Laid Bare

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Downtown Atlanta: a sunshiney network of clubs, restaurants, and shopping centers.  Linda Thompson was happy to live nearby, and she counted each and every day as more special than the last.  She loved how the neighbors would smile and wave to her on her morning jogs, she loved how it was close enough to her university that she could save money by living with her mother and father, she loved almost everything about it.  Each day she counted herself blessed that her dad and mom made enough money to live there, and enough to send her to University of Atlanta.

Everything was great for the blonde sophomore, with one exception:  Ronald Thompson.  The bane of her life.  Her little brother.  She’d by far rather not be related to him, but her parents decided one child wasn’t enough, and so a year after her birth they’d had another.  He used to be a good kid, truth be told, but he’d been such a brat since he started attending college.

Linda didn’t know what had changed about him, but suddenly he was spend, spend, spend.  ‘Ronnie’ refused to be called as such, insisting everyone call him ‘Ronald’; and he sucked money from the family like an overcharged vacuum.  Nobody knew what ambitions drove the boy to constantly buy better clothes, though Linda suspected it was his attempt to suck up to the cool kids at school, maybe improve his social standing.

And if there was one thing Linda would give her little brother, it was that he desperately needed to be higher up on the food chain.  She’d inherited most of her family’s good looks, and while her brother wasn’t attractive, he was soft, weak.  Anyone could look at his freckled face and realize it would serve quite nicely as an impromptu punching bag, and that had gotten him into more trouble than the family would like to admit—though Ronald had complained about it constantly.

The worst part about Ronald was that he earned his money—he was a straight A student.  Of course, that came with the territory of not taking any challenging courses, but a 4.0 is still a 4.0.  Linda hated how sad her parents looked when discussing her 2.95 in comparison to Ronald’s astounding progress.  The worm knew which classes to take—she’d practically picked the best ones for him—and did he show even a single sign of thanks?  No!  Not in the slightest.  If there was any one thing Linda regretted in her life, it was helping Ronald get to where he was today.  He’d used her as a stepping stool, and she’d let him.


These were the thoughts that ran through the girl’s head as she helped herself to a bowl of Kix.  How could she have been so stupid?  Why did she think her little brother would ever consider returning the favor?  She crinkled her nose at the thought of him, then looked down to her toned chest.  It did give her the inspiration to work out, for what that was worth.

Her father folded the newspaper loudly, announcing the completion of his meal.  He looked to her, then to Ronald.  Naturally his gaze ended on his ‘pride and joy’.

“So kids, how are you doing?”  It was a question clearly meant for Ronald, but at least her dad tried to make it sound like it was open to the room.

“I got A’s on all of my midterms, and they guys at school are hanging out with me more often!”  Ronald chirped happily, ever-eager to kiss up.

“Atta boy, slugger.”  Her dad chuckled, applauding.

Ronald sighed, lowering his eyes to his plate, then bringing them up pleadingly.  Linda rolled her eyes; this would be good.  Her brother even went as far as to clear his throat before speaking.

“But...  I really hate to ask you this, but I need fifty dollars for the class trip today.  I really hate to ask you this, and you can make it an advance on my allowance if you want.”

Linda’s upper lip curled in disbelief as she saw her father reach for his wallet.  “Dad!”  She exclaimed.  “That’s not fair that he keeps getting these ‘advances’ that he never needs to pay back!  Why is it that I have to work day in and day out to earn a living, but he gets to do whatever he wants and make out like a bandit?”

Even as the words left her mouth, she knew it was too little, too late: her father had already passed him the bill, and it was secreted in the depths of Ronald’s cargo shorts, a place where money traveled if it was never to be seen again.

Her mother spoke up from the kitchen sink, a half-washed plate in her hands.  “Linda, you should stop complaining.  We all know your brother needs some extra help with his work.”  She set the plate down and started to scrub at it with a sponge.

Linda scoffed.  “What help?  The payment for his ‘class trips’ are covered in the basic tuition!  He’s just been buying stupid things like brand-name shoes and that tacky golden necklace!  How have you not been seeing these things?”

Ronald frowned at his big sister, narrowing his eyes.  “Hey, the necklace is not tacky.  Also, it was a gift from Dequembe on the football team.  Are you calling his African heritage tacky?”

Linda stood up, slamming her hands on the table.  “African heritage?  African heritage?”  She blinked, realizing all of the eyes in the room were on her.  She took a few breaths, closing her eyes as she calmed down.  She opened them to find everyone still looking at her, though they were much less on edge.  “I respect Dequembe’s *Haitian* heritage—” she stretched out the word, correcting him, “but that necklace is barely worthy of being sold on Canal street.”

“Oh, yeah?  Well—well—”  Ronald searched for a comeback.  Finding none, he resorted to insulting her again.  “Well how’s that Wildlife Management degree going for you, sis?  Any jobs in the closed market suddenly open up?”  A smirk worked its way across his face as he pulled his trump card.

Linda hated how her parents reacted to that every time he’d use it to end an argument.  Their eyes would widen slightly, then look downward, as though they were ashamed to admit their daughter’s lifestyle choices.  Not today, though.

Linda grinned victoriously.  “Actually, I just got a co-op at Roppert Town Zoo yesterday.  I’ll be able to spend the next year there as an intern, using it for class credits and getting paid for what’s basically a full-time job.  Plus, if they like me enough, they’ll even consider hiring me on full-time after I graduate.  And they love me.”

Linda took an unhealthy amount of delight from her brother’s stunned reaction, his mouth opening and closing as though he was a fish choking for air.  Her parents’ reactions only increased her elation, relieved—proud, even—smiles breaking across their faces.

“That’s great, dear!”  Her mother exclaimed happily, setting aside her plate so she could kiss Linda on the cheek.

“Thanks, mom.  Truth be told, you actually helped a lot with this.  They remembered that one time they called you in to help some of their sick monkeys, and recognized your last name.”  Linda smiled, kissing her mother back.

Linda’s mom turned to her father with a vindictive grin on her face.  “Take that, mister doctor!”  It had long been a sore point between the two that her mother had chosen a veterinary license while her father went on to become a doctor.  The older woman was glad for this chance to bump herself up another notch.

To Linda’s surprise, her dad didn’t seem to mind, laughing at the joke.  “All right, you got me.”  He mimed being shot, then looked to Linda with that same proud smile on his face.  God, she could just stay in this moment forever and it wouldn’t be too long.  “So honey, what exactly do you do for the zoo?  Ha, I made a rhyme there!”  He chuckled at his own wit.

Linda smiled graciously.  “Well, I do mostly small stuff.  Helping out with the animals, getting coffee, organizing files.  The boss really likes me, so he tries to give me interesting things.”  Linda paused, wondering if she should tell her parents.  She decided it was time to let them know of some of the dangers of the job.  “Just yesterday I had to weigh an old grizzly bear and lure him into a cage!”

“Whoa, whoa.”  Her father held up a hand, a stern look coming over his face.  “That doesn’t sound safe.”

Ronald saw his opportunity, jumping in.  “So basically you’re there to do anything to dangerous or dull for the actual employees?”

Linda opened her mouth to retort, but to her surprise, her father stepped in for her.  “Just like my first job.”  He laughed, slapping her shoulder.  “Damn, taut as mutton!  Have you been working out?”

Linda flushed with embarrassment.  “Well, I have been taking some after-school self-defense classes...”  She bit her lip as she smiled guiltily.

Her father’s proud smile grew even wider.  “Well, keep doing those!  That and your jogging have put you in shape to handle any old bear the zoo can throw at you.”

Linda smiled despite the heat in her cheeks.  “Actually, the bear might not be there for much longer.”  She blinked, then frowned as she thought of him.  “Old Blackbeard’s going to have to be put down, if we don’t find him a mate.  He’s been getting cranky in his loneliness, and there’s not much we can do.”

She trailed off, her frown widening.  Blackbeard had been one of the first exhibits at the zoo when she visited with her parents, and it was sad to see him go.  “He’s just too big and vicious; nobody wants to take him.  And no zoo or park nearby is willing to lend us a female, either.”  Linda really hated to see the old bear alone.

Of course, Ronald noticed her look, and tried to jump in again.  “So you need to take care of animals that are too old and have to be put down?  Talk about useless effort; though that’s kind of fitting, right guys?”  He laughed, his snorts seeming to echo around the room.

He was alone in that, and his mirth dimmed down as he realized he was the one who’d misspoken.

Linda glared daggers at him.  “I’ve had enough here.  I’m going for a morning jog before school.”  She slipped a tie around her hair, securing it in her customary ponytail.  “Bye Mom, bye Dad.”  She returned her dishes to the sink, giving her father a peck on the cheek on the way to her room.

She smiled as she could make out her father sternly talking to Ronald after she’d left.  Maybe his reign of favorite child was about to come to an end.  Still, she said she was going for a job, and she was a girl of her words.

She opened the door to her room, smiling to herself as she flopped on her bed.  She lay there for a moment, burying her face in her pillow to hide the smile that threatened to break her face in half.  She couldn’t help it; it was the first time in too long that they’d actually taken her side.  After getting her happiness out of her system, she jumped to her feet once more, performing a few quick leg stretches.

As she moved on to her arms, she looked down to find she was missing some clothes from her drawer.  She sighed; it looked like her mother hadn’t finished washing them.  Still, at least she had some old training clothes from high school.

She picked out a set of track shorts and a shirt, thanking God once again that she’d kicked the Freshman Fifteen to the curb.  The elastic slid snuggle around her waist, though her top was a little tight on her breasts, despite her sports bra.  Ah, well.  Nothing she could do—or wanted to do—about that.  She tied her laces, then was out the door, waving goodbye to her family.  Even to Ronald.

Her feet pounded asphalt as she lost herself to thoughts of where she went wrong with her brother.  These thoughts turned to thoughts of how he’d always tried to put her down at every opportunity; then to how she could get revenge.  As her shoes slapped against the road, a smile worked its way as she lost herself to her run.  Too soon, it was over.  She panted gently as she made her way to the bathroom, tossing her sweat-stained clothes in the hamper outside.  She’d need to think of a better way to get revenge on him.  ... Later.  For now, this shower was just too good...  She moaned slightly as she slipped a finger inside her vagina, her thumb massaging her clitoris as she did her best to relieve some of the tension she build up while running.

She gasped, whining as her fingers brushed against her g-spot.  She lifted a shaky hand to lower the showerhead between her legs to increase her pleasure, and she shuddered as electric tingles of pleasure shot along her back.  Oh yes, this was definitely a well-needed break from running...  The girl bit her lip as she continued to finger fuck herself, her breath hitching as she drove her young body to climax, water trailing down her smooth skin, mingling with the sweat and ejaculate in the drain.


Ronald smirked as he heard the door close behind his sister.  9:00 on the dot.  She was such a goody-two shoes.  Though her work ethic was definitely his benefit...  The young brunette crept towards the hamper, pausing at the doorway of the bathroom.  A moment later, he heard the shower turn on, and he grinned, all need for stealth lost now.  He’d have fifteen minutes to look over his new merchandise, not that he’d need that much.

His grin grew wider as he looked into the bin.  Sweat-soaked underwear, a drenched t-shirt, even a training bra!  This was definitely a profitable haul.  Not to mention a tasty one...  Ronald breathed in the sweet scent of his sister’s scent, feeling himself get slightly hard.  Her moans from the bathroom brought him to full mast, and for a moment, he considered jacking off into her panties then and there, using her sweat as lube.

Not today though...  Today was a day for business.  He could always jerk it on Thursdays, when she had her self-defense classes.  Sometimes she’d get a little ‘excited’ when beating her classmates into the ground.

He slipped them into separate Ziploc bags, closing them for freshness.  The boy had to stifle a chuckle as he thought of what Ziploc’s president would have to say on the misuse of their slogan.  Or his sister’s reaction, were she to find out that she was the one who was funding his ‘tacky’ accessories.  His grin turned to a frown as he remembered the slight.

‘Tacky’.  That would cost her...  One set of socks.  He put each in a sandwich bag, then labeled all of his spoils with a sharpie.  Socks weren’t the best of sellers, but they definitely were a hassle to lose.  Plus, that Korean kid from across the street was always a buyer.  And here he’d thought the Japanese were into weird things...  Minutes later, Ronald was out the backdoor, ready for a little ‘diversion’ before classes.  His eyes lit up as he noticed a trio of his usual customers.

“Hey yo, Romaster, what’s up?”  Dwayne grinned from ear to ear, bobbing his head to some unheard song.  His dreadlocks bounced in time with the beat, and the young man offered Ronald a handshake.

Ronald frowned slightly with concentration as he tried to recall the exact order of things.  Fist bump, turn, slide, clasp hands, eye contact, then break.  Damn, he was good.

