Horse Costume Tg Part 2

by pieboy7
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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It had been a couple months since I had put on the horse costume that turned me into a mare. In fact, I hadnt worn it since the day I bought it. I had been to busy, trying to get time off to just enjoy the costume. But it had all paid off. A couple days ago, my cousin out in the country side said that he was going on vacation for a couple weeks. I jumped at the circumstance and asked if I could look after his horses while he was gone. He said sure, why not. I had already spent time around his horses, they knew me and I knew how to feed water and take care of them with the basics.

After telling my work place that I would be gone for 2 weeks, I packed my costume, some clothing, the essentials and got in my car and left. It was a three hour drive, and I knew that my cousin would be gone by the time I got there. So I stopped off at a gas station, got some snacks, filled my tank, and got ready for a small drive. While I was driving, I was thinking about all the possibilities of the costume. I would be able to run around the farm, the pastures, graze with the other mares, and at the end of the day, take the costume off and go back to bed after putting the horses away. It was my dream vacation. 

It felt like only a half hour had passed when I got to his farm. I had spent the whole trip thinking about the transformation and the fun I could have. I got up to his house, parked my car and got out. It smelled just like a farm. It smelled earthy, with a slight hint of straw. I looked around and saw the barn where the horses were kept about a quarter mile downhill behind the house. But that could wait. I walked up to the house and looked under the bush next to his front door. Like he said, there was a key there. I picked up the key, opened the front door and walked in. This would be my home for the next two weeks. I walked around his house, looking at how neat it was. It always amazed me that he kept his house so clean. I figured farmers houses were always messy. 

I went to his guest room and put my bag on the bed. I pulled out the costume and hung it up on the back of the door. I realized that I’m glad he wasn’t here when I got here. That would have been awkward to explain if he had seen it. I pulled out the rest of my clothing, and put it in the dresser. I had brought enough clothing for 3 days before I would need to wash it again. I didn’t care, I would be able to wear the costume as well. I went back into the kitchen to see if he had left a note. All it said was to make sure to release all the horses into the pasture daily, and to make sure they had plenty of water. Other then that, I wouldn’t need to do much beyond keep them company. I thought to myself that wouldn’t be to hard. I would be joining them when I could.

I figured I might as well go down and see how the horses were doing. When I got to the pasture, I saw that there were five horses. Last time I was here, I only remembered seeing four. I figured he had gotten another one, since he had a couple kids that liked to ride as well. As I neared the fence, all five of the horses came up to me at once. I rubbed each of their faces in turn, and not one of them turned away from me. First time for everything I guess. I went around to the barn and saw that their water containers were getting low, so I grabbed the hose and filled them up again. 

I then said goodbye to them, and headed back to the house to make myself some food. I just grabbed a can of beefaroni out of his pantry and poured it into a bowl and stuffed it into the microwave. I then went back to my room to take a look at the costume again. It came in 6 parts. A head piece, a body piece, 2 leg pieces, and 2 arm pieces. The body piece had a slit at the bottom, which I learned last time was because it was a mare costume. There were also 4 nipples for the udder. After seeing all this again, it made me want to put it on right then, but I would wait until tomorrow. I heard the microwave beep, and I went to get my food.

I woke up a few hours later, apparently I had fallen asleep watching TV. It was going on 10 at night, so I went down to the pasture and hopped the fence. I grabbed a bridle and rope, and started hooking the horses up one by one and putting them in their stalls. When that was done, I went back to the house, washed my dish from dinner, and went to bed. I fell asleep looking at the costume hanging on the wall thinking of all the fun I would have the next day.

I woke up, and remembered where I was.  I was so excited to get down and join the horses I skipped breakfast. I grabbed the costume off the coat hanger, and headed for the stables. I was walking down the path to the stables, I was admiring the weather. It was mid January, but it felt like it was 50 degrees out. It was a perfect day to get naked in a pasture. I laughed at that thought. After looking around to make sure there wasn’t anyone around, I stripped naked except for my shoes. I then went into the barn to let all the horses out of their stalls. The largest one gave me a cursory sniff near my crotch, and then headed out into the pasture. I didn’t give It a second thought as I rushed back to where I had put the costume.

I  picked up and slipped on the unitard first. I opened the neck piece and stepped inside, making sure to put the tail behind me. As I slid inside, I remembered how soft and plush the inside felt. Which at the time I thought was weird, because the costume didn’t look like it was that large. Maybe a half an inch think. But I had learned that appearances can be deceiving. After I had gotten my legs inside, I pulled it up and slipped my arms through the holes near the top. After adjusting it, I took off my shoes and socks. I know felt like I was wearing a women’s one piece in the middle of a pasture. No matter that I was alone, and that this was the second time wearing this costume, it still felt weird.

