What Are Friends For?

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A revenge plot with a Crucible theme turns into a clucking good time!


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What Friends Are For - Mystery Man

"What Friends Are For"

By Mystery Man


            Jennifer had always been the center of attention at her high school. She had every reason to be, seeing as she was a beautiful girl with the perfect hour-glass figure, stunning blue eyes, and soft, silk-like blonde hair which came down to her mid-back, not to mention the fact that she was involved in many clubs and she was the role model cheerleader of all the girls. She and her friends Kelly, Crystal, and Casey made many others jealous and many more drool in greed.

            "Hey listen, I'm having Crystal and Casey over this afternoon to practice the scene since my parents won't be home until tomorrow morning, so can you meet us here at 5:00, Kelly? … Great! I'll see you later then."

            Jennifer hung up the phone. They had all gotten parts in the school's portrayal of The Crucible and were asked to rehearse the scene where the girls had to dance satanically in the woods around a fire. The girls thought the scene was stupid but might be funny to rehearse. Jennifer then went up stairs to change clothes.

            She took off the blue skirt and blouse she had worn to school that day and got out a small t-shirt and very short jean shorts to wear. As she strolled across her room nude, she stopped in front of the mirror to admire herself. She was about 5'8". Her firm breasts stood out in front of her and she caressed them for a minute. This felt good to her and she often did it in privacy. Then she stepped away from the mirror and put on the shorts and t-shirt without a bra.

            She then went back downstairs to get a bite to eat. Jennifer opened the refrigerator and grabbed some leftover fried chicken. She had a craving for chicken and loved tasting the savory grease covered, crunchy skin and the slimy but delicious meat inside the skin. She heated up two drumsticks and ate them, washing them down with some milk.

            Soon enough, the doorbell rang and Casey and Crystal came in. Kelly arrived 5 minutes later. The girls went up to Jennifer's room and shut the door.

            "Hey, I'm gonna go downstairs and mix up the "blood' the script calls for you to drink, Jennifer," said Casey.

            "Gross! She has to drink blood?" questioned Kelly.

            "Yeah. The script says she has to drink chicken's blood. Our blood will be made of red Kool-Aid, don't panic," responded Casey.

            Casey went downstairs to the kitchen to mix up the Kool-Aid. She grabbed a glass and the Kool-Aid mix and put it on the countertop. She took a spoonful of the mix and put it in the glass, but before she added the water she paused a moment.

            "I'll give you your blood, Jennifer," she said to herself, "You deserve it after taking the lead role away from me."

            She opened the refrigerator and then took out a new package of raw chicken. Taking a knife, she sliced open the package and dumped the body parts in the sink, keeping all of the blood on the Styrofoam plate. She then poured the real chicken blood in the glass with the Kool-Aid mix and added the water. Casey stirred it up and threw all the raw chicken in the garbage.

            Casey went back upstairs and gave the glass to Jennifer. When the time finally came, Jennifer drank some of the blood. As all the girls laughed, Casey just had an evil smile on her face. Jokingly, Crystal took the glass and drank some, and then Kelly. There was none left by the time the glass reached Casey.

            At 6:00, the girls left and went home, leaving Jennifer by herself. She did some exercises and then took a shower. After that she went back downstairs and looked for something to eat. Surprisingly, she immediately opened a can of kernel corn and began eating right out of the can, without even heating it up. She finished the entire can in a minute and even drank the juice leftover inside the can.

            As she walked into the living room, she stopped in her tracks. An unusual pressure was building in her stomach. Her stomach began to bulge out further and further, making her look like she was pregnant with 2 or 3 children. Her shirt and jeans ripped off due to her bulging belly, which hung grotesquely below her nice breasts.

              "What's happening to me," Jennifer yelled in horror.

            She stood in the living room nude, her mouth hanging open in horror at her large stomach. Her stomach stopped growing but the pressure in her body kept building. As her vagina became wet, she squatted down on the ground and let her vaginal fluids spill all over the carpet. When she squatted, she began making sounds as if she were having sex, and then it occurred to her that she was in heat and through the painful pressure building in her, she was enjoying it.

            All of a sudden, her butt cheeks began to spread slowly as her vagina seemed to meld into one vagina and butt hole. Something began working its way out of her newly positioned vagina, something large, yet smooth. Jennifer huffed and puffed and found that if she pushed hard enough, the large object would slowly squeeze out more, just as if she was giving birth to a child, except through her butt. With one last hard push she screamed loudly, and as the scream turned into the cluck of a chicken, the large object, covered in vaginal fluids, fell to the floor. Jennifer turned around and saw what she had done.

            "Oh my God! I laid an egg!"

