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"What do you mean by the second part of my punishment?" I asked Cheyenne, wanting badly to remain a female. “When you were rude to me that day, my parents agreed to punish you with three transformations, decided by me.” Cheyenne looked down at her feet. I could tell she was genuinely sorry for doing what she did. “It’s ok,” I said. “What else are you planning on turning me into?” I asked. “I can’t tell you,” said Cheyenne. “I’m not allowed.” I just accepted that and decided not to ask questions. “You’ll start the transformation in a day or two once you ingest the serum.” Cheyenne told me. “First, you’ll have to turn back into a male, which I somehow failed to do today.” I was silent for a little while, wondering whether or not the tell her that I had prevented my transformation into a male. “I think it’s my fault that I’m not male,” I said. “When I was in my room, I began to experiment with my new female body,” I said. “One of the things that I tried was masturbating.” “It pleasured me so much that I used everything in my power to become female.” “Wow,” said Cheyenne. “I thought that you hated being a female.” “And I did,” I explained. “But then I realized how stupid I was.” “Being female is far better than being male.” Cheyenne didn’t say anything for awhile. “No matter,” she said. “You will still have to be transformed into a male to commence your change.” “And if you don’t complete all of your transformations in the next month, we will both be in huge trouble.” I wanted so badly to be a girl, but I knew that I had to agree with Cheyenne. “Fine,” I said. “I’ll do it.” Cheyenne leaned over and kissed me on the lips for a full fifteen seconds.

I went upstairs and violently masturbated for a full half hour, knowing that this could well be the last time I masturbate as a girl. After the arousing session, I went and washed off all the natural lubricant from my hands. I pulled on my underwear over my still soaked vagina, creating a wet stain on the underwear. Surprisingly, I hadn’t yet had my period. Of course right when I thought that, my vagina started to drip blood. I now had a collection of tampons next to my bed so I could just put it in and pull the string. This is exactly what I did. I felt the satisfying poof of the blood-absorbing fabric explode inside my vagina. I laid down under the covers of my bed and went to sleep, the feeling of the open tampon still tingling inside of my vagina.

The next morning when I woke up, my underwear felt tighter than they usually felt. Something was stretching them out so much that I thought they would break right off my body. I struggled and pulled off my underwear, revealing the source of the problem: my penis. I stared and the small one inch shaft, saddened that I could no longer find as much pleasure in my private parts as I could when I was female. I also noticed that my boobs had deflated to regular D-cups. The bra that I was wearing was meant for E-cups and my smaller boobs moved around rather freely inside the large bra. My hair was back to the length it was when I was a guy and I was back up to five foot eight, almost my normal height. My hips and shoulders were growing wider, and hairs were beginning to spout from my underarms and on my legs. I was becoming a male again. I have to admit, although being a female was much better, being a male felt pretty damn good. I could pee standing up, I was stronger, I didn’t have a fucking pussy that bled all the goddamn time. I suddenly realized that there was a dramatic change in what kind of language I was beginning to use. Maybe I was getting too manly. “No, how the fuck can you be too manly?” I thought to myself. “Being a bitch sucked shit anyways, I’m glad I’m a man!” “What the hell am I thinking?” I asked myself. “You’re thinking like a real man, not a fucking pussy!” my mind yelled back. I knew that I had to stop thinking like this. I ran downstairs to talk to Cheyenne.

“Cheyenne!” I yelled. “What, what’s wrong?” she called back. “I think my testosterone levels are too fucking high!” “That’s really bad,” she said, running to meet me at the bottom of the stairs. “Everything seems to be going wrong!” said Cheyenne, obviously sad. “Stop crying and do something you bitch!” I yelled uncontrollably. I looked at Cheyenne with a pleading look to try and tell her that I didn’t mean what I just said. “It’s ok,” she said. “You have no control over it.” I was glad that she understood. “I can easily lower your testosterone levels if you just let me kiss you.” I really wanted to say yes, but by brain told me not to. “Fuck you bitch, I don’t want to get herpes!” I couldn’t believe what I had just said. Ignoring the terrible comment, Cheyenne ran at me and kissed me full on the lips, and I kissed her back.

