Woodland Retrievers

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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“We’re lost, just admit it.”

“We’re not lost, Lindsay, we just need to make a right here and we’ll be right near the freeway.”

Erin and Lindsay had been driving aimlessly around the backwoods for an hour, trying to find some sign of civilization.

“We’re going to die out here, all because of your stupid photography class.”

“Will you relax? I’ve got half a tank of gas.”

Erin turned down a narrow, dirt path and saw, from the distance, the outline of a house.

“See? We’re fine. We’ll just get directions from whomever lives here.”

“Erin, are you crazy? It’s probably abandoned, or filled with junkies or lunatics. No sane person would live here.”

Erin ignored her friend’s concerns and knocked on the door. She was greeted by a woman who looked to be in her mid to late thirties.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, my friend and I are lost. We wondering if you knew how to get back to Route 65.”

“I might. Would you like to come in? Maybe have a cup of coffee? I don’t often get visitors.”

Ordinarily, Erin might not have. But the woman seemed friendly, and had a simple sense of warmness to her. She dragged the reluctant Lindsay inside, and the two of them sat at the kitchen table.

“My husband’s been gone for almost 5 years. I live out here all by myself.”

“Why do you live here?” Lindsay asked “It’s so far away from everything.”

“The land was cheap, and I need the space for my dog farm.”

“Oh, you run a dog farm?” Erin asked

“Yep. I breed and raise them until they’re fit to be sold. It’s been tough lately though. My last brood bitch died, and it’s particularly tough to get the breed I deal with.”

“What breed?”

“German Woodland Retrievers. You probably haven’t heard of them. They’re very rare.”

“Oh, I have heard about those.” Lindsay said They’re supposed to be the smartest, healthiest, dogs in the world.”

The woman smiled

“Yeah, they’re pretty great. I’m one of the few breeders.”

“Where do you get them from?”
“I... breed them here. They’re mutts, you see.”

“What breeds do you cross?”

The smile went away from the woman’s face.

“That, I’m afraid, is my secret. Would you like some more coffee?”   

“We’re fine, thanks. We should probably get going.” Lindsay said

“Yeah, I’m starting to feel a little groggy. Thank you ma’am.”

The two headed out the door towards the car.

“Hey Linds, can you drive? I feel like I’m about to fall asleep.”

“I was just about to say the same thing. There’s no way I can drive.”

“I drove here, come on.”

“Yeah, but you also got us lost. And this was for your class.”

The two bickered about who would drive until they both collapsed. The woman hurried out and carried their bodies into the barn, she could barely conceal her joy.


Erin felt the cold cement press against her naked body.
“What... what happened? Where am I?”

As her vision came through, she realized she was in a small, rectangular, fenced-off pen. She tried to move around, but she was restrained by several braces on her shoulders, wrists, ankles, and legs. She tried looking around her, but found that her neck and head movement was also severely limited.

“Linds. Linds, are you there?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m here.” Lindsay weakly called out from a distance. “I’m chained down or something, I can barely move.”

“Me too. Where are we? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. It looks like we’re in kennels.”

“Kennels...” Erin remembered something about dogs. Why was that so significant? What happened last night that had to do with dogs?

She figured it out when the woman from before walked in, grinning ear to ear.

“Well, how are we doing today?” the woman asked in a cheerful, playful tone

“What’s going on? Where are we?”

“You’re at my farm, dear. You and your friend never left. And you won’t be leaving, at least not anytime soon. And especially not looking like that.”

“What? Are you going to hold us here like slaves? People will come looking for us, you’ll get caught. You might as well let us go now.”

The woman scoffed “Oh, don’t be so naive. They found your car in a lake a few days ago. You’re dead as far as the rest of the world is concerned. And don’t call yourself slaves. Slavery implies the ownership of another human.”

