Fruit of the Womb

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Man to woman via tribal medicine.


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My name is Dr. Cole Smith, I work as a field researcher for a major pharmaceutical company.

About a year ago a scientific expedition researching ancient ruins was viciously attacked by a pair of jaguars in the jungle. A month later they walked out of the forest with tales of a lost tribe of natives who had found them and medicated them, nursing them back to health.

I examined them myself and whatever wounds there were had been deep enough to mark the bone, but there were hardly any scars. Those that were left were nearly invisible. Imagine it, twenty years worth of healing in one month!

_ _ _ _ _

Another researcher named Gordon Powell and myself were sent into the jungle to find this tribe and bring back their medical secrets.

We were both ex-military men so we knew how to handle ourselves in the jungle but we were still a little afraid. Local hunters had only managed to track down one of the two monster jaguars that attacked the archeologists.

"Careful around here Cole, them jaguars are man killers." Gordon warned. "They done got a bunch o' village kids around here and a couple o' hunters."

I took a swig from my canteen. "Yeah, well that's why lab techs don't do this job."

"Sure, all they gotta worry "bout is killer roaches."

"Hey those can be a real problem in those gene modification labs." Gordon may have talked funny but he was no clod, he could talk biochemistry with the best of them.

"Time for a break how 'bout it?" said Gordon as he set down the chem equipment and took off his rifle. He sat on a fallen log at the edge of some think undergrowth. "I'm not as young as I used…"


Gordon was cut off short as a black mass leapt from the bushes knocking him to the ground. It was the biggest black jaguar I had ever heard of. It was on top of him clawing and biting like mad.

"NO!" I screamed and made a move for the rifle but the beast pinned me down. It thrashed with its claws as if it were trying to dig a hole through me. My neck was twisted and my head was driven into the ground since the jaguar had me on my back laying on my pack. Blood poured up my neck and face as I desperately grasped at my knife. Finally getting a hold of it I jabbed it hard into the cat's ribs. It jumped high into the air at the shock from the wound. I made a play for the rifle, propped myself up against the log, and took quick aim. The beast charged at me fiercely. *KAPOW!"

_ _ _ _ _

"AAAHHHHHH AAAHHHhhhh AAAaahhhhh!" I woke up screaming, I was in pain like I'd never felt in my life. "Huff, huff, huff" I didn't know if I stopped screaming because I was out of breath or because it didn't help the pain anymore. I was just lucid enough to take scope of my surroundings, I wasn't in the jungle anymore. I was laying in some stone chamber wrapped in linen and coarse blankets.

A woman rushed in and babbled on in some language I didn't understand, she seemed angry. She was very tall with dark skin and hair, she looked like any other native girl except for her height and measurements. She was certainly curvier than the average native girl, she was wearing what looked like a pink tube top with floral designs on it and a sort of long loincloth.

"Jibbi bibbi maspisito jioh ja." she continued to chew me out. Then she leaned down and fed me some liquid out of a ceramic bowl. After a few moments the pain eased up, I was still in agony, but it felt like heaven compared to just before. That's when I knew for sure I had been found by the people I was looking for, the medicine men(and women apparently). The native girl stroked my head and smiled. She got up and began to light a few more oil lamps along the walls. I wanted to ask what had happened to Gordon, but I knew it wouldn't do any good, she wouldn't understand.

As the light went up I began to notice my things laying around the room. My research equipment, my clothes, Gordon's rifle, all covered in blood. That's when I saw it, Gordon wrapped from toe to neck in linen. He was pale as a sheet of paper and he wasn't breathing. He was dead.

"Oh God!" I whaled. "That fucking cat, that bastard!" I wanted to go check on him, I wanted to vomit, I wanted to scream, but I was to weak to do any of it. I was so pitiful.

_ _ _ _ _

As I regained consciousness I realized I was being carried by two big guys on some sort of stretcher. These two dudes dwarfed me, either of them could have carried me easily enough by himself.