“Feel better?” she asked me. “Yeah, thanks for not getting mad at me,” I said. “No problem, I totally get it,” Cheyenne told me. “Now, the transformation will begin sometime tomorrow, probably around nine in the morning.” “It’s about five in the afternoon now, so you have roughly one day left as a normal human boy.” I went up to my bedroom to check out my male body. I peed standing up, not quite as satisfying as peeing out of a vagina. I tried touching my chest, not nearly as satisfying as playing with large boobs. Lastly, I tried jacking off. It still pleasured me, but I didn’t even cum. I was so used to the amazing wet feeling after a good session of fingering, that I was very disappointed when masturbating with a penis barely aroused me. After this letdown, I promised myself that after I was done with this punishment, I would try everyday to raise my estrogen levels until I was able to become a girl again. Although I could do without the bras and underwear, I missed everything about being a girl, even the periods. They gave me a reason to put the tampons into my vagina, and they weren’t even bothersome. I don’t know why I’ve heard other girls in school complain about them. It should be us guys complaining that we don’t get to experience the pure pleasure that girls do. I decided to stop wallowing in self-pity and hope for the best: that I could one day be a girl again.

At about ten o’clock that night, my body was fully restored to its state before I was turned into a chicken. My penis was again six inches long, I had all my manly hair and I no longer had any female parts. I tried to enjoy myself, but it was to no avail. I just could not get horny anymore. Saddened by the fact that I was now unable to pleasure myself, I went to sleep, hoping to wake up as a female in the morning.

I woke up, but sadly as a male. I pulled on the only nice thing of manhood, which were briefs and regular jeans. I also didn’t have to deal with that damn bra digging into my skin all the time. I strolled down the stairs, not in a big hurry to take the serum that Cheyenne was to give me at nine o’clock. It was eight forty-five when I got into the kitchen and I saw Cheyenne nervously preparing something on the counter. She spun around and saw me. “Oh, hi,” she said. I could tell that she had been awake for a long time making this. “Hi,” I said back. “Here’s the serum, I mixed it in with some milk so it goes down easier.” “Thanks, but I’m lactose intolerant,” I said. “Well, I can’t just remake the serum,” said Cheyenne. “You kind of have to drink it now.” I knew that I would have an upset stomach for an hour or two, but I had to do it for Cheyenne. “Down the hatch,” I said, and I swallowed the small glass of milk in one drink. “I would go find some privacy,” said Cheyenne. “You’re not going to be feeling great.”

I interpreted privacy as my room, so that’s where I went. I stripped down naked so I could be sure to see if any female parts were going to form. Sadly, the only thing that was forming was a massive stomach ache. I knew that I shouldn’t have drank that milk. For some reason though, this stomach ache was more painful than any I had ever had. It also had some unusual side affects. It made my stomach bulge out a few inches, like I had instantly gained about thirty or so pounds in a few seconds. Conveniently, there was a bathroom scale by the toilet. I knew that I weighed about one hundred eighty pounds when I came to the farm, and I was shocked to find that I now weighed in at two hundred and thirty pounds. There was no way that I had gained fifty pounds in a matter of minutes. But then again, there was no way that someone could change genders, but I’ve done that multiple times. The extra weight didn’t seem to bother me that much, as it just made me look a little fatter. I looked a little closer in the mirror, and there was one thing that upset me about my new image. It didn’t bother me that I was a little chubbier, but that I had man-boobs now. They were just flabby nipples, not real boobs. I felt like my body was rubbing it in that I was stuck as a fat boy instead of a girl. Then something dawned on me. Maybe they were real boobs forming, not just fat ones. The hope of becoming a girl made me very excited and I got an erection just thinking about it. And with that pleasant thought in my head, I drifted off into sleep.