“What’s... what’s that supposed to mean?” Lindsay stuttered, afraid to find out

“Tell me, why do you think German Woodland retrievers are so hard to find? Why do you think they live so much longer, behave so much better, think so much quicker than the average dog? Why do you think they’re incapable of reproducing with any other breed? Because they’re not dogs, at least not in the beginning. They start out as people, wandering people like yourselves.”

“That’s... that’s impossible.” Lindsay cried

“No it’s not. We live in a wonderful age where almost anything is possible. We can alter chromosomes, we can transform bodies, we can permanently change minds. Modern technology and medicine is capable of anything. And you two are about to be living proof of that. You are going to be the mothers of my next line of woodlands.”

Lindsay’s eyes swelled with tears, this wasn’t real. This couldn’t be real. This was some bad dream, some nightmare.

“Alright, alright. Enough waterworks. We’ve got a lot to do, starting with getting the two of you in shape. You’re going to have to get used to walking on all fours.” she tethered a leash to both of the girl’s neck braces, and gave a gentle tug.

“Alright, now slowly get up. And stand on your paws, not your elbows. They won’t be there soon, we need to establish good habits. Come on now.” Lindsay gradually pulled herself up to her hands and knees. Erin refused to budge.

“I said, get up!” the woman snapped

Erin did not move.

The woman unraveled the whip she had holstered on her side and cracked it a few inches from Lindsay’s face.

“You better hope your friend moves. I’d hate to leave a couple of scars on that pretty little face of yours.”

Reluctantly, Erin pulled herself up.

“Now, was that so hard? Follow me. And no talking.”

The woman tugged the leashes, and pulled the two girls along. They struggled to keep up to her brisk pace, but they didn’t dare fall behind.

The women lead them throughout the farm. It was a sizeable estate, the barn where the girls were kept was close to a mile away from the House and the solitary dirt road they came in on, but it felt even longer, as their bodies hadn’t yet adjusted to their new positions. Muscles they never knew they had burned and ached, every step send a shot of pain up their wrists.

“I know it’s uncomfortable now, but soon enough the two of you will be running around on all fours no problem.” the woman said, as she lead them near the chain link fence that marked the end of her property.

The two girls came back exhausted. The woman put them back in their respective cages, and put two plastic bowls in front of each one.

“I bet y’all are thirsty. Well, since you decided not to listen in the beginning. You don’t get any water.”

The woman filled one of Lindsay’s dishes, then walked out of the barn.

“I’ll try to slide it over to you, that way we can share.” Lindsay said

“Forgot it. There’s no way to do it, and I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

“Come on, Erin. You need to drink.”

“I’m not drinking from that anyway. And neither should you.”

Lindsay stared at the bowl of water. Her throat was dry, and she was thirsty. However, her friend’s defiance gave her a sense of strength, and she ignored it..

The woman returned to the barn about an hour later, carrying one leash.

She walked past Erin’s pen, ignoring her, and opened the door to Lindsay’s pen.

“Ah, here’s my good little girl.” the woman cooed “Why haven’t you drank your water? Aren’t you thirsty?”

Lindsay didn’t like being talked to like a pet, but she also didn’t like the idea of having a whip crack across her face, so she kept quiet.

The woman attached the leash to Lindsay’s neck brace and lead her out of the barn.

Erin sat and her pen and watched as they left her field of vision, unsure whether she or Lindsay was in bigger trouble.

Lindsay was lead into the house through the back door and into the basement. It was a dimly lit room, and Lindsay could barely see anything because of her restricted head movement.

She was helped onto a table, and her limbs were strapped down. She grimaced in pain.

“Don’t worry, soon you’ll laying like this all the time.”

Lindsay felt the sharp tinge of a needle in her buttocks. She passed out almost immediately. Her body began to be pumped with canine estrogen and progesterone, as well as chemical agents to make her bones more malleable.  While all this was happening, the woman began to sterilize her surgical equipment.

