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Pick Me - By Spacklejackle Author: By Spacklejackle Species: Human Date: Apr. 13 2009 Rating: X Pick me

We were coming back from the game. A bus full of dudes enjoying the satisfaction which comes from a sound thrashing of our foes. Soccer was our game, and we were the best in the division. A hard-earned distinction; one earned through relentless practice. Coach was a bastard, but he was effective.

The ribald chanting and loud, off-key singing had largely died down after it had gotten dark. Adrenaline could only carry sore and tired bodies--however well toned--so far before exhaustion took hold. I was trying to get some shut eye, but sleeping too soundly among this crowd was an invitation for a cruel marker job or other embarrassing hijinx. I kept one eye open, safe to say.

The yellow bus flew along the hilly 2-lane country road. Farms, fences, corn... Not much to see out here even if it wasn't dark. There were at least a couple hours to go before civilization and a proper bed.

"You see those hot bitches behind our goal?" Joey chortled with a wide grin as he cupped two imaginary breasts on his chest and shook them up and down like a horney airhead might.

"I fucked 'em," Toby proclaimed. "I just barely made it back to the bus." This was met by some loud laughs that got louder as Toby stood up and pantomimed his adventures against the back of one of the big green seats. Toby had gotten injured second half, so his story was plausible as he had time the rest of us didn't. It was bullshit though of course. Toby was gay. If he had not been so damn good would have gotten some serious hazing, easy mark and all. The ass jockey had our respect though for his skill on the field. And he was a fun guy besides, so we had given him a pass and kept the insults good natured.

I smiled and tried to get back to napping...

"Shit what is that?" Coach said. The bus lurched to a stop. Coach stared out the windshield at something in the road, leaning in and squinting his eyes to see.

"What is it Coach?"

Coach climbed up out of the driver's chair and opened the slider. "Give me a sec. I swore I saw something out there." He stepped out and as soon as his foot touched the ground, the bus was bathed in a powerful light.

"Ahhhh!" I shouted in surprise. The other guys were just as bewildered and more than a few curses were uttered. Coach stood out in front of the bus staring up into the sky with a dumb look. He was lit up like an over-exposed photo.

Then, the bus shook. It canted over at an angle. A soccer ball rolled up against my leg. Through the windows on one side I could see more sky than I should've. Through the other I saw Coach, and he was getting smaller. "What the fuck?"

Toward the back, Jaun flipped out as realization of what was happening hit us. He screamed wildly and threw open the emergency exit to make a break. The big door swung open fast as the bus changed orientation. We were pointing straight up now. I shifted in my seat to hang on, but I was still able to look back as Juan fell through the opening. We were too high, and Juan knew it as he howled on the way down.

Crunch. Soccer balls rained down around his broken body. We were all silent for a beat, despite our own dire predicament. Disbelief.

Reality: we were screwed. I looked out front but couldn't see anything. It was too bright. Bright enough to hurt my eyes. All I could do was hold on and hope for the best. I thought about my girlfriend and her sexy legs. My mom. My cat. My life not yet lived. It was grim thinking, but I couldn't help it. This floating bus, dead friend, burning light business was way outside my expectations for that night. Five minutes ago I was thinking of the blow job waiting for me back home. Now...

It got hot quick. Desert like. Beads of sweat stung my eyes before evaporating. I heard one of the guys sobbing ahead of me, but I couldn't see which. The air got thick then. My vision started to tunnel and I felt light headed. "Uhhhh..." I blacked out.


I woke up on a hard metallic floor. My mouth tasted salty and I spit as I rolled to my knees to get up. The spit was all pink like cotton candy. Weird. I looked around as I got my bearings. Me and the other guys were laying in two rows, head to toe. All the guys in my row had the same pink shit smeared around their mouths. I scrubbed the back of my hand across my mouth; it came away pink too. Disgusting. Though the color was nice.

Movement across the room caught my eye. A big green monster man was standing by an open door. He was a monster, an alien obviously, but that was not his most notable feature. It was his cock. It was huge, thick, and erect. I could see its veins from 20 feet and it stood tall to the middle of his chest. "Barg-barg-barg. Barg!" he grunted. I noticed he was holding a jar with the pink stuff before he turned and stepped though the door, which slid shut behind him.

