Story Deep Into The Forest (pt 5)

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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John was free.

He wasn't sure how it happened, but after the witch began to rub his lower back, the ties binding his arms and legs suddenly came free.  Without hesitating he jumped up out of his chair and pushed the women as hard as he could, making her stumble backwards, and ran for his life.  He ran out the still-open door of the hut.  His heart pounded in his chest.  It was nearly pitch black, but he there was just enough moonlight to show his way.

He could hear the water in the distance, see the glimmering water a few hundred feet away.  If only he could make it to the water, get back to his kayak.  Go as far down river, as fast as he could, maybe he could lose her, find help and save his family.  He ran, bumping into a tree and nearly fell, but was able to keep his balance and keep going. 

He lost his balance again.  This time he stumbled, catching himself against a tree.  His legs felt odd, almost like jelly.  Or rather, they were constrained.  His shorts felt too tight, like they had shrunk, uncomfortably tight.  He gathered himself and tried to run, stumbling awkwardly as the pressure in his shorts seemed to build, the clothing wrapped tightly around his thighs like binds. 

What the hell?

He almost had to begin hopping, as he reached his hand towards his shorts to pull them off.  Oh god.

As he reached behind him he felt something that shouldn't have been there.  A mound of flesh.  Something growing behind his butt.  Now that he was conscious of it, he could feel it.  The newly growing appendage wedged between his butt cheeks.  In the darkness he couldn't see, but he could feel.  He reached his hand and felt the tail stuffed tightly within the netting of his shorts.  He tried to pull the shorts free but it was too tight.

John hadn't noticed that his legs had shrunk as well, contributing to his difficulty running.  But he still managed to stumble his way, just 20 or so feet away from the river's edge.  Then he fell.  With a thump he fell forward, onto his hands and knees.  Fortunately the soft bed of leaves cushioned his fall.  Strangely he couldn't muster the power to stand back onto his legs, as his arms and legs had reformed to be more appropriate for four-legged locomotion.  He crawled.  In desperation John crawled towards the river's edge, he could even see the pair of kayaks there, waiting to take him away to safety.

John could feel and hear his bones cracking as his body shifted and reformed, the aching now up to his neck.  But he was too amped and focused on escape to care.  He hadn't noticed that his body had shrunk as well, less than a fifth of his original size.  His hands and feet dug into the pebbles at the river's edge, as he crawled, his oversized t-shirt now almost covering the whole of his forelegs.  His tail had now wormed its way out of the right leg of his shorts, pinned along with his right leg, like some kind of strange game of 3-legged race.

Just a few feet away. 

Suddenly something grabbed him.  His tail.  John yelled out in surprised as his momentum stopped.  A painful pressure in his spine as he was grabbed by the tail and yanked backwards.  He squealed in pain as just as suddenly he was smothered by a heavy weight, pushing him down to the ground.  His head was forced down as the weight of the larger creature overcame him, his face pressing into the pebbles on the ground. 

John nearly blacked out (or perhaps did) for a few moments, as he squirmed and writhed his body trying to escape.  He felt himself completely manhandled, being pushed down, then turned, then lifted, curled, and pushed again.  He was powerless.

Then pressure on the back of his neck.  John felt the will to fight leave him as his arms and legs felt weak, leaving only the tip of his tail writhing like and angry snake.  The animal above him kept its jaws tightly around the nape of his neck, making John's body naturally relax, ensuring that he could not physically struggle.

By now the transformation had overcome his head, and with it his eyes, and his ability to see in the dark.  Although the colors were muted, he could definitely see things better than he could have with his human eyes. 

John found himself in a sitting position, curled forward into a C shape, his head hovering over his stomach.  His entire body was furred.  His shirt was long gone, but his yellow shorts were still there.  Just sticking out of the left leg was his foot... webbed, like a duck.  A thick fuzzy tail filled out the other leg, its long length extending out forwards in front of him as it tapered to a point. 

He could hear the river's edge just behind him, and the warm heavy breath behind his neck.  John looked back towards the hut and could easily make it out in the distance.  Up the trail towards it he could see a few forms slowly making their wait towards him.  A cougar, a fox, and a bird. 

Run!  He pleaded in his mind.  But his family did not make any moves to escape. 

John looked at them with pleading eyes as the animals came face to face with him.  His heart sunk as he saw the sorrow in their all-too intelligent eyes.  The witch's magic.  The magic which required them to watch each other's torment.

The animal biting his nape grunted as the animal audience watched on.  In his peripheral vision John saw a large brown paw coming around him from the left side.  It was huge, at least twice, maybe three times, as big as his own.  Five fingers, webbed, and sharp claws.  Then another paw coming from the other side, wrapping around him.

John, completely subdued and helpless, could only watch as the hands reached down and grabbed at his yellow shorts.  With deft fingers and sharp claws, they ripped the fabric and tossed the clothing aside, revealing his new form in its entirety. 