“You got anything in stock today?”  Dwayne grinned.  He snapped his fingers as he fumbled for his wallet, stowed somewhere in the corporate khakis of a nearby grocery store.

Arnie piped up next.  “I—I want something those huge knockers bounced around in.”  The freckled redhead fumbled with the collar of his shirt anxiously.  He was probably the oddest, yet most expected customer of Ronald’s: a prep-schooled ultraCatholic.  All of that repression no doubt left him full to burst in more ways than one.

“Your sister, is hottest bitch around!”  Park Yoon said by his way of an introduction.  Ronald loved dealing with him the most, if only for how fun it was to talk to the Korean boy.  Plus, the kid was polite, and Ronald had to give him points for that.

Ronald held up his hands.  “Easy, easy boys.  You know what, you’re in luck.  We’ve got panties, a sports bra, one shirt—soaked to perfection, and—just for you, Park—a pair of gently worn running socks.”  The boys laughed at Park Yoon’s reaction to that, a slow and lecherous smile breaking across his Asian features.  Ronald continued.  “I know you want it, you love it, so I got you some top-tier stuff.  All of it’s fresh off my sister, too.”  Ronald felt his blood flow towards his other head for a moment, and had to pause.  “Actually, I’m going to save the panties for myself.”

“Aw c’mon man, don’t be like that!”  Dwayne laughed, lightly slugging Ronald in his shoulder.

Ronald gave him a mischievous smile.  “Hey man, a guy can’t help but taste his own supply every now and then.  Got to make sure it’s still good, am I right?”

Arnie nodded sagely.  “T-truth be told Mr. Ronald, I’m surprised you’ve been able to keep it in your pants around her for so long.”

Mister Ronald?  Well, it was better than Mister Thompson, at least.  Ronald turned to his morally-educated comrade, giving him a hopeless shrug.  “Every now and then, I think about how you guys would try and live complete lives without me and I realize, I couldn’t do it to you.  So, bidding starts at $50 for the training bra, let’s get the best out of the way first...”


Linda stepped out of the shower, sweat and steam trailing from her body as she toweled herself off.  She bit her lip as the soft cotton of her towel met her nether regions, still sensitive from the morning’s ‘activities’.  Then, she turned to look herself in the mirror.  Full breasts, a toned body, what she considered to be a pretty face...

She could easily go out into the dating world if she wasn’t so busy with work and school.  Still, now that they were one and the same, she might be able to make the time.  She wrapped her towel around herself as she went to her bedroom to go get dressed.

A moment later, she was on her way out, off to work at a light jog.  The trees were as green as ever, she sky was blue, even the birds were chirping.  She didn’t know why, but she felt today would be one of the best days of her life.  It was such a beautiful day, even that Korean kid from across the street was outside.

She waved at him, but he was too busy doing something to notice.  She squinted, and it looked like she was...  Sniffing her sock?  It was undeniably hers, she had to wear an old pair of Christmas socks on her morning jog.  He removed his nose from Rudolph’s face, looking up at her with a strange mixture of guilt, shock, and attraction.  Ew.

He squeaked, and stood, no doubt trying to run from her.  Like hell she’d let him get away!  He made it three steps before she was upon him.  She expertly grabbed one of his arms, swept his legs from under him, and cupped a hand behind his head as she introduced his face to the curb.  His nose met pavement with a loud crunch, and the boy started to sob uncontrollably.

“Can it, kid.”  Linda hissed into his ear, grinding a knee into his back as she lifted his head up by the hair.  She spoke again, her every word dripping with the promise of further pain.  “So.  You’re the one who’s been stealing my clothes.”

The boy gasped as she pulled his arm violently back, his joint making some unhealthy popping sounds.  “No!  I swear, is not me!”

She could believe that, the kid was weak, definitely not the sort to do this on his own.  Linda snarled, moving her grip to his palm.  “Then who?  Tell me or I break every bone in your arm, starting with your fingers.”  She applied extra pressure to his palm, and the Asian boy whimpered as he felt the joints begin to grind against one another.

“W-was your brother!”  He whimpered loudly, trying to save his own skin.  “Was Ronald!”

Linda let up the pressure on his hand, and she could feel him sigh with relief.  Then, she slammed his head against the pavement once more.  “Liar.”  Ronald was a dick, but he wasn’t a pervert.  Whoever it was probably lied to the kid, pretending that he was her brother.  If that was the case, she probably wouldn’t get any more information out of him.  Much as she’d like to beat him further, it probably wouldn’t be beneficial.  Her watch chimed, and Linda’s eyes widened.  She’d set an alarm last night in case if she took too long in the shower.  She probably had ten minutes to get to the zoo if she wanted to get to work on time; she’d need to leave now unless she wanted to show up a sweating, tired mess.

She tore her sock from the Asian’s grasp and set off at a brisk pace.  Then, she paused.  The kid probably had more of her clothes...  She turned to his bloody form to leave him some parting words. “Listen up, kid.  Show up here tomorrow with the rest of the clothes you’ve stolen from me, unless you want me to actually break your arm.  Because I will find you.”  She spun on her heel and continued her walk to work, stuffing her sock in her pocket.  Well, that was one mystery solved.  It was shaping up to be a good day.


It was shaping up to be a good day.  Ronald grinned, walking up to his friends.  The guys from around the neighborhood had ended up paying him nearly two hundred dollars for his sister’s clothes, not a bad deal at all.  It definitely made up for what happened at breakfast that morning.  Ronald hooked a thumb under his necklace so that it would catch more light.

“Damn, son!  How the hell’d you get that?”  Shane nodded approvingly at his new accessory, the quarterback pulling a hand from his sleeveless hoodie to give Ronald a thumbs-up.

Ronald beamed.  ‘Tacky’, his ass.  “Oh, you know, I make some extra scratch on the side.”  He turned his head slightly and caught sight of the approaching bus.  “So, anyone know where we’re going?  Some engineering lab again?”  That was the problem with easy A classes, they always turned into a tedious chore.

Shane smiled happily.  “Nah, it’s actually cool!  They’re taking us to the zoo!”

Ronald’s face fell.  He’d probably just be watching dumb animals all day, then.  And smelling them, of course.  Zoos were hardly the cleanest place, and he didn’t want to mess up his new sneakers.  Not that he couldn’t afford new ones...  Also that meant he’d be outside, so he’d chance getting a sunburn from the experience.

“Something the matter, bro?”  One of the other jocks asked, tilting his head.

Yeah, plenty was the matter.  But the guys seemed to be really excited for this, so he couldn’t just shoot them down.  “Nah, it’s nothing.”  Ronald waved his hand, grinning.  “Just thinking about how Mr. Duvall will react when he sees two animals boning!”  He laughed, and hi-fived the jock.  “Probably reminds him of his love life back home!”

Shane burst into laughter too, wrapping an arm around Ronald.  “This is why I love this guy!”

The group filed onto the bus, making crasser and crasser jokes as the journey continued.  Then, they got to the zoo, and the crowd hurriedly filed out, eager to view all of the exhibits.  Mr. Duvall tried to rein them in, telling them to meet up in three hours to go over the new MRIs zoos had, but he soon realized it was a lost cause.

Ronald laughed at his futile efforts, then did his best to have fun at the zoo.  He had fun comparing some of the girls form Sig Psi to gorillas, laughed as Shane did a brilliant chimpanzee impression, and then fell into a deep, unbreakable boredom.  There was nothing to do besides look at animals and joke around, and even though he didn’t mind doing that, it wasn’t really entertaining.  If only there was some way he could find something to do...

He shifted his backpack, thinking of its contents and maybe running off to the bathroom for some alone time.  Then, he chuckled at his own stupidity.  This was Roppert Zoo, where his sister worked!

“Something wrong, bro?”  Shane leaned down, concern clearly written across his features.

Ronald grinned at him, shaking his head.  Shane was a good guy, deep down.  Transparent, but the kind of guy who seriously cared.  “Nah, I’m good.  I just remembered there was something I’ve got to do alone...”  He saw the big guy was unconvinced.  “Let’s just say that there’s a girl who works here that I’d like to talk to.”

Shane nodded, relaxing his shoulders as a conspiratorial smile broke across his face.  “Sure thing bro.  Don’t you go losing that V-card without suiting up first, okay?”  He blinked as he realized he’d spoken a little loudly, but nobody noticed, to both of their reliefs.

Ronald laughed, waving him off.  “Will do, buddy.”  At that he set off in search of his sister.

Unsurprisingly, the security at the zoo was laughable.  He just had to smile and say he was Linda’s baby brother to anyone who looked his way, though he could feel some of the looks lingering with distaste.  Whatever; they probably were making less than a tenth of what he’d make after graduating.

He kicked open the door to the veterinary department, ready to give his sister a warm greeting.


“What up, bitch?”

That was a voice she’d rather not have heard.  Linda sighed, making sure the sick toucan had eaten its share of the banana-nut paste they’d made for it.  She locked the cage securely, then turned to find her little brother standing in the doorway, his arms spread wide to mark his entrance.

“I said what up—”

“I heard you the first time.”  Linda sighed.  “I guess this is where your school trip is?”

“Ho’s got the knows!”  He struck a rap pose, then laughed.  “Nah, I’m just fucking with you.  Hey, can you imagine if I talked like that, though?”  He strode purposefully over to Rob’s computer, plopping his ass in the seat.

“I can’t talk you out of using that, can I?”  Linda rolled her eyes as she mixed another spoonful of food for the toucan.

Ronald looked over his shoulder, already moving the mouse.  “Nope.”

“Just use an incognito tab and try to keep it down, I’ve got to concentrate on this.”  She blinked at her own words.  It was common courtesy, but knowing what Rob looked at in his own free time, nothing her brother could do would come close.  Still, she had to impose limits. 

“Already done.”  Ronald grinned as he pulled up a series of tabs for clothing advice.  Good, he could use it.

Still, though.  Clothing...  Linda added some nuts to the paste she’d made, stirring them in well.  “Hey, Ronnie.  You know anything about my clothes going missing?”  He wasn‘t really a suspect, but then again, he did have a mysterious supply of cash.

Ronald frowned at her remark, spinning the chair to face her.  Then, he spun it around again, kicking his legs out.  “Hey, this is fun.  But yeah, no idea.  I heard Mom saying something about giving away a bunch of clothes to the Red Cross.  Something or other helping starving kids.  Doesn’t she know they get the losing team’s Super Bowl t-shirts?  If it helps, she gave away a set of my jeans, too.  Designer ones, too.  She said ‘You don’t have any place wearing ripped jeans...”

Linda toned him out, satisfied that he wasn’t at fault.  For all of his misdeeds, this was something he was innocent of.  Good thing too, because otherwise she’d murder him.  “Yes I would, yes I would!”  She chirped to the toucan, holding out another spoonful of feed as she contemplated how easy it would be to kill him and dispose of the body.  She’d probably say he went to boarding school...

As usual, Ronald broke her reverie.  “Hey, stop doing that for a sec and watch my stuff.  I’ve got to go to the men’s room, so make sure the PC doesn’t sleep.”

Linda rolled her eyes, continuing to feed the bird.  Suddenly, Ronald’s bag started blaring loud rap.  The toucan cawed in surprise, beating its wings against the cage as it struggled to escape whatever was scaring it.

“Gonna bust nuts in a ho, then a cap fo sho’, fuck her raw, in my car, leave her pussy torn up!  Gonna bust nuts in a ho...”

The song continued to repeat as Linda dug through his bag frantically.  “God damn imp, where she shit do you hide your phone?”  Textbook, notebook, bag with panties, phone!  She grinned, pulling the LG out from his sack, muting a call from... Shane?  Wasn’t he the quarterback and was there a bag of panties in her brother’s backpack?

The phone clattered to the floor as Linda turned to the sack once more, her body numb with shock.  She turned it upside down, a snarl creasing her features as she gazed upon the offending item.  She owed the Park kid an apology.  Maybe she’d hit him less hard next time she saw him, she’d need that energy for when she laid into her brother.  She wasn’t sure if she’d do a jumping kick, a roundhouse, a back kick, but one way or another her foot would be meeting his nuts in a most unpleasant manner.

She grit her teeth, contemplating just how slowly she’d end her brother’s life.  She was so angry, the computer beside her seemed to be flashing red.  She turned her attention to it.  First off, she’d need to close his fucking browsing session...

She clicked the ‘x’ in Chrome, and a pop-up appeared.  She dismissed it only for another to appear.  A third try brought up a third result, and this time she spared it her notice.

‘Good.  Now that you’ve stopped closing these like a savage, I think we can talk business.  Continue//Decline.’

Her mouse hovered, then she settled on ‘Continue’.  That was an interesting system message, it might be fun to see what Rob did with his computer.

‘First off, this isn’t Rob’s doing.  Second off, I believe you were interested in vengeance?  Continue//Decline’.