After a few hours, the woman returned and found that Lindsay had been progressing along schedule. While there would be no noticeable changes right away, the hormones would make her mind and body more susceptible to future changes. Her collar bone was completely removed, and there were other, minor alterations to other parts of her body.  The skeletal system was now weaker, and would bend and re-solidify in accordance with the braces, and eventually shape her body to a more canine structure.  


Lindsay woke up in her pen dazed and feeling weak. Erin was not there, undergoing the same treatment Lindsay had hours earlier. She sat in the pen, staring at the untouched dish of water in front of her. She was still very thirsty, and her mouth had become dry.

“Maybe just a little bit.”

She tried lowering her head to suck the water with her lips, but could not angle her head correctly. She realized that the only way to drink was to use her tongue. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s human tongue was not designed for this purpose, and most of it spilled onto the floor. She was, however, able to get a little bit in.

The woman returned with Erin and a large sack of dog food. She put Erin in her pen, and filled one of her bowls. She did the same with Lindsay’s and refilled her water dish as well.

“Good night, girls. Eat up and get some rest. We’ve got another big day ahead.” the woman said as she left the barn.

Erin looked at the bowl of dry pellets that lay before her. “I’m hungry, but I’m not that desperate.” she thought

“Hey Linds! What do you think we should do for food?”

But Lindsay did not respond.

“Linds? Lindsay?”

Again, there was no reply.

Erin listened closely, and realized she heard the sound of crunching.

“Lindsay, don’t tell me you’re eating this crap.”

“I’m sorry.” an upset Lindsay cried “But I’m really hungry, and I really don’t want to make her mad.”

“Come on, you’re better than this. You’re a strong, independent young woman. Not some dog. Besides what’s the worst thing that happens.”

“She could kill us.”

“So what? Wouldn’t you rather be dead than a dog?”

Lindsay said nothing, and continued eating with tears in her eyes.

Both girls cried themselves to sleep that night, although Erin made a point of not letting Lindsay hear her.

For about a week, the days were repetitive and monotonous. Much of the time was spent exercising the girls’ bodies. They would go up and down the stairs and run around the farm . They’d stop only for food or sleep. While Erin refused to eat the first few days, she eventually caved in and ate and while both girls were embarrassed and ashamed to do so, both of them would use the bathroom outside, although they attempted to do so with as much privacy as possible.

Eventually, the time came when they no longer needed their braces. Their braces were screwed off and replaced with simple leather collars and an attached harness on their chest. For the first time since their capture, they were unshackled. While still very much human, their bodies had a canine outline to them. Their body fat was virtually gone, and their muscles and skin hugged tight to their newly formed bones. Standing on two legs without support was impossible, but their wrists no longer ached when they walked.

Lindsay felt a sense of relief, and ironically, freedom. For the first time in over a week, she didn’t have the weight of the bulky braces on her. She could move, sit up, and lay down like a canine without pain, although her brain was still getting used to these new limitations.

Erin, on the other hand, looked at her and Lindsay’s new body in disgust and horror. Not only were they being held captive, there had been a permanent change made to their bodies. A permanent reminder of their time here, and a scary sign of how powerful this woman truly was.

When they were put into their pens for bed that night, Erin had made up her mind that she would escape. She had been thinking about it since the beginning, but now seemed like the perfect time. She was no longer restricted by the bulky braces, and while she couldn’t walk on two legs anymore, she still had her hands and human intellect - two valuable assets that could be taken from her at any point.

She waited for awhile after the woman had left, then called out.

“Lindsay, I’m doing it.” she whispered “We’re getting out of here.”

“Are you crazy?”

“You’re the crazy one if you’re going to stay here. Who knows what she’ll do to us next? Now’s our chance.”

“There’s no way. We don’t know where we are, there’s no way we can climb the fence, and we can’t even walk properly. It’s suicide.”

“I’m going, with or without you.” Erin said defiantly

Erin sprang up on what could be described as her hind legs, and grasped onto the chain link door for balance. The door was not designed to contain people, and therefore had a simple latch. Erin merely shuffled closer to the latch, and used her free hand to lift it up.

