Learning Self-control

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Things had been so simple when Jake was younger.

Natasha Dillard sighed, looking at one of her son’s old yearbooks.  Those were easier days, back before Jake had enrolled in Universtiy of Missouri, before he’d decided his ‘rebellious phase’ was there to stay. 

To be fair, he’d lost his father when he was young, and Natasha honestly felt that there was something to be said about the lack of a patriarchal influence in the boy’s life.  His rebellious phase had begun in his late teens.  It had started with music, then parties, and now Jake had decided he would live at home with Natasha and his younger brother.

Speaking of Ethan, Natasha couldn’t have been more proud.  While Jake had taken his father’s absence as an excuse to do whatever he wanted, Ethan had decided to take it as a reason to self-improve, to become the best he could be.

Ethan was a model student, a perfect son in every regard.  He listened to everything Natasha said; went to bed early every night; he even enjoyed doing his homework.  Thanks to his extreme drive to succeed, he’d managed to skip a grade.  Perhaps the best part about his successes was that he had never gloated about them to Jake.

That was probably for the best, too.  Jake had to repeat a few classes; late nights and skipping lectures proving unconducive to his studies.  He never gave voice to it, but anyone could tell that being in the same year as his brother grated on his nerves constantly.

The only edge Jake had on his brother was that he had more friends—though Natasha wasn’t exactly sure if she’d call that an advantage.  Ethan’s friends, though fewer in number, were all very respectful and friendly.  The only party they’d have was of the Mario variety.  It was clean, friendly, and a good deal less disruptive than the parties Jake constantly threw.

The parties weren’t even the worst thing about Jake living at home—he’d taken to grabbing money from the family’s food budget, buying snacks for himself and calling them ‘food expenses’.  The worst thing about that was how Ethan knew he was just saving the money, keeping it in a secret debit card..

Natasha had no idea what she’d done when raising Ethan, but she’d certainly done it well.  It had taken nearly a week to convince him that he didn’t need to take a part-time job to help make up for the extra expenses his brother had brought upon the family.

If only she could pinpoint where she’d gone wrong with Jake, had gone right with Ethan.  Then maybe Jake wouldn’t be such an... such an ass, for lack of a better word.  Natasha flipped through the pages of the yearbook aimlessly, wondering what her sons were up to right now.  Well, what Ethan was up to.  She probably didn’t want to know what Jake was doing.


“Hey, Tammy.  ‘Sup?”  Jake grinned, sliding his way next to her desk.  He couldn’t believe he had such a hot girl in his calculus class.  It almost made up for having his twerp of a little brother in the same class.

“Hi... Jake?”  She said his name as a question, as though she was unsure as to who he was.  For a moment, Jake felt a surge of irritation at the blonde girl, but a quick glance at her chest reminded him of his purpose there.

“Want to do anything later?”  He grinned, brushing his dark bangs back past his forehead.  Jake casually hooked his thumbs in his pockets, doing his best to seem aloof.

“Like what?”  Tammy returned his smile, leaning forward so he could have an impressive view of her chest.  Was she...  Was she not wearing a bra beneath her cream sweater?

Abruptly, Jake felt all of his blood rush to both his heads, and he stammered nervously.  Since when were girls aware of men’s intentions?  They were supposed to be innocent and unaware of his advances, weren’t they?

“That’s what I thought.”  She grinned, crossing her arms to cover her chest.  Apparently Tammy was well prepared for klutzy advances.  It should be expected, she was attractive and apparently quick as a whip.

Jake had to think fast, put all of his wits into swaying this girl.  “N-no, I mean we should go out.  Like for a lunch, or dinner or...  Or something.”  Smooth.

Tammy laughed at that.  “Jake, that’s sweet, but maybe you should put a little more effort into your studies than trying to get in my pants.  I might be a little too hot for you to handle.”  With that, she returned her attention to her book, and Jake realized the conversation was over, whatever opportunity he might have had now in the past.

“Um.  Yeah.”  He nodded, backing away to regroup his thoughts.  She was too hot for him to handle?  Too hot?  Well, he’d just have to find something to make her acknowledge him.  Jake glanced around the room, his eyes alighting on the fire alarm.

“Perfect.”  Jake murmured to himself, moving over to the wall.  The school probably had newer fire alarms, that didn’t trip the sprinklers when pulled.  He’d be able to get out of class, impress Tammy, and have a cool story to impress his friends.


Across the room, Ethan had just finished titling his homework.  It was an optional assignment, but he’d rather have the practice than risk ending up like his brother.  Speaking of...  Ethan looked around the room.  They’d always made it a point to never sit by each other, but that didn’t keep him from wondering what his sibling was up to.

He really, really, REALLY hated his brother.  He was able to keep it a secret from his mother, but he had no idea how much longer he’d be able to keep up the act.  Jake had always bullied him when they were younger, and though he’d let up since then, Ethan had held onto a bitter grudge.

Maybe Ethan would have been able to forgive Jake, if Jake wasn’t a total asshole.  Even their mom had noticed how Jake had kept stealing from her purse, and Ethan knew that Jake had thrown more than his share of parties when he thought he was in the clear.  At least he hadn’t started drugs, though maybe Jake could use something to mellow him out.

Ethan’s eyes finally lit up on the red hoodie his brother hand worn that day.  It looked like Jake was moving to...  The fire extinguisher?  Oh no.  Hurriedly, Ethan put his books into his bag, a half-formed warning on his lips.


Jake hooked his fingers around the cold plastic of the fire extinguisher, a grin on his face.  This was going to be awesome.  He pulled hard, breaking the glass and triggering the alarm.  It also triggered a dye disperser that sprayed a thick purple goo across his arm.

“Oh.”  Jake muttered, looking down.  An instant later the sprinklers triggered, sending cascading waves of tepid water across the lecture hall.  “Oh.”  He repeated himself, surrounded by screaming students desperately trying to protect their belongings.

Still, he had pulled the alarm for a reason.  He did his best to walk casually to Tammy’s desk, waving at her with his dye-stained hand.  “So,”  Jake had to shout to make himself heard over the volume of the alarm.  “Now that you’ve cooled off a little, am I hot enough now?”

She gaped at him incredulously, even fire trucks and police cars sounded in the distance.


“He did WHAT?”  Natasha stood abruptly, the old yearbook on her lap falling to the floor with a clatter.  She had to have misheard, Jake could be disobedient, but didn’t setting off alarms go out with bell-bottom jeans?

The firefighter on the other line sighed patiently.  “Yeah, I’m sorry ma’am, but your son kind of went and pulled the school’s fire alarm.  Normally that wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but I’m afraid the lecture hall’s not up to code.  I really hate to have to tell you this, but UM’s not gonna pay for our time, or for rigging this system up again.  It’ll be something around the line of a thousand dollars.”

Natasha’s eyes bulged.  “A thousand?  Isn’t there anything I can do about that?  I’m a single mother, and—”

The firefighter cut her off.  “Wait, you’re Miss Dillard, right?”

“Yeah?”  Natasha blinked.  Was Jake’s record really that bad that people knew her by name?

“Natasha?  It’s me, William Hytham, back from college?”  The man asked.

Natasha gasped.  “Oh my God, Will?”  She actually remembered him, one of her husband’s old friends back in the day.  God, he had been a total pothead last time she’d seen him; she couldn’t believe he was a firefighter now.

Will let out a relieved laugh.  “Yeah, I heard about what happened to Paul.”  He paused, as though gauging his next statement.  “And, well, I always thought it was a shame that you’d be left with two kids to support all by yourself.  So if you’d be okay with it, I’d be glad to pick up half of the tab.”

Natasha’s eyes widened to comical proportions.  “No way!”  She shouted into the microphone, immediately realizing she might’ve deafened Will.

He laughed louder, much to her relief.  “Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little interested in going out to lunch with you.  But hey, it’s more important that you’re okay, you know?”

“Lunch?”  Natasha let out a relieved breath.  “I’ll take you out to dinner and a movie for that!”

He paused.  “So it doesn’t bother you at all that I’m interested?”

Natasha grinned, spinning her finger absently.  She hadn’t had a phone with a cord in years now, but she still hadn’t broken the old habit.  “Will, I don’t get out much.  What happened to Paul is tragic, but I’ll be honest—living with Jake and Ethan has been driving me crazy.  I could use a change, and this would be nice.  Call me back when you have a date in mind, all right?”

She could hear his nod, a faint clatter of his gear.  “Sure thing!  I can’t wait!”

Natasha waited for his line to click before she slumped into her chair, a mixture of relief and dread settling in.  Five hundred dollars.  A hell of a lot better than a thousand, but still, it was a lot.  She’d need to come up with some more ways to pinch and save.

No, more than that—she’d need some way to keep Jake from acting up in the future.  There was no way she and Ethan could afford to continue supporting his actions.  Something had to change...

Natasha started as their mail slot clattered.  Odd, she thought, their postman usually stopped by later in the evening.  Natasha walked over to their doorway to find a thick catalogue on their welcome mat, labeled “Transformative Solutions”.


“Hey mom, is it too late to put Jake up for adoption?”  A wet and bedraggled Ethan slumped in through the door, tossing his bag on the ground.  Luckily, his books were still dry, but that was at the cost of the rest of his body being soaked.

On the other hand, it was better than Jake’s situation.  He suspected his brother was still being chewed out by everyone from campus security to the dean of undergraduate affairs.

Natasha didn’t respond, and he started to wonder if she was out of the house.  “Mom?”  He rounded the corner to find his mother in the dining room, poring over a magazine the size of a small phone book.

“Sorry honey, I’m a little distracted right now.”  She muttered, flipping through the pages.  “Hey, come over here.  Take a look at this.”

He walked over, noticing how each of the full-color pages had a picture of an animal on it.  “What the heck is this?”

Natasha looked up to meet his gaze.  “It’s a catalogue of magical items that transform people into animals.  Among other things.”

What?  Was she getting sick?  Ethan leaned in closer, skimming over one of the pages.  ‘Going out to the Outback?  Why not save yourself some money with our safari hats?  We’ll change you into a kangaroo, so you can enjoy a vacation unlike any other, from the comfort of your own home!*  [...] *Try out our Closet Zoo Enclosures for maximum effect!’

“Mom, this is crazy.  It’s just someone playing a prank on you.”  Ethan rolled his eyes, turning away.

Natasha grabbed his hand, keeping him in the room.  “No, look at this.”  She held up a card.

‘Don’t believe us?  Just hold this card aloft and say ‘I’ll believe in magic if...’ followed by whatever change you desire.  Warning, all changes are permanent—be careful what you wish for.  One change per customer, two cards per catalogue.’  Ethan sighed, taking the card from her.  If this was what it took to convince her...

“I’ll believe in magic if I was dry.”  Ethan muttered sarcastically.  His eyes widened as the card in his hand glowed a bright gold.  The lettering changed to spell ‘Wish Granted’, and suddenly his clothes, his hair, everything was dry.  The card vanished as he dropped it, frantically patting himself down.

“W—what the hell?”  He exclaimed, looking himself over.

“I know, right?”  Natasha grinned from ear to ear.  “I wished to be a few years younger, and...”  Ethan noticed that she wasn’t wearing makeup, yet her faint crow’s feet were nowhere in sight.

“Whoa.  This is—this is huge!”  He exclaimed, sitting down next to her, marking her page before leafing through the catalogue.

There were earrings that would change the wearer into a breeding sow—‘for the unfaithful lover’, a prank gun that made the user into a five-point stag, even a t-shirt that would change someone into a stoat.  And that was just from the transformation section!

Ethan turned back to her page, in the ‘H’s.  “Hey, look at that.”  He grinned, pointing to a page detailing an anklet that made the wearer into a hen.  “I think we could use some eggs around here, right?  We haven’t had omelets or scrambled eggs in years!”

Natasha frowned.  “Yeah, but I really just want to get Jake to listen to me.  I don’t think being a chicken will help with that.”  She flipped through a few more pages idly before her eyes lit up.  “Hey, look at this!”

Ethan looked down to the page.  ‘Everybody loves a Husky!  This magical dog collar will make the wearer into an adorable dog until its removal.’  He looked up at her, meeting her grin with one of his own.  “That looks perfect!”

He glanced down to the price tag.  “Whoo, but for $499?”  He sighed, putting his hands on his hips.

Natasha looked up to him, chewing on her lower lip.  “Well, Jake was going to cost us a thousand for pulling that fire alarm—”

“A thousand?  Sorry to interrupt, but a thousand?”  Ethan gawked.

“Yeah, a thousand.  But one of my old friends from college offered to help cover half of it.”

Ethan’s eyebrows raised higher.  “They offered to cover five hundred dollars?  Mom, you’ve got some crazy friends!”

