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Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Late for work. I wish this traffic would get moving... Don't know what's up with me today. One of those unexplainable off days. Couldn't really get my breakfast down my neck, feeling lethargic, bloated - not at all with it. Should really take the day off but... I don't seem that bad - see how it goes.

...Finally, in through the work gates at last. Car park is full. Will have to park in the overflow - I'll have to walk for ages... be even more late. Got to take a piss something chronic too.

Ok, got my case. "belch" ooer, that came from deep down in the guts. I'm bursting for a pee. No-one around. I'll go by the bushes. Massive erection - like that's going to help? Shit, someone's coming. Damn it. "Burp." Think I'll just sit back in the car for a minute until my guts have settled down. Loosen this damn tie as well. I'll chew some gum - maybe that'll help?

Ok, bit more with it now. I'll use the toilet when I've thrown all my stuff under my desk.

what's the matter with me? - can't seemed to walk standing up straight and my feet hurt?

Walking through the turn-stile and security checks, "Rough night sir?" "Oh, I probably shouldn't be in today." "Can I ask you to take this and produce a sample for us?" "But, I'm running late for work - can't you do a drugs test on someone else?" "Sorry sir, it works on a number roll and yours came up.  I don't make up the rules. Sorry" "Alright, alright... do I have to wait for the results?" "No, once you've done you can go... just use the toilets behind you."

I took the urine tube and a pen and made for the toilets. Damn, need to take a shit as well.

Hurriedly I took off my jacket, hung it up and shoved my case by the door. I barely had time to pull my trousers and pants down - "Arrrr." Man my ass was blowing out something awful. I took the urine tube and filled it. Jeezz? - my cock became rock hard again. I went to put the cap on the tube and noticed I must have cum a little into it as there was a trace of a milky liquid in it. Maybe I can empty and fill it again? Come to think of it my balls felt fit to bursting?

I felt around them, they felt swollen and puffy? What the...? My cock didn't look right either - bizarre, it looked like a cock but, not mine really in some way... I badly needed to release the pressure in my groin though. I pumped away. In a matter of minutes I jizzed out the end of my cock - seemingly without any real effort. I thought that was a bit premature? I didn't feel quite finished though. I pumped my cock again - I felt oddly dreamy and content as a steady stream of watery white liquid came out. I shuddered as I realised how strange this was and stopped - was there something wrong with my prostate or something? - better call on the doctors later. Great.

I finished up. Couldn't buckle up my belt? I loosened it a notch. Trousers still felt tight though? The skin between my fingers was adhering when I touched them together I noticed - didn't think I made that much of a mess?... It was actually quite painful to separate my fingers. I jokingly thought 'am I turning into the fly or something!?"

I handed back the urine tube to the security guard who was a bit bemused as to why I'd taken so long considering I was late? I then made my way to my desk.

"You're late." My boss remarked the obvious. "I had a phone call this morning - ", she continued... "read this, you've got one hour to sort yourself out for the presentation." not that it would make any difference - "yeh, I'm sorry, not in great shape." She tilted her body in mock concern, "Well, pick up the phone then before you come!?" she snapped.

I got myself a coffee and layed out all the info and what not on my desk to go through. The coffee tasted rank so I got a tea instead (I felt confused when the machine was asking me to add milk?... really on form today!). Ok, ok, one hour - no probs. Then after lunch I'll check my package into a nurse - wohey!  

The adhesion problem was still going on with my fingers even though I'd washed my hands thoroughly? - it was really starting to disconcert me. It was so bad in fact that I was having to type with just my index fingers as the others had become too stuck together and painful to separate. Sigh.

"You been working out?" - a work colleague walking by slapped me on my back. "Aye? - sorry, I'm busy. Got a presentation in 45 minutes and I got in late. Sorry, catch you later?" He moved on. I sighed again and, much to my shame, then let out a ripping great big fart! Despite the noise I seemed to have remained in the clear... 'Ok...', I swigged back my tea before it got cold. Man, that was a bad idea. My stomach started rolling. I felt queasy and immediately had to turn over to my bin to throw my tea back up. This is not good. My trousers felt really tight - especially in my crotch. I looked round to see if anybody was about before inspecting my crotch area with my fingers (well, such as I was able to). It felt really weird - there was just too much down there. Did I have some kind of hernia? I also really needed to go to the bathroom again but I could sense that my bladder didn't really feel full? I didn't feel particularly aroused either, even though I could feel a fullness bordering on the tender from my balls which felt very needy - I just felt discontent... needing what?

