Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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By Mystery Man

Karen was a very pretty 18 year old who kept to herself mostly. She had nice, soft dirty brown hair that hung to her shoulders and dark blue eyes. It came as a surprise to many people that someone as cute as her was involved in her high school's FFA program. It seemed so odd to see a girl with such a nice physique and face to be spending time raising a pig to win money. Ignoring everyone's stereotype of her, Karen was happy raising her pig, Big Boy. She had taken affection to him and was not happy about having to sell him at competition, but also needed the money.

Today was one of the days that she always stopped by the pen to see how Big Boy was doing; usually to give him some food and put some water on the ground to make some more mud.

"Hey Big Boy, how are you doing?"

Of course there was always just an oink for a response, but that suited Karen. She uncoiled the water hose and brought it over to the pigpen and began spraying water into Big Boy's living quarters. Karen stepped over the short fence into the pen to fill up a trough with water.

After taking a few slops full of water, Big Boy trotted over to Karen and proceeded to rub up against her.

"No, Big Boy. Don't get me dirty today!" Karen exclaimed with a bit of laughter in her voice.

Ignoring her, Big Boy bumped against her again making her almost lose her balance. Then he stepped back and bumped her even harder the next time.

"Hey! Stop it! I told I don't want to get any mud on me today!"

Finally, with one last blow, Karen tumbled backward and hit her head on one of the wooden posts. That's when everything went black. When Karen finally came to about 30 minutes later, Big Boy was nudging her. However, he was nudging her very roughly and it almost hurt.

"Uggggghhhh. Big Boy? Stop. Stop it."

Karen was lying in the filthy mixture of mud and pig crap and the repulsive smell was enough proof of that. She opened her eyes wide when she got a whiff of the smell.

"Ewwww! Oh gross! Damnit, Big Boy!" Karen exclaimed.

Big Boy could care less about Karen now being upset. He continued to rut into her and then aggressively grabbed her tight shirt with his teeth and ripped it off. Then he stepped on her ass to make sure she didn't move. Now Karen lay in the mud with her perky breasts exposed and being squashed into the mud and crap.

"BIG BOY," she yelled, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Oinking ferociously, Big Boy grabbed Karen's jeans with his teeth and began to pull at them. Karen struggled but to no avail, could not stop the 400-pound pig. After a few tugs, Big Boy ripped the jeans away and plunged his slimy snout into her ass crack, sniffing away. Finally, Karen was able to turn over but that was a mistake. Big Boy rammed his snout into her vagina and began licking.

"Oh God," Karen screamed in both disgust and pleasure. All she could do was wrap her arms around Big Boy as he plunged his huge cock into her now wet vagina. Big Boy, finding his mark, pumped away into the helpless Karen.

"I….can't believe….this is happening…to me! I'm…I'm being…fucked…OH YES…by a pig!"

Big Boy finally exploded into Karen, immediately filling her up with pig semen. All she could do was pass out again after her romp with Big Boy.

Shortly after her violation, Karen woke up again to find Big Boy rolling around in the mud across the pen. Her body, especially around her vagina, ached and was practically totally covered in mud and pig crap. Sitting up, Karen realized what had happened to her and started crying. She was startled when, in the middle of a sob, she snorted uncontrollably, just like a pig would.

It was a little more difficult for her to sit up and Karen soon figured out why. While she still had a defined hourglass figure, she had definitely gained weight in her chest area. Her breasts had increased in size and she was shocked to see three more sets of nipples growing below them. They didn't look like nipples though; no they were teats!

"Ugh! Ugh! No! This OINK can't be happening! I'm OINK turning into a OINK pig!"

Her hands began to cramp up, as well as her feet. Her beautifully manicured nails grew over her merging fingers to form ugly pig hooves, the same fate happening to her feet. A tugging sensation made her reach up to her ears as they slid up the side of her head and became floppy. While Karen was hyperventilating from the overwhelming sensations that flooded her body, her snorting became worse. This was because of the widening of her nostrils and flattening of her nose. She was definitely looking more like a pig with every slight change.

She shifted her weight so she could try and stand but she could only get onto her knees. With her shift in position she could feel a cool breeze on her ass and her vagina that had repositioned to a more natural position between her ass cheeks. Karen reached back behind her to also find a curly pig's tail that had sprouted above her ass.

Karen, her ass now sticking up in the air, exposing her widened sow's vagina, had attracted the attention of Big Boy who was now trotting over to inspect his new mate.

"No, Big Boy! Go OINK go away!"

Not being able to resist, Big Boy took a few whiffs of Karen's new sow-like scent and plunged his snout into her new vagina. Karen knew what was to happen next and relaxed, a part of her looking forward to the pleasure that awaited her. Karen faced the fact that she was now a sow; Big Boy's sow and there was no turning back. Karen and Big Boy began what became a routine fucking and relationship that totally stripped her of her humanity. She was sow forever. Maybe she should have joined a sports team rather than FFA…but it doesn't matter now.



Thanks! It was definitely a freshman effort on my part. I believe it was the first story I ever posted here way back around 2003. I agree that the ending was certainly rather abrupt.
Good beginning and the plot has merit, but the end seemed a bit abrupt, as if the author lost interest. Still very good!