Story Deep Into The Forest (pt 1)

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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They should have never come here.



We should have never come here, John thought to himself as he looked helplessly at the bound form of his twin brother Steve in front of him.

It was a family vacation turned nightmare.  To celebrate their college graduation, their parents and the two of them were in the middle of a trip to British Columbia to enjoy the outdoors.  He should have never convinced his dad to stray off the main road deep into private forest, and they should have never unloaded the kayaks into an un-mapped river.  It was a horrible mistake going ahead down the river when their parents got stuck in shallow water.  He could only hope that they would find them here for rescue, wherever they were.

They had gotten distracted by the excitement of the rapids and probably gone down at least 5 miles downstream from when they separated.  Curiosity had gotten the best him and Steve when they spotted a suspicious hut just off-stream hidden in a clearing in the woods.  It was a very simple hut, with no obvious signs of being occupied from the outside... that is, aside from a bazaar collection of captive animals spread around the area.

As they approached, they had first seen a creature tied to a tree, either a moose or elk. The two brothers had debated senselessly about its identity, since it was apparently female and did not possess any of the give-away antlers.  From a distance behind the hut, there was what appeared to be a wolf sleeping inside some kind of enclosure.  There were a couple fowl of some sort running around a pen, along with a chipmunk seemingly trying to interact with them, almost like they were talking.  Very strange sight indeed.  There were other animals around the property as well, under various levels of captivity, with some of them seemingly roaming freely. 

The creepiest thing was how all the animals stopped and stared at them as they approached.  Silently they seemed to stare. 

Then, suddenly, they heard a loud frightening bleating sound coming from the direction of the hut, almost like an animal was crying for help.  It repeated itself again.  Rather than turn around like they should have, they had decided to investigate.  As they reached the top of the incline leading up to the hut, the found two mountain goats, one on top of the other, humping away in front of them. 

The female was much smaller than the male, and her eyes were closed as she bleated, almost pleading-like, in unison with the male's thrusts.  She was tied by the neck with a rope to a post, chew marks visible on the rope as if she'd tried but failed to set herself free.  The poor beast bleated as the clearly over sized male forced himself in and out of her, her utters swaying in unison with the humping.  It was all too clearly on display.  They could even catch glimpses of the male's shaft thrusting in and out, producing a wet squishing sound with each thrust. The lewd sight would have made most walk away in disgust, but they had actually laughed at the sight, even posing to take pictures in front of the act.

It was such a distraction Steve had almost tripped over a second, obviously pregnant female lying down on her side.  Not only did her belly look like it was ready to burst with cubs (or whatever baby goats were called), her udders were also swollen to the point that the distended blood vessels could be seen pulsating, her entire udder throbbing with her heart beat.  It must have been painful.  John had never seen such a look of suffering in an animal's eyes, which could only best be described as despair.  At the time it was unclear if it was in labor, or just badly needed to be milked, or something else.

Rather than feel pity for the animal, however, Steve bent over at squeezed one of its teats, making it baaa pitifully as a single stream of milk sprayed out. Laughing, he had scooped some of the milk onto his finger and stuck the finger into the animal's mouth.  Twice in a row he did this.  Apparently making a goat drink her own milk was a source of amusement for him. Even though they were twins, Steve had always had the sicker sense of humor, something which John had learned to mostly ignore.

As Steve opened the door to enter hut, John had taken one last look at the pained expression on the goat's face, unnerved by a sense of awareness in its eyes.



He did not know how much time had passed since they entered the hut.  They had barely begun to look around inside when they were suddenly surprised by a loud bang, the wooden door swinging back wide open, and the large white form of the male mountain goat standing on the other side. 

They both must have fallen unconscious at some point immediately after.  When John finally came to, he was greeted by the sight of a woman sitting in front of him.  It took a moment for him to clear his head and reorient himself.  What struck him was how stunningly beautiful this woman was.  Tall, lithe, long brown hair with blue eyes.  And completely naked!  She was sitting in a chair in front of him, preparing something in what appeared to be a wood bowl.

Only then did he notice the surroundings.  It was a simple as a hut could be, clearly made of material harvested from the forest and river bed. Small, with some kind of wooden table in the center.  A small fireplace burning in the opposite corner.

