Life At The Farm

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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“David!  Come down here!”

David slowly blinked the sleep from his eyes as the white of his ceiling swam into view.


His mother repeated herself, and he covered his head with pillow.  Maybe she would give up.

“David!  Down here, this instant!”

Guess not.

David sighed, shrugging the sheets from his body.  He loved his mom, but damn could she be shrill.  “Yeah?”  He grunted, sliding out of bed.

He probably didn’t need to change the shirt he slept in.  But as for pants...  No, he had boxers.  He was good.  He trundled downstairs, ruffling his dark brown hair with his hand.  His mother greeted him with an exasperated look.

“David, how often have I told you to clean your room?”  She spoke calmly, but David could hear the underlying aggression.

“Too often.”  He said.

“And?”  His mother arched an eyebrow expectantly.

“And it’s getting old?”  He drawled sarcastically.

She threw her hands in the air with exasperation.  “And your room’s not getting cleaned!”

David scratched his arm idly.  “Why, so it’s not.  Do you think that you should maybe stop asking?”  He looked up to find his mother looking down, a faint reddish hue spreading across her face.  In that moment, he realized he had crossed a line.  “Um... I mean...”

“David.  You know how you were planning on staying at home this summer?”  Each word held the promise of hitherto unknown violence were he to respond in any manner but a kind and obedient one.

Naturally, he responded quickly and courteously.  “Yes?”  He snapped his arms to his sides, a model son.

His mother sighed.  He suddenly realized how old she looked when she was tired.  She closed her eyes, moving her lips as though she was counting to ten, and then she spoke again.  “Well, now you’re going to be spending it with your aunt and cousins.”

David blinked in confusion.  “W-what?  You mean the farmers?”  He hadn’t seen them since the last family cookout he attended.

His mother nodded.  “Yes.  Truth be told, I’ve been planning this for a while now, but you’ve never driven me to this before.”

He opened his mouth to object, and she shut him up with a sharp glare that put the fear of god into the young man’s body.  He nodded numbly.


It all happened so quickly, his stuff was packed into a bag, his mother near-shoved him into a car, and then just like that he was at the farm.  The car ride wasn’t even worth the attention to remember it, a meaningless blur while his mother tried to explain the benefits of ‘responsibility’.

He didn’t want to think about that.  He had a full summer of browsing the web, games, and ‘alone time’.  Now he was going to some backwoods farm?

It pulled into their view, a vast expanse of greenery.  Cows, horses, even sheep were grazing on well-kept grass.  David thought he could even make out a pig pen and a chicken coop past some hills.  He hated all of it.

A well-kept woman greeted them as they neared the small house by the barn.  Even though it had been at least a decade since he’d seen his aunt, she’d barely changed.  Sure, there were a few age lines, but other than that his Aunt Alicia looked just like she did when he was ten, blonde locks framing a gorgeous heart-shaped face.

“Allie!”  His mother waved at her.

“Deb!”  The older woman waved back, jogging up to the car.  “Oh my word, is this little Davey?”

David twitched slightly at the nickname, but he didn’t correct her.  He was in enough trouble as it was.

“It is indeed, sweetie!  How are the girls?”  His mother parked the car and greeted her sister in a loving embrace.

“Trisha and Trixie are just fine!  They’re in the barn right now, if you want to stay a while.”

His mother sucked in air through her teeth.  “I would, but I need to work tomorrow, and it is a two hour drive back home...”

Alicia’s eyebrows raised.  “Little Davey here must’ve been especially bad.”

“Well, it’s built up over time.  Listen... I’ll try and make time over the summer, but I’ll definitely be back at the end to pick him up.”

Aunt Alicia laughed, a rich, melodious sound.  “Don’t worry about it, sis.  The fact that you’re visiting at all is great.  Now, Davey?”  She looked to the passenger seat.

“Yes?”  He blinked.

“Why don’t you grab your things and run on inside?  You’ll find it’s probably nicer here than you’d expect.  Who knows, you might even come to enjoy your stay...  As long as you pull your weight.”  Her laughter filled the air once more as she patted his window.


She waited until he’d said his goodbyes to take him to his summer stay.  The second she opened the door to the house, he knew he’d be all right.  He grinned at the sight of their plasma screen television, marveling quietly at the state of the house.  Though it looked small-town on the outside, the interior was decorated like any modern home, complete with even a Blu-Ray player.

His aunt noticed his wide eyes.  “Pretty nice, right?”

He nodded.  “Yes, Aunt Alicia!”

She laughed, leading him up a set of wooden stairs.  “It’s just ‘Alicia’.  Your room’s the guest room, first one on the left.  Just put your bags down for now; you can unpack after dinner.  Right now, I want you to work with Trisha and Trixie.”

David nodded slowly.  He didn’t remember her daughters that well, but he knew them well enough not to confuse the two.  Trixie had gray eyes and dirty-blond hair, while her sister was far more Aryan—golden locks and crystal irises.  Still, he’d rather not do chores.

Worse still, his room was practically taunting him.  The bed looked extremely comfy, a thick comforter over soft sheets.  The view was nice, too—and instead of blinds the window had shades, thick solid sheets that blocked the light.

He stifled a sigh, tossing his bag on the plush bed before him.  As an afterthought, he tossed his phone on the bed, too.  He wasn’t getting 3G out here, and he’d rather it not get dirty during work.  David left the room feeling glum, he just wanted to nap.

“Now go on, your cousins are waiting just outside of the closest grain silo.  Door out back’s through the dining room.”  Alicia waved him away merrily.


David found his cousins easily, but couldn’t see more than their outlines at first; the metal siding of the silo reflecting the sun with a vengeance.  He had to do a double take as he got closer.  The last he saw, Trixie was a brat around his age, and Trisha was one of those know-it-all teens.  He’d expected them to still be gangly kids, freckles dotting lean faces.  What greeted his eyes were a pair of beauties, blonde hair framing porcelain skin.  Trixie had grown out in all the right places, and Trisha’s body was nothing to scoff at, either.

He changes his thoughts to other things.  Aunt Donna had married into the family, but the girls were still his cousins, even if not by blood.

“So...”  He led in, somewhat awkwardly.  There went trying to make a good first impression.

“Hi Dave, want to follow us in?”  Trixie waved him past her.

“It’s David.  But sure.”  He nodded, walking to the door then holding it open for them.  Trisha rolled her eyes, but Trixie gave him a wide smile, and did an ironic courtesy.  He followed the pair in and had to stop.

He didn’t want to seem like a city-slicker, but David still gawked at the size of the grain hoppers.  They were somehow bigger on the inside than they were on the outside.  Wide stretches of steel surrounded by a bunch of dangling cables that led to... harnesses?  If his jaw could get any more slack, it surely did.  Didn’t farmers usually use water or something?

Trixie beamed at his expression.  “So we’re going to be cleaning this today.  We’ve got a new crop coming in, and so we moved out some of the leftover surplus from this one.”

He didn’t respond.

She followed his gaze to the harnesses.  “Oh, right.  We have a more fun way of doing it than just hosing things down.  We’ve already set everything up, too!”  She stepped into a harness and tightened it.  “You’ll love it, it’s just like being a trapeze artist.”  Trixie took off, scaling the wall of the hopper, a half-crouched walk that made her butt look super tight.

David shook his head to clear those thoughts, and he turned to other cousin.  “I—I don’t think I can really help you with that.”  He planned to shirk work, but what they were doing wasn’t work, it was madness!