“I know.”  She said with a faint smile.  “But yeah, this way it’ll be like he still cost us a thousand, only we’ll be able to teach him a lesson or two.”

Ethan flipped to the order page, letting out a disappointed sigh.  “That’ll probably be closer to one lesson.”  He tapped his finger against the page.

‘Buyer beware!  If you don’t use one of our Closet Zoos or select our self-change option, the transformation will be permanent after 24 consecutive hours!’

“The self-change option’s two grand, and the Closet Zoos are...  Well, we could buy a new Jake for that much.”  Ethan sighed, looking at the order slip.

Natasha frowned, thinking about it.  “This might not be enough time to plant some obedience in him...  But I think we can make it work.  Besides, we could always just put the collar back on him, right?”  She winked at Ethan, who smiled back.

“Yeah, that sounds just fine.”  He grinned, already forming plans in his mind.  Apparently his mother didn’t notice the optional accessories listed.  There was something called a ‘collar control ring’ that he knew he just had to have.

“Ooh, next-day delivery is free.  That’s nice, that makes up a good amount of the cost right there!”  Natasha quickly filled out an order slip, handing it and the catalogue to Ethan.  “Would you mind mailing this?  I need to go stare at myself in a mirror for a while.”  She smiled, the usual tiredness in her eyes gone.

Ethan nodded eagerly.  “Sure thing, mom!  I’ll just grab a glass of water real quick first.”  He waited until she left for her bedroom before quickly pulling out another order slip.  His mother still didn’t know about the debit card he’d taken out a few months ago, following his good brother’s example.  The only difference was that Ethan worked hard for his balance, earning every cent.  If the ring was less than three hundred, Ethan would be able to cover it without too much of a dent.

He flipped to the husky page, then to page 121.  ‘Collar Control Ring: $199.99’.  Ethan grinned.  He could wait another year before getting a gaming system, this was by far more important.  Quickly, he filled out another order form, careful to note the collar’s order number, so they could pair the two.  ‘For disobedient mutts or your control fantasies—we don’t judge!’

Ethan chuckled at that.  They might not judge, but he’d certainly judge his brother...  It sounded a lot better in his head, which was where it would remain.  He jogged out to the mailbox, eager for the next day.  All he’d have to do was make sure he’d be the one to pick up the packages, a piece of cake since that was his job anyways.


It was almost nine o’clock when Jake strolled down the stairs, clad in his typical pajama bottoms and bathrobe.  He had a wide grin on his face, and his every step has a slight skip to it.  Natasha felt a pang of guilt at having to change him.

The doorbell chimed just as he entered the kitchen, and she sent a small smile to Ethan.

“I’ll get it!”  He chirped, half-running to the door.  Natasha was quetly glad that she wasn’t the only one looking forward to this.

“What’s he excited about?”  Jake followed his brother’s exit for a moment before remembering there was bacon on the table.  “I’m the one who should be excited, I’ve got a date... ish thing with Tammy today.”  He scratched the bottom of his chin, a thin layer of stubble having grown overnight.

Natasha frowned at her son.  “Did you get it by pulling the fire alarm?”

He smiled.  “Well, you know a gentleman never kisses and tells.”

“You haven’t even kissed yet.”  Natasha teased him, her gaze brightening as Ethan walked back into the room with her package.

“How do you know—why do you think we haven’t kissed yet?”  Despite just waking up, Jake was able to get an impressively indignant tone.

Natasha eyed his bed-head pointedly, deciding some things were best left unsaid.

Ethan dropped her package on the counter and excused himself to the bathroom.  Natasha beamed at him, quietly praying that she’d be able to teach Jake to be a little more like his brother.  She deftly cut the package, taking the bacon off the burner as an afterthought.

The collar was inside, a bright red leather band that seemed to cause sparks of magical energy to tingle up and down Natasha’s arm.  She waited until Jake checked his phone—his usual activity during family meals.  Kids today...

Sure enough, a minute later he was checking old texts.  Seizing her moment, Natasha snuck behind him and clasped the collar around his neck.


Jake started as something snapped around his neck.  “What the!”  He jumped slightly, reaching a hand up to find his fingers brushing against a leather collar with fur padding underneath.  He scratched at it absently, a frown on his face.

“What the hell, mom?”  He frowned at her as she backed away, an expectant smile on her face.  “Jeez, I think I’m allergic to this thing.”  He scratched his neck more, but the itching only seemed to spread.  Come to think of it, so did the padding—was he stretching out the fur somehow?

Jake tried scratching his neck with both hands—maybe that would help sate the mad itching.  Something pricked his skin, and he yelped, pulling his hands from his throat like they were hot.  He glanced down to the offending digits, his eyes widening as he saw he had small claws instead of nails.

“Wharrrts going on?”  His voice had a darker, more animalistic tone to it.  It felt like he had a hoarse throat, and his attempt to clear it only produced a low growl.  “Marrm?”  He looked up to his mother, arching his eyebrows.

Those, too began to itch, and Jake robbed at them, finding them much harrier than they’d been before.  It was then that the changing boy realized something was off, and he quickly looked back down to his hands to find that his fingers looked smaller, his thumbs were almost miniscule on his hands.  Jake watched in shock and horror as the small claws that remained of the digits slid up his wrists, settling into their new home.

“Marrm?”  He tried again, his hands flying to the collar around his throat.  Sure enough, the fur around it seemed thicker, and Jake stumbled form his chair, tripping over his own feet as he tried to run to the nearest mirror.  He glared back to the offending limbs, then let out a distinctly canine yelp as he saw the source of the problem.

Jake’s feet had already changed without his knowledge, a pair of short, hairless paws now all that he had to try to stand on.  He forgot about the mirror for a moment, instead leaning in to look at them better.  He touched one of his toes with his right hand, and realized that he could feel it—this was actually happening, not just some optical illusion or dream.

At least...  He didn’t think it was a dream.  Jake bit his lower lip, something he often did when he was having a nightmare.  All that did was send a jolt of pain through his lip.  He opened his mouth, touching his paw-like hands to his teeth.  They were sharp!  He ran his tongue along them, finding that his canines had elongated, sharpened.

Moreover, the more he ran his tongue along them, the easier his tongue was to control.  It ached as its musculature developed.  Then, Jake let out a pained yelp as is pulled out of his mouth.  It felt like someone was togging on his tongue with a set of pliers!  He gagged, watching it expand well past his lips, drooping down below his chin.

As though it had been waiting for these changes, his fur increased its growth along Jake’s body, leaving him with a good deal warmer.  No, not warm—hot!  He wasn’t sweating, either, and Jake could feel his body temperature reaching a fever pitch.  He tried to climb onto the table, but couldn’t even get onto his chair.

The changing boy slumped to the ground defeated, his tongue pressing against the cool wet marble as he gasped for air.  Somehow, that worked, his body almost immediately feeling cooler.  For a few minutes, Jake just closed his eyes, taking solace in the cooling sensation that was spreading across his body, even as the last of his fur covered his skin.  Come to think of it, the fur wasn’t all too bad, cloaking him like a cozy blanket.

Maybe Jake could get used to—his eyes started to burn, and he snapped them open to paw at them in distress.  The changing youth watched as the world around him drained of color, his vision worsening.  It was then that Jake realized what was happening—communicating through yips and growls, black and white vision, panting—he was becoming a dog!

Jake looked up at his mother and let out a loud, pleading bark.  He realized that his opportunity to demand answers had passed, his human voice already lost to the changes.  As such, all he was able to do was yip and growl as his jaw pulled away from his face, forming a pointed muzzle.

Jake flexed his new jaw, slurping his tongue back into his muzzle.  Though the changes as a whole were unwelcome, he certainly couldn’t complain about being able to put his tongue back in his mouth.  It was starting to dry out in the cool, air, just like his nose was.  Jake slicked his tongue up, rolling its wet surface against the tip of his nose.

Too late, he realized what he’d done, and Jake crossed his eyes to see that his nose was darkening, flattening out on his muzzle.  He breathed through it experimentally, finding a wealth of new scents to explore.  His tail wagged as he breathed in the rich scent of bacon—tail?

He spun around, catching the sight of a long and furry tail emerging from just above his backside.  How in the hell did he miss that?  The canine-to-be spun around in a few circles, still on all fours.  With each pass, he found himself using his knees less and less, the motion of turning on all fours becoming more and more natural to him.

Jake stumbled on his fifth or sixth spin, his pajama pants bunching around his legs.  He looked back, finding that his legs had shrunk, slimming down to the proportions of an animal.  No, more than that, he could feel his entire torso slimming down, his ribs cracking uncomfortably as they shrank in his body, his heart hammering as it sped up.

His head changed next, his skull shrinking and reshaping, his neck popping in sync with his spine to restrict his range of sight.  Jake could feel his ears slide up his head, but was unable to do anything more than paw at them feebly as they drew to points, standing pert atop his head to further demonstrate his unease.

The changes felt like they had completed, and Jake whimpered as he felt human hands behind him, pulling off his oversized bathrobe.  Jake looked up to find his mother folding the cloth, a patient smile on her face.  Freed of his clothing, he quickly glanced at his form.  He looked like he was black and white, which was pretty par for his vision.  But the patterning on his fur reminded him of the huskies he’d seen on one of those Alaska reality shows.  He mulled it over for a moment before he caught sight of Mom walking back towards him.

Mom bent over, showing an impressive amount of cleavage to her son as she did so.  Jake gulped nervously; were her breasts always that pert?  He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, but his canine body reacted instinctively, a gentle erection beginning to take hold.  Jake hadn’t noticed his cock transform, but it was undeniably a dog’s now.  And if that was the case, the red head of his tip would certainly stand out against his fur.  He sat down, doing his best to hide his growing erection.


Natasha smiled as her son sat, no doubt to listen to what she had to say.  “Jake, honey, I’ve had it with your behavior, your disrespect.  And after that stunt with the fire alarm, I decided we needed to take more drastic measures.  Do you know how much you cost us?  Nearly a thousand dollars!  That on the heels of your textbooks leaves us in some serious pain.”

Jake whimpered apologetically, his head drooping.

Natasha chuckled, a small frown on her face.  “Don’t think you’re getting off that easily.  Do you even understand what you’ve been doing for the past few years?  If you keep this bad behavior up, you’ll find yourself jobless after you graduate, and then what?  I’m paying a lot of money to keep you in this school, and it would be nice to see you appreciate that.”

If the dog in front of her looked sad before, he looked positively crushed right now.  Natasha sighed, the wind suddenly out of her sails.

“Okay, so now that you’re a husky, we’re going to treat you like one.  We’re going to train you to be more obedient, starting with a full day at the dog obedience school nearby.  The girl on the other line sounded very knowledgeable with her job, so I think we might actually see some results.  And if we don’t...”  Natasha trailed off as she knelt down, cupping the husky’s face with her hands so he had no choice but to look her in her eyes.

“If we don’t, I’ll leave the collar on.  After twenty-four hours, these little changes become permanent.  So if you fail to get a certificate of excellence by the end of the day, then you’ll have the rest of your life to work for it.  Understand?”

Jake nodded hurriedly, whining loudly.

“Good boy!”  Natasha chirped, scratching him behind his ears.  “But right now, I have my morning spin session.  I need to look good for my lunch date today.”  She added the last part as an afterthought, fidgeting with her top nervously.

Of course, she had no need to be nervous.  She knew she was attractive before getting that catalogue, and now that age had been dialed a few years back, she was more than able to turn a few heads.  Hopefully, she’d be able to turn Will’s...

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Jake putting his paws on the table, trying to nibble at the bacon on his plate.  Quickly, she grabbed the morning’s newspaper, still in a roll, and whacked him on his nose.  It was a little harder than she intended, but once she started the action, she found herself committed to it.

Jake whimpered loudly, robbing at his snout with one of his paws.

“Bad dog!  That’s people food!”  Natasha scolded.


Ethan burst out into laughter at that, nearly dropping the ring he’d palmed.  Just in case he were to get distracted again, he slipped it on under the table.  No sense in giving up the game before it even started, after all.

Natasha scowled at Jake, an exaggerated frown on her face to further convey her point.  “Bad dog.  You get something else.”  She turned to Ethan, glancing at the clock as she did so.  “Honey, would you mind giving him the stuff I bought this morning?  I really need to get to working out.”

“Of course, mom!  Sounds like you have a hot lunch date coming up.”  Ethan winked at her as she left the room.  “Have fun!”  He called to her retreating back.

Slowly, Ethan finished the food on his plate, wanting to be absolutely sure that Natasha had gotten on her bike.  He leaned a little back, seeing she’d already put on her headphones, beginning her workout.  Perfect.

