Family Gifts

by pieboy7
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I was bored. Simple as that. I was visiting my sister during a week off work, and she was taking me to a farm where she leased a horse. Its not that I hate horses. I love being around them, and visit my girlfriends horse with her all the time. I just get bored sitting in a car for extended periods of time. But I was happy all the same. We were going to be spending the night at the owners house. And on top of that, my sister said she had a present for me as well. Though she wouldn’t tell me what it was. We were twins, but all that “crap” about twins being able to read minds was bull. Only thing we shared was our looks. We had both grown up, but still looked slightly the same.  We didn’t really talk on the car ride to the farm. By the time we got there, it was almost dinner time.

When we arrived, he came out to greet us. “Hey Alex, this is Aaron” my sister said. “Aaron, Alex.” “Nice to meet you” Alex said. “I hear you enjoy horses company”. “You could say that” I responded. “Well good. You’re going to be spending a bit of time around them” he stated. “Great! Looking forward to it” I said with a smile. “Sorry to interrupt, but would you mind if we went to see my boy Alex?” asked my sister. “Sure, follow me to the barn.” 

We went in through the front door, and my sister introduced me to her horse. “Aaron, this is Elvis. Elvis, Aaron.” I wasn’t sure, but it looked like Elvis was almost smiling at me. After the introduction of sorts, my sister went about her business of cleaning his incredibly big stall, making sure he had the necessities, and then just brushing his hair. I was standing next to Elvis’s head as she was brushing him. “So, what are the plans for this weekend?” I asked. “Oh, nothing really. Maybe a horseback ride, watching the superbowl, things like that” she said. “But there I only one horse…” I stated. “Oh I am pretty sure we can work something out” she said with a sly smile. Elvis started nibbling on one of my ears affectionately, but I brushed him away. My sister smiled at the interaction, but didn’t say anything. “Ok, time for me to get started on dinner” Alex stated. “Mind if I stay down here with Elvis until dinner is ready?” I asked. “Sure, ill come down and get you when its ready.”

As they left, I heard my sister mutter something to the horse. “Be nice, and make him feel welcome” she said, and patted him on the neck before leaving. 

My sister and Alex went back up to the house, leaving me in the barn with the stallion. I looked around for the brush my sister used, and once I found it, I started brushing his hair. But he wanted to play of sorts. He turned and nibbled my other ear. “Would you stop it” I said with a laugh and pushed him away again. “But where is the fun in that?” a voice asked. I stopped dead in my tracks. ”What?” I asked. “Me” Elvis said. “How?” I asked. “Take a look at your ears” he said and nodded his head in the direction of a mirror on the far wall. I got there, saw my reflection, and nearly passed out. 

“How is this even possible??” I yelled while rubbing my new horse ears. “Oh, you know. A gift from your sister. I had the ability, and she knew, so she asked.” “Some gift” I said while adjusting my pants. My back side was starting to feel uncomfortable. “What does it all entail?” I asked. “Well, a tail for starters” he snorted. I turned around as best I could and saw a bulge in the back of my pants. I undid my pants and pulled them down, and a small, chestnut colored tail popped out. “Don’t worry, its painless, and generally pretty enjoyable” Elvis said. “Oh, goodie” I responded. My tail had reached a full sized horse tail, and now reached down to almost the ground. “You might want to undress, unless you don’t mind ripping out of your own clothes” Elvis stated.

And so, a couple minutes later, I stood naked in his stall, with my tail swishing around my ass and legs, and my ears swiveling around listening to all the new sounds they could pick up. “So, what next?” I said. “Well, I have my preferences, but do you have any requests?” he asked. “How about finishing up my head since you already started with the ears?” I asked. “Sure, what the hell.” My head started tingling pleasantly, and I felt my upper lip and nose twitching and moving. I raised my hand to rub the feeling away, but I couldn’t feel a distinction between the two. I rubbed the rest of my face and felt short hair growing all over. I cupped my face, and felt my mouth pushing into my hands, extending into a snout. I could smell him. He smelled musky, and male. And strong. I worked my new mouth around, and tried to say something. “Dang, I bet I look funny” I stated. “Neighhh, not that bad” Elvis responded. The hair kept crawling down my neck, and as it did so, I felt my throat change, lengthen. And lastly, my eyes moved around my head. I couldn’t see fully in front of me anymore, but I could see my surroundings better then ever. I turned my head to look at Elvis. “Heh, I am the other half a centaur” I said, and shocked myself. My voice had changed too. I now had a feminine voice. High and soft. “Not yet, your still missing a couple… parts” Elvis said and looked pointedly at my nether regions. Which was visibly excited by this point.

