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The Psychology Cows - By Seaweed Smells Author: By Seaweed Smells Species: cow Date: Mar. 23, 2009 Rating: R The Psychology Cows

Day One

I woke to find myself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling and immediately knew something was wrong. The last thing I remembered was one of our psychology tutors, Miko, visiting our flat for some extra curricular coaching for myself and my three close friends, Amy who was my girlfriend, Sue and Jack who was my best friend. The very last thing I remembered was Miko pulling out a small bottle of our favourite bourbon and mixing us a few bourbon and cokes.

Something had clearly gone wrong, but what?

I went to sit up and made the horrible discovery that both of my arms were restrained and there was some sort of soft furry collar around my neck. I turned my head to the right to see what was holding my arm down and started panicking. There was an intravenous tube feeding a bag of bright flouro green fluid into my wrist.

I pulled and pushed against the restraints. Not that it did me any good other than move the light green cotton sheet that was loosely covering me. However I did discover that I was only restrained from the waist up. My hips and legs were free. I gave up struggling and decided to look around the room.

Off to my right and about three metres away was another bed with Amy lying on it and she was sound asleep. I thought about speaking to her but decided to check the room out first. The clock above the doorway said it was almost six o’clock and judging by the fading sunlight coming in from the window I guessed it was early evening. The adjoining corridor was extremely quiet which suggested we were in a recovery wing or a private suite. Next to my intravenous drip was some standard hospital electronic gear that was displaying my pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygen level. Opposite me were another two beds which held Jack and Sue who were also sound asleep. Both of them had the same bright green fluid feeding into their drips. Just like my bag theirs were almost empty which meant a nurse would soon be appearing.

What on earth had happened to us? Was it food poisoning? That was about the only thing I could think of yet there was no memory of stomach pains or throwing up. My thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of a very attractive blond woman who was wearing a white hospital coat and I guessed was about 30 years old.

I watched her walk straight to my bed and flash a big smile at me.

‘Good evening Brad how are you feeling?’

‘Except for being restrained and a bit of weakness I feel fine. What’s happened to us?’
‘I will get the doctor in a few minutes and he will explain everything. Would you like a sip of water?

‘Yes thanks,’ I replied as I watched her pour some water from a nearby cup. She held the cup near my mouth while I lifted my head as high as I could and sucked the water thru a straw. ‘Thanks.’

‘Just be patient for a few minutes while I get the doctor.’

While I was waiting I decided to wake up my friends.

‘Hey guys wake up,’ I spoke loudly.

Jack was the first to wake and after some initial confusion he settled down after I told him that the doctor was on his way. Amy and Sue were also soon awake. None of us liked the idea of being restrained and no one could remember anything sick happening to us. The sound of voices in the corridor announced the arrival of the doctor.

The doctor was about forty and of Italian descent. His strong accent highlighted that fact.

‘Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Doctor Spillano and I will be looking after you for the next seven days,’ he looked at each of us as he moved to the end of my bed. ‘Now I suppose all of you are wondering why you are here?’

‘You got that right Doctor,’ said Jack. ‘What happened to us and what is with the bright green fluid?’

‘Well you are here because we kidnapped you.’

I was not sure what I heard. ‘Did you just say you kidnapped us?’ asked Amy with a strong tremor in her voice.

‘Yes I said kidnapped. Now as to the green fluid, it is going to start a process that will turn all four of you into high production hybrid cows over the next seven days.’

‘I beg your pardon. Did you say cows?’ asked Sue not quite believing what she had heard.

The doctor walked over to the side of her bed and placed his hand on her arm.

‘Yes Sue, I said cows. You are going to join our special herd of hybrid human based cows.’

‘You have to be kidding us,’ said Jack angrily.

‘This is no joke. The fluid in your veins is going to rapidly alter your genetic make up and physical appearance over the next seven days. Now the first indication that the fluid is working will be when you can no longer keep your legs straight and can only keep them extended at a forty five degree angle to your torso. Once your legs are set we will move you down into the cattle pens.’

Without waiting for a reply from us he turned and left the room after directing the nurse to disconnect our IV tubes. She disconnected mine first.

‘This is some kind of sick joke, right?’

She looked me in the eye as she pulled the tube from my vein. ‘No, this is not some sort of sick joke. In seven days time you will be cows down in the dairy being milked four times a day. Once the fluid is in your veins there is no going back.’

Before I could reply she went to the next bed and disconnected Amy’s tube. Once she had finished the other two she placed a chair in the middle of the room and sat down and began talking while ignoring our pleas for help.

‘The first sign that the fluid is working will be a tightness in your upper thighs and hips. Your legs will slowly bend at the hips until your thighs are at a forty five degree angle to your torso. Once they are retracted you will not be able to straighten them again and will be forced to bend forward when you stand up. The effect usually kicks in about three minutes after the IV bags are disconnected. Brad you were the first to be connected followed by Amy, Sue and Jack.’

All three of my friends turned to look at me just as I felt a tightening of my upper thighs and hips. An ice cold feeling ran down my spine as I felt my legs involuntarily lift and bend at the knees.

Amy was the first to notice it as the cotton sheet began to tent around my kneecaps.

‘I hope you’re doing that on purpose,’ she said while sounding worried.

‘No I am not. I cannot help it. My legs are doing this of their own accord. I can’t stop them,’ I said with fear in my voice.

‘Oh no,’ wailed Sue. ‘They are going to turn us into cows.’

‘No they are not,’ yelled Jack, ‘It is just a muscle stimulant. All they are doing is trying to scare us. It is impossible to turn people into cows. This is just a really bad joke.’

‘Well I hope you’re right Jack because I cannot stop my legs from lifting.’ I tried to push my legs back down but could not do it. They finally stopped at what I guessed was a forty five degree angle.

The nurse left her chair and came to my bedside. She placed a hand on each of my knees.

‘Brad, I am going to try and push your legs flat.’

She pressed down on my knees and I tried to straighten them. Nothing happened!!
My legs remained bent. She stopped pushing and turned to face me.

‘You are ready for the stables Brad. Your transformation into a cow has begun.’

She turned from me and walked over to Amy’s bed where her legs were already beginning to lift.

‘You are on the way now as well Amy.’ Amy began whimpering as she tried to straighten her legs.

Ten minutes later all of our legs were bent.

‘It is time to move you to the cattle yard which will be your home for the next six days. I will be back in a minute with some helpers.’

‘This is real Brad isn’t it? They really are going to turn us into cows. I just know it,’ whimpered Amy as she struggled to free herself.

A few minutes later all four of us were wheeled along a corridor until we left the building via a covered walkway. The building ahead of us was a large wooden barn which from the smell of things was clearly a dairy. The strong smell of cows gave it away.
Once in the barn we stopped in front of a reasonably large pen that was fronted by a floor to ceiling steel mesh wall. The nurse opened the door and we were wheeled in and parked near the doorway.

‘We are going to release your restraints now Brad but I want no funny stuff.’

I waited until my restraints were released and then sat up. I had been planning to grab the nurse around her neck but found myself off balance since I was not able to sit upright due to the angle of my legs. By the time I had my balance the nurse and her three assistants were already out the door which locked with a loud click.

‘This will be your home for the next seven days so make yourselves comfortable. A meal will be served in about thirty minutes and there is water available near the feed trough.’

I watched them leave the building before hopping off my bed. Not being able to stand upright was already a real pain in the butt. I awkwardly walked over to Amy, with the green cotton sheet wrapped around me, and sat down next to her on her bed. I tried to
reassure her that everything would be okay as I released her restraints but she was not having any of it.

‘It is not alright at all. We are in deep trouble,’ she said as I released Suzy and Jack.

‘Come on guys let’s check out what we have here,’ interrupted Jack. ‘I want to find a way out of here sooner rather than later.’

We sat up as straight as we could and looked around the pen. It was about five metres wide by about eight metres long and had a sawdust floor. A large strip of straw and hay was lying along the edge of one of the long walls which also had a large full length mirror in its middle section. The doorway wall had a feeding trough running from the corner to the edge of the door and two push lever drinking tubes which hung over the drinking tubs. Mounted on the other long wall was a series of posters which were titled day one thru to day seven. A closer look revealed a list of the body changes we could expect for each day we were here. The far wall had a large open doorway which appeared to lead to the outside. Monitoring cameras were located along the walls.

‘Ok let’s go and look outside and then come back and look at the list,’ said Jack. The girls wrapped their cotton sheets around their bodies and we stood up or rather as upright as our bent legs would allow us.

We stopped at the doorway and looked outside. Walking was difficult due to our bent legs. The first section was an open sided yard with a tin roof. The walls were more steel mesh that ran from the floor to the roof. The floor was dirt and off to our right was a ground level open concrete trough that was about three metres long. The sign above it said toilet. There was a foot operated spray nozzle at the end of the trough. Off to the left were six small open ended stalls that had a food trough and drinking bowl at the closed end.

A small grass covered paddock started at the edge of the roof line. It was about ten metres square and had yet another wall of steel mesh that was about eight metres high. The gaps between the mesh were too fine to allow us a finger hold. It was too dark to see what lay beyond the fence but the smell of cow pats was strong.

‘Can we dig under it?’ asked Sue.

‘We can try but I doubt we will be successful,’ replied Jack who had walked over to the fence to check out a sign which had a lightning bolt symbol on it. ‘There is fine lettering on here which says the fence is attached to a concrete foundation which goes down for at least two metres.’

‘There is no way out is there?’ asked Amy.

‘No I don’t think there is,’ replied Jack. ‘Let’s go and check out the list on the wall.’

We reluctantly returned to the pen and stood before the list. I started reading the notes for Day One and was horrified by what it said.

Day One

  • Intravenous fluid introduced
  • Body length increases
  • Angled torso

Day Two

  • Hooves = grow
  • Skeletal frame = widens and lengthens
  • Neck = thickens & lifts
  • Gender = male to female (where required)
  • Weight = 400lbs

Day Three

  • Face changes = muzzle & ears commence growing
  • Udder = commences growing
  • Tail = commences growing
  • Dairy visit
  • Weight = 600lbs

Day Four

  • Face changes finish = muzzle and ears finish growing
  • Udder = finishes growing
  • Tail = finishes growing
  • Skin transforms = hair falls out and new hide grows
  • No body control = eating and defecating done by instinct
  • No human voice remaining
  • Dairy visit
  • Weight = 800lbs

Days Five & Six

  • Size = cow grows to a weight of approximately 1200 pounds

Day Seven

  • Fist milking
  • Moved to the main barn

‘No way can this be real. It has to be a really bad joke,’ exclaimed Amy.

We returned to our beds and sat down. Having to continually lean forward was beginning to deeply annoy me.
‘I hate to say this Amy but I think this is real. It has to be the fluid that has made us lean forward like this,’ I said while holding her hand.

‘So do you think our bodies will lengthen next?’ asked Sue.

‘Well if they do then I believe everything else on that list will happen as well,’ said Jack.

‘I do not want to be a cow stuck in some dairy. I want to stay just as I am,’ said Amy sadly.

‘And I do not want to lose my lovely hair,’ replied Sue who was sounding just as worried.

Before we could continue our conversation the blonde nurse arrived with our meals. She handed each plate thru an inward opening flap in the doorway to Sue who passed them on to us. Jack had initially stood at the flap hoping to grab her by the arm in order to force her to open the door. But she would not come near the flap until he was standing well back.

‘Enjoy your meals cows. This is the last evening meal you will ever eat with knives and forks. Tomorrow evening all of you will be eating from the food trough. Oh and here is a last supply of alcoholic drinks for you. We figure you may have trouble sleeping tonight so some alcohol might help. By lunch time tomorrow you will have hooves instead of hands so enjoy the drinks while you can.’

Sue handed the tray of mixed cans to Jack who placed them on his bed. There were about three dozen of them or more.

‘Oh and here’s a tip for you. The most comfortable way to sit tonight is to sit on the floor and lean against a wall. It will become too hard for you to remain sitting on the beds as your torsos start to lengthen. See you in the morning.’

I took her advice and sat on the floor with my back against the wall and began eating the delicious smelling meal of rissoles and vegetables. Amy joined me after picking out two bourbon and coke cans and passing one to me.

All of us got blind rotten drunk as the evening progressed. We even kept drinking after the lights went out at 11PM. We studiously avoided talking about the list of changes displayed on the wall. Even so our inebriated states did not prevent us from noticing that our bodies became progressively longer as the night went on. That fact convinced me that we were truly on a one way trip into cowhood.

Day Two

I awoke in the morning staring at the wall. Sometime during the night all of us were forced to abandon our beds when our lengthening torsos became too long for the beds. So we slept on a bed of straw for the night. Thankfully the alcohol helped us sleep.

I sat up and knew straight away that my body was now almost twice as long as normal. I needed to pee so I went to stand up and discovered that I could no longer freely remain upright. The weight and length of my new longer body was stopping me from standing at the angle forced on me by my legs. There was no way I was giving into these guys and walking on all fours so I leant against the wall as I headed towards the toilet trough.

After relieving myself I took the opportunity to see what was beyond the fence. It was a large cow paddock that had about forty cows in it. The outside edge of the paddock was screened by a thick row of shrubs and trees. To the right was a dairy which still had a few cows being milked. I turned away from the dairy when I realised that was where I would more than likely find myself in a few days time. The less I thought of that image the better.

I turned around and looked at the opposite fence which revealed another large paddock full of cows’ busily eating grass. I averted my gaze and decided to go back inside. The less cows I saw today the happier I would feel. The others were stirring when I returned. Both the girls were now forced to go topless as their cotton sheets were not long enough to cover their longer torsos.

‘Lean on the wall if you want to go to the loo. We need to stay off all fours as long as we can,’ I advised as Amy went to walk on all fours.

Breakfast was served by the nurse who again waited for Jack to step back before she handed the plates to Sue. It was a big pile of bacon and eggs served with toast and orange juice.

‘Well I see you are all a fair bit taller this morning. But by this evening all of you will be looking at the world from waist height so not to worry. The doctor will be along to see you at 9AM. Enjoy your breakfast since it will be the last you will eat with your hands. From lunch time onwards you will be eating from the food trough. Bye.’

We quietly ate our breakfast and then the two girls went looking for some way to shower so they could freshen up. Jack took the opportunity to have a talk with me.

‘I am convinced now that we are turning into cows. If we have hooves by lunch time then there will be no reason for us not to walk on all fours. In fact with these long bodies it will probably be easier to move around.’

‘I know,’ I replied, ‘but I want to fight this for as long as I can. I do not want to give up hope and I want to help the girls cope.’

‘So do I Brad but I honestly think it may be easier for us emotionally if we stop resisting the changes and just go with the flow. I mean what can we do to stop this? Nothing at all! So let’s encourage each other as we try to cope with the changes.’

‘Alright I agree. From now on we help each other out as much as possible. I think this will be harder on the girls than it will be for us.’

Jack looked at me oddly. ‘Do you really think so? I don’t.’


The doctor arrived right on the dot of 9AM.

I considered walking outside but remained with my friends as we listened to what he had to say.

‘I can see that all of you are transforming on schedule. We have done this so many times now that we can initiate the program so that all of your changes are observable during daylight hours. Now let me fill in some details for today’s changes.’

I slid myself down to the floor and knelt back against the wall. The other three soon followed.

‘First of all your hooves will begin appearing at about 10AM and will be completed by 12 noon. From that point onwards it will be much more comfortable for you to walk around on all fours. For awhile, until some skeletal changes kick in around 1PM, you will only be able to look down at the ground while on all fours. Once the skeletal changes are complete your head will be in a position to allow you to comfortably look horizontally while on all fours. You will also develop a driving hunger which you will be unable to resist. But don’t worry we will keep your food trough full for the rest of the day. Further skeletal changes will then occur which will widen your shoulder blades and your hips so that your legs and arms are further apart.’

The more I heard the angrier I was becoming. I looked at Jack and realised he was about to let rip. The doctor continued his monologue oblivious to the impact he was having on us.

‘Once your legs are further apart your torso will begin to bulk up. The final major change for the day will only affect you two males at about 4PM. Your testicles and cocks will retract to be replaced by a new vagina which will be much larger than a normal human female one. Of course that change will also affect you two women. Now are there any questions?’

‘Why are you doing this?’ asked Sue.

‘Because we have discovered we can make a huge amount of money from the milk of human hybrid cows. That is why. In one sense you could say you four are going to be cashcows for us. Are there any other questions?’