I reached for my stress ball. I squeezed it a few times, sighed and held it to my cheek. I looked lazily around and then back to my crotch where I found I was gently palming the stress ball to my groin?... What am I doing? I put the stress ball back on my desk. I gave it a little pat and looked at it for a moment while tilting my head to one side. Why did I...? I screwed my face up in confusion at what I'd just done... that was so gay!? - I snapped myself out of it and just tried to get on with my work.

I finished up my prep. for the presentation. I had difficulty walking to the meeting room. My crotch had a distinct bulge too so I took a folder to cover it. I told my boss I was going to have to go home afterwards as I felt too rough. She gave some sarcy comment about laying off the dumb-bells, which went over my head.

I had enough time to use the toilets before the presentation. I made my way - folder in hand feeling pretty awkward and self-conscious like a teenager.

Christ, I WAS bulky. I felt like 'Desperate Dan'. I really was not prepared for what I found when I went to check my groin in the toilets though - the end of my penis had all flared out! It was all spongy and my ball sack was huge! What the hell is this!!!? I also noticed that my body was covered in lots of fine hairs? My gut had really swollen out too. Was this some kind of disease? Were my hormones going through the roof? But there was more than that - oddly my shoulders were kind of in front of me now?

I went to touch my mal-formed penis - finding it difficult to angle my arm properly! - and was immediately shocked to see the state of my hand - my thumb was really small but my ring finger was really big! All my fingers were more than just stuck together now - their skin had fused! - never-the-less, I probed my genitals with my weird hand as the pressure down there felt pretty urgent. I didn't know what to do. I tried to masturbate. It seemed to help (y'know... when in a crisis!). I couldn't believe it when within a few strokes I was already cumming!? - how premature is that? I could feel the pulsing filling by ball sack and then  ejaculate coming out of my cock. And, kept coming out... and coming out? eventually after a few minutes it did stop. But, all the water in the toilet bowl had turned white I had cum so much. And why did it smell so much? - like, like... I know that smell from somewhere?... 

A strange sensation took over my whole body. I couldn't contain it. My body tensed. I then had the horrifying sensation of my hips broadening as I saw the gap between my upper thighs increase right before my eyes. My groin pulsed - I couldn't believe what I was looking at - it was slowly inflating! I gasped as my penis started to split into four equal parts where it had flared out at the head. I was struck dumbfound then to see my whole penis slowly peel down its length into four separate smaller penises connected to a ball sack which swelled and flopped over the front of the toilet seat. Oh my god!... Then all the pieces began to fit into place in my mind as I looked back at my changed hand - my thumb was nearly gone, as were my other fingers. My ring finger was now over half a foot long and about an inch wide. My whole hand was longer and thinner. My gaze followed up my arm as I could see that the upper part was buried into my bulging chest. My belly was now suddenly really huge and threatened to follow my enlarged groin as it too was gaping over in front of the toilet seat... it can't be?... this, this is impossible?... I was turning into a cow?... hang on a minute - how is it that I can even see over my shoulder with my right eye and my gut down between my legs my left eye at the same time!!!... 

...meanwhile... "God damn it, where is he?" his boss said. A junior colleague offered "I'll check the toilets..." as he made his way out the room.

Moments later in the toilets... "Hey buddy - you in here?" There was a deep breathing coming from the toilet cubicles. He stepped closer towards them. The cubicles creaked and strained as though under some pressure. "Buddy?..."

There was a big crash of broken ceramic. Toilet water washed out from one of the cubicles towards him. "Jesus! - is anyone there!" There was continued deep breathing. Then a loud splat could be heard. Nervous now, he tentatively lowered himself to look under the door. What looked like really bad diarrhoea was dropping in cupfuls onto a smashed toilet bowl. He was then taken a-back it bit by a clear liquid that dripped down onto the floor from just behind the cubicle door. "What the...?" It was then he finally noticed the hooves placed either side of the forming puddle of mucus at the foot of the door. "Holy shit!" "MOOOOO!!!" bellowed out from the cubicle. He flung himself on his hands and feet. The cubicle door banged forcefully again and again - then gave way. He was then gob-smacked to see a cow come barging out of the cubicle towards him! 

He rose up and rushed out the toilet door - the cow following behind and squeezing itself through the door way after him!

