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I was sitting in the principle's office. I mean, so what if I accidentally punched that girl? She deserved it, and that's all i knew. Her parents came in and sat down on the opposite side of the room. Her father was a stereotypical farmer. Overalls, straw hat, dirty face, and his wife was a typical farmer's wife. "We heard that you punched our daughter and called her a chicken when she refused to fight you over a stupid argument," her father said. "I swear, it was only an accident that I punched her," I said. "My hand slipped." "The principle tells us that you cause lots of trouble, but never receive consequences for your actions," said her father, completely ignoring my comment. "And he told us that we should choose your punishment." "That's stupid," I said. "You will just torture me or something, which you can't do." "I'm only seventeen." "No, no, no," said her mother. "We want you to come work for us on our farm for one month, and do whatever job our daughter wishes you to." "That's practically slavery," I said. "You still have to come work for us," said the old farmer. "I promise, we won't work you too hard, and we will give you food and a room of your own." "I don't want to go," I said. "You don't get to decided what you do and don't do. I decide. It's time you finally took responsibility for your own actions. Come with us." 

I slowly followed the old couple outside to their muddy pickup. I climbed into the back seat of the pickup and watched as we left my urban city and transitioned into the barren countryside. We arrived at the farm about thirty minutes later and it was the only building for at least ten miles. I couldn't see any other houses except this one. It was four o'clock in the afternoon and I saw the girl, Cheyenne, standing in the doorway of her house. "What in the hell is he doing here?" she asked her parents. "He is coming to work with us for a month during his vacation," her mother said. "We are going to have a great time," said Cheyenne. She rolled her eyes and went inside the house. "Today, you can rest," said the farmer. "Tomorrow, you get up at five o'clock in the morning to feed the chickens." I wanted to sigh, but I was in enough trouble as it was. I just nodded and went upstairs to find my guest room. "Your room is the first door on the right!" her mother yelled up to me. I turned into the small room. It had a tiny bathroom attached to one side of it, with only a toilet and a sink. There was a small bed that was almost perfect for my size. There was a small nightstand next to my bed that had an alarm clock and a lamp. It seemed nice enough, and I thought staying here for a while might not be so bad. Until I had to wake up at five o'clock in the morning.

I groggily got into some jeans and a shirt and made my way downstairs. Everyone in the house was already awake, and Cheyenne was cooking eggs for everyone. "Good morning," she said to me, but I felt like she didn't mean it. "Hi," I said back. "Did you sleep well?" asked the farmer's wife. "Yes, thank you" I said. Maybe this won't be so bad, I thought to myself. These people are really nice to me. "Cheyenne made you some special eggs this morning," said Cheyenne's dad. "Thank you," I said as she said down a plate of fresh scrambled eggs before me. "It's my special recipe," she said with a smile. I ate the eggs quickly because they were so good. There was something about them that made them taste amazing. "When you are finished with your breakfast, you can go tend to those chickens," said her father. I finished my eggs and washed off my plate, then walked into the cool morning to gather the eggs. I worked all day on the farm and I kept feeling weirder and weirder every hour. By the end of the day I went up to my room because I had finished all of my farm work. The alarm clock read six o'clock. My private parts felt weird, and so did my stomach. My penis was throbbing and tingling and I decided to lock my door and see what was wrong. I pulled off my jeans and underwear and was that there was something very strange with my penis and testicles. They were much smaller than I remember. My penis was shrunken into me, and my testicles were almost gone! I refrained from screaming, because I really didn't want them to come up and see me like this. I stared down in disbelief at my disappearing genitalia. I thought I was just having a bad dream and I decided to sleep and try to wake up from this nightmare. I woke at four thirty and saw that nothing had changed about my privates, except that my testicles were completely sucked into me. All that was left of my privates was a one inch long penis with no balls. I walked downstairs and saw that they were all awake again.