            The egg was about 12 inches long and after the fall, had cracked open, spilling yellow and white fluids all over the carpet.

            Jennifer felt the pressure building again and began running to her room. On the way, white feathers began sprouting from her arms and some fell to the floor. She finally made it to her room and stood in front of her mirror.

She noticed that her legs had become a faint yellow and had become thinner. Suddenly, there were two snaps in her legs and her knees reversed their direction. As that happened, her toes melded together, to form three toes. The nails on her thick, yet bony toes, popped off as claws took their place. Then her heels extended to form two more identical clawed toes. Jennifer's new talons dug deeply into the carpet as they became a brighter, yet dirty colored yellow.

Jennifer then felt some sharp, painful pricks on her butt. When she turned to look at her butt, she stared in awe as many 24-inch long, red tail feathers sprouted from her beautiful ass. Within two minutes, she had a long, red, tail of feathers. Here and there some would drop to the floor, making her realize she was molting like a bird, or rather, a chicken. White feathers had covered her arms and her fingers had extended to become the tips of her new wings that would never let her fly. Her breasts shrank on her chest as her white feathers filled in. Before turning away from the mirror, Jennifer saw two lumps on her neck, just below her chin. She moved closer to get a better look and saw that two blubbery, red things were growing from the lumps. The red things were six inches long and hung down from her throat in the form of large, blubbery, red tear drops. Out of curiosity, Jennifer grabbed each one with her new feather-tipped fingers and pulled. She let out a loud, "BLUUUCKK," of a cluck and let go. Then the pressure began building again.

Knowing she was about to lay another egg, Jennifer quickly grabbed all of the pillows in her room and made a nest out of them on her bed. She flapped her wings, causing feathers to fly everywhere, and leapt onto the bed and squatted down in her new nest. Just as she was squeezing the egg out of her vagina, her swollen belly and breasts were engulfed in a blossom of white feathers. It seemed that every time she laid an egg, new changes occurred. Then there came a very annoying itching on top of her head. Right where her still beautifully blonde hair parted down the middle of her head, something thin and rubbery began growing up form her head. When she once again looked at herself in the mirror from a distance, she noticed the new, red, fan-like crest that had grown in between her blonde hair.

While she stared at herself and clucked loudly as another egg forced its way out of her, she saw that she was a fat, white-feathered, mother hen.

"NO! I can't be be be BLUUUCKK be a chicken!"

During all the painful agony of laying eggs, Jennifer never heard anyone enter her house. Surprisingly to her, Kelly, Crystal, and Casey entered the room.

"Jennifer! Something's happening to me and Kelly," said Crystal, whose belly, like Jennifer's and Kelly's, was also grotesquely swollen. She then squatted down and laid a slimy egg on the carpet. "Sorry," she said embarrassed. It then hit her and Kelly that Jennifer was in worse shape.

"Jennifer, you're a chicken," exclaimed Kelly, whose wings had filled in. She began picking at the carpet with her talons.

"We all are," responded Jennifer. Then she eyed Casey who was standing by the door. "Guys, Casey's not changing!"

"Yeah, why not," questioned Kelly.

"Maybe because I didn't drink the blood this afternoon," said Casey.

"It wasn't blood, it was just Kool-Aid," answered Jennifer.

"That's what you think. I mostly put real chicken's blood in it. It was just unfortunate that Kelly and Crystal drank some also, seeing as they didn't steal MY part, Jennifer!"

"You bi bi BLUUUCKK bitch," retorted Jennifer.

"You will all make great chickens, since you're already good at clucking rumors around the school," Casey stated devilishly, "Gee, I hope you don't mind having to squat and crap eggs the rest of your lives. All of you always wanted children."

"Not so fast," clucked Crystal and Kelly, who both had finally been covered in feathers and were now squatting, about to lay eggs.

 "We knew you had something against Jennifer, so we put worm blood in your drink at lunch today," explained Kelly.

As those words were said, Casey froze and flopped, stomach and breasts first, to the floor. A slimy mucus coated her skin and turned it a dark brown. Her legs melded together into a tail, ripping her jeans. She became thinner while her once fine butt lost its shape and her arms, dripping with mucus, stuck to her sides and merged inwards. Casey screamed as her vagina slid towards the end of her tail, leaving a slick trail of vaginal fluid beneath her. As her breasts shrank away to nothing, the changes stopped at her neck, just as the other girls' feathers stopped at their necks. Casey had become a thin, dirty, disgusting worm from the neck down. She wriggled around on the floor in horror at the feet of the others.

"It's funny that you turned us into…BLUUUCKK…chickens, seeing that we love having worms for dinner. Glad you could come, Casey," said Jennifer as she got up out of her nest and strutted towards the wriggling Casey.


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