Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I had just spent a few days as a horse, and I was ready for a change. I thought that being a horse would be awesome, but it was a pretty lazy lifestyle. All I did was eat, sleep, and shit. What I really wanted now was some alone time to jack off. As a horse I had a massive dick that I couldn’t use, so I needed to get some action. Cheyenne was leading me into the house and I was still a horse. Once inside the house, Cheyenne took a small glass vial and poured the contents down my throat. I tried to show her my appreciation by smiling, but it just came out as an awkward show of my yellow teeth. Cheyenne laughed and said, “you’ll be a human again in no time.” Her words must have been magic, because I started to get feeling in my hands and feet again. My face started to shrink and compress and my ears moved back to the side of my head. I stood up on two legs and watched my sheath transform back into my scrotum. My penis returned to its human appearance and my balls shrunk and retracted. My tail shot up into my body and my teeth started to whiten again. My mane fell away and human hair grew from my head. I was a male human once again. Cheyenne gave me a tired smile and said, “I have something important I need to talk to you about.” I smiled back and said, “fire away.”


Cheyenne handed me a robe and I put it on. She motioned for me to sit down in a chair while she to me her important news. “My parents are coming back a few days,” she said. She stopped talking, as if she was waiting for me to say something. “And that means,” she continued. “That you will either have to leave, or choose to become an animal for a few months until they leave again.” I sat there in shock. I had to make a choice. Stay here with Cheyenne, but as an animal, or go back home. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was starting to like Cheyenne, and I felt that the feeling was mutual. Cheyenne seemed far happier now than she did when I first met her. “Also, if you stay here,” Cheyenne said with a smile. “We could have some fun before you transform.” I arched an eyebrow and smiled back. “Holy shit,” I thought to myself. “Is Cheyenne offering to have sex with me?” If that’s what Cheyenne meant by fun, then I was definitely going to stay. Even if I had to be an animal for a few months. “I’ll do it,” I said. “Thank you,” said Cheyenne. “I hoped that you would say that. I get so lonely here by myself.” “Maybe I can comfort you upstairs,” I suggested. “That sounds amazing,” said Cheyenne. And with that, we both rushed upstairs and into our rooms.


“Five minutes!” Cheyenne yelled from her room. “Got it!” I said back, almost shaking with excitement. I had never had sex before, well, as a human. I had been fucked by a bull, but that didn’t even count. I quickly pulled off my robe and took a very fast shower. I was out of the shower in under three minutes, and I heard Cheyenne getting ready in her room. I was in my boxers and was laying on the bed, seductively waiting for Cheyenne to come in. The lights were off and the windows were drawn. The only thing left was Cheyenne’s warm body beside me.


After a minute or so, Cheyenne walked into my room dressed in the sexiest clothing I’d ever seen. Her bra was only big enough to cover her boobs, and I could plainly see her cleavage. As for her panties, they covered even less. They covered up her vagina, but just barely. Cheyenne smelled like a goddess, and looked like one too. Her flowing golden hair fell over her tits in the hottest way. I was rock hard right now, and I wasn’t going to hide it. Cheyenne took the bra strap off of one of her shoulders and let it fall. “Oops,” she said. “It must have slipped. I just hope that the other one doesn’t fall too.” I stood up and looked at her. “It would be better if you just didn’t have to wear that silly thing at all,” I said. I pulled the other strap off and watched the bra fall the the floor. Cheyenne’s large boobs were staring me in the face, just asking to be played with. “If I don’t need my bra, then why should I keep my panties on?” asked Cheyenne. “That’s a good question,” I replied. “Just take those off too.” Cheyenne smiled at me and licked her lips. She pulled off her panties and discarded them next to her bra. “Much more comfortable. Do you want to get comfortable, too?” she asked. I nodded and pulled down my boxers, exposing my hard dick. “Now that we’re all comfortable, let’s start having fun,” I said. Cheyenne silently agreed and jumped into the bed and beckoned for me to join. Not thinking twice, I hopped into bed with Cheyenne and started to go. 


