarding the consequences of what I was doing as I dry humped my bed. It felt good, I enjoyed it, it brought the promise of relief from my frustration, and so I continued at an ever-increasing pace until finally it happened and I felt the release that my body so longed for.

With the release came the return of my rational mind and the fear of what I had just done. I lay there holding my breath waiting, but nothing happened. There was no tingling, no pain, no nothing. The only unusual feeling I had was the slow shrinking of my cock back into its fur-covered sheath and the sticky cum that I was now laying in.

Then, when all was back to a stable state and I finally took a relaxed breath, thinking to myself that the spell must only cover actual sex and not mere self gratification, it hit me.

It started as a tightening of the muscles in the back of my neck. My head was drawn back until I thought my neck would break. It became hard to breathe and my scalp felt drawn tight against my skull. I could feel the skin on my forehead and face draw tighter as my lower jaw seemed to thrust down and forward. I wanted to scream but nothing came out other than the release of my breath. I panicked when I heard a cracking sound from the vertebrae in my neck like that caused by a chiropractor. I knew my neck was finally breaking and waited for death, but it didn't come. Instead, the muscles of my neck started to slowly relax and as they did, my head was allowed to move back down again.

The respite was short lived however, as the next round started directly on the heels of the cessation of the first. The prickling sensation that I knew was caused by hair growing hit my entire head and neck along with the worst nasal congestion headache I had ever felt. My face hurt, my facial bones cracked and popped and I opened my mouth and tried to cry out in pain for Sarah but all that issued from my throat was a mournful howl.

There was a sudden flash of white light and I closed my eyes against the brightness. Then I felt her soothing hands caress my head and face and her soothing voice say, "Oh Billy. What have you done now?"

She pulled my head to her chest and held me as the process continued for another few minutes. I knew what was happening. My entire head was transforming. I felt my muzzle form and the canine teeth erupt from my jaws and displace my human teeth. With my now longer tongue I pushed my discarded teeth out into Sarah's hand so I wouldn't swallow or choke on them.

A few minutes later the sensations of changes faded away and I knew it was over. I raised my head on my longer neck and looked at Sarah. I tried to say something to her to explain what had happened but all that I could get out was strange woofs, soft growls, whimpers, and whines. My tongue and lips would not form anything close to words. I just laid my head back down and sort of sobbed in Sarah's lap until I fell asleep.

Day Four

Sometime after sleep had overtaken me, Sarah had eased me off her lap and onto my bed and covered me up. I woke when my sleep was disturbed by the sounds of her getting up and getting dressed.

"Hey Billy, you're awake. Do you need to go outside?"

I stood up and tried to answer but all that came out was a soft, "Woof."

"Alright then, come on. I'll let you out and leave the door open a bit so you can get back inside. Ok?"

"Woof, woof."

As we went through the house to the patio door I sensed something was different but I couldn't quite place it. She opened the door and let me out and said, "Now you take care of business and behave yourself. And remember to leave your mess out behind the shed. Ok?"


I went through the door and was assailed by a sensory overload. I smelled grass, dried leaves, the smell of cooked meat and burnt charcoal in the BBQ, dirt, mold and mildew, and a myriad of other odors I had never smelled before. It was a shock to my system and I started to get a pain in my head like a nasal headache.

'Holy shit!' I thought. 'I can smell every fucking thing out here.'

I sat down before I was knocked over and just tried to sort it all out. Slowly things calmed down as my mind adjusted and adapted. It was when my ears twitched and turned towards a sound in the next yard that I realized that the overload wasn't just my acute sense of smell, it was my increased auditory sensitivity as well. It felt like I could hear and smell absolutely everything! And all at the same time.

After a short while it all slowed down and I got used to it. It was like when you first go into a room with a truly offensive smell all you can think of it that smell but after a time, you don't even notice it unless someone makes mention of it. I began to realize that I could actually sort out the smells and just concentrate on one at a time or open up to anything new that I happened to inhale. Also, breathing through my mouth helped lessen the concentration.

I finally recovered from that and realized that my bladder needed attention. As I walked over to the tree that I had christened the day before I got a damn strong whiff of where Missy had been laying to clean up. It was so strong that I wondered why I couldn't smell it the day before. As I lifted my leg and refreshed my markings on the tree, I had some very strange thoughts about my time with Missy. They weren't really thoughts as such. They were more like emotions, feelings, needs, desires or whatever but nothing like I was used to. I mean I didn't think, 'Damn I'd like to fuck that bitch again,' or anything like that but that is how it seemed to translate out to me.

Once done with the tree, I wandered over to the rear of the shed and sniffed around. For some reason I felt a need to check the pile that I had left the day before. It was strange but I immediately recognized it as mine. Not by sight or the memory of having placed it there, but from the smell of it. I knew it was mine and felt a sort of sense of satisfaction that it was there. I sniffed around on the ground and found what seemed to be the right place for another deposit. Why? I don't know. It just was.

I had just finished and was checking it out when there was a shrill whistle and I heard Sarah's voice. "Billlllllllly. Billy. Where are you? I have your breakfast ready for you. Food Billy, food."

I raised my head and went to yell back at her but all I got out was, "Rrruuuuf!" and I sort of ran out from behind the shed and over to the patio where she was standing. She held the door open for me and then followed me to the kitchen where I sat on my haunches next to her chair. My tail was wagging and I could taste the saliva pouring into my mouth. I was acting like an excited dog waiting for a meal and I really didn't care.

Sarah gave me a spoonful of my favorite oatmeal with maple syrup and I took it into my mouth. That had to be the foulest tasting stuff I ever had in my mouth. I did my best to use my tongue and shove it out while Sarah sat there and laughed at me. "I was wondering if your tastes had changed. Hang on, I'll get something more to your liking."

She walked over to the counter and I heard the can opener going. The next thing I knew she was placing a bowl on the floor in front of me. I looked down at it and could see disgusting lumps of what appeared to be canned dog food. I looked up at her and cocked my head to the side questioningly. "Yes, it's dog food. I went next door while you were outside and borrowed a can of Missy's food. I thought that with your last round of changes you might have also had a change in your tastes. Give it a sniff. I think you'll like it."

I looked down at the bowl. She was feeding me just like a dog. She expected me to eat out of a bowl on the floor. I was thinking, 'How could she do this to me?' as I put my nose down closer to the bowl. It smelled delicious. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and touched it to the food in the bowl. It tasted good. Real good. Without further thought, I started to wolf down the food in the bowl and the next thing I knew I had a front paw on the rim and was licking it clean with my long tongue.

When I finished I found a bowl of water had also been placed on the floor for me and moved over to it and lapped up a drink. Sarah stood watching me the entire time and when I was done she said, "If you don't get control of yourself I'll have to buy you your own matching food and water bowls. I can't be feeding you out of our good bowls now can I? That just wouldn't be right. Maybe I'll have your name, "Billy" put on them."

If she was trying to shock me, she succeeded. I sat there on my haunches looking up at her licking the residual water from my muzzle. I realized that if I didn't control myself, this would be my view of her for the rest of my life. That brought to mind the question, how far had it already gone? How many more chances did I have?

I guess I knew what had changed but I had to see it for myself. I got up and walked to the bedroom to look in the full-length mirrors on the sliding closet doors. I didn't like what I saw.

Reflected back at me was the head of a German Shepherd but with my green eyes. My muzzle was slightly shorter, and my skull was rounder than what I though was right but the large pointed ears on top looked normal for a Shepherd. The longer neck of the dog appeared right and both my head and neck were covered with a normal amount of predominately black hair.

From there I could see that I still had the broad shoulders and chest of a human but with a covering of sparse black hair on my back that changed to a tan as it got lower on my sides and chest. My front paws and legs were completely changed to a dog's legs up to my elbows but from there broadened back to human. I also found that I could no longer twist and turn my lower arms or forelegs. The two bones seemed to be solid now and wouldn't allow for rotation. They were locked in a position for walking and that was all.

From below my ribcage, my body tapered to the hindquarters of a full German Shepherd. I was completely canine back there. I was in shock at what I saw and I sat down hard on my haunches and whimpered while still staring at my reflection in the mirror.

Sarah had followed me into the bedroom and was standing beside me. She reached down and patted the top of my head and said, "You have to find it in you to control yourself, Billy. If you don't…"

"Eyeeeee roooowww," I managed to croak out.

"Billy. Did you just say, 'I know'?"

I nodded my head and she knelt down next to me and threw her hands around my neck. "Oh Billy, You are still in there. I wasn't totally sure. I've decided that I have to go see that old woman later this afternoon. I'm sure I know what house it is from your description the other night. I don't know what good it will do but I have to go and at least try." I shook my head but she told me that her mind was made up.

Sarah spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the kitchen and the rest of the house and then we watched some boring daytime TV. After she had lunch and I had the rest of the can of dog food, she went to the bedroom and took a shower. She came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her and sat on the bed. "I worry about leaving you alone. Can I trust you, Billy? Can I really trust you?" she asked. I nodded but I don't think she was reassured much.

"I'm going to get ready to go see the old lady now," she stated as she patted the top of my head and got up from the bed.

I shook my head but I could see it would do no good. Sarah was determined. I knew the look. She just looked down at me and said, "It's no use Billy. I'm going and that's that. The only thing I worry about is you keeping out of trouble while I'm gone. Can you do that? I mean really. Can you seriously keep from turning yourself into a complete dog while I'm gone?" she asked again.

I nodded that I could as she made herself presentable. She left the house at about three o-clock with one last warning, "If I come back and find a complete dog in my house I swear I'll drop you off at the pound." She patted the top of my head again and walked out the door.

