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Spin of Fur: Second Night - By Spacklejackle Author: By Spacklejackle Species: Man to Female Dog & Woman to Male Dog Date: Nov. 05, 2009 Rating: X Spin of Fur: Second Night

I lay naked on the bed, waiting for Dan to get out of the shower. The sheets crinkled and felt stiff as I shifted. After our experience last time I had thought to get the plastic fitted sheet designed for bed wetters�it was totally hard to find a king size. But gawd, did the bed ever get wet the last time. Urine and shit had soaked in. Dan and I had scrubbed and cleaned, but had to junk the whole thing and get a new one anyway. The donkey stink just wouldn't come out.

I tinkered with the game, getting a bit excited as I pondered the possibilities. The four dice were set to the side of the board. I absentmindedly flicked at the spinner, testing, encouraged it landed on cat a couple times. I loved cats and imagined that to be the best of all possible outcomes. But I really didn't care which animal was chosen, I just wanted to play, and I knew Dan did too. Besides the mess�which totally took a week to fix�our last experience was really good. I didn't even like donkies; before the first spin I had thought they were filthy, loud beasts. But now, I discovered I had a soft spot in my heart for the things even if they were that way. So, cat or no, I was ready, and willing.

Finally, the shower stopped. Dan stepped out and patted down with a towel as he crossed the room to the bed. His feet crunched in the plastic he had spread around the perimeter like a Dexter clean room. We were able to clean the carpet, but it was not a job we wanted to do again, and the plastic was an easy, disposable preparation.

Dan bounced on the bed, flopping down. He smirked at the way the game board didn't even move as if that justified the extra 500$ he had spent on the boxspring: individually-doubly-coiled-super-springs or something I didn't care about.

I noticed he was already hard. Geez, guys are so easy. "Let's do it," Dan said. He grabbed the little male totem and scooped up Initiate, ready to roll. I grabbed the female totem�she was standing naked, straight, and with a confident grin on her silvery face.

I flicked at the spinner�for reals this time. I felt the subtle magic bind my hand to the board after the needle had completed one turn. Committed. It picked up speed, spinning feverishly for several seconds, almost a blur. Then it stopped dead still. Frozen; It pointed to dog. I was briefly disappointed but only for a second. The donkey had been great after all; dog had to be better.

"Oh cool!" Dan exclaimed. "Dog should be great. Anything except woodchuck is what I say. Those little guys have like what…3 millimeters?"

"Whatever honey, lets keep rolling huh." I picked up Magnitude and threw it, not even waiting for Dan's Initiate which was already doing its own circuit from Dan's toss. The dice stopped simultaneously. Magnitude: full. Initiate: woman.

I felt a stirring in my totem hand. It shifted within my grip and it was no longer human shaped or sized. A dog's head peeked out from my fist, and it was standing on all fours. Dan's totem remained unchanged, though it looked like its smile might be a bit larger. Smug.

Our eyes met above the board. Not saying anything, we each reached for a die, looking expectantly from each other to the board. Two more rolls and the fun would begin. I couldn't wait, and realized I was totally wet now. I was about to be a dog! I wanted this man�my husband�to take me. I would howl as he gave it to me. I promised myself I wouldn't hold back.

The Rite of Passage was heavy in my hand. I briefly studied its dirty little sex scenes, imagining each one done to my soon-to-be dog's body. They all looked good.

"Come on Wen roll it," Dan said. I shook it and tossed. It thunked on the board and ran its circuit, coming to rest in the little depression it called home. Ironically, the cartoon couple was enjoying doggy-style. "Woot!" he chucked. "That is awesome...and hilarious!" We laughed together; the roll was apt. How else is a dog supposed to do it anyway? Dan's totem moved slightly, stooping over a bit and reaching forward with its hands, as if he was about to grab some ass and start humpin'. Its little reflective expression turned from a grin to an orgasmic 'O'.

Dan set the final die in motion. Spice. It hit the board and ran in circles like it was having a hard time deciding our fate. Five, ten, fifteen revolutions it ran, before finally slowing.

As it came to rest, the word "switch" was revealed.

Warmth spread over my body as a pleasant chime filled my ears. It felt nice, like a big hug. A bright light filled the room and I closed my eyes against it, riding out the sensations as if floating in a cloud. I felt buffeted by unseen forces as the chiming grew louder. The light became more intense and burst to dark.

Then it was over.

I opened my eyes, and saw myself staring back. I looked surprised: mouth agape, eyes wide, kneeling on the other side of the board. My body's hands moved up to brush through my hair, but I wasn't moving them. What was going on here? Wait a second…

I looked down; it was true. A hard muscled chest replaced my soft, full breasts. A man's package hung between athletic and hairy legs. We had switched bodies!

"Oh my God Wendy! I am you! This is friggin' crazy!" Dan was ecstatic, like some fantasy had just been realized. Did I sound all screechy like that when I got excited? He pawed at his female body: delicate hands roughly squeezing his breasts and snaking between his thighs with abandon. I was totally forgotten to him as he explored his new found female features.