Trisha grinned from ear to ear.  “Okay, city boy.  How about we start you with something easy.  You get the ground, we’ll get the walls?”  She tossed him a broom.

“Sure.”  He looked at how much he’d have to sweep.  He could probably take a few hours but make it look like he was doing work.

“So you’re a junior in college?”  Trixie twirled a lock of her hair idly as she looked her cousin up and down from above.

“Yep.”  David nodded.  He wasn’t in the mood to talk; it was bad enough that he had to work his summer away.

Trixie’s smile faltered, a little bit off-put by his apathy.  Nonetheless, she pressed on.  “How’s college like?  I’m homeschooled, you know; and I can’t help but dream about what it’s like.”

“Uh.  ‘S good.”  David’s shoulders tilted in an approximation of a half-assed shrug.  He continued to push the grains from side to side, not really making any progress.

Trisha glanced back, her eyes widening as she saw what little progress he’d made.  “Why aren’t you sweeping any faster?”

“I’m allergic to hay.  I don’t want the grains to get in my nose.”  He ventured.

“David, you’re funny.”  Trixie smiled as she slugged him on his shoulder.

He rubbed the spot tenderly.  “Eh.  Was worth a shot.”

Trixie looked past him, seeing his dismal progress.  “Maybe we’d be able to get more done if you stopped looking for excuses and worked a little harder.”

David grunted at the snub.  He glanced up to find her curvy peach of a butt, and he looked back down to the wheat on the ground  “Maybe we’d get more done if you moved your fat ass a little faster.”

Trixie flushed, and Trisha spoke up for her sister.  “You know, if you’re going to be such a dick about this, you can just leave.”

“Really?”  David perked up.

“We’re telling our aunt, of course, but if all you’re going to do is be mean, then we’d rather you weren’t here at all.  She’ll probably find something else to do, maybe something a little more ‘delicate’.”

“Well that suits me just fine.”  David grinned, hopping off the ladder.  “You mind not telling her I said you had a fat ass?  I don’t think she’d take that kindly.”

“Well, I don’t take it kindly, either.”  Trixie glared at him for a few moments, before her gaze softened.  “Fine.”

David waved at her, grinning.  “Thanks.  See you at dinner.”

“You’re still a jerk.”  She called back.


Alicia arched an eyebrow as David re-entered the house.  “Done so soon?”

“I’m allergic to hay.”  He tried his excuse again.

“Oh.”  She nodded.  He had no doubt that she bought it, but she wasn’t yelling at him, so he’d take that as a win.  “Tell you what.  All you need to do is feed the calf in the barn.”  She nodded to a nearby bottle on the counter, full of milk.  “That’s it.  But you need—NEED—to do it.  Understood?”

“Sure thing.  Mind if I take a quick break first, though?  I think I hurt my back while sweeping.”  He leaned back and popped his spine for emphasis.

“Sure, why not.”  She looked like she regretted her words.

Dave smiled reassuringly, then made his way slowly to the living room, careful to keep up the image of his having been injured.

He looked the TV up and down, impressed by its size.  More to the point...  He looked down to find the remote.  A smile broke across his face as he realized that there was indeed a Netflix button on the remote.

“Awesome.”  He said it aloud, settling in on a recliner and flipping to the streaming video service.


Three hours later, he’d caught up on a series he’d started at home, and was thinking of moving onto another.  Alicia walked into the room to find him still on the couch.  She held a milk bottle in one of her hands.  She must’ve picked it up from the counter.

She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose with her thumb and forefinger.  “Davey, sweetie?”

David grunted a response, idly watching the television.

“You remember what you were supposed to do today, right?”

He looked up to find her frowning.  He didn’t even know she was capable of frowning.  Suddenly embarrassed, he scratched the back of his neck.  “Uhm...”

“The calf?”  She arched an eyebrow, holding out the bottle expectantly.

“Oh, right.  Let me get right to it.”  David unhurriedly stood, walking to the door.

His aunt’s eye twitched slightly.  “Dave.  The bottle.”

“Oh.  Thanks.”  He idled over to her, then made his way out of the house.

The barn wasn’t much of a walk, and he did enjoy the night air.  Still, he’d rather be watching his shows.


He opened the barnyard door to find exactly what he’d expected.  Hay floors, wooden stalls locked shut, even a pile of hay in the corner, with a calf by it.  Actually... was it asleep?  Perfect, he could just go back and say it was sleeping.

As though it heard his thoughts, the little calf shook its head, then looked right at him.  Its soft, milky brown eyes met his blue ones, and he sighed as it let out a happy low.

“Well, here we go.”  He looked around for a dish to put the milk in, not finding one.  Wait.  Did...  Did they expect him to feed it like a baby?

It made its way over to him, nuzzling against the legs of his jeans.  He forced a smile at it.  The little cow was probably filthy!  He didn’t want to get dirty right before going back inside.

He looked around a little more for a dish and found nothing.  “Well.”  He sighed.  “Nope.”  He shook the little calf off of his leg, using his foot to edge it away from the barn door.  He’d forgotten to feed his turtle before; the calf could survive the night a little hungrier.  He shut the barn door and did his best to ignore the calf’s insistent moos.

Time to watch TV until dinner.


Dinner was less of a meal and more of a feast.  His eyes widened as he surveyed the prospects—fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, collard greens...  How did his aunt and cousins stay thin?

He got to work on a heaping plate of food, savoring every bite.

Alicia looked over to her nephew, a kindly smile on her face.  “So, Davey, enjoying the food?”

“Mm-hmm.”  He nodded enthusiastically.

“And how was the calf?”  Trixie asked him as she sat beside him, her own plate full of food.

“Um.  I forgot to mention, but I’m... lactose intolerant.”  He took a swig of milk as he said it, then  paused.  “If... it gets on my skin, I mean.”

It was a bad lie, and everyone at the table could see through it.  But to David’s surprise, it wasn’t his aunt who reprimanded him.

“What?  You idiot!  That poor thing’s gone all day without food?”  Trisha stood up suddenly, her chair almost falling over behind her as she ran to the fridge to check it.  “At least the milk’s not bad.  I’ll heat it up on the way there.”  She jogged out of the room, making a beeline for the barn.

“With what?”  David asked her retreating form, but she was too far gone.  He returned his attention to the table.

Trixie looked disappointed, which felt worse than Trisha’s insult.  “David...  I thought you were better than that.”  With that, she stood up politely, and muttered an apology to her aunt as she, too, ran out to the yard.

Alicia sighed, massaging her temple with her hands.  “Dave... I gave you one simple task.  One easy, fine task.”

“And?”  He shrugged, spooning more potatoes into his mouth.

“And?”  She repeated his response incredulously.  “And?  Do you feel nothing?  Not even the slightest shred of guilt?”

“It passed.”  David’s lips quirked as he fought a smile.

Alicia’s sigh grew louder.  “Dave, I’ve tried to be a good and friendly aunt, I really have.  But you’re not getting dinner tonight.”

“What?  That’s crazy!”  It really wasn’t, but he had to make a stand somewhere.

She walked over to him and picked up his plate, continuing as though he hadn’t even spoken.  “Or any other night until the calf gets fed.”

Now that was crazy.  “But Trisha and Trixie are feeding it right now!”  He protested.

“Dave... Just go to your room and go to sleep.  I can’t deal with this right now.”  She waved him off., scooping his leftovers into the slop bin.

David opened his mouth to argue more, but he didn’t fight it too much.  He’d eaten some, and he got to go to bed early.  It was like being back at college, but with a comfier bed.  He pulled some of the covers over himself and settled into the sheets.