Sarah returned about an hour later but it wasn't in a way she intended. She explained what happened on her visit when much later that evening.

Sarah had walked down the street to the house that I described. She was pretty sure she had the right place but what cinched it was when the small dog came bounding across the yard to great her. Sarah knelt down and played with the dog for a bit before she heard the old woman's voice, "I expected you to come see me before long, Sarah," she said.

When Sarah looked up she saw the woman looking at her and smiling. "I came about my boyfriend."

"Yes, I know. I knew you would, and I know what you want."

"Please, you have to help him. He's not a bad person. If he was, I couldn't love him like I do. He told me what happened. He was never actually going to kick your dog. He doesn't like animals but he would never harm them."

"I know, my dear. I realized that after I cast the spell and was back in the house. Unfortunately my anger clouded my mind at the time. The problem is that, once cast, I cannot cancel the spell nor make it less but I can always add to it if you wish. As it was, he was to turn into a dog if he could not control himself. The spell I cast did not speak to his life span nor his intelligence. At the time I wanted him to suffer for a long time, so to diminish his lifespan and intellect to those of a dog would not have served that end."

"What do you mean 'add to it'? The last thing we need is to make it worse." Sarah said.

"Adding to a spell does not necessarily make it better or worse. It merely adds to the conditions. Whether they are better or worse would be for the two of you to determine. For instance, I could give him the ability to speak or retain his human sight. Things like that."

"You talk like he's going to fail. He can beat this spell of yours. I know he can. We're going to get married. We already have the license. I'm going live with him the rest of my life and I'm going to have his children. I love him."

"Yes. It is possible to 'beat' the spell, as you put it, but he will not. I know this as sure as the sun will rise in the morning. As we speak, he is taking the next step. One more and the spell will be complete and nothing can change his fate after that."

That's when Sarah got upset. "He's what? Right now? No!" and she ran off towards our house.

Well, I guess I better explain just exactly happened while she was gone. Before Sarah went to see the old woman she left the patio door ajar in case I needed to go outside while she was gone.

The need came over me shortly after she left and I pushed the door open and trotted out into the back yard to nose around and find the right place to relieve myself. I used the usual tree and was just enjoying being outside when I heard the front doorbell. Of course I ignored it. I didn't think the rest of the world was quite ready for me yet.

A few minutes later I heard the back gate open and thought it was Sarah returning so I headed over that way. That's when I heard Vicky's voice saying, "You get in there girl. Sarah will just have to take care of you now." And the gate closed and there standing in front of me was a very large, very beautiful and very in heat German Shepherd.

I remembered what Vicky had said about Sarah's dog, Duchess, going into heat and here she was, a prime piece of female dog flesh just waiting for a super stud like me. I was instantly getting hard. I was also instantly in male dog mode looking at one fine bitch in heat. I ran over to her, stuck my nose under her tail, and gave her the sniff test and a good tongue-lashing. She turned around and checked out my readiness and helped things along by licking my cock to full readiness.

After the formalities were completed and introductions properly made, she turned her back to me, raised her haunches, spread her legs, and cocked her tail to the right so I had complete and unfettered access.

Duchess whimpered and I took it as an indication that she wanted me to get on with it, so I obliged by mounting her and driving my cock into her with great zeal and enthusiasm. My hips started to Jackhammer and I could feel the warmth and wetness that surrounded my dick, which only served to drive me into a higher gear.

It wasn't long before I felt the now familiar feeling of my knot slipping into her, her clamping down on me, and then things got real serious. I grabbed the scruff of her neck with my teeth while gripping her sides with my front paws as I pulled myself deeper into her. I pounded her harder and soon felt my time coming.

I didn't know or care at the time, but this was about to be the second time that Sarah would come home to find me buried in a bitch in our backyard.

Just as I started to release, Sarah's voice screamed out, "No Billy! Don't do it! Stop!"

I didn't. I couldn't have even if I had been rational enough to and I certainly wasn't at that moment. One long hard stroke later and I felt the warm glow of my hot puppy juices stream down my shaft and out into her waiting vagina. It was a done deed.

Breathing hard, I released her neck and laid on her back for a moment with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth panting. Duchess moved a bit and I dropped over to her left side with both front paws on the ground. Without even thinking about it, I turned away from her, lifted my right leg over her back and then stood there butt to butt locked together by my knot.

I looked over towards the patio at Sarah. She stood there with a note from Vicky in her hand and tears running down her face. "Oh Billy," she cried in a mournful tone.

That was when what I had done hit me and I threw back my head and let loose a long and painful howl.

Sarah came across the back yard, knelt down next to me, wrapped her arms around my neck with her head on mine, and just cried. As she cried, I felt my knot subside and my release from Duchess soon followed. By this time, we both knew what that meant.

Sarah released me and I walked a few steps before my arms, or forelegs, gave away and I dropped to the grass of the back yard. The now familiar pins and needles feeling started at my elbows and I knew it signaled that my hair was growing in denser. I also felt a shifting in the muscles of my upper arms just before I was hit with a splitting headache. It felt like my brain was in a vise and being clamped down from all sides. The bones of my skull started crackling and grinding and my jaws started to ache near the area where it hinged. I howled out in agony as I rolled on the grass not even able to put hands to my head to try to ease the pain.

As the pain finally backed off and I started to become coherent again, there was an audible pop in my left shoulder and then my right and then it was over. I rolled to my stomach and slowly stood up on four paws and four legs. All vestiges of my arms were gone and my shoulder blades had rotated to my sides and were set up for legs, not arms. I sat down and looked over at Sarah.

"Oh Billy, why couldn't you have run into the house or something. I was talking to the old woman and she said you were about to do it again as we were talking. I ran back as fast as I could but I was too late. I'm sorry. I never should have left you alone. I won't leave you alone again until this is over, until we beat this spell. I don't care what she says. I know we can beat it."

I listened to her and I knew she meant what she said but I think somewhere down deep, I knew it was not going to happen. I was too weak. I would give in to the dog. I knew it. In a way I almost wished that this last change had been my last. That it was finally over and done.

I walked over to the patio door and whined a bit and Sarah came over and let me in. I headed straight for the bedroom and the mirrors. What I saw there reflected back at me was a dog. My head had completed its transformation. I now had the longer muzzle and flatter skull of a German Shepherd. My ears were on the top of my head, my shoulder blades had slipped to the side and my arms were completely changed to the forelegs of a dog. My body was completely covered with long dense hair about two inches long in the markings of a black and tan German Shepherd. The only part of me that remained somewhat human was the shape of my ribcage. Although it did appear somewhat rounder, probably because I now had forelegs instead of arms, but it was still not completely that of a dog.

Sarah just stood at the bedroom door and watched as I looked at myself. She said nothing.

When I was done I walked back to the patio door and sat down there waiting for her to catch up with me. She knew what I wanted without even asking and opened the door and followed me out. I saw Duchess out in the back yard still cleaning herself but my body showed no interest in her. It was too soon. I was still spent from my earlier activities and just casually walked out into the yard while Sarah kept a wary eye on me.

I laid down under the old Oak tree and twisted to look back between my legs. I moved my nose closer and could smell the combination of Duchess and myself and see the hair matted on my sheath from our combined juices. Without giving it much of a thought, I started to lick myself clean. My long tongue snaked in and out and efficiently cleaned away all remnants of my last sexual encounter.

I had just stood up after finishing my cleanup when Duchess came running over to me and started to get playful. She had finished cleaning herself and wanted to have some fun. She nipped at my butt and then ran away only to run back again and give me another nip. On her third try I jumped aside, whirled and managed to get in a nip to her as she passed. After that, the game was on.

We ran around the back yard playing a sort of dog tag. She would get me and I would let out a yip and take off after her. Once I got her I would turn and run away until she caught me. This game continued for a time until I heard the sound of Sarah's laughter and stopped to look at her. As I stood looking at her, Duchess came barreling down on me and hit me broadside knocking me off my feet and we both rolled over on the grass. She recovered first and stood there barking at me and for some reason I understood that the game was over and she had won.

I thought to myself, 'I'm tired. I want to lay down in the shade and cool off.' The thought had no sooner occurred to me than Duchess gave out with a low woof and walked over to the shade of the tree and lay down. It was like she knew my thoughts. It was weird and as I stood there looking at her a thought entered my head, 'Come on, join me, cool off.'

I walked over and lay down on my stomach next to her in the shade on the cool grass. I thought how much fun I just had and about how responsive my body was becoming. I could run faster, turn quicker, and jump higher, it was exhilarating. Several times the thought crossed my mind that if I had to be a dog for the rest of my life, things could be worse. A short while later I laid my head down between my forelegs and drifted off to sleep. Sarah sat at the table on the patio and watched the two of us as we slept.

It was sometime later that I was awakened by the sound of voices in conversation. I opened my eyes and saw Sarah and the old lady sitting at the table on the patio talking. I raised my head and a vibration started low in my throat, traveled up and came out as a low and threatening growl. I felt my lips twitch and pull back to expose my large canine teeth.

Sarah heard my growl and turned to me and said, "Billy! Quiet! Behave yourself. She's trying to help you."

I sat up an stared the old lady down and there was still a very low growl boiling up from deep inside of me. It came out as a, "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, woof, woof, grrrrrrrrrrrr," and just kept rumbling out of me. I didn't like her being there and I didn't trust her.

Finally Sarah said, "Billy. Come here. Come Billy."

I got up and warily walked over to where they were sitting and stood next to and slightly behind Sarah. She looked down and patted my head saying, "Now you behave yourself and be quiet. Sit!"