"Did you sleep well?" The farmer's wife asked me again. "Ummm, yes," I said, slightly hesitating. "That's good," she said. "Now eat up, you have another long day of work ahead of you. I ate more of the delicious eggs, and went outside to work. At five o'clock, I felt even more uncomfortable. I ran upstairs, locked the door and stripped down. What I saw made me want to yell. Or rather, what I didn't see. I no longer had a penis, but a small vertical slit where my penis had been. I touched it softly and it made my whole body tingle. Oh God, I thought to myself. What am I going to do? I threw myself down on the bed and fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up later in the night to check the condition of my new vagina. It had gotten worse. It had begun to become one with my anus. I would soon have not an anus or a vagina, but a combination of the two. I also really had to take a poop, but I didn't know if I anatomically could. I sat down on the toilet and a liquidly stream came out of my new hole. I felt very strange, to not have a penis and to not poop like a normal person. I laid down on my bed, awake until it was time to go downstairs.

I had the same usual exchange with Cheyenne's parents, and the same breakfast. I went out and did my regular routine work, anxious to get back to my room, as I was now feeling extremely sick to my stomach. I finished my work late, at eight o'clock, and I felt like I was going to throw up. I darted up to my room and took of my clothes, not bothering to lock to door. I looked at my vagina/anus and saw that it was considerably larger than it was this morning. I suddenly didn't feel like I had to throw up anymore. I felt like I really had to go poop, and I rushed to the toilet. My new hole felt very tender and sore, and even though I was pushing with all my might, nothing seemed to come out of my vagina. I still could feel something in my stomach and it still ached. I laid down on my bed and tried to sleep, until I really felt something begin to come out. I jumped out of bed but it hurt too much to walk, so I just laid on the floor and tired to sit up and watch what was happening to me below my waist. I felt something big and hard squeeze its way out of my vagina, stretching the walls of it past a comfortable point. I saw the very top of the white object poke out of my vagina and continued squeezing, harder this time. The white object popped out of my now wet vagina and onto the wood floor. I looked at it and saw that it was a large, white, chicken egg. She was turning me into a chicken, and a female one, too. The egg was about five across and seven inches long. It was covered in clear, vaginal fluids. I picked it up and washed off the fluid in the sink. It felt very delicate and I decided to hide it under my bed, hoping that it wouldn't be discovered. 

I went downstairs in the morning, shaking from the terrible thing I just experienced. "Why are you shaking?" asked Cheyenne. "Are you scared of working on the farm again?" "Are you chicken?" "Enough of that, Cheyenne," said her mother. "He is probably just cold." "Yeah, I'm just cold," I said, glaring at Cheyenne. I knew that bitch was turning me into a chicken, and she was just rubbing it in now. I went into the chicken coop, and all of the chickens suddenly clustered around me, as if they were expecting me. I just pushed past them and tried to collect their eggs. I knew that I would soon have to start collecting my own. I went to my room, expecting the next changes to begin happening that night. I was also expecting an egg sometime in the night. I tried to sleep, knowing that I would be woken up later with a new egg being pushed out of my soft vagina. It turns out that I was wrong. Well, sort of. I woke up once at about eleven o'clock and rushed into the bathroom. I grabbed onto something and felt the egg slowly squeeze its way out of my pussy. My vagina was expanding to support the size of the egg, and it hurt like hell. It was almost out, and my vagina was stretched past a comfortable point. It finally came out and I caught it before it hit the floor. Like the previous one, it was covered in vaginal fluids and my vagina was very wet and sore. I put the egg under my bed and climbed into my bed to try to return to sleep. I awoke again at three thirty to find that an egg was already on its way out of my sore vagina. I squeezed it out inside my bed, not bothering to get out, and then shoved it under my bed with the others. 

When I woke up in the morning, however, I realized that something had changed. I was starting to make chicken sounds. I was involuntarily clucking silently and didn't want to go downstairs and confront Cheyenne and her parents. So I decided to try and sneak out the back door and hope they didn't notice me. I crept out of my room and saw Cheyenne waiting for me in the hallway. "How are you feeling?" she asked. "You are evil," I said. "You know what you did to me." She looked me down disapprovingly. "You don't seem to have anything wrong with you." "Do you really want to see what I've had happen to me?" I pulled off my jeans and underwear to reveal my vagina. She just looked at it as if it was normal. "I just thought that the transformation would be progressing faster." I stared at her open-mouthed. "Don't just stand there," she said. "Go downstairs and act normal; pretend this conversation never happened." I nodded and pulled my jeans back on. As if on cue, I clucked like a chicken right after Cheyenne left. "God dammit," I whispered under my breath. "That bitch is going to pay for what she did to me."