I realized I had a hard on. It hurt, throbbing in time with my scared racing heart. Though it was as big as it had ever been, it was nothing like that monster had. That thing was impressive, my thoughts wandered. I wonder what kind of load he shot? A bucket of cum for sure. I realized I was stroking myself through my pants as I replayed what I had seen. I shook my head and slapped myself across the face to clear my thoughts. My dick calmed a bit, and I looked around finally able to think.

The other guys were stirring now like me. One by one the guys in my row--Joey and the others--discovered the pink on their own faces. They spat and wiped as I had. The guys in the other row were still, like they were pleasantly resting. Gay Toby was across from me. He had a little cute grin on his sleeping face I noted. I looked over his body, still in his soccer shorts and jersey. Like us all, he was fit--athletic thighs and hard abdomen. I could see a good-sized bulge through the nylon of his shorts.

I stood up. I felt all crimped up so I stretched catlike going up on my tiptoes and reaching as high up as I could. I arched my back before coming back down. I seemed strangely relaxed now given the circumstances.

I suddenly realized what should have been obvious as soon as I woke up: we had been abducted. Aliens. ALIENS! "We've been abducted!" I announced with a squeak, my voice breaking. The others in my row looked at me with dull unconcerned eyes, as if they were in a soupy fog.

Drugs. My heart began to race again. Drugs, what else. That pink goo had to be something and by the look of the guy who applied it, it wasn't for giggles. "Shit, shit, shit," I looked around nervously. Where was the bus? How did we get here? I remembered Jaun dead in the road. Who was that green guy with the third leg?

Soon these thoughts seemed less important. I looked back at Toby lying there in front of me. I looked at his bulge again and became curious. I sank to my knees, unconsciously, and crawled a bit closer to his prone body. I reached out and gently tugged down his shorts to reveal his limp manhood. Before I realized it, my mouth was down around his penis. As I sucked I grew excited. More excited as I felt Toby's rod stiffen in my mouth.

My own dick was super hard again and I pulled back from Toby to pull my shirt up over my head. I needed to be more comfortable and the clothes were hot against my sweat slicked skin. I touched myself again....

"Wait!" I cried. What the fuck is this? What was I doing? I'm not a faggot! I've got a girl who I love to fuck back home. Earlier I had imagined her waiting for me after my trip, and the great BJ she always gave me. But I just had, my mouth, on another dude's dick! I gagged at the thought and spat again. There were a few pink flecks in the spittle. I was scared now, the fog had cleared again.

I looked back up from myself and Toby, and saw something I never imagined possible. Dude on dude action down the row. Low unhurried moans. It was decidedly not hot. Not like the lesbo porn we watched sometimes at parties for a hoot. That was hot. This was just wrong. Half the other pink-eaters were naked. Some were giving oral to their sleeping counterparts as I had done. Two were sucking each other off in a 69. Jesus. What has happened to us? Faggots to a man.

In that brief moment of clarity, standing there with my shirt off, I saw one of the walls was made of tinted glass. There were 4 shadows back there. Oh god! They were stroking themselves the fucking perves. It was hard not to notice their big dicks as they had to use two hands to get any pump action going.

Watching them masturbate, watching their cocks, I lost myself again.

I had dark thoughts then. Well, dark thoughts before I got on that damn bus. Dark thoughts indeed if you had seen me with my girl last weekend. Dark thoughts if you had heard me and the guys giving Toby what for. Those same thoughts didn't seem so bad now. Good even. Why didn't I ever see it before? I mean Toby had been telling us as much for years now: dicks were awesome. They were beautiful.

To my left, Joey had a big shit-eating grin as he stripped off his pink-stained sweats. I glanced back at Toby with renewed interest, but before I could make a move...

...I collapsed to the floor. My legs lost their strength. I rolled to lay on my back and spread my legs wide to relieve my suddenly tight balls. They ached, seeming incredibly full and heavy. Hastily I cast off my shorts and briefs, the last of my clothes. I grabbed my dick and started pumping hard. It felt nice, so nice, better than ever. I heard others doing the same, but my focus was only on myself.

"Ah, ah, ah. Oooooh yeah. Fuck yes!" I gasped. My fist was a blur--up and down.