To his horror, he next noticed his brother Steve, on the table... face down.  Bound, with a roped tied around his neck connected to the foot of the table, his wrists and ankles also tied down such he was on all fours, with both knees tucked under him.

Trying to move, John found himself also tied with a rope around his neck, tied to a wooden chair corner of the hut, his arms tied behind his back.  That's when John began to scream.

What happened next was somewhat of a blur.  The woman, with a surprisingly soothing and deceptively kind voice rambled on and on about things that did not make any sense to him.  Something about "your kind" and how they were destroying the Earth.  How she was here to protect it.  Amongst all her mumbo jumbo, the best he could figure was the she was either some kind of environmentalist, feminist, Canadian nationalist, or an alien from another world.  Whatever she was, she was absolutely insane.

They pleaded with her to let them go.  John tried everything he could think of, reassuring her that he wasn't a hunter, professed his love of nature, swore loyalty to Canada, even went so far as to sing (and botch up) "God Save the Queen."  However, she ignored them all, going on with her meaningless ramble.  She clearly had no any intention to be specific about who, or what, she was, and what her motivations were. 

Then things had gotten scary when she started talking about how they needed to be punished, and that she would take pleasure in doing so, and that no one else except the animals would know what happened to them.

All the while they both tried in vain to call for help and to free themselves for their binds.  For a brief moment John reassured himself everything would be okay, even allowed himself to think, "oh this might not be so bad after all", as the witch (or whatever she was) began to strip Steve of his clothes, leaving behind only the socks on his feet.  But after she tossed the clothes into the fire, things began to get really weird.

From the wooden bowl she began to slowly rub its grainy contents over Steve's body, starting with his buttocks, then working up towards his face.  All the while chanting some kind of gibberish in some language he had never heard before.  John could only watch, praying this was some kind of sick elaborate joke, or perhaps some way to seduce them.  But that hope was dashed when she began to manipulate his body.

And did she manipulate it.

Steve began to moan in discomfort, trying to turn his head to see what was happening behind him, as the witch began to pull at the flesh above his ass.  In shock, John watched as a nub of skin and bone formed at the site of Steve's tail bone, gradually growing as the woman seemingly encouraged it as she tugged on it.  There was a sickening crackle of vertebrae and the sound of skin stretching, as the naked tail lengthened more rapidly, to a foot long, then two.  John couldn't tell if Steve was moaning in pain or pleasure, as the witch tugged on the appendage with one hand, and using the other to slowly rub it up and down along its length, near its base. 

"Its okay my dear," she cooed softly, as she stroked the tail as if giving it a hand-job.  Still it continued to grow.  Eventually the tail reached its max length, at least as long as John's legs.  She let go of the tail, and it seemed to move on its own accord, whipping back and forth, much like he'd seen their housecat's do when agitated.  Then the changes to Steve's body began to accelerate.  He cried out, clearly out of pain this time, as the changes advanced up his body, first starting at his legs.  With sickening pops and cracks his arms and legs shifted forms, his feet lengthening to proportions more appropriate for a quadrupedal stance.  His fingers shrank, and his nails turned to claws, ripping through ends of the socks still on his feet.  Simultaneously, a tuft of brown fur formed on the tip of the tail, then began to rapidly spread up its length, then chasing the changes up Steve's transforming body.  The spread of fur was reminiscent of time lapse growth of moss John had seen in nature documentaries.

Eventually it spread to Steve's shoulders, and his voice changed from screams and pleading to animalistic grunts.  He yowled in what must have been a a mixture of pain and fear as his face pushed out into bestial proportions.  His ears migrated towards the top of his head, as the spread of the fur caught up to the changes.  Whiskers pushed out from his newly formed muzzle, his canines lengthening to sharp pointed fangs.  The last to change was his eyes, which took on a more feline look, the colors of his eyes changing from green to golden yellow.

Steve's cries quieted down as the changes did.  I had all taken only a few minutes, but the shock of it all had made it feel like an eternity to John.  Where once was the bound form of his identical twin brother was now the bound form of a large cat.  A cougar to be exact.  He had never actually seen one up close before in person, but there was no doubt.  The cougar was their college mascot, after all.