I silently went downstairs to breakfast.t. "Are you OK?" asked Cheyenne's mother. "It took you quite a while to get ready." I just nodded and smiled at her. I picked at the food that was set down in front of me, not wanting to eat anything that was cooked by Cheyenne. I quietly slipped out of the kitchen and went outside to tend to my jobs. After an exceptionally hard day of work, I trudged up to my room, feeling quite different than I had when I woke up. My feet hurt and my legs were tingling. I also felt something odd in my shirt. When I first undressed myself, I pulled off my shirt and looked in the mirror to a horrifying sight. I now had breasts. I touched one of them and it felt extremely alien to my finger. They were quite large and tender, and I felt like I needed something to support them. I cupped my hands under my new boobs and lifted them up. They were definitely much different than having a flat chest. I let them hang loosely while I decided to examine the lower half of my body. I pulled down my pants to see that my legs had undergone a frightening transformation. They were scaly and yellow. They looked like, well, a bird's legs. My feet were also very different from how I remembered them. I had only three toes; my second and fourth toe had vanished. I looked my whole foot down to try and find the source of the discomfort my foot was having. I saw that there was a small half-inch protrusion sticking out from my heel. While I was busy checking out my body, I didn't hear Cheyenne quietly slip inside my room. I caught a glance of her in the mirror sitting on my bed and I turned around to face her. I looked down at my body and remembered that I was buck naked. For some odd reason, I felt the need to cover my new boobs, and not my privates. My hands crisscrossed over my chest, trying to hide my massive breasts. "Why am I covering my chest?" I thought to myself. "I should be covering my genitals." As if Cheyenne could read my mind, she said, "I see that the serum is working." "You are even starting to have the instincts of a female." I slowly lowered my hands to expose my boobs. I noticed that Cheyenne had something in her hand. "What's that in your hand?" I asked. "Oh, these?" said Cheyenne. "These are bras." "Why do you have them with you?" I asked. "It's not for me, right?" I asked fearfully. I already knew what her answer would be. "I mean, I'm a guy, and guys don't wear bras." "Are you sure that you are a guy?" asked Cheyenne. "It looks to me like you have boobs and a vagina, which makes you a girl, obviously." I wanted to deny the fact that I was female, but it was quite clear that I was. She got off of my bed and walked towards me. "I have three sizes of bras that I want you to try on," said Cheyenne. "First is the C-cup." She took a black bra from her hand and went behind me. She put my arms out into a T shape and pulled the straps over my arms and onto my shoulders. She pulled the clasps tightly across my back and fastened them. She adjusted my boobs so they fit snugly in the cups. "How does this feel?" asked Cheyenne. I put my hands on top of the bra cups and moved them around. My boobs were still tender and this bra seemed too tight. "It's pinching me a little," I said. "Can I try on a different one?" Cheyenne removed the bra, freeing my breasts. "This is a D-cup," said Cheyenne. "It's slightly bigger and I'm guessing it will fit you." She strapped this one on my body and I still felt uncomfortable. "I think I need one size bigger," I said. Cheyenne raised her eyebrows, slightly surprised. "Now I'm sure that this double d-cup will fit you," said Cheyenne. She fastened this bra and I adjusted my boobs so they fit perfectly inside the large cups. "This one fits great," I said. Cheyenne looked at me for a second before saying, "Good; that's good." We stared at each other for a little while. Cheyenne decided to speak up and say something. "I'm sorry that I have to put you through this, it's just that I needed to have justice for what you did to me." "I completely understand," I said, even though I didn't. "You do?" said Cheyenne. "Yeah," I said. Then Cheyenne did something unexpected. While I was standing there completely naked except for a bra, she came up to me and kissed me full on the lips. Not knowing how to react to this sudden turn of events, I held her and kissed her back. She stopped kissing me and said, "I'm sorry," and with that, she left. 