Ethan idled his gaze to Jake, a smug grin across his features.  “Now that that’s out of the way.”  He casually flipped off the dog with his left hand, blinking in mock surprise.  “Oops, wrong finger.”  Ethan drawled sarcastically, holding all of his fingers up as he tapped the band on his left ring finger.

“You know, I think this form actually suits you.  How’d you like to be canine for the rest of your life?”

Jake cocked his head, growling apprehensively.

“I guess you wouldn’t know, would you?  This ring’s from the same catalog as that collar around your neck.”  Ethan concentrated on the ring, and it glowed with a faint energy as Jake unwillingly leaned over to lick himself to attention.  Then, Ethan focused on his dog of a brother again, nearly laughing as Jake’s head slowly drew away from his member, a whimper of denied release on the husky’s lips.

Ehan stood, chucking faintly.  “So as you can see, this is a little charm to make you a little bit more compliant.  Not obedient, though—not by a long shot.”  He said, willing his brother to remain still as he scratched him behind his ears.

“After all, you’re not the only one who wants to fuck Tammy.  Do you know how hard it’s been to talk to her with you always getting in the way?  I think I’ll enjoy getting some private time with her.”  Ethan grinned, patting the husky on the cheek.  He stood, pulling out the kibble Natasha bought.

“Royal Canine.”  Huh.  Hardly a fitting food for you, but waste not want not.”  He poured it into the dog bowl Natasha had bought that morning.  He looked at the can of goopy kibble bits in the bowl.  “Yum.”  Ethan muttered, kicking it absently.

“Still, it looks a little too good right now...”  Ethan muttered.  He looked over to the stove, seeing the leftover bacon grease.  Perfect.  A slow grin spread across his face as he picked up the pan of fat.  Slowly, he upended it into the bowl, a breath of quiet relief flowing through him that it wasn’t sizzling.  He was a sadist, but he hated animal cruelty.

The bacon fat didn’t quite mix with the kibble, small bubbles of grease between what was otherwise wholesome chow.  “Now that’s a meal fit for a king like you.”  He focused on his ring, watching it glow with unearthly power.  “Eat up, boy.”


Jake scowled, already feeling the ring’s influence on his mind.  Like hell he’d eat that!  What on Earth was Ethan thinking?  The slop looked like someone lost their lunch after eating pureed steak.  Nothing, not even some magic ring could make him do this.  This time, he was prepared for it, and fought it with all his effort.  Just he started to brace himself, the ring glowed brighter, and Jake felt his body and mind grow warmer.

It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, just different.  Jake thought that it was almost like wearing a heated blanket, only this one seemed to make his limbs fall asleep.  Jake whimpered, realizing that the calming effect was him losing control of his body.  Sure enough, his paws started to bring him towards the bowl in an obedient trot.

His jaws opened, and with horror Jake realized he was already drooling with anticipation.  He tried to pull his head back, but to no avail, the watery goop getting stuck to his teeth, his gums, his tongue.  Maybe without the oil it would have been almost palatable, like eating meat spread.  But the oil made it sticky and gooey, thickening the dog food while watering down the flavor at the same time.

Jake felt his tail wag behind him, realizing that despite the texture, he still found it delicious.  His taste buds were simpler now, less refined.  Though he wanted nothing more than to gag at the slimy mass he was ingesting, it was delicious.

Ethan knelt down, scratching him behind the neck.  Jake tried to growl but was too busy eating the dog chow.  “So we can see that the ring works, no matter how hard you try to resist, eh?  I’ll be taking a shower now; you can keep eating until everything is gone.  Don’t want Mom finding about the little ‘addition’ to your meal, after all.”  And with that, he went back upstairs.

The husky obediently started licking the bowl, his longer tongue cleaning it easily.  Jake flattened his ears against the side of his head, subservience flowing through him.  It looked like the magic that was controlling him was well-designed, and could work without Ethan being in the room.  Great.  On the bright side, if Mom held true to her word, then he’d be human again in just a day.  And when he was...

Jake let his mind drift away to how he’d repay his brother after this.  There’d be at least one beating in there, but and if they kept the collar, he could always find it and return the favor.  Yeah, that’d be some just desserts.  Jake gripped the bowl with his paws tightly pretending it was his brother’s neck even as he was forced to lap up the rest of the food.


In the other room, Natasha finished her 20 minute workout.  Lord, that exercise bike was probably the best investment she’d made.  On the other hand, she was sore all over, her couch feeling like a welcoming magnet.

She slumped into it, feeling her entire body loosen up as she relaxed.  She’d always wondered how much free time she’d have once Jake and Ethan moved out, and this was definitely a welcome preview.  It was almost a shame that the changes would only last a day; just as big of a shame as the fact that she’d have to get up to grab her slippers.

Wait, what was she thinking?  She smiled, brushing some of her sweat-drenched hair behind her ear.  “Hey, Jake?”

Sure enough, he came padding in, tilting his head to look at her.  “Up, boy!”  She patted the couch.  She knew some people hated that, but it was an old piece of furniture and she didn’t have any allergies.  He popped up next to her, tilting his head inquisitively.

Natasha scratched him behind his ears, rubbing his cheeks.  “You are just too cute!”  She exclaimed happily.

He barked in response, his tail thumping against the couch as it wagged madly.

“Okay, boy.  I need you to fetch my slippers for me, okay?  They’re upstairs in my room.  I know it’s a bit of a mess, but you should be able to find them without too much trouble.”  She grinned, rubbing him under his chin.

Jake barked and nodded, then quickly padded his way upstairs.  Natasha let out a relieved sigh.  Maybe she was actually getting through to him now that he was a dog.


Jake made his way into his mother’s room, already planning out a detailed and brutal vengeance on Ethan the second he was changed back.  First off, he’d need to get on Mom’s good side.  If that meant finding her slippers, then so be it.  How hard could it be?

A minute later and he regretted his earlier confidence, a messy room full of clutter greeting his startled eyes.  The slippers were nowhere in sight, of course, and Jake briefly pondered giving up.  But no, he was a man—dog on a mission, and he’d find them given hell or high clutter.  Even if he’d probably spend a solid ten minutes searching for them.

Jake sighed through his eyes, then blinked with realization.  His nose!  Of course!  Jake lifted his snout in the air, taking a long drag of air through his nostrils.  There was a faint lingering sense of perfume, his mother’s sweat on the bed, and...  He gagged, shaking his head at a particularly pungent odor.  That had to be them, unless Mom had secretly been breeding skunks in her room.

He followed the scent to under her bed, his nose glued to the carpet.  The trail stopped behind a pile of dresses, and Jake gingerly nosed them out of the way, gazing upon his malodorous prize.  But how to transport them?  He mulled it over for a moment, but could only come up with the natural way—using his mouth.

Well, hope they taste better than they look.  He chomped down, almost immediately relieved that that was indeed the case.  Looks like his canine body came with a canine palate, for what that was worth.  They weren’t too appetizing, but compared to the ‘meal’ his brother had subjected him to, it was above and beyond a refreshing taste.

Jake trotted out, triumphant.  He passed Ethan on the way down, his brother toweling himself off.  Yeah, that’s right.  He grinned around the slippers.  Jake just had to kiss up to Mom, and he’d be human in no time.

Ethan must have noticed the satisfaction in his eyes, because he darted back into the bathroom, no doubt looking for that damned ring.  Oh no.  Jake had to hurry.  Quickly, he padded downstairs, the slippers held fast in his mouth.  To hell with their smell or taste, he had to deliver them and go as soon as possible.

Mom looked down at him, a smile on her face.  “Oh, who’s a good boy?”  She scratched him behind his ears, and for a moment Jake forgot where he was, awash in a sea of self-satisfied pleasure.  She let up for a moment to slip her socks off, wiggling her toes happily.  “Oh, you are just the handiest!”

Jake nodded eagerly.  Good, he just had to keep this up.  Besides, he really was a handy, good boy.  He nuzzled his mother’s leg affectionately, planning to pad past her and head into the other room.  Except his body didn’t turn as he planned, that magical warmth flowing through him once more.

The husky yipped, turning excitedly to Mom to lick her sole up and down.  He could taste her sweat, and the dog wanted more, scooting a little closer to give the deepest licks possible.

Mom let out a small squeak of surprise.  “Oh, Jake, you don’t have to do that!”

Well, that was obvious, but Ethan clearly had other ideas.

Ethan leaned down from the banister, a smirk on his face as he watched his brother continue to lick their mother’s feet.  “Don’t worry about it, Mom!  Isn’t this something dogs do when they try to please their pack leader?  It’s got to mean the obedience training is working!”

The ring in his hand glowed faintly, and Jake stopped licking to yip and nod eagerly.  That twisted little bastard!  He was so dead once this was done.

Mom frowned.  “But it feels kind of weird, and unnatural, and—oh!”  She kicked one of her feet slightly as Jake resumed his attentive licks, doing his brother’s bidding.  A hiccup of laughter bubbled from her throat as Jake hit what was no doubt one of her more sensitive spots.


Natasha giggled again, wiggling her toes as her son expertly licked between the digits.  At first it had felt weird, but having a warm, soft tongue rub along her feet was more than a pleasant experience.  She relaxed, grinning at Ethan as he sat on the couch beside her.

“Who’s a good boy?”  Ethan grinned, scratching his brother behind his ears.

Natasha smiled at that; it was good to see them getting along.  This would work out just fine.  With that thought, she leaned back on to the couch, turning on the morning news.  She let out another laugh and stroked Jake’s cheek with one of her feet.  It would probably be nice to have a foot bath like this more often...

She let him continue for a solid ten minutes, until her feet started to feel pruned.  The second she stopped, Ethan offered the good idea of using Jake as a fluffy footstool, and she smiled, scratching Jake behind his ears with her big toe.

It was one of the most peaceful mornings she’d had in years, but of course it had to end—they had a busy day ahead of them.  Natasha waved Jake off as she went upstairs to take a shower.  She’d leave him to play with Ethan for a little bit, the two brothers could certainly use some bonding time.  For now, she had a hot shower to prepare herself for a hot date.

She settled under the hot stream of water, taking comfort in its warm embrace as she went over her schedule.  It was almost ten o’ clock, and she’d promised Will she’d meet up with him at Gianni’s.  Natasha remembered he liked Italian food, and their homemade sausages were to die for.  On that note, she could certainly go for some of the firefighter’s meat...


Downstairs, Ethan was mercifully keeping quiet, letting Jake contemplate revenge in peace.  His ears perked up as he caught wind of some moaning from Mom’s bathroom, and he did his best to not think about it too much.  Stupid dog ears.

Of course, Ethan noticed his discomfort, and soon Jake found himself sitting at the base of the stairs, listening as Mom no doubt fingerfucked herself in the shower.  The thought of it was disgusting, and Jake fancied that he could hear her wet fingers sliding in and out of herself, the miniscule details just enough for his new ears to pick up.

After what seemed like an eternity, she finished, toweling herself off and dressing herself in a hurry.  Jake looked up, tilting his head in confusion as she quickly clipped a collar around his neck.

“Easy, boy; we’re going to take you to obedience school before lunch.”  She said, grinning as she led him to the car.  Of course it’d be obedience school.  Still, it would give him an opportunity to prove how obedient he was.

Jake found his hopes dashed as he noticed Ethan was also climbing into the car.  Maybe there was a chance that he’d take it easy on his brother.  The car ride was certainly uneventful, and Jake let himself build up a small amount of quiet optimism.  Yeah, obedience school.  Just another chance for him to succeed.  He got out of the car, strutting confidently towards the building.  Besides, what was the worst that could happen?

“Ethan?”  Jake’s ears flicked as he recognized a musical feminine voice.  He spun around to see Tammy jogging up to them, a grin on her face and work clothes on her body.  There was no way that she...  Jake squinted at the logo on her polo shirt, his heart sinking as it matched the logo of the obedience school he was being taken to.

Ethan stood ramrod straight, immediately uncomfortable.  Jake wagged his tail at his brother’s unease.  That was good.  Maybe he’d blow the thing, do something stupid and not be allowed in.

“Um.  Hi.”  Ethan managed, an uneasy smile on his face.

“Do you know where Jake is?  We were supposed to go out today, but he hasn’t responded to any of my messages.”  Tammy frowned at her last sentence.

Jake barked, padding over to rub against her legs.  There had to be some way to get her to know that he was a dog, right?  Although that might not put him in his mother’s best graces, Tammy was far and beyond more important than being human.

Mom leaned down to scratch him behind the ears, even as Ethan found his voice again.

