Story Deep Into The Forest (pt 2)

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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John watched in horror, staring at the large cat standing before him.  Just moments ago where a woman stood in front of him, now stood another cougar.  A big cougar.  A giant cougar.  Much bigger than her brother, who was still strapped down to the wooden table, gagging at the taste of her own juices lingering in her mouth.

Perhaps it was for the best that Steve was preoccupied at the moment, as the male behind her was almost twice her size.  And he was quite obviously a well endowed male at that.  John couldn't help but notice the large balls between the male's legs as it turned its body towards the helpless female, with John still tied to the chair with a front row view of his brother's abused sex.

John turned his head left again, and caught a glimpse of the pointed tip of a shaft starting to poke out from within its sheath. He had studied biology, and remembered something he had learned in one of his zoology courses.  The mating process was far from a pleasant experience for the big cats... at least not for the females.  The male penis was covered with rows and rows of backwards facing barbs designed to scrape into the female's flesh from the inside. 

As he thought in dread of what was in store for his younger twin, the image of the goat brutally humping away at the poor female entered his mind.  Was that goat formally a human as well?  What about the pregnant one?  Had all those other animals been similarly kidnapped and transformed against their will? 

With John's mind flooding with these disturbing thoughts, he was suddenly brought back the current situation as the cougar growled at him, as if trying to make sure he was still paying attention. 

John knew what was about to happen.  He was grateful that Steve studied economics and knew nothing of feline anatomy and mating rituals.  Hopefully the bitch would at least do things quick.  But somehow he knew that doing things quick and easy probably wasn't what the she had planned.

His fears were confirmed when rather than mounting the female right away, the big male slowly pressed its head between Steve's haunches, pushing her tail out of the way with his nose.  With a big huffy breath, the male blew a puff of warm air directly into Steve's sex.  John, his face still so close to the action, had to close his eyes as the gust of warm wet air blew into his face.  The male did it again, making the vulva twitch a little, before his big slimy tongue made its way out of his mouth. 

The male began to use his tongue to lap at the juices still drenching the fur around her sex.  Steve started to whimper pathetically (or what could best be interpreted as a cat whimpering). 

The cougar licked around between her haunches several times, then gave the wrinkled folds a direct licking with his rough sandpaper tongue, eliciting a raspy roar from the female in front of him.  John could only watch as the male teased her folds with his with his tongue. Again.  Then again.  Then again one last time.

Then without warning, the tongue pressed forward, forcing itself between the abused, reddened folds, parting them with a wet pop.  He wasted no time at this point, practically pushing his muzzle all the way down into her crotch.  John could see the pussy lips were stretched taught around the base of the tongue, into tight lewd O shape, as the tongue began to slowly pump in and out.  Juices once again began to squeeze out along the tight edges with the rough stimulation.

Once again, John heard his brother's huffing and puffing increasing as the tongue penetrated her in and out.  Only this time, he accelerated the assault, tongue moving at an increasing pace, with gross wet slurping noises resonating with Steve's animalistic moans.

As the penetration, rubbing, and stretching continued, Steve's huffing reached crescendo, the female finally letting out a deep breathy roar as she was brought over the edge.  With perfect timing, the male pulled his head back, leaving the lips held open with his tongue.  It was just enough to give John a nice view of stretched out folds and flesh beneath them, spasming in rhythm, and the subsequent gush of female juices around the tongue and coating the male's face.  But it did not stop there.

The gushes continued for several turns as the orgasm lasted for an unnatural amount of time, some of the cum even splashing onto John's face.  John closed his eyes, literally in the face of his brother's orgasm.

Finally after what seemed like half a minute, the sounds of Steve's climax finally subsided.  When John opened his eyes, the male was staring at him face to face.  Its fur was matted and streaked with Steve's juices, completely covered.  If cats could smile, that was certainly what this one was doing right now.

Suddenly, without warning, the big male growled loudly, rearing up on its hind legs, as it pushed its body ontop of the female.  Steve yelped in surprise, having not even had the opportunity to fully recover from her first female orgasm.  The heavy male tried to reposition himself ontop of her.  He was so big his whole head hung over her own, such that drips of her own cum dropped down from his covered face onto her own.

Meanwhile, from John's vantage point, the male adjusted his haunches to meet with the female's.  There was no denying what John had learned about feline organs, as he watched the pointy organ between his legs fully unsheathed, covered with nasty looking barbs.  The weight of the male pushed the female's tail aside, as the tip of his penis poked around searching for its target.

It was agonizing to watch the organ probing for its target. John almost wanted to help guide it through to get it over with.  Inevitably, it eventually found Steve's entrance, and without further delay he forced itself into her.  Roughly. 