There were none.

‘Very well I will see you at 1PM to feed you and to check your hoof development.’

The doctor turned and walked away.


The doctor’s visit had got to all of us.

‘Look girls we have to accept the fact we are going to be cows in a few days and embrace the idea rather than fight it. If we are going to be cows then let’s support each other and encourage each other. We have to keep on top of our emotions and try to make the best of our situation. That means we have to focus on the things that we discover we like about being cows.’

Sue and Amy began crying as they acknowledged there was not going to be any way out of their transformations into cows.‘I am not going to like anything about being a cow. I hate the very idea,’ cried Sue.

Things settled down over the next hour as we tried to avoid watching the clock. For most of the time we just sat leaning against the wall and talked about anything but our current situation. We became more nervous as the clock crept towards 10AM.

I first noticed the tingling in my fingertips. It soon spread to my whole hand as my thumb laid itself across my palm. My fingers then curled up into a fist and covered my thumbs.

‘I think it’s started guys. Look at my hands.’

I held them up for a closer look.

‘Can you straighten them at all?’ asked Amy.

‘No I cannot,’ I replied while looking at my feet which were also starting to tingle. ‘Something is happening to my feet as well.’

In fact something strange was going on. I watched fascinated as my toes slowly fused together and then a strong black cartilage like material began forming at the tips of my toes and rapidly spread along my feet. Each foot also bent until it looked like I was wearing high heels.

‘This is too freaky for me guys. I am not going to watch any more. Amy could you get me one of those cans of bourbon that we saved?’

The previous night we had decided to keep two cans each for today so as to relieve the tension if things got too heavy.

Amy returned to my side, popped the can open and held it to my lips.

‘You better give me the can Amy. You are next and it could start any minute,’ said Jack.

He took the can from Amy just as she squealed.

‘Oh no, it’s started.’ She held up her clenched fists and began crying. ‘I don’t want to have hooves.’

Over the next fifteen minutes Sue and Jack also began their transformations. My hands by that time were already melding into the shape of two hooves. My whole hand was one black hard shelled mass with a split in the middle and was starting to feel a lot heavier than my real hand had. My feet were no better with the lower part of my foot also rapidly taking on the shape and form of a hoof.

I gingerly tried putting some weight on my hands and found my sense of touch had greatly deteriorated. Instead of feeling thru my fingers like I was used to I just felt a hard insensitive lump. I decided to look away again until the process was finished. I soon found myself staring at the can of bourbon sitting on the ground next to me and wishing I could pick it up and drink from it.

We remained leaning against the wall for the next two hours with none of us speaking. My thoughts kept focusing on what I could possibly enjoy as a cow. There was nothing I could think of. The tingling which I had become used to after the first hour finally stopped just before noon. I reluctantly looked down at my new hooves which looked totally out of place on my arms.

After nearly two hours of sitting in the one place I was keen to stand up and move about for awhile. But that meant walking about on all fours. I was fairly sure I could still move around by leaning on the wall but what was the point? I was now the owner of four hooves so why not use them?

‘I think my hooves are finished,’ I announced to no one in particular.

‘So are you ready to try standing on them?’ asked Jack.

‘Well yes, I suppose I am but I feel really embarrassed. There is no way this sheet is going to stay on me if I start walking about on all fours.’

‘Don’t worry about it Brad. Once we start walking about all of us are going to be butt naked very quickly,’ said Sue.

I looked at her and smiled.

‘I think I will wait until you three are finished. That way we can do this together and I won’t feel so embarrassed.’

‘That’s a good idea Brad,’ said Amy as she leant against me. ‘This is something we should do together.’

Twenty minutes later Jack’s hooves were finished and we were ready to stand up.

‘Let’s do this together on the count of three,’ suggested Amy.

‘Here we go then’ said Sue, ‘One, two, and three.’

I leant forward in a squatting position and placed my front hooves on the ground. I then rested on all fours and straightened my arms and my legs until I was standing on all fours. I found myself looking at my front hooves for a few seconds and then I lifted my head to try looking horizontally. For some reason I could only lift my head up horizontally for a few seconds before dropping it back towards the ground.

I turned my head to the right and found Amy looking at me.

‘I feel so stupid standing like this,’ she said sheepishly. ‘But we don’t have any choice, do we?’

I threw a smile at her and answered, ‘No we do not have any real choice in what we are doing so how about all of us go for a quick tour of the paddock?’

That brought some nervous laughter from my three friends.

‘Sure why not,’ said Sue, ‘but I am not going first.’

‘How about we walk out side by side?’

‘Good idea Jack, let’s do it,’ I replied.

I tentatively took a few steps forward and then kept pace with Amy as we walked towards the yard doorway. The cotton sheets slid off us after a few steps but we just kept walking. I glanced up to see if we were on track for the door. For some reason we had veered off to our left.

‘I can’t believe we’re doing this,’ said Jack as we passed thru the doorway and stopped in the middle of the dirt yard.

‘Sorry guys,’ sobbed Amy, ‘I cannot handle any more of this. I’m going back inside.’

I watched Amy turn around and start to walk back into the pen.

‘Do you want me to come with you?’

‘No Brad I need to be alone for awhile.’

‘Sue, do you want to continue?’

‘Yes Jack, I do. Like you said we need to help each other thru this. After we do one lap of the paddock I’ll go and see how Amy is doing.’

We stepped out into the small paddock and slowly walked along the fence line. I felt totally exposed and vulnerable walking along on all fours with my backside uncovered. I was glad we were walking along next to each other rather than in single file. The last thing I wanted in this position was my friends having to look at my naked rear end.

‘If I doubted what was happening to us earlier it is well and truly gone now,’ said Sue. ‘We really are going to be turned into cows and we need to accept that fact and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. We need to focus on the best of our situation and not let our anger and bitterness swamp us.’

She did not sound very convincing.

‘I think we should draw on our psychology training and put the counselling techniques into practice.’ I suggested. “We cannot afford to be swamped by any anger and bitterness.’

‘Brad that is an awesome idea. Why didn’t we think of it sooner?’ exclaimed Sue excitedly.

‘I believe cognitive therapy is the right approach for this situation. We have to help each other accept the fact that we are being turned into cows, recognise and cope with the emotions that are triggered and then adapt to our new roles in life as quickly and as painlessly as possible,’ I continued.

‘I’m with you Brad. If we cannot fight this then we have to go with the flow and accept the new experiences in our lives as normal. For example cows are milked regularly so instead of becoming angry when we are milked we have to latch onto the fact that being milked is perfectly normal for a cow,’ said Sue as we stopped near the far corner of the paddock and faced each other.

‘I get the idea,’ said Jack, ‘so when we shit and piss ourselves no matter where we are instead of being embarrassed we accept the fact that what we are doing is normal behaviour for a cow?’ His voice was dripping with saecasm.

‘That is exactly what I’m talking about Jack,’ agreed Sue. ‘Hopefully doing this will help Amy cope. I’ll go and talk to her now.’

Sue was deep in thought as she walked on all fours back to the pen. It was all good and well for Jack to suggest they use their psychology training in order to cope. But all of them were on an emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions. Seeing your hands transform into hooves was enough by itself to cause an emotional overload. But to have your body lengthen to the point you could no longer stand upright and were forced to walk on all fours using your new hooves was just too much. Throw in being naked as well with your bum in the air and your boobs swinging freely and the result was an emotional tsunami. No wonder poor Amy needed some time out. Who wouldn’t?

Once back in the pen she looked around for Amy and found her sitting on the bed of straw with her back against the wall. She was sobbing loudly. Sue sat down next her. She wanted to put her arms around Amy’s shoulders but decided a touch of her new hoof was not what Amy needed.

‘This is just too much,’ sobbed Amy. ‘I do not want to be like this. It’s horrible. I do not want to be without my hands and forced to walk around on all fours butt naked.’

‘I know Amy. I know. But it is clear we are going to become cows. Brad, Jack and I have been talking about the best way to cope. We have to put our psychology training into practice, especially cognitive therapy.’

Amy stopped sobbing and turned to face Sue. Her interest was aroused.

‘What do you mean?’

‘We have to face the fact that we are being changed into cows. Instead of fighting it and becoming bitter and angry we have to accept our new position in life and make the most of things. We have to overcome our emotions and prevent any bitterness from taking root. We have to encourage each other when we are struggling and we have to try and enjoy ourselves.’

‘I can see your point Sue. But it is not going to be easy. At the moment every time I take a step it reinforces what these bastards have done to me. I hate walking around on all fours with my bum stuck in the air. My emotions at the moment are overwhelming me.’

‘That is where I can help Amy. Hang close to all of us rather than isolate yourself. If you stay by yourself you will become more and more bitter. If we stay close together we can show our support for each other and our situation will become to appear more normal. If we stay together you will begin to identify with our group identity and the more relaxed you will become. Okay?’

Amy reluctantly nodded in agreement.

‘You are right Sue. Just talking with you now is making me feel better. I’m not alone in this. You three are my friends and together we can get thru this.’

‘Good girl. Now let’s stand up and go and see the boys.’

The two transforming women stood on all fours and walked out to the paddock with their breasts swinging from side to side and their butts pivoting provocatively with every step taken with their new hooves.

Doctor Spillano leant back from his monitor and beamed at Nurse Kaitlin.

‘I do declare these psyche students are much more interesting than our other subjects. I like their attitude. If they can put their psyche teaching into practice I think all four will accept their new lives very quickly and not give us the usual emotional problems.’

The usual problems included trying to kick both of them and inflicting self hurt. The hurt was overcome by placing each cow into a small restrictive stall while a couple of hits with a cattle prod always stopped the kicking.

‘I agree doctor. Maybe we should procure uni students and professionals from now on?’

‘We will wait until 1PM to see them. By that time their hunger should be kicking in pretty strongly.’

We were sitting against the far wall where the straw was when the doctor and the nurse reappeared. Despite it being more comfortable standing on all fours we had decided to sit for awhile. Our hunger was steadily increasing as the minutes went by.

The nurse was pushing a large steel trolley that held some buckets of food. She surprised us by pushing the trolley thru the door rather than filling the food trough. We remained seated as they approached us. I did not want to be seen standing on all fours in front of them.

‘Good afternoon cows,’ said the doctor as he looked at each one of us. ‘I see your hoof development has gone well. Now before we feed you I need to inspect your hooves to make sure there are no problems. Brad, I will start with you first. Please stand up.’

I debated whether to resist his command or obey. After a few seconds thinking about the cattle prod he was holding I gave in and stood on all fours. He leant beside my front right hoof and lifted it. He ran his fingers over it and spent some time inspecting the under side where there was some sort of groove or gap which he ran his finger along.

Over the next few minutes he inspected my other hooves and then declared me fit and able for walking on all fours. I found the whole experience to be completely humiliating. It made me feel like an animal.

I remained standing on all fours while he inspected the hooves of my three friends. It was just more comfortable than sitting back against the wall.

‘Congratulations, all of you have had no problems with your hooves. I know you are very hungry so we will not keep you waiting any longer for lunch. Please follow us into the yard where we will set up your individual stalls.’

I looked at Jack who was also standing on all fours and saw him nod. We followed the doc and the nurse like the pack of barnyard animals we were fast becoming. Again, the very act of following our food made me feel like an animal. Once in the courtyard we were led to the six open ended stalls that were off to our left.

‘You will be eating from these stalls from now on. I want each of you to choose a stall so that Nurse Kaitlin can adjust the height of your food troughs and drinking tubes.’

Jack was the first to respond as he stepped into the first stall on the left.

‘Come on Sue, you take the next one, then Amy.’

Sue and Amy walked into their stalls followed by myself. If the previous acts of hoof inspection and following our food had made me feel like an animal standing in the stall in front of the feed trough completed the feeling. Nurse Kaitlin wheeled her trolley around to the front of our stalls and stopped in front of Jack’s food trough. She tipped out three four litre buckets of mixed vegetables and fruits which were cut into small cubes. My food trough was soon full as well.

‘Now before you start eating we need to adjust your troughs and drinking tubes.’

The troughs were quickly adjusted. The drinking tubes were just off to the right hand edge of our food troughs and were attached to an adjustable vertical rod that had a row of holes along it. Nurse Kaitlin started with Jack’s tube.

‘Jack, put your mouth over the tube and blink your right eye when the height is right.’

It was my turn last. I opened my mouth and took the tube into my mouth, blinking my right eye when the height was comfortable. When my chin pushed against the button located about an inch in from the edge of the tube the brown liquid visible in the clear plastic tube flowed into my mouth. Whatever it was it tasted delicious having a tropical guava like taste. Like the rest of my friends I took a few swallows and then stopped.

The doctor was standing in front of us while the nurse went to the back of our stalls and started closing the gates locking us in. I did not like the fact one bit.

‘Do not fight your thirst which is driven by your new body’s need to bulk up. Over the next five days all you will be doing is eating and drinking virtually non stop. The drink is a special protein based mix which will rapidly accelerate your body mass. To accommodate your increasing bulk your skeletal frame will take on the structure of a cow over the next few hours and by sunrise tomorrow morning all of you will weigh about three to four hundred pounds.’

The doctor moved back to my left and stopped in front of Jack.

‘Finally, when you need to defecate or pee just let it go. Your stall floor is a sawdust base covered by a deep layer of straw which we will muck out when we let you out for some exercise at sunset. Are there any questions?’

There were none.

‘Kate you can tell the cows the rest of the details.’

Once the doctor was gone Nurse Kate stood in front of the feed troughs where we could easily see her.

‘First of all do not fight your thirst. It is simply your new body craving the nourishment it requires to bulk up. So you will find yourself eating and mainly drinking almost non stop for the next five and a half days. There is no point trying to resist your desire to drink the juice. About the longest you will be able to hold out for the rest of today is about five to ten minutes after your last drink until you reach a body weight of about 350lbs or about 135kg. The juice is available in lots of four litres which will take you about five to ten minutes to drink.’

‘There will be a break for as long as you took to drink it while your body bulks up from the juice. Then another four litres will flow thru the tubes and be available for you. The cycle will go right thru to about midnight for the girls by which time each of you will weigh about 135kg or about 300lbs. The thirst desires will cease each day once a weight gain of about 90kg is reached. At that point your body will switch off its weight gaining process for a few hours and rest. You will know when it is switched back on when you become really thirsty again. As you gain weight you will notice a shortness of breath developing. That is because your head and neck will be too small to cope with the extra breathing that is caused by your larger lungs.’

‘So each day you will increase your weight by a further 90kg or 200lbs. By the seventh day each of you will weigh about 540kg or about 1100 to 1300lbs. You can follow your weight gain with the digital read out on the bar above your food trough.’

‘Now before I go I have to tie the hair of you two females into buns so it does not get in the way in your food troughs. Sue you can be first.’

Kate waited for Sue to place her head beyond the food trough rail where she could reach it. Sue and Amy’s hair was soon neatly tied into two neat buns where it would stay out of their way while eating.

‘Oh I almost forgot. You two men will be changing your sex this afternoon from about 3PM onwards. But it will be a cow’s vagina that will develop. You two girls can also expect your vaginas to transform to those of a cow as well. Finally, be thankful that all of the changes are not painful.’

Once Kate was gone we started talking.

‘I really feel like a cow now,’ said Amy as she looked around her small stall. The railings were above shoulder height and would easily keep her within the stall.

‘Same here,’ said Jack as he too looked around his stall. On the top railing of his food trough were several digital readings. One said 85kg while the other said zero litres. The 85 one was his weight. He was unsure of the litres one but guessed it would indicate how many litres of the juice he had consumed.

‘So what do we do now?’ I asked while looking at the vegetables and fruit in front of me.
But it was the craving for the juice that was getting to me. It was about ten minutes since my sip and I could feel the desire for the juice starting to overwhelm me. I looked to Jack since he was the first to drink the stuff.

‘Pardon me guys but I just have to stop talking and start drinking. My desire to drink is too strong.’ He immediately stepped forward and wrapped his mouth around the tube until his chin was pressing against the button. The brown liquid immediately began flowing thru the tube into his mouth.

‘I need some help from you Sue,’ said Amy as she tried to resist her driving thirst for the juice while slowly shuffling forward toward the waiting tube. However a glance at Sue revealed her mouth was already wrapped around her drinking tube. Amy followed suit and wrapped her mouth around her tube as well.