“Oh, you know Jake.  He’s totally unreliable.”  Ethan spoke with a somewhat confident smile, no doubt finding his vein in being able to talk shit about Jake.  “Hell, the only thing we can count on him for is dumb stunts like that one in Calc.”

“Mm-hm.”  Tammy smiled and nodded.

Jake’s heart sank.  She didn’t like it?  He’d gotten into this whole mess for her, and—

“You know...”  Tammy interrupted Jake’s racing thoughts as she walked over to Ethan, running a hand along the side of his face.  “You’d be more than welcome to take his place.”  She breathed it huskily into Ethan’s ear, a seductive smile on her lips.

Jake and Ethan gawked in unison, the brothers unable to process what had just happened.

“I—I—I.  That is to say.  Um.  It’d b-be a dream come true?”  Ethan flinched slightly as his sentence ended on the musical lilt of a question.

For a moment, there was silence; then Natasha snorted with laughter.  Tammy joined her a second later, patting Ethan on his arm.  “Sorry for teasing you.”  She said, between hiccups of laughter.  “But I really wouldn’t mind that, yeah?  You’re probably the better brother for me.”

Ethan perked up at that, grinning from ear to ear.  “Call me?”  He asked hopefully.

Jake glared at him.  No way that just happened.  This had to be some nonsensical fever dream, in which Ethan was somehow able to land the girl of Jake’s dreams.

As if she noticed his attention, Tammy leaned down to pet Jake.  “You know, I never asked.  What’s the name of this cutie?”

“Ja—”  Natasha caught herself mid-word.

“Jay.”  Ethan offered helpfully.

Natasha nodded at him approvingly.  “Jay.  We’re here to take him for lessons.

Tammy smiled, petting Jake happily.  “Jay, that’s a good name!  You’re a good dog, aren’t you?  We’re gonna train you in no time, and—”  She snatched her hand away as her watch chimed.  “Oh crap, I’m going to be late!  Hey, come on in when you’re ready, I need to punch in now!”  Tammy stood and jogged into the obedience school, leaving the Dillards in the parking lot.

“Quick thinking, Ethan!”  Mom sighed and patted Ethan on the back.

No, that wasn’t right; she was supposed to be praising Jake, not his brother!

“I get it from you, mom.”  He said with a chuckle.  “You’re fine with ‘Jay’, right buddy?”  As he spoke, the ring on his finger glowed faintly.

Jake found his head bobbing in a nod beyond his control.  In all honesty, he liked the name, but this latest reminder of his helplessness certainly wasn’t welcome.  He grumbled silently, but padded after his family into the building.

The second Jake set foot in the building, his nose was filled with the scents of at least half a dozen other dogs.  For a moment, apprehension filled him.  Wouldn’t they recognize that he was an outsider?  Wouldn’t they see that he had been a human?

These fears were dispelled as another husky padded to him, sniffing him curiously.

“Oh, what a cute dog!  I think Jay’s made a little friend.”  Mom said, scratching the new dog’s scruff.  “Whose is he?”

“Hi, he’s mine!  Sorry if I kept you waiting!”  Tammy shouted, jogging up to the Dillards.  She knelt down to pamper the husky, and for a moment Jake found himself strangely jealous of the dog.  “Sorry, Max here’s usually a little better behaved than to just go on up to strangers—I guess he’s just happy to see another dog like him!”

Ethan laughed.  “We don’t mind.  I think Jay’s happy, too.”

Jake found his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he started to pant, a canine smile on his face.  He glanced to Ethan’s left hand, and sure enough, it was in his pocket, concealing the ring.  Jake railed against the confines of his mind, but as usual, no success.  Cursing internally, he sat on his haunches, waiting for whatever Tammy had to say next.

“So, you’re here to sign up Jay?”  Tammy turned to Mom with a smile.


Natasha grinned back at the girl.  “You know it!  We recently picked up this little bundle of fur, and he’s a little bit of trouble.”  Not entirely the truth, but it wasn’t a whole lie, either.  Natasha felt a slight rush of adrenaline; she always loved con artists in fiction, and now she had the chance to be one!

“Not too much trouble, I think he means well.”  Ethan said from beside her, kneeling down to scratch Jake under his chin.  “Isn’t that right, boy?”  He grinned as Jake licked his palm.

It was really good to see her sons getting along so well.  Natasha felt a smile creep across her face as she turned to Tammy.  The girl was distracted by some other trainer asking her for help, and Natasha took a quick second to appraise the girl.  She was definitely attractive, and come to think of it, she’d heard both Jake and Ethan talk about a smart girl they liked.

When Natasha returned Jake back to normal, he might cause a bit of trouble that Ethan had hit on Tammy, but for now, Ethan definitely deserved a break.  Maybe he and Tammy would start going out, teach Jake that you can’t always get what you want.  That would be a good lesson for him to have.

Natasha blinked as she realized that Tammy was turning around again.  Hurriedly, she changed her gaze from an inquisitive one to a friendlier look.

“Sorry about that, Mrs. Dillard.”  The girl smiled sheepishly.  She had manners, too!  Oh, she was definitely a catch.

“Don’t worry about it, Tammy.  So, do we have to fill out any paperwork for our special little boy?”  Natasha said.  Then, she smiled, adding an afterthought.  “You know, if you’re going to be seeing my son, I think it’d be okay to call me Natasha.”  She’d do her damned best to make sure that Ethan had a shot.

“Oh, thanks!”  Tammy’s shoulders slumped slightly with relief—no doubt she was worried she’d been to forward in front of Ethan’s mother.  “You don’t have much paperwork, just the general stuff: filling out your name, Jay’s name, his medical history...”

Medical history?  “Um, sorry, we don’t have his.  He didn’t really come with any paperwork when we adopted him.”  Natasha smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of her hand.

“No problem!  I can call up a vet and he’ll look Jay over for you.”

A vet, eh?  That certainly would complete Jake’s day as a dog...  “Why not?  We have a lunch date after this though, so how would two o’clock this afternoon work for your doctor?”

Tammy frowned slightly, spinning on her heel to shout behind the counter.  “Hey, Mark?  You free at two today?”

“Yep!”  One of the attendants flashed her a thumbs-up.  “Got a cancellation, turns out the Turners’ dog just ate a little gum.”

“Aces, Mark!”  Tammy beamed, then looked back to Natasha.  “Okay, so if you’ve got a vet’s appointment coming up, all we need is for you to just pay for Jay’s training.  We can do that now, or we can do it after if you’d prefer.”

Natasha smiled, pulling out her wallet smartly.  “I’m fine with paying now; it’s fifty dollars for the first sign-up, right?”  She handed a bill over the counter, grinning as the cashier’s eyes lit up.  She knew how much of a hassle dealing with credit cards could be for local businesses like this.

“Perfect!  Now that that’s out of the way, you can watch Jay from the observation deck up top, or you can take an hour off.”  Tammy clapped her hands, then bent down to scratch Jake behind his ears.  “Ready for a fun day of training, boy?”

Jake nodded, and Tammy looked up to his ‘owner’.  “You’ve got a smart dog, Natasha!”

“He takes after the family.”  Natasha joked, turning for the stairs.  “Now Jay, you be a good dog, okay?”  She probably didn’t have to say it, but just in case.  She didn’t think she’d need to tell Jake not to pull fire alarms after all, and look how that turned out.

The stairs were definitely harder than they should have been.  Natasha sighed, regretting her decision to take her morning workout up a few notches.  It wasn’t her fault she wanted to try out her younger body!  Still, she just had to see Jake go through obedience training...


Jake looked up at Tammy, padding quietly after her.  So far, so good.  Better yet, he could get a nice view of her luscious butt form this position.  Nobody would suspect a dog of checking her out, right?  No, that was wrong.  Jake found his gaze returning before him.  Thinking with his other head was what had gotten him into this mess, he’d have to work hard to get out of it.

Except...  This was really demeaning!  Jake joined the pack of dogs, falling into step with them as Tammy told them to walk around; sit; roll over.  As they continued, Jake found himself drifting off more and more, like a student who was well ahead of his class.  He barely even noticed that he was falling behind the other dogs until a jet of water hit him in the nose.

Jake jumped with surprise, pawing at his nose in distress and discomfort alike.  Small wonder dogs hate that so much!

“Jay, you heard me!  Prance!”  Tammy said, a clear and authoritative tone no doubt honed by years of experience.  Oh, he’d love to hear that tone in bed—why was he thinking of sex so much?  Stupid canine hormones.  Another jet of water hit him in the face and he yelped.  “Prance!”  Tammy repeated herself, her tone even more stern.

Jake found his ears flattening against his head at her voice, she really knew how to act like a pack leader.  But prance?  How the hell was a dog supposed to prance?  He quickly looked to the other dogs, finding each one was doing a slightly different action.  Well, best to copy Max—if a natural husky would do it, it should suit his form just fine.

Jake bobbed up and down on his legs, panting dumbly.  Act like a dog, act like a dog...  Tammy grinned, patting his noise.  “Good dog, Jay!”

From then on, Jake found himself mimicking Max, the other husky proving a great example that Jake could follow.  Sure enough, Tammy started to compliment him more and more, and hot damn did it feel good!  He might have to include some puppy play in their dates after he changed back and kicked Ethan’s ass.


Ethan watched as Tammy continued to teach Jake how to follow instructions.  Hot damn, she made dog training look good.  But Ethan had to keep focused, Jake was following all of the directions perfectly.  Of course, having a human mind gave his brother an edge over his new companions, and it looked like Tammy thought he was her new star pupil.

Natasha leaned over to Ethan, a grin on her face.  “I think it’s really working; Jake’ll probably get a certificate at the end of the day.”

Ethan scowled inwardly, but kept a smile on his face.  “I wouldn’t doubt it!”  Yeah, without a little outside influence, Jake would be the belle of the ball, back to normal in no time.  Luckily for Ethan, he had just the solution.  He stuck his hand in his pocket to hide the ring’s glow as he once more exerted his will.


Jake continued to trot in circles around Tammy, panting happily as he continued to wow her.  Of course, it wasn’t much to do, the other dogs were just dogs.  Even the Max was as dumb as the rest—Jake easily surpassed him after just fifteen minutes of mimicry.  That said, Max did have an amazing set of balls, the pair swinging gently with each step the dog took.

Jake started to drool, and he hurriedly slid his tongue back in his mouth.  He definitely didn’t want to look bad in front of Tammy or this stud of a canine.  Max...  Even the name was delicious, one to roll of the tongue.  Jake sped up, looking a little closer at the dog’s sack.  He gulped down a mouthful of saliva, his nose almost touching the other dog’s furry testicles.

Wait, what was he doing?  He blinked a few times, slowing his pace as Tammy called the group to a halt.  It had to be his brother!  He glared up to the stands instinctively, a half-formed growl on his lips.  Too late, he realized that demonstrating resistance would only increase the amount of force Ethan would exert.

Almost immediately, Jake’s body sprang forward, greedily and loudly sucking on Max’s balls.  The dog whined, but started to get a little hard thanks to the sudden attention.  Seeing this, Jake rolled onto his back, licking the other dog’s hard rod to attention.  There was a thick taste to his furry sheath, traces of Max’s own saliva intermingling with the dirt from running around.  But there was another, subtler flavor, a tangy yet sweet scent that Jake just had to get more of.

His human mind recoiled as he realized he was tasting the dog’s stale semen and precum.  He did his best to pull away, but his long tongue continued to lap away at the other dog’s cock and balls.  Jake felt a tugging on his collar as Tammy tried to pull him away from Max.  He desperately wanted her to succeed, but he was too heavy for her to pull away, and the sounds of his loud licking filled the air.

A snort of laughter came from the side of the room, and Jake quietly glared at Ethan from the corner of his eyes as he took Max’s cock into his mouth.  Wait—Jake was able to glare!  With a wet pop, he pulled off of Max, shaking his head to clear out the taste.

He looked back to his mother to find that the damage had been done—she was frowning at him, shaking her own head in disappointment.  How could she believe that was him?  He’d never want to suck off an animal, even if he was one himself!


Natasha just frowned as Tammy did her best to calm the other pet owners.  On the bright side, they seemed more amused than anything else.  On the other hand, this amusement was at Jake’s expense.  He looked positively embarrassed, and she sighed, steepling her fingers against her temple.  That was one hell of a way to find out Jake was into bestiality.

At least Ethan found it funny.  He was a good kid, anyone else would probably think such a thing was mentally traumatizing.  The rest of the lesson passed in a blur, Natasha hiding her face behind a newspaper she’d picked up.

When the last whistle was blown, Natasha peeked above the black and white lettering to see that Jake was grouped with the other ‘good’ dogs.  At least there was that, though she didn’t have much hopes for his chances at passing.

