Party Contributions

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A group of friends looking for some great Halloween costumes find exactly what they are looking for...a little too much...


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Party Contributions - Mystery Man

"Party Contributions"

By Mystery Man


Natalie had planned the biggest Halloween party she could wish for. It was going to be a costume party for her many popular friends. She had already made arrangements for her and her friends' costumes with a nice old lady who owned a small costume shop down the street. She had gotten all of the decorations and refreshments, expecting the beer and drugs to be brought later. That would be a great mixture; drunken people in costumes doing drugs. The party was to be at her house due to the fact that her parents were called out of town to see about a dying relative. All of these factors were the perfect ingredients for disaster.

Natalie was astoundingly beautiful with her shoulder length brownish-blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasts, and her slim, 5'8 figure. She was certainly something to drool over, the same as her accompanying friends.

They were breaking all their parents' rules of trust. The night before, the four girls brought their boyfriends over to Natalie's house and made it into a half-ass whorehouse, each couple getting a very accommodating bedroom. Then there was the ever-forbidden party.

At 4:00 pm on the day before Halloween, Natalie and her friends Nicole, Samantha, and Melissa met at the small old Victorian house turned into a costume shop by the nice old lady.

Nicole had shoulder length dusty brown hair, green eyes, firm breasts, and a similar figure to Natalie's. She and Natalie often dressed similarly and were even sometimes mistaken for one another. Nicole, like Natalie, had the pleasure of not having any parents home for the weekend, but was stuck with her three younger sisters following behind as her extra shadow.

Samantha had dark black hair, brown eyes, and a gorgeous smile. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans that made her nice, round ass tempt every guy to touch it. Her smooth, white skin yearned to be caressed by the most delicate touch. She had the mouth-watering breasts and body of a supermodel. Her love for perfume and constant wearing of it aroused any guy to want her.

Melissa was so very beautiful, too. She had dark brown hair down to her mid-back, blue eyes, Natalie's breasts, and an hourglass figure. Of the girls, Melissa was the quieter, yet some-what rebellious one. She was going to the party certainly more for the guys, beer, and drugs.

All four girls walked up the old wooden steps of the house. The old lady opened the screen door in front of them with a toothy grin on her face.

"Well hello girls! Come in, come in."

"Hello," responded Natalie.

"Please have a seat. I've already gotten some soda out for you girls."

"Thank you, ma'am," returned the girls, one by one.

The old woman picked up a sheet off of a coffee table and said, "Now before we get you fitted and costumed, there is a matter of what you want to become. Here's a list of what costumes I have." She passed the sheet to Natalie first.

Natalie skimmed over the list and an odd look came over her face. "These are all animal costumes and there aren't many choices."

"Yes, I know dear. You see, these few costumes I have made by hand with real furs, hides, and feathers. They are top quality and once I finish the additional makeup, all of you will look top notch. I also have a love for animals. My late husband and I were contributors to the local zoo as well as the research and development company he worked for. Please, don't be too picky, you are getting these free of charge."

"I'm sorry, these look great," said Natalie. She passed the list over to Samantha.

"Oh, cool! That's what I'll be," exclaimed Samantha.

"Here, let me see," said Nicole. She looked the list over for a moment. "Here we go! That looks interesting enough!" Then Melissa got the list.

"Hmm, let me see," she said, "This one might be fun." The list was passed back to the old lady.

"Alright, girls, one by one tell me what you want to be for Halloween," she said,


"A skunk."


"A rat."


"A pig."

"And finally, Melissa?"

"A cow."

"Very well, girls. Come back tomorrow to be costumed before the party."




The girls returned on Halloween afternoon. Nicole was dragging her three little sisters along very reluctantly. Like the day before, as the girls were walking up the front steps, the old lady opened the screen door and welcomed them in.

 This time though, the girls were brought into a room further back in the house. The room had furs and hides scattered everywhere. There were also four cubicles that had shower curtains in front of them. A smell lurked in the air.

"What's that smell," questioned Nicole.

"It smells like a zoo, full of animal crap," responded Natalie.

"Disgusting old smells of an old lady in an old house," said Samantha. She pulled out a bottle of perfume and sprayed it around the room as the lady walked in.

"Each of you get into a cubicle and take of your clothes, please," she said politely.

The girls did as they were told. Each of them opened their curtains and stepped into their cubicle. There was bench in each cubicle making each one a small fitting room.

"Eeww," exclaimed Nicole, "There's some white and yellow stuff dripping off this bench and some white feathers on the floor!"

"It's probably just some body paint or something," retorted Natalie.

"Looks like someone laid a giant egg in here," responded Nicole in disgust. Her sisters had already had a seat on the bench.

"Ugggh! My stomach feels funny," said Samantha, "I feel like I have a bad case of gas." Then she farted loudly, startling herself. The pungent smell rose in the room. Samantha moaned again and farted louder. She squinted in pain and wrinkled her nose as the pressure built. "UUUGGGHH," Samantha screamed. The third fart ripped out of her loudly and blew out the rear end of her shorts. The smell had become unbearable.

