Visit To The Barn

by pieboy7
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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    It all started on a normal day, when I went with my mom to visit her horse at a barn where she boarded it. She had a grey Arabian mare. The mare was the sweetest horse I had ever met. So when my mom went off to get the halter, I decided to go into the stall to say hi to her. But out of no where, she bit me! At the time, I had no idea that her blood line was cursed. My mom had come back, but I didn’t want her to see the bite, thinking that she would be angry at me for angering her horse. So I told her I had to use the restroom and ran off. 

    When I was nearing the bathroom, I looked down at my arm and saw that she had drawn blood with her bite! So I continued on my way to the bathroom, wondering what I could have done to anger the horse. As I was walking, I noticed my arm and chest started to itch and my hand had gone stiff. when I got to the bath room, I took off my sweatshirt to see that I had grown hair over my arms, so I immediately went to take off my shirt and saw that it had spread to my chest and was working its way down my stomach, groin, and down to my legs. I looked back at my hand because I had started to lose feeling in it, and saw that it had started to turn black and the fingers were merging! And then it hit me, somehow, I had to be turning into a horse. so I ran for a secluded stall in the second barn, where no one was, I went in, closed the door but didn’t latch it, and took all my clothing off. I was In luck, no one was there at that time on Sunday. 

    Once all my clothing was removed, all I could do was watching the changes. I didn’t know why I was so relaxed, but I was. It must have been part of whatever was causing my changes. As I was watching, my other hand started to turn into a hoof as well, along with both of my feet. Then, I felt something poking out of my back, right above my butt, and turned around to see a tail sprouting. I thought, oh, about time, with no idea why I thought that. Then, something popped in my hips and I fell forward, onto all fours. This position felt most natural for me, as I also felt myself gaining some mass. But not as much as I would have thought with turning into a horse. As this was happening, I felt the fur travel up my neck and cover my face. At that point, some discomfort found its way into this and caused some pain as my face elongated into an equine face. My ears migrated to the top of my head and started to grow out and gain some fur as well. I had closed my eyes during this because of the pain, but after it had passed I opened my eyes to see a long nose in front of me. As I was gaining mass, my legs started to hurt, but at that point, the joints popped backwards into the proper equine place and it was a lot more comfortable to stand again.

    i looked down my body thinking that everything had finished, that i looked like a full horse foal, but then i felt a pulling sensation in my penis, and as i looked between my legs as best as i could, i saw my penis start to dissapear up inside me. I knew what was happening, i was becoming a mare. The curse was adding insult to injury. After this had finished, i picked up my clothing in my mouth, and thinking i could possibly make my mom think it was me, trotted to the other barn. I reached the stall where her horse was and dropped the clothing, to say that it was me, but all that came out was a neigh. But she looked at me, then the clothing, then the scar that hadnt dissapeared on my forleg, and put two and two together to figure out it was me. She then said she was so sorry this had happened, that she hadnt thought that her horse would have bit me. She told me that her horse had a curse that if a horse bit a person, that person lost their human body and became a horse, of the same gender that bit them. That the horse could do this once in their life if they were lonely and wanted a family member. she told me that she would look after me for the rest of my life, and that she would tell the family that I had run away so as to not spread the knowledge of the curse. She told me that I was now the foal of her horse, that genetically, I was now her daughter. She renamed me angel.

    It’s been a few years since that incident, I have grown up into a full grown mare, and I have not had any children of my own yet. My old mom asks me periodically if I want any kids, but for now, I don’t, so she has obliged my request. I have kept all my human memories, but do not begrudge my *mom* for what she did. I love being a mare. It has given me a whole new view on life, and I love it. I would not have it any other way. But a piece of advice. If you ever see a horse with a bite mark looking birth mark, avoid its mouth. 


    if by some chance you would like to use this peice, or share it, feel free to. just make sure to mention me as the writer.





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