They brought me outside to the glorious streets of their hidden city. "My God!" It was all white stone laid with turquoise and gold. The whole place was surrounded by cliffs, apparently in an enormous grotto. When the sun hit the gold in the evening the whole city shone, it was beautiful.

They set me near where a number of people were eating, they put me on a diagonal slab where I could sort of sit up. All the people here were huge, I was no bigger than one of their women. An old lady came up to me and fed me some strange fruits, among them was a sort of pinkish orange melon with a brown knob on one end. She was very insistent that I eat that one.

_ _ _ _ _

The next morning I woke up feeling much better, the pain was all but gone and I could move a little. "Their medicine really is impressive." I thought. "My chest itches though."

About an hour and a half later some village women came in carrying babies and baskets. They all sat around me shelling nuts, sewing, and changing diapers. The heaviest lady sat right next to me and jabbered at me each time she would do something as if she was explaining it to me.

They did their work and left. I laid there alone for most of the day until the two guys came in and brought me outside to eat.

The old lady fed me again, once again insistent that I eat the orange melon. I sat and watched the others eat, there was something strange about it, but I couldn't figure out what.

_ _ _ _ _

I woke up in the same dark room still stiff, still itchy. The only difference was this time my bandages felt kind of tight. "It must be because the blood has dried up." I thought. "But if that's the case, why is it only now feeling tight?"

I realized I could move my arms quite freely now which was a relief. The women came in again and did their little jobs and gossiped. One of them passed me a basket of nuts and I figured I was supposed to help. I started cracking them open and separating the meat and the shells. About half an hour latter one of the babies began to cry and his mother handed him over to me. "Whoa! What am I supposed to do?" One of the women looked me in the eye and started rocking her baby so I mimicked her. The baby fell asleep and I had to admit to myself he was kind of cute. "Goo goo little guy." I said wagging my finger.

The ladies left and all I could do was lay and try to entertain myself. "That kid was pretty cute." I thought staring at the ceiling.

Outside after I ate my melon I stared at the others intent on figuring out what was bothering me. I looked around at the men and what they were eating when it hit me. None of the men were eating the orange melon I had been being fed, but a lot of the women were. "Why am I the only man eating it, is there some sort of medical reason?"

I laid there wondering when I was going to be able to leave when my stomach began to hurt. "Geeze." I said aloud. "I haven't gone to the bathroom in three days." My bandages were tied around my back and my arms were still too stiff to get them off.

The girl came in to put out the lamps. "Please." I pleaded with her tugging my bandages. "Help me get these off." She just looked at me with a scared expression, then ran back out the archway.

A few minutes later she returned with some villagers including a very old man in a headdress. I sat there apprehensively as the old man seemed to give instructions to the others. The lamp girl went around behind me and began to undo my bandages. It felt so good to get those tight stinky things off I just closed my eyes and sighed in relief. I was confused at the sensitivity of the airflow over my nipples. I looked down to find my chest swollen into what looked like a pair of women's breasts.

"W-what the fuck is this!?" I panicked. I sprung to my feet only to collapse again to the floor.

I curled up in the corner of the room, tears welling up in my eyes. The old man shuffled toward me and opened his hands in a passive gesture. "Owka wa jinna ja" he mumbled.

He waved one of his hands down toward his pelvis then pointed at mine. I followed a scar from my swollen chest down my abdomen to the loose tangle of bandages between my legs. I nervously reached down and lifted the linen away. "Oh my God!" There was practically nothing left, my genitals had been mangled beyond recognition. I threw up all over the floor.

_ _ _ _ _

I woke up being cradled in the arms of the lamp girl. She rocked me like a child as I gazed over my naked body, seeing it wasn't just a terrible dream.

"Simpa quy jatah ja kino" she said in a sympathetic tone.

The old man soon returned. "Quinto epa serta ti nono." he babbled gesturing toward his genitals and shaking his head. "Gina ghe gura desta." he continued shifting his focus to the lamp girl.

