Reasons To Run and Hide

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Mar 25th, 2017


Twelve volunteer students were the first to feel a curse affecting their physical form, species, and changing lifestyles, as well the lives of others...


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Up state, sitting in his living room of his hunting cottage set in the northern woodlands, a scared man is contemplating the recent events and how they for him, will drastically change his future. Professor Carl, an archaeologist his trade, was present at the unearthing of a Mayan temple. He was the one and only professor there what solved a puzzling writing, it written upon the temple walls in a dozen places. The temple priests had posted a warning to those who would dare come and as take what was sacred, cursing them with an easily transmitted, physically and mental degradation of kind to demean a body, life, and future existence.

A colleague, Professor Singleton and his twelve volunteering students were the first to feel the curse affecting them and their lives. As of the dozen students who accompanied the professors to the diggings, seven returned home physically unscathed, but mentally worried from what they had witnessed.

They left home, as a group of fourteen. However, what returned home were seven students, and two consoling but worried professors. Along with the entourage came as packed in shipping crates such as one friendly dappled gray stallion horse, a fidgety jennet mule, and two large, as well sexually active mountain goats. Saddening to Professor Singleton, one other goat bolted when nearly crated, he ran off into the hills, choosing to return to living life in the wilds.

Upon their arrival at Houston, Texas, the Customs official insisted the animal as quarantined for six weeks before allowed to mingle with animals bred in the United States. An added concern what raised red flags was the accounted number of goats in the shipping crate, as two were loaded but three arrived. The unexplainable mistake on the shipping order had the professors as baffled, but Professor Singleton acted as frantic with concerns.

Six weeks to the day and the horse went along to the waiting student who had adopted the animal, found wandering there in the mountainous jungle. The erotically acting jennet mule went to the biological laboratory at the college for possible study and or use in some medical experimentation.

The three goats continued to be a mystery to the professors, the customs agents rationalizing the female goat was pregnant, and while awaiting transport, birthed two fast growing kid goats. Then five goats were in the filthy crate, two bucks, one larger than the other was, but both quite prolific their sense of passion. The three female goats were as well prolific with desire for mating. The attending maintenance men working the holding pens at airport Customs wrote many tacky comments, about the day and night continuous goat orgy.

Nine weeks of quarantine produced no noted illness, the only problem arising came from the veterinarian who came to take blood samples for medical inspection. As both times he entered the crate, the female goats caused him to trip and fall. When fallen the larger she goat bit at and virtually tore off him his pants and underwear. While two goats kept his attention forward, from the rear approached and mounted then the larger male goat.

Twice during the collecting of blood sampling, attacked was the veterinarian and molested anal-sexually. The first time molested the doctor instilled a strived fight but got his bowels filled with goat semen. The second situation happened, and for what odd reason as noted by an attending Customs official, stood and watched as the veterinarian seeming allowed the goat to mount and mate without trying to fend the animal away.

Given a stern verbal reprimanding by the official to the Vet, produced only a sadistic grin before the doctor returned to the laboratory.

A day after the veterinarian mishap and the goats crated arrived to the college biological animal husbandry test and experiment station. Then as there too the attending farm workers noted the overly aggressive manners of the goat for sexual pleasuring of males with females and male to male fornicating.

Stories spread about the college as of the orgy goats, causing many interested visitors to come and watch the veracious orgy. However, Professor Singleton ordered the goats as kept in total quarantine from physical contact by animals or humans, several students ignored the ban.

Prolific acting goats’ begat a sex orientated coven boasting of nine active members. Their preferred activities were to enter the quarantine pens butt naked and get down on all fours, allowing the two male goats to fornicate. As this failed to keep the student coven content with anal and vaginal pleasure seeking, of the men and women taking part, a turnabout occurred of male students mating with doe goats, teat sucking, and doe sucking of male students.