The next day, David awoke on his own, with no prompt from his aunt or cousins.  Maybe they had given up on him.  He smiled smugly at the thought.  As he pulled the sheets from his body, he noticed a small note on his nightstand.  ‘If you want dinner, meet us in the barn at noon.’  He glanced at the clock and started.  It was 11:45.

A few minutes later, he’d managed to put on jeans, an old shirt, and sandals.  Good enough to go outside, he thought.  He jogged out to the barn, the threat of withheld food too much to let go.  He opened the door and blinked with surprise.  The calf was nowhere to be seen, probably locked in one of the stalls.  Everyone else was there, though, which didn’t surprise him.

What did surprise him was the strange man who was chatting with them amicably.  His pressed shirt and slacks looked out of place in the barn, and he ran a hand through slicked-back auburn hair as he spoke.

“So now we’re pretty much business partners; don’t ask me how that—oh, hello.”  He turned to face David.

“Davey, this is Mark.  He’s a friend who’s here to help with your work today.”  Alicia nodded at the man.

“Thanks, ‘Leesh.  You know, I honestly don’t know why you called me here.”  The man grinned sheepishly at Alicia.  “You always were better with your magic.”

“Magic?”  David arched an eyebrow skeptically.

“Hush, Davey.  The grown-ups are talking.”  She looked back to the strange man—Mark?  “I’m still better than you, but my spells usually tend to be a tad more permanent.”

Mark chuckled.  “That never stopped you before.”  He jerked his head back towards the farm outside.  “And I’m guessing it still doesn’t.”

Alicia laughed demurely.  “You’re right about that.  But he is family, and I’d rather the spell not slip up.”

The slacker in question raised his hand warily.  “Wait, what spell?  Are you talking about me?”

The man gestured towards David with a smile.  “May I?”

Alicia smiled back.  “Be my guest.”

Mark cracked his knuckles, then gestured towards David.  “To answer your question... this spell.”  He snapped his fingers.

David braced himself, shutting his eyes.  A moment later, he opened them, confused.  “Nothing’s happening.”

The magician smirked.  “Says the boy with a tail.”

David spun around, his eyes widening with shock as his backbone stretched out into a tail the length of his forearm, forcing his jeans down slightly.  The hairless appendage flicked back and forth slightly, as though it was settling into place.

He screamed, taken off guard.  “Oh my God, what the fuhrrroooohw!”  He blinked as he let loose a low bellow.  He lifted a hand to his throat.  “The sh-urnnnn!”  Another bellow left his mouth, and he looked up at his aunt helplessly.

Alicia looked back, a smile on her lips.  She tutted, waggling her finger at him.  “Language, Davey.  There’s kids here, you know.”  Trisha and Trixie waved at him, borderline-sadistic smiles on their faces. 

Kids?? They were as old as he was!  But he had more pressing matters on his mind.  “What the f—heck are you doing to me?”  The boy corrected himself hastily.  He let out a small sigh with relief that he was able to finish his sentence this time.

“Nothing much, just a few changes here and there.”  The magician smiled.  “Now, who here thinks that our little friend could use a pair of horns?”

The two girls laughed and raised their hands.

“And who am I to disappoint such a lovely crowd?”  He flourished his left hand.

David grunted with surprise, then mild discomfort as a pair of slightly curved horns forced themselves from the sides of his skull.  They grew out until they were a hand-and a half in length, curved forward with dangerous-looking points.

Alicia rolled her eyes.  Mark apparently had a flair for the theatrical.  She grabbed at the air, as though she was tying the magic Mark had woven to herself.  “Do you mind if I take it from here?”

Mark snatched his hands back as though they were burned.  “Yes, but apparently that doesn’t matter.”

She winked at him.  “It really doesn’t.”

David gasped as he felt the magic wash over his body, an electric tingling that tingled from head to toe.

Alicia moved her arms as though she was conducting a symphony.  “It’s nothing personal, Mark.  It’s just that David here offered to feed this little calf, and wouldn’t it be a shame if little Billy went hungry?”

Mark gave her an incredulous look.  “You know, you hired me for a bull transformation.  Doing this to a kid like him...  It’s not right!”

Dave blinked.  Doing what to him?  Bull transformation?  Wait, he wasn’t a kid!  Thoughts swirled through his head as he tried to take stock of what was happening.

Then, his stomach tingled, and he gasped, lifting his shirt to find a large bulge of pink flesh growing from his gut.  It continued to expand, jiggling with each breath he took.  It even sloshed with some liquid.  If David didn’t know better, he’d say it was an udder.

He touched it with one of his hands experimentally, shuddering as he realized he could feel his hand on it, as though it was actually a part of him.  The skin was rough, coarse hairs sparsely decorating its expanse.  He rubbed it experimentally, noting how it was more sensitive in some areas.  Then, four teats blossomed from the sack and he lifted his hand in shock.

It actually was an udder!  He looked to his aunt, confused.  “He said a bull transformation?  Bulls don’t have udders.”

The magician slapped his face with one of his hands.  “Jesus, kid.  You had to say it...”

David turned to him.  “Say wha—ahn!”  He tilted his head sideways, closing his eyes as the horns shrank back into his skull.  It was the strangest sensation, like a vise was clamping around his head after he’d been given anesthesia.  He could feel it, but it wasn’t painful, just a numb pressure.

Alicia smiled at him, as though he were a dim student who’d just come up with a good idea.  “You make an excellent point, Davey!  Girls, help him out.  What’s the difference between a bull and a cow?”

“Girl parts!”  The sisters were no strangers to farm life or the magic their mother used.

David’s eyes widened.  His groin tightened, and he squealed at the sensation of his testicles being absorbed into his body.  It was a tight, sharp sensation, as though they were forced through a thin funnel within him.  There was a faint trembling in his groin as they reshaped, no doubt becoming female ovaries.

Then, he felt his member harden, and he grabbed at it, as though to keep it from changing.  It was of no use; he could feel it shrinking into his hands until he could no longer hold it through his jeans.  Unlike with his horns, he could feel the changes now.  He could feel every inch of his member retract inwards, leaving a trembling hole where it had been.  His sensitive cockhead shrank down to near-nothingness, forming a small bundle of tightly clustered nerves.

Then, the skin split around it.  David clenched his knees together as his groin parted, the seams thickening to female labia and the muscle behind that quivering as it reshaped to sensitive vaginal folds.  He shuddered; it felt like someone was sliding a wet sponge inside of him.

He looked up to find Mark crossing his legs sympathetically.  Another shudder ran through his body as he felt it slide closer to his tail, down between his legs.  David wasn’t quite sure if he could consider calling it his ‘vagina’—even if it undeniably was.  He shifted his legs slightly, uncomfy with the feeling of his boxers against his new hole.

“Well, that’s out of the way...”  Mark sighed, shaking his head.  He ran a hand through his hair and looked over to Alicia.  “You still need me here?”

“Well, someone needs to show you how to do your job.”  She flashed him a smile as she waved at David.

David shuddered as his new labia quivered.  It felt tingly, like an itch he that demanded his attention.  The feeling spread from there upward, and he noticed the skin around his udder paling.  Then, countless hairs inched their way from his body.

He could only watch as inch by inch, his form was overtaken with coarse, thin fur.  As it crept over his body, his skin paled to an albino shade, though he could feel the flesh growing thicker.  White fur poked out from his changed skin, a faint prickling that left uncomfortable warmth as it came in.  His tail flicked as its tip grew long, black hairs.  The spell left his hands unchanged, and a quick check down confirmed the same went for his feet.