I understood, they couldn't fix my manhood so they were going to make me a woman. But I was too sick and upset to care. "Can I go to the bathroom now?"

_ _ _ _ _

I eventually got back on my feet, I was for the most part physically healthy, but in a deep depression. I reluctantly continued helping with the women's work and eating my mandatory ration of melon. I figured the fruit somehow increased the body's production of female hormone. Slowly my scars began to fade,(slowly is a relative term) my tits grew, and my body and facial hair stopped growing. The villagers outfitted me with the standard female garb, the tube-top and a thong with a long flap in the front. It was so humiliating having my ass hanging out everywhere I went, especially the way it had begun to look.

When I went walking through the streets I noticed the men began to look at me. "I guess the fuckers don't care that I'm a man." I sat down at a stone table and began to cry into my hands. "GAH! Fucking hormones!"

"Zina paka." I looked up and saw the lamp girl sitting next to me. At this point she was the closest thing I had to a friend. "Coka wha zino zi hawt." she said taking me by the arm and leading me away with a smile on her face.

She took me to what looked like a soccer field with stone bleachers on one side.

The crowd(particularly the women) began to cheer as a dozen or so naked tribesmen ran out onto the field. Half of them had a red mask painted over their faces, while the other half was painted in green.

As they got into position the lamp girl was cheering hard, that's when I noticed a tattoo under her arm. Most of the people in this tribe had tattoos and they were a lot easier to figure out than their inexplicable language. There were tattoos for married men, married women, mothers, father, ect. They seemed to mark milestones in people's lives, but the mark under the lamp girl's arm wasn't like any of the others I'd seen. It was a picture of a tree with a little swirl in it. "I wonder what that means?"

A man(This one at least wearing a codpiece) came out and tossed a little pouch with feathers attached to it into the air. The two teams fought over the pouch in a sort of cross between soccer and hacky-sack.

After a while the players were soaked with sweat, running around and struggling. I watched the game intently chalking it up to being a natural sports fan, but each time a player would make a high kick my heart would flutter. "What's going on?" I thought. "I must be getting sick."

The game wound down and from what I gathered the red team won by a single goal. The red team captain was awarded a leopard's pelt as a trophy. He held it high in the air and the women in the audience started screaming and holding out their arms. The captain sauntered up to the bleachers and presented the pelt to…


Lamp girl grasped my shoulders and hugged me giddily as the player just smiled and gestured for me to take the pelt. "I can't take this! Especially if it means what I think it does!" I said with the high pitch of my voice masking some of my anger.

"I can't believe this Shit!" I seethed as I stormed out of the arena, my bare feet slapping the cold stone street. "Can't they tell the difference between a man and a woman, or don't they care? These people are so crazy I…" I stopped suddenly as I got a painful twinge in my back. "Gah! I hate these things!" I yelled grabbing my breasts. They were already much larger than any natural breasts should be and they were giving me back pain. "I have to sit down."

I sat myself down next to a reflecting pool. Sitting, I had to admit, was actually more comfortable than it used to be. My back got relief and I had some additional padding in my ass.

"Uuggghh…" I yawned. As I stretched I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the water, which piqued my interest. "My God." I thought as I examined my reflection in the pool. "I really haven't seen myself in a while." My neck was thin my features were soft, even my lips were fuller. If I couldn't see my Adam's apple in the reflection I'd swear an attractive young woman was looking back at me. "Is that really what I look like? No wonder men keep hitting on me."

"Fetcha nino!" screamed the lamp girl angrily as she approached. "Hata degro fetach!" she continued with a disapproving expression. She took me by the wrist and pulled, I resisted, but I wasn't as strong as I used to be and she wouldn't relent.

She dragged me around a corner and I ran headlong into that guy from the arena. "Hata degro fetach!" she said, still disapprovingly. He just smiled down on me as the lamp girl nudged me toward him. He was a behemoth even by the tribe"s standard, I stood barley to the middle of his chest.

