Pool Of Ferraris - 2012 Revised Edition

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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READER NOTICE: This story was written for fun and may not be worthwhile reading for a literary purest!

In the city of Rome there are many fountains and pools, some are named after Saints of the Catholic church, but of some have a more demanding heritage, that being the Pool of Ferraris, it is just one to keep at a distance.

This is the tale of two college students, their names lost or forgotten, and their existence no longer important. They went on a spree sightseeing about the great city of Rome. History and its reminders abound in such cities, making for many picturesque scenes. One of the favorite scenes about are the fountains of Rome, of these they decided as worthy to photograph, and seek as many as they could in the three weeks they had for their vacation.

Asking of the local people of any fountains, they saw the usual tourist sights, but what they wanted more was to find the fountains in those obscure side streets. As the two students visited many odd and/or normally unseen meager fountains. Some of these lesser know fountains were equally artistic and worthy of a photo. The pools or fountains they found in dark recesses seemed worthy because they had a use, as pools were used primarily for granting a cool, and refreshing drink to the many beasts of burden that walked the darker streets of Rome.

It offered to a vacation of planned and known sightseeing spots a different and possibly interesting item to show friends, making the seeking of it as fun but offering a worthwhile to photograph. Dark, sometimes ominous winding streets, long alleyways and many questions put to people, those mostly of the many unnoticed throng of daily workers, offered interesting suggestions or directions.

In a black alley so dim of light, shadowed by tall building surrounding it gave way to a small courtyard. There stood three large and very old trees, they having great bows with many twisted branches. Each tree stood planted into a corner of the courtyard, their branches offering a cool shaded area, which granted to all a break away from the hot sun.

There in the center of this quiet place of repose, set a small fountain sending short streams only three feet into the air; the water falling into a pool with low sides for ease of use by thirsty animals.

As they came closer and gawked with a sense of surprise and some disappointment, after a closer look at the pool and fountain, both students exclaimed loudly of how it was worse than of something meager. The fountain was nothing more than a steel pipe that would blubber out the water, except that someone screwed to it an old showerhead, making a silly looking fountain used to keep the pool filled.  

The clear as cool water blended with the bottom of the pool, it made of black marble, made looking into it as if it were bottomless. Noted, that this fountain and surrounding pool was different than so any others they had seen, as this one appeared the cleanest, an oddity, considering its bland use.

An August afternoon proved to be blisteringly hotter than the two friends could handle. Whether seated in the shade and on the top of the pool rim, one of the friends said quite loudly as of his disgust about spending several hours looking for something that was so mundane. The heat and talking brought on the thought to one of them as if the pool could offer some refreshment other than a cool drink. As his friend knelt down aside the black marble wall surrounding the pool, it gave him a sense as if this place required a reverent attitude.

At first, he cupped his hands, dipping out the water to take a needed drink.

Then, being young and foolish, as well forgetting the thought of giving the place its proper reverence, he got cute. He placed his face into the still water and did try to take a drink, as might some dry and thirsty beast. This failed to make his friend laugh, so he tried something imprudent, he stuffed his face into the cool waters and making slurping sounds.

His thought was to be funny for his friend; but as he dunked his head, the second or third time there happened out of the pool he heard from the water a frail sounding small voice. The voice bade him a warning, it pleaded he be reverent to the meaning of this place and not to ridicule those that worked hard to be of value to humanity.

The words rung inside his head, he jerked out of the pool his head, it dripping wet, looking stunned, surprised, and uneasy.

Anxious, he began recanting of what he thought he had heard, when told to his friend, he laughed, as both began to laugh and joking about the simple pool that worked, as would a watering trough if it were in America.

The laughter and irreverent words about the pool, the fountain, and its use, made some local people listening, hearing the foolhardy joking, the residents became upset. Angered faces poked out of upper windows and out of doorways, they verbally gave a scolding, as demanded the two friends leave the sacred pool to what it was intended.

Both fiends stood back to back, they listening to the uproar and furor their presence caused. As the one friend turned and trying to be cute or funny, gave a hearty shove to his pal, knocking him into the pool, thinking he could use a cooling off bath. Immediately a young man was splashing about in the pool, he and his friend ignored the angry people. Neither friend, held much concern for the people, nor one a thought of that spirit voice, after it gave fair warning the pool, the water, held a sacred reverence.