John stared in shock at the cougar, with its tail whipping around like an angry cat, as he panted and looked around in confusion.  The only trace of his former self was the shredded up socks still wrapped around the end of his elongated feet.  The cat was still tied to the table by its neck and four limbs, although he was now big enough that both legs hung off the edge.

Then he looked in his brother's eyes.  Although bestial, he could still see his brother's awareness and intelligence in his eyes.  At first he felt a moment of relief knowing that Steve was still in there.  But he could see the horror in his eyes, such intense horror and fear in the animal's eyes that it was almost palpable. 

Deja vu, he'd seen this before.

The goat. 

The realization hit him like the ground being let out from underneath him.  The goat outside the hut.  Both goats...  all the animals out there...

Before he got a chance to ponder the implications of his realization, John felt himself being lifted in the air.

With a single arm the woman, whom he'd almost completely forgotten was there, had lifted him up with the chair in its entirety, and with unnatural strength put him down closer to the cat, right next to and behind its right haunch.  Without speaking, the witch rechecked all the ropes, readjusting the ones binding the hind legs so that they were held in more of an open stance.  Then she released the part of the rope tying John's neck from the back of the chair, and pullet it forward, forcing him to bend forward slightly, as she tied it to the nearest table leg by Steve's right hind leg.

John found himself awkwardly positioned, completely immobilized and only able rotate his head slightly without straining.  His face was just a foot or two from the base of the cougar's tail, such that the whipping tail struck him on the face a few times.

The witch, still with her soft soothing voice (but now clearly with sinister intent), pulled another chair next to him and sat down directly behind the cat.  "I always enjoy when two guests come," she said grabbing hold of the tail out of John's face with one hand, as she held the wooden bowl in the other, "It is rather nice to have an audience."

John had no more words to say, realizing that their only hope was just let her do to them as she wished.  Maybe she would let them go if they cooperated, or if he at least hope to be rescued.  His heart pounded in his chest, but he knew that in his helpless position it was essential he keep his composure. He could only sit and watch whatever she wanted him to see.

Still with a firm grip of Steve's tail, the witch lifted the tail, revealing what was hidden underneath, a pucker immediately beneath the tail, and further down, a large pair of fuzzy balls, followed by a hairy lump that was barely in view.  With his face only a foot from the scene, he had a close up view of his own twin brother's crotch. 


Being careful not to obstruct his view, the woman began to rub the fragrant contents of the wooden bowl directly onto the feline balls, cupping them and massaging them, as she rubbed in the magical substance around the whole area.  The cat growled in surprise at the violation and strained against the rope, completely unable free himself from his compromising position.

John held his breath in horror as the magic took hold, and he watched as the testicles started to shrink, like they were being sucked into the body.  Steve obviously didn't like it either, whining pitifully at the tight crampy feeling between his haunches.  The changes continued unmercifully, as his testicles pulled inside his body, now organs forming deeper inside.

Just moments later, all that was left was an furry empty space between the cougar's legs, occupied by tight slit with an area of puffy flesh surrounding it . Just anterior, where his shaft had been, was a small nub marked by a tuft of fur. 

A girl.  The witch had not just turned his brother into an animal, she turned him into a female animal!

He had barely had a chance to let the sight soak in, when her hand came back into view.  With a single finger, the witch gently poked Steve's new labia with a finger nail, making the cat shift in surprise.  Then she pushed harder and began to circle her finger around the folds, every so slowly and meticulously, making sure to stop every time she made it to the nub located there to give it tantalizing rub.  John was all too familiar with the anatomy, staring closely as the finger circled inwards, tickling his brother's clitoris, finally moving to the edges folds in the middle, making them flutter abit as she teased them.  He could only imagine what Steve was experiencing, but he was the one that had to watch it.

After subjecting the cat to a few more tortuous laps around her slit, she used her other hand to hold either side of the vaginal entrance.  With slow delicate motion, she scissored the lips apart with two fingers, revealing the pink folded tissue underneath.  She then turned and looked at John to make sure he saw.  And saw he did.  She smiled as she displayed Steve's new female parts to him like a mother proud of her child's school project.