Linda rolled her eyes.  Rob would be a talented programmer, if he didn’t spend so much time jerking off.  Still, ‘Continue’.

‘All right, how much do you know about transformation?  Lots/None’


‘Fair enough.  We can offer custom-made transformations for your very purpose.  We sense time’s of the essence, so how about we see you in person?  Turn//Around.’

Linda spun to find a man and a woman behind her.  They were both wearing safari gear, and the woman had... rabbit ears?  She blinked with confusion as the two spoke in unison.

“Crown Royale Transformation Service, at yours!”  They bowed.

“What?”  It came out much more flat than she’d have liked, but the whole situation was just too ludicrous.

The rabbit-girl spoke first.  “Damn it, Mark, I told you this was too much!  And that slogan, who would buy into it?”

The man sighed, waving his hand.  “Can it, Mira.  Talking business, remember?”

The girl yelped as her front teeth enlarge to asinine proportions.  She waved at them, only for them to shrink to a still noticeable size.  Her shoulders slumped as she let the man—Mark do the talking.

“So, we were just visiting the zoo when we picked up an inordinate amount of anger coming from this very room, from a Miss... Linda?”  Mark turned to Linda, tilting his head in inquiry.

She nodded.

“Right.  So, how about we talk transformation.  As you can see from my assistant, Mira,” he gestured to the rabbit-girl, and she curtsied.  “We’re a pair of magical folk who specialize in changing people into animals.  It’s quick—or not; we don’t judge, clean—again, or not; and leaves no body.  So, sounds good?”

Linda blinked.  She wanted to say magic wasn’t real, but it was rather hard to refute given what was before her.  So she went along with it, a broad smile on her features.  “Any animal?”

Mira piped up from behind Mark.  “Any animal.”

Linda grinned evilly.  “Then how about a bear?”

Mark raised his hands.  “Hold up, miss.  Bears are very dangerous animals, and you don’t want to deal with an angry one on your hands.”

“I’ve wrestled Old Blackbeard and won.”  Linda said simply.

“Aaand nevermind.”  Mark laughed, slapping one of his knees.

“I want you to change my brother into a female bear.  Blackbeard needs a partner, and Ronald’s been a real dick.”  She said each word matter-of-factly, purpose driving her.

“Another TG?  Why is it always with the TGs?”  Mark sighed, covering his face with one palm.  Linda’s face fell.  Was he not going to help her?

Mira walked up to massage his shoulders.  “How much of a dick, honey?”

Linda bent over and picked up the bag with her panties, turning it so the duo could see the Sharpie lettering.  “He’s been doing this for months.”  She said simply.

“‘Starting at $100...’”  Mira blinked, then her brow furrowed with anger.  Mark yelped as she dug her nails into his shoulders.  “Mark.  If you don’t help her, I’m going to make you into a horse again and ride you until we win first place at the regional derby.”

Mark scowled at her, but relented.  “There’s no arguing with her sometimes...  Fair enough, you’ve made your point.  How much do you have?”

She cursed; how could she be so stupid?  A quick dig through her pockets revealed her net worth, which was, quite frankly, humiliating.  “I’m sorry, I’m working all of these jobs to pay my tuition, and I only have... seventeen dollars.  And a half-empty pack of gum.”  Mark’s scowl returned with full force.

Mira noticed his reaction and stepped in.  “Mark, what if I help cover the bill?  Besides, look at that gum.  It’s Trident, your favorite...”

The magician sighed.  “Tell you what.  Mira, you have a spare makeup brush?”  Without waiting for her to respond, he walked over to the nearby printer, removing a sheet of paper.  He waggled his fingers at it, and images and text filled the page.

Mira conjured up a brush, just in time for his return.  He plucked it from her hands, and concentrated, mumbling at it intently.  Then, the magician clapped his hands, and a thunderclap echoed through the room as the paper folded itself and the brush shook itself of old blush.

“Seventeen dollars and a half-full pack of gum.  No extra.”  He added the last bit with a meaningful glare to his assistant, who waved meekly.  “Wherever you brush him, he’ll change into the desired form.  Any issues, you consult the manual.  Deal?”

Linda nodded, her face lighting up with appreciation as she paid him.  “Thank you very much, sir!  You’re amazing!”

The man turned to his assistant, a self-satisfied smirk on his face.  “I told you!”  He snapped his fingers at her, grinning as though he’d just won an old battle.  Then, he turned back to Linda.  “You’ve put me in such a good mood, I’ll throw in a little extra.”  He pulled out two of the singles Linda had given him, tearing them in half lengthwise.  “Well, that won’t do; those ripped far too easily!”

He gestured at them, and Linda gasped as the four pieces of paper rolled up into cylinders, then small hoops.  They lengthened, darkening to a rich shade of leather.  Mark tugged at them again and they didn’t respond.  “Four magical restraining cuffs!  One per limb, once you have all four on, only the person who applied them can remove them.  Weight changes as you desire, so these will hold anything short of Son Goku.”

“Or Superman!”  Mira piped up, squeaking as Mark glared at her.

“Goku could eat that Kryptonian for breakfast and you know it.”  He hissed, as though he was personally offended.

Mira laughed.  “Doesn’t matter as long as Vegito still exists.”

Mark bit back his next retort, lowering the finger he’d raised.  Then, he laughed, embracing the rabbit-girl happily.  “Damn, did I pick a good one!”

Linda watched this conversation transpire with a mix of confusion and trepidation.  At length, she spoke up.  “Um.  Not to interrupt, but my brother will probably be back any minute...”

Mark and Mira blinked, then hurriedly stacked the girl’s goods on the counter.  “Seventeen dollars, one stick of gum.  We’ve left a calling card, be sure to contact us if you need us.”  Mark called hurriedly, then the two quickly clambered into an empty cupboard, closing the door behind them.

Linda blinked, then walked over to it, opening it to find it empty.  Of course.  She sighed, chuckling at what just happened.  She probably had a stroke when she saw her brother was stealing her panties, but if this was all a dream, she’d be damned sure to enjoy it.

She stood up and picked the leather bindings, just as her little brother walked into the room.

He eyed what she had in her hands.  “Kinky.  You know, I didn’t think—my bag!”  Ronald gasped as he saw what she’d done to his belongings.  Then he caught sight of the panties.  “Oh shit.”  He turned to run, but she was on him in a second, an elbow to the side of his head bringing him to his knees.

He fell to his knees, lifting a hand to where she’d hit him.  Linda easily slapped it away, sweeping a leg over his neck to straddle him.  He struggled under her, but she clamped down harder, her thighs squeezing around his face, denying him air.  His arms stopped flailing as wildly and she grabbed them one at a time, slipping two of the bands around his wrists.

Linea leaned back, increasing the pressure on the little asshole’s face.  It’d be easier to slip the fetters over his ankles if he was unconscious.  She kept holding him down, feeling him try to breathe but only claiming what little escaped between her thighs.  She grinned as he tried to struggle, then caught something in her peripheral vision.  She glanced down to find her brother’s pants tenting, and she suddenly understood the meaning behind his rapid breathing.  Was he getting off to this?  As if it could read her thoughts, his cock twitched gently.

Well, there was more than one way to knock someone out...  Linda squeezed around his neck harder.  Gritting her teeth, she placed her palms on the floor, twisting her form and grabbing his body tighter as she performed a handstand, using the momentum from that to bring her brother above her head, then crashing to the floor.  She made sure to increase the pressure of her grip, securing his neck and head from accidental impact.  The plan wasn’t to see him dead, though he’d certainly wish he was.

Ronald slammed into the unforgiving floor of the veterinary center, his back and shoulders giving off unhealthy popping sounds as he tried lift himself up.  He wheezed desperately for air as Linda lifted off him for a moment.  Then, she sat on him, roughly pulling his legs up to slip the last restraints around each of his angles.  As an afterthought, she tore his sneakers off and tossed them to the corner of the room.

“Now then, Ronnie.”  Linda stood up, pulling out the brush.  “It’s time for a change.”


Ronald blinked, his vision swimming.  He’d expected to take a beating, but did she realize how much of that beating had his face buried in her snatch?  He opened his mouth to comment on that, but only a dry wheeze came out.  It bought him the extra few seconds to remember his place and rapidly revise goading her on further.

“So.”  He smiled winningly.  “I guess we’re a little beyond me trying to pretend I’m innocent?”

His sister glared down at him, her lip curling with distaste.  She turned to grab something from the counter and Ronald tried to roll to his feet and run.  That was the plan, at least, but something was anchoring his arms and legs to the ground, leaving him just enough room to tug for his denied freedom.  He looked his wrists up and down, but all he could see were those leather straps.

“Did-did you break my spine?”  He stammered, trying to get up.  “I can’t move!”

“Stop whining.”  His sister returned holding that brush from earlier, but now a pair of... scissors?

Ronald’s eyes widened.  “H-hey, let’s not do anything too hasty here.”

She leaned in close, and he could almost feel her breath against his skin.  “Hasty?  Like selling my clothes to the neighborhood perverts?  Oh no, this will be anything but hasty.”

Ronald squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the cool steel of the blade against his skin; then it moved lower, to his chest.  He heard, rather than felt, cutting, and he opened his eyes to find her cutting his shirt off.

“Hey hey, that’s designer material right there!”  He protested.

“And I might slip up at any second, cutting a food deal more than your ‘designer’ clothes.”  Came her retort.

He clammed up, watching as she went from his shirt to his shorts to his boxers and socks, each cut determinedly avoiding the wristbands around his limbs.  He glared at his sister.  “There, are you happy?  Now I’m naked in the middle of the zoo.  So what, my class comes in, sees me like this?  You’ll get fired.”

Linda laughed evilly, a faint blush of embarrassment across her cheeks.  “Oh, they’ll see you naked.  But not like this.”  She knelt down by his feet, taking a deep breath first.  Then, she danced her brush over his feet, its soft bristles tickling his toes.

Ronald tried to pull his feet away, but his restrained movements only let her cover more of his feet.  A dull snapping sound caused him to cease his efforts, and he leaned his head down to see what was going on.  His eyes widened as he saw his feet start to shrink, shortening and thinning.  She continued to tease his toes, and they became... dainter?  There was no word for it other than that, and he could see his toenails lengthening as she worked the brush over them.

“W-what are you doing?”  He blinked with confusion as she moved to his ankles, which slimmed beneath the leather manacles.  “No, that’s not right.  How are you doing this?”

She smiled, dancing the brush along his legs.  The first dusting dissolved the hair on his calves, the next reshaped them.  He grit his teeth as bone shrank, muscles redeveloped.  He saw his skin was clearing, becoming a consistent pearlescent shade, from his toes to his knees.

“It’s magic.”  She replied, dusting his hips and thighs.  She made extra sure to avoid his groin here, laughing gently as the changes swept across his lower body.  Soft, milky skin spread everywhere her brush touched him, and he bucked his hips as they snapped, swaying from side to side as the bones lengthened, leaving him with a curvy figure.  Linda ran a hand along his thighs, pushing him up to tickle his ass with the brush.  Ronald saw his ass inflating beneath him, and when Linda let him go, he felt as if his hips were at least an extra inch above the floor now, held aloft by his cushiony and plump bottom.

As she worked the brush up his stomach, he bit back the urge to laugh, its tickling touch thinning his waistline and causing some internal changes as well.  She then turned her attention to his chest, and he blinked with surprise as his nipples tingled, his chest pushing out to meet each of her delicate strokes.  “W-what are yooooh—”  His query was lost to a moan, his knees knocking together as a new world of sensation blossomed from his new breasts.  He could feel every bristle tease his nipples, each stroke bringing about new sensations.

“Ooh, you like that, hm?”  Linda smirked, twirling the brush around his right nipple a few extra times.

Ronald bit back another moan as the right side of his chest expanded well past a D cup.  He couldn’t hold back when she did the same for his left, waves of guilty pleasure flowing across him.  She moved up to his shoulders and he yelped as pleasure was replaced with discomfort, the bones snapping as they pulled down and in slightly.  The brush danced across his right arm, and he flushed as the only changes there were the waves of smooth skin replacing his own.

Linda arched an eyebrow.  “Jesus, you really should’ve worked out more.”  Still, she continued her work on his hands, and he frowned as his fingers slimmed, the nails growing to a length he’d never had.  He’d have to be much more careful with his private time now.  She worked over his left arm, and he looked away, unwilling to see the repeat performance—though he could feel and hear every snapping change.

“Ooh, you’ll want to see this.”  Linda stood up, grabbing a swiveling mirror to push over her brother’s face.  He could only watch as his cheekbones withdrew, his nose went from blunt to a cute button, his lips fluff up.  He also saw his mild acne clear up immediately, and he focused on that, struggling to remain positive.  At least it wasn’t all bad.