Alicia looked back to Mark.  “Thanks for the reversible spell, by the way.  Davey might be a problem child, but I’d like to think he can grow out of this.”

“Oh, no problem.  You missed a spot, by the way.”  Mark pointed at David’s side.

David lifted his shirt to find the fur there darkening from cream-white to a rich shade of brown.  He ran a hand through it experimentally and noticed that the skin beneath was brown as well.

The girls giggled, and Alicia rolled her eyes.  “Always with the puns.”

“Hey, if it pleases the crowd...”  He shrugged, watching the boy’s ears lengthen and stretch.  The lobes flattened and spread into a spade-like shape as thick, rough fur overtook them.

Dave blinked in slight surprise as one of his new ears twitched instinctively, trying to accommodate his heightened sense of hearing.  He reached up a hand and felt it growing more dense, almost leathery—no doubt suited for the outdoors.  He realized that his arc of hearing was that of a simple herbivore.

Trixie, sensing an ebb in the conversation, raised her hand.

“Go on, sweetie.”  Alicia beamed.  She’d raised such good daughters.

The girl leaned to her mother and whispered in her ear.  Alicia’s eyes widened, then narrowed with anger as she looked at David.

“W-what did she say?”  David shifted uncomfortably.  The room felt smaller; everyone was looking at him.  Even his clothes felt tighter.  No, wait—his clothes were tighter.  He looked down to find his gut and ass expanding, the fabric creaking as he continued to expand.

“Speaking of growing out of things.”  Alicia glowered at him, lines of anger creasing her face.  “I think we might have better use for you as a meal, especially if you keep talking to my daughters like that.”

The fat spilled out past the constricting seams of his clothing, and Dave grunted with discomfort, squeezing his eyes shut.  He never thought he’d know what an overinflated balloon felt like; his clothing constraining him far beyond the point of comfort, the pain cutting through his leathery hide.

Alicia’s glare softened.  “I know, I know.”  She made a quick chopping motion and half of the seams on David’s clothing vanished.

A second later, the strained fabric burst, the fat jiggling as it tasted the freedom of air.

Trisha whistled.  “He’ll be a meaty heifer, won’t he?”

“Yep!”  Trixie practically skipped over to him and slapped his ass, giggling as the fat jiggled away from her palm.  David immediately regretted his earlier comment to her.

“Cut it out!”  He glared as he turned to face his cousin—too quickly, he realized too late.  He windmilled his hands, trying to keep his balance.

“Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later.”  Alicia clenched her hands into fists.

David’s shoulders snapped as his arms shot forward, his hands balling up as they blackened.  They hit the ground with a dull clop, and he stared as the two fingers at the ends of his hands merged, forming cloven hoofs.  His fingers shrank into his palms as they flattened out on the ground, becoming a hard, enameled mass.

His hips cracked, his body falling slightly as it tried to adjust to his new stance.  David found himself locked awkwardly in place, as though he was performing yoga.  He could see his udder dangling beneath him, and he was glad.  It neatly blocked where his penis used to be.

He tried to look up, but the best he could manage could only see his audience’s legs.

“Uhm... This is really uncomfy.”  He ventured.

“Isn’t that just a shame.”  Alicia’s voice dripped with sarcasm, but David felt his arms lengthening nonetheless.  His elbows snapped as they reversed, and he flinched at the sound.  He lifted a hoof experimentally, watching the muscles in his arm reshape themselves, suiting him for four-legged movement.

His feet started to tingle, too.  He watched as he was forced onto his tip-toes, his toes sinking into rapidly darkening flesh, thick, black enamel coating his feet as they shifted into hooves.  His ankles lengthened, a new bone growing from their bottoms, providing him with the legs of a fully-functional ungulate.

The changes moved to David’s neck, and he grunted as his head snapped upward.  At least he could now look at the people in the room, even if it meant he was one step closer to being a cow.  He tried to see the rest of his body, swiveling his head to change his range of motion.

As he tilted his head, he could feel his neck pop.  Then, the cracks continued down his back, as his spine reconfigured itself to better support his weight.  He wheezed as his ribcage barreled out, his organs expanding in rapid pulses.  His digestive tract was changing to support his new diet.

He breathed deep through his nostrils to find them expanding with each inhalation, and the tip of his nose broadened until he could see it in his vision.

“F-fuoooooou!”  His breathless gasp turned into a low bellow.  He didn’t even think about glaring at his aunt; the feelings of his changing organs was too much for him to bear.  He kept his eyes shut, but he could still feel his stomach rumbling as the changes continued.

David looked up to plead for help, but his tongue suddenly felt too big for his mouth.  He tried to speak and gagged at its mass, letting it fall from his slack jaw.  He tried to lift it so he could see it, and to his surprise he actually could.  The longer appendage had a freer range of motion, and he could tilt it almost to his forehead.  It tingled, the surface changing to produce thicker saliva as scattered spots dotted over the pink flesh.

David let it fall limp, small rivulets of drool running from its surface.  His nostrils flaring, he tried to voice a complaint to his audience, but the best he could manage was a choked cough.

Luckily for him, Trixie noticed his distress.  “Um...”  She pointed a finger at him.

Mark picked up on it next, and he grabbed David’s aunt by her shoulder.  “Oh my god, ‘Leesh!  The kid can’t breathe!”

Alicia’s eyes widened slightly.  “Mark, what the heck did you do with this spell?”

“The face changes at variable rates for the audience, you have to do things in a certain order!”  He snatched at the thin veins of magic connecting Alicia to David.  “Give me those!”

David’s teeth thickened, and he whimpered at the unnatural pressure on his tongue.  It felt like he was going to bite through it, even if his teeth were dulling and broadening.

Mark spoke up, his every word relaxed and soothing.  “Easy, kid.  I got this.”  David’s ears swiveled towards the magician as he felt a pulling sensation against the front of his face, as though someone was winning a tug-of-war with his jaw.

The pressure relieved itself almost immediately, and David opened his eyes to find a growing muzzle filling his vision.  His lips thickened as they merged with his large nose, and he nickered slightly, just to see how it felt.  Then, his eyes slid to the sides of his head, a prey-vision suitable for a cow.  It was definitely the most disconcerting of the changes, even more so than his skull reshaping.

He blinked, trying to adjust to his new field of sight.  He could make out both the sisters on his right and the spellcasters on his left.  Mark passed the spell back to Alicia, giving her a reproachful look.  Trixie seemed torn as to whether or not she should help him, and even Trisha had a concerned look on her face.

David opened his mouth to thank the magician and let out a deep low.  He blinked, then sighed; the changes must’ve stripped his human voice from him.  Still, it was better than choking or losing his tongue...  He swished about thick cow’s saliva as he contemplated this.

Then, his stomach gurgled.  David gagged slightly as he felt his stomach and throat squirm, and some leftover food from the night before filled his mouth.  He instinctively started to chew it, and he realized it was cud.  He really was a complete cow now.  He let out a mournful moo, and his cousins sighed with relief as they realized he was fine.

“You know, David’s going to need a new name if he’s a cow.”  Trisha nodded as she spoke, her brow furrowed with concentration.

“Good thinking, dear.”  Alicia congratulated her, letting the spell ebb away.  “How about we go traditional, maybe Bessie?”

Trisha shook her head.  “No, that’s not it.  Too obvious.  Bluebell?  It’s a classic.”

This time, Alicia shook her head.  “No, she’s too large for a Bluebell.”

David snorted.  He wasn’t sure whether he disliked being called Bluebell or being called fat more.

