Birthday Gift

by pieboy7
Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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I was at home wondering what to do for my birthday when I received a call from a friend. He told me that he had a birthday surprise for me, and wanted me to head over to his farm. I was excited. I always liked visiting him, and seeing all the animals he had. He had a few horses, 4 cows, like 10 dogs, and a few other odds and ends. I had always been friendly with his cows and he knew it. I wonder if he wanted to show me a new addition to his cattle herd. So, I jumped at the chance, and left.


It took me an hour to reach his farm. When I got there, he first off wished me a happy birthday. Told me he had made dinner so we could talk about his surprise while eating. He told me he had a proposition for me. It was a weird one, so he wanted me to hear him through before I said anything. He told me he had to sell off half of his animals to pay a debt he owed. The debt wasn’t important anymore, it had been paid in full. But he told me, he had found a way to get his animals back. He was missing 2 horses, 3 cattle, and a dog. He took a deep breath and a sip of water at this point. He then told me, he had found a way to turn people into animals. While retaining their full memory. He told me the ways the transformation could happen. A ingestible serum for the horse, a injection for the cattle, and a costume of all things for the dog. 


He asked me if I wanted any part of it. He somehow knew I liked to look up animal transformations. How, I didn’t know.  But I cant deny that I was intrigued. He asked me if I would be interested. Told me that this transformation would be permanent. No going back. All the same, I told him yes, and said I would like the cattle injection. He laughed, and said he thought that was what I would choose. He told me that we could start in the morning if I wanted. I said hell yes, and he again laughed, and directed me to a bedroom. That night I called my office job and told them I quit. No notice, no nothing. They didn’t think much of it, I hadnt been the perfect worker. Not lazy, just not the best. Called and told my roommate that I was leaving. Found an over seas job and they could provide everything for me, so anything I left at our apartment was his. He didn’t question it, just said ok, and to be safe. I had… tied up loose ends. Any other payments I had would just stop if I didn’t pay anymore. So that was easy enough to get rid of. I went to bed after that, anticipating the following day.


He woke me up the next day and asked me if I was ready. I told him yes. But before we did anything, I gave him a few numbers of friends who might like to become part of his farm as well. After writing the numbers down, he injected me with whatever was in the needle and showed me to a stall. He said that he would be right outside the stall, and to yell if anything felt off. Beyond being turned into a different animal that is. He told me it would take a few minutes for the transformation to start. So during that time, I stripped down naked, and just waited.


After a few minutes, it began. The first thing to hit me was an intense pleasure in my penis. It instantly became erect. I looked down at it hoping to see it grow, but nothing was happening. Instead, I started to g a feeling of something running over my skin. I looked at my arm and saw that I was growing coarse fur. All I could think was it was working! The fur was growing all over my body as far as I could tell. It was then that I fell over onto all fours. I didn’t think it would happen so soon, but it was a pleasant feeling. It felt so…. Right. My knees had popped into an ungulate stance and my neck bones configured themselves so that even though my body was on the ground, I was looking at the stall door.


I heard a buzzing sound after that. I didn’t know what it was or where it was coming from, but it was making my ears feel funny. At this same time my face was starting to elongate. After a few seconds, I had a full cows face. I tried saying something to my friend saying how fun this was, but all that came out was a ‘Mooo’. it was then that I felt something that couldn’t be right at all. I felt my balls being sucked into my body, and my penis shrinking! I thought it was supposed to get larger, not smaller. I tried calling out to my friend again, but still he didn’t respond. The feeling continued until I felt it fold up on itself, then one last large sucking sensation. Then a draft against something that shouldn’t have been there, and a pleasurable sensation that I had never felt before. I put two and two together. He had given me a female cow injection. I then felt the vagina move below my tail bone. I lowed in despair and horniness and he finally responded. 


He popped his head over the gate and asked if I was having fun. I turned around and showed him my new vagina. He responded by opening the gate, which released a flood of new smells at me. Most of which reminded me of a men’s locker room. Which made sense after he brought something into the entrance to my stall. It was a bull. Almost immediately my need skyrocketed. And the bull could smell it. He was trying to break away from the chain that my old friend had a strong hold on. He told me that there was no need for another bull on his farm, and that he was sorry. He knew I wanted to be a cow, but having another bull wouldn’t be productive for him at all. I nodded my head in partial understanding, and partial continued horniness. 


The sight of the bulls penis had me starting to release huge amounts of pheromones back at the bull, and causing my transformation to speed up. I had started putting on weight. And I felt a good deal of it coming from between my hind legs. I did my best to look between my new front legs and I saw a pink sack growing. At first I was thinking boobs, but then I realized it was my udder. Then I felt a poking feeling above my ass, and I realized I was growing a tail. At that point, the farmer released the bull. The bull immediately ran over to me, and jumped on my back. I did my best to move my new tail out of the way and the bull started poking around my hind end, trying to find my hole. 


He found his mark. And the instant he did, I felt my hands stiffen. I looked down, and saw that my fingers had turned black and were merging together to create hooves. I could feel the same thing happening to my hind legs. I knew there was one last thing to happen. I was going to get fucked by a bull. So I knew I might as well make the most of it. He was pumping into me, and I was shoving back into him, trying to get his penis to go as far into me as possible. At the same time, I was using newfound muscles to try and massage his dick. It was causing me pleasure, and by the sound of the mooooos he was giving, it was doing the same to him. All the while, my udder was swaying beneath me. It was by far the weirdest thing I had ever done, and at that moment, it struck me. I had never had sex before. I had grown up a man, and had sex as a female cow. After 15 years of reading transformation stories, I was living the life I had dreamed of, even if it was slightly different. The walls of my new vagina had started quivering as I came in a rush of fluids, and the bull did the same a second later. He then dismounted, and fluids seeped out of my opening, and running down my backside. 


I knew I was pregnant, I didn’t need anyone to tell me differently. My new owner told me he would take care of me. That I would love being a cow. I would keep my full human consciousness just like I had said, and I would get to have sex again. That idea alone made me happy. He told me he would contact my friends and see if any of them wanted the same opportunity. I nodded again, showing he should do it. He smiled, and then made a follow me gesture, and led me out into a pasture where I started grazing. My new life had just started, and I was already enjoying it. I couldn’t wait to see what the next few years would bring me.


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