We went to town for almost twenty minutes until we both became exhausted. I hadn’t climaxed inside her, which I found odd. It was probably a good thing, though. I didn’t want to have to be a father. I looked over at Cheyenne and saw that she was asleep. I wasn’t surprised. I really went hard on her, and she had loved it. I looked at the clock and saw that it was late. Maybe we could both just sleep in here tonight. And the next night, and the night after that, and the night after that. Feeling a sense of fulfillment, I dozed off, hoping to awake to the sight of Cheyenne’s perfect body. 


When I did wake up, it was not to the sight of Cheyenne’s perfect body. It was to the sight of a blank ceiling. I looked over and didn’t see Cheyenne in the bed. She must have woken up and gone downstairs. I was sore from last night and didn’t want to get up. I could only imagine how sore Cheyenne was right now. I finally pulled myself out of bed and got dressed. The bed was a mess. There was no semen anywhere, just a lot of scattered sheets. I couldn’t believe that I had actually had sex with a girl last night. It seemed like it was a dream. I went downstairs with a proud smile on my face. I knew I had done a great job when I saw that Cheyenne was in just a robe and not actual clothes. “You’re finally awake,” she said. “You wore me out last night,” I replied. “Well you’d better toughen up,” she said. “Because tonight’s going to be a hell of a lot harder.” “I get to do it again?” I thought in surprise. As if one time wasn’t good enough, Cheyenne wanted to go again! “Let’s wait until six o’clock tonight and then start going,” said Cheyenne. I nodded in agreement, wanting six o’clock to come very badly. 


We talked for the rest of the day about our personal lives. She told me that her parents were very strict about what she could and couldn’t do. She wasn’t permitted to have sex until she was thirty, and she wasn’t allowed to use any electronics until she was twenty-one. “That must suck,” I said. “It does,” she said back bitterly. “By the way,” said Cheyenne, looking at me rather oddly. “Do I even know your name?” I was taken by surprise at the question. “Of course you do, haven’t I told you?” I said. “No, you haven’t,” said Cheyenne. “It’s Ely,” I said. “Ely Stevens is my name.” “That’s a very nice name, Ely,” Cheyenne said. I shrugged and answered more of her questions. Finally, she posed the question that I was most nervous to answer. “Do you love me?” Cheyenne asked. I sat there for a moment, choosing my words carefully. After sitting there silent, I finally stopped thinking and said, “Yes, I do.” “And I love you, too,” said Cheyenne. She leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips then moved back, letting it soak in. “I’ve never had a girlfriend before,” I said. “I’ve never had a boyfriend,” Cheyenne said back. “It’s perfect then,” I said. Not saying anything, Cheyenne leaned over again and kissed me, more passionately this time. I even felt her slip her tongue into my mouth. “One last question,” said Cheyenne. I looked at her expectantly. “Do you want to have the greatest night of your life?” 


After saying yes to the question, Cheyenne hurriedly led me to the basement. I happened to glance at a clock on the way down. It read: 5:50, almost time for fun. I had no idea where Cheyenne was taking me, but I assumed that it was her lab or something. She had to make her serums somewhere, and where better to make them than in a basement? Sure enough, the basement looked like a crazy scientist’s laboratory. There were glass beakers everywhere and they were all filled with colored liquids. There was a huge shelf that was stacked with beakers that had bizarre names on them. Cheyenne scanned the shelf and grabbed two small vials. One was hot pink and had dark red flecks in it, while the other was light blue with black flecks in it. Cheyenne uncorked the two vials and held out the pink one to me. “What exactly is this?” I asked, unsure if I wanted to drink it. “Just drink on three,” said Cheyenne. “Wai-,”  I said. Cheyenne interrupted me, “one, two, three!” Cheyenne threw back her head and gulped down the contents of the vial. “Oh, what the hell?” I thought and tipped back my head, swallowing the liquid. “We have about two minutes before we start to notice the effects. Five or so minutes after that, you will be ready to have the night of your life.” I smiled, excited for what was going to happen. I guessed that this serum would greatly augment my dick or something. I started to run upstairs when Cheyenne stopped me. “Wait!” she said. “You’ll want to open this after the five minutes are up.” She handed me a box. I decided that I would follow her rules and open it up after the five minutes. I smiled and Cheyenne winked at me. We both rushed to our rooms to prepare for whatever changes we were about to undergo.