A Halloween time of the year became a disturbing outbreak of strange infecting fornication between faculty members and coven students. Professor Carl has his associate student come to him and she coaxing, did beckon him to have sexual relations. He did, and during their fun evening, he noted her physical form more different from expected. He called and talked by phone to his science department cohort, Professor Singleton. What one professor told the other was of a student associate coming to unvale her beautiful body, a body not notably completely human, but with body fur, tail, and hind cloven hooves similar to the two mountain goats shipped home.

During their fun time together, she told of the goat coven and their nightly orgies. She talked appreciative of the first two fellow members and how they, as from their many times of fornication by or with the goats, had since become as goats. This made the coed student associate to laugh, she becoming as one heightened of her arousal, urged him to climax in her several times more.

Professor Carl went the next morning to investigate, discovering not four large as matured mountain goats held in quarantine, but then the herd numbered eleven goats he counted. The concerns of what he had seen became a harsh reality when finding in a trash-waste container there near the holding pens were discarded clothing, pants and jeans having still in the pockets, wallets, drivers licenses, personal identification, credit cards, money, all wound into bundles and thrown away as if not needed by their rightful owners.

Infected and infecting coven members were like the furry student sleeping in his bed still; her cohorts were actively seeking to increase their numbers. As noted in his daily log, Professor Singleton wrote about his friend Professor Carl and with his associate, he planned a trip to his cottage, there to learn what she might have given him as a horrid gift.

Professor Carl never returned to his position at the college. Professor Singleton drove to the cottage to investigate, finding two large and as well fun-loving, prolific mountain goats roaming around the house. Professor Singleton sat in his car and watched, seeing the two goats reentered the cottage. Seeing that, the professor reluctantly exited his vehicle and walked into the cottage, hearing as seeing then the two goats lying on the bed, they mating, but doing so using the common missionary style of copulation.

Professor…Carl,” Professor Singleton wrote he said as exclaimed when seeing the two goats in the strange style of fornication. He noted the male goat slowed his thrusting, turned his face toward the guest, and bleating twice before returning wholeheartedly to rutting his mate.

As noted, after returning to a safe viewing vantage point and place to see into the cottage through the windows of his vehicle and the cottage, Professor sat for hours and watched the two goats frolicking on the big bed.

Meanwhile and across the street from one of the more posh sorority houses off campus, laid face down, shivering, scared, as on a neighboring porch was Janice Tote. She near to hyperventilating from fright scared by the unbelievable a sight she had seen. Not a regular member, Janice a pledge still her status, fled the premises, seeing sorority girl members attacked and sexually molested by two men dressed as if Greek satyrs.

"This just can't be happening!" she said to herself while lying sprawled face down on the porch of a friend and neighbor, known to all as simply Mrs. Rachel.

There was more than the usually disturbing level of noise coming from the sorority house. As to Janice and soon to her neighborly friend the reasons what made the noises made no sense of being real. The neighbors were long time enemies of the education based whorehouse across the street. Many a mature woman in town and around the sorority house had similar opinions as to how young women should act.

Janice heard Rachel stomping to her front door, as she opened it looked down, appeared as angry, she saying, "Get up and off my porch floor!"

A scared Janice looked up and then turned to gazing back at the sorority house, she then pointed at what she felt afraid.

Rachel squinted with her eyes to see across the street, as there in the bright afternoon sunshine stood a man assaulting a young woman, both wearing ridiculous looking costumes. “Willful debauchery, such goings on,” said Rachel she rarely angered by anything from the sorority house girls, but blatant sex acts in broad daylight that caused her a sense of rage; it depleted her good sense for self-preservation.

“You there, let go her you…, you fiend!” Rachel screamed, as she walked down the steps of her stately home porch to stand at curbside and ready to defend the young woman her rights. The rabid man set kneeling, or straddling a by then burly furred crotch belonging to Miss Leanne, Rachel knew her as being a first year student at the college. The weirdly costume wearing man pressed down and into her his male member. Rachel gasped, as did Leanne moan when the man jerked stiff his spine, attesting of him ejaculating, giving four harsh spurts of semen. As Rachel stood to one side of the mated pair, she cringed at the sight of sheer volume of semen what overly filled Leanne, causing the semen ooze out past the joining.