He had to shut his eyes as she worked the brush over them, and when he opened them, he found himself looking at longer eyelashes, thinner eyebrows.  He blinked a few times to get used to their weight; then he realized she’d stopped brushing him.  He gasped as he surveyed the changes as a whole, he looked like an attractive girl—more than that, a younger version of his sister, albeit with a cock.

“What the fuck did you just do to me?”  He exclaimed, a much softer voice than his own bursting from his lips.  He snapped them shut immediately, flushing with embarrassment.

“I think you should be more concerned as to what I’m going to do to you.”  Linda twirled the brush between her fingers, then quickly stroked the back of his right hand.

Ronald’s eyes widened as the skin darkened to a mocha brown, then tingled as a thin patch of long, brown fur grew from his hand like a chia pet.

“Oh, this’ll be fun.”  Linda said to herself, working the brush over his hand.  The back of his hand sprouted fur; his palms grew thick pads.  As the brush touched his fingers, he could see them thinning, at the tips, his nails growing over part of them to leave him with a set of claws.  He cried out as his palms cracked, flattening out.  His thumbs slid up, their joints snapping as they became just like the rest of his fingers, and the bottoms of his fingers plumped up, pads and fur spreading on those, too.

Linda nodded, satisfied with her work, and Ronald flopped his hand against the floor, twitching the fingers to realize their range of motion.  He whimpered at his new paw, but Linda wasn’t done with him at all.  She dusted off the bindings on his wrists, and he could feel the flesh there swell beneath the leather.  The restraints creaked as they expanded to match his new wrists, and she continued her work upward.  His forearms fattened and fluffed up, though not as much as his biceps, which inflated to twice their size before fur overtook them.  The changes stopped at his shoulders, though.  Linda frowned at the sight.  “That’s odd.”  She repeated the process for his right hand, skin and nail giving way to fur and claw once more.  The thick hair cushioned him from the cold floor and chilly air conditioning, but that was the only bright side he could come up with, a pair of animals’ paws where his hands had been, his arms now fully reshaped.

Linda frowned and tried brushing his chest.  Sensation swept across Ronald’s body as his chest expanded further, obscenely large breasts now weighing him down.  She changed tactics, working to his head.  He looked in the mirror, seeing no real changes until she reached his ears.  There, the changes occurred once more, his ears sliding up to the sides of his head as she teased them higher and higher.  The fluffed up as brown fur sprouted from their rounding surface, and Ronald realized that he now resembled a cross between a girl and a bear... with a still human cock.

Linda glared at him, tapping her lip with one of her fingers.  “Why isn’t it working now?”

Ronald glared up at his sister, his tormentor.  “How the hell should I know?  You’re the one doing this!”  His womanly voice dripped ice as he snarled at Linda.  He tested his new arms against his restraints, but they held fast.

She snapped her fingers and walked over to the counter.  A moment later, she returned, a piece of printer paper in her hands.  She started reading it aloud, no doubt to prolong Ronald’s torture.

“‘Hi there, so I decided that since you’re getting a serious discount on this, I’d make you as uncomfortable as possible, since this makes me pretty uncomfy, too.  So, in order to complete the changes, you’re going to need to ‘release’ him.  Drain the pipes, spank the monkey, you get it.  Sorry for the inconvenience...’”  Her voice trailed off as her eyes narrowed.  “Sorry for the inconvenience?”  She shouted, tearing the paper in half.

Ronald blinked in confusion.  “Uh, what?”  His dick twitched slightly at the thought of his sister bringing him to climax.  That would maybe almost make this situation worth it!

She knelt down, and he could almost feel her breath on his shaft.  “Ew.”  She muttered, looking at his erect penis.  “Are you...  Are you getting off to this?”

Ronald shrugged, trying not to think of how he could feel the fur on his new arms shift in response to that.  “I won’t say that I’m not.”

Linda glared at him, spitting on his cock.  His hips bucked slightly at the feeling of the fluid hitting his member, and he let out a sultry moan.  Almost immediately, Lina stood up, wiping her hands off on her pants.  “Nope.  No, no, nope.  Can’t do this.  I’m out.”  She started to walk in little circles, massaging her temples.

“You can’t just leave me like this!”  Ronald whined plaintively.  He looked up at her from his bound position, then shot a meaningful glance to his ursine arms.

Linda sighed, and ran a hand through her hair.  “Well, it’s not safe to let you go until the changes are done, and I’m not jacking you off, asshole.  Any better ideas?”

Ronald bit his lip.  She’d probably kick his ass for this, but...  “You could always put your panties on my dick and give me a footjob?”

Linda’s mouth opened and closed wordlessly as she struggled for a retort.  Finding none, she did her best to pick up her slack jaw.  “I can’t believe I’m even considering this.”  Ronnie felt his pulse race; today might not be a total loss.

“And I can’t believe you’ve changed me into some freak of nature.”  He drawled, rolling his eyes.  “Let’s think about which one of us ended up with the short straw, hm?”  Honestly, his sister could be so thick sometimes.

His dare pushed her over the edge.  “Short straw?  Short straw??  That’s it, I’m fucking finishing this.”  Linda rolled up her sleeves, pulling her panties out of the Ziploc bag.  She took off her shoes and socks, then walked purposefully over to Ronald.

Despite everything that had happened, Ronald was as hard as he’d ever been.  He wet his lips slightly with anticipation as she cloaked his member in her panties, then applied rough pressure with the ball of her foot.

It was bliss, for lack of a better term.   The soft cotton of her underwear brushed against his naked skin as her foot stroked him up and down, her ball and toes rolling over his sensitive cockhead.  Every now and then, the heel of her foot would bump into his balls, and she’d jump slightly with disgust.  He loved those moments the most, the faint grinding of her foot against his cock.

“Y-you know, you could get a job doing this.”  Ronald groaned, then bucked as she toed his head.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”  Linda’s voice dripped with sarcasm as she increased the pressure.

If it was an attempt to get revenge, it was a poor one.  As she pushed further against him, he could feel more and more of her, and it was driving him wild.  From the cushion of her soles to the smooth sweeping strokes of her arches, he felt every inch of her creamy skin through the thin fabric.  Bliss didn’t come close to describing it any more, no word could hope to fathom how her foot felt against his member.

She clenched down on his tip with her long toes, and he groaned, at his limit.  He needed release, had to cum.  He thrust wildly, hips bucking as he tried to fuck her foot.  Linda scrambled back, pulling the panties off as he came hard.  She was probably sickened by him, but he didn’t care, this was the best cum he’d ever had in his life!

Ronald continued to buck at the air, his eyes squeezed shut as he covered his gut and the underside of his massive tits in semen.  It felt like he was never going to stop, waves of pleasure flowing across his young body as his balls continued to twitch, prostrate continued to clench.  He opened an eye to find with each spurt, his sack was deflating more, his cock shrinking with each twitch.

His balls shrank into his body, leaving behind a dripping slit which squirted each time another wave of semen flowed from his dwindling member.  He frowned as it continued its course into him, his cockhead reshaping to a small, sensitive clitoris.  Loathe though he was to admit it, he was now a she.

For a moment, the only sound in the room was her ragged breathing, and Ronald became acutely aware of how hot her cum was on her chest.  Linda followed her sister’s gaze and scowled.

“I’ll need to wash that up.”  She muttered, glancing at stomach, then at her brush.  Then, she blinked, grinning evilly.  “Actually, Ronnie...”

That look couldn’t be good.  “What?”  Ronald—Ronnie frowned.

She didn’t respond, moving over to one of the bound girl’s arms and pushing the restraint closer to her cum-covered hips.  She repeated the process with her other arm.

“What?”  Ronnie repeated herself more insistently.

“Stick out your tongue.”  Linda commanded.

Ronnie gave her a funny look, but obliged.  Before she could react, her sister grabbed it with one hand and dusted it frantically with the brush.  She gagged at the feeling of the soft bristles playing across her taste buds; mixed with the taste of old facial powder.  To the bear-girl’s surprise, her tongue began to lengthen, flattening out in her mouth and narrowing at the tip until it reached well below her chin.

Linda nodded with satisfaction, pulling away.  She pointed to the puddle of cum on Ronnie’s chest.  “Lick it up.”

Wait, what?  Ronnie blinked with disbelief, waggling her tongue left and right as she tried to fit her longer tongue in her mouth.  “Whud?”  She gave voice to her thoughts, giving up on her futile efforts to rein her tongue under control.

“You heard me.  Be a good little girl and lick it up.”  Linda waved dismissively.  “You made your mess, now clean it.”

Tears misted Ronnie’s eyes as she shook her head desperately.  Linda could be vindictive, but she wasn’t serious, right?  How could she be willing to subject her to something so... so wrong?  Tears started forming away at the corners of her eyes as she contemplated even trying to make her tongue touch her semen.

Linda angled the brush at her.  “You want me to finish these changes, you lick it up.  Unless you want me to leave you a freak like this?  I’d imagine there’s quite a few people who’d pay handsomely to fuck you until you’re raw.”

Ronnie had to admit, her sister was a great motivator.  Still a bitch, but one hell of a motivator.  She blinked away tears as she slowly lowered her head, her tongue flicking out against the semen on her chest.  She immediately regretted not including more fruits in her diet, gagging at how thick it was.  Ronnie gave her sister a pleading glance only to receive an unforgiving stare in return.

She rolled her tongue, swallowing her load.  She made a face as it ran down her throat, its salty tang still rolling across her taste bugs.  Ronnie closed her mouth around her tongue, shaking her head slightly; then she returned to the task at hand, longer and longer licks clearing up the patches of semen on her chest.  It was humiliating, degrading, and utterly disgusting.  But unless she wanted to remain a freak, she had to keep licking.  Besides, if her sister made good on her threat, she’d be licking up someone else’s cum.  At least this was her own, which made the load much easier to swallow.

The worst part of it was how her tongue would occasionally grace the edges of her slit, and she could feel it ache with need.  She hated to admit how her folds quivered at the approaching warmth; and the dampness around her pussy wasn’t entirely due to her wet tongue.  The bear-girl continued to lap away at the last vestiges of her manhood, holding back the retching until she was done, thick ropes of semen trailing down her throat.

Ronnie whimpered, looking up at her captor, her bear tongue dripping strings of drool under her chin.  At least, she hoped it was just drool.  “Dohn.  Caah you juth get thith over with?”  She slurred.  That was probably the worst experience of her life, she doubted it could get worse from here.

Linda was more than happy to oblige.  She leaned in close, sliding the brush over her restrained sister’s cheeks.  Ronnie worked her jaw from side to side, cracking the new bones even as her nose joined the top of her jaw, flattening out on her face.  The skin on her cheeks grew longer and flabby, a pair of jowls hanging on either side of her face.

With each pass, her jowls grew hairier, stretching as her mouth pushed away from her body.  Beneath that, her teeth grew thick and long, fangs meant to chow down on mammalian prey.  Linda teased Ronnie’s nose with the bristles, smiling as the skin there turned black and moist.  That was an entirely unsettling sensation, to have a part of her constantly feeling cold and damp.  The bridge expanded, the tip sinking back into the changing girl’s muzzle to complete her snout.

Ronnie breathed in deeply, her mind awash with the new odors she could detect.  She flicked her tongue across her nose and regretted it almost instantly.  Her senses were flooded with not only the woodsy scent of her new breath, but also her sweet and salty tang of semen.  She snorted shaking her head as Linda chuckled.  The bitch had noticed the sensation and was laughing at her!

She glared at Linda from behind her muzzle.  “Bitch.”  She snarled.  She blinked with joy as she realized her voice was unimpaired, despite the changes to her mouth.  “Hey, I can talk again!”  She prepared to unleash a verbal tirade up on her sister, but Linda’s shock at the first swear had worn off.

“Not for long.”  The girl snarled, her hand darting below Ronnie’s throat to swipe at her throat.  Ronnie started choking as her neck expanded, her esophagus and vocal chords broadening to match.  As the merciless strokes continued, she could feel her larger neck grow a scarf of long, brown fur.

Ronnie looked up at her sister, letting out a low growl.  While that may not have been how to pronounce ‘uptight thundercunt’, it got the message across well enough.  She continued to snarl as her sister laughed demurely.  Linda smirked, then bent down to tickle Ronnie’s toes with the bristles.  They’d grown up together, and apparently Ronnie’s weak spots were the same as when she’d been male.

Snarls turned to small snurfs of laughter as Ronnie squirmed at her restraints.  Her weak spots might have been the same, but there were definitely far more sensitive.  With each flare of her nerves, the soles of her feet swelled into pads.  Each sweep of the brush brought about another peal of bear-like laughter and more and more fur, like a thick pair of wooly socks.  Her toes puffed out, the nails becoming claws to match those on the changing girl’s hands.

