A Day Trip (pt 2)

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Dan moaned in discomfort as his body shifted under the gentle caress of the woman that imprisoned him.  Bones cracked and tendons snapped as his limbs reformed and reshaped into something more animal-like.  As she rubbed his belly, a patch of light grey fur quickly spread outwards to cover his entire naked body, spreading up towards his neck.  His panicked screams hoarsened and turned to course growls as the transformation overtook his throat.  His eyes held squint as his ears move upwards toward his head, pulling and tugging the flesh as they reformed into a triangle shape and became covered in fur.  His face pushed out into fuzzy muzzle, his teeth forming sharp fangs.

It all happed so fast.  

Dan's mind swirled in confusion.  In just a few moments what was once a man now was a Canadian lynx tied to a tree with rope around its belly, its forepaws tied awkwardly behind him.  The lynx panted as it tried to make sense of what had happened, as the witch quickly readjusted the binds, forcing the cat into a sitting position, hindlegs out in front, sitting on its bobtail, paws tied behind its back.  With a hand she pushed down on the lynx's head, forcing Dan to bend forward, with his big fluffy head nearly between his haunches, then retightened roped tying his forelegs together, keeping him in that awkward position.

Dan could only stare at his own changed body in horror from his cramped position, his eyes just a foot away from his own crotch.  The short fluffy tail in front of him twitched in agitation.  A tail.  His tail.  A tail that he could feel slapping against the ground and his own furry flanks.

A pair of slender hands came into view as the fingers grabbed the appendage at its base, gently at first, then giving it a firm squeeze.  Dan shuddered in surprise as the squeeze sent a jolt of down his spine, radiating into his groin.   It felt strangely good.  Pleasure.

The teasing squeezes continued relentlessly for several minutes.  All the while Dan felt himself getting hard from the massaging of his tail.  His member began to peak out from a furry sheath between his legs, just in front of a pair of furry balls.  

Just as the tip seemed ready to break free of its confines, Dan saw a hand move towards his cock, as the other hand continued to arouse his sensitive tail.  He felt pressure as the hand pressed against him, as if the fingers were trying to push his shaft back inside its sheath.  The fingers worked between his legs, almost kneading the flesh there.  It was like a sculptor molding clay, and Dan watched as what was once his male genitals were seemingly pushed into his body, and reshaped into something new.  Something different.  Something feminine.  

The final steps of his transformation completely just as quickly and shockingly as the rest of him.  Not only had she taken away his humanity, but his masculinity as well.  Dan looked up at the woman, seeing her staring at him silently as if admiring a completed work of art.   He then looked back down at his crotch, the shock of the sight of the feminine sex there still not fully registering.

Dan had no idea how much time had passed, but clearly this woman was in no hurry.

Deft fingers continued to tease Dan's newly formed outer folds, as the woman used her fingernails to gently poke at the folds.  With each stroke, her lips had gradually swollen and turned pink with blood.  Like her tail, this new altered flesh was more sensitive than it should have been, unnaturally so.  Far more so.  Dan snarled with each caress, holding back the urge to moan in unwanted pleasure, her tail twitching in reaction.  The fingers continued the torment, rubbing, poking, and even giving the occasional pinch to the nub that was once his member.  The woman worked agonizingly slowly, but effectively, rendering the pink flesh increasingly puffy and sensitive to the touch.  Dan's own heart beat pulsated in the blood-engorged lips, sending smaller pulses of pleasure with each beat.  

The scent of her arousal permeated the air, forcing her to take in deep huffs of it with her muzzle held so close to her own sex.  She could feel the heat permeate through her entire body.  She didn't want any of this, but her new body reacted to the sensations and her own pheromones automatically.  Her heart raced.  Each stroke now made her pant, her tongue sticking out slightly.  She could literally taste her own arousal in the air.  And it was intoxicating.

The fingers did not stop.  Each rub produced increasingly wet sounds as her feminine sex grew moist with its arousal.  Although her swollen lips were taught and tightly closed, beads of her own juices could already be seen oozing out between them.  For several more minutes the fingers tormented the outer part of her lips with the foreplay, without even touching between them.  But still it was enough.  Too much.  Every poke.  Every pinch.  Every breath of her scent.  

The fur around her whole crotch was now matted in her lubrication.  Dan wanted this to stop.