I laid awake that night still in my bra, because I didn't know how to get the damn thing off. It was starting to bother me and I badly wanted it to be removed. That wasn't the main focus of my thoughts, though. I was still thinking about the kiss. Was Cheyenne a lesbian, or was she kissing me as if I was a guy? Even worse, that would make me a lesbian! My ovary was just as restless as my brain. I could literally feel multiple eggs inside of me, just waiting to come out. After about an hour of lying awake, one of the eggs began to come out. Something was different than my usual egg-laying experience. This egg that came out was much smaller than most of the others, and it slid out of my vagina effortlessly. It was covered in a minimal amount of the disgusting fluids. Thirty seconds later, another egg similar to the one I had just laid popped out of me. This cycle repeated over and over, with about a ten second time frame between each egg. This continued for roughly twenty minutes. After that time, the egg-laying slowed and then stopped altogether. My vagina was soaking wet from all of the fluids and my underwear that I slept in was completely stained and ruined. I threw out the soaked garments and counted up the eggs. I counted about one-hundred twenty or so of the small eggs. I didn't know what to do with them, so I just stuffed them all under the bed with the giant ones. 

I awoke the next day to a very sore chest. There was an annoying wire on the bottom part of my bra to support my large boobs. It always seemed to be digging into my skin; I didn't see how girls could wear them all the time. I crept downstairs and looked around the corner into the dining room to see if Cheyenne's parents were there. For some reason, they weren't. "They went out of town for three days," said Cheyenne, coming up behind me. Surprised, I whirled around, my boobs bouncing as I spun. "I didn't mean to scare you," said Cheyenne. "It's fine," I said back. "I'm really sorry that I had to put you through this," she told me. "If we're lucky, we can complete the transformation before my parents get back." I nodded my head, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. "Now, I know you won't want to do this, but it will help in the long run," said Cheyenne carefully. "I'll do anything," I said. "As long as I can be done with this stupid transformation." Cheyenne let out a breath. "You are currently a male-female hybrid, and even now you are more female than I wanted you to originally be." "And?" I said. Cheyenne hesitated. "To really accelerate the transformation process, I'm going to have to transform you entirely into a female. The only thing that will remain male will be your thoughts." "The transformation into a female will happen rapidly, and will only take about an hour." I pondered my option. I was really fed up with all this transformation bullshit, but I wanted to be done with it. "Fine, I'll do it," I said. "Great, I'll go get everything ready," said Cheyenne.

I went into the kitchen when Cheyenne called me. She had ready a small glass of blue liquid. "Just drink this and go up to your room," she said. I obeyed and swallowed the liquid. I felt a rush of hormones flow through my body. I dashed upstairs and ripped off all of my clothes, except for the bra, because I was incapable of taking it off. Over the hour, many different things happened. I shrunk from six feet to about five feet and three inches. All of the hair on my face, legs, and underarms disappeared. The hair on my head grew and extra foot. The other place where hair grew was right around my vagina. The bush of chocolate brown hair grew over the slit that represented my new womanhood. My lips became fuller, my face smoother. My hips and waist became curved and more feminine. Just as I had finished my final transformation into a female, Cheyenne slipped a pile of clothes under my door. Among the clothes was a small pair of girls' underwear, which looked very uncomfortable, some girl jeans, also uncomfortable, and then a tank top. I still had on the annoying bra, and I realized that the underwear could also be annoying. I pulled on the tight underwear, and I was right. It felt nothing like wearing the briefs I was used to. The underwear fit snugly against my vagina, and tightly around my legs. I felt like I was in a harness. The tank top fit me loosely, which felt much better than the stupid tight bra and underwear. I pulled on the jeans, which were unsurprisingly tight. I realized that I was now a complete girl with some chicken aspects. I would softly cluck, I had the legs of a chicken, and my vagina and anus were the same large hole.

I walked out of my room, now looking like an average high school girl. I met Cheyenne in the kitchen and she looked me down. "How do you feel?" she asked. "Really weird," I said in a higher pitched voice than I had ever used. "I see that everything worked," said Cheyenne. "Now we just have to finish the transformation into a chicken." I sighed and sat down at the kitchen table. "You better just stay inside for the next few days," said Cheyenne. "Because you're going to be fully transforming into a female chicken." "You will have to be a chicken for at least three days, then you will be turned back into a human, and hopefully a male." I looked up and stared at her. "Hopefully?" I asked. "You have to change be back to a guy!" I said. "Being a girl sucks!" "Trust me, I know how it feels," said Cheyenne. "Last year, before my older sister went to college, she turned me into a male horse." "My penis was almost two feet long." We looked into each others' eyes and then Cheyenne leaned down and kissed me softly on the cheek. I stood up and walked slowly upstairs, thinking about what Cheyenne has been through. When I reached my room I looked into the mirror to see that around my lips there was a hard, yellow structure beginning to form. I knew that it was to be my new beak. Over the next hour, my teeth began to fall out and my lips flattened against my face. The yellow beak stuck out a good five inches from my face, and it still wasn't done forming. Feathers also began to stick out from different places on my skin. They were small and white, and felt like small cactus needles were being picked out of my skin. I also noticed that I was getting considerably smaller, I was only about four feet tall now. It was almost nine o'clock when I decided to go to bed. I lied down and fell asleep, not even taking off my now loose-fitting clothes.