"What the hell's going on in there," said Nicole.

"I don't know! I feel really weird," responded Samantha. She then looked in the mirror on one wall of her cubicle. She looked normal except for her hair. She had a thick white stripe down the middle of her solid black hair. "Something's happening to me."

"Me too," said Natalie sickeningly. She was staring at her fingers. Her beautifully manicured nails had become very sharp and had grown longer, almost like claws. She looked up and glanced in her mirror where she noticed something different. It wasn't too noticeable at first, but when she looked closer in the mirror at her face, she saw that her eyes had turned a horrific blood red.

"Ouch," exclaimed Melissa. Her bra had suddenly become a very tight fitting and the tightness kept growing. She quickly reached inside her shirt and got the bra off, relieving the tightness. She lifted up her shirt and couldn't believe what she saw. Her breasts had grown at least a cup size larger and her nipples were standing out very erect, much more than they normally would. "Crap! My breasts have gotten larger!"

"So have mine," said Nicole.

"Oh! The pressure's starting to hurt," yelled Melissa. Then her attention was drawn to her forehead where she felt two lumps that had formed at the corners of her forehead. The lumps grew and the skin finally broke around them. Melissa stared in the mirror in awe as two white, 3-inch horns grew from her forehead. "What's happening to me!"

"No! What's happening to all of us," questioned Nicole. The tips of her ears had come to a point and they had grown a bit larger, making them floppy. Nicole could feel the seams of her jeans ripping as her ass grew bigger. Her shirt became tight from a pressure building all along her chest. She got the shirt off and nearly fainted from what was underneath. Along with her large breasts, she had two new rows of nipples. Each row had four more nipples that had started filling out. As each new breast filled out, Nicole began making some very sexual sounds along with some choice words. Her sisters couldn't fathom what was happening to their sister. "Oh shit this hurts! Aagggh!"

"Holy shit," yelled Samantha. A thin coat of black hairs began covering her arms and nicely shaven legs. Her nails, like Natalie's, had become sharper and longer but had also become black. The black hairs grew thicker, but stopped at her neck, ankles, and wrists. Samantha took her shirt off to look at her chest. Her now furry breasts had remained the same size but she had grown four new nipples for feeding below them. Surprisingly, her chest was not covered in what was now thick, black fur, but white fur. The white fur formed a diamond shape on her chest, stretching from just above her breasts all the way down to her vagina, which had become very wet and was dripping fluid.

In the meantime, Natalie's body had been covered in a fine coat of gray fur that stopped at her neck, ankles, and wrists like Samantha's. Her nose had taken on a slight blackish shade and had also become somewhat pointed and triangular in shape. Natalie's upper lip had puffed up a bit and her cheeks were now tingling. The tingling persisted until three whiskers sprouted from each side of her face. Her nose wiggled as the whiskers grew out to a length of two and a half inches. Her mouth hung open slightly in awe and that's when she saw her teeth. Two of Natalie's perfect teeth had grown a little bit longer, giving her buckteeth like a mouse or rather a rat. "Oh no! What have we gotten ourselves into."

Melissa couldn't believe what was happening to her. Hairy black patches had grown all over her skin, while short, white hairs covered her arms, legs, and torso up to her neck, except for her bulbous breasts and the area around her vagina. As her ass grew more bloated, her jeans ripped off and fell to the floor. Like the other girls, her vagina was dripping wet, but began to slide down and around to her butt hole. It merged with her butt hole in between her large butt cheeks so she could be mounted from behind. The skin colored patch where her vagina used to be, began filling up with something, like her breasts had. Four nipples grew out of the expanding sac and became four 3-inch teats. Melissa screamed in agony as the bulbous sac grew, causing the veins now running from her new udder to her torso to stand out. "Aw fuck, it hurts," she yelled. Melissa grabbed two of the teats and jerked back and forth on them. A jet of white fluid ejected with each jerk. Melissa was milking herself.

Nicole's eight new breasts had filled to capacity and the pressure was unbearable. She tried to milk herself but had no luck. "Hurry girls," Nicole said to her three sisters, "Start feeding on me!"

"Do what," asked one sister, quite puzzled.

"Suck on my nipples! Oh God it hurts!"

"That's gross," said another sister.

"Just do it!"

Nicole's sisters put their mouths up to one of her ten breasts and began sucking.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Oh! Oink! Oh," screamed Nicole. Vaginal fluids poured from her slit and spilled on the floor and on her sisters' feet. Her vagina began to slide around and up her butt crack, merging with her butt hole, like Melissa's. The feeding made her change quicker. Her nose began to turn upwards, flaring her nostrils. Nicole's breathing became heavier and more aggressive while she was in heat. Her breathing started to turn into loud grunts and eventually oinks. Along with Nicole's grunting, Melissa was screaming in pleasure as she milked herself while Natalie and Samantha quietly listened.