“Plus she doesn’t like Bluebell.”  Alicia continued, and David nodded his head.  At least she understood that.  Why couldn’t they still call him David??

Trixie snapped her fingers, and four pairs of eyes turned to her.  “You’re missing the obvious, guys.  You always call him Davey, so...”  She paused for dramatic effect, then spread her hands slightly.  “Daisy!  She’s even still got his eyes!”

Alicia and Trixie beamed and Mark shrugged, completely indifferent.  They looked to David, who rolled his eyes, then nodded.  It was close enough, he could just pretend they were calling him Davey, but had speech impediments.

He snorted and lowed with laughter at the thought.

“See, she loves it!”  Trisha said, completely misinterpreting his mirth.  Of course, knowing her, it was probably intentional.  She walked over to his head and pet him.  David shuddered at the strange feeling of having more flesh for her to run her hands over.

“No fair, I wanted to pet her first!”  Trixie ran over to David and scratched him behind his ears.  He sighed contentedly at the feeling of her fingers.  He twitched an ear, content with her ministrations.

But Alicia had to interrupt them, he was a cow for a reason.  “We’ll have time for that later.  Right now, we need to attend more pressing matters.  Trisha, dear?  Would you bring in the calf?”

Trisha nodded, moving over to a closed stall.

Mark clapped, shifting uncomfortably.  “Well. Job’s done, I’m out.”

“Don’t want to see Daisy feed her calf?”  Alicia mock-pouted teasingly.  It was clear the man didn’t want to see David feed the calf, but she couldn’t resist making here old friend squirm.  “I’d say I’ve done a good job here.”

Mark spoke hurriedly, raising his hands.  “You have, but I’d really rather not.  Nice seeing you again, though.  We should keep in touch.”  Mark mimed using a phone, then he fell backwards.  Trixie and Trisha moved to help him, but instead of hitting the floor he fell through it, vanishing without a trace.

‘Well, David—Daisy—kid.  You’re on your own.’

David blinked as the magician’s voice echoed in his mind, and he stared at where Mark had been.  A second later, he mooed with helplessness as he realized he was the only man—albeit a man only in spirit—left in the room.

Alicia chuckled, shaking her head.  “That man...  At least he saw this through to the end.”  The calf lowed as Trixie brought it out.  “Well, almost the end.  If you’d be so kind, Daisy?”

The calf took a few steps forward, then its eyes lit up as it saw a heifer standing before it.

No, get away.  David mooed at the calf angrily, flicking an ear with irritation.  He took a few unsteady steps away from the little cow.

It lowered its ears, hurt and confused.  It wanted milk, and there was an udder right before it, full to bursting!

Alicia intervened on part of the calf.  “Daisy, if you won’t serve this calf, we’ll need to find some other purpose for you, won’t we?”  She walked over behind him, slowly spreading her hand over his rump, her nails digging into the fur.  She smiled as she felt the surface quiver under her hand.  “After all, cows have two productive purposes, you know.”  She started to knead his flesh.

David bellowed in confusion.  What was she talking about?

Alicia slapped his ass, chuckling as it made small ripples in his fat.  “If you’re in a supermarket, what can you find that’s from a cow?  We have our dairy staples: milk, butter, ice cream.  But what else?”  She grinned sadistically.

David’s eyes widened with fear as he slowly came to realize what she meant.

“Oh, looks like he’s almost realized what’ll be in store.  Girls, if you wouldn’t mind giving him a helping hand?”  Alicia looked to her daughters.

“Obviously she’s talking about beef!  Burgers, sausage, jerky!”  Trisha rolled her eyes.

Trixie chimed in.  “And steaks, roasts, filet mignon...”  She trailed off, having to close her mouth to keep herself from drooling.

Trisha smirked at her sister.  “You are such a food snob.”

“She might be, but that doesn’t make her any less right, does it?”  Alicia said.

David followed the conversation from a great disconnect, unable to process what he was hearing.  They were still family; they couldn’t really want this, could they?

Alicia continued, ignoring his distress.  “Personally, I’ve been a fan of old-fashioned cooking.  My grandpapa always made such lovely stew from the tongue, hooves, and udders.”  She smiled at the memory.  “Daisy, why don’t you open your mouth and show us a little tongue?”

David clamped his mouth shut.  Like hell he would help her grade him for stew!

Alicia sighed, tapping David on the nose.  His eyes widened as his muzzle opened against his own volition.  Alicia grabbed his broad tongue in her hands, pinching it slightly.  “Oh!  Well, this won’t do!”

David groaned around her hand as he felt his tongue thicken slightly.  A rope of drool fell from his slack jaw, and Alicia nodded, apparently pleased with this latest change.  “Perfect!  That’ll be absolutely delicious, if I say so myself.”

Trixie started prodding his flank.  “Mom?  If you stew him, can we have another southern barbeque with what’s left?”

Alicia laughed.  “Well, a cow that doesn’t produce milk doesn’t have much other use for a farm, does it?”

Trisha pushed both of her hands in David’s rear, as though she were checking it for tenderness.  “Dibs on the loin steak.”  She glanced up to find her mother and sister staring at her.

“What?  Uncle Ed always takes my favorite bites, and look at how tasty Daisy looks!”  She shook the fat up and down for emphasis.

Alicia pet David’s head as he turned a pleading gaze to her.  “Sorry Trisha, but you know the rules.  Older people first, then the kids.”  She frowned at Trisha’s downtrodden expression.  “But with such a big cow, I doubt even Eddie could take it all.”

Trisha’s face lit up, and David could feel his animal instincts bubbling to the forefront of his mind.  His nostrils widened as he snorts; he had to get away from this room of predators!  He wobbled forward, feeling his new udder swaying under rolls of jiggling fat.

Alicia noticed the motion and grabbed his head with both of her hands.  David felt his body locking up, refusing to answer to his will.

Trixie grinned evilly at his failed attempt.  “You know, if we put Daisy on an oregano-only diet, he’ll be organically spiced!  Want me to get some from the garden?”

Alicia smiled.  “What a wonderful idea!  And you know what, it would be rude not to share with the whole community!  I think Bill would love some of you at the steakhouse, especially if we spice you to perfection!”

Trixie turned on her heel at that, her eyes wide with anticipation.  “You mean it, mom?  Bill’s Grill will probably give us a week of free dinners if we give him Daisy!”

Trisha joined in.  “A week?  Look at how much meat there is, even after we have a cookout, there’ll still be a month of streaks to spare!”

Trixie puffed up her cheeks slightly.  “It might be a week if we get another busload of Texans geared up for Bill’s five-pound steak challenge!  Ooh, I might take that, too.  Even if I lose and have to pay, a big ol’ plate of Daisy would really hit the spot...”  She stared at the cow hungrily.

David shook his head, bellowing with fear.

Alicia continued petting him.  “Oh, what’s that, Daisy?  Suddenly this seems like an okay job?  Well, why didn’t you say so, dear?”

David could feel his body come under his control again.  He considered running, maybe trying to take out his aunt before she could paralyze him again.  No, that would never work... 

He looked to the calf and took a few wobbly steps toward it.  It lowed happily, scooting under him.  David tried not to gag at the feeling of its hungry mouth on his udder.  It bit a little too greedily, and he flinched as its teeth grazed his flesh.  It pulled at him, and he could feel the milk flowing from inside his udder.

The dumb little thing was using him as a personal milk factory!  He looked to his aunt helplessly, and she nodded.  She did warn him that one way or another, he’d be feeding the calf.  He grunted with embarrassment as Trixie and Trisha let out faint ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s.