I sat and Sarah and the old lady continued their conversation. I heard Sarah say, "So, Lydia, you think that you can help Billy?"

"I don't know that you would exactly call it help but like I said earlier, the problem is that once cast, I cannot cancel the spell nor make it less but I can always add to the conditions if you wish. After you left I did some thinking and what I came up with was sort of a plan with contingencies."

Sarah looked at Lydia and said, "A plan with contingencies? That sounds like making things worse to me."

"It could be but I don't think this will. My plan is to add to the spell's last phase, which is the only one left now. I can add that, after change five and before change six, the spell will freeze for a half fortnight and he will live as he is for that week. Nothing he does will cause any further change. The setting sun today will start it and the rising sun seven full days from then will end it. Do you follow so far?" Lydia asked.

"I understand, but what good will that do?"

"I'm getting to that. After that time has elapsed, he must remain celibate for one full day and he will return to the state he was in originally. That will be day twelve of the spell. If, during the following two days of the fortnight, he sees, or comes in contact with a dog, he will revert to his present condition. If he engages in any sexual activity of any kind, the spell will be completed and his fate set. That is my plan and the best I can do for the both of you."

"So after seven days Bill will be back to normal and all he has to do is not see or touch a dog for two more days until the fortnight is up."

"Exactly. But you have to be sure he doesn't touch or see another dog during those two days, not even a picture or anything, or he is right back to where he is now."

Sarah turned and looked down at me and asked, "Do you want to do this Billy?"

I thought about it. As it was, I was only one fuck away from doghood for life. If I understood Lydia correctly, that would still be the case, but I wouldn't have to go through ten more days of trying to control the uncontrollable. I would have seven days off so to speak and then have to control myself for just one day. After that, stay away from dogs for two days and it was over.

I looked up at Sarah and nodded my head and said, "Woof!"

Lydia rose from her chair and walked over to me, bent over and said, "The spell is set as it was cast but now is added another lesson for you to learn. Seven days you shall be as you are now from the setting of this sun to the rising of the eighth then the spell shall become as it was before. If you succeed after that, to your life you shall return but fail and it shall be the canines turn. Whether man or beast your age shall be of man but your mind, speech, and sight shall be of both. If at the end of the beast you are, then your seed shall be one of the dog and one of the man. That is my spell, that is your curse and it shall remain as such until the final setting."

Sarah just sat there with her mouth open. I felt something wash over me like a warm glow and then subside. Lydia walked over to the chair she had been sitting in before and sat down again. She smiled as she picked up her glass of soda pop and took a short drink. Then she smiled and said, "Casting spells always makes me thirsty."

Sarah looked over at Lydia and asked, "So he is sort of frozen in the spell now?"

"No, not yet. Not until the setting of today's sun. My spells draw their power from the sun and this spell runs to the setting sun. That means he will have to control himself till then. You might want to try this," Lydia said as she reached into her large purse. She rummaged around for a bit and pulled out a large collar and a leash and handed it to Sarah. If you keep him on a short leash he might just make it to the setting sun."

Sarah turned in her chair and fastened the collar around my neck. After it was in place she clipped the leash to the D-ring on the collar and slipped the other end over her hand and around her wrist. Sarah giggled and said, "I've always wanted to keep you on a short leash figuratively, now I've done it literally."

Now that was a strange feeling having a collar around my neck. I was tied to Sarah by a collar and a leash. I heaved a big sigh and laid down at her feet and drifted off to sleep while the two of them talked. It seemed like they were becoming good friends as they discussed spells, witchcraft, and other magic stuff. I wasn't interested in.

When Lydia left, Sarah stood up, gave a short jerk on my leash and said, "Come on boy, time to go in the house for dinner."

As I entered the kitchen there was a smell that set my saliva glands on end. I didn't know what it was but it sure smelled great. Sarah took my leash off, walked over to the counter and started unwrapping something. I tried bouncing up on my hind legs but she kept moving so I couldn't see what it was. "You just calm down there boy. You'll get you dinner in a minute."

She moved to the cutting board and started to cut something up and then she put it into a bowl. I had no idea how I was reacting to all this but Sarah certainly noticed. She held the bowl up high and said, "You should see yourself Billy. If you wag that tail of yours any harder you'll knock yourself off your feet. Now calm down and sit. This is sort of a special treat for you because I don't have anything else in the house for you. I'll get you some more food tomorrow but for now you'll have to live with this," she said as she placed the bowl on the floor.

I looked into the bowl. It was cut up chunks of raw meat. "That's one of those steaks you bought the other day to have on the BBQ. I took them out of the freezer this morning just in case they were needed. Don't expect steak for dinner every night," she laughed.

I wasn't sure about eating raw meat like this but it smelt so damn good that I tentatively tried a piece. As I chewed on it the flavor was wonderful. I loved it and was soon gobbling down the rest of the bowl. While I was eating, Sarah let Duchess into the house and gave her a bowl with the other steak cut up in it.

When we had finished eating, Sarah put Duchess in the garage. "I think it best if you two are separated until the sun goes down. Then all I have to worry about is watching you. Let's watch some TV now."

I finished licking the bowl clean and looked up at her and said, "Woof, ruff ruff ruff," and trotted over to the back door.

"Oh. So you need to go outside first?"


"Ok, boy," she said as she opened the door and we stepped out onto the patio.

I headed straight for my tree and was about to lift my leg when Sarah shouted, "Hey! Spread it around. You'll kill the grass and hurt the tree if you use that one spot all the time," so I held off and went in search of another likely spot. I think I sniffed every tree in the yard before I found the one that I needed and finally lifted my leg. After that it was out behind the shed and I was done.

Sarah and I spent the evening watching TV as I laid on my towel on the couch with my head in her lap and her slowly scratching behind my ears. I think it was totally subconscious on her part that she was treating me just as she would a dog but at the time, I didn't care. I felt really good and I quickly drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew Sarah was shaking my head. "Hey boy, time to wake up and go to bed," she said smiling down at me.

I jumped down and headed for the bedroom. I was walking in circles on my bed on the floor when Sarah came in. "You're not sleeping there tonight, Billy," she said with a big smile. "Tonight you sleep with me. The spell is on hold for the next seven days, remember?" she said with that mischievous smile of hers as she quickly stripped off her clothes and threw them about the room.

I was across the room in a heart beat and hopped up into the bed. At first I was all enthused with the idea of being allowed back in bed with Sarah but then the experiences of the past five days came back to me and fear set in. What if the old lady was just jerking our chain? What if this would be the last time needed to fulfill the spell? I knew Sarah trusted her but I still had my doubts.

I must have whined or maybe Sarah read my body language. Whatever it was she sensed that something was wrong and seemed to know what it was. "Don't worry boy. I know it will be ok. Lydia just isn't the type to lie to us. I trust her."

I tried to tell her what I was thinking, "Ut ooo rrrrnnnn aaaa oooggg," but it didn't come out real well.

"What did you say?" Sarah asked.

I concentrated hard and said, "Ut you arenn a dog, I emmm." But it wasn't much better so I tried again, "But � you - aren't � a - dog, - I - am."

"See. You can talk. It's just like Lydia said you would be able to do. She wasn't lying," Sarah explained as she sat on the bed beside me. "Now we can have some fun," she said with a shit eating grin and then started to pet and stroke me.

Her hand slowly worked its way from my head to my back and then around my side and down to massage my sheath encased cock. A cock that soon put in an appearance and peaked out of the end of my soft furry sheath. I groaned and rolled over on my back and Sarah's voice growled out, "Now you're mine. You're the dog of my fantasies. The one that I always wanted," as she slowly moved her face down licking and chewing on my hair covered chest until she reached her goal.

Her long reddish goal with the pointy tip was waiting for her as she slipped her mouth around it and started to work it with her tongue a she made 'yummy' sounds. "Mmmm. Murffff. Mmmmm. Oh Billy, that's a good boy. Yes! Yes yes yes. Murf,"

She kept it up until I felt like I was going to explode. She seemed to sense where I was at and rolled off the bed to the floor where she got on her hands and knees and looked up at me with her wanting eyes. She didn't need to say a word. I was off the bed and on her a moment later with my cock probing for my goal.

I found it and plunged in. My hips jack hammered with a speed that I had never achieved before. My forelegs wrapped around her and my claws dug into her sides. I grabbed a shank of her hair in my teeth and pulled back leveraging myself deeper into her, pounding harder and deeper with each stroke.

The familiar feel of my knot emerging and pressing against her outer lips only served to make me put more effort into each stroke until I drew back to my limit and plunged with all my animal strength and drove it deep into her. Sarah let out a gargled scream and pushed back at me. I could feel the tip of my cock hit bottom and try to penetrate her cervix. I wanted it all and I was going to get it.

The muscles of Sarah's vagina clamped down on me as my know grew larger inside of her and I rammed home again and again. I felt my balls contract and the rush of my juices shoot through my shaft and into her waiting receptacle. Sarah screamed and I threw my head back and howled. Then I collapsed on her back panting hard with my long tongue lolled out the side of my mouth.

When I recovered my breath I slipped off Sarah's back and stood on the floor and then, with a move learned after my time with Duchess, I lifted my leg up and over her back and stood butt to butt with Sarah as we waited for my knot to diminish.

Sarah cooed and moaned as we stood there waiting. "That � was � all � I � ever thought � it � would be � in my � fantasies," she panted between breaths. God you were fantastic, Billy!"

"So were you," I managed to squeak out.