Linda then turned her work to Ronnie’s breasts, which was probably the most conflicting experience she’d had that day, maybe worse than the footjob.  On the one hand, it was nice to see her huge breasts sink into her body.  On the other hand, it meant she was continuing her change into an animal.  Still, she didn’t have much of a say in the matter.  She could only watch as fur swept first from her nipples, as though they were kinky tassels.  Her chest had shrunk slightly, but she still had a set of double d knockers, even as she slowly grew a fur coat.

Now that the changes happening closer to Ronnie’s face, she could see them better.  It was almost like someone was running a magnet over iron shavings; the fur sprang up to meet the bristles, each stroke pulling the hairs out farther from Ronnie’s skin until they were the proper length, about four inches long.  The longer her fur got, the hotter Ronnie felt, and she started to pant to cool herself down.

She was astonished at how well it worked, a wave of cold rushing across her body as though she was under a fan.  Even as the brush continued to tease her stomach, she was fine—though only in terms of heat.  She definitely wasn’t fine with her gut expanding, the extra nipples appearing on her chest, or the feeling of her torso expanding against the cool floor.  The changes continued to mercilessly assail her body, and she found herself taking deeper and deeper breaths to calm herself down.  Little did she know that was also because of her lungs expanding behind her ribcage.  She looked pleadingly at her sister, no longer sure if she wanted to see the changes through to their fruition.


Linda smirked as Ronnie gasped for air beneath her.  She made eye contact briefly and felt a thrill of sympathy run through her body.  She wasn’t sure if she could keep changing her new sister if she kept looking at her like that.  Linda bit her lower lip anxiously, glancing away from her sister.  She couldn’t do this, couldn’t go through with changing an innocent girl into an animal.

Her eyes wandered across the room, searching for an answer.  Then, they alighted on her panties.  Linda felt a familiar cold rage settle within her heart.  That’s right; she wasn’t changing just any girl into a bear.  This bear-to-be was her brother—sister—jackass of a sibling.  She glanced back to the girl, frowning as her eyes made contact with her sister’s, a pair of pleading limpid pools of blue.

Linda dusted over her sister’s eyes with the brush, smiling as Ronnie blinked rapidly, her blue giving way to dull, dilated brown.  Linda smiled and nodded to herself.  That was better, she could deal with looking into those.  Ronnie continued to blink, snorting and growling as she no doubt tried to process her change in vision.

Well, maybe she could help with that.  Linda rubbed the brush in long, smooth circles along her sister’s head, watching the girl’s brown hair recede into her scalp.  Ronnie was lucky in a way, she wouldn’t need to deal with hairstyles, plus she’d even have occasionally groomers to take care of her fur.  Although that fur did come at a cost.

Ronnie growled, clenching her jaw shut as her skull expanded uncomfortably.  She twitched her head from side to side, her bones cracking loudly as they shifted.  Linda noticed her sister’s discomfort.  She could ease up on the brushing for a bit, give the girl more time to adapt.  Or...

The brush played across Ronnie’s shoulders, her chest, her entire torso.  Linda grinned from ear to ear as she worked quickly and efficiently; the changes seemed to speed up with the brush’s speed, and she wanted these changes to be as quick as possible.  Ronnie groaned again and Linda hurriedly stepped off of her, just in time.

Ronnie’s body shuddered and spasmed as the changes swept across her uncontrollably.  Her shoulders arched as they popped into a place more suited for her new four-legged posture, her body expanding uncontrollably to fit her new form as a large predator.  Linda watched as the girl’s hips cracked, her body now suited for four-legged movement.

The bear before her was almost complete, her lower half human except for a pair of paws where her feet should have been.  Linda paused for thought at that; it looked like a girl had slipped on an extremely realistic bear costume, but had left her pants at home.  It was an amusing thought, but there was the issue of her undeniable nudity.

Linda sighed, and knelt down to her sister’s groin.  For some odd reason, this seemed a lot more appropriate than when the girl was still male.  Linda trailed the brush along her sister’s new girl parts, doing her best to ignore how the brush grew more and more damp with each stroke.  Ronnie’s vagina darkened, growing a thick, mahogany carpet.

Linda was methodical with her strokes, keeping sure to focus the changes on the girl’s groin.  Her sister’s ass toughened up, muscle replacing the fat as she was left with the rump of a bear.  Linda paused her motions with the brush for a moment, running her fingers through the fur around her sister’s nether regions, making sure the equipment there was in the correct location.

After a few moment’s inspection, she nodded, looking Ronnie in her eyes.  “Looks like everything checks out!  I’ll have to make sure a vet gets a good look at you, but at least you won’t need to worry about any tearing when...  Actually, I’ll keep that a surprise.”

Her sister growled, and Linda slapped the bear on her nose.  “No!  Bad!”  Ronnie whimpered, her ears drooping slightly at Linda’s tone.  Shouting wasn’t punishment enough, though.  Linda trailed the brush in small concentric circles around the girl’s waist.

Ronnie roared as her hips cracked and popped, reconfiguring her for her new typical four-legged movement.  They expanded to match the rest of her body, and she twisted at her restraints desperately.  Linda chuckled.  “Wow, that looks uncomfy.”

The bear glared at her, as if to say ‘No, you think?’  Ronnie huffed, but her growls turned to whimpers as Linda brought the brush back to her groin, teasing it into her canal.  She was going to make Ronnie the most fertile bear in the zoo, ripe for the picking.  The bear gasped for breath, desperate for a release which Linda didn’t feel in the mood to give.

She pulled the brush away, instead painting over her legs with the brush’s damp bristles.  Any concerns that the wetness of the brush would affect its performance were soon dispelled as her thighs bulked up, soon covered by rolling waves of brown fur.  Linda teased the brush down Ronnie’s slender legs, grinning as they twisted into thicker ursine limbs.  She couldn’t help but take some joy in being more fit than her sister, even though the girl’s undeniably attractive legs were Linda’s doing in the first place.

Finally done, Linda sighed with relief, standing up to admire her handiwork.  Thick limbs, a shaggy coat, predator’s muzzle...  She was damn good.  Before her lay a fully grown, restrained brown bear.

Only...  Wasn’t Ronnie supposed to be a grizzly?  She looked back at the manual to find some fine print in the bottom.  ‘The end bear will vary, but it should still be sexually compatible with Blackbeard.  If not, give us a ring and we’ll try and work a little magic*.  Keep up the good work!’

Linda blinked as she reread the text, searching for where the asterisk led.  She found it by turning the paper upside down, a new paragraph of finer print coming into her vision as the light hit the page.

‘*Just don’t think that you’ll be getting our services for such a heavy discount again.  We’re a business after all: start paying us within a week of your next paycheck or we’ll start including you in our acts.  Nothing personal, and if you’d rather pay your debts that way, we’d be game for that.’

Linda scowled.  Like hell she’d do that.  No sooner had the thoughts left her mind than a new line of text appeared on the paper.

‘Well, you can’t blame us for trying.’

Linda was torn between scowling and smirking.  Those guys definitely had her on the ropes, and now she had all the more reason to motivate the brown bear to ‘get along’ with Blackbeard.  After all, if she was able to keep the old grizzly alive the zoo would practically throw a raise at her.  Old Blackbeard was a personal favorite of the manager.

It was time for Linda to stop using magic and start using her own talents.  She stretched slightly, then knelt down by Ronnie’s side.  One by one, the bindings were slipped off by her slim fingers.  As she removed the last one, the bear stood to her full height, almost as tall as the athletic girl.  It was still an improvement over Ronald’s height, made more impressive by hundreds of pounds of animal muscle.  The brown bear growled menacingly.

Linda smirked, rolling her shoulders.  “You want some?  Try it.  I’ve beaten down Old Blackbeard.  Little bitch like you won’t stand a chance.”  Linda saw the bear tense, and she planned out her next move: to intimidate and restrain her sister almost immediately.

Ronnie started to swing one of her clawed paws at Linda, only to have her large wrist caught in one hand.  Before the bear could blink, the girl had her other hand around her animal throat, clutching it so tightly even a bear could feel it.  Linda could feel her sister’s heart race, see the fear in her eyes.  She drank it in like ambrosia.

“Move and I crush your windpipe like an egg.”  Of course she couldn’t; but there was something to be said about knowing more than your opponent.  Ronnie relaxed her arms and Linda loosened her grip.  Ronnie always was a dumbass.  Too many action movies.  “Atta girl.  Now, think.  I’m the only one who can change you back.”

Ronnie blinked slowly, then tried to nod.  Linda realized her grip made it a hard action, but she didn’t care too much.  Enough of a nod was conveyed that she could continue.

“And in order to change you back, I need money.  The kind of money I’ll get if you fuck Blackbeard.”  She didn’t give the bear time to process that, tightening her grip as she continued.  “And if you don’t fuck him, I’ll fund a better use for you.  I could always use a new fur coat, especially after you sold my hoodies.  Don’t try to deny that, by the way.  It won’t end well.”

Ronnie whimpered, but offered no resistance.

“Ah, and now you see the nature of your troubles.  Morbid as it is, the zoo has plenty of traxedermists on call.  It wouldn’t be too hard to call in a favor from one of them, you know.  I’ll get some tools, a nice paring knife.  But don’t worry.  I won’t kill you at first.”  Her tone turned icy, each word dripping with venom.

A sadistic smile spread across her face as realization dawned on the bear’s face.

“Yeah, that’s right.  You reject him, you hurt him, you misbehave in any way and I’ll make sure you suffer.  You’ll be alive and awake for every second of it.  And that goes double for the zookeepers.”  Linda paused, considering her new acquaintances.  “Actually, I won’t even need to call in a favor from any taxidermists.  You see, I know people.  Magic people.  I think we’ll be able to make you a stuffed trophy without any issues.

“Can you imagine that, Ronnie?  Can you imagine?  Your muscles and veins turning to cotton stuffing, your eyes becoming dark and glassy.  I’ll let you keep your nerves, though.  You’ll be a prisoner in your own body, trapped to feel, see, hear everything around you but be unable to do a thing.  Hell, I might maybe make you into a teddy bear; shrink you into such a small and insignificant form that nobody will ever give you a second glance.  Each and every second of each and every day, you’ll be drowning in cotton, unable to do anything but lie there on my nightstand.”

Ronnie whined, her ears flat against her head as she tried to plead forgiveness.  Linda was good at reading animals, but Ronnie made it obvious to anyone, using an amalgamation of human and ursine behavior.  Her paws were pressed together as though she was praying, and her dark brown eyes misted with tears as she tried to appeal to her sister’s kinder side.

Still, forgiveness would be a long time in coming, and in this matter Linda had less humanity than her animal sibling.  Still, she had to recognize the girl’s attempt to apologize.  Slowly, she let go of Ronnie’s throat.  “You get some mercy.  I’m offering to change you back after your time is up.  But you don’t get off easy.  You hurt me, cost me money.  And unless you get me that money back, I’m going to hurt you.  Got it?”

Ronnie nodded fearfully, falling back to her forepaws as someone knocked on the door.  Linda whirled, hurriedly grabbing all of Ronald’s things and tossing them in an empty cabinet.  As she worked, she hissed over her shoulder.  “I forgot there was a vet coming here today!  You get on the table and play nice!”  She scooped up the last scraps of his clothing, hurriedly tossing them in the cupboard along with the restraints.  “Or else!”  She added unnecessarily.

Another knock came at the door.  Linda brushed her hair back into shape, pocketing the brush and instructions.  “Coming!”  She called, unlocking the door to find a very familiar face before her.

“Mom?”  Linda blinked in surprise.  Wasn’t her mom supposed to be out touring a zoo tod—oh.  The girl managed to quickly recover, and smiled as she waved her mother into the room.  “I had no idea you were going to come to our zoo today!”

Her mother smiled, placing a hand on her daughter’s shoulder.  “To tell you the truth, I was supposed to go to one of the inner city zoos, but then I remembered you were working at Roppert!  ‘I’ll definitely have to go to that’, I said, and so here I am!”  She glanced over her daughter’s shoulder to see the bear, hurriedly popping behind the door with a squeak.  “I thought you were handling a bird today!  What are you doing with such a wild animal?”

Oh, if only she knew how wild that ‘animal’ was.  Linda smiled, jerking her thumb over her shoulder.  “I took care of the bird already.  This here’s a brown bear, and I was really hoping you could help me examine her...”


Ronnie obediently waited by the table while Linda conversed with someone at the door.  First, she’d play along for a little bit.  Maybe she’d be able to somehow wish her way out of this.  Linda obviously got someone magical to change Ronnie into a bear.  Couldn’t she do the same?  Her ear flicked idly as she thought of vengeance, and Ronnie was suddenly reminded of her new form.

She glanced at her paws, running them along the thick fur on her stomach.  She wasn’t all muscle, but she wasn’t fat.  This was probably exactly how heavy a bear should be between hibernation and hunting, and it felt good, a mix of comfort and power.  She licked her nose, blinking as she realized she could control every bit of it.