That left me as the only one not drinking. My resistance did not last too long. A few minutes later I gave in to an overwhelming pressure to drink and reluctantly wrapped my mouth around my tube and began drinking. I had to admit the stuff tasted superb. It was very similar to a mix of guava and mango juice.

I glanced at the clock mounted on the mesh wall in front of us and noted the time. It was 1:30pm. My digital read out said my weight was 96kg. I kept drinking for the next ten minutes until the flow of juice stopped. The litre read out had steadily crept up to the 4 mark while my weight now read as 100kg.

I removed my mouth from the tube and looked across at my friends who were talking about the juice.

‘At least it tastes nice,’ said Amy. ‘I just don’t like what it is going to do to my weight.’

‘Yeah, I can’t complain about the taste but I will complain about what it is going to do to us,’ said Jack. ‘Could any of you resist the desire to drink the stuff?’

We all nodded our heads.

‘It is like some inner drive to just keep drinking,’ said Sue. ‘I felt annoyed when it stopped and I can’t wait for it to start up again. But while I am waiting I just have to eat some of this fruit.’

And that was our cycle for the next hour – drink four litres, then eat some fruit and vegetables until the fluid flowed again. By the end of the hour it was still taking us about ten minutes to drink the four litres. My digital readout told me that by 2:30 I had drunk 12 litres and gained 12 kilos in weight.

At 3pm almost on the dot the dreaded tingling started in my cock and balls and back between my legs. The whole area felt like it was being tickled. Whether I liked it or not my new vagina was beginning to form while my cock and balls began shrinking. I checked by dropping my head down and looking back between my front legs. I no longer thought of them as my arms. The desire to drink soon swamped me again and I resumed drinking the juice. Neither Jack nor I commented to the girls that our sexual realignment was under way and thankfully they did not ask.

By 3:30pm I had drunk a further 12 litres and had gained a total of 24 kilos overall. My weight now read as 120kg. At a rate of 4 litres every ten minutes or 12 litres per hour I would reach the weight target by about 8:30pm. It was going to be a long afternoon and evening.

I was forced to relieve myself for the first time at about 4pm and felt deeply embarrassed as the pee from my shrinking cock splashed onto the ground just behind my front legs. Jack, Amy and finally Sue had relieved themselves over the preceding ten minutes so there was some timing involved in the act. I saw the process as a further dehumanisation of my thinking. I thought my lips and neck what be aching by now from the constant drinking but there was no pain or discomfort at all.

By 5:30pm I had drunk another 24 litres and my weight now read as 144kg. I could feel the bulk building up in my body since I was now standing with my legs much further apart which meant my body was now wider. Unfortunately I could not turn my head enough to see what my body now looked like. The only idea I could get was from moving as far back in my stall as I could and looking at Amy’s body while she was drinking.

Besides the obvious increase in her bulk which had mainly generated in her thickening torso, both horizontally and vertically, it was her legs that caught my eye. They no longer had a human shape to them. The skeletal structure of her torso and legs was clearly that of a cow with her legs now bent in different angles to human legs and each leg was also further apart. Her body was steadily widening. I presumed my body looked similar to hers. I was grateful that all of the changes were painless.

Jack interrupted my thoughts.

‘Sorry guys but I am going to have crap. I cannot hold it in any longer.’

‘That’s alright Jack. I am sure we will be doing the same thing within a few minutes,’ said Sue who then resumed her drinking.

A few seconds later, much to my amazement, the air was filled with the smell of cowshit which was not at all what I had been expecting. Could our internal anatomies have changed that much already? I remembered something about cows having four stomachs and regurgitating their food and having to chew it for hours. Yet I had certainly not regurgitated anything at all, so why the cow pats?

A few seconds later I was listening to the sound of splattering cow shit being released from Sue and then from Amy which meant my turn would be fast approaching. A few minutes later it was my turn. I felt really dirty when the stuff from me splashed up onto my hind legs and hooves. The air was now full of the smell of cowshit and urine as I released a strong spray of pee. But where it came from was what really surprised me.
It came from back between my legs and sprayed directly behind me against the gate. That meant my new cow’s vagina was functioning. I was now a female. Not that I felt any different. I resumed my drinking. I was becoming numb to the emotional shocks. There were just too many of them in a short space of time.

Nurse Kate appeared just after I had finished peeing. She stood in front of us and looked first at Jack and then along to me. All of us just kept drinking.

‘Well I can see all of you are well and truly getting into the swing of things. Judging from the smell I would say all of you are now more cow than human. Your skeletal form is definitely that of a cow and your legs now have a cow shape to them and all of you are bulking up on schedule. I was going to arrange for your stalls to be mucked out but since you’ve only released one set of cowpats so far I think I will delay it.’

She walked around to the side of Jack and out of my line of sight while the tube was in my mouth.

‘Congratulations Jack, or rather Jacqueline. Your new cow vagina is almost fully formed. Welcome to world of females.’

Jack ignored her and kept drinking. I heard her approach the back of my stall.

‘And I see congratulations are in store for our new female cow Brenda. You are looking good girl.’

She returned to her spot in front of us.

‘See you in the morning cows.’

None of us bothered replying. We just kept drinking.

By 7:30pm all of us had released another set of splattering cowpats and again I felt the stuff bounce up onto my legs. I had hoped the bed of straw would have prevented the splatter. I had now drunk 72 litres of the juice since 1:30pm and had gained 62 kg or 136lbs. I felt much bigger and very bulky. I could feel my larger belly straining against my taught skin and whenever I moved my belly swung from side to side. I now had to lean down slightly to keep my lips around the tube. That meant my legs were longer or my body was bigger. I figured it was probably a combination of both. My weight was now an amazing 158kg or 350lbs. So at some point I had ceased to gain weight linearly and for some reason I was well over the target weight. Doing the maths was giving me something to think about.

I reached the final weight of 185kg or an amazing 407lbs just after 8pm. I celebrated the feat by releasing yet another large load of cowpats followed by a huge stream of urine. The smell of cow was now part of me. Jack had also finished. Unfortunately the two girls, not that they really looked like girls any more, due to their much smaller starting weights, still had another four hours or so of drinking ahead of them. For some reason my huge thirst vanished straight away. I looked around for something to do.

There was just the mesh fence in front of us with the clock hanging off it and the camera above it. It was too dark to look beyond it and there was just an empty paddock anyway. I looked to my left to see what Jack was doing. Of all things he was munching on some of the vegetables. I could not believe it. After over seven hours of drinking about 100 litres of the juice he was eating.

‘You cannot really be hungry?’ I said to him.

He swallowed his mouthful and grinned at me.

‘No I am not hungry just extremely bored now that there is nothing to do. I am trying to take my mind of the fact that I now weigh 400lbs, have the torso of a cow and am standing in a pile of my own crap and urine.’

I burst out laughing.

‘I suppose it is something we are going to have to get used to.’

‘Yeah, well I want out of this pen ASAP.’

‘Why don’t you ask Nurse Kate if she will let us out now that we are finished? Just look up at the camera and speak loudly.’ I wanted out as well. Besides wanting to be away from the smell I wanted to have a look at myself in the full length mirror to see the extent of my body changes.

‘Give her a call,’ said Sue who was between drinks, ‘I don’t mind if you want out of the stall. Amy and I will be alright.’

‘Hey Nurse Kate, will you please let Brad and me out of the stalls so we can have a look at ourselves in the mirror,’ he yelled loudly while looking at the camera above the clock.

The camera rotated towards him and then swung back towards me. It then focused on the two girls and moved vertically up and down three times.

‘That’s a yes Jack,’ I said excitedly. Now that I was not occupied with the drinking I hated being stuck in the small pen. I wanted to be out in the yard where I could move about freely.

Twenty minutes later Nurse Kate entered the yard and stood before us.

‘So you two want to be out of your stalls for the night?’

‘Yes please Nurse Kate,’ said a very grovelling Jack. “If you don’t mind I am very keen to have a good look at myself in the mirror and Brad is too.’

Kate stood close to his front rail and laughed. ‘Since you asked so nicely Jacqueline I will grant your request.’ She turned and looked at me. ‘Would you like to be let out as well Brenda?’

‘Yes,’ I answered immediately. I wished she was the one in the pen turning into a cow.

‘Hmmm, I think you need to ask me just like Jacqueline did.’

‘Please Nurse Kate would you be kind enough to let me out of my pen so I can have a good look at myself in the mirror?’ the grovelling did not worry me in the slightest. If that is what it took to get me out of the confines of the small pen then so be it.

‘Why certainly Brenda.’

She opened Jack’s pen first and then mine. I shuffled slowly backwards until I was out of the confining pen. We followed her back inside where the big mirror was located. For some reason it felt like my walking had changed in some way. At first I thought it was due to my increased weight but the more steps I took the more I realised my legs felt different. Walking now felt easier and more natural. Was I becoming used to walking on all fours? She led Jack to stand in front of the big mirror while I stood off to one side where I could have a good look at him while he checked himself out in the mirror.

The most noticeable change was to his legs. They were no longer human in their shape which explained why my walking felt different. The back legs were radically different and now had the conformity and size of a cow’s rear leg. The top part of his legs angled backwards with the lower part of each leg angled forward and there was something about the way it bent when he moved that seemed different. His front legs appeared too narrow to carry his weight since they looked too skinny while his knees were now just a set of round joints.

His body was also radically different thanks to the change to his skeleton. From side on it was obvious he now had the bone structure of a cow rather than a human bent over and walking on all fours. His rear hip bones were prominent as they squared off his rear body line while his spine ran straight along his back.

His new large belly was very prominent, even from side on, filling all the space between his front and back legs and it had that classic barrel curve that you see in cow’s bodies. It looked large and full with a gentle curve back to the rear where his udder would normally be found.

Another major change was found at his back end. From the rear he was all cow with his new anal passage located at the very top of his backside up near his spine. However it was what was prominently displayed near it that really caught my eye. It was a cow’s vagina and I was surprised by it’s length and the thickness of the surrounding lips or whatever they were called. I stared at the thing with one thought going repeatedly thru my mind. ‘That is how I now look from the rear!!’

‘You really have done a job on us haven’t you? Look at me. I have a cow’s body. You bastards,’ Jack yelled, ‘You total slimeballs. You have no right to be doing this to us.’

He lashed out with his back leg but completely missed Nurse Kate.

‘That’s good Jackie. Let all your frustrations out. By this time tomorrow you will be unable to speak clearly so let it all out now while we can still understand you.’

‘Piss off and quit calling me Jackie,’ he screamed as he turned and trotted back out to the yard to rejoin the girls.

It was the kicking with his back legs that made me realise why walking now felt easier. Our back legs now hinged or swung forward rather than backwards. Our knees had done a 1800 rotation during our drinking time. The amazing thing was how I never realised it was happening.

Nurse Kate turned towards me.

‘Would you like to say something Brenda?’

‘I would like to see you standing where I am now and see how you handled the changes.’

She smiled at me and waved me forward to stand in front of the mirror.

‘Come and stand here while I explain the changes that have occurred to you.’

I stepped forward and stood side on in front of the mirror at about a 450 angle. There was no point trying to kick her. I was not at all pleased by what I saw.

My belly was now quite large and steadily curved outwards before curving under as it hung from my spine. It was the main area where my new weight had settled. My legs were definitely those of a cow. There was not one hint of humanity about them at all. The lower parts of all four legs looked too thin and spindly to be supporting my 400lbs. But I think the thing that demoralised me the most was my hooves which now looked perfectly at home attached to my new legs.

Except for my skin which still looked sort of human I was the perfect picture of a young cow from my front legs to my big sturdy rear legs. All my cow body lacked was a tail and an udder. I had no doubt that little problem would be solved by this time tomorrow night.

Nurse Kate stood next to the middle of my belly and ran her fingers from my spine down to the inward curve of it.

‘As you can see Brenda, except for your head and neck you now have the skeletal structure and body of a cow. You are well on the way to becoming 100% cow. By this time tomorrow night your head will have a cow’s shape complete with muzzle and ears.’

She bent down just behind my right front leg and ran her hand down it.

‘These are cow legs now instead of human. You probably noticed how much easier and more natural it now feels to walk on all fours.’

‘Yes I did notice,’ I replied as I decided whether to try and kick her with my back leg.

‘That is because human skeletons are not designed for people to walk around on all fours. But cow skeletons and their legs are built for just that. So your new cow hips feel right at home with each step you take. Also, your rear legs, for want of a better description, now have their kneecaps at the rear which allows your back legs to hinge forward. That feature makes your walking easier plus when you want to sit down it will be much easier for you to stand up again.’

‘What the heck,’ I muttered as I looked down at her and kicked her as hard as I could with my back leg. My hoof connected with her spine right above her hips. She glanced off my front leg and sprawled forward landing with a loud grunt and just lay there. I figured the pain must have been excruciating.

After a few seconds she pushed herself up by her hands and turned to see what I was doing next. I was debating whether to trample her or not when she looked down at her legs and her face went white.

She looked up at the nearest camera.

‘Sophia, get me out of here. I am paralysed from the waist down. Help me,’ she screamed.

I backed off at that point worried about what they might do to me and walked away to join Jack and the girls. I looked back once before I exited the room. She was still on the floor and screaming for help.

‘What happened back there?’ asked Jack with a worried look on his face. ‘Why is she screaming?’

‘She is screaming,’ I replied, ‘because I kicked her right in the middle of her back and it looks like she is now paralysed from the waist down.’

‘Good,’ exclaimed Jack, ‘it serves her right.’

I looked at the girls to see how they were reacting to the news but both were still drinking. I knew from experience that nothing would interrupt them.

‘Shit,’ said Jack as he came and stood before me. ‘I hope they are not going to punish you.’

‘This is punishment enough having a body the like this. What more can they do to me?’
No doubt I would find out just what they could do in the morning.

‘They can turn you into hamburger meat. That is what they can do.’

We heard voices coming from the pen and decided to stay clear. I mean it was not like we could do anything to help her.

‘So what do we do now?’

‘We stay here with the girls and keep out of sight.’

The slamming of the pen door was immediately followed by the lights being turned off.

‘Shit,’ exclaimed Jack,’I think you have really pissed them off.’

None of us slept very well for the rest of the evening. The girls were really annoyed by what I had done as theywere stuck in their pens and had to sleep in their own cowpats and urine.

I lowered myself onto the dirt floor and tried to sleep.

Day Three

Nurse Kaitlin woke to a living nightmare. She found herself lying on her back in one of the wards with restraints around her neck, waist and arms. She turned her head to the right already expecting to see the worst.

She was not disappointed.

An intravenous bag of the green cow fluid was next to her bed. She followed the tube from the bag until it reached her wrist.

‘Oh shit no! Has Spillano gone mad? What is he doing? Hey Spillano,’ she yelled, ‘get in here ASAP.’

A few minutes later a very tired looking Doctor Spillano entered the room.

‘You rang?’

‘Cut the crap Spillano, this is no laughing matter.’

‘Okay, okay, what do you want?’

‘What do I want?’ she screamed hysterically, ‘Why are you turning me into a cow?’

‘For two reasons Kaitlin. The first is purely scientific. You are currently paralysed from the waist down. The X rays I took while you were sedated show irreparable damage. So I am interested to see if the transformation of you into a cow will heal the damage.’

He moved closer to her head and looked down at her.

‘The transformation process creates new neural pathways at an amazing rate so I want to know if it can heal extensive nerve damage.’

‘But what if it doesn’t and I end up as a paralysed cow?’

‘If that happens we will put you down and bury you in the back paddock.’

Kaitlin looked stunned. ‘And the second reason?’

‘The second is purely for economic reasons my dear. In your current state you are going to cost us a lot of money for damages incurred plus rehab and medical costs etc. So it is much cheaper and more profitable if we simply turn you into one of our cows.’

‘You can get stuffed you arsehole.’

The doctor ignored her outburst.

‘We will leave you here until the bag is empty which will be in about ten minutes and then we will place you on the floor on two mattresses so that your body is supported while it lengthens. I expect the damaged nerves will be overwritten at the start of the lengthening process or when it finishes. We will be monitoring you so if you notice any movement or need anything just press the call button.’

Kaitlin watched him leave the room and started pondering her immediate future. It did not bode well.

I awoke to the stench of cowpats and urine. It was just after sunrise and for a moment I went to use my hands to sit up. Of course I no longer had any arms or hands so I straightened my body and then somehow pushed up with all four legs.