John's legs were short and stubby, almost adorably so.  His tail, meanwhile, was huge.  The base of it was so thick that it was practically contiguous in thickness with his pelvis, tapering as it extended out ahead, a few times longer than his legs.  John stared at the new anatomy of his lower body in shock, trying to comprehend what he had just become.

A weasel?  A martin?

Webbed feet.

An otter.

Just as this realization hit, the large hands of the much larger otter behind him reached and grabbed the base of John's tail, making him squeak in surprise.  It hurt at first, the sharp claws digging into the sensitive flesh of his new appendage.  Then the hands began to kneed.  The claws around the entire circumference of John's tail base moved in rhythmic motion, deeply massaging it from all direction.  It actually felt good, even pleasureful, as the sensations sent pleasant signals down his spine, between his legs, making his stubby little legs twitch with each jolt. 

It almost put John into a daze, as he watched the claws working the way up the length of his tail, away towards the tip, slowly, then work their way back down.  His sensitive appendage was worked like this for a few minutes, nearly as arousing as the foreplay his girlfriend had gotten so good at.  A warm feeling extended from the middle of his tail, and down into his crotch.

It wasn't until one of the paws pulled away and reached between John's legs before John even realized what was there... or what wasn't there.  As one hand continued to tease the thickness of his tail, the other reached down between his legs, the claws circling the folds located down there.

John had just only begun to realize the implications of his lost gender, when the claws poked at the outer lips of his sex, making his legs twitch again in surprise.  The deft paw tickled the folds, making them flutter.  John, in his position bent over with his head held right over himself, had a undeniable close-up view of his own female animal sex.  The sensation of each poke combined with the visual image of it happening in front of him stabbed him like knives, making it all too clear that what he was seeing was his own.  Before he had seen what happened to his family.  This time he felt, and saw.

Her sex glistened in the moonlight, moistened from the arousal from the foreplay of the claws digging into the erogenous zones of her tail.  Already a couple beads of moisture could be seen gathering between the outer folds. 

A claw began to move between the folds.  It moved with deliberate slowness, pushing the folds part, and revealing the moist folds underneath.  The claw moved deeper holding tension to one side such that the tip raked the inner walls.  It was a feeling John had never known before. 

It was all for show, designed purely to hammer home John's helplessness and loss of control.  Loss of identity.  Loss of manhood.  The pleasureful sensations in his tail were now accompanied by the claws prodding her new sex from the inside, occasionally sending jolts as they poked and prodded her inner walls.  Three claws now, making a wet sound as they pushed in, forcing abit of juices around the edges.

Then, pressure on her tail. 

John watched as her long tail was pulled straight up by the other claw.  Straight up towards the sky.  From this angle she could see that it was longer than she had thought.

Then the claws moved up more towards the tip, pulling the tip in, forcing the tail to curl inwards towards her.  Her tail was surprisingly flexible, the strain on its flesh as it was pulled and curled was not painful, but was even arousing in its own right. 

The tip of her tail was now in front of her own face, almost completing the circle.  But now the tip was pulled down, curling her tail even tighter.  John stared as the tip of her own tail was now pointed directly at the folds between her legs.  The folds themselves were being held apart by the claws of the other paw, as if to make it more clear to John what was about to happen.

With slow deliberate motion, the tip of her tail touched her own lips, then pushed between them.  The claws holding the lips apart released, making them close around the natural wedge as it advanced.  One inch, then two, then three, as the thickness of the tail gradually increased, tightening the folds around them.

Each and every hair of her tail seemed to stimulate a nerve inside of her, making John squeal in unwanted arousal.  Her folds were spread tight around the lewdly stretched lips of her sex, dribbles of her own sexual juices oozing out between them.  Two paws now grabbed her tail, pushing and pushing deeper to the point that she thought she was going to tear.  It was uncomfortable but didn't hurt.  Just as she thought the stretching would reach the point of pain, the pushing stopped.

Then the tail slowly began to retreat, the hairs of her fur scraping against her sensitive inner walls on their way out.  One spot in particular was sensitive, and she could feel herself curling her own tail towards it as if to get it to rub against it harder.

The tail moved several inches out.  Then reversed course, going back in.  John huffed heavily as her own tail began to piston in and out of her sex bringing on increasing degrees of unwanted pleasure.  This was combined with the sickening slurping noises and the visual sight of the her tail being crammed inside of her, working its way in and out like a piston.  The lubrication of her own juices seemed to ease its motion.  Her hips began to move in rhythm, humping forward to meet each thrust, as the pleasure began to build.  It was almost involuntary, but he could not deny it.  It felt good.  Each bristle rubbing roughly against the sensitive nerves of her inner walls.

As John was forced closer and closer to climax, the cougar, arctic fox, and blue jay watched on.


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