Sure enough, when Natasha met Tammy downstairs, the blonde sighed.  “I’m really sorry Natasha, but there’s no way that I can say that Jay here passed.  You’ve got a smart dog, but he’s a little bit of a handful.”

Natasha frowned.  Of course, it was too much to expect that just one lesson would be enough to teach Jake how to behave.  That said, he was somewhat obedient...  Maybe she’d give him a bite of sausage at lunch.  He certainly seemed to be in the mood for that, after all.  Natasha frowned harder, biting back laughter.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”  Tammy said, mistaking her expression.  “Listen, I don’t usually do this, but if I’m dating your son, I can get Jay here every week.  I’d work with him free of charge, teach Ethan a few tricks, and you guys could come to my dog shows!  I think Jay’s got potential, really!  Don’t worry!”

Natasha looked at her with a smile.  She really was a sweet girl.  “We’ll think about it.  But as far as dating Ethan goes, you’re by far and beyond okay in my book.”

Tammy nodded eagerly.  “Glad to hear it!  Enjoy your lunch!”

Natasha knew she would, it was time to show Will how good her kids were.  Well, how good her kid and her dog were.  As long as there weren’t any male dogs there, the lunch should go smoothly...  Still, just in case, she pulled Jake aside a few feet from their car.

“Jake, I want you to listen to me.”  She began sternly, mimicking the tone Tammy had used.  “You are a very bad dog for what you did to that other husky.  That is not something that you will even think of doing in here!  Do you understand me?”

Jake bobbed his head obediently.

“Because you were such a bad boy, you won’t be treated to a full meal.”  He whined, and Natasha sighed, some of her resolve crumbling.  “But if you can sit and watch us eat without begging, then I’ll slip you a little something.  Deal?”  She offered her hand out to her son.  He put his paw in hers, shaking it solemnly.

Good, he knew what the stakes were.  Heh, steaks...  Maybe she’d order one to go for Jake, when he changed back.  She drove them to the restaurant, seeing that Will had already picked out an outdoors table for them.  Perfect, she wouldn’t need to worry about the restaurant’s dog policy.

As she got closer, she mentally prepared herself for meeting him.  Okay, don’t ask about the weather, don’t ask what he does for a living, just play it cool Nat.  Natasha braced herself, running through nearly half a dozen game plans.

Then she saw him, and all of those plans went out the window.  God, it had been nearly twenty years since they’d been around each other, but he hadn’t changed a bit.  If anything, he looked better, his close-cropped hair serving to better draw attention to his square jaw, and the fireman’s stature fitting him well.

Natasha’s pace quickened, and she greeted him with a hug.  “Sorry were late, our dog had to go through a bit of obedience training.  It’s a long story.”

Will grinned.  “Hey, don’t worry about it.  I didn’t know you had a dog, Nat!  And a husky, to boot!  Best damned dogs in the world, eh boy?”  He leaned down to scratch Jake under his chin, looking at Ethan with curiosity.  “And, don’t tell me—Ethan, right?”

“Yes, sir!  Can I just say, it’s an honor so shake hands with a firefighter.  I always wanted to be one when I was younger.”  Ethan took the man’s proffered hand, and Natasha’s shoulders sagged slightly with relief.  She’d been worried that Ethan would have that stereotypical complex about a new man in his mother’s life, but it looked like Will’s job had earned him a few notches of respect.

“Glad you decided to stay in school, kid.”  Will grinned.  “Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but you’ve definitely got a much wider world of opportunity ahead of you.”

Natasha grinned, slipping Jake’s leash around the back of her chair.  She didn’t need to tie him up, but still, she had to keep up appearances.  She smiled, joining in on Ethan and Will’s conversation about what Ethan could expect with life after college.  It was really great to talk with others and show off one of her sons.  She just hoped the other wouldn’t cause too much trouble...


Jake yawned, watching Mom talk to Will.  The guy was pretty solid for her, he had to admit.  Jake had always been worried about Mom being alone after he graduated—but with a fireman around the house, people probably wouldn’t try and mess with Mom.  Like hell Jake would cause a scene here—no matter what any ring said.  Of course, his struggles so far hadn’t exactly been stellar, but that was no reason to give up hope!

He sat politely during the first course of their meal, determined to be as obedient as possible.  But when the dessert menus came, Jake started to feel a little funny.  He glanced to Ethan to find the boy grinning at him impishly.  His brother waved, the ring glowing as it caught sunlight.

Okay, that definitely wasn’t a good sign.  But all Jake had to do was stay concentrated, remain perfectly still despite the strange itching and burning feeling that was running through him.  It centered on his cock, and Jake glanced down to find its red tip popping out from his sheath.

It was burning, twitching with need.  A cool breeze brushed against it, and Jake’s entire body shuddered.  He whined gently, but his mother was distracted.  Unfortunately, the waiter and some of the other guests weren’t, and Jake could feel their eyes on him as he started to wriggle around uncomfortably.

Jake looked pleadingly to Ethan, who rolled his eyes innocently.  He started to chat with Will and Mom, and Jake knew he was lost, his erection burning hotter and hotter.  It felt like he was going to burst, he wanted, no he needed relief, needed—

Before he knew what he was doing, Jake stretched out his leg, leaning back to suck his own cock.  Wellsprings of relief flowed through him, and he flicked out his long tongue, swirling it around where his cock met the base of his sheath.  It was incredible, a hot and soft rush that somehow eased the burning completely, bringing with it surge upon surge of pleasure.

He whimpered loudly around his dick, some part of him shouting at him to stop.  Of course, he could easily ignore that.  How had he not considered this before?  Jake closed his doggy lips tightly around his cock, bobbing his head up and down as he continued to blow himself.  He could taste his cock; feel his mouth’s warmth on his head; even savor his cock’s heat in his mouth.  It wasn’t enough!

Jake rolled onto his back, his hips thrusting hurriedly as he fucked his mouth.  Nothing mattered besides this pleasure, this amazing sensation!  He teased his tip with his tongue, rolled his muzzle around his head, drooled on his shaft so he could pump faster.

Jake felt a tingling in his balls, and he thrust deep inside his mouth, his eyes shut as the most intense orgasm of his life gripped him, held him fast in its clutches.  He rolled from his back to his side, sucking loudly on his cock as he continued to cum.  Drool and semen alike trailed from the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t care, it felt too good to bathe in the afterglow of ejaculation.

What did he care who was watching—shit.  Jake’s eyes snapped open, and as he looked up a long trail of drool and semen leaked from his mouth.  Sure enough, every eye outside the restaurant was focused on him—even some in the restaurant were leaning out to see the fuss.

Jake slurped the trail of cum back into his mouth, swallowing his thick load as if to hide the evidence.  Then, he looked up to his own table.  As expected, Ethan looked like he was torn between acting shocked and laughing until he couldn’t breathe.  Will looked more surprised than anything else, and Mom...

Her face was redder than any other time he’d seen her, it looked like she was well beyond words.

“Well, that happened!”  Will said loudly, leaning back into his chair.  “Just nature here, folks, nothing to see!”  The firefighter looked into the restaurant, challenging anyone to meet his stare.

Just like that, time resumed, everyone hurriedly going back to their jobs and meals, though their conversations had undoubtedly taken a canine turn.

Mom stood up, tossing a heap of money on the table.  “This should cover it.”  She mumbled, and Jake’s eyes widened as he caught glimpse of half-formed tears in her eyes.  No!  He didn’t want that to happen, it was Ethan!

She looked like she was going to run from the table at a full sprint, but jerked to a stop with her first step.  Jake turned a little and saw the source: Will was holding onto her arm, his big hand gentle yet unmovable.

“Take it easy, Nat.  I used to have dogs back home and this sort of thing happened all the time, you get me?”  He spoke in soothing, calming tones.  “They definitely did this once or twice at the park, and let me tell you, the worst thing to do is make even more of a scene.  Now, you said you have an appointment with the vet at two.  Best thing to do is talk to him there, you get me?”

Mom sat slowly, wiping at the sides of her eyes.  She hiccupped slightly, then leaned her head down to cry quietly for a moment.

Will snatched his hand away like he’d touched open flame.  “Shit—shoot, did I say something wrong?”

“N-no.”  Mom smiled through her tears.  “You’re just so... so...”

“Well, I always was a kiss-ass.”  Will said with a sigh of relief.  “We had a hiccup in an otherwise great day, so what?  How about we have a round two at this?  Dinner tonight?  You seem pretty set on paying for lunch, so what say I treat you then.  Well, that is to say, if your boys agree.”  He glanced to Ethan, who smiled and gave him a friendly thumbs-up.

“I’ve got a date tonight too, so don’t worry about leaving me alone.”  He grinned.

Will nodded, then turned to look at Jake.  This time, his look was anything but friendly, a challenging glare across his face.  Jake could almost see hellfire in the man’s eyes as he spoke again.  “You promise to treat Nat here properly, boy?”

Jake nodded hurriedly.  If he’d ever had any doubts that the man had owned dogs before, it was gone now.  Just like that, Will had established himself as alpha, instilling respect and fear alike with words alone.  It would definitely be better if Jake remained quiet until the end of the date, maybe even the car ride.  Yeah, that would be best, just let Mom do all the talking for the rest of this date...


“Will, it’s really been fun.  And thank you.”  Natasha smiled at the fireman, hugging him tightly.  She placed a quick kiss on his cheek as she backed away, grateful by how he flushed a little.  Nothing was as gratifying as realizing you still had it.

“Hey, you keep treating me like this and I might have to marry you!”  Will laughed, his mirth soon stumbling to a faltering cough.  “Not that I’ll propose today, or anything.  Want you to know I can trust you.”  He nodded, trying to salvage some of his composure.

“Will, after back there I’d accept a proposal right now!”  Natasha said with a smile.  She wasn’t sure if she was entirely joking, though her tone came across as flirtatiously playful.

Will’s next response was quick, the big man now recovered from his momentary lapse.  “Well, there’s a Tiffany’s around the corner.  What say we take a look at some amethysts?  Fuck diamonds, biggest scam there is.”  He added the last bit, a trace of the old Will leaking through.

“You remembered my birthstone.”  Natasha smiled.  “But sorry, I need to take Jay here to the vet.  You okay with waiting until dinner?”

Will chuckled.  “Dinner?  That late, we wouldn’t see how your ring looks in the sunlight!  How about we hold off on the ring and just enjoy ourselves tonight?”

“It’s a date.”  Natasha winked; then giggled as Will bent down to kiss her hand.  “Call me when you think of a good place.”  She turned, waving at the big man as she practically skipped back to the car.

Not only did Jake not make a scene after the big one; but she even had a better dinner date!  Natasha felt like a girl waking up on Christmas, youthful jubilation coursing through her body as she bounced her way through the parking lot.  Her anger at Jake was a thing of the past, and she was more than pleased with her life.

She clicked the keys, opening the doors, and popped into her seat, looking back to Ethan with a grin.  “So, how do you like Will?”

“Are you kidding?” Ethan exclaimed once he closed his door.  “‘Just nature, nothing to see!’  Badass, mom!” 

Suddenly all of her anger at Jake returned at once, thoughts of Jake sucking himself off causing her to grimace and glare at the same time.  It wasn’t a pretty face, and she was glad Will wasn’t able to see it.  Jake fucking his mouth...  Natasha frowned at the memory, rage almost making her lose her composure.  But no, she’d read that that was the worst way to handle dogs.  She’d have to be calm but stern when talking to Jake.

Natasha leaned back, looking the husky in the eyes.  “What the fuck were you doing?”  She snarled.  Okay, not the best start, but a start.  She took a deep breath.  “You are very, very—VERY lucky that Will was able to handle that, or else there’d be far worse to pay than what’s coming to you.  Yeah, you want to act like a dog?  You’ll get treated like a dog.”

Jake whimpered, his ears flat against his head.

Natasha looked ahead again, turning the key in the ignition.  “Buckle up Ethan, we’ve got a fun vet’s appointment ahead of us.”


Ethan was practically bouncing on the edge of his seat with excitement as Mom drove them to the vet.  The best part about the drive was how uncomfortable Jake seemed, whining and pawing at the door in a vain attempt to escape.  Of course, Ethan could always lock him down...  Or make him jump into traffic.  No, murder really wasn’t Ethan’s style...

What was his style was being a complete and utter sadist, and when they got the vet’s he exercised this in full.  Jake had always hated getting shots, ever since he and Ethan were kids.  And as long as Ethan had the ring, he could make sure Jake got the full view of another booster being given.