I pushed that thought away, and started to pull on the leggings. I pulled the left one up to two inches below my crotch where the unitard ended. When it was touching the unitard piece. It ended right at the start of my toes, so that it covered my whole foot except my toes. I then did the same to my right leg. Then I worked on my arms. I pulled on the left sleeve, and pulled it up to where the unitard was once again. Once it was touching, I looked to see that the sleeve ended right at my wrist. I then went and pulled up the right one as well. After doing so, I looked myself over one more time. It looked like I was wearing a fuzzy brown surfing suit. I could see the slit down at the bottom and the thought of it was making me get aroused already.

After that thought, I picked up the horse mask. I wasn’t 100 percent sure I should put it on. I didn’t know if the horses would treat me as part of their herd or not. But I pushed that thought aside too. The opportunity was to good to pass up. So with that in mind, I slipped the horse mask over my head. After it was snuggly fit on, I opened my eyes to see a spacious area. I was looking out through the eyes of the mask, and my mouth was in front of the mask’s mouth, albeit a little bit from it.

I was waiting for the transformation to start. And all of a sudden my face started to feel like it was swollen. Not a painful swollen, just filling. This feeling continued until I started to see my own nose filling up the mask. After a few seconds it finished and then I felt a slight burning sensation as the mask was melding with my head. At that point, I could see quite clearly, though on either side of my head only. I knew that moving my mouth was making the full mask move. My face move. I started looking around the costume and noticed that all the seems had dissapeared. The mask, unitard and leg and arm pieces were all connected to form one body piece. 

I then felt the same burning sensation that I had felt in my head, all over my body. I knew that the costume was forming to my body, so that it would all be one. When it was done, I ran my hand over the fur to have it feel like I was running my hand through my hair. I then felt a pinching feeling in my groin. I looked down, but I couldn’t see much with my new horse head. The pinching feeling continued for a few seconds, until I felt a empty feeling form in my gut. I put my hand down to my groin and felt just the slit of my new vagina. It felt so good, that I wanted to stick a couple of my fingers in it, but I held off. I wanted to let the rest of the transformation happen first. My new udder also started to inflate just a little bit. I knew that the teats wouldn’t fully grow unless I was pregnant. 

While I was thinking about my new female parts, the costume had started working on my spine again. I felt it elongating and merging with the tail of the costume. After a few seconds, I could feel my tail. Then all of a sudden, I fell over onto all fours and my head and neck repositioned so I could see without straining my head to look up. I then felt my new vagina and anus reposition themselves right below my tail bone. I knew that was the proper spot for a mare, that way a stallion could mount them without to much trouble. After that, my knees then popped to reposition themselves properly for an equine stance. 

At that point, one of the horses had come to investigate what was going on. I started to turn around when the horse stuck his head in my butt. I felt even more aroused as he was breathing into my horse cunt. At that point my body did start to bulk up. It started with all four of my legs. The muscles started to grow so that it could hold up my body weight. After my legs had bulked up and grown in length, my ass started to grow to equine proportions. Then my body bulked up.  I felt like a horse except my hands.

I was wondering when my hands were going to change, but as soon as I thought that, black felt shot out of my wrists where the costume used to be and enveloped my wrists. I looked down but all I saw was a black mass. The pocket around my fingers filled up with some liquid, then solidified into the form of hooves. The same thing then happened to my toes. I had lost almost all of the feeling in my hands and toes. I could just feel a dull thud when I tapped them against the ground. By that point, the horse behind me had started licking my vagina and then stopped. I then felt the tip of a huge object poke at my horse cunt, and realized as it entered it was his stallion cock plunging into my vagina.

He had been overcome by his stallion urges and couldn’t resist another mare that was in front of him and up for grabs. He thrust inside me, and pulled out slowly, only to shift his weight forward again and push his horsecock deeper inside my cunt which at that point was dripping wet. The feeling of his cock rubbing against my moist mare lips was overwhelming. I couldn’t take it anymore, and started thrusting back into him. I could feel the walls of my cunt starting to spasm, and I knew I was about to cum. I felt my vagina give one last big spasm, and whinnied as a flow of pleasure flushed through my loins, as orgasm struck. As I came, so did the stallion, filling my womb with his horse seed. At that point, realization struck me that I had just had sex with a horse. 

But I didn’t care. According to the costume makers, I couldn’t become pregnant unless I wore the costume for more then a week. As the stallion pulled out of me, cum and fluids dripped out on the ground from my vagina and continued leaking out of me. I stood there for the next 10 minutes, reeling in the afterglow of my first female orgasm. It was the most intense and amazing thing I had ever felt. I knew that these next couple of weeks were going to be a lot of fun.


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