Having no arms or hands or arms was beginning to greatly annoy me. I needed to pee rather badly so I walked out to the paddock and just released it. The walk left me short of breath. The stream seemed to be never ending but finally stopped. Once back inside everyone was awake and standing upright. None of us were in a good mood especially the girls. After seeing Jack standing before them and giving his new body the once over both women were very angry at the loss of their breasts and hourglass figures. The torsos of both women were now 100% cow. Amy released a large stream of urine as I walked past the rear of her pen.

‘Sorry Brad but that had to go.’

‘How are you feeling now that you are female?’ she asked me as I stopped in front of her stall.

‘To tell the truth with all these changes going on I do not feel like anything has really disappeared. Walking on four cow legs and having such a big bulky body is keeping me rather occupied.’

‘Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel absolutely huge and clumsy this morning and my four legs are now cow legs too.’ She slowly looked me up and down. ‘We have to encourage each other and focus on the positives out of this.’

‘That is going to be quite a challenge today when our faces start to change,’ I replied while looking at her body.

Our talking was interrupted by the arrival of two women we had not seen before. Both were carrying cattle prods and both made a bee line straight for me. I nervously watched them come closer until they stood in front of me.

‘Good morning cows, my name is Sophia and this is Carmen. We will be looking after you from now on,’ she turned and faced me, ‘Brenda, we do not want any more trouble from you or we will sell you off to the abattoir. Now we have a lot to do before 8AM so let’s get started.’

That threat was enough to make me back off from hurting anyone else. I would rather spend time in the dairy than in an abattoir. The two women walked around to the rear of the stalls and opened the girl’s gates.

‘Amy and Sue, both of you stink so follow us over to the toilet area where we will wash you. Brenda and Jackie, you two can move into your stalls and eat for awhile until we are ready for you. Once you are all clean we will muck out your stalls and adjust your drinking tubes. Come on girls hurry up.’

Amy and Sue clumsily backed out of their stalls and followed the two women over to the toilet area. I hated being confined and so was hesitant to enter the stall in case I was locked in. Jack just trotted straight into his stall, leant forward and started eating the fruit and vegetable pieces.

‘You better get some food into you Brad. Who knows when we will have another opportunity?’

I reluctantly entered my stall, tried to avoid stepping in my own cow pats and stopped at the food trough. The fruit was browning off so I decided to concentrate on the raw vegetables. I leant forward and dipped my head into the trough and soon discovered that in order to pick anything up I had to push my open mouth into the pile and grab whatever I could.

The very act of eating this way made me feel like the animal that I was fast becoming. I looked across the two stalls towards Brad who had his mouth buried in the food trough again. Well he always was a big eater I thought as I munched my crunchy mouthful of carrots, broccoli and who knew what.

Amy and Sue were glad to accept the washing offer. Both girls were fastidiously clean and prided themselves on the constant neatness and cleanliness of their living quarters. Both cow girls knew their back legs were splattered with their own cow shit and urine and both wanted to receive a good wash down ASAP.

Sophia led Amy to the wall next to the toilet trough and opened a small recessed cupboard that contained a retractable hose, bucket, brushes and various bottles of cleansing liquids.

Amy stood quietly while Sophia squirted some liquid into a bucket and filled it with water. A delightful lavender fragrance filled the air. Once the bucket was full and placed near her front legs Sophia wet a large sponge and began washing down Amy’s head, hair and face. The soft scented water felt wonderful.

‘Make the most of this wash Amy. There will be one more this time tomorrow but once your cow hide develops around lunch time tomorrow that will be it. If your shit splatters onto your back legs, pardon the pun, you will just have to wear it like the rest of the cows.’

Amy did not bother replying. She just let herself enjoy the feel of the cool water and sponge as Sophia washed her large curvy belly. She wanted to savour every second of this brief respite. Her front legs were next with her rear end and back legs cleaned last of all. Sophia finished by hosing her off with a gentle spray from the hose.

It was the best Amy had felt since the nightmare had begun just over two days ago.

‘Righto cows, take a hike to the mirror and have a good look at your new bodies while we clean the new girls and muck out your stalls.’

Amy and Sue walked slowly over to the large mirror. Both cow girls were short of breath when they stopped in front of the mirror. Both knew what to expect from having checked out each other’s bodies but it was still a big shock to both girls when they saw their own heads attached to the bodies of 400 pound cows. The only thing still human for Amy was her head which looked totally out of place attached to the body of a 400 pound cow that had a human like hide.

‘I cannot believe this thing in the mirror is me,’ she said sadly. ‘I am now more animal than human. I wish the whole thing was over and done with so I could forget what I used to look like.’

She stood side on and stared at her new body shape. Her belly was huge and literally hung from her large prominent backbone. She lifted her closest back leg and watched it bend forwards.

‘This is just totally wrong,’ she muttered.

I eagerly accepted the offer to be washed by Sophia. I clumsily backed out of my stall and turned to follow the waiting girl after she had cleaned out my stall. Walking backwards with four legs and having two which now bent the opposite to what I was used to was not easy.

‘Good cow Brenda. I can see you are becoming much smoother walking on all fours. After a couple of days it will feel perfectly natural. Now follow me over to the wash area.’

I watched her curvy butt as I reluctantly followed the girl over to the wash area.

‘Just stand still while I wash all the shit and piss off you.’

I stood perfectly still as she sprayed my new cow body with the hose and then sponged me from head to hoof while constantly chattering to me. The washing felt good and by the end of it I surprised myself by feeling quite happy.

‘Well there you go Brenda, all cleaned up and smelling lovely.’

I smelt like a big bush of lavender. The Brenda name was beginning to really annoy me but there was little I could say.

‘Now trot along to your pen until the doctor arrives and explains the agenda for today.’

For a couple of seconds I just stood there while I decided what to do. If I just trotted meekly to my stall it would be a sign of capitulation but I had to admit I was ravenously hungry. A big slap on my flank got me moving.

‘Go to your stall Brenda. I know this program inside out. You will be ravenously hungry until about 7:30. Do not fight your new cravings just go with them.’

I gave in to my hunger and trotted off to my stall and buried my face in a pile of food.
Amy and Sue were munching away in their stalls and Jack joined us a few minutes later.
Sophia and Carmen locked us in our stalls and then left.

Our eating ceased just after 7:30am when our appetites suddenly disappeared. However before we could start talking the doctor arrived.

He walked along the front of our stalls and gave each of us a good looking over.

‘Good morning cows. Judging by your appearances all of you are well on the way in your transformations. All four of you now possess the external appearance of cows except for your heads and necks. That will change from about 8am onwards for the following two hours.’

The doctor stopped in front of Amy, leant forward and ran his hand over her face.

‘At the end of the two hours you will have developed cow faces that will be half the correct size for your body weight. Your necks will be a similar proportion. Now the process is quite slow due to the adjustments required to your craniums and brain size.
As the transformation of your heads progresses you will increasingly develop the instinct and behaviour patterns of a cow. That means your thoughts will increasingly focus on eating and being milked and very little else.’

I was tempted to let fly with a bunch of expletives but stopped myself. If looks could kill the doctor would have dropped dead on the spot from our glares of hatred.

‘The process will commence with all of your teeth falling out followed by the growth of your new muzzle and skull. Your eyes will gradually move around to the side of your head and then you will finish up with your large cow ears. Your necks will lengthen and thicken until they are half the size that is appropriate for your body weight. The final step will complete the growth of your new teeth and tongue. Needless to say your ability to speak to each other will be finished so I suggest you make the most of talking to each other during the next thirty minutes. When the process is finished by 10AM you will look and sound 100% cow except for your hides.’

The doctor walked to my rear and began unlocking our stalls.

‘Oh, I almost forgot to mention. The process will also include the development of your udders and tails which will grow to half their full size.’

Without saying anything further he left the yard after opening our stall gates.

I looked up at the clock as I backed out of my stall. We had less than twenty minutes to talk amongst ourselves. Jack led us to the middle of the yard where we stood facing each other.

‘OK guys we have to be strong thru the next two hours. It is more than clear by now that we are about to lose our last signs of humanity. But we must not let our new appearances defeat us. Inside I will still be Jack.’

He looked directly at the two girls who were starting to weep.

‘Amy and Sue, we have to put our trauma training into practice over the next few days. If you need to grieve then do not fight it. Let the tears flow and support each other. If all we can do to show our affection is to rub our faces together then do it.’

I decided to add my bit to the conversation.

‘Girls, we have to hold onto the cognitive therapy ideas. We are about to become cows and there is nothing we can do about it so the quicker we accept our new status the healthier we will be mentally and emotionally. I know this will be hard and there will be times when we are filled with grief and remorse. We have to let go of those emotions as quickly as we can and focus on what we enjoy as cows.’

‘I cannot see anything enjoyable about being a cow,’ wailed Amy.

‘Well we are not living a normal cow life at the moment. We are stuck between being fully human and fully cow. When we are living as cows we may discover we like being milked or eating. Whatever we discover is enjoyable as a cow that is what we have to focus our thoughts and emotions on.’

Sue finally joined in the conversation. ‘This is going to become really hard when we can no longer talk to each other.’ So let’s make the most of the next fifteen minutes.’

‘Good idea Sue. So what shall we talk about?’

Heads and Tails

I was listening to Amy when the change started. It was Amy who spotted it.

‘Brad, I think your jaw line is growing. I am sure it looks longer.’

‘Come on Amy let’s go to the mirror and have a look.’

One look at my face in the mirror once I got my breath back told me the change had started. That fact triggered an involuntarily shiver as I realised I was about to take the final step in becoming a cow. I was going to lose my last remaining external shred of humanity – my face and my voice.

‘Well at least there is no pain,’ I said as I looked at my slightly elongated face. The lengthening was only small, about an inch or so, but never the less it was noticeable. I looked at Amy and noticed that her face had also started changing. About ten minutes later we were joined by Jack and Sue. All four of us were now changing.

At the thirty minute mark my teeth started falling out. Ten minutes later I was looking at the small pile of teeth lying on the ground in front of my hooves. An overwhelming feeling of despondency washed over me as I turned around and walked back to the yard area. Amy followed me.

‘I need to get away from the mirror for awhile Amy,’ I said as best I could without any teeth. I led us to the front side of our stalls and stopped. Or at least that is what I tried to say. My annunciation was strongly affected by my lack of teeth plus my tongue felt different. It seemed to be longer and thicker.

I reluctantly faced Amy and looked at her face. By this stage it was elongated about three inches. I thought her head also looked larger but I was not sure.

‘How about we look in the mirror each half hour starting from 8:30AM?’

I nodded in agreement. It was easier than talking.

‘Also, I would prefer it if we do not look at each other. I would prefer to see the changes when we look in the mirror.’

Again, I nodded in agreement.

‘So how do we stop ourselves from looking at each other?’

‘I think it will be best if we go to each of our stalls and remain in them,’ replied Amy as she turned and walked into her stall. I soon followed her and walked into mine.

‘We can still talk to each other without looking at each other,’ she said as I looked at the clock on the wall. It was already almost 8:30am.

‘Amy, it is already almost 8:30am so how about we go to the mirror at 9am?’

‘That is a good idea Brad,’ she lisped.

Jack and Sue returned and stopped in front of us.

‘What are you two doing in your stalls?’

‘We have decided to not watch our changes happening,’ replied Amy, ‘so we figured the best way to do that is to stay in our stalls.’

‘We can still talk to each other this way,’ I added.

‘Plus we are going to have a look in the mirror at 9am and then at each thirty minute interval,’ finished Amy.

‘I think that is a great idea,’ said Sue as she too walked into her stall.

‘So what do you want to talk about?’ asked Jack as he did the same.


Over the next thirty minutes we talked amongst ourselves as best we could as the changes progressed. However you could feel the tension in the air. We knew we were on the brink of taking the final step into animal hood. Our voices sounded stressed and edgy and it was beginning to become difficult to talk clearly.

It was extremely unnerving to look down at my lengthening muzzle, there was no other way I could describe it, and to feel my increasingly longer and heavier tongue. I had slipped it out of my mouth a few times as I discovered just how far it could extend.

However the most unsettling change was my altered field of vision. I could now see almost 1800 without any effort. My eyes were located more to the side of my face.
Also there were now two large moveable ears which I could see. I could move my ears forwards, backwards and upwards which was really upsetting me. It just felt plain weird.

The doctor had said our ears would be one of the last parts of the change but they were already present. I had stolen a few looks at Amy during the thirty minutes and was dismayed to see her neck lengthening and becoming thicker. That backed up how my neck was feeling. As my neck steadily lengthened and thickened I felt more and more disconnected from my body which now felt like it was about 18 inched back from my head. It made me feel like my head was just floating in the air with nothing around it.

I looked down at my muzzle and tried to spot my nose. However all I could see was a square shape that ended abruptly. I flicked my tongue out and ran it over my new nostrils which felt huge and permanently wet. I could tell my breathing was becoming easier by the minute.

At five minutes to nine we lost our ability to speak coherently. Our voices had become steadily deeper as our necks continued to thicken and lengthen. But I think what really stopped us talking was our altered mouth shape, different lips and our new thick tongues.

An eerie silence descended among us as we watched the clock click around to 9am.
Losing my ability to speak quickly made me realise just how boring and frustrating life as a cow was going to be. To be with my friends but unable to communicate with them was going to deeply annoy me. My mood darkened considerably.

Right on the dot of 9am I started backing out of my stall. I did not wait for Amy and the others to do likewise. I wanted to get to the mirror and see how I looked without first seeing my friends.

I had just taken a few steps when I heard the voice inside my head.

‘Brad, slow down and wait for me.’

It was Amy. I stopped in my tracks and turned to face her.

‘Amy can you hear me?’ I was projecting my thoughts towards her by speaking to her in my mind as if I was talking to her in normal conversation.

‘Yes Brad I can hear you,’ she replied happily as she walked right up and stopped beside me.

If I could smile I would have. I now had some hope back in my life.

‘This is great Amy. Being able to continue talking to each other means we can still help and encourage each other.’

‘Come on Brad. As much as I hate to admit it I need to see what I now look like.’

‘Righto but first let’s speak to Jack and Sue,’ I said as I looked towards my other two friends.

‘Jack, can you hear me?’

Jack looked at me in an odd way. Or at least as odd as he could with his new long cow face.

‘Yeah Brad I can hear you. But how is this possible?’

‘I don’t care how it is possible,’ declared Sue, ‘I am just so glad that we can still speak to each other.’

After a few more comments we took ourselves off to the mirror.

Walking along quickly revealed two new changes to the rear end of my large bulky body. The first was the gentle rubbing of my new udder between my back legs. The thing felt huge and was constantly swaying back and forth with each step that I took. I knew it was a feeling I would have to get used to.

The second related to my new tail. I had felt the thing growing over the previous hour but had steadfastly ignored its presence. But I could ignore it no longer. I could feel it hanging down over my backside. But what really unsettled me was my ability to move the thing. I could move it any way I wanted to – flicking it up onto my side or swishing it over my rear end. And the soft hairy bit on the end tickled me.

I saw the possession of a tail as a sign of my transformation into an animal. After all humans do not have tails, only animals do. But the ability to still talk to my friends was delaying the acceptance of me as an animal since animals do not speak to each other like people do. So I figured that while I could still speak to my friends I was not really an animal despite my external appearance.

We stopped in front of the mirror and I had my first chance to see the new me.
It was not a pleasing sight.

My face was now 100% cow with the exception of the mop of human hair on top of my head. My eyes were big and dark and because of their location more to the side of my head they looked very round. I shuffled closer to the mirror to check out my large and long lashes. There was only a few of them.

My ears were the next item. All I can say is they were huge. They stuck out horizontally and were attached to my head by smaller cylindrical bits that allowed my ears to swivel backwards and forwards plus up and down. They stuck out so far that I could even see them by just using my eyes.

My muzzle was long and squarish and ended in two large round and constantly wet nostrils. I turned my head side on for a profile view and was dismayed by the feeling of loss that suddenly washed over me. I realised I was no longer human and could never be mistaken for being anything but a cow. I had lost my humanity.

I opened my cow mouth and stuck my tongue out. It was a bluey grey sort of colour and was extremely long and much thicker than my human tongue. I ran the tip over my nostrils and then along the side of my mouth. I still had no teeth.

My neck was the final thing to be examined at my front end. There was no doubt at all that I now had a cow’s neck. It was wide and strong looking and blended into my shoulders or whatever they were now called and the loose roll of skin that hangs down the front of cow’s necks was also present. It was easy to see that my neck was not in the proper proportion for the size of my body but then neither was my head.