Once I was safely inside my room, I immediately took off all of my clothes and threw them in the corner of the room. I set the box on my bed and ran into the bathroom to watch my body change. My body started to change, but not in the way I expected. Instead of watching my dick grow, I watched it shrink. My testicles were slowly being pulled inside of my body. I had felt this process a few times before. Cheyenne had give me a serum to turn me into a girl. I couldn’t be angry, though. Female orgasms were far more pleasurable than that of a guy. Cheyenne had also promised me the night of my life. Excited, I tried to speed up the transformation process. I twisted my male nipples in hope that it would arouse me, and indeed it did. My dick shriveled and shrunk into my body. My testicles quickly followed suit, and I felt them ascend and become ovaries. The head of my dick became my female pleasure center, the clitoris. My scrotum split open and started to form two thick, mushy walls of flesh, my labia. I felt the tubes inside my body rearrange and reconnect to fit my now female needs. Something about my vagina looked different than I remembered, though. Instead of my pussy walls being flat and tight against my body, they were puffy and red. I gently touched the sensitive-looking labia and immediately understood what had happened to me. Cheyenne must have made the serum and extra-horny one, because I was very, very horny. Just tapping my vagina had caused my entire body to shake and my pussy to spasm. Fluids leaked from my pussy and dripped to the floor. Thankfully, the serum had also removed the hair around my pussy. If the pubes had remained, they would have been covered in stick, vaginal juices.


Now that my vagina was done transforming, my boobs were next. I twisted my now hard nipples and I felt my chest expanding. My nipples grew larger and the mounds of flesh supporting them expanded much farther than normal breasts. My boobs were at least two sizes larger than double D, and I liked that. I felt a liquid start to fill my huge breasts and I could only assume that it was milk. My tits started to become weighed down due to the amount of liquid in them. I barely touched one of my nipples and felt another wave of pleasure course through my body. Milk oozed out of both my tits and ran down my body to my vagina. I was so fucking horny right now. I needed to be fucked. Now. I watched in the mirror as my hair became longer and my nose became smaller. My skin softened and all of my body hair disappeared. I looked like a woman now, and I was one. A fucking sexy one. I pushed my flaming red hair out of my face and walked out of the bathroom. I opened the box and pulled out its contents. The first thing I pulled out was a tiny pair of panties, like the ones that Cheyenne had worn the first night. I put them on and felt the fabric push into my ass. My vagina touched the silky fabric and immediately started to leak. I ignored it for the moment and saw what else was in the box. As expected, a bra was among the items. I pulled it out and put it on. I was surprisingly used to putting on a bra now, which was rather frightening. High-school boys were not supposed to know how to put on a bra. Then again, they also weren’t supposed to lay eggs, get fucked by a male, drink horse semen, or even enjoy being a female for that matter. The bra somehow fit my massive boobs and supported them nicely. I didn’t lactate in them, but I was sure that they would be soaked in a matter of minutes. I looked in the box and took out the other items. One was a tube of something that I assumed to be lotion. I read the label and it read, “icy hot lube- experience both sides.” It seemed fitting, as I was truly experiencing both sides. The lube would come in handy later. The other objects in the box were things like tampons and pads, just in case I had an accident. There was also a maximum power vibrator in the box. “I’ll save you for later,” I thought. Just as I finished looking through the stuff, Cheyenne opened the door. Or what used to be Cheyenne, anyway.


