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As Cheyenne left the room, with me still naked, I thought about what other animals Cheyenne could turn me into. I had already been transformed into a female chicken and a female cow, and I just hoped that I could become a female again. While I was deep in thought, I heard Cheyenne call my name. I snapped out of my daydream and rushed towards her voice. There was something her voice that almost turned me on; it was all I could do not to get a boner when I saw her. I still wondered why Cheyenne did not get uncomfortable when she was around me. After all, I was standing there stark naked. I was also a guy who has had a vagina twice. I have laid eggs and been milked. I’m not sure I could be any weirder. I became lost in thought again and was jolted back to reality when Cheyenne handed me a small vial containing a white liquid. I did as commanded, and poured the soupy liquid down my throat. It was quite thick for a liquid, and I almost threw up due to the taste. I couldn’t quite place what the flavor was, but it was awful. “What was in that?” I asked, still tasting the awful serum. Cheyenne looked away, but then reluctantly said, “I had to mix the serum with something that relates to your animal.” “The ingredient that I used was.” Cheyenne stalled, obviously not wanting to say what was in the brew. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know either. “Horse semen,” she finally said. There was a long, awkward silence between us. I didn’t believe her. “So I just drank fucking horse cum?” I asked. Cheyenne nodded, not making eye contact with me. I let out a long sigh and went to my room without a word.


I closed the door behind me and washed out my mouth with water. “Mother fucking horse jizz,” I thought to myself. I just added it to the list of all of the other weird things I’d done so far. Laying eggs, check. Getting milked, check. Getting fucked by a bull, check. Drinking horse cum, check. “What’s next?” I thought. “Having a fucking baby?” I could still see the bull mounting me, sticking his huge cock into me. I shuddered at the thought, not wanting to get raped again. Or did I? I remembered the intense feeling of pleasure that I felt when the bull climaxed into me, filling me with his seed. I wondered if I was currently carrying a developing calf right now. “There’s no way I’m pregnant,” I thought. I would have to have a vagina and a uterus!” But then again, I also didn’t think that I could lay eggs before I came here. Hell, I didn’t even know transforming someone into an animal of the opposite sex was possible. If felt really weird to think deeply about the whole process, but I saw how truly fucked up it was that I was enjoying it and letting Cheyenne keep transforming me. To prove my point further, I was starting to get a massive erection just thinking about the transformation process. I also started to wonder what the semen would transform me into, but I was pretty sure I knew. I was still standing naked in the bathroom, my cock harder than it had ever been. I didn’t know what Cheyenne had put in that serum, but it had to have been Viagra or something. 


I walked out of the bathroom, the taste of horse cum still lingering in my mouth. I just closed my eyes and sighed, trying to forget about it. While I walked, my massive erection bounced up and down. I was so hard that my dick was touching my stomach right underneath my bellybutton. I had no idea why I was so horny, but my cock was begging to be jacked. I sat down on my bed and started to masturbate. It felt very strange, masturbating with a real penis again. It was kind of nice for a change, but not nearly as pleasurable as a vagina. I tried to climax for a few minutes, but I didn’t even cum. I sighed and stopped jerking it, hoping that my boner would go away. I sat around for about and hour, still waiting for my dick to become flaccid again. I started to become a little bit worried that something had gone wrong in the serum, so I decided to check out my cock. It was still very erect, and was still touching my stomach. But I also noticed that my penis was longer. It was now extended above my bellybutton; I guessed that it had grown almost three inches in the past hour. I also noticed that my testicles were much larger. They had grown to the size of golf balls, at least. My scrotum was also hanging further down, to support the extra weight and size of my new testicles. My dick was still growing larger and larger before my eyes. I didn’t know why I was so horny, but I needed relief, and I needed it fast. I searched around the room for anything to help sate my thirst for sexual pleasure, but I couldn’t find anything. However, I got a strange feeling. I looked down at my dick, which was now about a foot long and was extending far past my bellybutton, and something clicked in my brain. I didn’t know if there were still female hormones in my body, but I wanted badly to suck on my dick. The thought disgusted the male part of my mind, but the female part kept telling me to lower my head and wrap my mouth around my thick cock. My dick is pulsing and filled with blood. It was so tempting, even though it was my own. I tried to fight the urge, but I had to. I leaned down and placed my mouth over my huge cock, and started to suck on it.


“What the fuck am I doing?” I asked myself. I wanted badly to stop doing this, and I knew that it was really weird, but I couldn’t stop myself. I needed to suck on my dick. I moved my mouth up and down over my penis, making myself hornier every motion I made. I knew that I was about to climax, and that I was about to do it in my mouth. “Pull your mouth off it!” I yelled at myself. “I’ve had enough semen for today!” But my body would not pull away. I climaxed, and I came into my mouth, spraying jizz everywhere in my mouth. I finally got myself to get my mouth off of my dick, and I spit out as much cum as I could. I knew, however, that I had swallowed some. I now had a stomach full of horse semen and my semen. Disgusted, I ran to the bathroom to wash out my mouth once again. Looking on the bright side, my massive erection was now gone. I also noticed that my balls were hanging lower and were much larger. They were roughly the size of tennis balls and felt like weights hanging down below my dick. I opened my mouth wide and looked in the mirror, looking for any white in my mouth. Thankfully, I found none. I spat once more for good measure and walked out of the bathroom. 


I lied down on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I tried to sleep, but my mind was racing. I just couldn’t get over the fact that I had sucked my own dick. I just hoped that it wouldn’t get any weirder from here on out. Thoughts swirled around in my head and I slowly fell asleep.