It was time to check out the changes at my rear end so I turned my head around almost a full 1800 and swished my tail up onto the top of my body. I was surprised by its length of about 18 inches. There was a tuft of whitish cow hair at the tip which tickled my flank. I watched it flicking back and forth as I moved it around and finished up by looping it up between my legs and running it against the rear edge of my new udder.

I stood side on to the mirror so that I could have a good look at my udder. It was still fairly small but was easy to see as it hung down from my body. The rear section was located between my legs. The two teats I could see were about as thick as a white board marker and about an inch long.

Seeing the teats triggered a raging fury within me. What gave these slimeballs the right to turn us into cows? I wished they were being turned into cows so they would know how humiliating it felt.

‘These bastards have really done a snowball job on us haven’t they?’

I turned my gaze away from my image and looked at Amy.

‘Yes they have,’ I replied as I looked at her big round cow eyes. ‘I wish it was them standing here instead of us.’

‘Yeah, I’d love to see that,’ she replied as she moved away from the mirror. ‘Come on guys, let’s head out into the paddock for awhile.’

‘Good idea Amy,’ said Sue as she walked next to her friend. Jack and I brought up the rear with both of us watching our girlfriend’s new udders swinging between their legs as we walked out to the paddock.

We spent the next thirty minutes enjoying some sunshine while our heads continued to increase in size. We returned to our stalls so we would know when it was 10am which was the finishing time for our transformation.

Finally just after 10am the process finished for the day. All of us now looked completely different from when the process started at 8am. We no longer possessed any traces of our former humanity. Anyone who looked at us now would just see four odd coloured cows that had rather small heads and necks for their body size.

Once the process was finished we were at a loss as to what to do. Jack suggested we try out our new teeth by eating some more food from our troughs. We readily agreed since eating some food was rather appealing and we were very hungry.

I was munching on some delightful tasting broccoli pieces when Sophia and Carmen returned and stood in front of us.

‘Don’t let us disturb you from eating. We have some work to do on your drinking tubes before the next thirst cycle starts at 11am.’

With all the activity of the morning I had forgotten about the daily drinking cycle. That meant by the end of the day I would gain another 200lbs and weigh about 600lbs. My mood sank even further. There seemed to be no end to this nightmare. I swallowed my food and buried by mouth into the pile of vegetables and fruit. For some reason the stuff smelt really good and seemed to have a stronger flavour. I now possessed a mouth that was designed to pick up food and could easily get my lips around quite a large number of pieces in one go without any trouble. But it was my tongue that was better at picking up the food. I started to use my tongue as I became used to its flexibility.

I lifted my head and continued chewing the tasty food while watching what the two women were up to. They were opening a door in the wall off to our right. They came out carrying four clear sets of drink tubing which they leant against the railing at the front of my food trough.

‘Now that you have larger cow heads you can drink faster than when you had your human heads so these new tubes will enable you to drink the juice in about four hours instead of eight,’ explained Sophia as she detached the tubing from my stall and replaced it with the new one which was double the width at about two inches diameter.
I looked at the size of the tube and had serious doubts about my ability to wrap my mouth around it. This tubing was different to the previous set. It still had the right angle bend at the end of the vertical tubing for my mouth to wrap around along with the activation switch located below the tube. But above the horizontal section there was an odd looking D ring attached to the vertical section of the tube which lined up right where my nose would be. I had no idea at all what it could be used for.

Once the new tubes were connected the girls herded us out of our stalls and led us across to the toilet and washing area. I watched nervously as Sophia opened the end of the holding pen and gestured for me to enter it. I looked at the thing and hesitated. Going into it would minimise my ability to move especially with regards to my head.

‘Brenda I want you to walk into the stock or I will hit you with the cattle prod.’ She waved it at me to emphasise her order.

‘Don’t go in there Brad,’ said Amy, ‘I think she is going to do something to your head.’

‘There is really no choice Amy. I can go in painlessly or get hit a few times with the prod and then she will do what she wants to me,’ I said as I nervously walked into the stock and stopped when my front legs were next to the top of the front gate which came to where my legs joined my body. The small confined space made me unsettled.

Carmen shut the gate behind me while Sophia went into a nearby room and returned pushing a steel framed trolley. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the items lying on the table top.

I did not like what I saw. There was a pair of electronic clippers, a Y shaped piece of metal that looked like an oversized tuning fork that was connected to a power cord and several sets of stainless steel or chrome D rings and some black plastic washers. Sophia stopped the trolley in front of me and stepped to the right hand corner of the holding pen. She swung a metal frame down over the top of my neck and locked it into place. I fought to subdue the wave of panic that washed thru me when I realised my head movement was now greatly restricted.

‘It’s alright Brad,’ said Jack, ‘just relax and go with whatever she is going to do.’

My three friends were standing off to my right where I could easily see them.

Sophia picked up the electric clippers and plugged the cord into a socket on the right hand side of the stock.

‘Let’s get rid of that silly mop of hair,’ she said as she turned the clippers on and ran them over my head. Strands of blonde hair dropped onto my muzzle and then slid off.
The last remaining sign of my former humanity was now removed. To all intents and purposes I was now just a cow.

Sophia turned off the clippers and plugged in the Y shaped tool in their place. She then slipped on a pair of latex gloves. I watched perplexed as she brought the tool close to my nostrils.

‘Brenda, I am going to fit your nose ring. This is going to sting for a few seconds but think of it as getting a needle.’

I instinctively tried to move my head but was unable move it in any direction thanks to the head bar. I watched along my muzzle as Sophia inserted the prongs into my nostrils.

‘Ok, here were go. Try not to move.’ She pressed a button and I was immediately hit with a burning pain within my nose. Thankfully it lasted for about two seconds.

Sophia withdrew the tool. ‘There you go,’ she said as she placed the tool back on her cart and picked up two of the plastic washers. She proceeded to place the two sections into my nostrils and pushed them together. There was an audible click as the two parts joined together.

‘Now for your nose ring,’ she said as she picked up one of the circular D rings. She pushed the hinging section inwards and proceeded to thread it thru the washer inside my nose. ‘We use D rings so we can remove them quickly.’

The ring annoyed me straight away. I could not see it but I could certainly feel it. Thankfully it was made of some light weight metal so the weight was not too much of a problem. But what annoyed me was how it felt resting just above my top lip and the pulling feeling within my nose.

I stuck my tongue out and ran it around the outer edge of the ring and then tried pushing it upwards. I was able to push it upright until I could see its top edge jutting above my muzzle.

‘Now for your final attachments Brenda, your ID tags which will go in your right ear.’

My three friends remained quiet. I watched in a daze as Sophia plugged in another Y tool and then held it over the top edge of my right ear which she held still. Again there were two short wasp like stings as she made two holes. She inserted a bright yellow plastic disc in one hole followed by a longer white bit of plastic in the other.

‘The yellow one is your number in our herd. You are cow number seventy one. The white disc has a registration number for official records.’ She stood back after peeling her gloves off. ‘Congratulations Brenda you are now officially registered and a member of our dairy herd.’

If any doubts about my animal status existed they were now definitely gone. Pure and simple, in the eyes of everyone, I was a dairy cow albeit an odd looking one.

‘Now there are just two last things to do and then I will release you.’ She put on another pair of gloves and walked to my rear end. ‘I will have a quick feel and look at your teats and check out your new sex.’

I felt her place her fingers around one of my teats and gently squeeze it and then slowly stroke it. It felt good. Once all four had received her attention she stood behind me and lifted my tail.

‘This is going to feel really strange and unsettling but it will be over before you know it.’

She inserted her gloved hand into my new vagina and slowly proceeded to push her arm well and truly into me. She was right. The whole thing felt bizarre as her arm gradually disappeared right to her elbow. I could even feel her fingers touching some fleshy bit that was blocking any further insertion. My vaginal lips were wrapped firmly around her arm and I was beginning to become wet and lubricated.

Without any warning she pulled her arm out of me to the sounds of squishiness.

‘Well you have formed perfectly. Everything is in the right place and your lubrication was excellent. All we have to do is mate you.’

That comment triggered my first public sounds as a cow. I mooed loudly.

‘Oh, can’t wait aye? It is a pity we don’t have a bull in our herd. Think of the fun he could have with all of you.’

I mooed again to show my displeasure. Both girls laughed.

Sophia returned to my field of vision and removed her gloves, picked up a leash and clipped it to my nose ring while Carmen opened the gate at my rear. Sophia lifted the head bar and walked along side the pen as I shuffled backwards out of the holding pen. Thanks to my new nose ring I had no choice but to follow her. For some reason moving backwards with four legs was quite difficult. I was careful to minmise the tension on my new nose ring. Once out of the pen she led me over to the mesh fence and clipped her end of the leash onto one of several D rings connected to a rod that ran along the length of the fence. And that is where I remained for the next thirty minutes as I watched my three friends receive their tagging, ringing and vaginal inspections.

Jack was the last to join us on the fence where we waited for the next few minutes for the doctor to arrive. None of us made any effort to speak to each other. I think the realisation that our new officially registered status as cows was still sinking in. When he did enter the courtyard he was not alone. He was leading Nurse Kate on a leash!

The sight of her elongated body as she walked on her four hooves cheered me up immensely. At last one of their own was receiving some justice.

He led her past us and into the pen next to mine. Without any hesitation Nurse Kate wrapped her lips around the tube and began eagerly drinking. The doctor unclipped her leash from around her neck and then closed her gate. He came across to Sophia and Carmen and handed the leash to the closest girl.

‘Just give her the standard care from now on. I do not expect any complications except for the off kilter timing of her transformation.’ He turned his attention to us. ‘These four are well on the way,’ he said as he ran his hands along Amy’s flank. ‘Take them straight over to the dairy after their drinking and leave them there until after the evening milking.’

I watched him go and then looked at Nurse Kate in her stall. Seeing her drinking heartily cheered me up.

‘Righto cows, let’s unhitch you.’ Both women proceeded to free us from our leashes. ‘Once you have finished your afternoon drink we will take you over to the dairy for your induction tour.’

We started talking again once we were alone.

‘Man, am I glad to see that bitch getting some of her own medicine,’ exclaimed Suzy as we stood in front of Nurse Kate who was refusing to look us in the eye.

‘So what do we do now?’ asked Amy. ‘I do not want to eat anything to pass the time.’

‘I hate to say this guys but I am starting to feel thirsty,’ answered Jack as he trotted into his stall. He wrapped his lips around the larger tube with an audible click. I looked at him to see what had made the sound but could not discern anything.

‘Oh no,’ wailed Suzy, ‘look at Jack’s nose ring.’

A closer look revealed what had made the clicking sound. It came from his nose ring as it pushed itself against the spring loaded latch of the vertical D ring fixed to the drinking tube.

In order to wrap his lips around the tube and push the drink release button Jack’s nose ring had pushed against the spring loaded latch of the vertical D ring, forcing it to open and to then close. That meant Jack’s mouth was now stuck around the drinking tube. Only Sophia or Carmen would be able to release him.

‘Jack, you’re locked into the D ring until someone releases you,’ said Suzy sounding worried as she stood in front of him.

‘I know, but since there is nothing I can do about it I am just going to concentrate on my drinking; for some reason the juice tastes even better than it did before.’

‘It is probably due to our new taste buds,’ replied Suzy as she walked into her stall and wrapped her lips around her drinking tube with another audible click from her nose ring. ‘I am pretty sure we now have cow taste buds instead of human ones so everything will taste a bit different,’ she said as she too began drinking.

Amy soon walked into her stall and began drinking. That left me watching them while I waited for the thirst to hit me. When it did I again tried to fight it but soon gave in. The desire to drink was overwhelming. I reluctantly lumbered into my stall and looked along my muzzle as I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the tube and then moved forward until I heard the click of the D ring. The time was just after 11am.

I began drinking the delicious tasting juice as quickly as I could. Suzy was right, it definitely tasted better. I continued to drink at a much faster rate with my new mouth and throat while thinking about my new status as a member of the dairy herd. This time it only took about five minutes to finish the first lot of four litres.

We started talking during our first break but the conversation was scattered due to our overlapping drinking times. Jack and Suzy were talking while Amy and I continued to drink.

‘’I hate being this helpless,’ complained Jack. ‘I cannot even open a simple D ring any more. We’re stuck like this until the girls release us.’

‘That could be in a few hours time,’ said Suzy as she tried to look at her weight read out and discovered that her muzzled blocked her left eye. ‘This place is going to smell of cow when we pee and crap again. I hate the smell. It reminds me of what I now am, just a cow good for nothing but milking two times a day. I hate what these bastards have done to us,’ she said as she felt the desire to drink building again.

‘Well at least we can still talk to each other,’ said Amy as she joined in the conversation. ‘I know how much more I would be struggling if all I was able to do is moo. Being able to talk to each other is a real blessing.’

‘So do you think the girls know we can talk to each other?’ I asked.

‘No, I don’t think they have any idea that we are talking telepathically,’ Amy replied as she too felt the first stirrings of her thirst returning.

We finished our drinking just after 3pm after four solid hours of our mouths wrapped around the tube. Thankfully none of us were cramping. We passed the time by talking when we were not drinking. Our stalls now stank of cow due to our peeing and crapping. The first time I lifted my tail to pee was very unsettling and reinforced my new status as an animal.

I now weighed a massive 600lbs as did Jack whilst the two girls were hitting the 550lbs mark. It still felt like my large cow head was floating in space and disconnected from the rest of my body.

‘I wish they would release us,’ said Suzy loudly as she checked the clock. ‘I hate being locked in position and want to be able to walk freely.’

‘Well the doctor did tell the girls to take us over to the dairy as soon as we finished,’ I said, ‘so we should not be stuck here for too much longer.’ At this point I was really missing my arms and hands. If I had them it would have been dead easy to unlatch myself.

At 4pm we were still locked in the rings and our moods had darkened considerably. Our conversation had ground to a halt as we waited to be released. By 4:30pm our hunger was starting to cause some problems.

By 5pm our moods were even darker and our stalls even smellier. Thanks to our new throats and mouths an increased sense of smell was highlighting just how much odour our pee and cowpats produced. It was a smell all of us were beginning to hate.

Sophia and Carmen arrived just after 5:30pm.

‘Hi cows, it is dairy time and no doubt all of you are quite keen to be on the hoof,’ said Carmen as both women laughed at her joke. They undid our nose rings and waited for us to back out of the stalls. Both girls totally ignored Nurse Kate who was still steadily drinking as her body continued to transform into a cows as she grew in bulk and form.

I shuffled out backwards thru my pee and crap and then joined my friends as we warily watched the two women who were holding cattle prods in one hand and leashes in the other.

‘We are going to put these leashes on you and lead you to the diary where the manager will give you a tour. We want you to be on your best behaviour,’ said Carmen as she stepped forward and attached a leash to my nose ring. ‘If we have any trouble from you we will hit you with these,’ she held up her cattle prod, ‘and then sell you to the abattoir.’

‘Brad, do you think she is bluffing?’ asked Jack as he allowed Sophia to leash him.

‘They probably are bluffing. I do not think for one minute that after going to all of this trouble and expense they would just sell us to the abattoir. But I believe from now on it is best to just do as we’re told. We are now reliant on these people for our food and shelter. At least they know that we used to be human and still talk to us. I for one do not want to be treated as only some animal fit for milking and feeding.’

‘I’m with you Brad,’ said Amy as Carmen connected her leash. ‘We have to think of ourselves as cows that were formerly people and from now on accept being treated as such.’

‘Follow us closely cows so your nose rings do not pull,’ said Carmen as she turned and walked towards the dairy. Amy and I followed closely behind her with both of us concentrating on keeping some slack in the leash. Already the couple of tugs I had received convinced me to keep as much slack in the leash as possible. At least the nose ring took the focus off my udder rubbing against my back legs with each step that I took.

‘Gee, if I did not feel like a cow before, I really do now,’ said Amy as she looked down her long muzzle and watched the leash swinging back and forth.

I laughed, as I attempted to lighten the tension on my nose,’I suppose this is something we will need to become used to ASAP. One tug is more than enough to convince me to keep in step.’

Amy laughed as she felt her 550lb body swaying with each step that she took. ‘At least I can walk on all fours now without much effort.’

‘See, in no time we will be walking while leashed and doing it effortlessly,’ I replied as I quickened my step to keep up with Carmen. The girls led us to the dairy side of the courtyard and opened a gate thru which we entered into a long fenced corridor that contained many cattle stalls which were empty. Beyond them was the dairy.