I came then, lost in oblivion for a few seconds. I kept pumping and rubbing because it still felt good. Normally it hurt right after--too sensitive. But not now. It felt really good. "Hugh!" A second wave hit me. I squeezed my balls and semen shot all over my chest in copious amounts. Too much it seemed. I squeezed again and I felt my testicles kind of squish to nothing, like crushed grapes. I was just holding an empty bag of skin even as cum continued to spew from my spasming dick held tight in the other hand. "Ahhhhh...oh so good."

I looked down as I continued to rub. My entire chest was covered in semen. So much it ran off and pooled at my sides even. My hand slipped off my dick for a second. I grabbed it back and kept going. Still, cum vomited out of me. I couldn't stop. My body shook with the effort of pumping, muscles in my arm burned, my mouth bubbled froth and my eyes reflexively rolled back. "Ahhhh," I seethed. It was so good.

My hand slipped a second time. I frantically, grabbed around in my pubes till I got a hold again.

I rolled over on my stomach to get a different angle, hoping to heighten my pleasure. I enjoyed the feel of slick cum on my skin as I continued to rub my groin with a hand wedged between my body and the floor. Soon I pulled my arm out and just ground my hips against the floor, it felt better. But I couldn't get a good enough purchase, so I rolled over.

I reached for my dick, but it was gone...I stopped breathing for a second, and lifted myself to my elbows to look closer. Nothing! Oh no!

Wait a second. I delved deep between my thighs and found a sweet spot. "Yes," I said triumphantly. I started rubbing again, dick forgotten. "Ahhhh..." What was happening to me? I didn't care, it just felt too good to touch myself.

My head flopped to the side and I saw Joey again. He was cupping his chest, and the tits weren't imaginary this time. They were big floppy things with wide, dark areola. He had one up in his mouth sucking hard, clearly enjoying himself. Wow, nice. I looked expectantly to my own chest and was disappointed to see just flat and muscled pecs.

I scrambled eagerly over to the still unconscious Toby. His dick was quick to hardness as I licked at his sweet balls. Without pretense, I straddled him and guided his cock into my...my vagina! Holy shit I had a vagina! Some new instinct took over then and I pumped and pumped, riding hard and enjoying it a lot, thighs burning from the exertion. Toby began to stir. Gay or not, it felt good to have your dick tended to. He began to moan, still half asleep.

I was getting preciously close to orgasm again. I rubbed my hands across my belly and up across my pecs. They felt softer than usual, and it felt good to touch them. They were fleshy but they weren't tits. Why don't I have tits like Joey? I kept riding.

Toby's eyes were open then. His mouth was open in a reflexive 'O'". His hands gliding across my now shapely ass. Wow, look at that! I thought glancing back over my shoulder. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck yeah!" he groaned before exploding inside me. His head thrashed back and forth with passion. His fingers bit deep into my soft fleshy thighs during his climax, and then he passed out.

My first man felt great. I could feel his load drip out of me, the extra lubrication making our coupling that much more noisy. Toby's dick remained hard, thank god! Squish. Squish. Squish. "Oh, oh my!" I was surprised by my own female voice briefly before the orgasm took me. Higher, sexy, throaty.

I felt a tightness in my chest as the orgasm spread. In seconds the nipples expanded to pinky size, and grew a bit darker. Then my chest expanded in time to the orgasmic waves. With each crest of pleasure my breasts grew. "Ahhhhh!" Bigger. "Ahhhh yes!" Bigger still. "Oh my god....titties!" A final wave and my new tits expanded one more time. "Ahhhh, yes that is so good".

My hands cupped my new breasts. Exploring, squeezing. They were literal melons, both hands couldn't wrap fully around a single tit. I sucked at one as I saw Joey do. A little sweetness squirted into my mouth from a fat nipple. They felt good. Really good. I was a woman, and it felt great. I wanted more cock though. I couldn't think for it. Toby was spent, I had used him up. He lay unresponsive, and his dick had gone down. The others in the room were in a similar state. A bunch of hot chicks and just as many passed out dudes. All the women were beautiful, full figured and voluptuously curved, but I wasn't interested in that anymore.

I wanted more cock. Needed it. My pussy ached and dripped like I was some bitch. "More! More!" I rubbed for relief and there was precious little to be had.

Just then the door slid back open. Four green men walked in, their huge cocks bobbing as they entered. "Barg Barg," one said pointing at me with a smile.

Without hesitation, I flipped over to my knees and presented my ass to my green suitor, lifting it high for him to see. I looked over my shoulder at the green guys. "Please," I whimpered, "pick me."


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