On most mornings when I woke up, I usually had morning wood pushing up my briefs. Strangely though, today was different. I threw off my covers and lifted my briefs to see that my penis was considerably smaller than it was last night. It was probably only two inches long. I knew what this could mean. I might be turning female again! I lifted up my small cock to discover that my balls were retracting into my body. I had learned in health class that in the early developmental stages of male humans, the ovaries drop down out of the body to become testicles. This process was now happening to me in reverse. The thick, curly hair that had surrounded my previous vagina started to grow, forming a covering of hair over my small penis. I noticed that I was straining my neck by having to look over my bulging belly to see my cock. I felt like I had gained thirty pounds over night. I jumped off the bed and walked over to the scale. I stepped on the scale and saw that I was very wrong about my new weight. I had gained eighty pounds, and I now weighed in at an astounding three hundred and ten pounds. I did't know what was causing me to gain all of this weight, but I assumed it had something to do with the serum that I had to drink. I looked into the mirror and saw something that I was surprised that I hadn't previously noticed. I now had real boobs, not the fake flabby nipples. Having experience with varying sizes of breasts, I assumed that mine were now a C cup, which is a decent size. I guessed that I had been so used to having them for the past week that they seemed to be part of my lifestyle. I didn't know what to do all day, so I just lied on my bed for a few hours and let the changes progress. During those hours, I was considering all of the changes that my body would go through to become female. Firstly, I would have to assume all the physical features of a woman, such as longer hair, shorter stature, wider hips, and everything else that came with being a female. Sexually, my testicles would become my ovaries, where eggs would develop. My penis would become my clitoris, the part of the female body where sexual arousal occurs. The scrotum that had previously housed my testicles would transform into my labia, or the walls of the vagina. I would still have a normal anus, but I would have two new holes, the vagina and the urethra. The pubic hair in my genital region would continue to grow above my vagina and I would start to menstruate from the vagina. 

After thinking about all of these things, I looked down at my genitalia. As I had suspected, a large clump of curly, brown, pubic hair was right above where my penis used to be. I pulled up the tangled mess of hair to reveal the small pink walls of my new vagina. I could see all of the parts clearly; the walls of the labia, the hole of the urethra where I would urinate from, and the vagina where I would masturbate, menstruate, give birth, and have intercourse. Everything was there, and I was now female again. My breast were now double-Ds, which is how I liked it. Although, something was off. Just above the line where my pubic hair began were two little pink protrusions that looked like zits. The two small zit-like things were about three or four inches apart and only stuck out of my body like the nipples that I had when I was a male. I decided that it was just some part of the weird and wonderful world of being female. I still didn't quite understand every part of the female body, but I was getting to know it pretty well. Before I came to the farm, I had always thought that girls peed out of their butts and that blood came out of their anus. I now know that girls pee from their urethra and the blood comes from the vagina. I had forgotten that I was naked for a little bit, and I went to the dresser in the corner of my room to get a bra and a pair of underwear. I went into the bathroom and went through the routine of pulling the bra over my breasts and then hooking it together behind my back. I slipped into the familiar underwear, which I was now getting used to. The underwear fit right over the small protrusions, pushing them uncomfortably into my body. I had no idea what they were or what purpose they served, but I guessed it was sexual. I didn't really know what I should be doing at this point, so I went downstairs to ask Cheyenne.

I arrived in the kitchen and saw Cheyenne looking at a bunch of papers scattered across the table. She was obviously deep in thought and I didn't want to disturb her. As if by chance, she turned around and saw me. "I see that the transformation is going well," she said. I shrugged and said, "I was wondering what I should be doing right now." "Oh, just go rest on your bed for a while," she replied. I nodded and went back to the room. I lied on the top of my bed staring at the ceiling for a few minutes, then I pulled off my underwear. I reached down and felt my vagina. Something felt very wrong. I rushed to the mirror and saw that my vagina no longer looked human. My labia looked like a pair of huge swollen lips instead of the small, elegant curves that they should look like. My labia was also black. My vagina was also huge; it looked like it was an inch wide without anything expanding it. I opened the drawers underneath the sink looking for some advice to what had happened to me. In the leftmost cabinet I found something odd. I picked it up and saw that it was a dildo. It was about a foot long and two or three inches wide at the base. I knew that dildos were fake penises that women used, and I had always thought them to be repulsive. I put the dildo back, but then considered that I had also thought being a woman was terrible. I took back the dildo and sat back down on the bed. I grasped the dildo firmly in my hand and carefully inserted it into my huge vagina. I pushed it further and further in, until it felt like it couldn't go any deeper. The dildo was a good five inches in and I pulled it out, then shoved it back in. I became more forceful with the pushes, and I became more aroused. After about the tenth time, the dildo was covered in natural lube, which only made it easier for me to masturbate. I continued to do this for a few minutes until my vagina started to get sore. I took the soaked dildo out from my body and set it on my nightstand. I examined my vagina, and I saw that the two pimples had grown slightly larger, and that the skin was rising up within an inch of the protrusions. Obviously these things were stimulated by sexual arousal. And I was very aroused right now. My whole vagina was soft and tender. My augmented black labia was spread apart, revealing my genitalia even more. My clitoris was filled with blood and erect. I also saw that my boobs had almost outgrown my bra. I unhooked the bra to see if it was more comfortable for my breasts. The bra fell off of my body and my tits sagged down on my chest. I could now tell why women had to wear bras. The bra supported my boobs, but now they just hung there loosely. I sighed and fell backwards onto my bed, letting my large boobs lie freely on my body. 