She pushed the door with her body, and promptly lost her balance. She fell forward, landing on her calloused palms. She scurried out of the barn. While her body was physically capable of moving much quicker, her mind as not fully used to moving on all fours. She still had to consciously think about the right order to move her hands and feet.

Erin proceeded to move towards the house. She could barely see - given that it was nighttime and that her quadrupedalism limited her vertical range of vision. She was left to navigate from memory.

Unfortunately for Erin, her mental image of the farm was not correct, and she wound up going in circles several times. This, in conjunction with her malnutrition, lack of sleep, and rigorous exercise routines left her exhausted, and she eventually collapsed and fell asleep.

Erin awoke to a sharp smack on her head.

“Bad girl!” the woman scolded “Trying to run off. Bad! Bad dog!”

The woman dragged Erin by the collar into the house. Erin tried to resist, but the harness and her lack of experience of moving on all fours made it impossible to escape.

Erin was brought upstairs to the small, windowless attic, which contained nothing but a dimly lit light bulb.

“You think about what you did.” the woman said as she shut and locked the door.

As Erin sat in the attic in isolation, Lindsay sat in her pen, and watched as the woman filled her bowl with more food than normal.

“Eat up, you’ve got a big day ahead of you.”

Lindsay judged from the woman’s annoyed tone that Erin had been caught, and made sure to eat all of her meal. She shook in terror, scared that she would be punished for Erin’s actions.

She was lead into the basement of the house, and ordered on to lay on the operating table. Lindsay climbed up and was strapped in.

The woman put a pair of headphones on Lindsay’s head. Lindsay heard classical music and a deep, relaxing voice. Her body and mind completely relaxed, the hypnotic suggestions began to play. Meanwhile, an IV pumped more canine hormones into her, as well as chemical agents that affected Lindsay’s inhibitions and higher level reasoning.

After a few hours, the hypnosis stopped, and IV bags were empty. Lindsay was unstrapped from the table and jumped down as if she had been walking on all fours her whole life. She walked back to the barn with ease, and for the first time since the whole ordeal had started, felt slightly calm.

Meanwhile, Erin sat in the attic, alone, trying to keep her sanity. Which, as she noticed, was impossible. After all, it was insane that she was being held by a woman who wanted to turn her into a dog. It was even more insane, that her plan was actually working. Erin had, more or less, lived like a dog for the past week and a half. She slept in a small pen, ate dog food, and peed outside. How could she keep her sanity in an insane environment? Who determined sanity anyway? What if she was the insane one?

She recalled learning about the placebo effect in her psych class.

“My body never changed, my mind just thinks it did.”  Erin told herself

“I can stand up, no problem.”

Erin pushed up and briefly stood on her heels before falling back down.

“I can stand, I know I can.”

Erin tried to stand up again, and had the same result.

“I can do this, my brain’s just playing a trick on me.”
Erin spent the rest of the day and night trying to stand like a human.

Meanwhile, Lindsay started off the next day being lead to the basement, and again was strapped to the operating table with a pair of headphones on her head.  This time, however, there was a visual component- her eyes were held open and images flickered quickly on a screen. Several IVs inserted throughout Lindsay’s body. The same canine hormones and chemical agents from the previous time were present again, but in more copious quantities. She would be left like this for 24 hours.


Erin felt stomach sick.The guilt was getting to her. After all, driving out to the forest was her idea, for her class. Lindsay was apprehensive going, about staying for coffee, and now she had to suffer for Erin’s choices. Even now, Lindsay was probably being punished for Erin’s failed escape.  

Erin felt a rising pressure in her stomach and belched. She closed her eyes, and tried not to vomit.  
Lindsay stretched out her limbs and climbed off the table. Instinctively, she began to sniff around. While her nose and smelling ability was no different than before, her mind had evidently taken to the hypnotic suggestions. As she was lead out to the barn, she tongue lolled out the side of her mouth - much to the delight of her master.