The vet from before, Mark, was a competent doctor, and Jake was getting the full series of boosters and vaccinations that could be expected of any healthy dog.  And it looked like Jake hated each and every one of them.  Sure enough, Jake’s eyes twitched slightly as he stared at another long needle being inserted into his flank.  Ethan idly wondered what Jake was thinking...


Oh God oh GodohGod.  That needle was getting closer and closer—aaaand it was inside of him now.  Lovely.  Jake tried to squeeze his eyes shut, but for the hundredth time was unable to do much more than whimper.  Needles really, really sucked.  Jake hated everything about them from the very core of his being.

He hated how they pressed against soft skin, stretching it just for a second before breaking the surface.  He hated how he could feel it inside of him, an alien metal rod injecting him with God-knows-what.  And he especially hated the feeling as they slid out from his body, that indescribable horrible sense of steel leaving flesh.  Jake had often pretended that he was being stabbed by some medieval dirk, and as a dog he found the resemblance uncanny.

That was another problem—his canine body hated the idea of getting shots, of being weak to injections.  He couldn’t think of a single thing he hated worse than getting shots, anything that would be worse than feeling that cold needle press against his skin, slipping past his fur coat to puncture his flesh.

“You want me to neuter him?”  The vet asked, looking up at Mom curiously.  “I heard about what happened at training today, and the state’s subsidizing these, so it’s free.”

Time slowed to a crawl.  Suddenly sucking himself off at Gianni’s didn’t seem as bad anymore, almost like a fond kiss farewell as opposed to an act of disobedience.  Even though neutering would still leave him with his cock, life wouldn’t be the same without his balls—without his boys!

Would he still be the same if he was shooting blanks?  Would his personality change?  He already knew the answer to that—Jake had read his Song of Fire and Ice, he knew that people were never quite the same afterwards.  And Jake really, really didn’t want that to happen to him.

The vet moved a little closer to Jake, the cold metal of his scalpel pressed against Jake’s balls.  Jake didn’t know how to respond—he wanted to growl, but he was worried that the motion would surprise the man, cause his hand to slip and cut something very unfortunate.

On the bright side—the only bright side—it looked like Ethan wasn’t using the ring.  Jake knew that if Ethan wanted, he could have Jake drop down on the scalpel, slicing his sack open, spilling himself over the table.  Jake sent a nervous glance down to the blade and let out an audible sigh of relief—it was currently placed flat-side up, and the vet was being safe.  Jake almost felt sorry for forgetting his name.

Mom looked Jake in the eyes, cupping his head in her hands.  “I can’t see a reason for you not to.”  She said with a cool smile.  Jake whimpered, feeling the doctor switch his grip on the blade, feeling it begin to press against him—when the pressure stopped.

“That good, Ms. Dillard?”  The vet chuckled, flicking the scalpel away from Jake’s balls and twirling it in his fingers.

“Yes, that’s great Mark.”  Mom smiled, patting him on his shoulder.  “I think Jay here knows what’ll happen if he misbehaves like that again.  Right, Jay?”

Jake nodded repeatedly, his heart still hammering in his canine chest.

“Once again, I still don’t think that he’ll learn from this.”  The vet shrugged, tossing the scalped in a bin behind him.  “But hey, it was worth twenty bucks, so...”  He grinned, returning to his tray.  “I think we’re just about done here, unless anyone has any ideas...”

Jake hoped not, but of course his brother had something to say...


“You think he needs an anti-worm pill, Mom?”  Ethan looked up to Natasha, a grin on his face.  Maybe he should have had Jake cause a little more trouble at Gianni’s.  Nah, that was more than enough.  Natasha deserved some happiness, after all.  She’d managed to put up with Jake for so long, it was time she was able to get a little revenge.

“It couldn’t hurt, could it?”  Natasha winked at Mark.

Mark nodded, pulling out an impressively-sized pill.  “You sure?  She’s mighty big.”

Ethan grinned at Jake, making his canine brother bob his head in a nod.  Ethan then looked at the doctor with a wide grin.  “See?  He loves it!”

Mark shrugged, leaning down a little to get a good angle.  “Well, up she goes.”

Ethan suppressed a chuckle at the distraught look in Jake’s eyes as the tablet was inserted into his anus.  Mark smartly pulled off his gloves, tossing them in the trash.  The doctor put on a fresh pair of gloves.  “Now we have the underskin tag—hold still boy, this’ll sting a little.”

Ethan certainly hoped it would, and the slight twitch in Jake’s eyes was like watching a masterpiece on stage.  He wondered how it felt, knowing you were just a tagged piece of property.  Better yet, the needle that Mark had used had made even Ethan nervous, so Jake must have been freaking out.

And on the note of needles, he did have one last shot to get Jake neutered...  “How about a non-surgical sterilization?”

Mark arched his eyebrows.  “I’m impressed you know about those, buddy.  Yeah, we can, but they tend to take a few days, and we’ll need to see Jay here for some repeat visits.  They’re injections, too—so I’d need to ask you to hold Jay down.”

“That won’t be a problem.”  Ethan said with a smile, fingering the ring in his pocket.  “So Mom, sound good?”

“It does, but I think we’re done here.  Thank you for your time.”  She added, nodding happily.  “Um...  Where do I pay for this, again?”

Ethan rolled his eyes.  No big loss.  The injection wouldn’t have taken effect until much later, anyways.  Natasha probably realized that too, understanding that the shot might sterilize the human Jake.  So Ethan now was left with one option: to bide his time for another chance.  That was the trick—if Jake disobeyed Natasha too much, she’d suspect something was up, maybe believe that he’d become a dog mentally, too.

And that wouldn’t do at all, wouldn’t be fitting.  If that happened, Natasha would surely change Jake back after this, and the boy would probably seek revenge against Ethan for using the ring.  He might even take the ring and force Ethan to wear the collar—something completely and utterly unacceptable.

No, Ethan had to place Jake’s disobedient fits carefully, leaving Natasha with enough time between them to regain hope in her errant son.  If only she knew the truth!  What would happen if Ethan was found out?  He felt a surge of adrenaline at the thought, of a true test of his wits.  Yet no matter what Ethan pictured, he wouldn’t come out on top.

“Ethan?  Jeez, you’re spacing out.”  Natasha waved her hand in front of Ethan’s face, and he blinked in surprise, quickly masking his flash of irritation.

“Sorry Mom, I’m just a little dizzy from being in this office.  Is there any chance we could go to the park?”  Ethan looked up at Natasha with a smile, already setting the next piece of his plan in motion.

Of course, they agreed, setting out for MacGyver Park.  It was the nearest one, and boasted a great kids’ playground, the perfect place for Jake to stir up some trouble.  But how much trouble?  Ethan walked back to the car, his mind racing.

He had to make it something big enough for Natasha to get angry, but it couldn’t be too big.  If an officer were to take Jake to the pound, they might take off his collar, and that would end with Ethan being found out.  No, he had to come up with...  Ethan almost laughed at the simplicity of it.  Jake was a dog, after all, and dogs did have a particular ‘hobby’ at the park...

The car pulled to a stop, parking neatly in a near-empty lot.  There were enough people there that Jake could still cause a scene, though.  They exited the car, walking to the park.  Ethan surveyed it cautiously, finding the playground with a smile.  He prepared to take control of Jake’s mind once more, but Natasha’s phone started to ring.

She frowned, pulling her phone out of her purse.  A second later, it turned into a smile as she recognized the number.  Natasha cupped her hand over the microphone so the caller wouldn’t hear, then she grinned.  “Oh my God.  It’s Will.”  Her voice was giddy—not that Ethan could blame her, if Tammy were to call him he’d be just as happy.  Natasha removed her hand; then she started to amicably chat with the fireman, walking away from her kids.

Ethan had to give it to the man; he wasn’t sold on someone seeing his mom, but Will seemed like a real class act.  No problems there—plus he made Natasha happy, which had to be worth something.  Ethan wasn’t a complete sadist, after all—other people deserved to be happy, too.  Well, most other people...

Ethan returned his attention to Jake, looking him dead in the eye.  “How’s it going, buddy?  You feeling okay?”  He chuckled as Jake growled, but made no attempt to snap at Ethan.  Not that the dog would have been able to come close to Ethan—according to the catalog, there was a safety measure coded into the ring, so that the dog wouldn’t attack its new master.  Jake hadn’t tried, but it’d be amusing if he did—apparently the threat of violence had some serious repercussions.

He wondered if that would still hold true when Jake returned to being a human.  If Jake returned to being a human.  After all, he’d been quite the bad boy today...  No sense in stopping now.  Ethan looked over to the park’s jungle gym.  Now was as good a time as any.  “Hey, Jake.  Go take a dump over there, then eat half it.  Leave Mom something to clean up, yeah?”

Ethan smirked at the dog’s stricken expression, but sure enough the husky’s body started to move a moment later.  He turned, looking for Natasha.  Perfect timing; she’d just finished her call.  What’s more, she was practically bouncing with happiness.

“So, how was it?”  He smiled, happy for her evident success.  “Got a place picked out?”

“Yep, he wants to go to that new Mexican place!  Should I get a new dress?  I think I should get a new dress.”  Natasha seemed just like a high-school girl, eager to go on a big date.  And in truth, Ethan couldn’t blame her.  Better yet, he could help her.

“You know, Jake saved up just a bunch of money from all of the loans he took from us.  I’d say it wouldn’t be too hard for us to just collect now, rather than, well, never.”  Ethan spoke slowly, gauging Natasha’s response after each word to make sure she wouldn’t overreact to any of what he was saying.  Luckily, it seemed her excitement over her new date had left her a little distracted, because she was nodding along happily to everything he said.

“How do we get to it?  We don’t have that long before dinner, you know.”  Natasha spoke slowly, as though she was about to experience some major life-changing event.  Which, to be fair, she was.  After all, Ethan supposed most parents wouldn’t want to take from their kids.  Then again, reclaiming something is hardly theft.

Ethan smiled calmingly, doing his best to ease his mother.  “Well...”  He flipped Jake’s debit card out from his pocket, a grin on his face as he twirled it between his fingers.  “I figured we’d incur some extra expenses today, and I didn’t want you to be the one to foot the bill.”

Natasha blinked.  “Is this...  Is this Jake’s credit card?”

“Debit.”  Ethan smiled and winked.  “No sense in having a little fun at his expense.  He seems to have been having fun at our expense.”

As if on cue, a woman came marching up to them, practically dragging Jake by his leash, clamped tightly in her right hand.  Her other hand held a small doggy-bag.  “Is this your dog?”  She demanded.

“Um.  Yes?  Why?”  Natasha looked down at Jake, a small glare forming on her face.

“Well, you would not believe what he did—in front of my son, no less!”

Ethan smiled, watching his handiwork play itself out.  Sometimes, life was just too perfect.  He gave Jake a small wave, winking conspiratorially at the husky.  following behind Natasha as she led Jake back to their car.  Ethan could tell she was ready to chew him out, and the second the door closed and the car started, she let the floodgates go.  “Jake, what the hell?  No, what the fuck!?  Shitting and making that woman carry it is one thing, but eating some?  I swear, of all of the things you’ve done today...”

Ethan leaned back, closing his eyes as he listened to this new symphony, Mom driving them home in a hurry.


“...not even fit to go outside on your own!”  Mom finished her tirade, looking at Jake with nothing but disappointment in her gaze.  “I don’t know why I expected better, but I did.”  She finished, sighing.  “Listen up, I’m going to drop you and Ethan off at home.  He’s got a key, he’ll take care of you.  I can’t—I just can’t deal with this right now.”

She slowed the car to a halt, opening Jake’s door and waiting got him to leave.  He got the hint after a moment, pausing to lick his mother’s hand apologetically.  Too late, he realized what he’d just done, and Mom’s nose crinkled in disgust.

“Oh my God, Jake, are you serious?  Just...  Oh my God!”  She leaned back in the car, popping out a bottle of Purell from the glove compartment.  Hurriedly, she squirted an unhealthy amount of it on her hand, rubbing her hands together frantically.  “Oh, grossgrossgross!”   She muttered, glaring at Jake all the while.

After at least three minutes of frantic scrubbing, she stopped, and Ethan’s door popped open.  He somehow made it look like he was being polite, though Jake’s canine hearing could pick up his brother sniggering from inside the car.  The boy stepped out a moment later, kissing Mom on her cheek and hugging her tightly.  Jake’s ears twitched, and he picked up Ethan speaking.

“Don’t worry about Jake, I’m sure it’s just his canine instincts taking over.”

Canine instincts—like hell!  Still, at least Ethan was defending him—though Ethan could also be trying to conceal that he was the one responsible for all of the day’s woes.  Or worse, by saying that, he could have discounted the possibility that any of Jake’s actions were ‘canine instincts’, using a subtle reminder that Jake lacked many of those.  Jake made up his mind, preparing to get at least an apology out of Ethan once they were both inside.