Then he rose to stand up and turning to face the elderly woman from across the narrow street, he put hand to his uncircumcised, long, as morbid looking penis and wagged it at his foe.

How dare you, you, you vile man!” Rachel said as she felt taunted, dared to confront there the evil man. Old world styles, Rachel had her hair wrapped in a bun, and it pierced with a stylish for her, one red ruby, six inch long hat pin. As she would draw out and if need be use to spirit people out of her way in a bust store or some street-side walk crowds, she withdrew it as for use of a weapon.

The half-naked except for what Rachel thought were but furry pants, the man wore other silly paraphernalia of a goatish costume. He had two horns likely glued to his forehead, a goat beard, fuzzy floppy ears, a tail, and the vile genitals as if of a goat, both in size his testicles and the length to his erection. He stood before Rachel and continued to wag his long cock at the old woman. The vile man stood there and looked down at Miss Leanne moaning as she lay on the ground. Her moans were not without good reason as she held her hands clasped to a stretched, as violated an aching a vagina.

Insulted, as angered, Rachel had stormed across the street, stood prepared to defend the honor of her gender. Held brazened in her hand the long pin, it firmly in her right hand as she stepped closer to he that vile man, and said to him, “Beast, you animal, you…!” Rachel said as she and the man came close, they stood inches apart, he, hand wagging his still semen dribbling penis at the elderly woman. A thrust-jerk action by the man and his long and large around penis spit-spurt some semen, Rachel seeing it, felt his semen touch her skin. Enraged to being beyond words with the man, Rachel plunged the hatpin at and up the open hole of his erection.

Stunned at the sight, the lurid man began to scream as Rachel stirred a motion with the long pin inside the blatant erection, pin pricking, stabbing! The abrasive man and his erection both withered from injury and pain. Screaming, the strange man fell away as backward down to the ground, his penis bleeding, profusely!

His screams and cries of swearing at Rachel for her dicing up his praised maleness alerted those inside the house. Moments later, they who were dressed the same as the agonized man stood there then on the sorority house porch. Five young women in similarly odd as well bare breasted, in half-naked costumes were by then as loyal female Satyress to a lustful cause.

When the elder Rachel saw then a masturbating male satyr walk outside the sorority house front door to stand accompanied by then several of his kind, they stared at a foe for subduing. Rachel recognized the faces of otherwise kindly and stylish female students. The kindliness manners had vanished, so did the style of dress, as all the nice girls were by then as bold Satyress creatures. Outnumbered, Rachel knew fear, she gazed down a look to the still reeling man bleeding as fear filled her chest, and she retreated, walked backwards across the street to her lawn.

"Oh my…!" exclaimed Rachel, she stunned when then the two male satyrs strode stepped to stand beside their bloodied friend. She marveled at the men, both sporting still long erections all the while they stood as stepped down the steps off the porch to stride step to be near their friend, one kneeling to give aid, he mouthing the bleeding penis and began tonguing it.

Rachel did a half turn and called to Janice, as yelled said, “Who as what are they?”

Janice replied said to Rachel, "I do not know, but the two males stormed the house, pushed in the door, and began attacking all who came out to meet them. They have crude desires and equally rude ideas of what women as meant for to be of service. I saw it, once they would touch a girl her vagina with their penis, they spread an infection causing friends to become as sexual goat creatures!"

You call the Police," said Rachel, as the two satyr men stood eying at her, they seemingly planning what to do next.

"And tell them what? Oh officer, I saw a male satyr attacking my sorority sisters in the front room of our sorority house! He will think it is a joke, a prank, and if he came here what might happen to him then?" asked Janice in reply.