Then she went in. After releasing the lips, she pressed the tip of her index finger into the center of the slit. Initially the lips resisted, her finger pushing them inward and poofing outward under the strain.  Until finally, with a sickening squishing sound, the folds gave way, and the finger broke through their last line of defense. 

Her finger penetrated Steven's vaginal canal with agonizing slowness, clearly intentional in its meticulous nature.  Intermittently she would stop to look at John to make sure he was watching before continuing on. When her finger was mostly in she began to slowly rotate it, sweeping back and forth, slowly back and forth.  Ever so slowly back and forth.  Squish squish squish. 

John could hear his brother began to huff with each stroke, especially when the finger curled, pulling some of the flesh outwards, displacing the flesh above.  Even though he was viewing from the outside, John could almost see the finger underneath as it deformed the puffy labia above, continuing its sweeping back and forth. 

Meanwhile, with her other hand free, the witch had grabbed the base of Steve's tail, rubbing and stroking it with the same amount of care.  John had read somewhere that an animal's tail was sometimes a powerful erogenous zone.  This was obviously what she was trying to take advantage of.

For minutes this torment went on, with John watching helplessly as this bitch violated his brother. She stroked her tail. One finger penetrating became two fingers penetrating, and soon John could see first hand the effects as the squishing sounds increased, and the cat's own lubrication began to ooze sickeningly around the fingers, leaking around the vaginal lips.  Lost in the sights of this spectacle, John wondered (to his own horror), whether or not female animals experienced orgasm.  He stopped at the thought, hoping it wasn't her intentions for him to find out. This was her twin brother for god's sake!

Fortunately he didn't find out.  At least not at that moment.  He winced every time he heard his brother puff and huff louder and louder, expecting to see something he should never have to see (as if this wasn't already bad enough!). But that dreaded orgasm never came.  The woman seemed to sense it, and would stop her activities when Steve looked to be reaching the edge.  It was like she was just teasing him for her own amusement!

Another several minutes of this cruel foreplay went on, bringing the cat the edge of climax, then stopping.  During the brief intermissions she would look at John, with an evil smile on her face.  Pure evil.

Eventually, with three fingers in, and with Steve's tight folds stretched lewdly around the knuckles, the witch finally seemed satisfied.  The woman slowly removed her fingers from the cat's sex with a sloppy wet sound, her fingers visibly covered in the viscous fluid of Steve's own arousal.  For a few seconds the abused folds remained parted, giving John one last look inside before they closed in on themselves. 

The fur around Steve's sex was matted in her own juices.  Most notably, one giant glob the size of a large marble had collected in a gutter near her mound.  Almost as if to spare John the sight of it, she swept a finger hard against the mound, making the cat shudder, while carefully collecting the glob on the tip of the finger.  Using another finger, she swept along the borders of her sex and collected another glob the sticky juices.

She stood up, fingers held out to make sure she didn't lose anything, and walked around John to the front of the table.  Steve, now finally with a chance to see his abuser in the face growled at her in anger.  The woman only smiled, then swiftly used her free hand to grab the cougar tightly by the nape of the neck.  To John's amazement, Steve went limp like a dead weight, jaw open, with tongue lolling out.  Only his eyes moving, staring out into space, then looking back at him helplessly.

With Steve completely subdued, she rubbed the fluid on one finger onto the middle of the cougar's giant tongue, then rubbed it around slowly onto its surface, making sure not to miss a single square inch, not a single taste bud.  She then deposited the giant glob on the tongue, allowing it to slowly dribble in every direction, as it collected in the corners of her mouth, some of it even oozing out the sides of her mouth like drool. 

"I am sure that is not the first time you have enjoyed the taste of a female," she teased, holding Steve's nape for several more moments. 

When she finally released, the cougar lowered her head, gagging and coughing, trying to get her own humiliating taste out of her mouth.

Laughing, the witch walked back around John.  Kicking her own chair out of the way, she looked at John with a sly grin on her face.  To his horror, her beautiful blue eyes were now replaced with something more bestial, much like Steve's.  Sharp fangs elongated from her teeth, as whiskers began to set in.  Fur erupted from her chest as a naked tail came into view as it formed behind her.

Oh god, John thought to himself, as he remembered the male mountain goat.


to be continued...


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