A few minutes later, Ethan closed the door behind the two of them.  He opened his mouth to say something; then his phone started to ring.  “Hold on a sec.”  The ring started to glow, and Jake found himself trotting to the backdoor.

“Yeah, can I get you back in a second?  I need to tie up Jay.”  Ethan muttered, his words too easy for a canine to pick up.  The ring’s hold waned, and Jake turned around to find Ethan smirking triumphantly.

“Yeah, that?  That was Tammy.  Wants to see if she can jump my bones tonight.  Of course, that’s reading a little between the lines, but...”  Ethan shrugged, grinning.

Jake growled.  Enough of this, enough of putting up quietly!  He tried to bite Ethan, but the second the thought crossed his mind, his body locked up, unable to do more.  Of course this would happen.  Jake growled, barking loudly in anger and his denial.

Why did this have to happen to him?  Why did he have to become an animal?  Why was his little brother making him do all of this?  He could still taste dog cum, dog shit—why?  Why did he have to obey his brother’s orders?  Why could he only watch as Tammy decided to get together with this asshole?  All of these thoughts and so much more came through in the form of loud barks and growls.

“Hey, quit your bitching.”  No sooner had the words left Ethan’s mouth than Jake felt a tingling in his balls.  He looked up to find Ethan’s ring glowing, then looked down in horror to see his balls retracting into his body.  They didn’t stop at the surface, sinking deeper within him to leave a pink slit.  His cock followed, pulses of electric pleasure coursing through Jake’s body as it shrank to a small clitoris.

And yet more and more sensation swept through him, Jake’s internal organs changing so she could bear... bear puppies.  It was a more than unsettling thought, yet the very image of puppies caused his pussy to leak a little more.  Finally, his new sex puckered, swelling ever so slightly to make it easier to be mated with.  His cunt finished its change, one last pulse quaking through the husky’s body.  Though it was the last it was the strongest yet; and Jake whimpered as he came, his new pussy squirting onto the tiled floor of the kitchen.

“Wow.  Did not see that coming.”  Ethan arched his eyebrows.  “I guess you didn’t either, eh?  Be a dear and lick that up.”  He added the last bit as a cruel afterthought, and Jake whimpered as his long tongue lapped up his mess, even as his new cunt slid up closer to his—her anus.  It was sweeter than his cum as a man, creamier.  To her horror, Jake found herself enjoying lapping up her own fluids.

“You know what?  I’ve got an idea.”  Ethan grinned evilly, whipping out his phone.  “You just sit right there... Jane.  Heh, a dog with a pussy.”  He chuckled, walking into another room.  But Jane could still hear him calling Tammy.  Jane?  She even thought of herself as a girl now.  Damn that fucking ring!

A half hour passed, and their doorbell rang.  Ethan dashed to the door, opening it with what he no doubt thought was a charming smile.  If only someone else could see what the ‘obedient’ son was like!  Jane sniffed at the air, eager to take some solace in picking up Tammy’s scent.  To her horror, Jane picked up something extra, something—or someone—she’d smelled earlier that day.

“So why did you want me to bring Max?”  Tammy asked, walking indoors a few paces ahead of her dog.  Of course.  Ethan wouldn’t be fine with stealing Tammy in front of Jane.  No, he had to bring along Max, for probably...  Jane shuddered.  No.  If it came to that, she’d...  She didn’t know what she would do.  So she quietly fell to her forepaws, looking up at the humans.

“Well, Jay really missed Max, and I figured that it looked like she wanted him this afternoon.  So, why not give the two a chance?”  Ethan grinned.  Bullshit.

“She?”  Tammy looked at Jane in confusion.  Jane’s head perked up.  Had Ethan just slipped up?  Was being made a bitch enough for him to be found out?

“Yeah!  Jay—short for Jane.”  Ethan replied coolly.  Of course he had a plan.  Fucker.

“Ohh, I get it.  I could have sworn Jay was a boy.  To tell you the truth, I was worried about how to break it to your mom that Jay was gay, but if she’s a girl, this is just fine!”  Tammy leaned down, kissing Jane’s nose.  “You want to be Max’s girlfriend?  I bet you do!”

Jane wanted nothing of the sort, though her mind was at odds with her body.  After all, there was a male dog—a husky, no less, just scant feet from her!  However, it seemed that for now Jane could rein in her instincts, her inner dog disliking Ethan as much as she did.  As long as she kept a close eye on him, she should be able to fight back the lust that came with being so close to another dog.

Ethan slipped an arm around Tammy, who giggled appreciatively.  “So, I was wondering if you could help me out with something.”  He smiled at her, grinning flirtatiously like a total prick.

Tammy chuckled, but didn’t move away from him.  “Oh?”  She said, opening the door slightly so Max could poke his snout through the door.

“Yeah, I want to know if my couch is a good place for two people to cuddle.”  Ethan said, tightening his hold on her like a total asshole.

Jane’s nostrils flared, and she started towards the couple before something long and wet slid against her nose.  She jumped slightly in surprise, turning to find Max panting happily.  He gave her nose another lick, and she glared at him in irritation.

She turned back to Ethan and Tammy to find that they were nowhere in sight—though from the sound of it they’d moved to the couch.  Jane padded into the room, her jaw falling slack as she watched Ethan straddle Tammy.

Ethan smirked, slipping a hand under Tammy’s panties, and she let out a delighted squeal.  Delighted?  What the hell?  Ethan was being way too forward, wasn’t he?  Jane was too dumbfounded to even think of names to call her little brother.

Spurred on by Ethan’s success, Max brushed his side against Jane’s, a doggy smile on his mouth.  Jane rolled her eyes.  As if Ethan wasn’t bad enough, she had to put up with this, too!  She snapped at him, turning to fix the couple on the couch with a small glare.

Tammy noticed it this time, the clacking of Janae’s jaws immediately getting the girl’s attention.  “Um... Ethan?”  Her voice quivered slightly as he used his other hand to play with one of her nipples.

“Yeah?”  He muttered, distracted by the feast before him.

“I think your dog is judging us...  Maybe we are going too fast.”  She pulled his hand out from between her legs, a small smile returning to her face at how distraught he looked.  Jane huffed appreciatively—finally the girl was having some common sense.

“Hey, come on!  Life’s too short to worry about things like that.”  He scowled, turning to face Jane.

That couldn’t be good.

Sure enough, the husky felt a heat wash over her body, her nipples stiffening and her slit dripping in anticipation of being mounted by a male—a male just like the one who’d been trying to get her attention for the past fifteen minutes.

“Hey, Jane?”  Ethan made eye contact with the bitch that was his brother.  “Go get your own partner.”  Each word was deliberate, the ring’s influence seeding them into the dog’s mind, planting them immovably in her rapidly degenerating mind.  For as each word slipped past her ears, Jane felt her resistance crumble away, her inhibitions run wild.

Just like at the training school, Jane darted towards Max, and she found her palette full once more with the thick taste of his manhood, the juices of his meat.  It was repulsive yet enthralling at the same time, a hearty, rich flavor that set tremors through Jane’s body, no matter how hard she tried to deny her instincts, instincts that screamed at her to let him reciprocate her services.

Jane spun herself around, practically shoving her needy cunny at Max.  She whimpered plaiatively, even as Ethan laughed.  “See, she’s getting it!”  He failed to keep the cruelty from his voice, and hurriedly had to cover with, “So, what say we get on with where we left off?”

Tammy grinned, cupping his head in her hands.  She pulled him into a rough kiss, her tongue shoving its way into his mouth.  Ethan’s eyes widened with shock, and a few seconds later she broke the kiss, licking her lips hungrily.  “How’s that for an answer?”

“Jesus, what was that?”  Ethan breathed, giving voice to what little remained of Jane’s thoughts.  What the hell, Tammy?  What on earth was she playing at?

Before Tammy had a chance to answer, Max seized his opportunity, slurping at Jane’s slit.  She yelped, whimpering with pleasure as a sensational tingling coursed its way across her body.  She had no idea if it was having a pussy or the dog having a talented tongue, but this was a dozen—no, a hundred times better than anything she’d felt as a human, as a man.

Tammy watched them with undisguised interest, one of her fingers slipping between her thighs.  “Let’s just say I’m a fan of dogs going at it.”  She breathed, slipping her dripping hand out from between her thighs.  Without further words, she held it out to Ethan, and he arched an eyebrow, licking at each of her fingers hungrily.  “And a fan of being the master in a relationship.”  She finished, petting his head.

Ethan chuckled, pushing Tammy onto her back.  “Unfortunately for you, I’m partial to being dominant, myself.”  He played with her breasts, eliciting a loud gasp followed by a sensual moan.  Ethan paused, basking in her moan as though it was an admission of his victory.

“A mistress does enjoy it when her servants are so willing to please.”  Tammy interrupted Ethan’s ‘triumph’ with a naughty grin, and before he could protest she scooped him up into another fiery kiss, this time pushing him down against the couch.  Ethan’s mild amount of muscle proved no match for someone who trained dogs in their spare time.

Jane whimpered from the floor, watching all of this even as her emotions swirled around her.  Tammy was hotter than anything she could imagine, but on the other hand, all of this attention was going towards her asshole of a little brother.  And then on some third hand, there was the matter of the dog happily lapping away at Jane’s needy cunny, ensuring she was too well pleasured to feel angry.

Then, Max’s long, wet tongue ceased its ministrations, and Jane had enough time to look back and see him positioning himself over her.  No way in hell was that happening!  Jane tried to run, but stumbled after the first step, falling to the floor in a heap.  Horror flowed through her body as she numbly rose back to all fours; then dropped her front paws, leaving her rear thrust invitingly in the air.

Jane’s mind was a sea of turmoiled thoughts, conflicting emotions.  This wasn’t how she wanted to lose her virginity, but it felt so good!  But it was a dog—and then again, so was she!  She was being forced to fuck this animal—and what did that matter if she loved it so much?  This was better, so much better than masturbating!  Sex was great, even if Jane was a bitch—no, it was great because she was a bitch!

The realization was pleasurable, then sobering.  That’s right, she was a bitch—a needy, whimpering bitch in heat that wanted nothing more than to have Max’s cock inside of her.  What if she couldn’t turn back?  What if she remained stuck like this?

Max’s long tongue slipped deeper inside of her and all of these troubles were blasted from her mind.  Who cared if she was a bitch?  She had this wet tongue filling her canal, tickling her sex in ways she’d never thought possible.  She was adrift on an ocean of pleasure, and this husky was taking her further and further into it.

Jane felt her own tongue slipping from her mouth as Max pulled his talented tongue from her cunt.  She panted madly, trying to catch her bearings, trying to refocus her human thoughts; then he gave her another low, long lick up her trembling pussy.

Jane’s eyes crossed slightly, her knees growing weak as she whimpered loudly, her front paws dropping her to the glow as she came.  She could feel her entire body quaking, her fluids squirting out from her canal.  She could feel each bead dropping form her sex onto the ground, feel how wet she was, ready for Max’s cock to spear her burning pussy and drive her insane with lust.

Jane didn’t want that to happen, though—she didn’t want to be mated with a dog, even a husky like Max!  But her body was willing and finally ready, and she could see he was still hard from the service she’d given him minutes before.  Jane tried to run again, but all it did was increase the burning desire between her legs, the heat that was running through her body.

Jane whined lustfully at Max, panting dumbly as the ring took total control over her once more.  Her soft white tail flicked to one side as he approached, exposing her leaking pussy to him.  His drool and her juices dripped onto the floor as he positioned himself over Jane’s body, and without further ado the huskies began fucking in earnest.

Jane’s tongue lolled from her mouth, shaking with each of Max’s strong thrusts, his thick veiny cock stretching her womb, his balls slapping against her as he picked up his pace.  Jane’s pussy trembled with each pass of Max’s erect member, and she found herself whining with absolute pleasure as Max continued to fuck her like the needy little bitch she was.

It was goo—incredible to have her canal filled, to have her folds slide along his cockhead and feel—no—taste his dick.  This was too intimate a sensation, too vivid for feeling alone.  Could feeling bring color into her black-and-white world?  Could feeling make her drool, whimper, quiver so?  Could feeling change earth to heaven?  No!  This was something more divine than that!  This was...

This was fucking a dog.  No, it was being fucked by a dog—a husky.  Jane shook her head as rational thought overcame her primal lust, and she whimpered at the alien sensation of his doggy cock inside of her.  Worse, she had a growing suspicion she’d grow well-accustomed to every inch of it.  No, she had to stay positive!  Yet this was a Sisyphean task, each thrust of Max’s reminding her of her current predicament.