"Magra cho Ehco." he said tapping his chest. "Magra cho Ehco." I took it as an introduction.

"Your name is Ehco?" I inquired timidly.

"Jha, jha!" he nodded excitedly. He took me by the shoulders and pulled me inside a nearby building. I tried to fight, but as strong as he was I doubt he could even feel me resisting.

The inside was very plush, a cushioned bed and wall hangings. What terrified me however was the number of fertility idols and stone penises laying about. "Oh, hell! This is a honey hotel isn't it!?"

He knocked me to the bed and tore off his codpiece as he crawled over me. "Chocha no ano."

"Yeah, look I'm flattered and all but this really isn't going to work for me." I pleaded.

"Chocha no ano." he repeated. "Ah, sicarta!" he said as he took a tiny bowl from a shelf. He held it toward me and repeated "sicarta." He poured out the contents into his hand and began rubbing it onto his dick. He grew hard as he worked the oily substance into himself. Then he crawled back toward me and held his ten inch cock right in front of my face. "Chocha no ano."

"Can't we just be friends?"

"Chocha no ANO!"

At this point I figured it was do or die, rock and a "hard' place. As I leaned forward the smell of the oily stuff on his dick made my mouth water uncontrollably. It smelled like joy. I stuck out my tongue and ever so gently touched it to the head of his penis. Whatever the stuff was it was the best thing I'd ever tasted. My tongue tingled, the sensation spread and became an unstimulated pleasure. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick and slowly slid his cock deep into my mouth. My tongue flailed about and massaged his shaft as the exquisite flavor and the magnificent pleasure spread through my mouth. I did what I could to fight through my gag reflex as I tried to get more of his manhood into my maw. I caught myself rubbing my breast as I continued to suck him off, but I was too focused on my mouth.

Ehco began furiously thrusting as he grabbed me by the back of the head and forced his seed down my throat.

He rolled me over and slid down my thong. "Oh wait a minute big gu…" I paused as I watched him apply more "sicarta' to his manhood. "W-well I… damn." I leaned forward and lifted my ass into the air as I reached back and spread my cheeks with my hands. If I was still capable of arousal I'd have probably been hard as a rock.

He slipped the tip of his dick into my anus and before I knew in he had worked the entire head inside. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time. As he forced it in deeper and deeper soon all I could concentrate on was the pleasure. He held me hard at the hips as he got into his pumping rhythm.

"Unnggg… Aahhhhh!" I moaned, HIS dick was the next best thing to MY dick. I arched my back as hard as I could and continued my whorish moans as my tits rubbed against the wall. Ehco began to hump faster and faster, and finally rammed his entire cock up my ass as hot fluid flooded my insides.

_ _ _ _ _

"ZZZZzzzz…" I laid next to the sleeping Ehco drowning in my own shame. "I can't believe I let that happen." A third bowl of "sicarta' caught my attention, I hid it in my top as I put my cloths back on and snuck back to my chamber with a wobbly gait.

_ _ _ _ _

I sat cross-legged in front of my chemistry equipment doing a few tests. "Just as I thought!" I exclaimed. "It's an extremely powerful aphrodisiac and endorphin stimulator. I could make a killing with this stuff back in the real world."

"Washna ni coto!" the lamp girl rushed in, this time giddier than angry.

"Wait, what now?" I asked as she pulled me up off of the floor and led me away. "Why can't you leave me alone for a while?"

_ _ _ _ _

She brought me to a part of the city I'd never been in before. We stood in front of a large door, above which was the same mark that was tattooed under the lamp girl's arm. She pushed open the door with surprising ease and brought me inside. In the chamber stood Ehco, the old man in the headdress, and the old lady who used to feed me.(I had learned she was the head medicine woman for the tribe) The evening sunlight shone in upon a large old tree growing from a circle of earth.

"That's the tree." I said as I noticed the swirl carved into the bark. "The same tree from the tattoo."