It took about fifteen minutes before I felt my knot shrink and start to slip out of her. By the time we finally separated, we were both completely worn out. Sarah crawled across the floor, up into the bed and pulled the covers over herself.

For a few moments I just stood there and waited for the feelings of change to wash over me… they never came. Relieved, I walked over to the bed, hopped up and laid down with my back pressed against Sarah's. She wiggled a bit and pressed back at me and we both drifted off to sleep.

Day Five

The next morning I woke up before Sarah and got down from the bed. I had a pressing need and had to find a place to relieve it. I tried my best to open the patio door but to no avail. I managed the deadbolt but the slick round doorknob was impossible. Even with my larger mouth and teeth I couldn't turn it and pull at the same time.

Matters were getting desperate and I headed for the bathroom but knew the toilet was not an option so I gave up and went back into the bedroom and pressed my cold wet nose against Sarah's cheek. She groaned and opened her eyes and said, "Don't do that boy. Your nose is cold and wet," and then she pulled the covers up, closed her eyes again and snuggled down to go back to sleep. She was always hard to wake up.

"I gotta go," I said to her.

"Where you going?" she mumbled back.

"I gotta go outside, now!" I told her. "I mean right now, Sarah! Please," I was almost begging her.

That woke her up a bit and she stumbled out of bed and weaved her way to the back door and held it open for me. After I went out she closed the door behind me. She must have gone back to bed because after I had found just the right places to leave my mark and was finished, I wanted back in but found myself locked out. I thought to myself, 'Great! Now I'm stuck out here until she wakes up. I could be out here for hours. Glad the weather is decent.'

Anyway, I wandered around the back yard for awhile and then I heard the next door neighbors let Missy out for her morning potty break. I could smell her immediately; she was still in heat. I went over to the fence and looked between the boards and saw her as she wandered around looking for the right spot. Darn she was a fine looking dog. She had that long red hair that flowed like waves when she trotted and moved around. A fleeting thought crossed my mind, 'I wonder what Irish Setter/German Shepherd pups look like and what would they be called? Irish Shepherds? German Setters? Gerish Setherds?'

I paced up and down the length of the fence sniffing the air and as I did I became more agitated by her scent. Soon she was over at the fence and sniffing too. Then she found a spot that the fence was a bit higher off the ground and started to dig. I took the hint and started digging on my side. Boy it was easy to dig with my long claws.

It wasn't long before she wriggled her way under the fence and was sniffing and checking me out. I was doing the same to her and shortly after she gave my partially extended penis a few licks and presented herself to me. What a fine sight it was too.

I didn't hesitate for a moment. This was great. I could have wild sex with a great looking redhead in my back yard and no one was going to arrest me or really have anything to say about it… or so I thought. I had just gotten up a good rhythm when I heard a yell form the next yard, "Missy! No! Stop that right now!"

I heard it but it had little or on effect on Missy… or me for that matter. Instinctively I knew time was short so I grabbed the back of her neck in my teeth and humped for all I was worth. My knot had just passed into her vagina and I was on the edge when our next door neighbor, Mary, opened the gate and came charging towards us. I felt the blessed glow of release just before I felt her hand smack my ass shortly followed by her foot repeatedly kicking me.

I yelped, slid off Missy and threw my leg over her back to stand facing my attacker and the despoiler of a great time. I looked up at her, my lips curled back to expose my bared teeth and I let out a deep growl. She froze for a moment then backed off and stood there in her bathrobe and slippers quaking in fear. Guess she never learned that you don't mess with a dog that is eating or having wild passionate sex.

All the noise must have disturbed Sarah because shortly I heard the patio door open and she was rushing across the yard towards our little gathering. "Leave them alone, Mary!" she yelled. Then more calmly, "You'll only get yourself bit if you disturb them now. They're tied together. The deed is done and it's too late to stop it now."

Mary moved over towards Sarah and said, "Look what your dog has done. Missy could get pregnant!"

Sarah gave a little chuckle and said, "My dog? You seem to forget whose backyard you're standing in. Looks to me like Missy came looking to have an itch scratched and Billy helped her out."

Thereafter followed an exchange of opinions and a decision that what was needed was a cup of coffee at the picnic table on the patio. Sarah went In the house and came out with the mugs, coffee pot and some donuts. I have no idea where she had those donuts hid. If I had, Mary wouldn't have gotten one.

After Missy and I separated we both laid out under the old Oak tree for awhile licking ourselves clean. I don't know what went on between them but by the time Mary left everything seemed to be settled. I hadn't been all that concerned because Missy and I were having way too much fun running and wrestling all over the back yard and I really didn't care about what they discussed at all.

After Mary left with Missy, Sarah let Duchess out to play. Sarah looked at me and said, "I imagine you will be getting it on with her too but I don't suppose it will do any harm now considering yesterday."

I was still a little spent so it was about an hour before Billy the Beast showed any interest. Then Duchess and I definitely did 'get it on.' Life was good. The only thing that worried me was how long dogs were in heat and how often. So little time.

Later that morning, Sarah and I made some plans for the week. She had the week off and wanted to get out of town and thought that in my new form I might enjoy going out to her family farm to run around the fields with Duchess.

Her mom and dad were going to be gone on a five day vacation and they said she could have the place to herself while they were gone if she would take care of the animals. I never cared for the farm but now it held some sort of appeal to me so I agreed.

Sarah said, "Well, if we're going then I need to call Mom and we need to pack."

"Unless you have a spare collar for me, I don't think I have anything to pack. I don't need a change of hair for the trip." I answered.

"Well you don't have much other than your leash but I do have to go to the pet store and buy some food and a couple of bowls for you and Duchess."

"Yeah. I guess I'm going to be eating dog food for the next week, huh?" and I whined a couple of times.

"Don't you dare whine at me like that. You're the one that quite literally screwed yourself into the position you're in." My tail drooped between my legs and I walked to the living room and curled up on the floor. It was weird when I thought back on it because I had reacted just like a scolded dog. I remembered Lydia saying something about I would have both human and dog instincts in my head or something like that.

Anyway, Sarah went shopping, packed her suitcase and put everything in the car for our trip the next day and I slept. It was great. Normally she would have me lugging all the stuff to the car and going out for the food. I just laid there and watched her work for a change.

We had dinner, Sarah at the table and Duchess and me on the floor in the corner of the kitchen from our new bowls. She must have gotten the best dog food made because it tasted great. I had that bowl cleaned in no time and licked the juices from the bottom. I was actually getting used to eating from a bowl on the floor and it wasn't that bad.

When I finished I sat next to Sarah while she ate and unconsciously my long tongue worked itself out and around my muzzle cleaning up the last bits of my dinner. I continued to sit there and watch her eat. I watched each forkful of food as it went from the plate too her mouth. It smelled really good but she never missed or dropped even the tiniest morsel. Damn.

She was almost done when she turned and looked down at me and said, "You really shouldn't sit there expectantly waiting for food to drop. Its like begging." Then she smiled and held a piece of meat out towards me and said, "You want this last piece?"

I stood up with my tail wagging and let out a short, "Woof," and she said, Ok, sit!" I sat immediately and she held it to my mouth. I snapped it from her hand and it was down my throat without ever touching my teeth.

"You really should chew your food better, Billy," she said and then turned and gave Duchess a piece too.

After dinner she cleaned up the kitchen and we watched TV. I spent most of the evening sleeping on my towel next to her. TV just didn't seem all that interesting to me.

Just before bed, Sarah let us out into the back yard for our potty break. I had noticed earlier that during the day someone filled in Missy's escape tunnel but that evening on my last trip to the back yard before bed, she was waiting in the back yard for a repeat performance and I gladly obliged her. I'm sure that re-digging that hole was no problem for her just like plugging her hole was no problem for me.

It was a good thing that Missy was there that night. Because Sarah did all of the packing earlier, she was too tired and sore to do anything when I curled up to her in bed that night. I just lay down on the bed next to her as she drifted off to sleep.

Day Six - Eleven

The next morning we left after breakfast. Sarah bought some kind of harnesses for Duchess and me that fastened into the seatbelts. She said it was for our safety in case of an accident. I was up front with Sarah and Duchess was in the back seat.

After we had been on the road for just a bit I thought of something. I put my paw on the electric window control and rolled the window down. As soon as it was down, I stuck my head out and faced into the wind. As I let the wind hit me and I breathed in, holy shit what a rush! I was getting every smell that we passed shot into my nose and nasal cavity at sixty miles per hour. I was having a sensory overload. It was absolutely fantastic and I couldn't get enough of it.

When I finally pulled my head back in and told Sarah how great it was, she laughed at me. I just let her laugh, shrugged, and put my head back out the window. I figured, 'Fine. Let her laugh. See if I share any more dog secrets with her.' I eventually rolled the window back up, curled up on the seat, and fell asleep for the rest of the trip.

When we arrive at her parent's farm, Sarah let Duchess and me out of the car. The first thing I had to do was answer Mother Nature's call. Only problem was that there were so many new scents to check out first. I had to sniff all over the front yard before I found a worthy spot. By the time Duchess and I were done, Sarah had opened the house, unloaded the car and even had our diners laid out on the kitchen floor.

That evening we walked around the farm and I reacquainted myself with the place. I had been there a number of times with Sarah to visit her folks but had never taken any interest in it. It was a farm. It had dusty fields and pastures, dirty barns and out buildings, filthy animals and nasty smells. All I wanted back then was to get back to the city where I belonged. But now, now I was seeing things from a whole new angle, literally.

I was a lot closer to the ground and the odors were far more intense, almost overwhelming. I took me some time to sort it all out but I was learning. Duchess seemed to adapt better than I did but then being a dog wasn't all new to her.