Where Cheyenne would have been was now a six foot tall beast of a man. Standing there naked, with his foot-long cock erect, was a man who looked like he knew how to fuck. “Cheyenne?” I asked, my voice sounding very feminine. “Yeah, it’s still me,” said a deep voice. I smiled. “This bra is so tight,” I said with fake distress in my voice. “You need to come get it off of me!” I was now laying on the bed, waiting for Cheyenne to join me. She walked over and lied down next to me, buck naked. Without saying anything, Cheyenne grabbed my bra in the middle and ripped it in two, exposing my tender breasts. “Oh, you big, silly man!” I shouted. “Thank you for saving me. Now you get the reward.” Cheyenne leaned over and started to lick my tits. My nipples hardened and my vagina started to flow consistently. I moaned in pleasure as Cheyenne took it one step further and started to suck on my tit. “That’s right!” I yelled. “Milk me!” Cheyenne sucked on my hot breast for a few seconds then stopped and looked down at my wet pair of panties. “Those look dirty,” she said. “Maybe you should take them off?” I nodded and licked my lips. Cheyenne moved his head down towards my underwear. He took a piece of the panties in his mouth and slowly removed it with his teeth. He pulled half of my garment off my left leg and then moved to the right. Once again, he got my clothing in his teeth and pulled my underwear completely off, revealing my wet, throbbing pussy. “You’ve found the treasure,” I said. “Indeed,” said Cheyenne. He took his meaty finger and pushed it inside my vagina. My vagina responded by sending a wave of vaginal fluid out. I groaned and said, “you can go farther, if you want,” Cheyenne kept pushing and pushing his finger deeper and deeper. He finally reached the point where he couldn’t go any further, and then he quickly yanked his finger out. His dick, I noticed, was very erect. I could see the blood vessels in it were filled to the brim with blood. His balls were stocked full with semen, ready to dump into the first available vagina. That vagina would be mine.


Cheyenne stared at my pussy for a moment until I finally said, “Are you hungry or not?” Cheyenne licked his lips and dove in, sticking his tongue into my wet pussy. “Ohhhhhh,” I said, letting out a deep breath. Cheyenne licked around my vagina and then started to cum all over himself. “I hope you found the lube,” he said, looking up from his dinner. “Oh yes I did,” I said. I grabbed the lube and opened it. Cheyenne grabbed it and spread a healthy amount all over his massive cock. I knew what was about to come next. I was about to have the experience of a lifetime. Cheyenne smiled at me and spread my legs wide. He lowered his cock into my pussy, and my vagina exploded with pleasure. I sat there, dumbstruck for a few seconds, just letting Cheyenne fuck me as hard as he could. I felt him release his load into me and then let out something that sounded like a growl. That was the last sound I heard before ecstasy overtook me and I fell backwards, falling deeper and deeper into a world of pleasure.


I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I had to go downstairs and tell Cheyenne about the dream that I had last night. I had dreamt that I was a woman and that a huge man had fucked me. It was the most lucid dream I had ever had, and it had felt so real! I got out of bed and immediately had to sit back down. I had a massive headache and I didn’t know why. My legs were also really sore. I looked down to see what was wrong with them and discovered something that was both terrible and amazing. The dream had been real. Instead of waking up to morning wood, I woke up to a tight and slightly wet pussy. I looked around the room. It was pretty obvious that something crazy had happened last night. There was semen all over the sheets and dried vaginal fluid was covering everything in the room. An empty bottle of lube was discarded on the floor as well as the clothes that I remembered wearing. My boobs were not as big as they were last night. They had shrunk to a modest c cup. I was kind of sad about that. I loved having big tits to play with. I carefully stood up again and looked around for some clothes. I saw a robe hanging up and I put it on. I walked slowly downstairs and saw Cheyenne in the kitchen, making breakfast. “How’s the champ doing?” she asked. Cheyenne was no longer the beast of a man that she was last night. “A little sore,” I said softly. “Are you ok?” asked Cheyenne. “You voice doesn’t sound right.” “That’s because I’m a girl, silly,” I said. Cheyenne turned around and looked at me. There was a shocked expression on her face. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” said Cheyenne, with a hint of concern in her voice. “You were supposed to be a guy in the morning.” I smiled and said, “I guess I’m not.” “Ely you do realize that you could be stuck like this for a while,” said Cheyenne. I shrugged. “I’m going to be transforming into an animal soon anyway.” “True,” said Cheyenne. “I may be able to switch your gender during the transformation.” “Why would you do that?” I asked. “Trust me,” said Cheyenne. “You don’t want to be a female animal for more than a few days.” “Try me,” I said. “I bet I can handle it.” Cheyenne sighed and said, “if you say so.”