The female below roared in pain, as her sex was clearly forced apart wider than ever before.  All this happening before John's very eyes, with him powerless to do anything to help her.  Poor Steve roared and roared as he pushed completely into her, stretching her widely, hundreds of barbs rasping the sensitive walls inside her.  The male bit into the back of her neck as he began his mission to impregnate her in earnest.  John watched as the barbed phallus did its dirty work, pumping in and out of her sex, the barbs at the base clearly scraping against the outer lips, sometimes making them fold in on themselves with the penetration.  It looked all too painful.

The rate of the humping increased.  Unbeknownst to Steve, her ovaries had by now released their ova under the direction of the male's barbs that were scraping against her vaginal walls.  At this point only one more ingredient was needed to ensure successful mating...


The male bit in the back of Steve's neck as he reached his climax.  She could feel as the torrent of hot male seed flooded her inside, sending millions of viral sperm deep inside of her, seeking to fertilize the eggs now released inside her.  John watched in horror as the male's balls visibly spasmed, the two cats roaring in unison.  Some of the cum squirted out along the edges, almost explosively under all the pressure.

After a few moments tied together, the male finally dismounted, making Steve roar as hundreds of backwards barbs scraped her brutally on their way out.  As he pulled out, he left a trail of cum dropping from Steve's folds. 

This time the badly stretched lips stay parted, showing off the reddened flesh inside.  The male began to lap at her sex again.  John could only watch, wondering if he planned to subject her to another round of mating, as wild cats are known to do...

"WHAT THE FUCK?!  John!"

John recognized his father's voice immediately.  His mind swirled.

Before he could decide whether or not to tell his father to run, or to attack the male cougar, there as a sudden flash of light.  Then a thud.

John was blinded for a moment.  As his vision started to return he saw the male cougar standing there.  It looked at him, face still covered in cum, then turned and looked in the direction of the doorway.  John tried to turn his head to see what was there, but in his position could not see in that direction.

Scared thoughts invaded his mind. That was his father he knew it!  What happened to him?  My god that bitch better not have hurt him!  Fear turned to despair as he realized that their parents were their only hope of getting out of this.  He tried desperately to free himself of his binds, but they were too tight. 

He barely noticed as the male cougar climbed back onto the female's back for another go. The animalistic sounds of the two cats mating filled the hut as John tried to thrust his body upward, using the momentum to "hop" himself and the chair off the ground ever so slightly.  While his twin brother roared in pain and unwanted pleasure, John slowly hopped his way, just enough to rotate himself, ever so slowly, towards the doorway.

Finally.  He could just catch a glimpse in his peripheral vision what appeared to be a body lying there.  His heart sank.  Please, no.

Several more frantic hops and he was able see enough to make out the clear form of his father lying on the floor.  He could see his father's chest rising up and down.  Thank god, he's still alive. 

As the two cats beside him roared out in the climax of their second coupling, John noticed another form, behind his father's, barely visible beyond the open doorway. 


Oh no...  his mother had been wearing a purple jacket.

John began to furiously hop in his chair in desperation, hoping that by some miracle the small amount of control he still had would lead to something productive...  Hop hop hop. Hop hop hop.

He'd hopped enough that he now had a clear view outside, enough to confirm without a doubt that both his parents lay there.  He hopped and hopped, mind racing about what to do next.

Then a tap on his shoulder.

"And where do you think you're going?"

To his horror, the witch, now restored to her original form stood aside him, the same evil smirk on her face.  She was just as beautiful as before, and just as nude... only her body was covered in the nasty slickness of a mixture of hers and Steve's sexual juices.

John had no idea what to say, aside from pleading with her to let him and his family go. They never meant any harm.

To this she only smiled, "Now why would I want to do that?  Now that we have more guests to join the fun?"

And with that, she looked back the Steve, still panting from her second mating.  She motioned for John's attention back to Steve's abused sex, turning his chair back so he had a better view.  Almost as if to prove some twisted point, she used her fingers to hold the opened lips of Steve's slit back together.  After a couple moments she released, and slowly the lips parted back open like the petals of a flower, almost half an inch apart.  To add insult to the effect, dribbles of cum continued to slowly flow out the lower border.

The graphic visual image didn't have an obvious meaning, but John had an idea.  She was in control, and he and his family were completely under her mercy.  She had taken away her brother's humanity, his manhood, his dignity, even his to keep his legs closed.  It was a literal an image as could be.  John was powerless to do anything about it. 

Point made, the witch grabbed her wooden bowl once again and rubbed its contents around, on, and into the cougar's crotch.  Just like that, the lips closed back up, the skin tightening, almost as if her virginity had never been taken.  She pushed a couple fingers between the folds to prove it, making the cat moan in discomfort.

"Good as new.  Ready to go again," she smiled... 

"at least until the cubs are ready."

She then walked to a back corner of the hut, giving Steve a small pat on the head on her way over.  When she returned John could see her holding a pile of rope, the same kind of rope that she'd used to keep him and his brother bound.

Then to John's horror, she walked passed him, towards the doorway, where the unconscious bodies of his mom and dad lay.



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