The old man led me over to the tree and plucked one of its fruits. He cut in in half and handed me one of the pieces. He mimed eating his half as he looked at me firmly. The pattern in the core of the fruit resembled a woman's uterus, but it smelled good enough so I took a bite. "It isn't so bad." I wasn't sure I could trust them after what had happened with the melons. "Hell, how could it get any worse?"

My stomach began to churn and my throat became sore as I finished off the fruit half. "What's this all about? What's the big dealll!!!! AAAhhhhh!!" I dropped to my knees as my stomach began to hurt like never before. I could feel my organs bending and twisting. "You fucKinG pOisoned mE!" The pain in my throat became a searing inferno. "I grasped my neck desperately trying to help myself breath. "WkhaT's T-this?!" Something didn't feel right, my adam's-apple was GONE!

"Bwaaggggg!" I heaved all over the floor as my insides continued to tangle.


"AHHHHH!" I fell flat on the ground as a crunching noise emanated from my hips and an intense pain followed suit. Finally I felt an increasable tightness in my groin. It pulled on me as I instinctively reached down to cradle the area. The skin slowly turned in on itself and I could feel it merging with my innards as the pain subsided at last.

"Huh, huh, huh…" I caught my breath and raised my head from the floor to examine myself. "What the FUCK?!!!" My mangled member was now a feminine flower. "What the hel…"

_ _ _ _ _

I woke up in an unknown chamber. "AW FUCK!" I screamed as I looked under the sheet and found it wasn't just a terrible nightmare. I somehow had a pert pink pussy.

"Dena lip cena." said Ehco as he entered the room stark naked.

"Oh, so this must be your place."

As he walked closer toward me I couldn't help but notice his manhood sway back and forth. Butterflies formed in my stomach as I followed it with my eyes. "What am I doing?" I yelled clenching my eyelids. Before I knew it however I was peeking at him again. It had been so long since I had been aroused I couldn't control it, especially with my new anatomy. I don't know what the female equivalent of blue-balls is but I had it. I could feel my pulse pounding inside my pussy, begging me to fill it with something. At this point Ehco's cock seemed like a reasonable "something'.

As he crawled on top of me I wrapped my arms around his neck an said "sicarta?"

He stabbed his massive, "sicarta' soaked cock deep into my brand new vagina. "N-not big on foreplay are you?" He kept pumping. "That's alright, I'm not either." I tangled my legs around him and rolled my hips as the first orgasm hit me. My tits squished against his broad chest as I pulled him close for a deeper fuck. "Mmnnnngggg!" another orgasm. "OH WOW! This multiple orgasm thing is pretty cool!" We got sloppier as the sweat began to steam and our bodies became slipperier. Ehco turned red before releasing inside my body just as my third orgasm washed over me.

_ _ _ _ _

We laid together, this time I didn't feel ashamed. That was a hundred times better than any sex I'd ever had. Who would want to be a man again after that. I sat atop Ehco's sleeping body looking him over in erotic curiosity when I noticed his new tattoo. It was the mark for husband on his forearm. "What?" I looked at my own arm and found the mark for wife along with the swirly tree. "Geeze, they could have at least asked first." I thought. "Oh well, it could be worse."

_ _ _ _ _

A few weeks later I was living with Ehco as his wife and content with my place in the world. The only problem was I had been getting sick lately. I went to see the medicine woman and explained my symtoms as best as possible. She looked me over and nodded before mixing up some ingredients in a bowl. She made a sleeping gesture before giving it to me, which I took to mean it would make me drowsy.

I woke up feeling much better. The old woman sat over me smiling with a needle in her hand. As I sat up I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. Looking down I found a new tattoo just over my bellybutton. It was the mark for "mother".

The End


A good and enjoyable read.......thanks
Nice. I'd want some of those tribal remedies myself....
Interesting story. I liked how it didn't get bogged down with the reason for his being in the jungle and just got on with the transformation.