She started up game of tag with a nip to my side and when I whirled around to get her, she was gone like a shot cross the fields. I was soon in hot pursuit. You have no idea how exhilarating it is to run like that. I ran at top speed after her and was able to jump over short stone walls, dodge obstacles and leap over the creek with ease. I ran further, faster, and longer than I ever could have as a human.

I didn't catch her that time. She was too fast and too used to being a dog. I finally had to give up the chase and with a couple of barks I let her know that I gave up. We both walked back towards the house panting and with our tongues hanging out the sides of out mouths.

On the way back I smelled something that instinct told me was good and that I needed. By the time I had located a direction for the odor, Duchess was already headed in that direction. I followed her and found the source of the smell, it was the creek. I had smelled water!

We both walked down to the edge of the creek and without a thought I stuck my snout down to the water and lapped up great quantities of the cold, refreshing liquid. It felt great going down and tasted better than any beer I ever had. It cooled me down almost instantly.

Duchess waited for me to finish and then we both continued back to the house. When we got there I went up on the porch and without even thinking about it, I scratched on the door for Sarah to let us in.

It worked. Sarah came to the door and looked down at the two of us. "Well, looks like you two have been having a good time. Your hair is filled with burrs. Hang on, let me get the brush and comb and get you guys back in shape."

When she came back out on the porch she started with Duchess and told me to go play in the yard until it was my turn. I went down the steps and wandered around the yard sniffing out every scent I could find and trying to identify it.

While I was searching I came upon a smell that really got to me. I pushed my nose deep into the grass and sniffed it really hard trying to figure out what it was. I never did figure it out but it smelled so good I dropped onto my back and rolled back and forth in the area of the smell. When I got back up it was still there so I did it again. After three or four times I had that odor all over my back and could smell it anytime I wanted.

Just then Sarah called me and I went up and let her brush and comb out all the burrs from my hair. Boy that felt good. Especially when she combed my rump just before my tail. I just relaxed and luxuriated in the sensations.

When she had all of the burrs out she patted my head and gave me a shove. "There you go boy. You're all brushed out and your coat is all nice and shiny again." I stood and wagged my tail as I looked up at her. "Woof!" She stood there looking down at me with her hands on her hips and said, "You know, outside of your slightly odd shaped ribcage you are a really fine looking animal. If you went all the way I think you could take first place in just about any dog show."

That was not the sort of thing I wanted to hear. It seemed that the further the changes went, the more she thought of and treated me like, a dog. She was calling me 'Billy" now all the time and she had always called me Bill before, William when she was pissed. Now she had started to call me 'Boy' every now and then and sometimes even 'Billy boy.' Plus there were the other little things she did and said that when all added together seemed to me that she was beginning to think of me more as her dog than her boyfriend and fianc�. Now she was saying that I could win at dog shows. I wondered if she wanted, or preferred me as a dog. It was getting worrisome.

After our grooming session we went into the house where Sarah announced that our dinner was ready and laid out for us as she pointed to the bowls on the floor in the corner of the kitchen. I trotted over to mine, ate every last morsel in the bowl and then licked it clean. Feeling sated I sat and licked my muzzle clean while I watched Sarah as she sat at the table eating her dinner. It's weird being able to lick your nose clean.

When she finished, Sarah called us, "Duchess. Billy. Here girl. Here boy. Time to go out and take care of the other animals now."

She had done it again. I was now being included among the 'animals' that needed taking care of. It bothered me and I thought about it as I followed her out the kitchen door to the barn.

Her folks didn't keep any large livestock on the place. They used to and I could still smell the faint odor of animals that weren't there any longer. As her mom and dad got older they said they were too much work, too much money and too little gain to be bothered with them. Now all they had were some chickens, a few ducks and a couple of pigs. Sarah had often said that if we ever moved out there she planned to get some horses and cows again just because she liked them.

It didn't take her long to care for the 'other' animals. While she was busy with them I nosed around the barn and checked out some more new smells. I also marked a few spots as mine. I don't know why I did it. I just felt the need.

We'd been out there for about fifteen minutes when my sharper ears picked up on something. My head went up and my ears moved to get the best advantage. I soon zeroed in on the source, a barn cat. It was hiding but I saw it and barked just before I took off after it at a dead run.

It leapt from its hiding place and shot out the barn door with me in hot pursuit. I just about caught the thing but it made it to a tree in the side yard and was up it and out of my reach just a hair's breath before I got there. I paced around the trunk of that tree barking and growling at the hissing cat until I heard, "Billy! Stop that this instant! Bad boy. You leave that poor cat alone," as she walked up beside me and smacked me across my muzzle. "What's the matter with you? You should know better. You're a very bad dog! What would you have done if you caught it? Now you go sit on the porch until I get done with the other animals," and she walked off back towards the barn.

My tail dropped between my hind legs and my head went down as I started towards the porch. A last look back at the cat and I saw it was looking at me with a very smug look about it. I let out a quiet woof and a low growl and continued to the porch thinking, 'This is not over, cat!'

As I sat on the porch waiting for Sarah I was deep in thought. I wasn't her boyfriend anymore much less her fianc�. I was her dog. I was just an animal. She had said as much when she stopped me with the cat. I was a 'very bad dog' and I had to sit on the porch until she was 'done with the other animals.' That's what I was to her now, another animal, a dog.

As an aside, I didn't know it at the time but Sarah was having a lot of conflicting feelings with a fair amount of guilt added. She had seen me change and knew it was me inside the hair suit but when she looked at me she also saw a dog and she felt conflicted. Then there was the sex thing. Fantasies are one thing, doing them is another altogether. She had lived her fantasy, a fantasy that she knew was morally wrong.

If she had sex with me as her boyfriend, that was ok, but when she saw me as a dog, was that still ok? Was I actually still her boyfriend or was I an animal. Her fantasy was with an animal and her fantasy had been fulfilled. Did that mean I really was an animal now? If so, then what she was doing was wrong. Yeah, as she explained much later when she sorted it all out, she was very confused and my mere presence was causing her mental anguish.

Anyway, getting back on track, when Sarah was done, she and Duchess came back to the house and we sat and watched TV for the rest of the night. Every tie I tried to get close to her or lay my head on her lap she pushed me away. I eventually gave up and just laid on the floor. After the eleven o-clock news, Sarah decided it was time for bed. She got up and said, "Ok you two, time to go outside."

I figured she meant that we needed to take care of business before we went to bed for the night but that was only part of it. She informed us that we would not be sleeping with her. She said, "I let you two into the house for the evening but Mom would never allow you in here. I certainly can't have you in the bedroom with me. Mom would have a fit if she found out. So, it's out to the barn or wherever you want to spend the night. Maybe you can get in a little nighttime fun before you go to sleep," and she unceremoniously ushered us both out the door. I heard it close and lock behind us.

I couldn't fucking believe it! I was kicked out to the barn for the night like a common dog. At the time, I planned to have a long and very serious conversation with Sarah in the morning when we went back in the house. It never happened. We were never allowed back into the house and Sarah was not receptive to serious conversations with her dog.

I was totally pissed as I went down the porch steps into the side yard and headed towards the barn but about halfway across the yard I stopped and looked around. Something was different. Then I realized what it was, I could see. I could see really well. Back at home the patio lights were always on when I went out at night but Sarah had not turned on the outside lights when she let us out. It was dark but I could see clearly. Not as well as in daylight, everything was black and white. But I could see a hell of a lot better than I could usually see at night. I had night vision!

For the time, I forgot about being pissed at Sarah and just wandered around the barnyard checking things out. My meanderings gradually took me further and further away from the yard and Duchess and I were soon prowling the fields.

I spotted it first. A shape in the distance that moved. I froze in place and felt the hackles along my back rise. My senses sharpened and I was on full alert. Duchess took on much the same posture as she scanned for what I saw. When she found it she let out a very soft guttural growl. The shape froze.

Every muscle in my body became taut and ready for action as I watched. Then it made a break for it and my body responded. The hunt was on. It swung to the left and I swung wider to cut it off. It saw me and turned back to the right but Duchess had already anticipated that move and had it cut off in that direction. It turned back to the left again but I was almost on it by that time.

I recognized the form now. It was a good-sized rabbit. I was close enough to smell the fear and it drove me on harder. The rabbit wove a crooked trail twisting to the left and then the right as it ran but I ran to its left and Duchess to its right. Its weaving flight only served to make it easier for us to catch up to it. All conscious thought was diverted to pure hunting instinct. All my senses were concentrated on one thing, the hunt, and hopefully, the kill.

I caught up to the rabbit first and as I came alongside it, I twisted my neck down and opened my jaws. My teeth sank into the rabbit's neck and I could taste its blood as I dug my claws into the soft dirt and came to a stop. I twisted my head violently and felt the small creatures neck snap. My senses told me it was dead but I continued to twist and snap my head back and forth and felt my teeth sink deeper and rip into its flesh.

I stopped and lowered my kill to the ground and placed a forepaw on its body and ripped into its flesh as hard as I could with my large canine fangs. The blood flowed onto my tongue and into my mouth and I ripped at it all the harder until its internal organs started to fall from its body and stain the grass with blood. I gnawed the liver and heart from its body and devoured them. The taste was unbelievable.

Duchess walked up to me and I growled and lunged at her with my lips curled back and my teeth bared but I also kept my prize protected beneath me. She backed off, laid down in front of me, rolled to her back in a completely submissive position, and pissed on herself. I was the Alpha male and she acknowledged that fact!