I woke with a start, and jumped out of bed. I didn’t know how long I had slept, but I knew that I must have undergone changes while I was asleep. I rushed to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and I could barely comprehend my new appearance. Where my dick was a strange, furry tube. My testicles, now about the size of oranges, were sucked up under the tube. I touched the furry tube and I began to feel strangely aroused. With my new feeling of arousal came something that I did not expect to happen. My penis emerged from the sheath-like tube. It was pink with brown splotches on it. I stared down at my genitals in wonder, and watched as my penis grew longer and longer. My dick must have been at least a foot and a half in length, and I was flaccid. I couldn’t imagine how big it would be when I was erect. My penis finally stopped growing, so I decided to see what it looked like. I lifted up my massive cock in my hand and noticed that my hand was weird too. My fingers seemed chunkier, and I also noticed that my pinkie was gone; it had fused with my ring finger. I decided that I would look at my hand later, and that I needed to focus on my new dick. I flapped my cock up and down, and it was very much flaccid. I guessed it was the phallus of a horse, due to the fact that I had consumed horse semen earlier. I had always liked horses, but I never thought I would become one. I then remembered something that had happened when I was six or seven years old. 


I was really excited to go on a horse ride for my birthday, I didn’t remember if I was turning six or seven. It didn’t matter though, because I got to ride a pony. I had never had an up-close experience with animals, so I wasn’t sure how to approach this horse. My parents had always been very strict about me and animals. In fact, they had even been strict with me hanging out with females. Now, ironically, I had been transformed into two female animals and now one male. I rode the pony around in a circle, and it was one of the best times of my life. From then on I had always wanted to ride another horse, and I have never had a chance to. Now, however, I was getting the ultimate horse experience. I wouldn’t get to ride a horse, I would get to be one. 


I stopped messing with my dick and let it hang loosely from my crotch. I examined the rest of my body to find subtle changes. My toes had done the same thing as my fingers. My hair was getting longer and the hair on my neck was getting thick and long. My face somehow looked longer, like my cheekbones seemed elongated and stretched. My eyes seemed further apart and my teeth were no longer white. My ears were becoming furry and started to stick up. I was becoming a horse. 


I started to feel a little drowsy after a few minutes, so I lied down and slept, hoping to wake up as a horse.


I did wake up, but not as a full horse. I tried to rush to the bathroom but when my feet, or hooves, touched the ground, I stumbled and fell on my face. I knew then that my feet had transformed into hooves. Oddly enough, I was still bipedal. I struggled onto my hooves and tried balancing on my new flat feet. I looked at my hands to find that they too had become hooves. I used my hand-hooves to support myself as I made my way awkwardly to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror my now huge jaw dropped.


The first thing I noticed about my new body was my face. It was definitely longer, and my eyes were now on the side of my head. My peripheral vision was extended to behind my head, and the effect was almost dizzying. I kept staring at my reflection, my mouth hanging open. My mouth was something else entirely. My teeth were about two or three inches long and a half-inch thick. My molars were huge, perfect for chewing grasses. My teeth were also much yellower than they were before. I had no idea what had cause my oral health to deteriorate so quickly, but I didn’t care that much. My ears were a chocolate brown and looked just like those on a horse. My hair now flowed down my neck in a luscious, brown mane. My entire body was covered in short, chocolate-colored fur and my hands were solid masses. I stomped them hard against the counter and didn’t feel a thing. My genitals looked exactly the same: a furry sheath and a huge pair of testicles. I was pretty much a horse except for my lack of being on four legs. I assumed that I would be outside and quadrupedal in a matter of minutes. I later discovered that it would be less time than that. 


I could feel my spine shift and bend so it would be more comfortable to be on all fours. My hands dropped to the floor and my spine finished contorting. I felt one last jolt in the back of my spine, and then felt some hair brush against my tight ass. I realized that I now had a tail that I could flick around at will. I could no longer speak, just whinny and neigh. I was on all fours, and I wondered if Cheyenne would come and see me soon. Just as I was thinking of her, I heard a knock on the door. I tried to tell her to come in, but all that came out was a whinny.


Cheyenne opened the door and smiled. I was glad to see her, as I had been alone for a while now. Without saying anything, Cheyenne led me out of the room and down the stairs. It was quite hard to get down the stairs due to the fact that I now have hooves, but I managed. Cheyenne led me towards the door that goes outside and opened it for me. I walked out, clopping my hooves while I walked on the wood planks of the porch. I went towards the fenced field and Cheyenne opened a gate that was built into the fence. The field was probably one hundred or so acres and I knew that I would have lots of room to roam around. Cheyenne led me towards a small stable where there was a trough full of oats and another with water. I knew that I would be happy here. I didn’t know or care how long I was going to be a horse, but I expected at least a week. Cheyenne gave me one last smile and walked away, leaving me to do as I pleased. 


I just wandered around for a while aimlessly, not really sure what I was to do. Suddenly being a horse seemed lamer. I ate the oats, which started to taste great after a day or two. I never mated with any of the other horses in the pasture, primarily because they were all male. I was starting to think that Cheyenne was cockblocking me. For some reason, I was really craving sex and I just brushed aside the urge. However, it wouldn’t go away. I badly wanted to shove my dick into a wet pussy, but I guessed that would have to wait. 


After about ten days of laziness, Cheyenne came back out to the pasture. I was pretty sure that my time as a horse was up and that I was about to be transformed into yet another animal. Sure enough, I was right. Cheyenne led me back into the house to prepare for the next serum. 



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