Horse Costume Tg

by pieboy7
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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      I was walking around town looking for this store that my friend had mentioned. He told me that he had bought a bikini there that had turned him into a teenage girl. He had forgotten to look for a name, and was to excited to pay attention to the street he was on. All he could tell me was that it was nearer the beach. And that all the windows were tinted. After looking around for an hour, I thought I had finally spotted it. I looked inside, and sure enough It was as weird looking as he described it. Clothing mixed all over.  But it also had something he hadnt mentioned before. There were costumes on the left side of the store.  Must have been because Halloween was coming up in the next couple of weeks. Since he had said that the store caused transformations, I was intrigued. I went over to the costume section and looked around. 

      I saw all kinds of costumes. Mermaids, horses, centaurs, cows, maids, princes, vampires. They all looked pretty good, but not good enough to win me a contest at any party. After looking around for a little while, I settled on the horse costume. I had always had a fetish for horse transformations, and this one struck me as a perfect tryout costume. I took it off the rack, and headed for the changing rooms. As I neared them, I saw a sign saying “costume changing rooms that way,” and it pointed farther down the wall. I shrugged and walked to the proper rooms. When I got there, I went into a open one and saw that the stall was big. About as large as a horses stall. Which made sense if I was supposed to change into a horse. I looked around the stall and saw a mirror that took up one whole wall. I guess that was so you could see yourself in the costume. I also saw a couple wall hangers, I guess one for my clothing and one for the costume.

      After looking around the stall, I looked the costume over. It came in 6 parts. A head piece, a body piece, 2 leg pieces, and 2 arm pieces. The body piece looked like a unitard. At the bottom, it had a slit. I figured that was for if I had to use the restroom. (later on I figured out what It was really for). What I failed to notice was that there were 4 nipples right above the slit. I then looked at the head piece to see it was the only piece that actually made me think of a horse. It looked exactly like a horses head. It even had the mane on the top and going down the back. I picked up the unitard piece and found the mane continued down the back and ended in a tail right where my tailbone would be. I looked at the leg pieces and saw that there wasn’t any hooves at the end. But that it did fold the proper way a horses leg should. I didn’t think that would be an issue, since I still wasn’t sure that it would make me be a horse. 

I looked around the costume and saw a sheet of paper. Picking it up, I read the top sentence. It said “Instructions. 
1: Make sure all of your clothing is taken off. 
2: Make sure to put all the articles of clothing on. Failure to do so will result in the transformation not happening. 
3: Due to many people asking this question, we have put it on our notices. Yes, you can have sex while wearing this costume. With another being of the same species as the costume without any side effects. 
4: Do not wear the costume longer then one week. Doing so will result in a permanent transformation. At that point, any side effects of being this species will be permanent, and will happen.”
5: To take the costume off, bite yourself lightly where the seam of an arm met your wrist before you put it on and pull up. It will end the transformation and make it possible to take off.
6: Transformation is to be pleasurable, not painful. Please report any serious pain to any worker, and they will get you a new outfit and offer a discount.

      After reading through all of that, I put the note aside, and started to undress as the instructions said. I then slipped on the unitard first. I opened the neck piece and stepped inside, making sure to put the tail behind me. As I slid inside, I noted how soft and plush the inside felt. Which was weird, because the costume didn’t look like it was that large. Maybe a half an inch think. After I had gotten my legs inside, I pulled it up and slipped my arms through the holes near the top. After getting it situated I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a guy wearing a woman’s swimsuit. 

      I shook that thought away, and started to pull on the leggings. I pulled the left one up to two inches below crotch where the unitard ended. When it was touching the unitard piece, I saw where it ended on my leg. It ended right at the start of my toes, so that it covered my whole foot except my toes. I then did the same to my right leg. Then I worked on my arms. I pulled on the left sleeve, and pulled it up to where the unitard was once again. Once it was touching, I looked to see that the sleeve ended right at my wrist. I then went and pulled up the right one as well. After doing so, I looked myself over one more time. It looked like I was wearing a fuzzy brown surfing suit. I could see the slit down at the bottom but was wondering why my penis wasn’t hanging out of it. It was then that I noticed the nipples and the mini udder. I then realized that this was a female horse costume. A mare costume. But after having gone this far, I didn’t care. I was excited, aroused, and giddy. And I had no idea why. 

