Horse Costume Tg Upgraded Costume

by pieboy7
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I was looking online at the website of the store I had gotten the horse costume from. My cousin had called and asked if I wouldn’t mind staying another couple weeks, that they had extended their vacation and wanted me to watch over their farm since I was already there. I immediately said yes, as I was having a lot of fun being with the mares. I had learned to put the stallion back in his stall while I was out having fun. I didn’t need more encounters currently. 

While online, I saw that they offered new upgrades. Interested, I read further. The new suits they had for costumes were now self applying. They offered one free product for everyone that had bought a suit the year previously. It said that apart from self applying, it offered the full experience. So I sent in an email, saying I had bought a horse costume a few months earlier, and gave them the address to where I was at currently. I got a email 5 minutes later saying that they knew who I was, and that they would send it immediately! I replied saying thank you, and got up from the computer. The costume I had now was loads of fun already. I couldn’t imagine what the new one would be like. I went down to the pasture, and let the horses out. I had seen the weather report, and it said that it was supposed to be warm tonight. There was razor wire around the pasture, and a tall fence around the property, so I wasn’t worried of the horses getting attacked. So I let them out for the night and filled up the water containers.  I then went back to the house.

I made some food, and sat down to watch TV when all of a sudden, I felt sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I continued vomiting on and off for the next 3 hours. After I felt like it had finally stopped, I went to bed. Obviously dinner wasn’t on the menu anymore. I woke up the next day feeling no better, so I went and watered the horses, and went back to bed. That night, I dreamed I was a horse again. But when I looked up, my cousin had come back, and then he started stroking my muzzle. He then whispered welcome to the family girl, and I woke with a start.

I woke up feeling a lot better, but wondering where the dream could have come from. I hadnt had any plans on staying a horse. But, I pushed that thought aside, dreams were dreams. 2 days had passed since I sent the email about the new costume. I walked outside to go water the horses like normal, and there was a box sitting outside the door. I picked it up in a hurry, and took it back inside, forgetting about the horses outside. I went inside, and opened it up. It contained 6 pieces like the original. But these looked more realistic. The costume looked thicker this time. And the mane and fur looked like actual horses hair. There still weren’t any hooves but I didn’t care, I knew how those came about. I noticed that the vagina was where it was supposed to be on a mare this time, instead of a human spot and then moving later. Inside was a set of instructions. They were the same as last time except the part where it said it was permanent if we wore it for more then a week. I guess they fixed that issue, and for one extra piece. It reminded me that this was self applying. I didn’t need to do anything other then put the sticker that was there on my chest. The costume would do the rest. 

This time I decided to put up a camera, to see what the transformation looked like from the outside. I went out to the pasture carrying a camera and my new costume, and set up the camera in the barn pointing downwards towards the field. I then went down by the pasture where I had dropped the costume, and stripped naked. I then remembered to go and fill the water containers, and on a hunch, I pulled out 3 more, making 5 in the pasture. I had let the horses in last night, so I went inside to let them back out again. I stopped off at the stallions stall to make sure he had some food while I was out with the mares. As I did so, I started to hear a noise that was so loud, it was disorientating. After a few minutes, I came to my senses and left the stall. I headed back to my costume and picked up the sticker. I took a deep breath, and slapped it across my chest.

It already felt different this time. Mostly because I couldn’t move my body. Like not an inch. But then I felt and saw my left leg lift up. And then my arms moved and started to pull up the middle piece of the costume. My left leg then set itself down, and my right did the same, and the process was repeated. “I then pulled” it up my body, and slipped my arms through the holes near the top. Through this whole process, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything. It was just happening. After the costume was on, I felt the vagina form to my body instantly. And with it, it brought a wave of ecstasy. And a need. A need I hadnt felt before. And though I didn’t realize it, pheromones. I couldn’t feel my penis anymore, so I figured it had been absorbed by the costume. I then felt the familiar burning sensation as the costume body piece fused with my skin, and became one. I could now feel the breeze flowing through my fur. And my lips, causing my need to charge even higher. I had no idea why I was so sensitive right then!

Next the leg pieces came on. By themselves this time. The right leg piece slid up my leg, and joined up with the body piece, where it connected and fused together. Then the left leg piece did the same thing, and then felt both legs fuse with the costume. And then the knee joints popped and I fell over onto all fours, with legs that looked like a horses legs. At that point, my legs and body started to gain mass. My legs bulked up so that they were muscled like a horses legs, and my ass and body filled in. I had a barreled chest just like a horse, rounded, and filling up with fat and muscle. I could also feel how sensitive me udder was. It was swelling, and tingling. I didn’t know what was going on, but it was making me beyond horny. I started dripping fluids from my vagina. 

And then I heard something that made me shiver with fear, and anticipation. I heard a clopping sound. Which I shouldn’t have, because the 4 mares were in the field in front of me. I couldn’t see him, but I could smell him. And he smelled amazing. I wanted him in me. But something in my feet caught my attention. The black felt that I normally saw covered my toes like a glove, and then expanded. It expanded until it was the size of a hoof, and stopped. The same thing was happening with my other…. Hoof. I started paying attention to the stallion behind me again. I could feel him breathing against my vagina. The warm puffs of air from him weren’t helping my problem. They were making it worse. But the horse just continued standing there. I wasn’t a full mare, even if I had the parts for it. 