The calf continued to drink, its tongue flicking at his teat every now and then.  It kept tugging at him, and though it was gentler with its efforts now, it was still annoying and extremely uncomfortable.

David snorted, closing his eyes and keeping his suffering to himself.  It all felt so wrong, for something to latch onto him like that, each deep suck pulling a drink of fluid from his udder.  Yet... a part of him thought it felt right.  It mooed around his teat, sending a faint wave through his udder.

David mooed back.  His inner cow was taking over, maternal instincts rising to the forefront of his mind.  David closed his eyes and moaned at the feeling of the young calf’s mouth on his teat.  It was like nothing he’d ever felt before, a mind-numbing happiness that settled into his very bones.  The calf’s tongue brushed against his hairy udder as it sucked with need, and he shivered slightly, his knees almost going limp.  He could feel his tail swaying form side to side as the calf continued to suckle, and he closed his eyes to let out a low groan.

“Atta girl, Daisy!”  Trixie chirped, running a hand along his muzzle.

His eyes opened, ears flicking up at the feeling of something being wrapped around his neck.  A jingle accompanied it, and le glanced over to find Trisha on his other side, a cowbell in her hands.

“Hold still, would you?”  Trisha scolded him, then tightened the bell around his neck slightly.  “We don’t want to lose you among the herd.”

He flicked an ear, the closed his eyes again as the calf started suckling again.  He scuffed a hoof absent-mindedly, the bell ringing with his movement.  He swayed his tail from side to side, thinking about how the rest of the summer would go.  If he were able to get over the indignity of being a cow, he could probably get used to this.

He settled down besides the calf, wondering how to spend his time.  Sleeping sounded like a good idea.  He closed his eyes, letting the calf nuzzle against him.  Its warmth was a distraction, but not an entirely unwelcome one.


David woke up, letting out a long yawn.  He would probably watch television today, after he—

He opened his eyes to find a cow’s muzzle in his wide field of vision.  Right.  Still livestock.  Well, might as well sleep more.

David woke up again to find the barn door open, the calf still by his side.  He could go back to sleep, but something in him wanted to go outside, maybe graze a little.  He stood on his hooves awkwardly, wobbling slightly as he tried to balance his new weight.  The calf continued to snore quietly.

He smiled to himself, proud that he’d managed to keep the calf sound asleep.  Then, he trotted out, wobbling with every fourth step as he tried to figure out how cows walked.  He quickly came to realize that if he didn’t concentrate on walking, it came to him naturally.

At last, the warm air of a summer day greeted him, and he shook his body.  He hated how much the fat jiggled, but it still felt good.  He glanced around, finding wide open pastures.  He trotted out further, so as not to distract the calf if he were to bellow accidentally.

After a few minutes, he looked around to find himself suitably alone, with plenty of field for grazing on all sides.  He tilted his head down, taking a cautious bite of the grass.  He nodded as he contemplated the taste.  It still felt like grass, but for some odd reason it sent shivers of pleasure down his body.  It was probably a good thing this body came programmed with instincts.

He closed his eyes and let out a long, drawn out bellow.  Plenty of food, plenty of sleep...  This was the life.

His eyes opened as another cow answered his call, somewhere nearby.  He moved his head left, to the source of the sound.  At least, where he thought it was—that was where his ears had flicked.  Sure enough, a large bull met his gaze.  It had black fur, dark as the night, and a fairly reasonable set of horns.

It grunted, its nostrils widening as it caught wind of Daisy’s body.  David’s ears flicked up, suddenly alert as he detected the bull’s intentions.  No.  Nononono.  No.  He tried to run, but he only made it a few steps before he stumbled and fell, having misjudged the balance of his hefty form.  His ears flicked back to the sound of thundering hooves behind him.

He looked back to find the bull impossibly close, and he tried to struggle to his feet.  Just as he got his hooves in what he thought was a kneeling stance, it caught up to him.  It brushed against his rotund body, moving around him as though it was determining if he was ripe for conquest.  He hoped it wasn’t.

Then, it moved behind him, and for an instant, he could swear that he felt its breath on his moist cow pussy.  Wait, moist?  Suddenly the cow instincts didn’t seem so appealing.  He shook his head wildly, glaring back at the bull, even as it positioned itself over him.  He could feel its strong arms over his body, pinning him down.

Not that it needed to pin him down, such a bull would produce more than adequate birthing stock and what was he thinking?  He shook his head, trying to dispel the thoughts racing through his head.  He didn’t want any of this, but his body did, his tail slipping slightly to the left to allow it entrance.

Something bumped against his flabby ass.  He didn’t want to think that it was its cock, but it probably was.  He felt it bump against him again, this time a little closer to his vagina.  No, it definitely was its cock.

His mind rebelled against his docile body, railing at its confines.  It was no use, he could feel the bull’s warm tip pressing against him.  Then, it speared into him.

His eyes widened, and he let out a loud bellow as its entire length was forced into him in a single go.  It felt...  It was indescribable, a mixture of revulsion, rapture, and pain sweeping across his psyche, even as he tried to address that some... massive... thing was inside of him.

The bull shifted its hips, pulling out slightly, and David gasped for air at the unwelcome sensation.  Then, it thrust forward again, bucking its powerful hips as he struggled to come up with an adequate response.  He could feel every inch of his body quiver, even though the bull was trapping—protecting?—the cow beneath it.

Wait, he was still a cow!  He could just let his instincts take over, and pretend this was just a nightmare.  He focused his attention elsewhere, thinking of movies, television, a massive cock filling his cunt to the brim sending waves upon waves of pleasure through his body because this was all he wanted in life, all he needed besides the calf.

No.  He couldn’t give into the cow part of him.  He shook his head more, trying to shake off the influence of his new form.  As he did so, he realized that he could feel the bull’s hot breath on his neck, against the backs of his ears.  He shuddered in revulsion, realizing too late that the motion only excited the bull behind him.

It snorted, bucking further with pleasure, a rope of saliva dripping onto his back.  He shook again, trying to get it off.  With a start, he wasn’t sure if he had thought about the drool or the bull.  To his surprise, it brushed its head against his back, and his fur felt a little dryer.  At least it was a gentleman about claiming him.

He snorted, accepting the futility of his struggles, but hesitant to accept the sheer pleasure that coursed through his body.  He could feel every inch of the bull’s member as it slid in and out of him, grunting as it worked into a rhythm of thrusting.  It didn’t seem to experienced with breeding, but then again, neither was David.

Reluctantly, he allowed his body to grind back against the bull, his fat rubbing against the hot muscle of the animal above him.  He let out a stammering low as waves of pleasure rocked through his body, the bull hitting every nerve of his new pussy.  He could almost feel his cow vagina leaking beads—no, rivers of lubrication that only made the experience more pleasurable for the both of them.

They continued on like that for some time, rocking against one another like lovers caught in the throes of passion.  Actually, at that point, they probably were lovers.  David couldn’t deny what his body—and some forbidden, small part of his mind—so desperately wanted to accept.

Then, it came.  Hot seed filled him to the brim, and he could feel it leaking over his behind, matting the fur beneath.  He came too, almost in response to the bull’s ejaculation.  Stars filled his vision as he let out a loud moo, his eyes rolling back in bliss at the countless waves of pleasure that coursed their way across his form.