This added to the furor, gathering a crowd of angry people seemingly ready to do bodily harm to two brash young men.

Threatening fists and angry words crowded around the shaded rim of the courtyard, some coming to face the indignant youths. Suddenly, all the crowd feel silent when seeing a solemn hooded religious Monk leading a donkey, walking toward the fountain and pool. The crowd separated, as all there stepped aside allowing the Monk and his beast clear passage to the sacred water.

The Monk dressed in an unusual dark brown robe and hood to mask his head walked directly up to the pool. He put his hands into the blessed the water, praising it for the many years of care it offered to thirsty beasts. As he stood up and peered from under his hood, he captured the eyes and stares of two wet young men standing by then outside the pool.

The donkey, at that moment walked forward as closer to its master, allowing the Monk to retrieve a small decanter made of a gourd. The Monk popped out the cork, held the gourd high as he then pouring, did anoint the liquid contents over each of the head to both the young American travelers.

Replacing the cork to stop up the gourd, he turning began speaking to the onlookers. He made an announcement, and told all that the two brash young men were in his protective custody. He then looked at the two wet young men, they were by then no longer laughing, but stood there, awestruck and acting as if dumbfounded.

"Young friends," the Monk said making use of perfect English.

"This is the Pool of Ferraris, and it here in this shaded and quiet a setting, should remain a time-honored place. Thoughtless, the two of you have disgraced it! You and the mocking of how the beasts must drink only added to the dishonor. Disgrace made worse you have defiled the water by washing as for to bathe away the sweat from your fun play.

What I did by anointing your heads was to assure the paying of proper homage to the Pool. A time of repenting is required, and with it, the learning to give the Pool its sense of honor. The anointing of you guaranties your sentence for restitution during the coming twelve months of time.

Judged and soon given a sentencing in concordance to give of you by hard work as repenting, each shall once each day come here and accept refreshment from this small pool. Consider your time of restitution as if a graduate course for learning of the old and new ways of living a contrite lifestyle as dwellers here in this ancient city."

The Monk stepped back and away from the two standing there drying in the afternoon heat. He looked down, as did the friends, they seeing the donkey as then sporting a rigidly held an erection. The Monk knelt beside the long as morbid shaped male donkey organ. He held the gourd up to the black donkey cock just as the animal let go a flow of its urine. The gourd filled quickly and after a few shakes to mix and blend the rank contents, the Monk began again to douse one, and then the other of the friends; anointing them with an oily combine of the gourd with donkey urine added.

The second anointing and those there still of the angry crowd began muttering among their selves, as everyone returned to their home or business, leaving the Monk with the two he had just condemned.

The bolder as taller of the two friends then spoke, he asked, as wishing to inform the Monk of their planned departure the next week, a return home, telling of this being as their vacation. Whatever he expected the Monk to do, the man did not, and as both friends tried to tell of their mutual plans to leave Rome, they promised never to return.

A short speech abruptly ended when both young men felt a searing sensation as from the anointing of their hair on each head seemed as if afire. They turned and knelt down, plunging both their heads beneath the surface of the water, as if dousing the head was to rid them of the pain.

Neither friend could see under the water, as if it had clouded, turning as murky black as the marble. The refreshing cool water then did ease their pain, as both heads simultaneously raised back up and out of the water.

The Monk took a red rope from in his traveling bundle bound to the donkey, and summarily used it to tie his cloak over a fat belly. He then took one end and looping it around the necks of each friend; he raised his arms and hands high as if to bless them. He then motioned as beckoning the two to walk with, as accompany him, to follow his lead and to walk toward one darker alleyway.

When the three plus one lesser creature stood then in a dark and musty smelling alley, they completely out of sight from the locals talking, grumbling about the unruly Americans there in the village square, the Monk yanked the red rope from around the two neck of the then the obedient.

Without the red rope to guide and give then the attitude of respect for others, they felt the pain in their heads return, burning sensations so raw that both young men wanted to scream. What issued from their throats, their mouths let them discover their voices had changed, sounding similar to a tersely coarse animalistic a braying.

Hearing their changed voices each one turned to eye the other friend. Each saw of the other, they gawked and reached to feel the elongated, furry ears of his friend. Panic began replacing their previous boldness leading them to bray as with each cry their braying bothered the more. They began to argue as which of them was at fault for getting them into such strife. The friends began to struggle, as the Monk and his obedient donkey stood and watched.