I was supposed to drink the serum in an hour and transform over the course of one day. Cheyenne and I spent the hour talking about last night. “Did you like it?” she asked tentatively, as if she was afraid I would be angry. “Are you kidding me?” I asked. “That was the best night of my life!” “Good,” said Cheyenne. “I was afraid it was a bit much.” “I can handle anything at this point,” I said. Cheyenne didn’t say anything. She must think that I can’t handle everything yet. We talked for a while longer until it was time for me to take the serum. Cheyenne went downstairs for a minute and came back up with a large beaker full of a brown liquid with pink splotches. “I have to drink all of that?” I said. It must have been sixteen ounces. Cheyenne nodded and I sighed. I grabbed the beaker and chugged the nasty liquid. “This tastes like dirt and grease,” I said after drinking it. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the semen, but it was pretty bad. “That basically what it is,” said Cheyenne. I looked at her with a funny expression then went upstairs to get some privacy.


I walked up the stairs and entered my room. I closed the door, which was a sign for Cheyenne to stay out while I was transforming. I went into the bathroom and took of my robe, instantly regretting the decision. It was rather cold in the bathroom and my nipples perked up. I crossed my arms over my bare breasts to try and keep them warm, but there was another problem. The rest of my body was cold. I found the thermostat and turned it up, hoping to get warmer. I waited for five minutes and I was still shivering. I decided to get in the shower to warm up. I turned the knob of the shower to full heat, hoping it would be warm enough. I slowly stepped into the shower, adjusting to the hot water. It was a perfect temperature and I let out a sigh as the warm water flowed over my body. The tension in my boobs left and I smiled in relief. I decided that while I was in the shower I might as well get clean. I got some shampoo and ran my hands though my silky, long hair. After my hair was thoroughly cleaned, I took a bar of soap and ran it over my smooth body. Well, one part of my body was not smooth. My chest and stomach area were covered in tiny bumps. I washed the soap off my body and looked down at my lower body. Starting just below my tits, there were little pink zit-like protrusions on my skin. They were spaced somewhat evenly, every other inch or so. I brushed my hand over one and it felt strangely familiar. I counted the little bumps, and there were twelve in total, meaning that there were six rows of them below my boobs. I had no idea what they could be, and I hoped that it wasn’t something that had gone wrong with the transformation. I also looked a little bit chubbier than I did a while ago. I just decided to check out the bumps when I got out of the shower, so I did just that and then dried off. The towel rubbed against the bumps and my pussy started to heat up. My boobs perked up and a rush of hormones rushed through my body. “What the hell?” I said aloud. “What are these things?” I rubbed them with the towel again and my vagina started to drip. “Damn it!” I said. “I just got that thing clean!” I stopped rubbing the protrusions and dried off my pussy. Thankfully, it stopped producing fluid. I hung up the towel and looked at myself in the mirror. I let out a gasp when I saw my stomach. I was definitely not expecting this.


The small protrusions were no longer small. They now looked vaguely like nipples, and were sticking up as far as my normal nipples. They also had small mounds of flesh below them. They looked kind of like boobs, which I found strange. They looked to be roughly b cups and I assumed that they would keep growing. I wondered what animal had more than one pair of tits, but I guessed that I would find out soon enough. I also noticed that I was definitely fatter. I stepped on the small scale in the corner of the bathroom and almost couldn’t believe the number I saw. The scale read 210 pounds, and I knew that I had gained weight. Over thirty pounds, to be exact. “This just keeps getting weirder and weirder,” I said to myself. I left the bathroom and lied down on the bed, thinking of everything that had happened between me and Cheyenne. I thought about the two nights of sex, mainly about last night. It had been crazy, I’d never felt so much pleasure in my life. I wish I could have had sex one more time, but I knew it would be a few months before I could have sex again. 