Samantha looked at her face in the mirror. Everything was normal except when she opened her mouth. Her canines had grown much sharper and longer as well as a few other teeth. Samantha then noticed that her nose was changing. It started to take on a triangular shape and then it became a dark black. Then the pressure began building up in her ass again. Black fur began sprouting from the hole in her jeans. It grew further and longer out from in between her butt cheeks. The pressure built until finally she ripped another fart and her new tail reached a length of nearly four feet. A thick, white stripe ran from her butt cheeks to the tip of her tail. She took off the remainder of her clothes and looked at herself. Tears streamed down her face, seeing what she had become. "I'm a big, smelly skunk!"

In the meantime, Natalie had her own problems. Her shoes had ripped off from her lengthening feet. Her toenails had grown to become claws, like her fingernails had. Natalie had already pissed in her pants from the experience and now could feel something squirming around in her pants. The space near her ass had grown tight and uncomfortable. "Oh shit! Come on Natalie, push, push!" Sweat dripped off her face as she squatted and pushed her ass out. Natalie's scream became a high pitched squeak and finally, the rear end of her pants ripped open like an explosion and all of her pain was relieved. Natalie's 4-foot long, gray tail squirmed around behind her. "Holy crap! I have a tail!" A large pile of rat droppings had shot from her ass when her pants ripped open and had splattered on a wall and all over her jeans. She quickly took off her jeans and examined her tail. She had rat droppings caked in between her furry butt cheeks and wiped it clean with her clawed hands. The smell was repulsing, but out of curiosity, Natalie licked the droppings from her hands. Then her ears began twitching. She moved up to the mirror to watch as her pierced ears began to grow larger. Small, fine hairs began to sprout out of her ears as they grew. Natalie's ears started to round out and finally stopped growing, but were about 4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. In agony, Natalie cried out, "Yuck! I'm a dirty, disgusting, hairy rat!"

Melissa struggled to keep milking herself but had trouble when her fingers began turning black and started merging together. A hard black shell encrusted her fingers and then began doing the same to her toes. Once Melissa's hooves were complete, she couldn't grasp her teats any longer. Her butt cheeks and thighs were bloated and massive, but her shins and ankles began losing their thickness. Suddenly, Melissa's knees popped and reversed themselves. The cracks made her scream in shock. Her jeans had ripped in many places but still stayed on her. A pressure began building at her spine and made her push with her ass. "Oh! Oh! Aaagghh!" RRIIIPPPP! Melissa's pants shredded as her tail split them in half and sprouted from her ass. A tuft of black hair tipped her black and white cow's tail while it swung uncontrollably behind her. A pulling at Melissa's ears drew her attention to the mirror where she saw her ears come to a point and stick out from the sides of her head, her still beautiful, brown hair sitting softly behind them. Melissa put her hooves around her udder and shook it. She could hear her milk splashing around inside of her. Her breasts jiggled and her hooves clicked every time she moved. She let out an instinctive, "MOOOOOOO!!" and said, " No! I can't be a cow" She then lifted her tail and dropped a large cow paddy on the floor.

Nicole's sisters were still feeding off of her and actually were enjoying it. Nicole finally got her shorts off and saw the curly pig's tail that had sprouted on top of her bloated ass. She had gained some weight and barely had an hourglass figure anymore. She was still making loud sexual sounds from the milk she was giving off. Short, prickly hairs could be found on her here and there. She even had acquired the pungent smell pigs give off. There were then three sudden rips. Nicole looked down and saw that her sisters' pants had ripped and they each had a curly tail. They looked up at Nicole, revealing their new snouts and floppy ears. "Oh crap! Oh, yes! Just keep feeding my little piglets."

All four teenage girls still had their beautiful hair and faces, except maybe for a new nose or added whiskers or horns. They looked so odd standing upright and still being their normal size. Then the old lady reentered the room. She flung open each curtain and smiled at the girls.

"You bitch," yelled Natalie

Samantha turned around and lifted her tail. A terrible odor and greenish gas shot from Samantha's butt and sprayed the lady.

"I'm immune to your…shall we say…natural perfume," she responded. The lady grabbed Samantha by the arm and stuck her hand up Samantha's vagina.

"OOOHHHH!" screamed Samantha. Fluids poured from her slit.

"I can feel your offspring."

"I'm not pregnant," retorted Samantha.

"Oh I'm afraid you are, my dear. All of you had sex two nights ago, remember? Oh, and by the way, did I mention that my husband and I contributed to his animal research and development company? I hope you like the costumes. They are made from real furs and hides."

The lady hit a button on a wall and the floor beneath the girls dropped out. Natalie and Samantha landed in padded cages while Nicole and her sisters landed in a mud filled pigpen and finally Melissa landed in a grass-covered cage.

Natalie got up and looked around the laboratory they all were in. Her friend Jennifer was sitting in a nearby cage. Jennifer was squatting and then clucked loudly as an egg squeezed out from her ass. She was a chicken. There were other victims too. These other beautiful girls had been turned into horses, dogs, cats, fish, sheep, and even a spider.

"Good night girls! The doctor will see you in the morning," said the lady from above them. The lights went out and filled the room with darkness and sadness. As for Natalie, Samantha, Nicole, and Melissa, they cried themselves to sleep as many had before them and wondered what their new lives would be like.




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