What the Monk expected and the donkey seemed to appreciate was of seeing the fury in each young man wishing to blame the other for their mutual situation, caused their changing to hurry on.

The two not so much men like men becoming bestial of actions as they were of body, as each noticed their Caucasian suntanned skin to grow darker of hue. A minute more and they stood covered in dark slate black hide like that of the donkey what peed them the Monk‘s choice of their repentance.

As donkey fur grew to flourish, it spread to cover them from head to fetlocks; the leathery hide what toughened into that of a beast was a part of their new physical weatherproofing. One stood with all black fur as was his human head of hair the same color. His donkified friend stood there petting at his changed arm having become a foreleg, he seemingly enthralled with the feel of fur, hide, and his new fore hoof.

The black furry fellow turned to face as tried to beg the Monk to stop what was becoming rather becoming to him as well, as was it to his friend. In his mind, he held there the remembered warning given him by the Spirit of the fountain. The blackness of where he felt his body and mind were heading caused sensed stiffening to his stance. He turned his head to cast a peering eye toward the sensations from changes moving south, entering his groin. As his pants snap popped loose and the clothing slipped down his then furry legs, what he would have no need to wearing, puddled over feet then beginning to rise upright.

One long as mournful a bray exited his thick muzzle lips, as he felt a sense of aroused realization. As testicles swelled to look like navel oranges held in a soft skin, as smooth bag tucked high in his groin. The foreskin removed after his birth grew back, helping to inspire, as a massive sheath began arousing from it something he knew would be his path to a bestial form of doom. That what he had seen many times there in Rome and elsewhere, the attraction of an equine animal showing their masculinity in public, he felt and wished at times, he had something like it!

Sensations complied until that what was of animal began to battle with the waning of his humanity, a thought struck home as he realizing, knew their fates. He with using a sound hoof did punch his friend to awaken him to alertness, motioned to look up at a passing 747 flying overhead, gaining altitude. The black snuffling, he with shaking his head to signify the word “No,” helped on the realization the two of them would not soon be flying home to be with their families.

The black donkified friend stood sporting a massive penal erection, it stuck up in the air at a high angle, the length of it, the blackness, it lack of any note of ever being circumcised, its all was that of what is to be as is a donkey.

Each friend by then sported a similar length of a male erection, the equal and of length, something more than that to the donkey who accompanied the Monk.

Panicking braying began, as friends knew what they felt inside their body, the organs changing, heart and lungs expanding in each its ability. As they turned to face the Monk their lengthy male, as organs bumped, sending waves of shivering sensuality into their groins. Aroused, erect, instilled, the sensations too much, their bigger male balls erupting, both donkified friends shot each of four roped shot spews of semen into the air landing in a splatter on the ages-old cobblestones. 

With his withering erection turning flaccid and retracting into its sheath, an all-Blonde colored almost fully reformed donkey stood then leaning over the pack donkey. One who was an animal stood sniffing that of him being almost an animal, did enjoy the scent of what he remembered from his past, knowing he soon shall have two companions being common Donkeys.

The showing of his remorse came a bit too late, as Blackie walked away from his friend, as past the Monk standing beside his donkey. As with his donkey like penis erection wagging with every stride step taken, the sensations offered a sense of dread flowing through his body. The awful feeling only helped the changes to continue affecting more of his bodily self.

Blondie donkey turned his head, he seeing his dear friend mulling the thoughts from a fuller realization of self, caused initially by their dire mockery. A soft as calling bray issued the beginning of each friend braying to his friend, they sad began crying, as to plead of one asking the other to forgive, as the Blonde friend held a wish he could forever stay, as is a donkey.

Wagging tails swished into the air the stout sour smell of sweaty donkeys on a hot as humid a day in Rome, Italy. Blackie brayed to Blondie and he back at his friend, both and neither held a thought as to the more they brayed, the further their changing then to become as donkeys.

Both began tottering and unable to stay upright on two hide shaped legs. They fell forward, crashing with a harsh wham, as what were human fists had changed to become their solid fore hoofs, three then donkeys standing on a cobblestone street.

Again, the Monk wrapped his red rope cord about two fur-covered necks as the two young men stood horrified at the knowledge they had changed into being real Donkeys. As with a snug hold on the rope, giving it a hard twist, reminding them how each friend were then as animals, common beasts of burden, and there for use as if they were born to be such.