I must have dozed off because when I awoke the sun was starting to set. I pulled myself out of bed, feeling very out of shape. There was also a large weight hanging from the front of my body. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I was seeing things correctly, and I was. My boobs were now as large as they were last night, at least two sizes larger than double d. The protrusions were also much larger, my experience with varied boob size told me that they were d cups. My entire frontal body was pretty much covered with boobs. I had 14 individual boobs and 7 sets of them. I tried thinking of animals that had multiple breasts. “Cows, goats, dogs,” I thought. I racked (no pun intended) my brain for animals, and I finally got what I thought was the right one. This animal would explain the multiple tits and the fat. I was turning into a female pig, and due to the fact that my breasts were big, a very horny pig. I also considered the other horrifying reason for my boobs to be as large as they were. I could be pregnant. But then again, my boobs were not sore. I tried to get the thought out of my head, but I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t pregnant. I searched the cabinets for a pregnancy tester, but found nothing. I had a sudden idea. “The box,” I thought. I went back into my room and rummaged through the contents of the box. I pulled out a white device. It looked like a pregnancy test, so I read the instructions. “1. Urinate in the cup provided. 2. Use the dropper provided and transfer urine onto the pregnancy test. 3. Observer results. 2 bars means pregnant, 1 means not,” I read aloud. “Simple enough,” I thought. 


I sat down on the toilet and held the small plastic cup below my vagina. I forced out some pee and it dribbled into the cup. I wiped my pussy with a piece of toilet paper and then walked naked to my bed. I set the cup down on the bed and used the dropper to extract some of the urine. I dropped seven or so drops of piss on the designated spot and waited nervously for the test to do its work. After about twenty minutes, I saw the results. I breathed a sight of relief when I saw that only one bar showed. “Thank god,” I muttered. I was fine with transforming into animals and having sex as a female. I was fine with bleeding out of my vagina and leaking fluids from it. I was even ok squeezing huge eggs out of my pussy. But I was not fine with giving birth. I didn’t know why I was so freaked out about it, but I just was. I threw away the cup and pregnancy test and went back to the bathroom to observe my changes.


Without looking in the mirror, I stepped on the scale. I expected it to read 230 or something, but I was far from right. According to the scale, I now weighed in at 270 pounds. I was going to be one fat sow. I stepped off the scale and looked into the mirror. What used to be a smoking hot lady was now a very ugly, pudgy thing. I couldn’t even call myself a woman. I was just a monster with huge tits. My twelve new boobs were now pretty much the same size as my regular boobs. The only things between the boobs were rolls of fat. Now that I saw myself, I was surprised I was only 270 pounds. My skin was starting to look pinker and my fingernails were turning brown. I knew that it was only a matter of time before my face started to turn into that of a pig. I turned around to leave and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There was a small, curly tail poking out just above my anus. A pig’s tail. I sighed and shook my head, not really wanting to be a fat, lazy pig for a few months. I just hoped that there were no boars, as I didn’t want to be knocked up. I remembered learning about pigs in biology class, and the teacher had told us to pay attention, as this could become important later in life. I didn’t really believe the teacher, but I listened anyway, and I’m very glad that I did. I remember him saying that the gestation period of a sow is 114 to 116 days, which is about 3.8 months. He also that sows had an average litter size of 8 to 14. The last terrifying, or possibly amazing, fact that the teacher had told us was that a male pig’s orgasm lasted up to 15 minutes. I could hardly believe that it was true, but I didn’t want to find out firsthand. After recalling all of that information on pigs, I wanted to make sure I didn’t get knocked up while I was an animal. Especially if I got pregnant and didn’t give birth as a pig. If I transformed to a human female while I was still gestating, would the fetuses just disappear? Would I give birth to piglets and a human? Would I give birth to a human baby? And even worse, what if I was transformed into a male human? Would I just be pregnant forever? I decided to stop thinking about it before I could think of worse things. I closed my eyes and fell asleep, dreaming about life as a pig. 


I woke up groggier than ever, not wanting to get out of bed. I wiped drool from my face and grunted. “What the hell is wrong with me?” I said aloud. “It must be the serum effects,” I thought. “I’m turning into a pig.” I finally brought myself to get out of bed. I dragged my fat body to the bathroom to examine my changes. I was now almost the same shade of pink as the average pig and my face was also representative of a pig. My nose was pushed out into a snout. My nostril were now very large and were positioned on the flat end of my snout. My teeth had widened and flattened so I could eat plants more easily. My ears looked like those of a pig, pink and furry and sticking up. My boobs looked the same, except they were covered in a thin layer of bristly fur. My vagina had moved right underneath my anus, and my labia had become thicker. My anus had puckered up like that of a pig. My vagina and anus were one of the few places on my body that had no fur. My tail had fully developed, which wasn’t saying much as it was only a few inches long. My belly was now huge and sticking out. If I was on four legs, it would be only a few inches from the ground. My nipples were now sticking out much further than before. I assumed it was so piglets could suckle. I also noticed that I only had two digits on both my hands and feet. They were also a browish color. I would be a full female pig in a couple of hours. Finally, I stepped onto the scale to see my weight. I weighed in at an astounding 350 pounds. I was a very large pig.