The women took us to the middle of the stalls and led us into a feed lot where our leashes were tethered to the bar running along the top edge of the stalls that was just above our shoulder height.

‘OK, Tammy will be along shortly to explain what your new life as dairy cows entails,’ said Carmen as she tied off Amy’s leash.

Once the girls were gone we took the opportunity to check out the dairy. To obtain a clear view we had to stick our heads thru the vertical bars at the front of the stall. An empty feed trough ran along the front of the middle stalls. I stuck my head thru the bars and checked out the dairy.

In front of us was an open corridor with the milking stalls off to both sides. A large number of the vacuum milking equipment was hanging off the end of each milking stall. I counted twenty five down each row with the cows entering at the far end and leaving by the gate in front of us.

‘That is where we are going to be in a few days time,’ said Amy as she tried to imagine what it would feel like to be milked.

‘I do not want to think about,’ said Suzy sadly. ‘I hate being like this. I wish none of this was happening.’

‘Hang in there,’ Suzy, ‘we have to accept this is what we now are and make the most of it.’

‘Jack is right,’ added Amy, ‘if you keep fighting this you are going to go under. We have to try and start enjoying ourselves as cows.’

‘What is there to enjoy?’ cried Suzy as she began crying.

‘I am sure you will discover something you like as a cow, like being milked for example.’ Amy was not so sure there would really be anything to enjoy as a cow but at least she was going to try.

At that moment a door opening off to our right drew our attention. A very pretty brunette girl was pushing a steel cart towards us. I watched her approach and stop in front of Suzy. The girl picked up a clipboard hanging off the end of the cart, looked at our ear tags, and then wrote some notes on the top page.

‘Hello cows, my name is Tammy and I am the dairy manager. In three days time you will commence being milked and take up residence here in the dairy. We will keep you apart from the herd for your first week while we make sure you are good strong healthy cows that eat well and produce high quality milk.’

She moved around to the side of the cart and lifted out two buckets which she proceeded to empty into our feed trough. Jack received the first bucket and Suzy the second.

‘I know you are hungry so I will not keep you much longer. Milking is done four times a day at 6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm. We can do so many milkings because you are not ordinary cows. You are human hybrid cows just like the rest of the herd. As such you do not have the normal four stomachs that cows possess so you will not need to regurgitate your food. Your metabolism for milk production is very high.’

She continued talking while emptying the last two buckets of food into my trough and then Amy’s. ‘Top level milking cows will produce about 75 litres per day. You will produce about 160 litres or 338 pints or 42 gallons per day.’

I looked at the grain in my trough. I hated to admit it but the stuff smelt delicious and looked pretty good. I was very hungry and began to be distracted by the enticing aroma.

‘Any way that is enough for now. Once the evening milking has commenced I will talk some more.’ She unhitched Amy’s leash and unclipped it from her nose ring. ‘Feel free to wander around this pen until milking starts and then I want you to watch what goes on.’

Once we were free of our leashes she pushed the cart back along the pathway and left the dairy.

‘Pardon me if I do not talk for awhile but I am starving and this grain smells delicious,’ said Jack as he began eating. I was beginning to think out of all of us Jack was coping the best.

All of us soon followed his example and stuck our heads thru the vertical bars. I found the grain to be fairly crunchy but extremely tasty with a nutty like flavour. By this time I was quite adept at sweeping food up into my mouth using my tongue. We munched and crunched the grain and finished it at milking time when the herd started collecting at the gate located at the far end of the dairy.

‘To think all of them used to be human,’ said Suzy as she looked at the closest cow, a large black and white one. Its udder looked swollen and full to bursting point.

‘How about we try speaking to them?’ suggested Amy.

‘That’s a great idea,’ replied Jack as he yelled out loudly. ‘Hey cows, can any of you hear me?’

There was no reply so he yelled louder. No reply was forthcoming. In fact most of the cows were not even looking at us.

‘I wonder why they cannot hear us?’ said Suzy.

‘Who knows?’ I replied. ‘Maybe they could not be bothered?’

Four women, two blondes and two brunettes, entered the pathway from the exit to our right. Between them they were leading six large black and white cows on leashes attached to their nose rings. They gave us a quick look without saying anything, and led the cows into the six milking stalls on our right. They unclipped their leashes and walked down to the waiting herd. They opened the gate and stood to the side as the cows eagerly marched into the milking stalls. The big cow at the front walked up to the stall closest to us on the left and entered it without any hesitation. The others followed closely behind.

‘I suppose they want to be milked,’ said Suzy as she eyed the teats of the cow. ‘That udder looks huge.’

‘That is at least a 40 litre udder,’ I said while watching the thing swinging back and forth as cow moved into the nearest stall, ‘four milkings a day for 160 litres means 40 litres per milking which at 40 kg or 88lbs is a lot of weight to have hanging between your back legs four times a day.’ I found the very idea of being a living milkshake production line to be horrific.

Once all of the cows were in their milking stalls the two women turned the gear on and started connecting the milking tubes after first cleaning each teat by spraying them with a purple solution. Milk started flowing almost straight away.

‘Oh man, this is freaking me out,’ wailed Suzy. ‘I do not want to be a cow.’

‘Hang in there Suzy. We have no choice in the matter,’ replied Jack as he watched the milk flowing thru the clear tubes.

Tammy slowly worked her way towards us as she checked the tubes on each cow.
Finally she rejoined us just as the cow in front of us ran dry. It took about twenty minutes for her udder to be emptied per the clock mounted on the dairy wall. That was a pretty impressive pumping time for the extraction of 40 litres from four teats.

‘Righto cows, so far the milking has followed the normal steps for automatic milking.
This next step is unique to this herd.’

I watched as the blonde girl disconnected the tubes and hung them on their hook. She then walked around to the front of the cow and swung a tube out from a vertical pipe which was an exact match for our current drinking tubes. Even the vertical D ring was present.

After a brief period of head waving and obvious resistance from the animal the blonde girl took hold of the nose ring of the cow and pulled it forward until it clicked into the vertical D ring. The cow’s mouth was now wrapped around the clear drinking tube. I knew what that felt like from personal experience.

‘Some of our new cows take a while to accept the fact they are no longer human,’ explained Tammy. ‘This cow was only released into the herd this morning, along with five of its friends, and although she was very keen to be milked she is not so keen to be refilled.’

A peach coloured liquid began flowing down the tube and into the cows open mouth.
Tammy continued her explanation. ‘Being milked every four hours means your normal metabolisms do not have enough time to produce more milk. So we give your systems a super boost with the refills straight after milking. The liquid the cow is drinking contains a special formula that rapidly boosts her milk production. Think of it as a car receiving a refill of extra premium petrol straight after a long drive. She will take on board 40 litres of the drink to replace the 40 litres of milk she just produced. Your lives from now on will be one of milking, drinking and eating in four hour cycles.’

I watched fascinated as the next cows in line obediently wrapped their mouths around the tubes and began drinking. Their heavy breathing thru their nostrils was quite loud.

‘As you can see her friends, which are the next five cows in line, are not giving us any trouble. This will be a normal part of their daily lives from now on so why resist? Now, you will be spending the night here so I will top up your troughs.’

‘This is freaking me out,’ said Suzy as she continued to stare at the udders of the closest cow. ‘I do not want to spend the rest of my life like this.’

‘Me neither,’ agreed Amy as she too looked at the row of drinking cows with their nose rings locked onto the vertical tubes. ‘I do not want my life reduced to one of eating, drinking and being milked while I pee and crap all over the place.’

‘Neither do I girls,’ said Jack as he too watched the line of drinking cows, ‘But this is what we are now and we have to accept it. There is no going back so we have to make the most of our situation. You need to find some aspect of being a cow that helps you to cope. I quite like the taste of the grain and the drink so that is helping me to cope with the stress, bitterness and anger.’

I decided to add my two cents worth. ‘I do not like being like this any more than the rest of you. But Jack is right, we cannot fight this so we have to adapt. But what is really helping me to cope is our ability to talk to each other. If I could not speak to you I would be having real trouble coping.’

‘You are right Brad, being able to still speak to each other is a real help,’ replied Suzy as she sounded calmer. ‘I could not cope with this at all if I was unable to speak.’

Tammy returned pushing the steel cart and without speaking to us unloaded eight buckets of the delicious grain into our troughs. Jack immediately began eating.

‘Eating is helping me to cope,’ he explained as his long agile tongue shovelled the stuff into his mouth.

Tammy emptied the last bucket and then stood in front of us. ‘Cows do not produce milk until they have born a calf after about two years. That is too long and expensive for us so we have given you a powerful hormonal based powder that tricks your bodies into producing milk. The grain you have eaten contains the powder as does this lot.’ She pointed to the grain in our troughs.

‘You have already eaten enough of the powder to trigger your first milk production in three days time. There is more powder in this grain which will ensure your ongoing milk production for years to come. You can try resisting your urge to eat but I guarantee that eventually, either later tonight or in the morning, all of you will give in to your hunger and consume all of this grain. At that point your futures as highly productive milk cows will be locked in.’

Again, none of us spoke until Tammy had left the dairy.

‘I hate these people,’ cried Suzy who was now sounding hysterical.

‘Suzy,’ said Jack sternly, ‘resistance is futile. Look at us! We are cows now and that is a cold harsh fact. You can continue to fight reality which will get you nowhere or you can put your psychology training into practice. Whether you like it or not you are now a cow. Get over it and try to enjoy the experience.’

‘What is there to enjoy?’ she wailed. ‘I hate everything about being a cow. I hate having four legs and a tail. I hate having no arms and I hate crapping all over my legs. There is nothing enjoyable about this at all.’

None of us said anything. Suzy had mentioned everything about being a cow that I hated. So what did I like so far about being a cow? And the answer was nothing. I too hated every moment of this living nightmare but I also knew what Jack had said was true. The sooner we accepted our new lives as cows the less stressful things would be.

Right there and then I resolved to try and think of myself as a cow from now on rather than as a human. My first act as a cow was to start eating some more of the grain since I was hungry. I lowered my head and kept my mouth in the trough as I used my tongue to scoop the food up into my mouth. Swallowing in such a heads down position was surprisingly easy.

I kept eating until the last of the cows had finished their drinking and the six new cows were led away by the four women. I realised I was thirsty as I watched the swinging udder of the last cow as it walked along the pathway that led out of the dairy. The cow stopped near the corner, lifted its long tail and released a large pile of cow shit which splattered all over its back legs. That reminded me that I needed to do the same so I lifted my tail and relieved myself.

I listened to the splattering sound as I felt the crap splash onto the backs of my legs. I finished off with a long stream of urine and then dropped my tail. Welcome to cow land Brad I muttered to myself as I smelt the cow shit and urine that was now permeating our stall. I looked across at Suzy who was rabidly eating the grain. She would have to work out her own way of coping.

Sunset was drawing near as we finished our grain and the four girls set to cleaning the floor of the dairy which was covered with cow shit and urine. A powerful low level sprinkler system washed away most of the filth but they still had to use hoses for the higher stuff. I backed my head out of the bars and walked around the edge of the stall for awhile. Jack soon joined me.

‘How are you feeling Brad?’

‘I am coping with things better than I thought I would. I have decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and to try and think of myself as a cow from now on.’ I replied as we reached the furthest end of the pen.

‘That is just how I have thought of myself since this morning and it has made things easier for me.’ We stopped while Jack looked across at Suzy. ‘I just hope Suzy can adapt to this pretty soon. If she keeps fighting it and becomes unco-operative things could become painful for her. Those cattle prods really hurt.’

‘All we can do is keep encouraging her and lead by example,’ I replied while trying to sound upbeat.

At that moment the lights went out and darkness surrounded us. We made our way carefully back to the girls and lowered ourselves to the ground. Sleep came slowly as I rested my large cow head on the bed of straw.

Day Four

I woke the next morning to the loud sound of many cows mooing as the four girls opened the gate to allow the herd in for their first milking of the day. The six new cows were already in the closest stalls to our right. The cows fairly charged forward into their stalls. Clearly they were more than keen to be milked.

I pushed myself up onto my hooves and walked over to the end furthest from our feeding troughs and relieved myself. Amy joined me and did likewise.

‘It is going to take me awhile to become used to this I can tell you,’ she said as she raised her tail and released a stream of strong smelling urine. ‘My sense of smell is now much stronger and I do not like the stench coming from my own body.’

We returned to the front of our stalls, stuck our heads thru the bars and began munching the newly replenished grain as we watched the dairy swing into action. By this time I was becoming used to looking down along my muzzle and possessing a much wider field of vision.

I watched the women spray the teats of each cow before attaching the vacuum tubes which soon filled with milk.

‘I wonder what it will feel like to be milked?’ asked Jack as he watched the tubes filling with milk.

‘I am in no hurry to find out,’ replied Suzy as she continued to stare at the large udder of the closest new cow. The weight of the tubes definitely stretched the teats and the pumping action made the udder continually jiggle and bounce. She wondered what that would feel like.

Once the milking was finished the cows began their refilling. This time the cow that had resisted at the last milking gave no trouble. The new cow simply opened its mouth and pushed it forward until its nose ring was attached to the vertical D ring.

We continued eating thru the whole process and were still eating when the six new cows were led out on their leashes. This time quite a few of the herd deposited a large pile of cow pats and urine in the pathway. The smell was still annoying me.

The four women cleaned out the dairy and then left without acknowledging our presence. All of us continued eating until all of the grain was gone. We finished up with a large drink and then were at a loss for things to do.

We chatted among ourselves until Sophia and Carmen entered from the pathway to our left.

‘Good morning cows,’ said Sophia as she unhitched my leash and clipped it to my nose ring. I figured there was no point in resisting. ‘I hope you enjoyed your visit to the dairy. In a few days time you will be in here four times a day and will know the place inside and out.’ She clipped Amy’s leash to her nose ring and then led us along the stall to our right.

Of course both of us made every effort to keep up with her in order to avoid any pulling of our nose rings. She led us along the side of the stall and then along the rear section until we came to the gate. We waited for her to open the gate and then followed closely behind her as we returned to our original yard. I still felt embarrassed to be led along by a leash attached to my nose. It truly made me feel like an animal and a dumb one at that.

The girls led us over to the toilet and washing area where they attached our nose rings to the central pole that had four hoses and overhead showers attached. The idea of being washed cheered me up immensely.

I stood under the refreshing spray and began to feel clean. Sophia then sponged me down while holding a trickling hose over me. However it was the washing of my back shit covered legs that really made me feel clean.

‘When you are in the dairy you will receive a wash every evening after the last milking. We make sure our herd is clean and healthy so you will produce the maximum amount of milk.’

I stood there and watched Amy being washed and cleaned. Suzy, who was off to my left was already washed and cleaned and almost looked happy. Once the girls were finished they left without saying anything to us.

I looked across to the row of stalls to have a look at Nurse Kate. From what I could see thru the side of the stall she was already into the face and udder stage. Her head was elongated and clearly taking on the shape of a cow while her new tail was a stubby little protrubence attached to the rear end of her new cow shaped torso. Of course her weight was up as well and looked to be around the 300 to 400lb mark. She was well on the way to become a member of the herd. I tried speaking to her but received no reply. I guessed that would not occur until her head was fully that of a cow.

I returned my gaze to Amy.

‘So what happens next?’ she asked.

‘I suppose we wait here until they release us,’ I replied as I tried to look at Jack. However the shower pole was too thick to see his face and with my nose ring locked in place there was very little movement available to me.

‘Do you think the next set of changes will start soon?’ asked Suzy.

‘If they follow yesterday’s pattern they will start about 8am,’ replied Jack.

‘Well that is in a few minutes,’ I answered nervously.

‘What I would give to have my hands back at the moment,’ said Suzy sounding frustrated. ‘I hate being immobilised like this. I want my freedom back.’

‘I think they are doing this to get us used to the idea of being restrained for the refilling after milking,’ said Amy as she watched Brad closely to see any signs of the change occurring. Tem minutes later she was sure there were changes in Brad’s appearance. His head was definitively growing.

I first noticed the change when I realised my nose was beginning to press against the D ring. I shuffled backwards until the pressure dropped.

‘The change has started. Is there any sign of my hide developing?’

‘No, but your head and neck are growing,’ said Amy as she too was forced to move backwards to relieve the pressure on her nose. ‘I think your tail and udder are also growing.’