Ronnie kept looking her new body over as she explored her new muscles.  She’d figured out how to move her ears, but this tail was driving her crazy!  She looked up as the veterinarian entered the room, and her mind went blank for a moment.  Was that... Mom?  What was she doing here?  Wasn’t she supposed to be touring some zoo?  Wait, never mind, that made perfect sense.  Of course karma would have her visiting this certain zoo.

Wait, that was perfect!  Ronnie could just scratch out a message to her mother on the floor, some way of letting her know this bear was off the breeding program.  No sooner had the thought entered her mind than she felt a dull mist overcome her thoughts.  Her tongue lolled out of her mouth stupidly, and she snurfed happily as people laid attention to her.  Linda scratched Ronnie behind her ears, and the bear flicked her tongue out to her hand.  Ronnie scowled inwardly, trying to regain control of her senses.

“See?  She’s a total sweetheart!”  Linda beamed at Mom.  “I think we should start with just the basic procedures, checking her coating, breed...”

Ronnie blinked toning her out.  Then, she grunted happily as she realized that she was back in control of her body.  Ronnie tried to growl menacingly, maybe that would get her out of this.  Instead her tail waggled, as though it was taunting her.  Damn thing wouldn’t listen to anything she’d tried to do.

The two human in the room continued to speak in veterinary jargon, and Ronnie idly considered listening in on it.  It’d probably be just more tedium and did they just say sex?  Ronnie blinked a few times as she watched her mother and sister put on latex gloves, the elastic snapping particularly loud on Linda’s.

Linda leaned in close, scratching Ronnie behind her ears.  “Whatever you do, try not to think about bear cock.”

Bear cock?  Why the fuck would she think about bear cock?  No sooner had the though crossed her mind than her cunt started to ache with need, suddenly too moist for the cool room.  Ronnie whimpered as Mom walked around behind her, and Linda offered another helpful whisper.  “Try not to freak out.”

Why would she freak out?  Ronnie had her answer a moment later as her mother started probing the girl’s labia with her gloved hand.  Ronnie rumbled contently, grinding back against her mother’s hand.  It would notably be off-limits for her to even consider such a thing, but this felt too good, felt too right.

“Oh my God!”  Mom exclaimed, her hand still well inside the bear’s vagina.  Ronnie tried not to think about that last part too much.  She could easily pretend it was someone else’s hand, maybe her sister’s, stroking her ursine clit, her quaking folds...

“What?”  Linda interrupted Ronnie’s musings as she walked behind the bear.  Ronnie watched her go with a growing sense of apprehension.  What on earth was she going to do back there?  She turned back, to see her mother blushing, a smile creeping its way across her face.

She turned to Linda, pointing with her free hand.  The action shifted her hand slightly, and Ronnie bit her lip as she tried not to moan.  “I don’t think I’ve ever found an animal that feels this ripe for mating!  I barely even needed to stick my hand in here before she was dripping!  She even started grinding against me, honey!”

Linda smiled, and turned to make eye contact with Ronnie.  “Oh, so she’s a slut.”

Mom gasped, pulling her hand from Ronnie in one smooth go.  “Linda!”  Ronnie huffed loudly, her eyes widening with shock and a numb sense of loss.  Mom was too focused on Linda to notice the panting bear behind her.  The veterinarian made as if to cover her face with her still-dripping fingers.  She caught the motion in time, and snapped off the glove, tossing it into the trash.

Linda chuckled, and her mother smiled sheepishly before laughing along.  Once the two calmed down, Linda continued where they’d left off.  “What?  She is a slut, right?  I mean, she barely needed you to get close before she was soaking, right?”  Linda trailed one of her hands along the bear’s pussy, and Ronnie huffed as she felt herself starting to drip in anticipation.  “Look at that!  I’ll bet she gets all of the tail!”  For a few more minutes, Linda and her mother made increasingly crass jokes as Linda fingered the bear.  Then, Ronnie let out a loud growl as her folds clamped down against her sister’s teasing fingers.  She squeezed her eyes shut, squirting over her sister’s glove.

“Did you just see that?  You go, girl!”  Mom slapped Ronnie’s ass, blissfully unaware of what she just gave her approval.

Ronnie flushed with embarrassment, realizing too-late that the action made her face feel hot.  Instinctively, her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and she found herself unable to stop panting.

Linda grinned mischievously.  “See, she’s begging for it even after that!  Blackbeard will love his new ‘playmate’.”  She snapped her glove into the waste bin, letting Ronnie lick her fingers as she scratched the bear’s muzzle.

Mom turned to look at Linda seriously.  “Honey, this bear might be a little small for Blackbeard.  I mean, even if she’s this eager, do you really think—”  Mom paused, glancing upwards in confusion.  “Does this bear have a name?”

Linda nodded.  “Ronnie.”  Her eyes widened for a fraction as she caught her mistake, and Ronnie grinned vindictively.

“Like your brother?”  Mom frowned, arching an eyebrow.  “That is so cute!”  Ronnie’s jaw felt slack as Mom applauded.

Linda sighed with relief, pulling on another pair of gloves as she picked up a large plastic thermometer.  Mom’s eyes followed the action, and she grinned teasingly.  “You know, we always used to take Ronald’s temperature the old fashioned way.”  Ronnie’s eyes widened, and she panted harder as her face got hotter and hotter with embarrassment.

Linda laughed, no doubt filing away that tidbit for later.  “Well, it is standard operating procedure at this zoo.”  She paused, her eyebrows shooting up as she came up with something truly devious.  “What wouldn’t be standard operating procedure would be if we saw if this panting slut was into butt play.”

Ronnie looked back to Mom desperately, despair filling her every fiber as she looked at the woman’s expression.  Mom was smiling evilly, her cheeks flushed slightly.  “I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.”  The veterinarian said in a low, husky tone.  Since when was Mom such a freak?

She whimpered as her mother slid the thermometer into her rear with gusto.  A second later, she felt someone’s fingers begin playing with her snatch, and Ronnie cursed her sister with gusto.  To think that she’d always dreamed of something like this; what a difference a cock could make!

“Linda, would you be a dear and check on Little Ronnie’s teeth for me?”  Ronnie heard footsteps as Linda circled around to her front, a large tongue depressor in her hands.  But if Linda wasn’t fingering her...  Ronnie tried not to gag.  When the fuck did Mom become such a freak?

Linda smiled guiltily at her sister, scratching the bear behind its ears.  Though Ronnie was loathe to admit it, the small action definitely helped calm her down more.  Linda tapped the bear on her jaw.  “Say ‘ah’!”

Ronnie obeyed, a loud whimper forcing itself from her throat as Mom drove her fingers in deeper.  Still, she let her sister shine a light into her mouth, checking each of her teeth in turn.  Ronnie did her best not to bite the girl—she was her only way out of this situation, even if she was the cause.  And at least Linda was good at her job, the inspection painless and professional.

Of course, Ronnie’s view could be biased, her mother’s ministrations occupying most of her mind.  Finally, Mom’s relentless fingers let up, and Ronnie grunted as her ass trembled, the thermometer making a faint pop as it slid out from her.

“She’s fine back here.”  Mom asked.  Fine?  Like hell she was fine!

“Up here’s the same.”  Linda kept scratching Ronnie behind her ears, and Ronne licked the girl’s fingers.  She was a terrifying bitch, but at least she was being civil about it now.  “So, do we need to give Ronnie any injections?”  So much for civility, she knew Ronnie hated needles.

“Right!”  Mom tossed her gloves into the bin behind her.  She joined Linda in front of their subject, grabbing a large bag, which rattled and clanked as she walked closer.  She dropped it in front of Ronnie, who whimpered loudly as she looked into it.  It was full of packaged needles, vials, and injector kits.

Ronnie’s ears twitched as she caught Linda murmuring something under her breath.  “Ooh, this looks like fun.”  Ronne glared, and Linda winked at her, turning to Mom.  “Would you mind explaining what each of these is for?”

Mom nodded, happy to be able to talk business with someone.  “Absolutely.  What injections does she need?”

Linda frowned, then looked up at her mother.  “All of them?  The owner wants to be perfectly safe that she’s okay, and I figure that it couldn’t hurt to give her a little extra treatment.”

Mom smiled, reaching into her bag.  “Well, then!  Let’s start with the basics for our little girl here.”  She tore open a sealed pouch.  “I don’t have all of the vaccines you’ll need, but I’ve got most of them.  This here is a Merck adenovirus-2 vaccine we usually give dogs.  It’s not guaranteed to be effective, but it’s just an extra layer we can put up so Ronnie here doesn’t get any hepatitis.”

“Because she’s a slut?”  Linda grinned.

Mom returned the expression.  “Because she’s a slut.  Now the trick here is to wrap her muzzle down so she doesn’t bite.”  As she spoke, she expertly looped a band around Ronnie’s muzzle.  “Because this little baby is... unpleasant.”

Linda saw her sister’s eyes widen, and asked in the bear’s stead.  “Unpleasant now?”

Mom looked to her with a graceful smile.  Then, she whirled and slid the needle well into Ronnie’s nose, through one of her nostrils.  Ronnie tried to rear back, only to find that one of Mom’s arms had snaked around the back of her neck, keeping her still.  “It’s intranasal.”  She chuckled, pulling the shot out and tossing it in the needle bin.

Ronnie whimpered and covered her nose with both hands, pawing at her snout.  She looked up at Mom with a hurt look in her eyes.  Mom responded by kissing her on her nose.  “There there, honey.  We got through that, and you were such a brave girl!”  She nuzzled and scratched the bear, waiting for her ot calm down.  After a few minutes, Ronnie’s hackles had lowered, and Mom returned to her bag.

“We also have your standard rabies vaccine, a dose of Imrab-3.”  She pulled out another needle, walking over to Ronnie’s side.  “Okay sweetie, this one goes in your arm.  Blink if you’re ready to be a big girl and take this.”

Ronnie blinked, and Mom laughed out loud.  “Look at her, it’s almost like she understands me!”  Well, of course she understood; she just couldn’t otherwise communicate that she could.  Ronnie winced as the needle sank deep into her arm; then it was pulled quickly from her bicep.

Mom turned to Linda, biting her lip anxiously.  “You said the owner wants her to be fully vaccinated?  We need to give her a lepto vaccine, but it’s not always given.”

Linda nodded.  “The zoo’ll cover the expense.  Lepto?”

“Leptospirosis.  It’s a bacterial disease, giving symptoms from headaches to internal bleeding.  The catch is, this vaccine usually shows side-effects, but on a bear, a small dose shouldn’t do more than a headache tomorrow.”  As Mom spoke, she unloaded another injection into Ronnie’s arm.  Ronne had to admit, she was rapidly getting over her fear of needles.  Something about constant exposure mixed with knowing the alternatives helped her out a lot.

She barely even flinched as Mom delivered another injection.  “Tetanus.  Bears almost never get it, but all mammals can.  Injections are usually done every two years, but it never hurts.  Well, a sharp sting, right honey?”

Ronnie nodded.

“Such a clever girl!”  Mom rubbed her snout happily.  “And we’re almost done!  You’re not a polar bear or a black bear, so all we need is a West Nile vaccine.  This one’s a horse vaccine, an Encevac plus WNV.”  She slid the needle into Ronnie’s arm, patting the bear comfortingly.  “And... we’re... done!”  She chirped, pulling the needle out.

Linda nodded.  “That should more than satisfy the fed who’s coming here to inspect Old Blackbeard.  I’ll tell the desk to inform him that we’ve found a companion for the old guy.”

Mom smiled.  “A federal inspector!  My, my, Ronnie’s having quite a day.  But...  Where’s her tag?”

Linda blinked.  “Come again?”

“Where’s her captive breeding tag?  There should be one right on her ear, and you can’t breed her without one.”  Ronnie perked up almost immediately, she wouldn’t have to fuck Blackbeard!  Then Mom had to keep going.  “If you want, I can set her up right now.”

Linda beamed, looking at Ronnie with an incredibly happy smile.  “Well, that’d be just perfect!  It’d be a shame to go so far and not end up with Blackbeard, right Ronnie?”

Ronnie huffed as Mom walked to the computers.  Registered like some animal!  Ronnie stuck out her tongue once their mother’s back was turned.  Linda returned the gesture and Ronnie huffed with quiet laughter at the sight of her uptight sister acting so immaturely.  She’d never have thought that a second ago the girl was torturing her.

“Hey, I didn’t know you liked rap.”  Mom chuckled as Linda gasped, clearly having forgotten their mother was still in the room.  Ronne glanced over to the monitor, and even her new vision was capable of making out the video she’d left it on, a particular example of this generation’s offensive ingenuity.  Would Mom realize it was something that the video was far more of a ‘Ronald’ song than a ‘Linda’ song?  Ronnie sighed as her mother dismissed the video with a quick click; so much for that hope.