I waited the next few hours out, just laying in bed half awake. I felt my spine begin to change and I jumped out of bed. I was now the same shade of pink as a normal pig and my face looked exactly like one. I got down on my hands and knees as I lost my ability to stand up. I balanced myself on my hooves and started walking around. Thankfully, my large tits did not drag on the ground. Walking on four legs felt surprisingly normal, but then again, I was a horse not too long ago. Just as I finished walking around, Cheyenne opened my door and smiled down at me. I grunted to show my happiness to see her, and she must have understood me. “Are you ready?” she asked me. I grunted and nodded my head. She grinned and started to go downstairs. I followed her, excited to see where I would be presiding for the next few months. 


Cheyenne talked to me as we walked down the stairs. “I have everything that you need to be comfortable in the pen,” she said. “Every day you’ll have fresh food and water. If you need anything, I’ll check on you every day. There is only one thing that you need to worry about, and that is the boars.” I really hoped she was joking. Stupid ass boars were the last things that I wanted to deal with. If I became pregnant in the first few weeks, I would have to give birth to piglets. Cheyenne led me outside to an area I hadn’t seen before. It was a rather small pen that had two other pigs in it. I assumed that they were the two boars. There was no way I was leaving this pen without getting laid by them. Cheyenne opened the fence gate and showed me where the food and water was. Cheyenne said, “I see you tomorrow,” and left me with the boars. I turned and looked at the two boars, and they didn’t seem very interested in me, thankfully. I was tired, so I went and lied down in the mud. It was cool and felt very nice. I dozed off and woke up to a terrifying sight. One of the boar’s erect penis was staring me in the face.


I grunted in surprise as the boar went around behind me. I stood up and tried to get away, but the boar had other plans. He mounted me and let out a deep grunt, sticking his huge dick into me. I was helpless, all I could do was stand there and let him cum into me. I stood there letting him release his seed into me for about fifteen minutes before he finally pulled out of me. The boar just left me in shock. I couldn’t believe that I had been fucked by another animal, and this time, I was going to be pregnant for sure. That bull had climaxed into my vagina for at least fifteen minutes. I guessed that he had dumped at least half a liter of semen into my body. “Well,” I thought. “114 days until delivery.” I turns out I was wrong. It would be 115 days.

During the first 90 days of my pregnancy, nothing much happened. I was even hopeful that I had somehow not become impregnated by the boar. However, I noticed that my pussy became swollen and red. My tits were larger and started to fill with milk at day 100 or so. Cheyenne examined me and confirmed my worst fears. I was pregnant with a litter of 10 piglets. I waited nervously for the day I would give birth. My belly was huge and pot-bellied. My breasts were touching the ground, so I decided to just lay in the mud. My vulva swelled and a disgusting dark discharge oozed out of my vagina. I knew that I was about to give birth. Cheyenne came out and stayed with me all of day 114 and nothing happened. She came back early the next day, and that was when I started to feel the piglets come out. Cheyenne crouched next to me as I pushed out the ten little piglets. They all clustered around my lower body and started suckling on my teats. I was producing milk and it was a great relief to have the milk out of my breasts. After the piglets were done feeding, they slept. I also fell asleep, think of all the days that I had been a pig.


I woke up the next morning to see Cheyenne looking down at me. “I hope you enjoyed your time as a pig,” she said. “Because today’s your lucky day.” I got up and followed Cheyenne inside. “My parents left for a while again,” said Cheyenne. “So I figured that you would want to be a human again. I grunted, excited to finally be a human again, but I had a strange sense of protectiveness for my piglets. After all, I was their mother. “Don’t worry,” Cheyenne said. “I’ll take good care of your piglets. Now, let’s get you back to normal.” 


To be continued...


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