I awoke to a disgusting feeling inside my pants. At first I thought that I had a wet dream, but then caught sight of my tits and remembered that I no longer had a penis. I was nervous to look in my pants, expecting to see something terrible. I slowly unzipped my jeans to see that my underwear that used to be white were now stained crimson. I stared at the lower half of my body shocked, not knowing what happened. I didn't know if I had been cut in the middle of the night, or if something was terribly wrong. I stopped to think about what it could be and then realized what was happening to me. I was having my period. I jumped out of my bed and ran into the bathroom, looking for anything to stop the flow of blood. I knew that girls used something to stop the bleeding, but I didn't know what they looked like of what they were called. I pulled open the drawers under the sink in the bathroom and saw of box that was labeled 'tampons.' I ripped open the box and took out one of the small wrapped objects. I took the wrapping off of the object to reveal a small, tube-shaped object with a string attached to the end. I looked in the box to try and find instructions for what it was used for, and found a series of pictures describing what to do. I put the end of the tampon that didn't have the string into my vagina, just as the instruction said. I pulled the string and felt a sheet of cotton fill the inside of my vagina. "At least it stopped bleeding," I thought to myself. I looked at the box to see any other tips, and it said to change the tampon every six hours. I put the box back under the sink and picked up the soiled undergarments. I would have to tell Cheyenne about my period. 

I walked over to her room and talked to her about what had happened. "It's a perfectly normal experience that all girls have," Cheyenne explained to me. "I'll get you a new pair of underwear and also some maxi pads." "What are maxi pads?" I asked. "They are like tampons, but they cover your vagina instead of going inside it." Cheyenne walked into her closet and gave me an even smaller pair of underwear. I realized that I had been standing almost completely naked in front of Cheyenne without being embarrassed. I guessed that it was some girl attribute. I slid the underwear up my legs and struggled to pull it up to cover my whole vagina. "I see your beak is fully formed," said Cheyenne. "Yeah I guess so," I said, still somehow able to speak. "I also see that you have feathers forming." "I would say you will be done with your transformation by tomorrow morning," said Cheyenne. "That great!" I said. "Now just go back to your room and let the transformation take its course," said Cheyenne. I obeyed and went back into the room. 

I lied down on my bed for an hour, feeling the diminished pain of feather poking through my skin. I dozed off and awoke to feel another mess in my pants. I sighed and thought to myself, "There's no way that it has been six hours already!" I unzipped my jeans and looked at my underwear. I was confused, because I saw no blood. Instead, I saw a yellowish splotch right where my vagina was. I pulled off my underwear and realized that I had laid an egg when I was asleep, and that I cracked it. I pulled the broken bits of shell from the bush around my vagina. There bits of yolk in my bed and inside my vagina. The tampon had been pushed out and was lying in a bloody, eggy mess on my bed. I just decided to throw out the underwear and go lay in my bed naked. I picked up the revolting tampon and threw it away, looking at myself in the mirror as I went to the garbage can. I was now only about three feet tall. I had a dense coat of feathers and a fully developed beak. My feet each were yellow and scaly and had three pointy talons sticking out from the front, one from the back. My legs were spindly and scaly like my feet. I had a small protrusion from my butt, which I assumed was going to become the short tail. My large boobs that I had actually grown quite fond and proud of began to disappear. I was now only what I assumed was a B cup, instead of the proud double D that I used to be. There was also a dangling red growth that hung just under my beak. A similar-looking formation had started to grow from the top of my head. The only human features that I retained were my arms, hands, and a somewhat-human head. I walked back to my bed and pulled myself up to lie on top of the covers.