      At that point, I picked up the horse mask. I wasn’t 100 percent sure I should put it on. I didn’t know if the transformation would work, and if it did, I wasn’t sure if I would retain my memories or what. My friend did, but he only switched genders. I was switching species and genders. I pushed my doubts aside. The opportunity was to good to pass up. So with that in mind, I slipped the horse mask over my head. After it was snuggly fit on, I opened my eyes to see a spacious area. I was looking out through the eyes of the mask, and my mouth was in front of the mask’s mouth, albeit a little bit from it. I once again looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like an anthro horse at this point. But I could see the seems where the parts were matching up. 

     As I was looking at the costume thinking this cant be all, my face started to feel like it was swollen. Not a painful swollen, just filling. This feeling continued until I started to see my own nose filling up the mask. After a few seconds it finished and then I felt a slight burning sensation as the mask must have melded with my head. At that point, I could see quite clearly, though on either side of my head only. I looked at the mirror and tried moving my mouth and saw the full mask move. I started looking around the costume and noticed that all the seems had dissapeared. The mask, unitard and leg and arm pieces were all connected to form one body piece. 

      I then felt the same burning sensation that I had felt in my head, all over my body. I knew that the costume was forming to my body, so that it would all be one. When it was done, I ran my hand over the fur to have it feel like I was running my hand through my hair. I then felt a pinching feeling in my groin. I looked down, but I couldn’t see much with my new horse head. The pinching feeling continued for a few seconds, until I felt a empty feeling form in my gut. I put my hand down to my groin and felt just the slit of my new vagina. It felt so good, that I wanted to stick a couple of my fingers in it, but I held off. I wanted to see how the rest of my transformation would go. My new udder also started to inflate just a little bit. I knew that the teats wouldn’t fully grow unless I was pregnant. Which according to the rules, couldn’t happen.

      While I was thinking about my…. new parts, the costume had started working on my spine. I felt it elongating and merging with the tail of the costume. After a few seconds, I could feel my tail. Then all of a sudden, I fell over onto all fours and my head and neck repositioned so I could see without straining my head to look up. I then felt my new vagina and anus reposition themselves right below my tail bone. I knew that was the proper spot for a mare, that way a stallion could mount them without to much trouble. After that, my knees then popped to reposition themselves properly for an equine stance.

      Standing was starting to become quite comfortable for me. I took a glance at the mirror and saw that I looked like a very frail mare. I tried to turn around to see what my vagina looked like, but I just couldn’t get a proper view. At that point my body did start to bulk up. It started with all four of my legs. The muscles started to grow so that it could hold up my body weight. After my legs had bulked up and grown in length, my ass started to grow to equine proportions. Then my body bulked up. When I looked at the mirror, I looked like a horse. Except my hands.

      As soon as I thought that, black felt shot out of my wrists where the costume used to be and enveloped my wrists. I looked down but all I saw was a black mass. The air pocket around my fingers filled up with some kind of liquid, then solidified into the form of hooves. The same thing then happened to my toes. I had lost almost all of the feeling in my hands and toes. I could just feel a dull thud when I tapped them against the ground. I looked at myself one last time in the mirror. I looked like a horse. When I tried to speak, all that came out was a ‘Neigh’.

      It felt wonderful. Being a horse had been all I dreamed about. And add to it I was a mare, it was to much to handle. I knew I was going to buy this costume, but not for Halloween. I bit my wrist and pulled up. At once, the costume returned to the six pieces. My genitals were back to normal, hands were normal, face not swollen anymore. There was no reverse transformation, it just stopped. I guess that was a safety measure. I then went and pulled all the pieces off and put my clothing back on. I found the tag, ripped it off, put the costume in a bag and headed for a checkout station. I handed her the tag, and she asked for 70 dollars. I handed her my debit card, paid, said thank you and left. I was so giddy to get home and try it on, I forgot to ask the name of the store.


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