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Rachel's Story - By Rattlesnake Rachel Author: By Rattlesnake Rachel Species: Woman to Snake Date: Sept. 21, 2009 Rating: X Rachel's Story

Once upon a time, how human that sentence is, only a human can think in terms of what could be, instead of what is. I am and that's all I need to know, but for you humans I guess you need more, so here it is, the story of how I got rid of my unwanted humanity and upgraded to something better, something real.

When I look at myself in the mirror I see the unwanted cage of humanity but beyond that I sense the true me hiding underneath the pale pink skin, with its unnecessary fatty deposits on the chest, how they get in the way of my play acting. You see up here in my mind I'm certainly nothing remotely human, I'm not even a mammal. I don't even have limbs, I'm a snake, I just wish there was a way to reflect my true self outwards that I am inwards.

All my masturbatory fantasies have involved me lying on my stomach, wriggling about as I try to swallow lumps of raw meat whole. I'm sure a shrink would have a field day before she locked me away from the rest of society for their own good. I don't want to be a part of their world anyway, I'm a predator and they're deluded prey that thinks they're somehow not.

I never quite worked out what the male of the species was for, sure I'd tried having a boyfriend, a couple in fact, but they all seemed to want me for some thing that I never quite got. I just wanted to eat and sleep and fuck, but they wanted to do things, something called romance I think. I was six when I got my first boyfriend (Timmy Stone) and all he wanted to do was see my vagina and for some reason show me his thing which wasn't a vagina but something weird and different.

I of course showed him what I had, it wasn't much to see, and well female stuff is very minimalist on the outside, all our equipment is on the inside where it needs to be. His thing was horrible to look at, I'd never seen one before, until then I always thought people all looked the same as me and Mummy. I'd seen Mummy naked lots of times when we showered together and she was pretty much the same as me except she had hair down there for some reason and she had boobies, which she told me I'd get when I was older. Daddy left when I was very young so I never had a male role model, so I never saw him naked at all.

As I grew up I became aware of a sudden interest in males all of a sudden, for some reason they seemed to factor more and more in my thoughts and I had dreams about them, weird dreams that left me confused and excited. Why would they want to put their weird male things into my body? Then my friends started to talk about wanting to have sex with them and I realised that I did too, what they said about having a man penetrate their bodies made me feel excited and I knew I wanted that too.

However I knew there was something very wrong with me, or very right. All my friends made a big fuss of shaving their legs and keeping their bodies in immaculate feminine perfection, while all I cared about was the very basic bodily functions. I didn't care about luring a male to want to sleep with me, when I was eighteen I could not resist the primal urge to mate anymore and I found one who wanted to fuck me and that I wanted to fuck and so we fucked. It was good, it was basic, it was primal and I loved being made to submit my body to him, to be mounted and penetrated by his member, I felt to animalistic as I lay there as he fucked me and then when he finished with me we went our separate ways, but met up every week after my period so he could fuck me once there was no danger of pregnancy.

Pregnancy scared me more than Mother finding me being fucked by my male. It was so wrong, so unnatural, so just not me. I wanted to be more like a reptile, to simply lay a few eggs and build a nest to incubate them. That seemed the right thing to do.

During a field trip to the zoo I went alone to the reptile house and I spent all day there staring at them, envying their perfect lives. I didn't quite feel so jealous until I entered the snake room and I saw a rattlesnake for the first time. Then I knew, just knew, that I wanted to be one of them, a breeding female. It filled my being with perfect jealousy t see what I wanted and could never have because I was born in the wrong species. How I wished I had been born with scales and a forked tongue, that I'd never had arms of legs. I wanted to have fangs and a rattle on my tail; I wanted to hunt my food and devour it whole and digest it slowly for a week inside of my belly like the snake I should be.

Mother eventually found me in bed with my male, she threw me out the house but I didn't care. I was beyond such human cares now. I wandered the streets, living in squats and alleys, letting males fuck me for money and food. It was enough to get by as I didn't want much out of a human life, except a quick and final ending so I could come back again as a snake and live the life I was supposed to lead.

That's when I found the ring. It was just a piece of junk really but I somehow felt that it had been placed here for me to find. I was shaped like a snake, she was coiled around my finger and her eyes were tiny little gems that seemed to change colour every time I looked at them. I slipped it on my finger and then went to the zoo, I had a sudden feeling that I needed to be with the snakes, that they were pulling me to be with them.