Then, the bull slid off of him.  He turned to low at it, but the sound of hoof beats marked its rapid departure, as though it was ashamed of what it had done.  Ashamed...  And why wouldn’t it be?  It had just mated with the fattest cow in the herd.  Come to think of it, he should be ashamed too—but it didn’t feel right to associate shame with something so pleasurable.  Still, he could find his outlet for indignity in that the bull felt disgraced by mating with him, and he let out a sad bellow at the thought.

But, undignified or not, he still wanted to bask in the sensual waves he felt from his vagina, so he lay down and closed his eyes, relishing the warm sun against his skin.  A few minutes—hours?  later, he trotted back to keep the calf company for the rest of the day.


The bull didn’t come back the next day, or the day after that.  On the third day, it did show up, a little past sundown.  David considered running, but he quickly dismissed the thought.  He was too heavy to make it any further, and even if he wasn’t, the bull would run him down.  He instead just lay down, closing his eyes, ready to take the brunt of the bull’s sexual urges.

His eyes snapped open with confusion a moment later as the bull settled down next to him, curling its muscular body around David’s fat form.  He could feel its hot breath on his neck and realized it wasn’t going to assault him further.

It licked the back of his neck, and he realized it was going to protect him.  At the thought, he settled in, trying to move closer to the bull.  This time, its hide felt natural against his own, and he drifted off to sleep thinking of his new mate.


The rest of the summer went by in a blur.  Every now and then the bull would come by, usually when nobody else was around.  Sometimes David would even invite it to have sex.  There wasn’t much else to do, and did it ever feel good.  Still, David made sure to have sex around the calf.  It was probably something about his human psyche, but it just felt more... wrong.


Then, one hot summer day, Alicia came to visit him in the barn, a spellbook under her arm.  The bull wasn’t with him then.

“One summer, and you’ve been good about your work since the change.  I’d say it’s time to change you back so your mother can pick you up.  Close your eyes, I’ll try to make this as quick as possible.”

David shut his eyes obediently.  A moment later, her magic flowed over his body like a cool shower.  He could feel his muzzle withdraw, his ears shrink, that damnable udder retract.  His hands became hands once more, and his hips clicked, signifying his change back into a biped.

He sighed his eyes with relief as he stood, the fat rapidly melting away around him.  He felt a few hundred pounds lighter, which was probably accurate.  He stretched out his human spine with relief, cracking his fingers above his head.  The cowbell jingled, and he realized he could feel the cool metal against his chest—more than he should be able to feel.  David frowned with confusion, opening one of his eyes.  He had breasts, an almost obscene pair of E-cup tits that somehow remained firm on his chest.

“Aunt Allie?”  A decidedly female voice left his throat, and he squeaked at the sound.

“Well, that’s not right.”  Alicia frowned slightly.  “Maybe I should have had Mark do the reversal.  Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk.”

“Spilt milk?”  David glared.  He bent down to see he still had a vagina, the pubic hair as long as his fur had been, only softer.  He blinked as he recognized that it was the same shade as his fur, complete with a small spot.

Moreover, his rear was... was... obscene!  He stared at it, a broad, curvy posterior highlighted by wide hips.  “I’m still a girl!  What am I supposed to do with these?”  He propped up his breasts, furious; but also quietly proud at their heft.  “Or this?”  He continued, slapping his ass.  To his surprise, it barely wiggled, a finely toned heart-shaped bottom he’d love to see on anyone but him.

“Find a good husband?  Or a wife; I’m pretty sure both sides will bat for you with a body like that.”  Alicia shrugged.  “I should do something about your hair, though.”

She pointed at him, and David flinched as his scalp tingled.  The familiar sensation of change swept over him, and he shook out his hair as it lengthened until it reached just below his shoulder blades.

Alicia looked at him, somewhat sympathetically.  “I think you need to get used to the fact that you’re a Daisy now.”

David opened his mouth to retort.

“And you should also be glad you’re no longer a cow.”  Alicia cut him off.  “That could have been a more permanent position for you, you know.”

David could feel the anger leave his body, a cold acceptance settling in.  He would probably never be male again; who would change him—her back?  She was Daisy now, and would remain that way until the day she died.  She had tried to fight it the past few months, but she couldn’t keep it hidden any longer.

Alicia put a hand on the girl’s shoulder.  “If it helps, you’re reasonably attractive.  You won’t win any modeling shows, but with a chest and hips like those, you’ll do all right?”

Daisy couldn’t talk about this.  She had to change the subject.  “What about the calf?”

“Oh, him?  Don’t worry too much, we’ve found another farm that’s willing to help out.  Apparently they have a spare cow that’s lactating.”

At the mention of lactation, Daisy could feel her nipples harden, and she looked down to find thin trails of milk leaking from his pert nipples.  Spilt milk.  She giggled hysterically at the thought, a sad half-hiccup.


“Yes?”  The girl looked at her aunt, her shoulders trembling as she realized how much of her old life she’d lost.

“Even though we now have a milk cow, don’t you think for one instant that we’ve no more use for you here.  Your mother agreed to send you here every summer, and we could always use another egg-layer in the coop; a decent plow mule; even a good wool-producing sheep.  And—though this is only if you’ve been absolutely, positively vile—we wouldn’t object to having a fresh pig come slaughter.”

Daisy’s eyes widened, fear washing away her every other emotion.  “Y-yes, Auntie.”

Alicia smiled.  She was always terrible at comforting people, but that seemed to work.  “That’s a good girl.  And it’s not all bad, you can keep the cowbell.”  Alicia concentrated on the item in question, shrinking it to more human proportions.

Daisy lifted a slender hand to her neck as the leather collar tightened to fit snugly around her, the metal bell shrinking to a quarter of its size so it fit snuggle between her breasts.

Alicia nodded, satisfied with her handiwork.  “Now get packed, your mother will be on her way soon.”

Daisy nodded numbly, then turned to leave.  Every step she took jingled the cowbell, shook her ample chest.  She wanted to enjoy the feeling of grass against her feet, the fact that she had feet, and not hooves, but she couldn’t.

She pressed a slim hand against the door, pushing it open.


“David?  Is that—oh.”  Trixie paled as she saw her cousin, looking the new girl up and down.

That was the final straw.  Daisy couldn’t keep on a dignified look any longer.  Tears streamed down her face at her cousin’s reaction, and she broke into hiccupping every now and then.  Each intake heaved her chest, and she only cried harder.

“She—she promised me that I was going to be back to normal, and now I’m like this!”  Daisy tried to get herself under control, but nothing worked.  “I’m like this, and...  an...”  Her tears became sobs as she stood over her cousin, crying loudly.

She had lost everything, her old life; her chances of ever finding a nice girlfriend to get married to...  Well, she didn’t really have any friends, so it was mostly the girlfriend thing.  No, worse.  She would never have kids of her own, never be able to come home and see the look on her wife’s face that they were glad to be with one another rafter a day apart.

Daisy continued to cry, and to her surprise, Trixie’s eyes started watering, too.

“I’m so sorry!”  She squeaked, small tears forming at the corner of her eyes.  She sniffed, and started to join Daisy, quiet sobs wracking her form.

“Wh-what?”  Daisy hiccupped, rubbing at her own eyes.

Trixie started to cry louder, then she looked up at Daisy guiltily.  “I-I’m sorry!  It’s just that I was so angry after you said I had a fat ass, and I wanted to get back at you, but making you a cow wasn’t enough and—and—I just had to go a little farther!  I didn’t expect the animal’s instincts to be so strong, for me to actually go through with it!”

Daisy’s sadness gave way to confusion.  “T-Trixie, you’re not making any sense.”