I dozed off and awoke a few hours later and I felt something weird down by my vagina. I rubbed my bleary eyes and propped myself up to see what was wrong. My eyes widened in shock when I saw what had happened. Where those little bumps were there now were real boobs. They were not big, maybe B cup, but I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. I touched one of them with my finger, and it felt like a legitimate boob. I stood up and they both flopped down right on my hair, which created a tickling sensation in them. I reached down and lifted them up with my hands, not sure what to do. I looked around the room and saw something that I hadn't seen before laying on the floor. I guessed that Cheyenne had slipped it under the door and I leaned over and picked it up. I held up the object; it looked like a pair of underwear, but with something different. Near the top of the underwear, there were two cups that looked like a bra. I put two and two together to realize that this was the exact reason for me to wear this. I pulled the underwear onto my body and carefully placed each tit into a cup, then tightened the underwear behind me. It fit like a normal pair of underwear, just with a little extra weight on the top. It also came with a little note. "Be sure not to wear pants anymore, as you won't be needing them." "Also, if the underwear start to feel stretched, just take them off." "You'll feel better naked by that point." I set the note down and tried walking to see what it would feel like. It felt similar to before, but I could feel the other boobs bouncing up and down slightly as I walked. I also noticed that my real boobs began to feel... different. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, but I knew that something was off. I put my hands to them and moved them around. Then I knew what was wrong. I heard and felt something sloshing around inside of them. "What the fuck?" I exclaimed. I knew that the only people who had milk in their boobs were mothers who were about to give birth, and I sure as hell didn't want to give birth. I realized that this was a very high possibility. I had bigger boobs, I had a bigger vagina, I had a huge belly, and now I had milk inside of my boobs. I calmed myself down and then thought, "Cheyenne would never do something that evil to me, right?" But I still wasn't sure of myself. 

The rest of the day was similar. My larger boobs filled with more milk, and I felt little drops start to leak into my now larger, lower breasts. I decided that I was fed up with all of this 'pregnancy' shit and I went to sleep. I wasn't prepared for what I would find the next morning. I woke up to find something typical. Bloody sheets and a bloody pair of underwear. I unhooked the underwear and lifted my milk-filled tits out of the cups and slip the underwear off my body. I grabbed a few tampons and shoved them all into my massive vagina. I pulled the strings and hoped that they would staunch all of the blood. Now here is the thing that I was not prepared for. I went into the bathroom naked, with both pairs of breasts swinging back and forth. I looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped. I had little horns sticking out from my hair. I tapped them and they were pointy. They were each about three inches in length, and were white. My inspection of my new horns was interrupted by a strange feeling in my gut. "Oh shit," I thought. "I'm going to give birth!" I turned around and sat on the toilet, and I wasn't sure quite why. And that was a good decision on my part, because I was right about the 'Oh shit.' Instead of a baby coming out of my vagina, a massive turd came out of my anus. I sat on the toilet for a good thirty seconds, just shitting. It must have been the biggest crap I had even taken in my life. I looked down into the toilet and was that it filled most of it. It reeked, too; like the scent of a sewer and a barn mixed together. And if taking that huge shit wasn't bad enough for me, I got to finish off the whole thing with a huge jet of piss that sprayed from my urethra. The disgusting waste almost filled to toilet, and I knew that getting it to flush was only the first of my problems. I just decided to leave it and that I would get used to the smell. I was just glad that it was not a baby coming out of me. I was still nervous of the possibility of having a child, though. I didn't know the first thing about being a mother, and I didn't want someone sucking on my tits. I stood up and cleaned my ass, then put my special underwear on. I looked in the mirror again, remembering the horns. I had no idea what the hell I should think about that. I looked by whole body down and saw that I was a mess. My huge tits were saturated with milk, I had horns growing from my head, I had to support an extra set of boobs among other things. I closed my eyes for a little while before going back to my bed.