Dog.  Mutt.  Bitch.  Each slap of his balls, squelch of her pussy was no longer music, but discordance, a demonic tattoo that played to the beat of her frantically pumping heart.  What was she doing?  She couldn’t keep getting fucked like this!  There had to be some way out, some way to free herself.  But how?  Ethan still had that ring, and if Max so much as whimpered, all of Ethan’s attention would be on Jane again.

Though he was distracted...  Maybe Jane could bite his finger off while Tammy was distracting him.  That worked out great in Lord of the Rings, didn’t it?  No, such an idea was pure folly—Mom wouldn’t approve, and Tammy would probably have him sent to the pound.  Though Mom would never have him put down, she’d probably force him to live as a dog, outside the house.

And what would happen when he passed the ring?  Ethan would be there to pick it up, and begin Jane’s hell anew.  No, Jane’s only recourse was to go back to enjoying the cock inside of her, enjoying its thick, veiny girth stretching—stretching—her.  If you can’t hate something, you might as well love it, and Jane found her canine thoughts running to the forefront once more.

So what if she was a bitch?  Bitches got fucked by good strong mates like Max; she’d give birth to his litter of pups, strong children for strong parents.  Jane was a smart dog, and her intelligence might be passed down, leaving her with superior children—maybe grandchildren.  She’d get bred and bred like this over and over and over and feel so good, so good from Max’s big cock...

Jane slurped her tongue back into her mouth, giving half-human yips of pleasure as her world was once more filled with Max’s doggy dick.  She dripped down onto his length, making it easier to pump into her.  Jane yipped at him encouragingly.  Good boy!  Good dog!

Spurred on by her excited yips, Max frantically redoubled his efforts, a low growl rumbling from his throat as he strove to sate his bitch’s insatiable lust.  Jane returned to whining and yipping, standing upright so she could grind against him, taste more of his meat inside of her, experience everything he had to offer!  She wanted more, wanted a bigger cock to fuck, wanted to be a good dog!

Max’s cock bulged, and Jane yipped with surprise as her silent wish was answered, the husky’s engorged member bringing her to a state of near-complete and total bliss.  Some part of her mind told her this was a knot, and meant he was going to cum soon.  Jane ignored it for a few seconds before realizing what that meant.  Hurriedly, she ground back against him, driving him as deep as possible before he reached release.  She wanted his pups, didn’t want to risk any of his precious seed!

Max growled from behind her, and Jane laid her ears flat against her head with anticipation.  Then, the dam broke, and her ears popped up as Max ejaculated, filling her with his thick cream, his rich seed.  It was good—beyond good—a hot rush that filled her cunny to the rim and remained inside her, so good, so hot, so perfect!  Jane felt herself reach a canine climax, her folds gripping Max’s cock tightly, a low growl to match his leaving her throat.

Their world was complete, a union of stars, the natural conclusion to anything so wondrous—so magical as sex.  Jane’s vision blurred, and her bright blue eyes shone with ecstasy as her mate impregnated her.  Then, the moment passed, and Jane realized just how exhausted she was, how weak her legs felt.

Gasping with relief, Jane slumped to the ground, letting her tongue loll out from her mouth in dumb pleasure.  Then, her ears perked up, and she found her hips sensually grinding against Max, despite the post-coital sensitivity of her vagina.  Jane would have glared at Ethan had she not been too busy focusing on just how good Max’s cock felt inside her, rubbing against the walls of her needy pussy, sending tingles of hot pleasure through her nerves.

For a moment, Max stopped, clearly confused by this bitch that wanted more.  Then, he barked happily, resuming his thrusting.  Jane could have screamed the injustice of how good it felt—instead, all she could do was howl at how his thick knot felt inside of her, the pleasure that was ravaging her body and her mind.

They continued to fuck for hours, even after Ethan and Tammy had gone from making out to watching a movie or two.  Or ten.  It didn’t matter what they were doing, all that mattered was Jane and Max, Jane begging to be fucked and Max willing to comply, railing her over and over again; driving every thought and care from her mind.

Finally, spent, she collapsed on the ground, her eyes closing as she panted, her mind awash with bliss.  Max followed suit, slumping down next to her with a small, content whine.


Jane woke up the next morning to find herself still under Max, his cock no longer connecting the two of them.  The sun was up, which wasn’t a good sign, but the more pressing matter was Mom shouting in the kitchen.  Jane lifted her right ear, perking it up to get a better feel for what was going on.

“I don’t want you to invite guests over without my permission, Ethan!  God, you’re becoming just like Ja—”  Mom’s voice degenerated into snickers.  “Sorry, can you imagine?  If it was anyone but Tammy, I’d have probably had to give you a speech.  But her?  She’s a good catch.”

Oh.  Well, that was just lovely.  On the bright side, soon Ethan would have some competition for Tammy’s affections.  Depending on the time.  Jane blinked in shock, her priorities in order.  Then, she sent a worried glance to the clock.  Eight o’ clock??  That wasn’t good, she only had an hour left!  She slipped out from under Max, careful not to wake him in case he wanted to go again, and padded past Tammy’s slumbering form on the couch.

Jane paused there for a moment, courageously licking Tammy’s lips ever-so-gently.  She stirred, but didn’t wake, and Jane nodded to herself.  It felt a little wrong to take advantage of the sleeping girl, but Jane really needed a good-luck kiss.  Then, she padded into the kitchen, finding Ethan and Natasha sitting at the breakfast table.

Jane wasted no time, hurriedly jumping on his mother to lick her face over and over again, whining the whole time.  “Hey, hey, easy there Jane.”  His mother stressed the last word, petting the top of the husky’s head.  “From what I heard, you should be tired out after last night—I heard you made a not-so-little friend.  I thought you were being just a little too friendly with him yesterday.”

Mom gently pushed Jane away, standing up to check on the oven.  From the smell, it was one of her famous frittatas, and Jane drooled a little, more than happy to be able to eat that when she was human again.  If she was human again.

Jane barked, pawing at the collar to remind Mom of the time limit.  “Easy there, honey.  I know it’s time, but honestly, do you really think you earned it?  I’m not so sure.”  Mom frowned, tapping her lower lip even as her brow furrowed.

Jane’s heart sank into her stomach.  It was Ethan who made her do all of those things!  Ethan was the one responsible, not Jane!  She had to realize this, had to know!  Jane couldn’t spend the rest of her life as a dog, getting bred by some husky!


Of course Jake wasn’t to blame for his—her little condition.  But Natasha couldn’t help but tease the girl a little more.  After all, her time as a dog really was the best day Natasha had spent with her child, as horrible as that sounded.  Sure, she wasn’t entirely obedient, but that was probably—hopefully—Jake’s inner dog.

Natasha said a silent prayer so that Jake didn’t want to blow a dog when he was human.  At least let him have the sense to suck off Max behind closed doors...  Natasha sighed, resolving herself to give Jake ‘the talk’ after this was all over.  But for now, she had another half hour.  There was definitely time for a few more good-natured jokes at the dog’s expense.

Ethan apparently shared this sense of mirth, because he chimed in.  “Yeah, what’s the hurry, sis?  You seemed to have more than enough time yesterday when you were ’playing’ with Max.”  Natasha frowned as that last bit.  Did Jane?  No, she wouldn’t have...  Right?

Ethan must have noticed her perturbed expression, because he hurriedly changed the subject.  “And hey, Mom could now have you give her a foot bath every day, and even enter you into dog shows!  I bet a few more sessions with Tammy would set you straight.”

Natasha blushed at that.  She really did enjoy that foot massage from yesterday...  So much so that she’d asked Will for a little ‘favor’ in bed last night.  And dog shows!  Was that even a possibility?  Could she actually enter Jane into dog shows?  Though she looked the part, it felt like cheating to have her son... daughter...

Natasha blinked.  “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  Why is Jane a girl anyways?”

Ethan frowned, shrugging his shoulders.  “I dunno.  Maybe the collar got wet?  Maybe it was something to do with her and Max getting along so well?  Maybe a combination of the two?”

Natasha snorted, but upon seeing Jane’s distraught expression, she scolded Ethan gently.  “Hey, that’s gross.”

“Might’ve been what happened, though.”  Ethan said, sipping from his orange juice.  “By the way, I spoke a little with Tammy.”

“Between all the sex you had with her?”

Ethan rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, Mom.  Between all the sex.  Honestly, I remember the rules of the Music Man.  Wait for the third date.”  Natasha beamed with pride at that.  Ethan really was a good kid, even remembering her favorite musical.

“Anyways,” he continued, “I talked to Tammy and she says Jane’s really pretty—for a dog, I mean.  Tammy thinks that Jane’s got a chance to compete in the nationals, if she wants to.”

Natasha laughed out loud.  “Oh God, I can see it now: the Jay and Max power couple.  But no.”  She bent down, scratching Jane behind her ears.  That was what she’d miss the most, probably.  Maybe it was time to get a dog...

Ethan continued, chuckling.  “Hey, I’m just saying.  She and Max got pretty wild last night!  I wouldn’t be surprised if we say a litter of puppies or two.”

Natasha twitched a little at that.  “Oh my God, Ethan!  I can’t—I can’t know that!”

“Know what?”  Ethan chuckled good-naturedly.

“Hey, Ethan, last night Will and I had so much sex that now I can’t walk straight!  See how it feels?”  Natasha snapped, a grin on her face.

Ethan’s face worked across dozens of emotions, settling on abject horror.  “Oh.  Oh my God.  Oh.”  He sounded almost broken.

Natasha laughed.  “See how it feels?  And hey, I was lying about that, get your mind out of the gutter!”  Well, it was kind of a lie.  She could still walk straight—almost.  “In any case, I think it’s time to make Jane back into Jake.”  She reached down, seeing the anticipation in Jane’s eyes.  The juslky must be so excited...


Ohmigod omigod omigod FINALLY!  Jane never thought she’d be free, able to become Jake again!  She hopped onto Mom’s lap as she clapped her hands—it was finally time!  Jane would be a human male again, able to kick Ethan’s sorry ass and get back together with Tammy.  Hell—maybe Tammy would start including that collar in their play together.

Though a lot of the things she’d done as a dog were horrifying to her, she had to admit she liked being pampered.  And the ability to give yourself head was not one to be underestimated...  But becoming a dog again would happen later, much later.  For now, Jane had to be human and finally tell Mom what Ethan was doing to her!

Jane closed her eyes, happily panting as Mom worked her fingers around the collar.  Then, with a snap, the collar was unclasped, and Jane could feel—absolutely nothing.  Her eyes snapped open and she whimpered, turning in small circles to inspect herself.

Nothing was happening!  She was still a dog!  What the hell, nothing was happening!  Jane let out a yowl in dismay, burying her head in her paws.

“Huh.  What happened?”  Mom blinked, holding the collar in her hands curiously.

“Oh, right!”  Ethan spoke, an innocent smirk on his face.  “Today’s Daylight Savings Time, right?  I changed all the clocks for you, Mom—but I must have forgotten it up until now.”

Forgotten?  What the hell?  Jane blinked in dumb confusion, slowly looking over her new body.  Her new and permanent body.  She was doomed to live the rest of her life as a bitch husky, nothing more and nothing less than an animal, a dumb drooling dog who’d probably just get fucked every day because of course, being a bitch wasn’t enough, she had to be reminded of such constantly.

Tammy walked into the room, her yawn interrupting the train wreck that was Jane’s thoughts.  “Mn, hi Ms. Dillard!  Sorry for crashing on your couch, but Ethan wouldn’t have me walking home at night.”  She bent down to give Ethan a kiss on his cheek.

“Also, I got something for you!”  She chirped, dropping a small box on the table.  She opened it gently, pulling out a bright pink collar, the name ‘Jane’ embossed within a heart.  “It’s a little present from Max.”  She said with a wink.

“Oh my, you didn’t have to...”  Natasha mumbled, still staring at the collar in her hand.

“Don’t worry about it, we get two free collars from work, and I only needed one for Max.”  Tammy chirped as she strutted over to Jane.  She bent down, slipping the new collar around the husky’s neck.  “It’s a perfect fit!”  Tammy clapped, and Ethan cheered merrily, his triumphant grin boring into Jane’s soul.

Jane started to hyperventilate.  This couldn’t be her future!  This couldn’t be how this would end!  Desperately, she looked back to Mom, her only possible way out of this.  She had to, just had to have some way to make Jane back into Jake, right?  She wouldn’t just be okay with her son living as a bitch husky!

Mom looked down to Jane in shock.  “Well, I guess dog shows aren’t that bad, after all.”



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