Ronnie did her best to space out as her mother entered in a series of credentials into the database.  Somehow, her mind kept returning to the fact that she was now nothing more than an animal—worse, an animal whose sole existence was breeding.  That was what Linda had said, that she was only alive to keep Old Blackbeard alive.  Ronnie didn’t want to see him dead any more than Linda did, but she’d never agree to keep him around this way.  Maybe she could find a way to get Linda fired.

But if Linda were to leave the zoo, what would become of Ronnie?  No doubt the girl wouldn’t return, leaving Ronnie to the zoo’s mercy.  Linda kept mentioning how other zoos often requested animals to keep their specimens ‘company’.  Would that happen to her then?  Would she be nothing more than a tradeable commodity?  Nothing more than a living display, something that zoos would swap whenever one of their animals was feeling a little frisky?  Even if she played along and became part of routine shows, her life would be little better.  She might get nicer accomodations, but that didn’t address the problem with her being aa zoo animla in the first place.

Death would be no respite, either.  Instead of a decent burial, she’d probably end up like Linda’s threats.  She hated that thought, the possibility of ending up as little more than a fur coat, or a taxidermed mascot.  They probably wouldn’t even put her in a decent position, choosing to have her body in a faux roar.  Or worse, a novelty pose.  Ronnie shivered, deciding her thoughts were far worse than what was happening to her right now.

“And almost done!”  Mom grinned, hitting a key with a flourish.  “You have any tags?”

Linda was beside her in an instant, holding a bag and an injector.  “Here’s the PIT for Ronnie.  Documentation should be in the baggie.”  Linda tore open the bag, handing her the paperwork as she loaded the tag into the injector.

Mom thanked her, quickly entering a series of numbers onto the site.  “That should do it!”  She reached for the injector, pausing when she saw Linda’s expectant expression.

“Do you mind if I do it, Mom?  I could always use the experience, and you’re a great supervisor.”  Linda was practically bouncing on her heels at the opportunity.

Mom sighed, shaking her head.  “Fine, fine.  Right between the shoulder blades, that was she won’t be able to get it out.”

“Will do!”  Linda chirped, happily walking her way behind Ronnie.

Ronnie felt her hackles rise at the sense of Linda behind her, but she fought back the urge to defend herself against this latest intrusion.  Nobody liked having someone else in their blind spot, but this was the last step before she could be somewhat free again.

A sharp stabbing marked the tag’s application, and Ronnie tried to scratch where it was injected.  She couldn’t quite reach her arms that far back, but Linda noticed her movement and itched the site for her.

“And now it’s official.”  Mom smiled and kissed the bear on its snout.  “Fun examining you, honey.  I’ll be sure to see you again if I’m ever in the area.”

“Not going to hang out a little longer?”  Linda frowned, ceasing her ministrations.  Ronnie huffed slightly, but the itch had passed.  Though the scratching was enjoyable, she didn’t want to get on Linda’s bad side by acting spoiled.

Mom sighed.  “Sorry, but I need to go.  And so do you!  I checked the zoo’s schedule, and that federal agent should be here within the hour to investigate Blackbeard.”  She looked back to Ronnie.  “Be sure to keep him alive, okay?”

Ronnie nodded, and Mom laughed.  “That’s the spirit!”  She tugged the restraint she’d placed around the bear’s muzzle, and Ronnie stretched her jaws as Mom packed her bags.  “Give my daughter an easy time, okay?  It’s her first job, and this means a lot to her.  I’ll try and see you later, but right now the petting zoo needs my attention.”

Ronnie blinked as her mother’s words sank in, then she nodded again, watching the woman leave the same way she’d came.  Once more, she was alone in a room with Linda.  Linda bit her lip, her eyes glancing around the room.  Her eyes lit up on a wheeled cage, and she grinned.

“Okay Ronnie, we’re going to take you to your enclosure.  You even get to get wheeled there in style!”  She pulled the cage out, opening it for her sister.  Ronnie obediently padded into the carrier.  She had to kiss up while she could.

Linda chatted amicably as she rolled Ronnie to Blackbeard’s pen, but the brown bear had zoned out, realizing this meant she’d probably be bred with the big grizzly.  Still, it meant she’d be able to go outdoors, and Ronnie felt herself perk up as she approached the exit.

Linda jogged to the front of the cart, pulling it open for Ronnie.  “You know, it’s really convenient you understand me.  I hate rolling these onto the exhibits, the little wheels always get caught on the turf.”  She opened the gate for Ronnie, who padded into the exhibit, past the faux cave the zoo had in place.  A part of her couldn’t wait to see her new home, a wonderfully...  Muddy patch of dirt with a small pond of water.

Well, that wasn’t entirely fair.  There were four pine trees, and it looked like they even had a hut connected to a viewing window, so that people could watch them sleep.  Funny how voyeuristic going to zoos seemed once you were an animal.  Still...  She’d be living here?  No wonder Blackbeard was cranky!  She pouted, huffing with irritation at her sister.


Linda laughed at the bear’s expression.  “Yeah, it looks great, right?  The zoo doesn’t have that big of a budget, this is all you’re going to get.  It’s no hotel, but maybe the company will make up for it.”

Ronnie turned to growl at Linda, who responded with a sharp look.  “Remember, fur coat.  Now play nice.”  She waved at the brown bear, hips swaying from side to side as she walked back to the employee entrance.  She might as well give Ronnie a little something to get her in the mood.  She spun on her heel, leaning over to give the bear an impressive view of her cleavage as she blew her a kiss.  She closed the gate with a laugh, relishing the animal’s befuddled expression.

Apparently it worked, though.  Blackbeard was stirring from his position, sniffing the air with interest.  His eyes alighted on his new companion, and he padded over to her excitedly.  Linda smiled as the brown bear tensed uncomfortably, the grizzly looking her up and down with interest.

“So.  This is the black grizzly you want extra funding for?”  A deep voice sounded off behind her.

Linda jumped with surprise, whirling to find a tall black man in a suit.  His hair was trimmed short, and his face was as stern as anyone’s she’d seen.  Was he that governmental employee?  She heard someone was supposed to visit today, but he was completely out of place.  She expected some pencil pusher, not a man who looked like a field agent.

“Uh.  Hi, I’m Linda.  And you are?”  She said, hoping that he wasn’t just some nutjob who broke in.

He inclined his head slightly by way of greeting.  “Cooper Williams, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.  APHIS for short.”

Linda blinked in surprise.  She frantically searched her mind for icebreakers, and drew a blank.  “Why not Animal and Plant Health Inspection Department?  Then you’d be APHID.”

His glare hardened, and she squeaked with fear.  “Because apparently some people don’t like to be compared to lice.”

“Oh.”  For a moment, the two stood in an uncomfortable silence.  Well, uncomfy for her.  She had no doubt the tall man preferred the quiet.

Another moment passed, and he cleared his throat.  She looked up to him, and he gestured to the enclosure before them.  “You have a bear for me?”

“Oh!”  Linda gasped, covering her mouth with one of her hands.  She closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths.  So what if he was large and intimidating?  She was a fighter, and this was something that the zoo needed.  She opened them and dusted her khakis off quickly.  “Yes sir, this is an old favorite of kids at the zoo, Old Blackbeard.  He used to be a lively crowd-pleaser, but as of late he’s been lazy and irritable, something we’ve chalked up to loneliness.  As such, we’ve taken steps to introduce a companion to the pen, something to keep him happy, and double the audience’s enjoyment.”  She finished with a smile the zookeepers usually reserved for tours.  He didn’t return it, too busy gazing over her shoulder.

“It doesn’t look like they’re too interested in each other.”  Agent Williams rumbled.

Linda turned to find Ronnie backing away from Blackbeard nervously.  He snorted and approached her, his hackles rising.  For a moment, Linda was overcome with worry.  What if Ronnie still smelled human?  Would that be enough to set Blackbeard off?  She really hated the idea of running in there and taking down the old grizzly in front of Agent Williams.

Then, she saw that Old Blackbeard was one hundred percent erect, and she sighed with relief.  Unfortunately, that faded as Agent Williams spoke up again.  “No mate, no money.  And I don’t have all day.”  Linda bit back a sarcastic remark.  Theirs was the only zoo in the area, what else was he going to do?  Wander around the park?  Actually, that was probably exactly what he’d do.

And if he wanted a show, by God she’d give him a show.  “Come on, Ronnie!  Show your mate how good of a lover you are!”  The brown bear stopped quivering with fear, but didn’t look away from the grizzly that now towered over her.  “Some people here want to see some action, and it might be very beneficial to your future.

Her sister looked up at her incredulously, and Linda pointed to her own groin, then mimed licking her finger before jerking a thumb back to the agent behind her.  As an afterthought, she mimicked him frowning, then drew a finger across her throat.  Ronnie blinked as understanding dawned upon her.  Linda offered the bear two thumbs up of encouragement, mouthing ‘blow him’.  She glanced back to find Agent Williams smirking at her actions.  Well, at least he could smile, even though this might not be the time for that.


A group of students gathered around the pen, murmuring amongst themselves.  Linda squinted at them, rolling her eyes as she recognized they were football players.  The only one she recognized was Shane, the all-star quarterback.  She didn’t know he was on this trip!  The girl hated to admit it, but he was definitely her type.

“Oh my God, she’s sucking his dick!”  One of them shouted.  And just like that, the dam broke.

“Go get ‘er, Blackbeard!”  A linebacker called.

“Looks like she’s found a honey pot!”  Another jock with too much bling snapped his wrist, high-fiving the boy next to him.

“He’ll show her his hundred-acre wood!”  Shane joined in.  The other football players turned to look at him incredulously.  Even across the field, Linda could still hear the quaterback’s loud voice.  “What?  It’s a play on Winnie the...  Oh, fuck it.  Blow him good, you bitch!”  He punched a fist in the air, and the footballers went back to cheering.

Ronnie continued to lap away at Blackbeard’s meat, her tongue swirling around his cockhead as she worked her muzzle up and down his length.  Linda blinked as the brown bear expertly deepthroated the grizzly, her long tongue slobbering over the male’s balls even as she bobbed her head.

“Well, damn.”  Agent Williams laughed, putting his hands on his hips.  “Here I thought that was something only us people do.  Learn something new every day, huh?”

“Uhm... Yeah.”  Linda mumbled, fumbling for her phone as inspiration struck her.  She turned it on and started recording the two animals, a devious grin on her face.  “Hey Ronnie, smile!  You’re on Candid Camera!”

The smaller bear gagged, her eyes wide as she turned to glance at Linda.  Blackbeard’s cock pushed out her cheek like an oversized jawbreaker, and the students guffawed with laughter.  It looked like Ronnie was about to stop blowing the old grizzly, but he growled loudly, and she immediately got back to work, loud slurping and slucking filling the air.  Linda couldn’t help but wonder if Ronnie intended to be so loud.


Ronnie did her best to increase the volume of the lewd sounds she was making, instead focusing on her new mate’s scent, his flavor.  It was a thick, woodsy scent that caused her to salivate uncontrollably.  With a start, she realized that she couldn’t keep herself away from the bear’s monster cock.  She could try to not continue licking him, sucking at his girth needfully, but that didn’t change what her body was doing.

It was as though a fog had settled over her mind, forcing her to blow the bear, to sample as much of his flavor as possible, making her forever his bitch.  Blackbeard’s precum leaked out from his tip, and Ronnie focused even harder on that, drinking in the smooth way it ran down her throat, the hot liquid stirring up her inner beast uncontrollably.

She opened her mouth wider, mindful of her jaws as she rolled her cheeks around his cockhead.  She clamped down tightly on his member, locking in the heat of his cock, the taste of his sweat.  Slowly, she started to bob her head up and down the length of his member.  As though inspiration struck her, she forced her tongue out, using it to lick as much of his shaft and balls as possible, letting the tapered end of his cock into the back of her throat as she sucked him off loudly, drowning out the cries of the collegiates.


Damn, those students were funny.  Linda looked up to them with a smile, tuning into their shouts.

“God DAMN, sounds like me and your mom last night, Jones!”  One of the students laughed as another punched him in the arm.

“Not even she’s that loose!”  He retorted, much to the shared amusement of his colleagues.

Linda returned her attention to the bears, suppressing laughter as she saw how flat Ronnie’s ears were.  It was like she was trying to ignore what they were saying and focus on the job before her.  Well, she wouldn’t need to for long.  Linda smirked as the grizzly stood taller, letting out a loud, window-shaking roar as he came inside of Ronnie’s mouth.  The brown bear pulled off of him with disgust, only for a second load to hit her in the face.

The semen spattered across her muzzle, and Linda could almost see some of it get in her sister’s nose.  She stopped the recording; Linda had to look away or else she’d burst out into laughter before the agent.  She decided to focus her attention on him, on the approving look in his eyes.