I glanced across at her and easily noticed her development around the neck and head.

For the next hour or so all of us were forced to shuffle backwards a few times as our heads continued to enlarge while our necks grew thicker. Our conversation was sporadic and mainly focused on what we thought of the dairy and the need for us to continue encouraging each other. Amy had the best view of the clock and kept us informed of the time.

‘It is 10am Brad. You should finish any minute.’

She no sooner finished talking when my skin began to tingle all over my body and to feel very hot.

‘Amy, is my hide starting to appear?’

‘Yes I think it is Brad. There seems to be a very faint blotchy pattern appearing all over your body.’

Suzy and Amy gave me a running commentary for the next five minutes as my new hide started to put in its appearance. By that time the tingling and warmth was being experienced by both girls. Faint hairs began to appear at the thirty minute mark and rapidly grew.

‘So what colour am I going to be?’

‘You have a well defined patchwork of black and white hairs all over your body Brad.’

The colour of both girls soon became obvious as well. All of us were going to be black and white cows even Jack. We fell silent for awhile until the hour mark approached.

‘Do we have the same patterns?’ I asked as the tingling and warmth started to diminish.

‘No, we all have different markings,’ replied Suzy as she looked at the cow next to her. With his new hide now completed there was no longer any sign of Brad’s former humanity remaining at all. He was now 100% cow in all areas of his appearance.

‘Brad, you have a lot of white along your………’ said Amy.

For some reason Amy stopped talking just as the tingling and warmth stopped.

‘Along where Amy?’

There was no reply so I looked across at Amy and asked her again.

She was looking at me but did not answer. I tried again and still there was no answer.

‘Hey Suzy what does my pattern look like?’ She did not reply so I tried Jack. ‘Hey Jack the girls have stopped talking to me.’ Again, there was no reply. I began to wonder what was going on. Why wasn’t anyone speaking to me?

‘Come on guys, the jokes over.’ There was just silence. I began to become worried.
Something was seriously wrong. There was still nothing but silence as an icy fear gripped me. I knew Amy was cut off mid sentence when the tingling and warmth stopped. Could that have something to do with it? I tried again.

‘Come on girls; let’s keep talking to each other. I need to hear you,’ I said as a note of worry filtered into my voice.

‘What does my pattern look like Brad?’ asked Amy just as her tingling and warmth stopped.

There was no reply from the large black and white cow that was Brad. The animal was just standing there looking at her in a strange sort of way. If a cow could look confused that was just how Brad was looking at the moment.

‘Come on Brad, stop fooling around. What does my pattern look like?’

Brad never answered nor did Suzy or Jack.

Only Jack was still speaking and he sounded very worried. First Brad stopped talking, quickly followed by Amy and now Suzy had just stopped mid sentence. Something had gone wrong. But what?

‘Please let’s keep talking. We need to keep encouraging each other.’

There was only silence which was suddenly broken by a long loud moo from Amy who was sounding really stressed. Then Brad gave a long loud plaintive moo followed by Suzy who sounded more worried than any of them.

By this time I was beginning to realise the horrible truth. We could no longer speak to each other! It looked like our telepathic ability ceased when our hides were finished.
This was not good news at all. It meant from now on each of us would be alone with our thoughts, totally unable to communicate to each other.

I looked at Amy just as she gave another loud plaintiff moo. I turned my attention to Suzy who was also mooing loudly. There was nothing I could do to communicate with them. I turned my gaze towards the steel pole in front of me and began thinking of ways to communicate now that speaking was no longer an option.

As the minutes dragged by a deep dark depression descended upon me. The last thing I wanted as a cow was to be unable to speak to any one else, It was about the worst thing I could think of. But as the silent minutes dragged by I had to accept there would be no more talking to my friends.

At that moment I heard footsteps approaching us from the front entrance. Unfortunately I could not see who it was until they stood just off to my left. It was the doctor along with Carmen and Sophia.

‘Look what we have here, four healthy looking Holstein cows.’

His words were an undecipherable melange of sounds. I could not understand one word he said. Not one. What on earth was happening?

He ran his hand over my new hide. ‘Excellent Brad or rather Brenda, your transformation into a cow is now complete. All that’s left is two days of bulking up to your final weight and then it’s off to the dairy for good.’ He turned his attention to Amy and then Suzy and Jack.

‘They all have excellent hides and their proportions are correct for their weight so you can release them straight away since their thirst will be kicking in any second.’ I watched him leave the two women as I tried to understand why I no longer understood a word he was saying. I was positive he was still speaking English and my thoughts were still in English so what was going on?

Carmen unclipped my nose ring as she spoke some strange garbled language to me.

‘Well I must say Brad you four have turned out to be lovely big healthy looking cows. You are going to be one excellent set of milkers I can just tell.’

I took a few steps backwards and turned towards Amy and waited for her to be released. She immediately walked over to me, looked me in my big round cow eyes and mooed loudly. I was at a loss for what to do so I nudged her face with mine.

We waited for Suzy and Jack to join us and then we just stood there as the girls attended to Nurse Kate who was back on the tube drinking lustily. I looked at each of my friends unsure what to do next. Since no one was moving I decided to go and have a look at myself in the mirror. My friends soon followed.

The image that greeted me as I stood in front of the mirror was all cow. To put it plainly and simply I was now a large well proportioned black and white cow. The black and white patches were spread haphazardly over my bulky frame with a long wavy patch of white along my right flank. I turned side on to have a look at my ponderous udder which now looked absolutely huge. The thing constantly rubbed against my back legs with each step that I took.

I stepped aside to allow Amy to check herself in the mirror just as Jack suddenly turned around and took off. He trotted, if that was the right description, back to the courtyard with his udder swinging wildly between his back legs. Amy let out another long sad sounding moo as she turned side on to look at her huge udder.

Before Suzy could have a good look at herself she too raced out of the room. I looked at Amy as if to say what gives when she too turned and marched out. I followed behind her watching her udder swinging back and forth as she went straight into her stall and wrapped her mouth around the drinking tube.

The thirst hit me then and without even trying to resist I reluctantly walked into my stall, pushed my mouth against the switch and began drinking as I stared at the vertical D ring that now held me captive.

For the next couple of hours I did nothing but drink and stare at the fence in front of me and thought about the odd looking figures that previously recorded my weight. I could make no sense of them at all. They looked like figures found in an ancient celtic book. Nor could I read the clock mounted on the wall. The numbers were confusing and looked odd. I could not even work out what the time was just by looking at the location of the clock hands.

I realised something was wrong with my language ability. But what? My thoughts were still functioning using English but my listening and reading skills were gone. But how? I wondered if it had anything to do with developing the brain of a cow? Could we be slowly turning into mere animals incapable of using language? The very idea horrified me.

The problem occupied my thoughts for several hours until the drinking ceased. If my memory was correct I now weighed somewhere in the vicinity of 800lbs. I then became extremely bored for who knows how long as I was forced to just stand there with my nose ring locked into place. I desperately wished I could speak to my friends. The boredom was finally broken when Carmen and Sophia returned.

‘It’s dairy time again cows. Come on hurry up. Get those udders swinging.’

They clipped leashes onto our nose rings and led us back to the dairy. I was now switching off and not even listening to their garbled nonsense. Once back in the dairy, we found ourselves again in the same stall where the girls unleashed us. All of us walked up to the front bars and stuck our now much bigger heads thru the vertical bars. All of us were ravenously hungry.

To my relief the trough was chock full of the delicious grain. The only difference was the location of the trough which was now at ground level. Due to our correctly proportioned necks and heads I could now stand upright while eating with my mouth at ground level. I found the sight of seeing my front hooves just inches behind my mouth while I ate to be very unnerving.

We ate and ate and ate until the four women led the six new cows back into the milking stalls, followed by the herd and the evening milking began. I watched the whole milking procedure while taking an occasional mouthful of grain. I was grateful for being able to watch something happening after the earlier boredom of staring at the fence or the shower pole. As I continued to watch the cows I still found it hard to believe that in two days time I would be one of the cows in the milking stalls. But a glance back between my legs to have a look at my udder and the large teats hanging from it removed all doubts.

Once the milking was finished and the girls had cleaned up there was nothing to watch or do. I resumed eating for awhile and then went for a walk around the perimeter of the stall. Not that the stall was that big being about twenty feet square. After a few laps where I took care to dodge the cowpats I mistimed the placement of my back legs and trod in a big pile near one of the corners.

In one way I was relieved since it would be far easier for my walking if I did not have to keep watching all four hooves with each step that I took. All I would have to do is hold my head straight, which was far easier, and just walk which is what I did for the next few laps. After a few more laps all four hooves were covered in cow shit and I just did not care. After all I reasoned cows walked in their own crap all the time and it never seemed to bother them. If they could do it then so could I.

Eventually it was hunger that drove me back to the food trough. Although I had already eaten heaps of grain I was hungry again so I rejoined my three friends who had continued eating during my laps. In fact until the lights went out that was all we did – eat, eat and eat.

Day Five

I awoke to the familiar sound of the cows mooing as they waited to be milked. From the ruckus they were kicking up it was clear all of them were eager to be milked. Again, the four girls led the six new cows in first and installed them in the closest milking stalls followed quickly by the rest of the herd.

Unfortunately, thanks to our indiscriminate production of cow pats which left no clear areas for sleeping, the bodies of all four of us had cow shit stuck to some part of them. To put it bluntly we stank of cow shit and urine. I figured it was a situation I would have to get used to as much as I hated it.

We were pretty hungry by the time the milking finished as all of our grain was gone. Tammy finally rolled in with the cart just as the previously troublesome cow voluntarily locked its nose ring onto the drinking tube. All four of us stuck our heads thru the bars and eagerly waited for the trough to be refilled. Jack even let loose with a few demanding sounding moos.

‘Well you’re a bossy cow aren’t you?’ said Tammy laughing as she held a bucket in front of Jack. He stuck his muzzle into it and began eating while Tammy patted him on the head. ‘You are going to settle into the dairy really well Jackie.’

She looked across to the rest of us as we watched Jack’s behaviour. ‘The rest of you should follow Jackie’s example and settle into life as a cow as quickly as possible.’

Of course I did not understand one word of her garbled words but I got the message loud and clear. Jack’s actions were a good example for the rest of us to follow. I watched Jack as he continued to feed from the large bucket. I guessed he was putting his words into practice and trying to make the best of the situation. At least he looked like he was enjoying himself.

Tammy emptied the bucket into his trough and then filled ours. All of us dropped our heads down and began demolishing the piles of grain. By this time I realised I was probably going to be eating non stop except for my milking and refilling times. The urge to eat to satiate my constant hunger was that strong.

So we ate and ate until all of the grain was gone. Not once did any of us lift our heads or take a break. We even peed and crapped ourselves while still eating. When I finally lifted my large cow head and looked around for more food I realised I was acting more and more like your average cow, or so I guessed.

After an indeterminate time where our bellies loudly rumbled as our hunger increased Carmen and Sophia finally leashed us and led us back to our yard. They unclipped us at the entrance of the yard and without any encouragement from either girl all four of us raced over to our stalls where we could smell the enticing presence of more grain.

With just a fleeting glimpse at Nurse Kate who now possessed a cow shaped head, along with a small udder and tail, I buried my muzzle into the trough which was now located at ground level. I was so busy eating that I did not notice the departure of the women.

Again we ate and ate for what was probably several hours until the thirst hit us. As soon as it did we lifted our heads, opened our mouths and wrapped them eagerly around the tubes as our nose rings clicked into place. This time the drink flowed uninterrupted until the whole 95kgs was drunk. I had no idea how long it took but it had to be at least several hours.

Not once during the whole experience did I run short of breath or suffer any cramps in my long jaw. I just kept drinking until the flow stopped. After the first hour I concluded the constant flow was to prepare us for the refillings in the dairy. This was like a practice run.

When the flow did stop I knew my weight was now up around the 1,000lbs mark which to me seemed an inconceivable weight for retaining any mobility. And yet my legs and hooves handled the bulk without any problems at all.

Probably an hour after the drink finished I was becoming extremely frustrated with being retained by the D ring. I wanted to be moving about the yard rather than stuck standing in one place. It was just too boring with nothing to watch or do. Then my hunger returned with a vengeance and things became really uncomfortable.

It was Jack who first started mooing loudly. He was clearly expressing his desire to be released so he could resume eating. His loud mooing was soon joined by Suzy’s and then Amy’s. When there was no response their mooing became even louder and sounded more frustrated. At this point I added my mooing to the chorus of complaint.

Finally we were rewarded with the arrival of Carmen and Sophia who stood before us with big smiles on their faces as they spoke to us as they released our nose rings so we could feed.

‘You new cows never fail to disappoint us. Once you develop your hides all of you start acting like real cows by the next day. Honestly all you can think of is eating. And once you are in the dairy all four of you will be lining up eager to be milked between bouts of eating.’

I disregarded their garbled speaking and just buried my muzzle in the grain and used my agile tongue to shovel the stuff into my mouth as fast as I could. And that is what we did for the rest of the day until the lights went out. We ate all the grain in front us and were rewarded with several refills.

The only pause in our eating was to take a short drink of water, to deposit some cow pats and to pee right where we stood in the stalls. The desire to keep eating was so strong that none of us left our stalls for the remainder of the day. Late in the day the girls fitted Nurse Kate with her nose ring and then led her off to the dairy. It was during this time that I discovered that I could no longer control my bowel movements or peeing. As soon as I felt the need to pee or defecate I just lifted my tail and released the stuff. Despite my desire to step out to the toilet area I never made it that far. After several failed attempts I just gave up and did my business on the spot. We only left our stalls when the lights went out and moved to a cleaner area of the floor to lie down and sleep for the night.

Day Six

Again I awoke at daybreak to the sound of loud mooing from the nearby dairy. I easily pushed myself upright despite my great weight, immediately lifted my tail and released a long stream of smelly urine. I then ambled into my stall and began eating. Jack was already in his stall with his muzzle buried in the trough.

I ate for several hours only pausing to drink or defecate which I did on the spot. Standing in my own cow pats no longer concerned me. The thirst kicked in about mid morning. Without any hesitation I wrapped my mouth around the tube, listened for my nose ring to click into place and then began drinking.

This would be my last intake of the juice and would push my weight up to the 1200lbs mark. I looked at Amy in the stall next to me. She was drinking noisily and steadily gaining more bulk. I looked to my right where Nurse Kate also had her new cow mouth wrapped around her drinking tube. Her humanity was fast disappearing.

As I continued to drink I again became extremely bored since there was nothing interesting to look at. I tried thinking about things I had enjoyed in my previous life but soon gave that up as a bad idea. All it achieved was to remind me of just how much I had lost in my transformation into a cow. I continued drinking as fast as I could.

It was a repeat of the previous day once the drinking was finished. Jack began mooing loudly and was soon joined by the rest of us. We were hungry and wanted to be released from the restraining rings.

This time the two women appeared almost straight away. To my surprise they were holding some leashes which they proceeded to attach to our nose rings before releasing us from the drinking tubes. I shuffled backwards out of the stall and waited quietly while Amy joined me.

Carmen then led us back towards the dairy.

‘Say goodbye to the yard cows. From now on you will be living in the dairy buildings.’

The strange sounding language meant nothing to me so I ignored it. I was surprised when the two girls led us past our usual stalls without stopping. We continued on to the end of the building and then entered another one which was full of cows in various stalls and lots. We stopped at the pen holding the six new cows and waited while the girls attached our leashes to the top rail.

‘See you later cows. Enjoy being milked,’ said Carmen as she slapped myself and Amy on our flanks. The two girls left us while we stood staring at the six cows in front of us who were also looking just as intently at us.

Off to our left was the main pen which was holding most of the herd. All of the cows had their heads stuck thru the bars and were busy eating grain. The smell of the barn was overwhelming. Tammy joined us a few minutes later holding a handful of leashes in her left hand.

‘Welcome officially to the dairy, cows. This will be your pen for the next week while we make sure your milking is without any complications.’

She opened the gate and entered the pen with the new cows and proceeded to attach a leash to three of them. They offered no resistance. She then led them into the walkway and took them over to a gate which gave access to the main holding pen.

‘Come on cows it is time for you to join the herd.’

I watched as she led the cows into the pen and unclipped their leashes. All three cows stood their ground for a few seconds, looked around and then made their way to a vacant spot in the feed trough, stuck their heads thru the bars and began eating. Clearly they were the latest additions to the herd.

