Be Careful What You Wish For

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Two roommates are presented an offer to each make a wish by a mysterious salesman, but a poor choice of words leads to greater consequences.


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Be Careful What You Wish For - Mystery Man

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

By Mystery Man


Brittany and Allison had just moved into an apartment in New York City a month ago. They met each other in college and decided to stay together afterwards to find work in New York, a city of many opportunities. They had both found jobs as waitresses at a small, local restaurant, although they each had the looks of models.

Brittany had smooth, shoulder-length blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a fine, sleek figure, and firm, tantalizing breasts. Allison's figure and shape resembled Brittany's, but she had smooth, dark brown hair down to her mid back and astounding, brown eyes to match it.

After one long night of work, they were making their way through Central Park towards their apartment on Central Park West down a dimly lit sidewalk. No one was in the area, and there was a breeze picking up, giving the park a very eerie feeling. They made their way around a blind corner and were startled to be met by a gentleman sitting on a park bench.

He was wearing a green suit with white pinstripe and a matching fedora. A black briefcase sat beside him on the bench, as he seemed to be staring into nowhere. He had blonde hair and a brownish-blonde goatee to match. The girls made their way towards him and as they approached; he swung his head around to face them.

"Good evening, ladies," he said with a grin, "Nice night for walk isn't it?"

"I suppose so," responded Brittany.

"Why are you out here alone so late, as if you're waiting for someone," questioned Allison.

"That's precisely it," he said, "I have been waiting for you two." The girls backed up a bit, unsure what his next move might be. He casually stood up, briefcase in hand, and laughed. "I'm a salesman! Please don't be alarmed."

"What on earth could you sell to anyone this late," said Brittany.

"Shall we say this is your lucky day? I approach very few for what I sell is in demand."

"What would that be," asked Brittany.

"I can make your most fantastic wishes come true. No fee, no catch," he offered.

"Yeah, right," said Allison, "Come on let's go, Brittany."

"Don't believe me if you want, but what you want, I have in here," he responded, holding up the briefcase. "Go ahead, make a wish. Within two hours it will come true or else I'm just another liar and you can forget this little run-in ever happened and lead a normal life."

"What the hell, I'll try," said Brittany.

The man brought the briefcase up to her face and said, "Make your wish."

"I wish…," she said with smile on her face, as if she were just searching for some stupid answer, "…that I could get a job as a famous Playboy bunny." She began laughing just as the man opened the briefcase and her face was flooded with a bright white light.

"Your wish is granted," he said as he closed the case. The girls were laughing at the stupid scam they were being offered and to play along, Allison chimed in."

"Alright, my turn." The man had a devilish grin still and put the case near her face. "I wish…," Allison stumbled for a ridiculous answer and laughed, "I wish… oh, I don't know… I could tell all the damn rats and roaches to get the hell out of our apartment." She began cracking up as the white light flashed before her. When the blinding light was gone, so was the salesman.

"That was so weird," exclaimed Allison.

"Stupid salesman! Come on, let's get home," said Brittany.

   They made it home at about midnight and both girls changed into something more comfortable. Brittany was suddenly hungry and made a fresh salad of lettuce and carrots. Allison refused to eat and watched the television.

Allison then felt something on her arm and noticed a cockroach crawling across her forearm. It stopped and released some yellow fluid before she flicked it off her arm. She then wiped off the small yellow area.

"Damn roaches! Oh yeah, that wish really worked," Allison said sarcastically.

" Holy crap, I think it did work," yelled Brittany. She ran to Allison just as a fine coating of white fur spread across her arms.

"Oh my God," responded Allison. "Hurry, look in the mirror!"

Brittany ran to the mirror and saw that her nose had become and faint pink and had taken a bit of a triangular shape.

"What's happening to me," screamed Brittany. She began moaning like she was sick at her stomach as a pressure began building there and worked its way to her beautiful butt. "I've got to crap," she screamed.

Brittany crapped in her shorts while she was fumbling to get them off. Black pellets littered the floor as her shorts fell to the ground. She was now squatting while the raisin-like turds fell and splattered on the floor. Allison just watched Brittany in horror and awe. White fur had covered Brittany's body all over but stopped at her neck. She stood and faced the mirror while a tingling in her upper lip and cheeks grew. Six long white whiskers sprouted from her cheeks, while her upper lip slightly puffed up. Her ears became much more elongated and slid to the top of her head. She could finally see what she was becoming.

"I'm turning into a bunny!"

"You did ask to be a Playboy bunny."

Brittany's stomach and her ass itched terribly. She pulled off her shirt, becoming completely nude, and saw the 4 new welts on her chest below her still normal yet furry breasts. The welts grew to become nipples for feeding just as Brittany's attention was drawn to her butt. She squatted once again while her spine lengthened. Tufts of soft, white fur blossomed from the top of her butt crack as her bunny cottontail formed. She then released another load of turds on the floor. Her vagina became wet and then started to release her human fluids, which spilled everywhere. Her vagina slid to her rear where it melded with her butt, so in the future she could be mounted from behind. She stood once again and walked to the mirror, her tail bobbing from side to side with her shaking furry, turd splattered butt cheeks.

It then became Allison's turn. Two lumps that had formed on her forehead broke open as two long, black antennae stretched upward. Here and there, sharp black hairs had sprouted from her arms as a hard black shell encrusted her arms. Allison's arms lengthened to become four and a half feet long and her fingers and hands became thinner as they merged into one. Allison's arms swung around almost uncontrollably as she struggled to get her shirt off while an itching on her sides grew. She finally got the shirt off and saw two large lumps on her sides. The skin broke and another smaller pair of flailing cockroach arms sprouted from her sides. Allison's antennae also flailed around uncontrollably in the air.

An unimaginable pressure had built up at her gorgeous ass. Her butt cheeks began to spread apart while she moaned from the pushing she was doing through her ass. A prickly, hard, blackish-brown bulbous sac began appearing from Allison's butt. She screamed loudly with the next pushes as the large sac pushed its way through to hang between her legs as if she were laying a giant egg. The extreme internal pushing made a steady stream of yellow fluid pour from her vagina, splashing on the floor. The fluid smelled very pungent to Brittany as she hopped over to her friend, but smelled like a natural perfume to Allison and caused many cockroaches to crawl from the walls towards her in lust for her. A hard brown shell then sprouted from the back of her shoulders and extended downwards to connect with the back of her bulbous sac. The shell also extended upwards behind Allison's head, stopping at a slight point where her head met her neck. Allison was forced to lie on her back as her sac and vagina pulsated. Her chest became a light brown and her breasts hardened slightly as a few ripples grew up from her skin, running from the bottom of her breasts to the tip of the underside of her sac.

The yellow stream from her vagina stopped and was replaced by a steady flow of small, white circular objects mixed in a clear fluid. Allison was laying eggs.

"No! I'm a cockroach," she screamed while tears rolled down her cheeks. Brittany tried to soothe her but didn't succeed.

"Brittany! Look at your stomach!"

Brittany's furry, white stomach had bulged out showing her new pregnancy.

"Oh no! I forgot," panicked Brittany.


"I had sex last night with my boyfriend!"


"Think about it! I'm now a rabbit and they multiply very fast! I'm gonna be giving birth to about 20 or 30 bunnies!"

"I think we're gonna need a bigger place."


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