Story Deep Into The Forest (pt 3)

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Hours had passed, and it was now dark outside.  It had taken that long before John's parents had gotten up to speed with what was happening.

When his parents had awaken, they found themselves bound to chairs just has John had been.  The she-devil subjected his parents to the same nonsensical speech about the evils of "your kind", and their need to be punished.

Like the bitch could possibly justify what she was doing.  It was obvious to John that she was doing this for her own sick, disgusting sadistic pleasure.

At first his parents refused to believe that the beast bound to the table was their son. It couldn't be possible.  Even after John himself tried to convince them that the cougar was Steve they didn't believe it.  This lady was just some crazy woman who had kidnapped them, hidden Steve some place.  John had hallucinated, maybe been drugged by her.  His and the woman's story made no logical sense.

It wasn't until the witch took it upon herself to demonstrate her magic, turning herself into wolf right in front of them, then back to herself, that the reality dawned on them. 

His mother had then been allowed to communicate with Steve.  When she had asked him if it was truly him in there, the cougar nodded her head, looking up into her eyes mournfully.  His mom had begun to cry, cradling the big cat's head.

Unfortunately for the whole family, their acceptance of the truth was all the witch needed to proceed with their collective torment.  For what seemed like hours, she inflicted the same horrors on his mom and dad as he had experienced.  They were forced to watch as, with the same kind of drama and fanfare as before, she violated and humiliated their transformed son.

However, if it was even possible, she went at an even slower, more deliberate pace, seemingly feeding off the pain and suffering she was causing.  Although his dad was quite stoic, his mom sobbed, sometimes uncontrollably, throughout the whole ordeal.

It went on and on.  With the dexterity of her fingers she teased and molested Steve's female form.  She stroked her tail, squeezed her nipples, poked, rubbed, penetrated, stretched, and prodded without mercy.  She brought Steve to the edge of orgasm repeatedly, finally letting her cum after an hour or so of torment.  And she made her cum again.  And again.  And again, until her juices were practically free flowing from her violated sex, and a puddle of the stuff formed beneath her tail.  Once again she forced Steve to taste her own juices, as she practically dumped handfuls of it into her open mouth.

His mom continued to cry through it all, and it became obvious to Steve that that was exactly what the witch wanted.  She fed off of the pain, the fear.  He tried to calm her down, but the spectacle was just too much for her.

Then came the mating.  Even his dad couldn't keep his composure as the massive male raped Steve repeatedly, the sight of the barbed cock jamming in and out, filling Steve with his seed.  Their dad screamed and cursed at for it all to stop. 

But the cougar proceeded to do just the opposite.  He raped her over and over again. At least ten times before he was satisfied.


Now it was dark, the only light from the fire still burning in the corner.  The entire family stared silently.  Steve still bound tightly, her abused sex once again stretched open, the fur covered in sticky cum, bubbles of it occasionally dribbling out and dripping to the floor.  The sight was obscene.  This time the witch didn't bother patching her up, apparently choosing to let the visual impact linger.

"Don't worry my dear," she said, putting a hand on his mother's shoulder, "you will have grand children to look forward to soon.  She will be a productive mother."

When her mother barely responded to the provocation, only looking ahead silently, the witch frowned in disappointment. Perhaps she had milked all the despair she could from her. 

Not to be left disappointed, she reached down and stuck her hand in her wooden bowel collecting some of its contents in a fist.  Then with a flick of her fingers threw a cloud of the magical substance into the mother's face.

"No!", John screamed, as he realized what had happened.  But it was too late.  The witch began her magical incantations.

John and his dad watched in horror as his mom stooped over in sudden pain, crying out in agony.  Plumes of feathers erupted from her skin, mostly blue, some of them black, a few of them white. Her agonized screams turned to a shrill squeal, then a series of chirps, as a dark beak began to push out from her jaw.  The transformation happened all too rapidly, only taking seconds.  Her body shrank, quickly becoming enveloped in her clothes. 

His dad screamed hysterics and expletives as his wife had been reduced to a pile of clothes, something moving about trapped inside.

Finally the woman pulled the clothes away, revealing a small blue jay underneath.  She promptly threw the clothes into the fire, as she had done with Steve's.  John despaired as he watched the little bird hop around and stumble in confusion, knowing that there was no saving her now..

The bird fluttered it wings, tried to run, clearly terrified of what had happened to her. 