“I’m a shapeshifter!”  To emphasize her point, she ran a hand along a lock of her hair, turning it midnight black.  “I can do some magic too, and I was that bull, the bull that violated you, made you like—like this!  G-go on!  Ha-hate me for this!  I deser-de-des—”  She broke into tears.

Daisy blinked, stunned to silence.  The bull, her bull was actually her cousin?  The bull that had its way with her, but also kept her company on every cold night, that stayed by her side when it rained was this girl around his age?  This girl, who suddenly seemed so small, so fragile?  She blinked again, then did what came naturally.

Trixie shook slightly as Daisy wrapped her arms around the smaller girl’s slender form, her voluminous breasts pressing snugly against her cousin.  Daisy nuzzled her, licked her forehead.  “Thank you.”  She said, resting her head against her cousin’s.

“W-what?”  Trixie sniffed, returning the embrace.  She needed to hug someone, to feel their warmth against her body, to ease her guilt for what she’d done.

“Thank you.  Without you, I don’t know if I would have been able to last this summer; I might have just given up.”  Maybe it was because she had fallen for the bull, maybe it was because Trixie was the only kind person on this farm.  Daisy couldn’t bring herself to be angry at her cousin.

“But... But it’s my fault you ended up like this.”  Trixie sniffled, finally calming down.

Daisy whispered into Trixie’s ear.  “And?  Maybe this isn’t that bad.”

For a moment, the two held each other, grateful for the silence that enveloped them like a warm comforter.  Trixie drew in the scent of her lover, smiling softly as she realized Daisy still smelled faintly of hay.

After a few minutes that could have been hours, Trixie spoke up.  “You know you’re still naked, right?”

Daisy looked down at her cousin, then licked her cheek.  “I think we’re a little past being squeamish about this.”

Trixie blushed, then nodded happily.

“And hey, if it helps, I think we can agree that you hardly have a big ass.”  Daisy giggled softly, slapping her own tush for emphasis.

Trixie pursed her lips, then put one hand on Daisy’s generous hips.  She slid her other hand between Daisy’s legs, sliding her fingers along her cousin’s suddenly-moist labia.  “I might have to punish you for that.”

Daisy flushed, then put her hands on Trixie’s, goading her on.  “I hope you do.”

Trixie pushed her fingers in farther, meeting almost no resistance.  She wrapped her other arm around her cousin’s neck.  With a slight tug, she pulled the taller girl down to her level.  Their lips met, and a warm feeling settled across Daisy as they deepened the kiss, their tongues playing against one another.

Trixie broke the kiss for air, rubbing her cousin’s clitoris with her thumb.  “I really missed that we couldn’t do that as cows.”  She said, her fingers sliding in and out of Daisy.

“O-oh!”  Daisy began to speak, but her breath hitched as Trixie brushed against a particularly sensitive spot.  Trixie paused, allowing Daisy time to finish.  “Or doing this.”  She breathed, her face flushed.  Her knees felt weak.

Trixie grinned mischievously.  “You don’t even know the half of it.”

Daisy opened her mouth to respond, but a loud moan escaped her as Trixie redoubled her efforts against her weak points.  The smaller girl pushed her cousin back against the door, driving her fingers in and out of her pussy with renewed effort.

Daisy fell back against the cool wood of the frame, glad for something to lean against.  She groped her own breasts, loving the feeling of the warm flesh between her fingers.  The cowbell clinked every now and then, but she gave it no mind.  She was too busy focusing on pleasuring herself further.  What was it the girls in pornos always seemed to do?  Play with their nipples?

As Daisy pinched one, her knees knocked together, her vision swimming as a warm rush spread through her body.  She hadn’t expected her reaction to be so extreme, but did it ever feel good!  Waves of pleasure swept across her form, and she could feel the walls of her vagina spasming around her cousin’s fingers.  “Ohhhh!”  She was taken to a place beyond words, her eyes rolling back as her pussy squirted over Trixie’s palm.

“You like that?”  Trixie smiled, tweaking Daisy’s other nipple.  She rubbed Daisy’s clitoris more intently, her fingers sliding to where she approximated Daisy’s G-spot to be.

“OhhhGod yesyesyes!”  Daisy’s whole frame shuddered as she came again.  Her arms fell weakly to her sides, the pleasure almost too great for her to stand.  She wanted to give in fully to it, give into how her body tingled, how her mate was making her feel.  She let out a moo subconsciously, far past caring.

Trixie grinned mischievously.  “You like how your bull makes you feel?”  She flushed slightly as she said it, a sudden wave of dominance coming over her.

Daisy responded with a loud moan, then a weak nod.  She had no idea sex as a woman could feel this way—more tender than when she was a cow, but just as passionate.  She squeezed her eyes shut as she came a third time, her pussy clenching onto Trixie’s hand tightly as her knees gave way.

Trixie slipped her fingers out, letting Daisy slide down the door frame, a contented smile across both of their faces.  Trixie silently noted that Daisy’s breasts were her other weak points.  Probably had something to do with being a cow.  Trixie knelt down next to Daisy, petting her head.

“Good girl.”  She smiled as Daisy numbly nuzzled her hand.

They heard running footsteps, and before they could cover themselves, Trisha burst into the room.  “I heard shouting, is everyone—oh God, Trixie, what the hell!  Is that David, why is your hand wet, did you just—We eat here, you know!”  Trixie broke into confused stammers, her fingers pointing different ways as she tried to make sense of the situation.

“Calm down, don’t tell mom?”  Trixie flushed with embarrassment, which only grew deeper as Daisy slipped her arms around her, pulling her into a hug.

“Mm, ‘s good idea.”  Daisy mumbled, nuzzling her lover happily.

“Why?”  Trisha glared at the two.

“Because I’ll tell her about those fires you started?”  Trixie nuzzled her cousin back, glaring at her sister.  “We have an agreement about accidents with our magic.

Trisha opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, searching for words.  Finally, she settled on a few.  “You know mom will find out eventually, right?”

Trixie nodded.  “I know.  But she can never know we did it... at least that we did it here.”

Trisha paled as she thought about her mother’s reaction.  She quickly waved a hand, and the myriad puddles of bodily fluid by the door vaporized.  She then lit a match to deal with the smell, the small wooden stick seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

Trixie waved her now-dry hand slightly.  “Warn me before you do that!”  She pouted.  Pyrokenes could be so inconsiderate.

Trisha huffed, sniffed the air, then nodded to herself.  “Like you warned me before doing... doing this?  Just keep it upstairs from now on.  We’ll talk more later, but I need time to think about this.”  She turned and left without another word.  Well, another word to the couple.  She had more than a few choice curses that were kept to low mutters.

Daisy hugged her cousin tightly.  “Looks like we’re in the clear.”

Trixie ran a hand along Daisy’s arm.  “Mm-hm.”

For a moment, the two savored their embrace.  Then, Daisy broke the silence.

“In a way, I’m kind of glad this happened.”

“Oh?”  Trixie tilted her head back in amusement.

Daisy paused, searching for words before she continued.  “I mean, I’ll never have a girlfriend in the traditional sense, but this is probably much better.”

Trixie smiled.  “And I could use a lover that’s good with work around the farm.”

Daisy opened her mouth to protest.

“And unless that lover would rather me see if I can shapeshift others, she’d best keep any complaints to herself and start thinking of a way to stay here for more than just the summer.”  Trixie turned and smacked her cousin’s hips teasingly.

Well, the work was a chore, but if putting up with work meant a loving girlfriend, good food, and more sex...  Daisy nodded.  “I think I’d like that.”




He accepted that pretty easily.