It was late at night when I woke up. I felt tiny laying on my bed, and I knew that now I was only about a foot tall; the size of an average chicken. I stood up on my clawed feet and tilted my head down to see about a dozen eggs that I had been sitting on overnight. I had subconsciously laid eggs and created a nest for them. I was truly a girl, and a mother no less. I was also a sixteen year old male in reality; but this was reality now. I was going to be a mother of baby chicks and provide eggs for Cheyenne's family for three days. I didn't know what to think. I decided to try and find Cheyenne. I was actually surprised that I was still capable of problem solving and thought; I just expected to be a stupid animal for a few days. I walked towards the door, which I had luckily left open. I went out into the hallway, looked at a clock and saw that it was about four in the morning. I decided to wait before I woke Cheyenne, and went on a mission to find a mirror. I made my way down the stairs and went into the kitchen, where I knew there was an accessible mirror. The mirror was lying on the table, and I was able to knock it from the table, and thankfully, it landed on the non-glass side. I stared down into the glass and saw that I was a complete chicken. Covered in a blanket of feathers, the red dangling thing was fully formed, as was the one on the top of my head. I no longer had boobs, but a single bulge on my chest. My arms had also turned into small, useless wings. I also could no longer talk, just cluck. I wandered around the house for a few hours until Cheyenne came down and saw me at about six o'clock. "Is it you?" she asked. I nodded my head the best I could. Cheyenne understood. "Now," she said. "I'm going to pick you up and take you out the the henhouse." "You will have to stay there laying eggs for three days, then you will begin to turn human again." Cheyenne scooped me up and took me the the henhouse. She set me down in a small box that was furnished with hay. She looked into my eyes and said, "See you in a few days." She walked out of the henhouse leaving me alone with the other chickens.

Over the period of the next few days, I didn't do much besides sleep and lay eggs. It was a pretty boring lifestyle, but an easy one. One morning after what must have been three days, Cheyenne came and picked me up. She took me inside and set me down on the counter. "My parents were delayed and won't be back until tomorrow," she said to me. "We got really lucky." "Now I can finally turn you back into a human." Cheyenne took out a handful of seeds that seemed to radiate energy. I pecked at the seeds and immediately began to feel more normal. Well, almost normal. The feathers that previously covered my body began to fall off, revealing pink skin beneath. My beak started to shrink as I grew taller. The dangling red formation under my beak shrived into nothingness, as did the one on my head. My legs bulked up and the yellow scales fell off. My regular toes returned and my wings transformed into arms. However, not everything returned to normal. My chest expanded, and the double D boobs that I had for about a week returned, as did my bush and vagina. The good thing was that at least my anus and vagina were separate, but the fact that I was still a female upset me. I grew back to my regular height of six feet, and my voice returned to normal, but I still had huge boobs and a vagina. I actually think that my boobs grew larger, to a size E. "What the hell?" I asked Cheyenne. "Why am I not a full guy?" "I don't know!" Cheyenne said. "You should be a full male, but for some reason, you still retained some traits of females." "In fact, the female traits that were left were enhanced." "So will I ever have a flat chest or a penis again?" I asked nervously. "I'm afraid I can't tell yet," said Cheyenne. "But in the meantime, we should get you some better-fitting clothes."

I followed Cheyenne upstairs and she went into her closest and came out with a size E bra. She handed it over to me and I hooked it over my huge boobs. They were so heavy that my back was even slightly bent. Cheyenne handed me a pair of girls' underwear that seemed to be for people with wider hips. I slid them on, and they were still as uncomfortable as I remembered them to be. "You look tired," said Cheyenne. "Yeah, I am," I said. "I'm going to go take a rest." And with that, I kissed Cheyenne on the lips and then went to my bedroom to sleep. 