He ran into the meeting room panting. "Did you find him?" Said their boss, with only a slight raise of an eyebrow "- what's the matter?"

She then dropped her papers to the floor as plain as day a cow made its way into the meeting room. They all stood still in amazement as it motioned over to the presentation area at the front. It sniffed, snorted and licked its muzzle with its long tongue as it looked around as though in preparation for something? Then it turned back to face all of them. Each looked at the other totally perplexed. Finally, it swished its tail and let out a huge splattering of cow dung that slowly spread into a pat on the floor. They couldn't help but cringe at the sight, then the smell hit them as the cow finished by releasing a steady flow of pungent urine onto it.


The End...

...but, not quite. Their boss became totally enraged, "what is the meaning of this!!!?" - it was like showing a red rag to a bull... "I've worked too damn hard to be pulled down by utter screw-ups!"

A colleague in the meeting room did a double take as he noticed a small bulging nub in the front of her close-fitting dress from her crotch. As she continued to rant and rave the bulge got bigger until it looked un-mistakenly like an erect penis, which went on to make a small wet patch at its head.

She grabbed a chair in front of her and gripped it firmly with her hands as her anger built. Her voice began to bellow and deepen. Her breathing audible as she took great lungfuls, which she expelled forcefully. A female colleague began to shift her way towards the door. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!?" the boss boomed as she strode on her now rippling muscular thighs over to her. She slammed the door closed, "can't you see I'm not finished yet!?" Full of lust, she eyed up the young girl who shook with fright while she closed in on her - her toughening countenance forcing her against the wall. Her body now giving off a strong odour, her stinking breath full of spit blowing in her face. She licked with her lengthening tongue under the girls chin - mucus beginning to spray from her flaring nostrils with each breath. Her clearly visible huge penis straining the front of her tight dress, small horns growing out the top of her head.

She threw the girl against the long table in the centre of the room using her powerful arms - blouse ripping at the shoulders, horns inches long now, her neck swelling her collar. She was about to rape that poor girl there and then in front of everyone. She thrust the girls head onto the table and lifted up the back of her skirt. One guy intervened but was tossed like a rag doll across the room - crashing down on a small table that broke is fall. He then proceeded to make whimpering gasps as the crotch of his pants started to balloon - all watched by the girl about to be rapped. But then something strange came over her too. Her face became very angry as small horns started to push through the top of he head.

Their boss sniffed the young girl in front of her and became disinterested. Instead she turned her attentions to the fully formed cow at the front of the room. "MOOO!" it sounded as it noticed her approach. The boss's back grew into a great hulk - shredding her blouse. Her skirt ripped in two revealing her tail and two huge dark furry testicles that swayed and jiggled as she moved, while her engorged cock bounced and dripped pre-cum onto the carpet.

She made her way over to the cow, which lifted its tail - a moist ready hole waiting for her. Her hands now half-changed into bulls hooves reached and clamped on either side of the cows back. She looked over in triumph at her colleagues as they went through changes of their own - the young girl now swishing her tail and ripping the trousers off the back of a young man as his ballooning crotch spilled out of his underpants to be fondled by her - their boss let out a huge roar as she slid her cock into the rear of the cow. Her body became more bull-like as she thrust back and forth. 

...minutes later, the security guard at the entrance to the building went under his desk to grab the employee sample tubes to give them to the lab technician for drug testing. He could hear a comotion from the main building as he looked with confusion to see one of the tubes filled with a white liquid oozing out the cap and draining into the container holding all the other tubes. He was trance-fixed as right before his eyes each tube began to overflow in the same way and spill into the container - some turning white whilst others leaked a strong smelling urine. Meanwhile the background noise got even louder. He turned to see what on earth the noise was about as a shiver ran through him. He twitched and squinted as a strange sensation filled his groin area. Suddenly he dropped the sample container and keeled over at the waist and groaned in discomfort. He could hear ripping clothes and heavy breathing from behind as the technician approached and buried her cock into the back of his pants.

They both slid behind the security counter as a stampede of cattle charged down the lobby, smashed through the entrance to the building and spilled out into the company car park - smashing into cars and triggering off their alarms on their way out into the surrounding streets.


Hope that story was alright for you.      ((((!Bang!))))      - shit, what was that?... "Mooo!"... What the hell is a cow doing in my house!?... oh crap... 



Zombie cow virus tg tf. Interesting angle.