I picked up the carcass in my jaws and moved further away from her. I lay down in the tall field grass, placed my front paws on the animal and continued to rip and tear it apart until finally getting to the meaty hindquarters. Those I ripped apart with my canines and devoured the bloody raw flesh.

I continued to eat until I had ripped the flesh from the bones and consumed the entire hindquarters of the rabbit. Hunger was not an issue; I had eaten a good dinner just a short while before. It was the hunt. It was the kill. It was my right!

After I cleaned the last of the meat from the bones of the hind end, I got up and walked a few paces from the dead carcass and let out a low bark to signal Duchess that she could have the remains. She understood and moved over to the remains and started to eat what I had left for her while I licked my muzzle and paws clean of the blood and small bits of flesh left clinging to my hair. I had never in my life felt so completely alive.

When Duchess finished, she cleaned up and we walked back to the barn and settled down for the night in some loose straw near the piled up bales. As I drifted off to sleep I felt the warmth of Duchess next to me and I heard the night sounds of small rodents as they scurried about the barn, the hoot of an owl in the rafters, and other night creatures as they moved about outside. I was comfortable and felt at peace. I thought back to the rabbit and tried to be disgusted with what I had done, but couldn't. Even in my human thoughts, it seemed right… but were my thoughts human or was I thinking like a dog but with a human mind? Or was it a dog's mind with human thoughts? I fell asleep.

Early the next morning I was awakened by the bang of the house door as Sarah came out to the barn to feed the animals. She brought our bowls with her and told us, "I decided that to keep the mess in the house down, I'll feed you guys out here. I didn't bother with water because there's the water trough outside hat fills automatically and you can always get a drink there or in the creek. I'll bring your bags of feed out later."

With that said she set the bowls down and left to do her chores while we ate. It seemed strange to me at the time but the dog food was actually tasting pretty good. Guess I was getting used to it. As I ate though, I remembered the taste of the rabbit the night before. Now that tasted great!

After she finished feeding the 'other' animals, she found Duchess and me in the barn. She walked up to me and said, "Well, you two and all of the other animals have been fed so I'm going to do some chores in the house and I'll see you later for the evening feeding," and she walked back to the house.

It was obvious that she had some issues but I had no clue what they were at the time. I initially thought she was treating me like a total dog so I would get a taste of it and want to go back to being myself bad enough to lay off the sexual romps that got me in this fix. Not a bad ploy really. But I found later that it was far more than that as I said earlier.

Duchess and I headed out to the fields and wandered aimlessly for the rest of the day. Every once in awhile random thoughts would enter my mind such as the way Sarah was treating me and what it would be like to get back to normal, but for the most part I just wandered, played with Duchess and of course I also jumped her bones whenever I was up to it.

The things that stick out most in my mind now about that time and the rest of my adventures on the farm were my new found senses. Oh I'd always had a pretty keen sense of smell and my eyesight was better than twenty/twenty. My hearing had always been excellent and I enjoyed very good health. But what I was and what I had could not even be compared to what I was that week on the farm. My senses had increased a hundred-fold or maybe a thousand-fold.

That first day when Duchess and I returned to the farmhouse I instantly knew that Sarah had been outside after we left. I knew where she walked and I could tell the difference between the scents on her tracks which were the oldest and which were the newest. With time I was able to guess how long it had been since she passed.

As the days went by and I was immersed in the complete life of a dog. I was able to sort out my new and improved senses. My movements became more instinctual and I thought less about being a dog and just was a dog. I lived outside all of the time. Duchess and I were no longer permitted into the house. The excuses ran the gamut from dirty paws to shedding to fleas. Yeah, I got fleas. Beastly little bastards but they taught me how to scratch behind my ear with my hind paw.

Duchess' heat turned off on the third day there and after that she rejected all of my advances. By the fourth day it was no longer a problem. The scent of her had changed and I was no longer interested anyway. I did seem to detect the faint odor of a bitch in heat but it was too far away for me to be bothered tracing its source.

I didn't realize it at the time but Sarah was having her problems with the entire situation. She was dealing with her emotions and desires at having a fantasy fulfilled. She had gone through a period of euphoria in the beginning but that turned to guilt over her enjoyment of sex with an animal as I changed further into a dog. When it was still mostly me she was dealing with, she had no problem but as I dropped to all fours and became unrecognizable as a human her shame increased to the point that she had to kick me out of her bed and out of the house.

She still loved me but could not deal with the social taboos of bestiality. Even though she knew it was actually me, I was no longer a human in her eyes, I was an animal, a dog that used to be her boyfriend. She needed time to sort it all out and come to a conclusion. Her one ray of hope was that I would return to my normal human self and all of her concerns would be gone.

The fifth night there we were sleeping in the barn when I heard a disturbance out in the chicken yard. Duchess and I were there in a heart beat and came face to face with a small pack of coyote trying to make off with some chickens. We both went on the offensive immediately. With hackles up, ears back and teeth bared we attacked from across the barnyard. All but one of them ran off. Coyotes are basically cowards. The large mal that remained was the leader of the pack and refused to be intimidated. Big mistake.

I hit him first. As my massive jaws closed down on his throat just below his jaws, Duchess took out his left hind leg. She pulled his hind legs from under him and I ripped his throat out as I dropped and rolled. When I stood again, and opened my jaws ready to attack, a large chunk of his throat fell to the ground.

He made one last move and gurgled as his life's blood pumped onto the dirt of the chicken yard and I hit him again. Duchess still had his bent and broken leg in her jaws and was twisting and pulling as I tore more of his throat out. The fight lasted less than a minute and he was dead, the others scattered and were not seen again while we were there.

Sarah heard the commotion in the yard and showed up shortly afterwards with her fathers 30-06 Springfield rifle in her hands. She found Duchess and I as we were tearing into the abdomen of the coyote and tried to stop us. "Billy! Duchess! Back off! Stop!" she yelled.

I turned on her and from a low crouch my hackles went up and my teeth bared. I issued a low growl and snarl from the very depths of my being as I hung over my kill protecting it. At that moment the very basest of instincts ruled my actions. This was my kill and I would kill again to defend my right to it.

Sarah backed away and leveled the rifle at me. "Oh Billy, please. No."

I could smell Sarah's fear as it poured out from her pores and knew was in control. I stared her down as her hands shook on the rifle. Then Bill came back. My ears went up, my hackles down and I sat up with tail wagging. "Woof. I'm sorry Sarah. I was caught up in the moment. They were after the chickens. We stopped them."

"So I see," she said. "God you scared the shit out of me. You're a mess. You're covered with blood. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. He never laid a tooth on me. Wuf, wuf, wuf."

"Oh fine! Make a joke, laugh. I damn near shot you," she said as she moved closer to the dead coyote and shined her light on the body. "Oh � My - God! Billy, you ripped him to pieces!" and she looked back at me. "What were you going to do, eat him?" she asked.

I looked down at the ground when I answered her, "Actually, as you came up, I was ripping into his abdomen to get to his liver and heart. This isn't our first kill. There is something about it… Never mind. I can't explain it and you'd never understand if I did."

"Probably not and I don't think I want to know. Just leave the body alone tonight and I'll bury it in the morning. You two go clean yourselves up. I'll see you in the morning," and she slowly walked back towards the house. "Goodnight guys and good work," she said over her shoulder from across the yard.

Duchess and I waited until the lights in the house went off and then we finished with the coyote before going to the barn and cleaning up. We were both so covered with blood that we had to clean each other before going to sleep. Even so, the next morning I found that my hair was still matted with blood so I went to a shallow part of the creek and rolled in the water and then on the grass to clean myself off.

That was the last big adventure at the farm. By the time Sarah had packed the car on our last day I was so used to my life as a dog that I hardly said a word to her. Duchess and I just ran around playing in the yard until she was done and called us, "Billy. Duchess. Come on guys, it's time to go," and she looked down at me. "In the car boy. You can ride in the back this time." She buckled us both in and we left for home.

The ride back was uneventful and we arrived just before sunset of my eleventh day. The rising sun the next day would start the spell again. I had to remain celibate all day on the twelfth day. If I did I would be back to normal again. Then the hard part, I had to stay away from all dogs and dog images for two days.

We had our dinner and then Sarah gave us both a bath in the tub. After she washed the last of the farm from us we relaxed in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. At bedtime, Sarah put Duchess in the garage and we went to the bedroom. I had plans for one last romp before the spell started again but it wasn't to be.

I hopped up on the bed and was waiting for her when se came out of the bathroom. She took one look at me and said, "Just what do you think you're doing, boy? Get down off my bed and get into the corner where you belong. There'll be none of that tonight."

I slunk down off the bed like a scolded dog and went to my bed on the floor in the corner. I sniffed it over and walked around on it for a bit in small circles and then lay down. I let out a long sigh and closed my eyes. Sarah got into her bed and turned off the lights. "Goodnight Billy." So much for my plans.

Day Twelve

When I woke up in the morning I had a need to go outside but Sarah had closed the door to the bedroom, not to mention the back door so I had to wake her up. She was laying partially uncovered so I decided to be a little nasty to her for her rejection of me the night before.

I carefully moved her pajama top up a bit and stuck my cold wet nose on her warm stomach. That got her attention right quick. It also got me a smack across the snout.

"Yeow! What'd you do that for?" I yelled. "I was just trying to get you up. I need to go outside, like right now. Can you let me out?"

"Sorry boy. You startled me. Guess you know better than to do that again," she laughed as she got up out of bed and put her robe and slippers on. "As far as letting you out, no way. Not without being on your leash. I don't want you finding some stray bitch in the back yard and screwing yourself into permanent doghood."