“And what do you mean by that?” I asked, already anticipating the response. “Isnt it obvious? Making you a mare” he stated matter of factly. “Oh. I see” I said. “So what next?” I asked. “Well, if my math is right, my turn to pick a part of you to change. And I’ll go with the rest of your male parts” he said triumphantly. “Well, get on with it then. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for it” and gestured at my manhood, which still stood proud. “Heh, that wont stay that way for long. Be warned. I have heard this part of the change is the most…. Overwhelming. And you might want to leave my stall.” And with that, he shut up and stared intently. 

Not much happened over the next few minutes. So I leaned against the stall door, just staring outside through the open barn door looking at the pastures and imagining the time I was going to be spending out there from now on. Of not having to do anything, getting to see my sister, running through the pastures, of me and Elvis having fun, of a little foal running around, sucking on my teats…..  As I was thinking about all this, I was reaching a hand down to my groin to start rubbing myself.  But it wasn’t right. I was a man, but I was so turned on by the thought of it all. But not much was there. I had a full erection, but my junk was smaller. I cupped myself, and could feel my balls retreating inside myself. Pulling my dick with it. I grabbed onto it, crying “No, not yet“. “I was just getting started”. But no matter how much I fought, it continued to shrink. In a matter of seconds, I was neutral. 

All that was down there was a wall of skin. But my need was still there, and stronger then before. But shots of rose to my lower abdomen. Spreading along the surface of my skin, and shooting inside of me as well. I closed my eyes, and started rubbing my belly, until a few minutes later I felt little bumps arise. I opened my eyes to see two new nipples, while the ones on my chest had dissapeared. “Here come the teats” I whispered excitedly to myself. And I was right. The growing, developing mammary glands beneath my skin grew, giving me new working boobs. “Teats” I corrected myself out loud. “I am a horse now, not a woman.” “Damn right you are” Elvis said from the other side of the stall door. I could feel my insides rearranging themselves underneath my now full grown udder during this small interlude of conversation. My stomach made a few gurgles, and then everything stopped. 

But something felt new. And it was confirmed when a felt a very slight stinging sensation between my legs. I spread my legs and did my best to look down and saw what looked like a growing cut between them. But I knew what it was. The final part of my mare hood. The stinging finished, and then I felt a swelling. I looked down to see lips forming, and turning black. After a few seconds, I had a new mare cunt, and all the hair of my body except my new horse head and tail fell off. I looked like a half horse, half woman creature. And damn it felt good. But my need was lessened. And so with that, I sauntered back into Elvis’s stall, closing the door behind me and locking it. 

“How do I look” I asked. “Hairless” he responded. “Then lets fix that” I said with a smile. And so he did. Starting right above my toes, hair started growing, and spreading up my legs. It felt warm, like a pair of silk pajama bottoms. It reached my new… equipment and skirted around my lips. It rose up and covered my ass, and came to my hips, avoiding my udder as well. “Heh, it looks like I’ve put on hairy leggings” I said to Elvis. “Some damn sexy leggings” he responded. It was only another minute before the hair covered the rest of my chest, meeting up with the hairline at the bottom of my neck. “Oh, woops. Your missing your mane” Elvis said. And a second later, I felt a tickling feeling running down my new longer neck, where some long, grainy hair was growing. “So how do I look now that im not hairless?” I asked again. “Now, you look like a sexy half mare. And its turning me on. You looked to human without your coat of hair” he said. “And its my turn to change part of you. And I know exactly what I want now” he said with a devious horse grin. And with that, my cunt changed again. 

This time, it sent waves of pleasure through me as it did so. It didn’t do much. Just migrated from the front, to right below my tail, along with my anus. But it was enough to be enticing. I started rubbing myself, and soon I was dripping wet. But I was interrupted by Elvis. “The proper spot for a mare” he said. “Yeah, well it feels amazing too. And almost nothing happened” I responded weakly. I started shifting around, but the hair on the bottom of my feet started tickling. I ended up standing on my toes to avoid the feeling. All of everything going on was a sensory overload of amazing feelings. I couldn’t handle it. So I sat down on the ground in his stall, with my legs splayed, leaning against the stall door. I started rubbing my toes, they were cramping up. I had a black spot on the middle toe of each foot, and not thinking, just started rubbing the spot because the cramps were the worst there. But the smudge spread, and then it hit me. My toes were turning into hooves. 