A moment later, the two satyr men strode across the street and stood each to the side of Rachel. They with each a fuzzy hand reached and touched took a firm hold to the upper arms of Rachel. The satyrs closed snug to standing affront and behind the elderly woman, as one plunged a fuzzy hand down the front of her slacks and began fingering. Rachel jumped at the fuzzy fingering touch to her femininity, a long as nimble index finger then stirring up and in her, got an old woman to moan, as she felt seduced.

"Oh my lord…you are satyrs, and I…, I would be pleased if you should make me as one of your herd!" Rachel said with a subdued devoted tone, she acted as if made drowsy, dazed, or drunk from the touching sensations, something she had not felt in half a century.

Janice became scared more for her safety and wellbeing; she inched her way off the porch and slipped inside the front door to what Rachel owned as her house.

Not a minute later and Rachel in her dazed self, saw friend Henry coming along the sidewalk, as he walked his afternoon constitution. When she and he their eyes met, the elderly a man seeing the satyrs holding and one fondling Rachel, he yelled, “Rachel, what on earth…!”

Henry, a nearby neighbor and friend to Rachel, came by her house daily while walking, getting some exercise. Satyress’ Terry, Angela, Kerry, and a partially changed Leanne all jogged toward and to meet, or accost eighty-year-old Henry. The four immensely strong Satyress took hold of the aged man and they picked him up, took him to and inside the sorority house for his time of satiric debauchery.

In the wild minutes of sexual touching and dissolution, aged Henry felt the sensations of sex-hungry Satyr females. Henry got a mouth full of breast teat, and his aged penis, they there with him did stroke it to a rejuvenated state. Aroused, what was an elderly man felt the start of his soon enhancing. As he lay on the living room carpet, stripped naked, he watched as felt seeing his wrinkled, withered maleness grow long, stiffly erect.

Insult turned to horror as Henry saw otherwise a pretty Terry settle her legs and body to straddle his lap, she taking and coaxing his erection as inserted inside her furry vagina. Henry screamed as moaned, Terry aroused bleated, as Satyress sisters began massaging an elderly man to his ultimate rejuvenated new self.

Meanwhile there came by was Fauntleroy, he a large as overly affectionate male Newfoundland dog. The neighborhood was to the dog his small world, and seeing as sniffing the scented breeze, he became interested with the Satyrs debauching Rachel.

Happily, as of self, the big dog stuck his wet nose to each satyr groin, coming to prefer the rejuvenating vagina. Satyr spied an anus, that to the dog and felt duty-bound to slip behind and molested the big doggy from his rear.

Barks and excited bleats echoed the houses on Elm Street that afternoon. The unknown how that made previously a biology student named John, was the first to become a satyr that morning. He did the anal rape of friend Theo making him a satyr, stood by watching, salivating, as his friend knelt behind a wooed Rachel, she feeling the satyr rutting.

Spells turned to curses come with differing oddities, the satiric curse worked at John as he screwed a male dog. The mutual mania between satyr and animal caused a trade of embodiment. The dog entered by satyr, though born an animal caused the goat body to flourish, and soon a male fully buck goat stood sheath-deep and rutting a semi-human minded Newfoundland big dog.

Fauntleroy barked, as he shook his great head, realizing something odd had happened between him and his then lover. As what began the contact being a satyr ground in a large, long, and pinkish-red goat-cock snug as sheath deep, was rigid, making the trade for John as him feeling happier for being then a dog.

Across the street, Janice heard old Henry scream when attacked by the Satyress suitors, when he yelled; “You furry whores…,” as then his voice became shriller sounding. Old war story Henry, he a veteran of two wars, remembered well his learned hand-to-hand technique for fighting off offenders similar of stature. A swift kick by Henry and his tennis shoe to the crotch of a friendly Satyress changed the fun loving play, into a brutal brawl. Groans, moans and the occasional excited bleats, told of an aged man feeling physical rejuvenation, having a species change, and the fear for seeing, feeling, while knowing, presented him with the strange delight of becoming, as is a hefty, mature buck goat.