Sarah went to the dresser and got my leash and snapped it to the D-ring on my collar and then took me out to the back yard. I started my usual walking around trying to find the right spot when she said, "Hey. It's chilly out here. Don't be so damn picky. Just take care of business and let's get back in the house." I headed straight for my favorite tree and lifted my leg and then dragged her out behind the shed for number two.

After that she dragged me back into the house, unhooked me and made my breakfast. While I was eating she took a bowl to Duchess out in the Garage.

The day was pretty uneventful really. Sarah kept an eye on me all day. When I needed out it was on a leash. All the doors and windows were closed and locked. We spent the day watching TV and waiting for sunset.

Funny thing was that when sunset came, I was asleep on my towel on the couch. I changed back to my normal self and never even woke up until Sarah shook me awake.

"Hey sleepyhead. Wake up. It's over."

"Huh? What's over?" I yawned.

"You're back. You're you again. It's all over except for staying away from dogs for two days. Come on. I have the spare bedroom all ready for you," she said.

I stretched a bit and opened my eyes. Everything was black. "I blindfolded you until you get to the spare room,: Sarah explained.

I slowly got up and stood there weaving and unbalanced. Four legs was so much more stable. Sarah steadied me as she guided me back to the spare bedroom. I found it really hard to walk upright.

After we were in she closed the door and turned on the lights. After she took off the blindfold, I could see that she had made a few modifications. She had large black plastic garbage bags over the windows, all the pictures were gone from the walls, the closet was empty, and all of her knick-knacks were gone. She had purged the room not only of all dogs but of everything. There was a bed with some clothes laid out on it, a chair, and a radio/CD player sitting on a table along with a pad and pen. That was all.

"You're going to live in here for the next two days. When you need to go, I'll blindfold you and take you down the hall to the bathroom. There's a gallon jug over there for emergencies and at night. I'll bring your meals to you in here," she explained. "You can listen to the radio or the CDs and you can write down your experiences on the pad as long as you don't draw pictures of any dogs."

She left the room after I promised not to even open the door let alone leave the room. The first thing I did was check myself out. I really was back to 'normal' again but it felt weird. In a way, even wrong. It was strange to be walking upright and slightly disorienting.

My senses were so dull that I kept sniffing the air like I was missing something. Where were the odors. I couldn't smell anything, comparatively speaking. It was the same for my hearing. I felt like I was almost deaf. I kept making noises to make sure I was still hearing. I couldn't hear anything outside the house anymore.

It bothered me so much that I decided to just shut it all out and go to sleep. I got up on the bed and smelled the pillow and the sheets and then twisted about for a bit until I was comfortable and laid my head down. After a moment I realized that I'd forgotten to pull up the sheets and blanket. I was cold without my long hair coat. It took a long time to get comfortable and finally doze off to sleep.

Day Thirteen

Sarah woke me up first thing in the morning and asked if I needed to go to the bathroom. Duh! Hello. It's the first thing I always have to do when I get up regardless of my species. She blindfolded me and took me to the bathroom and left me there. She said I could remove the blindfold and I found that the room was as well prepared for me as the spare room.

I did my business and took a shower and then called her for my return to the bedroom. I spent the day listening to the radio and CDs and writing my journal of the last two weeks. That's how I passed the day. The writing was the only thing that kept me from going mad in that sterilized environment. That and Sarah's visits, my meals, and my restroom breaks.

I finally gave up and went to bed fairly early that night. I lost my boredom in sleep.

Day Fourteen

My last day under the effects of the spell started off the same as the day before. It was after I had written about the time I spent on the farm with Duchess that something happened. I slowly came to the realization that I liked my time as a dog. Not only liked it, I loved it. I preferred it.

Sarah came into the room late that day and said she had to go out and did I need to use the bathroom before she left. This worried me considering my recent train of thoughts and I asked her if she absolutely had to go.

"Yes. I tried to get out of it but they need some confidential medical papers at work right now and I am the only one available that can open the combination file cabinet. I'll be gone an hour at the most. All you have to do is stay in here and keep writing. I'll be right back."

I pleaded again several more times but it was no good. While I was begging the phone rang again. They were checking to make sure she was coming. She had to go.

After she left I tried the radio and CDs and more writing. I wrote down all that I was feeling and tried to argue against it. It was no good. I quit writing and paced the floor of the bedroom not knowing what was wrong with me. I mean, shit, I was almost completely transformed into a dog. I was only one fuck away. I could spend the rest of my life running around on four legs with no hands, eating my food and drinking my water from bowls on the floor, having to ask to go outside so I could shit and piss in the back yard. I wouldn't be able to talk to people, answer the phone, use a computer because no one would believe a talking dog.

I'd live inside a fur coat forever, no more clothes. No more independence. I'd be dependent on someone else for everything, my food, shelter, health and even my very existence, No more car and no more driving; I'd be dependent on Sarah for transportation everywhere but then again, where would I need to go?. So why did it all have some strange appeal to the deep inner me?

So why did I look at myself in the wall mirror and not like what I saw? Why did I have a longing, a gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach? A feeling of loss like my best friend had just died. Why was I thinking about leaving the bedroom and letting Duchess out of the Garage so I could touch her, pet her?

I knew that Sarah would be back soon. She'd been gone almost an hour. My window of opportunity was smaller with each passing second. I knew that if I tried to talk to her she would fight me. She would never let me do it. Did I want to do it? Did I really want to spend the rest of my life as a dog? Or, more to the point maybe, did I really want to spend the rest of my life as a human?

I continued to pace the floor, glance in the mirrors, and ponder my situation. Dad always told me to never make an important decision under pressure but what choice did I have? There wasn't much left of the day. The spell ended with the setting sun and Sarah would be home in a few minutes at most. I had to decide. There had to be some way to decide what I really wanted. I sat on the edge of the bed and was trying to think when the sound of her car turning into the driveway caught my attention. Sarah! Sarah was home!

A feeling of panic hit the pit of my stomach like I had swallowed a block of ice. No more time to think. It was now or never and I knew it. I jumped from the bed, pulled open the bedroom door and raced towards the garage door. I could hear Duchess whine-howling for attention as she heard me approach the door. I stood in front of the door with my hand on the knob. It was the moment of truth. Duchess was on the other side. All I had to do was twist the knob, push the door open and step into the garage. Duchess would take care of the rest.

I heard the front door open and everything started to move in slow motion. I turned my head slowly and saw Sarah coming in the door. Then I saw the look of shock and fear cross her face as she shouted, "No! No, Bill! Don't do it! Please, don't do it!" while she was starting to run towards me.

I turned back to the garage door, twisted the knob, and pushed. There was no need to step into the garage. Duchess was all over me. In a flash her paws were on my chest and she was licking my face. I knew it was a done deal as soon as I felt the strange but familiar crawling feeling in my groin. I knew what was coming next.

Sarah reached me and shooed Duchess away and threw her arms around me. "Why?" was all she said.

All I could answer was, "I can't explain it. All I know is that for the last week on the farm I felt a freedom and rightness about myself that I never felt before. This is honestly what I want. Please help me."

Sarah Pushed Duchess back into the garage, took my hand and pulled me back to the bedroom. Once there she started to unbutton my shirt as she talked, "I don't understand, Bill. I love you. I want to marry you and have your children. I want to grow old with you. What do you mean that you felt right as a dog? How could that feel right?"

"I don't understand it all either, Sarah. It's kinda like that old saying, 'You don't know what you have until its gone.' Well, I didn't know until I was human again just how much I had enjoyed my life as a dog, or almost a dog. Consciously, I was so wrapped up in the idea of getting back to human form that I failed to realize what I had and what I was. I didn't let myself think about it until earlier today. Then you left me here alone in the bedroom while you went into work and that's when it all hit me. I suddenly knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life looking back and remembering my week as a dog as the happiest time of my life and unless I did something about it right away, that's all it would ever be, just a memory."

I was standing in the bedroom naked by the time the rest of the changes hit me. I slowly dropped to the floor on my hands and knees and felt a slight prickling as I saw the hair grow out all over my body. At the same time my legs distorted and my tail grew back out. This change was nothing like the first time around. It was at worst just a sort of queasy feeling in my muscles as they reformed and a crawling sensation as the hair grew in. There were a few sudden cracks and pops as my bones realigned but that was all. Fifteen minutes later, I was right back to where I had been a couple of days earlier.

I looked up at Sarah and said, "I'm sorry Sarah. I don't know if I was right or wrong to do what I did but there was so little time to decide I just went with my feelings and emotions rather than think it through like I usually do. Please don't hate me."

"I'll never hate you Billy. I love you and I'll keep on loving you as a human or as a dog for the rest of my life," and she knelt down next to me and threw her arms around my neck and cried a bit.

After a few moments she raised her head and said, "I'm going to see Lydia. Can I trust you to do absolutely nothing more until I get back? I don't want you to make the last change while I'm gone, got it?"

I nodded and said, "What do you want to see her about? I don't think there's anything she can do and I don't know that I would want her to if she could."

"I know she can't change you back and I know you don't want to. I just have a few questions for her. You just promise me to do nothing until I'm back."

"Ok, I promise."

I followed her to the front door and as she was going out she turned and said, "Ok, sit!" and I sat down on the floor next to the door. Sarah stared down at me with a stern look on her face, "Stay!" and turned and walked out closing the door behind her.

I sort of chuckled about her giving me the 'sit' and 'stay' commands and thought about getting up and moving to another place but for some reason, I couldn't. It was as if I was glued to the spot. Every time I thought about moving, something deep inside me kept me from doing it.