“Oh not fair. You got to choose the next part of the change again” I pouted. “Don’t worry, you’ll like hoofs better” he said. So I just sat there and watched as my toes finished turning black, and then started to merge together, becoming rounded and solid. A minute later, my legs looked like horses legs. So sitting on the floor was just plain weird looking by this time. And uncomfortable because I had been sitting on my tail. So I unsteadily got to my feet. I managed to stand on my hoofs, and saw my sister on the other side of the stall door. 

“Hi” she said. “Hey” I responded, but this time, I heard a whinny behind my own voice. I heard Elvis speak, but I also heard his neighing behind it. “She cant understand you now” he said. “You’re a horse.” I walked over to the stall door, and rested my hair covered arms on the top of it, looking over it at my sister. “I came down to tell you that dinner is ready, but I see Elvis wasted no time in getting started with you” she said. I nodded in agreement. “I hope this wasn’t a bad gift?” she asked. I shook my head. “Are you enjoying it” she asked again. I emphatically nodded my head. “Good” she said and backed away from the door. “Well come give me a hug while you still can.” I opened the door, and stepped from the sawdust covered stall floor onto the cement walkway with a clopping sound and not a hint of modesty.

She looked me up and down before embracing me. “You will enjoy the mare life, simple, and loads of fun and sex” she whispered in my ear. As we hugged, my hands bunched into fists. I couldn’t see behind her back, but I could easily guess what was happening. She let me go, and I held up my hands in front of me. My fingers were black and merging. “Is it painful?” she asked. I shook my head. “Good” she said. “Ill leave you to it then.” and with that, she walked off back to the house up the hill. I turned and walked back into the stall, noting that would be the last time I did that on two legs. I came back in, and saw Elvis with a growing cock hanging from his belly. And it was turning me on again. Elvis decided to speak up at that point.  “Not much to see is there” Elvis said looking at my crotch. “Not from that side there isn’t” I responded. “Let me fix that.” 

I slowly fell onto my newfound legs, and turned around facing away from Elvis. I then presented myself to him, swaying my tail to get the smell wafting towards him, as I was already smelling him. “So is it my turn to pick the next part of the transformation” I said coyly. “Yes” he responded, breathing heavily. “Well follow me, and lets finish it” and with that I trotted out of the stall on my new horse legs and out into the pasture and right up to a fence. I pulled myself up it to hold my wait and his. I looked behind me and saw him right there, ready and waiting. I looked forward again, and saw my sister and Alex up at the house watching. I didn’t care. I was to horny. “Make a mare out of me” I said, and lifted my tail out of the way. He didn’t waste any time, running over and jumping on my back while wrapping his forelegs around my chest. He was heavy. I didn’t have the strength yet to hold him up. But that didn’t stop him. He poked around my ass a few times until he found his mark, and slid home. 

He wasted no time. He started thrusting in and out, pushing deeper every time. It was stretching me out on the inside. I could feel my vagina expanding to accommodate him. And slowly, I felt myself getting stronger. I must have been bulking up. I hopped off the fence, and braced myself on the ground. Elvis never broke his stride. I was ready, and so shoved back into him, wanting him to fill me. And he did. He kept coming, thrusting inside me. This continued on for a few minutes. I thought of my family, but Elvis’s repeated thrusting kept pulling me back to reality, and I realized I wanted this. To be taken by him, to be a mare. My sister gave me the perfect gift. So as the pressure was building, and I was nearing climax, I thought of my future as a horse. And I knew I was ready. And with that last thought, I let out a loud horse whinny as I came, and fluids poured out of my backside as Elvis came inside me as well.  And sealed my fate as a mare, and his mate.

He pulled out of me and hopped off my back a couple minutes later. “Damn that was good” he muttered next to me. “Yeah” I breathed back. “Just one question, one that I should’ve asked at the beginning. What about my family?” “Don’t worry about it” he said. “Only those you want to remember you will remember you. The rest will forget you ever existed, and life will erase your life from existence as a human.” “Good, im happy then” I said and raised my head to look at my sister, to see she was waving at me and coming down to the pasture. To do what, who knows. I didn’t care. I was living the life of a horse now.


Very nice gift. It's a nice touch that, like an animal, he doesn't care about mating in public.