I walked willingly, paid the entrance fee, oddly I had just the right amount of money in my pocket and when I got to the reptile house I found it empty and the door looked behind me, stopping anyone else following me. I walked past the other reptiles, to the place where I belonged. The snake room.

There I felt the need to shed my clothes and I quickly discarded them, jeans, blouse, cardigan, bra and knickers, until I was as naked as the other snakes. Other humans might pay attention to the colours, the fabrics and the way they enhanced their figures, I cared nothing about that, I only wanted to be forever rid of the need to wear such mammalian things. The world seemed to turn around me and then all of a sudden I was standing inside the room with the other rattlesnakes. They formed a ring around me and they lay there all watching me.

It felt so natural as my body slowly shrank and my legs began to pull into my body, my arms too. It was the most wonderful feeling to know that I was soon going to be totally limbless. I'd never really liked having my arms, I'd always fantasised about losing them in an accident. They were so unnecessary just useless ape appendages that got in the way of feeding. My legs too were such inferior means of movement, I much preferred the slinky belly slide I was inheriting. My few ribs became many and I flopped down to lie forever on my front, never more would the majority of my body lie perpendicular to the ground, now my life was in the horizontal and I felt like I'd come home for the first time in my life.

My naked soft flesh was covered in scales and most of my teeth feel out only my fans remained and my tongue extended and forked, allowing me to taste the air. My body became long and thin while my face lost all trace of the woman I had once been as it became that of the snake I had become. My eyelids vanished, forcing me to see everything constantly, it's quite interesting as my sight slips partially into the infrared and I see heat as well as shapes and shadows. My sense of smell and taste are much better however, especially for hunting food. I can taste the other snakes, each is different and I taste myself, I'm much like them, nothing like the pile of clothes that lie nearby, they smell more like food.

Then the males sensed I was receptive to me and they all curled around me in a ball as they fought to mate with me. I liked this, I was bigger than them singularly but en masse they did to me what they wanted and I did nothing to resist them as this was what I'd always wanted and I knew that the eggs inside of me were ready to be fertilized.

Then I built a nest and guarded it from the humans who fed us once a week. I snatched a quick meal when I could, jabbing the food with my venom-filled fangs and waiting for it to die before I swallowed it whole. My eggs are almost ready to hatch and once they do then I can teach them how to be a good snake, just like their Mummy.

Sometimes when humans look at me I see the snake inside of them and they eventually join us in the snake room, not all are the same species as me, but all are snakes all the same. Carol, who's nesting right now, was once a human too, but all we talk about are nesting, eggs, sex, sleep and food, after all what else concerns us snakes?

Sometimes I think I see someone I once knew, but they could never hope to recognise me now. To them I'm a wild and dangerous predator; to me they're just moving scenery really. Sure I don't mind them looking when I'm being bred or I'm laying my eggs, or I'm eating or shitting, what they do and want are irrelevances to me, just as what I do doesn't really concern them the second they leave the snake room.

A former human male joined the rest of us in the room, we made him welcome and the females all inspected him to see if he was good enough to fertilize our eggs. We judged him tolerable but as none of us were ready for breeding we largely ignored him, as we generally ignore males, as they're weaker and besides it's more fun to just coil up and snooze on a rock while we slowly digest our weekly meals.

When you get fed regularly, can sleep when you want to rest and there's a supply of males on hand when you want them for some casual sex and breeding what concerns do you really have? I don't really notice things like time and other such concepts anymore like a human would, to me all I care about is seeing to gratifying my simple base needs and nothing else. Food, water, sleep and sex, in that order, it's all an animal wants and I am nothing more than an animal, it's better than what I used to be, I'd never go back to that existence, even if I ever could.

The mouse feels good in my mouth and I take my time to swallow it down whole. I like mouse, its fur is easy to shed off in my tummy and the bones are easy to regurgitate too. My venom made short work of it and it died within seconds of my fatal kiss.

Sloughing my skin off is a pain but a welcome necessity. It's slow and laborious work, the only time I miss having arms, but it's over in a day and then I have a long time to not miss limbs. I love being a snake, rattling my tail in warning if any approach too close, it's so very me.


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