It was then that the mask decided to make an appearance. It was floating in front of me as best as I could see. I was still facing towards the ground since I couldn’t move. The mast then pulled itself down over my face. This one didn’t have an extended muzzle. It looked like it was tailored just for me. It settled in, and then fixed itself to my skin. I now had a fuzzy face. My face then started to swell out. I could see and feel my nose and mouth extending in front of me. And as my face grew, it also expanded sideways, pushing my eyes to the side of my head. When it was finished, I could fully smell the stallion, who this whole time had just been breathing into me. As he walked around beside me, my neck repositioned so I could look forward again.  He saw that I had a horses head, and tarted nuzzling me. The costume let up a bit, and let me move my head, and I nuzzled him back. And I could see his fully erect penis. He made his way back around me, and started sniffing, but deeper. 

As he started licking my cunt, the arm pieces of the costume made their move. At the same time, the horse jumped up on my back and started poking around. With the amount of juices that had come out of me, when he found his mark his penis slid right in without any resistance. The feeling of his dick rubbing past my mare lips just stimulated my need even more. As I thought about it, I realized I was in heat.  Just as the arm pieces slid up my arms. As he started pumping into me, the arms lined up with the rest of my fur and melded to my skin. Then the black felt shot out of my wrists and enveloped my hands, covering them like a glove. Then like my feet, they expanded and merged until they formed one digit which grew until it was a hoof. At that point, I was a horse. And the stallion knew it, as his pumping increased. His pumping was knocking me forward, and I realized my arms hadnt gained the muscle to hold the two of us up. As I thought this, they developed the muscle. And with that, I was able to brace myself against the ground, and push back into him.

The stallion was taunting me. His thrusts had grown more powerful, driving deeper. But the tempo was still slow. I started clenching my muscles and doing so, caused the pressure to build. I started rocking in tempo with him, but opposite. I could feel him getting ready to climax. And so was I, my walls starting to twinge with pleasure. We both started pumping even faster, and as we did so, I clenched down on his penis, so that it was very tight for both of us. As we came, he thrust into me one last time, shoving his dick up into me. We came in a rush of juices and fluids, I felt his seed shoot into me. And then something clicked. I don’t know how I knew, but I was pregnant. 

It was a couple days later. I was still a mare. I don’t know what caused it, I couldn’t turn back to a human. The stallion had dismounted me after we had sex, and I tried taking the costume off like I had been told in the instructions. But it wasn’t working. I was standing there in the pasture, fluids running down my back, trying to get this costume off with no effect. I didn’t know what to do. I was a female horse, who was most likely pregnant, and I couldn’t turn back. My cousin would be home in a week and a half. I looked over again to where I had left my clothing, and there was nothing. When I had looked for it after I had been mated, I didn’t see it. I didn’t know where it went, and at this point, I didn’t care. I couldn’t put them on anyways. I had seen the stallion mount another of the mares over the last two days. It didn’t seem as intense as our sex had been. I guess that was just part of the transformation. I gave up trying to figure out what happened.

A week and a half passed, and I saw my cousin return home. By this time, all the mares had been mounted by the stallion. He was in the passenger seat. As the car passed the barn on their secondary driveway, it stopped and he got out. He came into the pasture and said hi to each of the horses. Including me. When he stopped at me, he said to himself that he was glad the delivery had been made. He had hoped his new mare would be dropped off. He then he started stroking my muzzle. Whispered, welcome to the family girl. He then led us back to our stalls, and gave us some hay. He left, and closed and locked the stall door. It gave me a chance to ponder what I saw. He saw and knew me as a mare and his horse. didn’t question where his cousin went. I guess that whatever magic was in the costume, had created existence so that I had been born a horse, not a human. I knew I couldn’t go back, so I just settled into the horse life.

This pattern repeated itself over the next few months. He would take us out in the morning to graze, and put us back in at night. Over the months, I felt myself getting larger. I was pregnant, and the foal was growing. I also felt my teats filling up with a liquid, which I knew was milk. My owner started coming down to the barn pretty regularly after 9 months had passed. I hadnt lost a single shred of my human mind. I understood what he was saying. And what he was telling me was that I was going to deliver in a few weeks. He was right. I could feel it. By this point I could feel the foal moving inside me. As the weeks drew to an end, I could feel pains starting in my abdomen. It was the early morning. The farmer was coming down from his house as I was laying on my side breathing heavily. He heard me screaming and came running. He opened the stall door and sat down beside me. 

My instincts took over at this point. All I could do now was push. I lay there as he was stroking my main, just pushing as hard as I could. The pain was beyond bearable. But still I kept pushing. After what felt like hours, I felt something starting to push out of my vagina. The farmer moved behind me and started pulling. As I was pushing and he was pulling, the foal started sliding out. After a few more minutes, the farmer gave a triumphant yell, and I felt the foal slide the rest of the way out. The afterbirth followed pretty quickly. As I got up, I looked at my baby. The farmer muttered to himself that it was a girl. I had given birth to a girl. With that in mind, I got up, and started cleaning her. When she was clean, she started sucking one of my teats. The sensation was akin to sex, but not as strong. After seeing everything was ok, the farmer left to give me some time alone, leaving the stall door open. The foal continued feeding from me for 15-20 minutes until it got tired, and went to sleep.

While my baby was sleeping, I went to get something to eat. I went to the pasture and grazed, thinking about my future. I knew I would be bred again. And I was. I had 12 more foals. 9 girls, and 3 boys. When I had been transformed, the farmer mentioned something about 8 years old. When I was 25, I got sick. The farmer called it collicking. They did what they could, but it wasn’t enough. I died a couple days later. I had been loved all my life, both of them. I died a happy and content horse.


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