Erin stared at the blank ceiling. Contemplating all she would miss out on. She’d never get her degree, never get to travel, never get married. She wondered how her family reacted. Not only was she an only child, her parents were the only ones in their families to have children. Growing up, Erin was the star, the center of attention for her parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. She was going to be the first one in the family to get a four year degree, and it was all gone. Even if she did somehow escape, she could never make it in society. How could she? She was a freak. Even if she was able to mentally adjust (and given the trauma she had endured that was a stretch) she’d still need someone to take care of her.

Lindsay laid in her pen, feeling almost contented. She absent-mindedly chewed on a rawhide bone the woman had left for her. She found the chewing helped put her at ease, even if the bone was a little too hard for her teeth.

“Maybe being a dog isn’t so bad.” she thought to herself “You lounge around all day. You’re provided for your whole life, and people love you no matter what. Being human’s too much work.”

Lindsay spat out another tooth. Her calcium free diet and the fact that her teeth hadn’t been cleaned in over two weeks made her teeth very weak, and chewing on the rawhide only accelerated her tooth loss.

Lindsay wondered how Erin was faring, or if she was even alive. She hadn’t seen her since her failed escape, and her master made no mention of her. For a moment, Lindsay felt a bit worried, but she became distracted by the sound of the footsteps.

“Hello, little girl.” the woman cooed as she opened the door to the pen and clipped on the leash.

“I see your teeth have started to fall out. That makes my job much, much easier.”

Lindsay only partially paid attention to what the woman had to say. She found conversation to be almost useless. She just listened in and picked up a few keywords here and there to see if she personally needed to do anything.

“Don’t worry about your little friend, she’ll come around soon enough. I might even bring her back out tonight or tomorrow. She has a lot of catching up to do. I must say, you’ve really impressed me, you’re moving along much quicker than I anticipated.”

But, Lindsay was too preoccupied with finding a good spot to pee to care about what the woman had to say. She finally settled on a spot, and squatted.

The woman giggled “Oh, if you only knew how ridiculous you look.”

When they got to the basement, Lindsay was sedated, and listened to the hypnosis messages. She was given the usual cocktail. While the woman took out her surgical equipment.

Erin, meanwhile, was at wit’s end. She hadn’t eaten, drank, or slept for days.

“There’s no point.” she sobbed. “I... I can’t go on.”

Unfortunately for Erin, the bare room offered no easy outs. There were no windows, no ropes, no pills. She closed her eyes.

“Kill me. If you can hear me, if you’re out there, please, please kill me. This is no way to live.”

She sobbed. “One mistake, one stupid, little mistake and my life is ruined.” Then, an idea struck her.

“Maybe... maybe it’s not real. No, it’s not. It can’t be.” she thought aloud “I’m on one of those hidden camera shows. Everyone’s on it. Mom, Dad, Linds. The woman’s an actress. I even recognize her from that show! None of this is real!” she told herself excitedly

The woman finished her work just as the last of the chemicals finished entering her body. She took a good look, and marveled a little bit at her own skill. The last of Lindsay’s human teeth were pulled out, and were replaced with dentures more suited for her new life. Similarly, her human tongue had been removed and replaced with one from a previous brood bitch. The woman kept all the corpses of her dogs for this purpose. Because she now had more teeth and a longer tongue, her jaw had been extended slightly, and her face now protruded a bit.

The woman also replaced Lindsay’s eyes with their canine equivalent. While this was a downgrade, her canine eyes would be more aesthetically pleasing than her old ones when the transformation was complete. Plus, Lindsay would have very little use for colour in her new life, and her heightened auditory and olfactory senses would more than make up for the loss.

Lindsay came out of her sedation and let out a large, very canine yawn. She stretched her limbs in a manner similar to any other dog and stood up on all fours, seemingly unaware of any changes.