Eventually she calmed down, much to the relief of John. At least she was still in there mentally.

The she-devil bent over and picked her up in her hand, and began to speak.  "My dear, you are the most innocent out all I have encountered." She spoke in a soothing voice, petting the bird gently with the other hand.  "I will give you a choice."

Walking over to the doorway, she opened the door, revealing the darkness outside.  She then set the blue jay on the ground and continued, "If you fly away now you may live the rest of your life free.  As a bird, but free.  However, you may never see your family again...  Alternatively, choose to stay, and you must share in their despair."

Hesitating, the blue jay looked out the door, then at John.  "Mom, please go" he said pleedingly.  He could still see the burning emotion in her eyes.  At this point he knew her only hope was to leave them behind.  Perhaps she could find a way to communicate with someone, find help.

She hesitated again.  Decision made, the little bird made short hops towards her husband, eventually resting between his feet.



The door to the hut shut loudly.  "Very well," the witch said, with an evil smirk on her face. 

John's heart filled with dread.  The bitch had finally shown some semblance of compassion. But she still got the answer she wanted.  He looked down at the bird with fear, as she was scooped up again by the evil witch. She promptly began to cite another incantation.

Moments later, the bird was placed gently back on the ground, seemingly unharmed.

But the relief was brief.

John's heart sank as he saw his mother struggling to walk.  She chirped in distress then fell to the ground onto her side. He had never seen a bird act this way before, and he dreaded to find out what it meant.

"What did you do to her?!" his father screamed.

Without answering, the woman picked the bird up and carried her over to the table that Steve was strapped to, setting the bird on the corner of the table, right next to the cougar's head.  With inhuman strength, she dragged the chairs John and his father were tied to, and brought them over so they could have a closer view.  Finally, she released the rope tying down the cougar's head, allowing her turn her head towards her mother, her face merely inches away from the bird. 

John could see the fear and confusion in his mother's eyes, as she was unable to stand up, now just lying there on her side, wings twitching pitifully.  If only you had run away when she gave you the chance, he thought. 

In horror he watched as her white feathered belly was noticeably larger than it should have been.  Then with a gasp of horror he realized what was happening, as he caught a glimpse of a sliver of white poking through her skinny avian legs.  He couldn't help but watch as feathers began to part, revealing a tight black ring of flesh underneath.  The ring flexed and throbbed tightly, encircling the circular edge of a white orb contained beneath it. 

An egg.

He tried to look away, but his head was forced back to watch as his mother began to strain.  She chirped and fluttered in obvious pain, even though the leading edge of the egg had barely started poking through.

John could see globs of lubricating moisture forming along the edge of her cloaca.  Still, it seemed to do little, as the egg advanced at an agonizingly slow pace.

It was far too big!  He had seen eggs of similar sized birds before, and this one was obviously oversized.  It was a horrid site.  His mother lay on her side, forced to lay an egg that was too large to be natural. 

The visible part of the egg had a wet glossy sheen, now completely covered in lubrication.  Slowly the egg began to crown, ever so slowly, almost reaching its greatest diameter.  The cloacal ring throbbed and strained to its limits. 

The minutes seemed like an eternity.  Finally, with a slurp and a pop, the blue jay screeched loudly, and the egg ejected onto the table.  The egg, nearly as large as a chicken's egg, was covered in her juices, leaving a sticky trail back to her birth canal. For a few moments the ring stayed open, revealing a flash of pink flesh inside, before finally closing, the excess juices dripping to the ground.

After she rested a moment, John watched as his mom slowly turned over, onto her feet.  She looked at him, and made couple of hops towards him... 

...only to fall back over.

Once again he saw her belly begin to expand, the feathers between her legs parting to reveal something white underneath.


For over an hour the family was forced to watch their mother lay egg after egg after egg.  Soon there was a pile of them, covered in her juices.  It never seemed to get easier, each egg as straining on her as the rest. John and his father could only voice hollow messages of encouragement to her, and hope that the laying would eventually relent.  But deep down John knew the horrible truth.

As he watched the next egg begin to crown, John could see in the periphery the devil-woman coming up from behind them. 

The egg popped free with a splurt, with the mother jay screeching out in a mixture of pain and relief (and even some pleasure).

As this happened, John could see the woman coming up from behind his father. And in her hand she carried a wooden bowl...


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