I did the same. This was a new experience after all. I flexed an arm, marveling at the hugeness of the bicep. I ran my hand over its round bulge�it was totally rock solid. giving me a sense of being powerful and strong. I brushed my hands over my fuzzy thighs, which felt totally gross. As a woman I was very much unused to this level of hair growth and couldn't help briefly thinking about grabbing a razor to fix the faux pas. My�ahem�cock and balls did not look any prettier to me now as they did when I was a woman. They just hung limply, the bulbous testicles slowly undulating as I watched them--weird. I was a bit creeped out by it.

I looked back to Dan. He had a tit in his mouth and was diddling himself hard.

"Daniel!" I boomed, surprised at my deep voice. "Have you no shame? You are acting ridiculous."

The tit popped free. "Ahhhh, I can't help it Wendy…I've always wanted to know...what it is like to be a woman." He shivered with an orgasm. "…Oh gosh. And now…ohhhh. It feels sooo good. How could you even think?"

This was not normal. Dan was acting strange, like some nympho slut goddess. I knew my body well, and I never was that into masturbation. I think I did the tit-in-mouth one time as a teenager, after they had gotten big enough to do it. But it wasn't all that.

But then I noticed the tail. A big black tail swished behind my old body. The ears too had changed becoming black furry and floppy. Dan must have been overcome by his changes, making him extra sensitive or something. Maybe he was in heat? Dogs do that right?

Dan's change was quick; magical. In the span of 30 seconds he had completely transformed into a black lab. He wasn't as big as I had been either. The extra weight had just disappeared, replaced by thick black fur and 100% dog.

The heat didn't go away with the change. With his tail raised, I could clearly see his vagina was wet, sloppy, and swollen. Dan spun in a circle, chomping at his own tail for a few spins. Maybe the change had affected more than just his body, because that looked really stupid and un-Dan-like. Panting heavily, he squatted, grinding his genitals into the sheet, then shamelessly drug himself in circles again.

He was clearly hot for it, but I was not feeling any attraction to this bazaar scene. I simply was not attracted to women, and even less to dogs. Could I even get it up? Dan had always made it look easy--he was Mr. EverReady. I poked at my balls which tickled a bit, but certainly no hardness. My penis just hung limp like I hadn't put batteries in it.

Dan knew what to do though. A wet tongue slobbered across my taint, making my gut clench in a good way. Licks bathed my now tight balls with saliva. Good. Then another lick in my ass crack. Before I knew it my flag was raised: full staff and then some. I stared down at it stupidly: it was hard and ached even. It literally hurt it was so engorged in blood. So this is what Dan had complained about on night's when I wasn't interested...

My attention was shifted from my manhood by a swishing tail. It brushed against my face, beckoning me to pay attention. I couldn't help but look. Dan was unabashedly presenting himself to me, his sex practically in my face. Was he whining a bit?

I hesitated. I thought of that freak in the news down in SC who nearly got shot by a farmer before he got 3-years for horse fucking. Was this bestiality? No, this was different. Dan pushed back against my crotch as if to say "focus and fuck me". It was consensual.

I grabbed two handfuls of fur, testing, working up my resolve. Then, I slowly guided my cock in and immediately was impressed by how good the warmness felt surrounding me. I began to thrust, unsure at first while Dan began to pant heavily. But it felt nice and I went with it, pumping harder. I can't lie, it was really good. So good, I only lasted about ten or twelve strokes before I lost it, ejaculating for the first time. My dick spasmed, each tremor shooting more seed into Dan's womb. It felt great, totally different than as a woman; I was the fucker this time.

I felt weak then as if the lost semen had contained all of my energy. Post orgasm, my dick was super sensitive so I was reluctant to pull out, and wanted to just rest with it right where it was. I didn't dare move for the pain the slightest twitch caused. But Dan was not done yet; he didn't want to rest. He ground back against me frustrated at my inaction, thrashing, whimpering, and trying to get his. I couldn't blame him dog as he was and not being a stranger to hair triggers. Still, his thrashing hurt. I needed to withdraw to rest a second.

But I couldn't.

My dick was locked in. It felt swollen and very tight inside Dan. Oh geez, we were stuck together. From by backside I felt the eruption of what could only be a tail. Over my shoulder I watched it grow for as long as I was able to watch without pain in my neck. I was becoming a dog too.

The hangs clutched to fur lost their grip and became paws. My nose extended from my face, my tongue lolled out. I popped out of Dan and fell to all fours, sweating at first then panting with the change. Lots of black fur grew from head to tail, just like Dan. Claws grew. Teeth lengthened. Leathery balls slapped against my legs. The world went black and white, but what I lost in color I gained in scents.

The world was filled with them. Smells, so strong it was hard not to pay attention to them. Dirty smells, sweet smells. Strongest of all was the one right in front of me. I buried my nose in it, pulling deep breaths first from the bitch's ass, then from her cunny. My dick was out of its sheath now, I coiled back to lick it and make it feel good. It was salty and glistened, and begged to be put where it needed to be.

I mounted then, as was right. My mate welcomed me eagerly. I pumped, my hips thrust reflexively without thought. My tongue tasted the air and dragged against my bitch's back. Here it comes. Here it comes. HERE IT COMES!

"Aroooo!" Wendy howled.

"Arrooo!" Dan answered.


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