Tammy returned to find the remaining three cows waiting for her at the gate. This time she just reached over the top of the gate and attached their leashes and led them over to the main pen. Once in the pen the latest additions to the herd walked straight to an empty spot and began eating the grain. I thought all six looked right at home.

Tammy returned to us and led Jack and Suzy into the recently vacated pen and then Amy and me. Once our leashes were unclipped she shut the gate and spoke to us while leaning on the top rail.

‘Your first milking will be at 6am in the morning. We will hold you apart from the herd for a week so we can keep an eye on you. Most cows settle into their new life straight away but occasionally we have some problems with your teats for the first few days of milking. So settle in girls and enjoy your life as dairy cows.’

After her first few words I did what my friends were doing. I stuck my head in the trough and began eating. I was absolutely starving and that now took precedence over listening to unintelligible prattling from one of the people responsible for our predicament.

For the rest of the day we alternated between eating, drinking and crapping and peeing. To relieve the boredom I did a few laps around the circumference of the pen every now and then and watched the herd opposite us. All they did was eat non stop until all of them exited the building by a gate that was opened in the far wall. Judging by the ensuing sounds of loud insistent mooing I presumed it was milking time.

The afternoon dragged slowly by with nothing to do but watch the herd when they returned after their milking. But they were pretty boring since they spent their whole time eating which is what we also ended up doing. I had an incessant hunger which I put down to my huge bulk. Obviously a 1200lb cow body required a fair amount of food to keep it going.

When I did take a break from eating it was only to crap and pee. I tried to hold off from eating again by trying to spot the six newest members of the herd but could no longer identify them. They were already blended into the herd and were indistinguishable in any way from the other cows.

The herd did not return from their evening milking for quite a long time. When they did every cow looked clean and fresh with no signs of the cow pat splatter that was usually coating their back legs. As I looked at the cow closest to me which I thought was one of the six I remembered the girls mentioning the evening wash.

I soon lost interest and returned to eating since I was still hungry. And that is what every cow in the building did until the lights went out. I settled down on the ground next to Amy and quickly fell asleep while thinking about being milked. What would it feel like?

Day Seven

I awoke to the sound of loud mooing emanating from the herd. They wanted to be milked and as I stood on my four hooves I too realised I needed to be milked as soon as possible. My udder felt full and heavy and was most uncomfortable as it brushed against my legs as I walked towards the feed trough.

After a few steps I paused while I lifted my tail and released my morning pee. I then ambled over to the food trough where my three friends were standing. However none of them were eating. Instead they were loudly mooing along with the other cows. After chewing a few mouthfuls of the grain I soon joined them. We needed to be milked.

A few minutes later the gate for the main herd was opened and all of the cows, including the six new ones, practically charged out of the building. The sight only increased the urgency of our mooing. We watched Tammy walk towards out gate holding four leashes. Jack and Amy quickly moved towards the gate and waited for her while loudly continuing their mooing. Tammy laughed as she opened the gate and attached the leashes to Jack and Amy.

‘My, my, aren’t we keen for our first milking?’ she said as she clipped the leash to my nose ring and then Suzy’s. Not that I understood what she was saying nor did I care any more. She led us two at a time along the walkway and into the dairy building. When I entered the building Jack and Amy were already in the first two milking stalls. Both looked eager for their milking to commence. I waited while she led Suzy into the third stall and then I stepped into the fourth one. The walk to the dairy was quite uncomfortable with my full heavy udder rubbing against my legs much harder than usual so I was glad to be standing in one place.

While I waited for the herd to enter the stalls I took the opportunity to look at the milking stall I was standing in. Not that there was really much to look at. In front of me were several horizontal bars on the front gate with the drinking tube which was currently folded up located in the right corner. And that was all I could see since the stall was very narrow which prevented me from turning my head to either side. In fact the stall was so narrow I could feel both sides of my big curvy cow belly occasionally rubbing against the side bars.

There was nothing to look at so I concentrated on listening to what was going on around me. The clunking of many gates indicated the speed with which the cows were entering their milking stalls. Suddenly, without any warning I needed to defecate. I tried to hold off but had no resistance to the urge at all. I reluctantly lifted my tail which stopped against the back gate and relieved myself. To my horror I felt a large amount of my cow pat hit my tail and then drip off it. Once I was finished I reluctantly flicked my tail against my back legs as I tried to remove the cow shit clinging to it. For some obscure reason I hated having the stuff on my tail.

Eventually all of the cows were in the stalls and the milking commenced. Jack was first to be hooked up but unfortunately I could not turn my head far enough to watch the procedure. I had to wait until it was my turn. When the pumping sound of the milk tubes attached to Amy started up I knew it was my turn.

The first thing I felt was the cold spray hitting my teats which was followed by a cloth rubbing the area around each one where they joined my pendulous udder. When the first milking tube locked itself against one of my teats I gave an involuntary jump and a loud moo. My remaining teats soon received similar treatment and that was it. I was being milked for the first time!

Thankfully the experience was quite pleasant. All four tubes were slightly out of kilter with their pumping which surprised me since I had thought each set would pump at the same time. That meant I was continually having one teat pumped. I could feel my teats being sucked downwards from the vacuum and then released which would allow each one to retract from its stretching.

I quickly started enjoying the experience and slipped into a very relaxed state. However, it was soon over and the tubes were disconnected. If the milking was complete it meant 40 litres of milk were just released from my udder. Judging by how much lighter and more comfortable things felt back there I figured my udder was now quite empty.

I watched Tammy lower the drinking tube for Jack who immediately opened his mouth and moved his head forward until his nose ring locked in place with a loud click. Suzy was next then Amy. None of my transformed friends gave any resistance and neither did I when she lowered my drinking tube and locked it into place. There was absolutely no point in giving any resistance. All it would bring would be pain and further humiliation.

‘Come on cow, open your mouth and start drinking.’

It was obvious that I was taking too long so I quickly opened my big cow mouth and moved my head forward until I heard my nose ring click into place. The fluid started flowing straight away and I had to admit the stuff tasted delicious with a flavour that was almost like strawberries. I eagerly drank as fast as I could swallow.

The drinking was finished way too fast and I was forced to wait patiently until Tammy clipped our leashes on and walked us two at a time back to our stall. I looked around to see what my friends were doing. Jack was already eating from the food trough while Suzy was standing near the far side railing and releasing a large cow pat. Amy was also at the food trough and just starting to eat. I walked slowly over to stand next to her and lowered my mouth down to the trough and started eating since I was very hungry.

Suzy soon joined us and for the next couple of hours we did nothing but eat, crap and pee which was done right where we were standing. By this time I was becoming used to our smell and was able to ignore it.

All too soon I felt my udder beginning to tighten as it started filling itself with another 40 litres of milk. I took a break from eating just as Tammy returned to leash us and lead us back to the dairy for our second milking. As I walked along behind her with Amy at my side my udder felt quite painful and swollen as it continually brushed against my rear legs.

I was pleased when the tubes were connected to my udder again and the pleasant rhythmical pumping action started. Unfortunately, the milking session finished far too quickly and I my mouth was soon wrapped around the drinking tube for my second 40 litre drink of the tasty fluid. Then it was back into the stall where all four of us went right back to eating in order to satisfy our incessant driving hunger.

And that was the sequence for the rest of our day as well as the remainder of the week– eating non stop while our udders refilled followed by another milking session which finished with another 40 litres of the delicious drink. Oh, and of course the routine was regularly disrupted by releasing more cow pats and peeing no matter where we were at the time or what we were doing.

Thankfully I was kept busy enough for the whole week that I did not become bored or spent too much time thinking about my lost humanity.

Day Fourteen

Just after the second milking I lifted my head up from the food trough and watched Carmen and Sophia leading the six new cows towards our pen. They attached their leashes to our front rail, said a few words to them, slapped them on their flanks and then left. I made an effort to stop eating for awhile and just stood there looking at each cow. In return they looked at us. Of the six, three were large Holsteins similar in size and hide pattern to us. Two were large dark brown cows whilst the last one was jet black.

Over the last four days I had spent my time in the milking stall observing the steady transformation of the six from possessing elongated human like faces and skin into what they now were – normal looking cows. I knew how they were feeling.

A few minutes later Tammy joined us with four leashes in her left hand. I knew what that meant. It was time for us to join the herd. I was not at all surprised when Jack and Suzy walked over to our gate and stuck their big heads over the top railing.

Tammy smiled at them and muttered a few unintelligible words as she clipped the leashes to their nose rings. She opened the gate and led them over to the pen holding the herd. She held the gate open while my two friends walked into the pen where they turned around and waited for her to unleash them.

She shut the gate and then watched as they looked for two vacant spots in the main feeding trough. Luckily the two spots were next to each other so my friends were soon standing with their heads stuck thru the bars while they commenced eating. They just blended right into the herd like they had always been part of it.

I joined Amy and walked over to the gate and waited for my leash to be connected. I walked quietly behind Tammy as she led us over to the gate where we obediently stood until she motioned for us to enter the pen. I walked in and then turned towards her so my leash could be disconnected.

Once the leash was removed I turned and looked at my new home. All I could see was a long row of cow bums, udders and tails. The herd completely ignored our arrival and kept eating. I looked at Amy who gave my face a nudge with her wet nose and then she walked over to the nearest empty spot at the food trough.

Unfortunately there were no vacant spots either side of her so I was forced to walk a fair way along the line of cows until I found one. As usual my hunger was strong and urgent so I stuck my head thru the rails and lowered my mouth into the trough and started eating.

I was now officially part of the dairy herd.

As far as I could tell the solitary black cow with the extra shiny hide that joined the herd two days later was more than likely Nurse Kate.

Three months later

Jackie woke to the sound of mooing. She stood up on her four legs and quickly walked over to her favourite morning peeing spot. She lifted her tail and released a strong stream of urine and then walked over to her spot in the fed trough and began eating. This was her spot and after some initial pushing and shoving the other cows had soon learnt to leave her spot alone. Of course the constant stream of new cows had to be educated but they soon learnt.

As she munched the tasty grain she thought about her new life as a dairy cow. Her adjustment to her new life had progressed rapidly. She put this down to her mental attitude. After the first two days she had realised she was on a one way trip into being turned into a cow and there was nothing she could do to stop the transformation.

So she put her psychology trauma counselling into practice. She accepted her fate and made every effort to avoid feeding the destructive emotions that people experienced during periods of trauma. Dwelling on any bitterness, unforgiveness and a sense of injustice would destroy her emotionally.

So she gave them no ground when they appeared and instead sought out the experiences that she enjoyed as a cow. To her surprise there were several including eating, milking and checking out the appearance and behaviour of the other cows.

Jackie knew her thoughts these days were centred almost exclusively in these three areas but the fact did not bother her at all. She was a cow now and all cows really thought about was eating and being milked so she had no complaints.

She was perfectly content as a cow and after taking a few more mouthfuls of grain she sauntered off to the milking gate and forced her way right to the front of the line as the other cows stepped aside to allow her passage. Being top cow in the herd definitely had its advantages she thought as she started mooing loudly.

‘Why are the staff so slow to commence the morning milking?’

Suzy was only now coming out of the deep dark depression that had engulfed her when she could no longer speak with her friends. The loss had been devastating as she had relied on their words of encouragement. The double whammy of losing her ability to understand English and numbers had pushed her deeper into her depression.

During the past week she had decided to take Jack’s advice and concentrate on the things she enjoyed as a cow. The change in mental attitude had done wonders for her. Milking was especially pleasurable as the vacuum tubes worked their wonder on her sensitive teats. The evening wash was also a real highlight for her. The clean feeling was a huge lift to her spirits and eating non stop during the day was a great way to pass the hours.

This morning after peeing and releasing her first of many cow pats for the day she sought out Jackie at the rear of the herd and closely followed her friend’s rear end as Jackie forced her way to the milking gate. She then pushed her way to the side of her friend and ran her tongue along her friend’s muzzle.

Suzy then joined her friend and started mooing loudly and indignantly.

‘What on earth takes the staff so long to commence the morning milking?’

Amy hated to admit it but during the last three weeks or so her attitude about being turned into a dairy cow had changed. For some strange reason she could not explain she now thoroughly enjoyed being a dairy cow. The milking was great, the food was wonderful and there was so little stress in her life. All she had to do each day was eat and be milked. That was all there was to it. She did not have to worry about her appearance or what people thought of her.

As she stood up from her sleeping spot and immediately released her morning pee near the face of the cow behind her she wondered why she was having so much trouble remembering what her life as a girl was like. But the memories meant little to her now since she was a cow and cows did not need to think about life as a human anyway. All that mattered was the here and now and right now that meant taking on board a few mouthfuls of grain before joining her herd and waiting to be milked.

Her udder always felt the most uncomfortable after a nights sleep. Not being milked for twelve hours was the problem. By 6am she was fit to burst as her heavy swinging udder rubbed itself against her back legs with each step she took. What they should do is introduce a middle of the night milking. That would solve the problem!

She stood in line and began mooing loudly.

Surely they could introduce an earlier milking time.


Well what can I say?

My name is Brenda and I am a human hybrid Holstein dairy cow that weighs 1200lbs. I have been a cow for approximately three months. During that time I have been milked about 336 times so the whole procedure is now fairly routine for me. I produce 160 litres of milk per day from my four milking sessions.

I am part of a large herd of human hybrid cows that now numbers about 150. During the last three months I have watched at least a further 70 men and women changed into cows and introduced to our herd. I know the number is that big since I have counted the weekly transformations in order to keep track of my time here in the dairy. But as of today I have decided to stop counting the weeks and the never ending transformations. I see no point in doing it any more. I have finally accepted the fact that for the rest of my life I will be a highly productive dairy cow.

All I do each day is eat whenever I have the opportunity, shit, pee and be milked four times a day. I have lost track of my three friends who are scattered somewhere within the herd that surrounds me. We initially clung together when first released into the herd but that only lasted for a few days. The loss of contact no longer bothers me since there is no way of communicating anyway.

I have surprised myself with how well I have coped in adjusting to my new life as a dairy cow. Except for the extensive emotional and physical trauma experienced during the first week I have not had to draw on my psychology training at all in order to cope. I think this is due to my emotions being stunted in some way. I am quite sure now that I can no longer experience any of the following human emotions: worry, boredom, anger, bitterness, sorrow, empathy, happiness, joy and stress.

I have a theory that since I am now a cow I possess the instincts of a cow and therefore have the emotional range of a normal dairy cow. Whatever the reason for my lack of human emotions I am not complaining since their removal allows to me to live a very contented life as a dairy cow. I am not angry about my new life or full of bitterness or sorrow. I am just an everyday dairy cow that goes about its daily life of milking, eating, shitting and peeing without any complaints.

The only thing still causing some problems for me is the lack of communication. I need to be able talk to my friends or anyone else but I know that is not going to happen. I am locked into a cacoon of silence with just my thoughts to break the isolation. However I have noticed that this concern is beginning to diminish as the instincts and behaviour patterns of a cow are clearly taking hold of my mind and gradually removing my human way of thinking and thoughts.

All I seem capable of thinking about lately is my milking and eating. Nothing else matters any more or is of interest to me. I realise I am turning into a cow with the basic interests of a cow – eating, milking and defecating. Nothing much else occupies my thoughts. I even seem to be repeating my thoughts about these things and not realising it.

Now if you will excuse me it is morning milking time and I have a very uncomfortable udder that has 40 litres of milk all primed and ready to go.

‘Moo, moo, moo!!!’

‘Why does it always take the staff so long to start the morning milking? Don’t they know how uncomfortable our udders are after a night of sleeping?’

The End

Timetable for Cow Transformation

Day One

  • Body length
  • Angled torso

Day Two

  • Hooves
  • Skeletal = widens & lengthens
  • Neck = thickens & lifts
  • Gender
  • Weight = 400lbs

Day Three

  • Face starts =muzzle & ears grow
  • Udder starts
  • Tail starts
  • No voice
  • Nose ring
  • Dairy visit
  • Weight = 600lbs

Day Four

  • Face finishes = muzzle finishes, ears finish
  • Udder finishes
  • Tail finishes
  • Skin transforms =hair falls out , new hide pattern
  • No body control
  • Dairy visit
  • Weight = 800lbs

Days Five & Six

  • Size
  • Weight = 1,000lbs then 1,200lbs

Day Seven

  • Fist milking
  • Introduced to the herd


A very classic docs-lab story