So there I sat for quite some time. The sun went down and it was quite dark outside when I heard Sarah and Lydia's voices and their footsteps on the walk outside.

Sarah opened the door and looked down at me, "Good boy, Billy. Release!"

I got up and walked beside her wagging my tail for a bit and then turned my attention to Lydia. I walked over to her as she sat down on the couch while Sarah was rummaging through the desk in the living room. Lydia patted my head and scratched behind my ears. It felt soooo good. She looked down at me and quietly said, "I knew this would happen. I just want you to know that it was not part of the spell. I had nothing to do with your decision. You made your choice of your own free will, but I knew it would happen."

Somehow I just knew she spoke the truth. I knew that it was totally my decision to return to the form of a dog and to live the rest of my life as a dog.

"Ah, I found it. Here Lydia. Is this all you need?" Sarah said as she handed her an envelope.

Lydia opened it up and removed some papers and looked them over. "These are perfect. This is all I need. Now when and where do you want to do it?" She said.

"Great!" Sarah exclaimed. "I think the best place to do it would be out back under Billy's favorite tree. It's a large old Oak tree with flowerbeds on both sides of it. It's also the very first tree he ever marked," she said with a snicker.

"I know the one you mean, Sarah. That would be the perfect place," Lydia said as she rose from the couch.

I followed them both out the back door onto the patio. Lydia set her purse down on the table and took out a small book and some other things wrapped in a cloth. She set them on a small table we had on the patio and then picked it up and walked with over to the old tree. I was confused and just stood there wondering what they were up to.

When Lydia reached the tree she placed the table near the trunk and spread the cloth out over it. Then she laid some other things out and turned back towards us.

She opened her book and started to read in her sonorous tone, "May the place of this rite be consecrated for the Gods for we gather here under the new moon in a ritual of love with two who would be wedded. Sarah and Billy please come forward and stand here before me, and before the gods of nature."

I looked up at Sarah questioningly, "Married?"

"Sarah turned to me and said, "Lydia is a priestess and she can officially marry us under the laws of this state. We already have the rings and license and we both already signed it. All it needs is the signature of a licensed official and two witnesses."

"But I'm a dog. You can't marry a dog in any state. I don't think there's anyplace in the world where you can marry a dog. And what witnesses?"

Sarah looked over at Lydia and then down at me and quietly said, "Billy, come. I'll explain later," and so I trotted next to her and sat down by her right side just the way she had trained me. I was coming to the realization that the fun times we had where she 'trained' me had gone far deeper that I knew at the time. They now seemed to be ingrained responses that I just reacted to without thinking.

As I sat there, Lydia turned towards her makeshift alter and lit two white candles then turned back to us. She walked up to Sarah with something made of cloth and put it on her head. It was a veil.

She told Sarah to kneel down beside me then Lydia backed up and spoke, "Be with us here, O beings of the Air and with your clever fingers tie closely the bonds between these two. Be with us here, O beings of Fire and give their love and passion your own all-consuming ardor. Be with us here, O beings of Water and give them the deepest of love and the richness of the body, of the soul and of the spirit. Be with us here, O beings of Earth and let your strength and constancy be theirs for so long as they desire to remain together. Blessed Goddess and Laughing God, give to these before you, we do ask your love and protection. Blessed Be."

Lydia turned back to the table and then back to us. She held a stick between her hands with our two rings on it. She knelt down and said, "Place your right hands, his over hers, over this Wand of Willow from which hang your rings."

Sarah put her right hand over the wand and I put my right front paw on her hand. Lydia started in again, " Above you are the stars, below you are the stones. As time does pass, remember like a star should our love be constant. Like a stone should your love be firm. Be close, but not too close. Posses one another, but be understanding. Have patience each with the other for storms will come, but they will quickly go. Be free in the giving of affection and warmth. Make love often, and be sensuous with one another. Have no fear and let not the ways or words of the unenlightened give you unease for the Goddess and the God are with you, Now and Always."

There she paused for a bit and then started again, " Is it your wish, Sarah to become one with this man?"

Sarah answered, "Yes, it is."

"Is it your wish, Billy to become one with this woman?"

I looked over at Sarah and then back to Lydia and said, "Yes."

Lydia looked over our heads and around the yard and asked," Do any here present say nay?" and she waited for a moment. "Then, as the Goddess and the God and the Old Ones are witness to this rite, I now proclaim you husband and wife."

Lydia took the rings from the wand and placed one on Sarah's left ring finger and fastened the other to the D-ring on my collar. "You may now kiss the bride, Billy."

I gave Sarah a wet lick to her cheek and she kissed the end of my nose. Lydia took some things from the table and placed two small bowls on the ground in front of me and handed Sarah a glass and a piece of cake. "You may now drink the wine and eat the cake as husband and wife and revel in the night that follows."

I don't know when Lydia left but when I looked up from the wine and cake she was gone and the makeshift alter was just a small table back on the patio. Sarah and I went back into the house and did our best to 'revel.'

When Sarah and I finished our first round of 'reveling,' the last change hit me. My ribs started to alter configuration. The typically human oval shape with the flat chest started to be compressed from the sides and my sternum was pushed forward. My shoulders narrowed and my forelegs took a normal position at my sides. I felt like I was caught in a giant vise and being compressed. I felt and heard some cracking and popping as my spine and ribs did their final adjustments and then it was over.

The first thing that I realized was that I, Bill, was still present and cognizant of who and what I was. I knew all that I had known before. As I turned my head and looked into the mirror, I also knew that I was a very large, and very good looking German Shepherd and that this was how I would spend my life.

Sarah was sitting on the bed waiting for the finish. I sat up on my haunches and looked up at her and said, "Woof . Ruff rrrrruuufff ruff."

"Billy? Are you still in there?" Sarah asked. "Can't you talk?"

I opened my mouth and did a doggy smile for her and said, "Sure I can talk but you need to learn to speak dog. I just said that now that it's over, we need to get back to reveling," and we did.

Day Fourteen Plus One

Sarah and I had a long talk the next day. She explained that Lydia had mentioned she was a priestess and was licensed by the state to perform marriage ceremonies when they had talked. "When I went to see her yesterday I explained that we wanted to get married and already had the license and the rings but now that you were mostly a dog was there anything that she could do to help us. Lydia talked to me for a long time and asked a bunch of questions before she said that she could help us out and explained everything to me."

"But how can she marry us the way I am now? You can't possibly be married to a dog. No one will recognize that."

"They don't need to. As far as the rest of the world is concerned I'm married William Lloyd and he is on a long term assignment with his work in the Middle East. He's not due back for at least five years. I will continue to live here for awhile with my two dogs, Billy and Duchess and then move to where Bill's next assignment takes him. It just means that we will be moving about every five years or so but that's not a problem with my work because I can just request a transfer to another state. They have hospitals all over the country that I can work in."

"Someone's gonna get wise after awhile. Like the tax guys. Like I don't really have a job or an income."

We'll sort out the small details later, but I can tell you that you will not be just laying around in the shade and goofing off all day. Lydia is taking care of your registration papers and Duchess already has hers. You are going to be my prize stud. You are going to father many, many puppies and I will enter you in dog shows. With your conformations and looks and you learning exactly what to do and when, we will win with ease. Your stud fees and selling your pups will provide a great income for us."

What Sarah was saying finally sunk in and I realized that I was going to spend my life prancing around in a show ring and I'd be getting paid good sums of money to fuck other peoples dogs. "I'm going to get paid money to have sex with other dogs? That's like being a male dog prostitute," I said.

"Exactly," Sarah responded. "After you win a lot of shows and are a champion you will be a very high priced one too and I believe the term is gigolo for you guys."


Two weeks after we were married two envelopes showed up in the mail. One was our official marriage license from the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The other was from the AKC and had my official registration papers. I was officially a registered one year old German Shepherd named Koenig Wilhelmus Lloyd, Billy for short. I have no idea how Lydia worked it all out and I wasn't about to ask.

Sarah took me to the vets for a checkup. I needed everything. Now that was a fun trip. They talked her into a full deal checkup, a health evaluation, all of the shots, a flea bath and grooming, deworming and teeth cleaning. At least she stood firm when the vet suggested I be neutered. I felt my balls cringe when I heard that one. She told him I was a champion stud and that if he got anywhere near my balls she would have his in her hands. When it was all over I walked out of the vet's office with a county dog tag and a rabies tag jingling off the D-ring of my collar.

I learned exactly what the judges in the shows looked for and wanted. I knew the routines perfectly and after my third show I was consistently placing in first or second and was usually best of show.

Sarah bought three more females, all of champion stock and I was in charge of taking care of their needs. Heh, heh, great work if you can get it.

It's been a little over three years now and I have sired twenty seven puppies for Sarah from her females. She calls them bitches and I know that's the proper terminology but I just can't bring myself to refer to those beautiful ladies in that way. Sarah tells me that I've sired over ninety pups from other ladies that I've been introduced to and she says that I should live a normal human lifespan. It boggles the mind.

Sarah finally let me know what Lydia meant when she said, "If at the end of the beast you are, then your seed shall be one of the dog and one of the man." She thought it would be a good idea to let me know that I still have one of my human testicles and the other one is a dog's. So, William Lloyd Jr. was born about a year and a half ago and Sarah and I are expecting a girl in four months. Her name will be Lydia Lloyd. Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Well that's about it. Now you know exactly what has happened to William Lloyd and that he is better than alive and well.

Oh, one last thing. Irish Setter and German Shepherd mix puppies are truly beautiful. They all looked like redheaded German Shepherds.

The End

By Umgestalten
� 25 November 2007


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