Elderly Rachel too, her aged body made young again from Terry as she knelt over her. A Satyress pussy dripping life-changing juices did to a woman what they liked best, and to those as Henry, most males became as horny goats.

"Forgive me Rachel,” Janice said as she still stood in the doorway to the front porch, and continued to watch. A witness to the powers that rule, Janice saw a stately elder woman become a lurid, large breasted, sex-whore of a Satyress.

As if ordained by the devils of Hell, who then should turn the corner and walking along the Elm Street sidewalk was then Reverend Hanley.

He stopped and stood there staring at those struggling with creatures of sexual perversity. Janice saw him as he saw, and knew Rachel, likely remembering her when she was younger, and was young again.

The sight of a struggling Henry, he mostly a goat by then, his face partially changed, was barely recognizable as of ever being a human. The reverend knew Henry and called to the stout buck goat, as it knew his name, his past life, and broke the Satyress sucking hold of his goatish penis, did run headlong to his minister, friend, and good man.

“Baa, baa, baa…,” Henry bleating, cried as he ran on all fours, screeching to a hoofed halt to leap up to a standing fawning stance with his forelegs hung over the shoulders of a man of the church. The satyrs and Satyress too stood silently, almost reverently, and watched as mostly changed Rachel strode on her new hind goat legs and hooves to greet, meet, and show her minister what wonders were wrought to rejuvenate her aged body.

A nervous Henry knowing as of his changes, felt of the continuing his transitions to becoming a full-on goat animal, turned to look away from the reverend and gaze a wary eye at the Satyress who aroused in him his beast self. Fawning on the shoulders of his friend, the big goat turned, and dropped to stand on all fours, felt drawn to walk toward the Satyress. As Rachel stood in all her new sexual glory, naked, bestial, the male goat snuggled his muzzle into her crotch and began to lick at her with his long tongue.

“Rachel…, how?” The Reverend said, he stunned by the sexual female form standing just six feet away. He gawked at her, giving an occasional glance down to what he knew as Henry, he by then all goat and enjoying the flavor, both liking the oral-vaginal attentions of a long tongue licking a foaming furry groin, revolted the godly fearing man.

Smiling with a lust-thrilled expression, Rachel pointing to the Satyress college sorority house, and there the number of naked sexual goat women, Satyress all, were standing quietly, watching to see what the reverend or Rachel might do.

“Bart Hanley, my reverent minister, I have joined a new faith, one that gives me raw sensation that I cherish more than I do you and yours.” Rachel saying said, and disarmed her friend of his concerns for her having any heavenly a future.

“Come to me Bart, let me give you such wonderful sensations, not even Beverly your wife could do for you what I and or my sisters can, come let us gather you into our herd.”

Rachel said, as she stepped closer to the reverend, he stepping back and away from his changed church member.

Hey there, I might have a place for you if so inclined to be a simple helper?" Theo said, he walking to stand beside Rachel, putting his furred arm across her shoulders, and smiled!

”And you are as were,” Reverend Haley asked of the tall, lanky, relaxed his erection a satyr.

I was Theo…, no need for the family name as you see I have begun a new family of my own. I became as you see me due to my friend John, but he did not understand fully what made us like this, and from his fucking a dog, he exchanged bodies, being now a dog as his satyr body became all in all a goat animal.

The student Theo is gone forever, and in his place I am…Cedius, a mastering satyr with a growing herd of females and animals.”
Theo, his alias as said by then Cedius a satyr.

A hairy hand of Rachel reached to touch the cheek of the face of her long-time friend and minister.

Reverend Hanley hand swatted away the fuzzy hand, batting it away as he said rebuking Rachel, “Of the true you was a respectable woman, but being changed, made younger, animalistic, as in part a hoary, horny goat, the new you is as one… damned!”