It was getting late before I felt the strange feeling. My breasts that were almost full with milk were starting to get sore. I wanted to relieve the pressure, but I didn't know how. I knew that sucking on it would get rid of the milk, but it would go into my mouth. I really didn't want to have that happen. I decided to try and milk myself like a cow. I grabbed my boobs and pulled on the nipple a little bit. Sure enough, milk started to squirt out and onto my bed. I was shocked that it had gone so far, as I had hardly pulled on my breasts. I grabbed a cup that I had found in the bathroom and milked most of the liquid out of my breasts. I put down the almost full cup on the table next to the dildo. Remembering the dildo, I decided to masturbate again. I lifted up my cumbersome lower breasts and began to shove the dildo violently back and forth in my vagina. With one hand holding up my heavy tits and one hand moving the phallus through my vagina, I was masturbating furiously. After about five or ten minutes of masturbating, I slowed down because I noticed something strange on my breasts. Right where the nipple usually was, there was a pink, fleshy shaft sticking out about two inches from my boobs. It looked like the teat of a cow, which is exactly what it was. Everything made sense now, the copious amounts of milk in my boobs, the extra set of boobs, the huge stomach, and the horns. I was now turning into a cow. I was still concerned about the whole pregnancy thing, as I definitely didn't want to give birth to a calf. But I was now becoming a female cow. The extra set of boobs would become my udder, and the cylindrical protrusions were my teats, where the claves would theoretically suck. It was also where I would be milked from, if need be. I also knew why vagina was now so much larger. Because it was a cow vagina. It was all just a matter of time before I obtained hooves. It also explained the massive shit that I took earlier. Surprisingly, I wasn't that shocked by the fact that I was turning into a cow. I was more worried about the fact that I soon wouldn't be able to use my hands, and therefore masturbate. I just fell asleep and decided to worry about the hooves in due time. 

I woke up and stretched my arms out in front of me to see that my hands were beginning to form together. I just rolled my eyes and thought, "Typical." "I just wake up and my hands are already becoming hooves. I also saw that my upper breasts were positioned lower on my chest. I guessed that they were migrating downwards to form my udder. I jumped out of bed naked, with my breasts freely dangling. I looked in the bathroom mirror to discover that my horns were much bigger than before. They stuck out of each side of my head and were about six inches long. My ears were also becoming larger. My nose was starting to look more bovine, as was the rest of my body. I knew that I would soon be out in the pasture with the other cows and bull for a few days. I then started to worry about something. I realized that I was going to be a new female surrounded by many bulls. I suspected that I would be mounted by a bull, which basically means get raped by a bull. I knew that it would be a traumatic experience, and that I would most likely be impregnated by it, but it was something that I would have to deal with. My whole body was starting to feel hot, as I saw small hairs start to poke out everywhere on my body. My hide was beginning to develop. I walked awkwardly out of the bathroom and sat down on my bed, waiting to see what would happen to me next. I lifted up my lower boobs with my bulking hand-hooves to see that my vagina had also changed. It was much larger; the labia was huge. My vagina could easily fit a hand, or even worse, a bull's penis. When I thought about how a hand could fit in my vagina, I decided to see if I could fit mine in. I carefully positioned my hoof-hand in front of my vagina and inserted it into the hole. I mooed with arousal and then clamped my mouth shut. I didn't want to believe that I was becoming a full cow. Then I saw my tail swoop up from under my vagina. I sighed and closed my eyes, still masturbating.