He glanced down to her, smiling kindly at the amused zookeeper.  “I’d think you found a winner here, Miss Thompson.”  He glanced to her phone, then back at the pen.  “But I wouldn’t stop recording now, if I were you.  I think Blackbeard’s only just begun.”

Linda looked back to Ronnie to find the brown bear licking up all of her mate’s semen obediently.  No, more than that—the brown bear was doing her best to clean the grizzle entirely, from mud to sweat.  Ronnie attacked the filth relentlessly, and Linda had to wonder how much of it actually was Ronnie.  Maybe the spell helped provide her with a few more animal instincts, to better accommodate her to the role.  Still, judging by the look in her eyes, the brown bear wasn’t enjoying it one bit.

While Ronnie attended to his spilt seed, Blackbeard was moving behind her, preparing himself for...  Linda gasped with amusement, quickly hitting her phone’s ‘record’ icon once more.  Not a moment too soon, as Blackbeard climbed over Ronnie, trying to get his cock into her waiting pussy.  Linda stared in slack-jawed amusement, her phone still recording the two bears.  This was absolutely one of her best days, she thought, time seeming to slow to a crawl as Blackbeard’s throbbing cock drew closer and closer to Ronnie’s snatch.


This was definitely not one of her best days.  Ronnie huffed, trapped inside her own mind as her body cleaned the rest of the semen off of her face, the ground.  It was nothing like her semen as a human, still salty, but where hers had been sweet, his was earthy, dry.  It lingered in her throat on the way down, a cloying musk that set her pussy on fire behind her.

Once more, she found her mind trapped within her body, screaming for an exit as she lapped away at him with an almost obsessive-compulsive need.  Every strand, every splotch of fluid on the two’s bodies had to be cleaned.  She danced her tongue along his furry sack, wrapped her tongue around his member to draw every bit of flavor from it.

Satisfied that he was clean, Ronnie backed away from him, devoting all of her attention to cleaning the cum on her face.  She couldn’t even control her eyes, and had to watch as she focused on various parts of her muzzle, around her eyes.  The fur felt rough on her tongue, the ejaculate a slimy wetness that clung to her tongue.  Ronnie continued to focus on the tip of her snout, her tongue flicking across her nose.

She gagged as the wet muscle penetrated her nostril, swirling around it to clear the semen which coated her nasal passages.  She withdrew her tongue, swallowing this new sample.  She tried to pretend it was just his load; that somehow made it easier thinking about how she’d just picked her nose with her tongue.  But, there was a bright side.  With that, her task was done.

She huffed, looking around in front of her for the grizzly.  To her surprise, he was no longer there.  She started to turn, only for him to practically jump atop her, his paws able to lie cleanly on the ground around her.  He—he was going to fuck her!  Ronnie gasped as she realized that despite her attempts to resist, her cunt was practically dripping.

For a moment, the world stood still.  Ronnie lay on all fours under Blackbeard, her pussy quivering with anticipation, her body shaking with dread.  She could feel his fur against hers, his weight pressing down on her ever so slightly.  Worst of all, she could feel her cunt trembling from the heat of his monster cock, ready and waiting for a pleasure that would drive her feral.

Then, time resumed its course, his cock slamming into her, filling her walls and pushing her forward roughly.  Ronnie gasped with a mixture of pleasure, surprise, and pain.  She wasn’t ready for this, not by far.  Her pussy wasn’t wet enough, her mind not fully braced.  Blackbeard didn’t care.

Neither did her friends outside the exhibit.  “Hell yeah, fuck her good buddy!”  One of the footballers applauded, pumping his fist in the air.  Ronnie had to wonder if they’d still be cheering if they knew who she was.  Maybe—no, probably.  They were as vicious as the grizzly behind her, just in a different way.

“Rip that pussy up!”  Another piped up.  Ronnie frowned.  Wasn’t that Jones?  She used to buy him donuts, how could he betray her like that?

Then, Shane opened his mouth again, and Ronnie felt an arrow straight to her heart.  Not that she liked Shane or anything, but she trusted him.  “Blackbeard, Blackbeard, Blackbeard!”  He started a chant, and soon the rest of the students chimed in, rhythmically chanting the grizzly’s name.

It had the desired effect, his ears perking up as he looked to the crowds.  Ronnie heard him grunt behind her as he began to rhythmically piston back and forth.  His balls slapped against her trembling walls, and she felt a tremble wrack her body at her weakness.  And it was indeed weakness, for thinking she had a way out of this, thinking her new body was strong.  She was nothing but a needy fuck toy for Blackbeard, a means for his unwitting survival.

She could scream and shout all she wanted, all anyone would hear would be roars and growls.  Worse, at any time she’d try to rebel, her body would fight back against her every action.  And though her mind hated it, her body relished every second of it, her tongue lolling from her mouth as she continued to be ravaged by the grizzly.  Her walls trembled with every inch of his girth as he slowly worked his way, her dry cunt acting as a natural speed bump.  But they wouldn’t be dry for long.

Ronnie let loose a mighty roar as she climaxed, her walls clenching Blackbeard tightly and soaking him with her juices.  Squelching filled the air, as she provided him with the lubrication he was so desperately waiting for.  The larger bear roared his approval, licking the back of her ears as he started to work his pace up to a frenzy.  Ronnie could smell her own juices in the air, and it drove to the edge once more.

She roared again, her nipples aching as she dug her paws into the grass, carving deep furrows in the turf.  Her whole body ached as she experienced release again and again.  Dimly, the brown bear could make out her former classmates encouraging Blackbeard to fuck her harder.  Those thoughts were washed out by wave after wave of primal bliss.  She wanted—needed to be dominated, a life where she was constantly shown what a bitch she was.

Her pussy was so sensitive, so raw, that she was able to gauge how far he was in her by the sensation of his bulbous cockhead moving in her body.  Ronnie’s jaw remained slack as she tried to process what was going on.  Though her mind was fully intatct, she still couldn’t repress the urges of her body, which even now continued to gasp for breath.  Her loud pants joined the wet squelches in the hot afternoon air, his drool and her ejaculate matting her fur.

Slowly, bit by bit, Ronnie was able to retake control of her mind.  She shook her head, long cords of drool slung from her tongue.  She needed to leave, to run from the monster that was driving her other self wild.  She willed herself to charge forward, put every effort into leaping away.  She managed to fall flat on the ground.  Blackbeard grunted behind her, falling atop her.  Somehow, this only increased the waves of pleasure coursing through Ronnie.

Her tail waggled, stimulating the base of his cock.  He responded well, leaning forward to lick her muzzle.  She responded with affectionate licks of her own, their tongues touching and rolling across one another.  Inside her body, Ronnie screamed denials, trying to spit out the flavor of Blackbeard’s rich, musky taste.  Taunting her human half, the brown bear swallowed her lover’s saliva greedily, relishing how her weaker half squirmed with discomfort.

Blackbeard’s thrusts grew more and more insistent, pounding her cunt relentlessly.  She roared again, cursing her weakness and her bliss, how she wanted every inch of his dick fully inside of her.  Then, another roar joined hers.  His cock twitched inside of her, and Ronnie’s roars degenerated into helpless, lustful whimpers as he came, his seed filling  her uterus with his seed, filling her past her rim, cum dripping from her pussy as he slid out of her, inch by inch.

Ronnie lay limp on the ground, utterly spent, though apparently not pas the point of coming once more as his head slipped out of her.  Tired, she let a puddle of drool collect around her front, mirroring the puddle of semen behind her, a mixture of both hers and his.


“Not bad.  Looks like that calmed him down.”  Agent Williams nodded, pulling out a small pad and making a few notes.  “Not bad at all.”  He tore off the page he was working on, passing it to Linda.  “Here’s what you should expect from us.” 

Linda’s eyes bulged from her head at the sum listed on it.  Did numbers usually come with so many zeroes?  Two of them were cents, but still!  “I think there’s been some mistake.”  She turned the paper so he could see what he’d written.  “There’s no way this is what we get to take care of Blackbeard; this is way too much!”

Agent Williams gave her another smile, still an utterly foreign expression on his face.  “The money for Blackbeard will be dispatched by the end of the week.  This is the money for whoever discovered that brown bear.”

Linda stammered, glancing back to the check.  “You do know that this bear isn’t going to be here permanently, right?”

He nodded sagely.  “Yes, but breeding bear cubs is a time-consuming process.  This is to whoever you loaned her from; the payment that will be sent after birth.”

“Oh.”  Linda swallowed, glancing at the check in her hand.  She hadn’t meant for Ronnie to stay as a bear after today, but for that sum of money, Linda couldn’t complain.  “I think we’re in business, then.”

Agent Williams nodded.  “I think we are.  Pleasure seeing you, and I hope to see you again in the future.”  He turned smartly on his heel, his footsteps echoing as he followed the service exit to the parking lot.

Linda looked again at the check in her hands.  With pay like that, she might have to get Ronnie to ‘help out’ a few other animals around the zoo.  Still, she would need to talk to her sister about that...

She opened up the cage, walking out into the pen.  A few cat-calls were suitably issued by the college group, and she waved at them cheerily.  “We hope you’ve enjoyed the show, but isn’t it time you folks head down to our MRI?”

The teacher saw his opportunity and began herding his class into some semblance of a line.  Shabby as it was, it served its purpose.  Linda and the bears were alone and unobserved in the pen, save for the blinking security cameras.  They didn’t matter; they couldn’t pick up sound.

“So, Ronnie.”

The bear perked up its ears but did little more, still spent from her recent activities.

“We have a little bit of a problem.”  Linda smiled.  “Well, you have a little bit of a problem.”

The bear blinked and growled interrogatively.

“Seems like you’re going to be here until you give birth.”  She held up her hands calmingly.  “And don’t worry, I made you really fertile, so that shouldn’t take too long.  Just...”  Linda blinked, doing the math in her head.  “Two-thirds of a year.  Ish.”

Ronnie made as if to stand, but Blackbeard was upon her once more, looking like he’d want to do a good deal more than ‘cuddle’.

“Hey, see!  He likes you, you’ll get along great.  Don’t worry about Mom and Dad; I’ll tell them you were so moved by the demonstration today that you decided to go on an exchange trip.  Hell, I’ll even write them letters for you.”

Ronnie grunted her displeasure, but was already rocking back against her mate.  She roared as he found her entrance once more, drooling with mounting pleasure as Blackbeard started to thrust into her.

“That’s the spirit!”  Linda grinned.  “The sooner you get knocked up and pop out a kid or two, the sooner we’ll have this done with!”  She neglected to mention that Ronnie would probably be having triplets, the usual litter for the area.

“And hey, I’ll be here to keep an eye on you, so I’ll be able to keep you out of too much trouble.”  That didn’t look like an issue, though.  Ronnie’s eyes were already slightly glazed as she continued to be roughly fucked.  Blackbeard would no doubt take precious care of his new mate.  With that thought, Linda realized she was watching a couple having sex less than ten feet in front of her, and she politely turned her eyes away.

It’d probably be for the best if she were to leave the two bears to their business.  Linda waved over her shoulder as she walked back to the exit, leaving her sister pushed into the muck.  Ronnie would have a good time.  Four trees, two hundred square meters, and a horny grizzly that had nothing else to do.  There would be the matter of parting her and Old Blackbeard, but Linda would cross that bridge when she got to it.  For now, she’d enjoy the rest of her day.


Ronnie grunted beneath Blackbeard, shame and betrayal overriding every other sense she could feel.  A good thing too—otherwise, she would be devastated by hew new living conditions.  It was for the best that the ice in her gut was the cold flames of rage, and not the frigid winter of despair.  How the hell could Linda expect her to accept this?  One day was bad enough, but how long did bears take to come to term?  9 months?  Longer?  They were just as big as humans, so it couldn’t be too short a time.

And people would notice that Ronald was gone.  Lots of people knew her former self, people like the kids around the block, the jocks, her family!  But...  Would any of them miss her?  The kids around the block only cared about Ronald because he had provided them with masturbatory material.  Now that she had a new form, they’d probably start jerking it to her instead of Linda, or to both of them.  The jocks were much the same way, only they might try to rape her after.  And her family...  Linda had them covered.

Nobody would miss her.  Nobody would even know that she was gone.  And with that realization, Ronnie felt all of the anger seep out of her bodies.  She’d earned some degree of revenge from her sister, but not this.  Nothing like this.  Ronnie let the bear within her take over, sinking back into the recesses of her mind.

This... this patch of muck was her new home now.  Like it or not, there was nothing she could do about it, and she had just as much say to her living conditions as she did to whether or not she’d be fucking Blackbeard.  She could fight it, or accept it, maybe understand a good deal more about Stockholm Syndrome.  She’d be here until Linda finally parted her and Old Blackbeard; she might as well try to enjoy the stay.





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