I woke up at midday to the feeling of sticky fluid inside my underwear. The only things that I was wearing were the bra and the underwear. Other than that, I was completely naked. When I felt the wet sensation in my pants. I had the terrible feeling that I had laid an egg, but no. I was having my period. Again. I thought that periods were only supposed to happen every month for a week or so, not every few days! But then I remembered what Cheyenne had told me. That all of the female traits that still remained in my body were elevated, so I realized that I would have to deal with lots of stupid girl problems. I got up from my bed and got out the box of tampons. I unwrapped one of the rod-shaped objects and shoved it into my vagina. I pulled the string and felt the oddly pleasurable sensation of the cotton puffing into my vagina. I stayed inside my room, not wanting to talk to Cheyenne right now. I just walked around my room aimlessly for an hour, until I came up with the idea to begin experimenting with my body. I hadn't used the bathroom since I was transformed into a chicken, so I decided to find out what it was like. I removed the bloody tampon and threw it in the garbage. Instinctively, I pulled down my underwear and stood in front of the toilet, getting ready to pee. Right before I released the stream, I remembered that I didn't have a penis and I hurriedly sat down. To be honest, I didn't quite know how girls peed. I thought that they peed from the butts and that was where I was expecting the pee to come from. I was shocked when the urine began to flow from my vagina and into the toilet. I just sat there, staring at my vagina and the pee dripping out of it. It was a very strange sensation, and I didn't think I could ever get used to it. After I finished, I flushed the toilet and wanted to find out more about my female body if I was to live like that for the rest of my life.

The next thing that I concluded to try was masturbation. I don't know why I had the sudden impulse to try and sexually arouse myself, but I realized that I had not jacked off for over a week. I was craving pleasure. I didn't know how girls pleasured themselves, so I experimented. I took one of my fingers and slowly inserted it into my vagina. The very moment I put it in, a rush of hormones went to my brain and I moaned with pleasure. I shoved my finger deeper into the slit and moved it around, arousing me even further. I was hornier than I had even been when I was a male. This was by far the best part of having a vagina. It felt so good, it almost made up for all of the other awful things about being a woman. It was was better than moving a hand up and down a penis. This was far more personal and a greater sensation, a feeling that I had never felt before. My vagina started to get very wet. My finger became lubricated my the mucus that was being formed by my vagina, just making it easier for me to masturbate faster. I tried to shove more fingers into my vagina, and I was able to fit three. I closed my eyes and almost yelled because my estrogen levels were so high. I tried even harder to masturbate more, and in the climax of ecstasy, my body let out a wave of the lubricant and I flopped down on my back on my bed, exhausted from the fierce session of masturbation. I would now rather be a girl than a guy. I no longer wanted to be male. I could get used to not being able to pee standing up. I could deal with a little blood now and then. I didn't care if I had to give birth or wear uncomfortable clothes. As long as I could pleasure myself like that, I wouldn't care about anything that was bad about being a girl. Remembering what Cheyenne had said about the traits being more powerful, I hoped that they could transform me fully into a female. I decided to stop thinking about the matter for the night, and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke the next day full of happy dreams of being female. I never would have thought that I would actually want to be a girl, but the pure pleasure would have made and sensible male want to be a girl. Those ignorant guys had no idea what they were missing out on. I mean, there were way more bad things about being a boy then being a girl. Boys had to pee from something like a hose, and us girls could just pee sitting down. Boys just had a shaft to masturbate to, and girls had a whole range of things to masturbate with. And besides, boobs weren't that bad. They look nice and bounce around when you run. I never thought that I would say something like this, but I really want to fully be a girl. I tried as hard as I could over the next few hours to stimulate my body until my estrogen levels overrode my testosterone levels. I masturbated for almost ten minutes straight, and I felt myself becoming more female. My idea was working! It was possible to turn myself into a female. I became shorter, and my waist became curvier. My hair became longer and my face smoother. I shrunk until I was roughly five foot three. I was now a complete female. I stopped masturbating because my period kicked in. I walked into the bathroom and did the routine of stuffing the tampon in my vagina and pulling the string. I pulled on my underwear and some jeans and went downstairs to talk to Cheyenne. 

I saw Cheyenne in the kitchen reading the newspaper. We hadn't seen each other for at least a day, and I was longing to see her. Cheyenne turned around and her eyes got huge. "No!" she yelled. "I didn't think this would happen to you!" "I'm so sorry!" "Don't be," I said to her. She said at be with a dumb expression on her face. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Because of me, you have to be a girl for the rest of your life!" "But being a girl is awesome," I said. "I've never pleasured myself that hard in my life." "Masturbating with a vagina outweighs all of the negatives of being a female, and all of the positives of being a male." "Oh," said Cheyenne, still not knowing what to say. "Thank you so much," I said. "I can't do this," said Cheyenne. "Do what?" I asked, confused. "You have to be transformed back into a male." "What?" I asked angrily. "Why?" "So we can carry the next required part of your punishment," said Cheyenne. I stared back at her in shock, not fully comprehending what she meant.



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