Offended, Rachel said, “A kick like this…,” as she lifted her right goatish leg and turning, did a backlash kick of sharp cloven hooves toward her reverend friend. As she said to finish, “Such comes as behooves' a reward for one so proper!"

The hind goat hooves came close the preferred mark. A fortunate minister backed away and caused Rachel to unsteady her stance on new legs, a manner she was quite unaccustomed.

Cedius (Theo) stepped forward, as if following the retreating minister; he wanted the man as becoming one of the herds. A cold stare at the Reverend Hanley, both felt their eyes meeting, did hold there a scared man from running away. A hand swipe to his sheath and some spent as sticky satyr semen, Cedius reached his other hand to stroke the sapping juicy pussy of the rejuvenated Rachel his Satyress, and rubbed the two substances together into one salve.

Devils rule here, and all that come within reach shall feel and know the reality of their powers.” Cedius said, as he reached his hands toward the minister and touching the man at his ears, Cedius massaged the sticky salve, exciting a change.

Upon you I bless, coming from he who is now as my aristocrat, he and I desire of you to become natural your ears to hearing disagreement. Fool of fools, you have now the long as furry ears of what suits you better, ears, face, head, neck, and a body covered in the pelt normally on a Burro.

Continue your dissenting ideals, but as a Burro-man shall you become. All furry, long eared, the head, face, muzzle of a burro, with body more muscular, masculinity enhanced of size and purpose. A tail is not necessary but prophetic to remind you more that you are an animal first and human as secondary. Rise up your heels to being hocks, feet growing longer, and toes merging, they being as your hoofs. Yes, there, now you strike me best as what serves well for they of mine. Feel it, the sense of passion, your arousal, Yes it is, I made it like that of a stud burro. It is long, some twenty-plus inches of black, morbidly bestial a male member, something any a stud equine might be proud to extend.

Rachel my dear, please take your asinine friend here and help him to fuck his mind free from anything close to his past religious convictions. If you want help, have a couple of Sisters help to rut him wild, bring him into our corral, or herd!”

Cedius then turned and did stare at Janice standing, watching, sweating, seeing the demise of friends, and neighbors.

An hour or so later and Janice awoke from her weariness, she lying in a hammock, strung between two trees in the backyard of the house Janice had considered her home for some sixty years.

Rope-wrist-bound to the tree behind her head, as were her ankles bound with rope together, spread wide apart, the hammock making her labia lips exposed to the air, the view, the penis of Cedius.

Janice felt as violated, her vagina ached, it felt as stretched, and a gawking stare at her bloated tummy suggested she held more than a gallon of rank semen inside her womb.

Burro-man Bart Hanley stood near, he staring down at the seepage oozing out from the red-rubbed nether lips. Henry the big buck of a Boer breed goat stood with his muzzle mere inches from her pussy, the white murky slime on his lips and beard suggesting he had orally enjoyed her predicament.

Then Fauntleroy came to have his look-see, and fawning on the hammock material, he too began to do his fun affectionate licking at the sticky slime oozing out from Janice.

She laid there to dusk as sundown, when Cedius again arrived, he shooing away the big dog and his friends, and did point a finger at Janice, said, “Feeling a bit bloated, you shall learn to like it, as the semen in you is not mine, but that of the reverend Bart now stud Burro.

See there how large is his testicles, he stood here and rutted his cock in you for six hours, eleven climaxing thrills, filling and infecting you with his species. Come then the morning and the reverend shall have a new wife to mate, and thrill. You shall have him to use to quell your deep sexual lusts, as he wants to procreate! Try as you shall, you are unable to bare his fruit. Furry, horny are you and lusting for his or any cock in you, the lust ungodly and insatiable!

Friends, we shall relax here for a few more days before moving onward, gathering of many to join our herd, Bart she is ready, do Janice ten more times, this round you rut her hard, I want to hear her braying!”

All Ends, in Sight!





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