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Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A scientific experiment uses a persons physique to guide a conforming change of species....


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Economic conditions being what there were for year’s Simon was in his second year of college, he looking at a dim future and many years of trying to repay his student loan. He thought to try and find a part-time job somewhere, but they were few and what offers he received paid next to nothing. He tried everything, even posting his hopes on the Internet.

One morning when he checked his e-mail, Simon had a reply on his advertising offering himself as a willing worker.

Sunrise Dairy Products has openings for job applicants who are able and healthy enough to do any work required, preferred are single persons willing to work long shifts, rooming and board available for those first to apply.

Simon sat down and typed a reply e-mail adding to it a copy of his resume. He asked if possible for him to gain living quarters there while working. No sooner sent than Simon received a favorable reply, offering him 48-65 hours weekly with rest periods and special consideration benefits including rooming, meals, and technical instruction.

Two hours later, and Simon had packed his bags, put them in the trunk of his car and told his apartment landlord he wished to get an apartment again in the late fall season before the start of winter semester began. What Simon hoped to gain was as much money he could earn as save some to continue his college education.

A nine mile drive into the Wisconsin countryside and Simon came to the front gate of Sunrise Dairy farm. He buzzed the security guard intercom and the guard opened the gate allowing Simon to drive up the shaded lane to the main house.

When he had arrived and was getting out of his car, he was met by a young woman dressed as if a professional administrator, she greeting Simon and pointing him to where he would bunk with other trainee applicants. Her name was Elise, she the veterinary health director, who seemed as quite personable in a professional way. She helped Simon get his bags to the bunkhouse and then suggested he should go with her to the dispensary for some required vaccinations.

Nine injections, Elise injected six syringes filled full with various colored medications she said would enhance his endurance ability to handle strenuous work. The other injections were of specialized chemicals, two large syringes required intramuscular injection into each thigh, and for two nights she would set up a bag of anti-rejection medication for intravenous infusion into his bloodstream.

Simon was so very willing to do anything she asked, he filled out a short form application, answering questions not usually asked, as dealing with his social life, friend, family, and future plans. Being gullible can be dangerous, as Simon would discover.

After an excellently prepared supper, as suggested, Simon retired to bed feeling tired, a reaction expected from his afternoon injections. He slept but not soundly, he would awake and sit up, discovering he was wet with sweat. His head ached as did his thighs where he received his injections. The intravenous dip syringe Elise applied by inserting a needle into each of his chest nipples. A painful way to place a drip method of injecting medication, the drug offered Simon the night sweating and strange dreams of rather perverted, unbecoming, as unmanly passions.

Morning and Simon awoke, he felt sick to his stomach, groggy in the head, got on his work jeans and a white shirt, when seeing the foreman the man suggested Simon remain in his bunk ed for a day to get past the reactions to the anti-cell-inhibitor. That was a drug Simon heard of and thought Elise never made mention of her using, as if he needing such a drug normally used to fight various cancers.

Still in his work clothes, Simon slipped into a deep sleep and slept through the worst of his early phase changes, awakening the second morning there on the farm, he strapped down with bindings to a stainless steel examination table.

“What is this for,” Simon asked a technician standing nearby, he adjusting some electronic machinery, but failed to do more than give a look at Simon and ignore him.

The young man walked out of the room, as soon replaced by Elise, she dressed as she was two days hence, walking on high heel shoes a black short dress, and a silky white blouse covered over by a laboratory jacket. “A good Morning to you Simon, this being your second day here and timely to begin helping you adjust to your employed position here at the farm.

As you stated in your information, you have no immediate family living, you reared by a now deceased aunt, and you said your friends were so few you could count them all on one hand. This makes you the perfect applicant for my experiment, as from the injections already administered; your physique is showing some early on drastic conforming of changing species.

Yes species, and in your case study a change of gender as well!

No personal dislike of men, as of you I do not feel it necessary to get your legal approval, the transforming may be non-consenting at the outset, but given time, sensations, new lusts the finality completes the transitioning, giving me then an animal content with its newer existence, willing, and capable to produce product.

It is to me as something fascinating, to stand by and watch a human being, change form, the skeletal, muscular, and organs transitioning, transforming, as a male human becomes a bovine milk cow. Think of the science involved, you and your contribution dealing you a place in the history books as one of the first few to actually change species and gender without the use of any surgical methodology.

None of the others presently residing here being now as an animal their form, would if they could deny they are happier being what I made of them.

Charles was the firs to answer the advertisement and he being of African lineage, black as the ace of spades, I guided his progression to becoming an Angus breed bull. A bull, and does he like what he became!