I had a pleasure session for a few minutes before I took out my now wet hoof. My boobs were now resting on top of the lower breasts, and they were beginning to fuse together into an udder. The teats on my udder were becoming longer and looking more and more like those of a dairy cow every second. My hide was becoming thicker and bristly, and my spine was starting to force me on all four legs. I was a female cow from the neck down. My face was mostly bovine, and my mouth was the last thing to transform. I felt the changes stop and then mooed loudly, not sure of what I was to do. The door to my room was cracked open and I managed to push it open with my nose. I lumbered down the stairs, which was pretty much falling down the staircase. Walking was very weird on four legs, and I had to get used to it. Cheyenne must have heard me coming because she ran towards me. "I see that you have completed the transformation," she said. "Now you'll have to go to pasture for a few days." She led me outside the house and into a field.

Other cattle were grazing in the field, and most of them were bulls. "This is where you will spend most of your time," said Cheyenne. "I will come and milk you every morning at six, so be ready." "The last thing that I need to tell you is that some of these bulls are rowdy, so just stay away from them." I mooed to show that I understood, and Cheyenne turned and walked back into the house. I didn't know how to spend my time as a cow, so I just wandered around the field looking at things. After about an hour, I laid down and went to sleep, not wanting to have to wake up in the morning. 

I woke up early, and just in time to see Cheyenne leaving the house with a stool and pail. I knew what was coming so I braced myself for it. I didn't know if being milked would hurt or not, but it was time to find out. Cheyenne set the stool down right by my ass and put the park underneath my bulging udder. I hadn't realized until now how full my udder was, and how good it would feel to get the milk out. The white fluid poured out of my huge udder, relieving the pressure. I mooed with pleasure as Cheyenne milked me for a few minutes. The pail filled fully and my udder was mostly empty. Cheyenne, not saying anything, picked up the pail and went back inside. I din't know what was up with her, but I did know that I had to remain a cow for at least two more days. I wandered the field again today for a little while, until I saw a bull looking at me in a strange way. I could see his huge balls and dick hanging on his underside. His dick was getting longer. I started to back away, and the bull followed me. I knew that I was about to get fucked by the bull. He ran around me and jumped on my back. I tried to yell for help, but I was helpless. The bull shoved his erect penis into my wide vagina and started to cum into it. He felt like a hose, pumping more and more semen into my body. He kept fucking me for five minutes, cumming the whole time. I knew that there was no way I wasn't pregnant. The bull eventually retracted his penis from my vagina and I just stood there, disturbed and excited by what had just happened. For the rest of the day, I just pondered what had happened to me and how it would apply to me when I was done serving my punishment. But was it a punishment? I wasn't sure.

The next two days were uneventful, and I just laid down in the grass, thinking. After what seemed to be only a few hours, Cheyenne came out and led me back inside without a word. She was acting really weird, and I didn't know why. Once inside, Cheyenne gave me a small injection and I could feel myself reverting back into a human. My hide began to go away, my horns grew smaller. I felt my numb hooves regain feeling and become actual digits. My udder started to deflate and the teats began to shrink, except for one, strangely. My nose grew back into a human one, and my tail shriveled away. I was now a full human, except for the one teat that still had not gone away. My vagina was also still that of a cow. Then something strange happened. My vagina closed up, leaving a flat area of skin where there should be genitalia, and the teat began to form into a penis. The head took on the mushroom shape of the head and the shaft went from a pink to a skin color. My balls grew back, and I realized that I was now a male boy again. Cheyenne looked at me and said, "I'm so sorry." "For what?" I asked. "For making you go through all of this!" she said. "But you don't understand," I said. "I like this." She looked at me, dumbfounded. "What?" she asked. "I like the transformations," I said again. "You're just saying that," she said. "I'm not." "I would transform into any animal of any gender, I don't even care if I was a hermaphrodite." "Wow," was all Cheyenne could say. "Then I guess we'll get ready for your next transformation."


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