Three varied male donkeys stood there sporting each a male erection, all knew the scent of the others. While the two newer to the breed reeled mentally with the pains of change, the Monk reminded them to keep in mind any a wish to be again a human and of returning home, and of loved ones. He warned them their only way to show complete repentance and a speedy return to being again human, depended upon their living a moral and respectful lifestyle for twelve difficult months.

Knowing of what they were and felt, told how they would work, live and do as does a donkey, to gain pardon from a bestial prison, they needed to strive diligently from giving in to the lust of their beastly flesh.

The Monk gave them some words of knowledge, telling of how donkey males, they both still being as Jacks would feel the lust and longings. They challenged by the evil forces to accept and acting, becoming animals wishing to breed as mate, and then becoming as if true-born lusty animals.

The Monk forewarned the two friends, as if to breed just once and their genitals would remain those of a donkey Jack. If foolish as to do it a second time, your mind and mentality shall degrade of knowledge, and then when returned to being human, leaving Rome, both go home being imbeciles.

Terrible possible the future if they or but one were to fornicate for a third time! The mating as do animals and breed, as from that moment on your body and life shall be that of a stud Donkey!"

They stood there as warned by the Monk, and as two changed young men stood as then donkeys, they did nod their heads in response to show they understood and would try to be worthy of becoming human.

As both donkeys listened and understood, as with changing the spreading fur coat had reached around their butts, causing strange sensations as an anus hidden from sun and weather, stood puckered out, black as sin, and placed under a tail but well in sight of all.

The horrible sensation of dread coupled with their change to being as male animals, both suddenly felt the wild sensation of their donkey size cocks as from the raw sensations they each become massively erect.

Friend eyed friend as each saw the other sporting a long black and brown spotted shaft. They turned to eye the other donkey cock up close. Donkey shaped heads ducked down; with one eye, they ogled the huge cock of the other. Each began to work his monster erection, as some instinct told them to raise it up, bumping into furry belly as both became enthused with the pangs of donkey lust, each having his first sense of bestial desire. Slapping and banging their enhanced male organs brought on instinctive ideas, lusty male animal passions to feel this thing buried sheath deep in some hot tunnel.

Wagging their erection only proved to bring on a mutual climax, as then standing with both donkey bodies stretched out long, cocks flagging and they were rigidly long, the both felt themselves ejaculating out a massive load.

Time for pleading and begging for mercy was past, the erections and the resulting spasms did the final trick, making of the two as fully changed and standing donkeys, one being Blonde of color, and his friend as being all black.

Both friends stood feeling their new bestial sense of depravity, knowing of their status as beasts of burden. Each in his own mind was terrified and knowing the sexual passion they had just experienced, their fear for the building insatiable want to doing it for real, struggled with the thought of refraining seemed an impossible task.

Tails wagged with frenzy, as human minds knew they stood held inside sensually imposing male animal bodies, this making them want to run away and hide.

So afraid were they of the Monk, both wanted to express their fear as braying in unison seemed to make them forget they were friends, both as Jacks they saw then the other as competition.

As they both knew the other Donkey was a friend, they both felt a need to battle for the right of domination. Suddenly one reached out and took a nip at the other donkey still erect shaft. They fighting donkey style while turning their rumps at the other, they lashed out with brutal kicks, both braying at the top of the lungs, causing the Monk to smile.

Horrible sounds of ribs cracking as flying hooves slammed home the feelings of hatred one donkey jack had for the other. Moans and groans of discomfort echoed the alley, as two who were friends for years, stood battling as donkey instincts and lusty thoughts of bestial passion incinerated two human personalities.

The Monk reminded his young males as well to refrain from any female gender of their new species. Warning, he spoke of the likely consequences, if they would breed. The mating of three times by either or both would doom them to being as animals, permanently.

As two human minds had a moment of peace and rational thought, they stopped fighting. Tranquil then but as donkeys, they walked beside the Monk to where he led them and sold then to their new master!

Blackie struggled and remained diligent to his promise as wish to be again a human, a man, and walk uprightly. Blondie held to his fun fantasy wish, and when away from his friend he did indulge, fornicating with female and then males of his species, dooming them both to living their shorter lives being animals, while knowing of their coming doom.




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