Charles finished his seventh phase change last summer. I let him learn to graze until the fall season when I entered him into the state agriculture fair, where he won second prize honors. The notice Charles received in the Farm Review magazine sent me offers for leasing him to various farms as a herd sire.

He is proud and rather horny most of the time, delighting then and since with his sexual accomplishments and the information I feed him about his continued lease use as a farm herd sire beginning this year and with requests for his servicing the next few years.

My experiments and the progression of advancements, I decided this summer to try the secondary course of experimenting, as change of species and gender. Since I have Charles as an accomplished bull and a willing herd sire, I need now cows, and that is where you and the other applicants can begin making a great contribution to the advancement of veterinary science.

Not one of those I changed has had a desire to argue or be angry with me for my giving them a life of such freedom from human social morays; they moo, whinny, bray, and bleat when in my presence.

I love to confide and verbally engage the applicants. I, they and we enjoy many heartfelt discussions about their soon bizarre experience as each feels and deals with their physical changing into a different species. Imagine the personal anonymity of being an animal and the enjoyment of your sexuality without the prying eyes or rumors spun by various people.

I injected you with the aid of the anti-cancer treatments, in five days you can progress enough to move from this room to your own pen or the corral before allowed entrance with matured cattle in the pasture.”

Simon laid the flabbergasted at the news his body and future plans were soon a vague memory of what could have happened and didn’t!

Pains began not horrid levels of pain but nagging tweaking sharp pains as skeletal changes began. He moaned often and the technicians coming and going from the room generally ignored him. Simon screamed, from rolling his head to one side, doing that as to gain a better gawking look at a womanly figure, she in the shadows, as cast a sexy silhouette. When his temples touched the steel table top he felt as realized he had horn buds beginning to grow, soon then to sprout horns.

Simon began to cry, fearful of his coming changes, but hating the loss of his being human, he despised the thought of him becoming female, a cow and worse a milk cow. The crying made his sinus to drip and with his hands shackled in place he then licked the snot coming from his nostrils and realized he had a cow muzzle.

The growing heat engulfing his groin Elise congratulated Simon as to his exceptional growth-changing, his penis degraded and the teats to his cow udder peaking though his groin skin.

Insults and injury, as Simon slept on his slab steel table, a technician slipped into the room and desensitized the muzzle, inserting in the bovine nostrils a brass ring to aid in the controlling an unruly animal. Come the morning and Simon awake he discovered the nose ring and began to cry.

Crying, he tried to look for someone to try and talk to, but with crying he snorted, then wanted to cuss due to his situation only to scare him more when the only sound he could make was a moo. Mooing, a brass nose ring stuck through the bridge of his nostrils, and growing horns help make Simon go from scared to raging angry.

He began to pull hard at his binding straps, the exertion doing no harm to the straps but became as an exercising workout that sped the changes to begin forming fingers into cloven hooves. As by his third day in shackled captivity, had Simon a mirror, neither he nor his own parents might have recognized him as a family member.

His brown head of human hair and a face changing as already some final changes, his skin thickening, become cow hide, his groin becoming an udder, he had cloven hooves replacing fingers and toes, as prickly sensations he knew as sprouting body hairs, Simon laid there and mooed, mooed, and mooed all day.

Come the evening hours of that third day and Elise entered the room, she wearing a big smile, walked close to where Simon lay, as she unlatched and released his bonds.

Time is now for you to get up and begin learning how to stand and walk on all fours.” She said, as with the loosening of his bonds, Simon rolled off the table and fell on all fours to the floor. The slamming jolt of him to the floor made him shiver-shake his head, neck, torso and hips, affectively dislodging all his clothing from off his body. The only remaining clothing on his person was his cotton socks and his expanded to near breaking jockey underpants. The boney tail of his cow self slipped out over the waistband of his shorts, letting Simon for the first time sway, swing, and try to swat it at where the flies will come to feast. Oddly enough the sewn opening for his male penis had spread wide apart, as offering his teats and the udder to protrude slightly.

Simon felt very strange that evening, his sensed anger had ceased, and if not for Elise binding a rope lead to his nose ring, he might have walked freely to his stall in the barn.

Inspiring art:

“Come dear friend, your stall waits, as in the morning I shall administer the second phase of injections. These new drugs cause the skin and hairy hide to cover you as help build bulk to your skinny human like torso.” Elise announced, but Simon was too much into discovering how he had changed and the weird feelings of him becoming female and a cow.

Sixteen weeks later finds Simon as a Holstein cow, as bred by Charles and beginning to bare milk, the schooling and education years gone to waste as Simon degrades mentally, he wishing then to be a better cow for his bull.

Second Inspiring art work:

Sad with his end in sight to all, a life then of continued sucking, mating, and the pains from birthing new life, just a sample of Simon.




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