Then, a single poke with a finger brought about a new sensation as it pressed against the lower part of the slit between the folds.  First the finger held there as Dan could only stare and huff as the finger began to push inward.  Ever so slightly.  There was a pressure, her lips initially resisted, bulging a little bit, before the finger tip pushed though.  Dan whimpered in surprise at the feeling of the fingertip slowly pushing between her inner lips, stimulating nerves that were even more sensitive than before.  Much more sensitive.  Dan's breathing grew fast just from the slow advance of the fingertip, before it stopped less than an inch in.  But it was enough.  

Dan hated this.  He was a man, he was human.  This shouldn't feel so good.   He closed his eyes wishing that this was not really happening.  But want it or not, she couldn't deny her transformed body's reactions.  Nor could she deny the feelings, and the scent.  Almost against her will her hips bucked against the finger as it slowly began to sweep upwards, setting off more nerves of the inner walls of her outer vagina.  The finger moved slowly and deliberately upwards toward the nub that lie there, finally rubbing against it.  The jolt of pleasure of her clit being rubbed made Dan open her eyes.  

The finger pulled up, and her tormenter held the finger right in front of her eyes, as if to show off.  The finger was drenched in the lubricating juices, and cloudy glob of it sitting there on the tip.  Before Dan could even comprehend what she was looking at, the finger pulled back and rubbed the glob onto her muzzle, depositing it right below her nostrils.  Just one breath and she got a huge whiff the juices...  an overpowering scent...  animalistic, and distinctly female.  She shook her head trying to shake it off, but bound the way she was she was helpless to do so.  Without thinking, almost as if by instinct, her tongue came out and lapped at the offending wetness beneath her nose.  

The taste.  The taste of her own juices immediately dominated every sensation.  The sticky glob of her own arousal coated her tongue.  It was like the smell, only with texture, twenty times more powerful... and sweeter.   She could hear her tormenter laughing as she squirmed and desperately tried to turn her head and find a way to wipe her tongue.  But her bounds held tight and she could only cough and try to spit the taste out.  The intoxicating taste.  Her breath felt hot, the arousal undeniable.  Her body was being sent into sexual overdrive, even though mentally she didn't want it.  Had she really just tasted her own juices?  Why was this woman doing this?

Dan looked up at the woman angrily, still gagging from her own taste.  She hoped the bitch would make the mistake of getting close enough so that she might bite a finger off.   But there she stood, with the same mischievous grin on her face.  Dan mustered up a slight growl, trying to ignore the taste in her mouth.  

And then noticed what the woman was holding in her hands.  Within a her tormenting grasp squirmed the wet green spotted form of a fish.  A burbot.  His fiancee.  

For several agonizing moments Marci was held in front of Dan so that they were face to face.  Although the fish looked like an ordinary burbot by appearance, he could tell that she was still in there.  The awareness in her beady eyes.  The terror.  Their mutual recognition.  It was horrible.  Dan couldn't even protect her, and his heart sunk thinking about what had already happened to Marci...  inside the cooler... and the fact that she was terrified of fish.  And now she was one.  He wanted to tell her everything was okay.  But he couldn't even do that.  He could only nuzzle her silently.

The moment of reprieve was apparently enough for their torturer, who pulled Marci away, and looked at Dan with an evil grin.  Deep down Dan already knew what was in store but she didn't want to think about it.  But it didn't take long for that to become horribly obvious, as the witch lowered Marci down towards her crotch.

The fish flopped desperately within the woman's hand, but the hands held her body tight behind the head as her tail writhed uselessly.  Dan could only whine helplessly as Marci was brought closer and closer to her sex.  She stopped just inches away, with the fish held lined up with Dan's vagina.  The pause was just long enough to prolong the terror.

Then, like the finger before, she felt a poke pressing between the her inner folds.  The steady pressure.  Only this time instead of a finger tip, Dan stared in horror at the mouth of the helpless fish pressing into her.  Her hips shuddered as her tight lips gave way to the cold hard tip of the animal's snout.  Once again, her overly sensitive inner flesh lit up like a Christmas tree, with the pressure and tension against her entrance as stimulating as any foreplay she'd felt as a male.  

She could see her juices already oozing between her tight lips and the fish's snout, only about half an inch in.  Dan gasped in the ever increasing sexual stimulation between her legs as another half inch of the muzzle slowly wedged itself inside of her.  The snout was so broad, and from her vantage point, she could see all too well just how much more girth there was too it.   So much more.  The long writhing body.  The scales.  The whiskers.  The rough scaly fins.  The distended belly still full of eggs.  The protruding beady eyes... those eyes with all too much awareness behind them.

She couldn't help but wonder with terrible curiosity, what would all those things feel like inside of her?


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