“Lindsay, how do you feel? Does anything look or seem different?”

Lindsay cocked her head to the side in confusion. She understood her name, but little else.

“Lindsay can you speak?”

Lindsay barked. The woman smiled. She had also moved Lindsay’s larynx up, which gave her a more canine vocal range. Lindsay’s bark was indistinguishable from that of a real dog.

“No, Lindsay, I mean can you talk. Can you say hello?”

Again, Lindsay cocked her head in confusion.

“Come on girl, follow me.”

Lindsay obediently followed her master upstairs and outside.  Once there, the woman picked up a stick and threw it.

Lindsay darted to it and brought it back to the woman’s feet. Sitting on her heels and panting.

“Unbelievable.” the woman laughed “You really think you’re a real dog, don’t you?” she petted Lindsay, who was wagging a tail she thought she had.

She bought Lindsay back to the barn and filled her bowl with food.

“I’m going to get Erin, you be a good girl while I’m gone.”

A small, nagging part of Lindsay’s mind told her to be happy that Erin was coming, but Lindsay’s mind was too focused on the instant gratification of food to be concerned with the future.

The woman came to the attic to find a delusional Erin practicing her speech for when the show ended.

“Well, did you think about what you did?” the woman said as she clipped the leash onto her collar.

“I thought about a lot of things, and you know what I figured it out. All of it.”

“Really, now?”

“Yep.” she said as the two walked towards the barn “The joke’s over. The cameramen can come out now. I know you’re all faking.”

“Camera? Faking? Oh, no dear. This is very much all real.”

“Yeah, okay. Look, it’s over. Alright, just give me the money now, bring my parents on the set. I’ll try to act surprised.”

“Well if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe your friend.” the woman said as she opened the door to Lindsay’s pen.

Lindsay sprinted towards Erin, playfully barking, and smelling her.

“Alright, Linds. Show’s over.”

Lindsay licked Erin’s face and barked again

“Lindsay, please. Cut it out.” Erin said with a slightly fearful tone

Bored of trying to get Erin to play, Lindsay went into her pen and started chewing on the rawhide. It was then that Erin realized this was, in fact, reality. And that she - like her friend before her - would actually turn into a dog.

She felt stomach sick again, and began to cry. She was defeated.
“Alright.” Erin groaned “I’ll do what you want.”

And so, a defeated Erin was lead into the basement and strapped onto the table. Given that she was so far behind Lindsay, the woman decided to expedite the process by doing it all at once.

And so Erin was there, strapped into the table, for nearly two days straight. Her body filling with hormones and chemicals. Her mind subjected to a constant barrage of audio and visual hypnotic messages. Like Lindsay, she had her teeth, eyes, tongue, and larnyx surgically altered to cater to her new needs.

“Alright, Erin you should be already to go.”

The woman put out her hand, which Erin sniffed. She had no problems climbing off the table or moving around. And like Lindsay, her cognitive function was about equal to a dog’s.

The next month and a half was dedicated to purely physical alterations. In addition to making external changes, such as changing hands to paws or adding a tail, the woman also had the difficult task of modifying and replacing the girl’s organs. Even tougher, she also had the difficult task of restructuring their skulls and faces without damaging their brains.

Finally, after endless hours of labour, she was done. After a few months when their fur grew in, they would look almost like any other dog. While there were some special accommodations - both girls had four prosthetic nipples on their chest - they were otherwise visually indistinguishable from any other canine.

Eventually, after more months of hormone therapy, the girls were ready to fulfill their purpose. Because of their rare circumstances, they could only be impregnated by another German Woodland Retriever. As such, their first litters were conceived from saved sperm from previous Woodlands. Erin and Lindsay carried litters of 7 and 8 puppies respectively and were all sold.

Their second, third, and current litters were all conceived by a pair of unlucky twin brothers who also needed directions for the freeway.

As of now, there is a backorder for German Woodland Retrievers.


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