Oh Brother !

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Notice: This story was written for the TF fans and may not be worthwhile reading by any critical literary purist…


We were the two sons of our farmer father. Me being on the straight and narrow, but my brother Charlie, he became as a mind and life perverted of desire, the reason for this came on after he witnessed a farm stallion breeding a mare. I was there helping father when Charlie came to watch. When first I saw him standing there he had an evil grin, as he gained a passion, then and after for watching equines mate.


Our father had a hope that Charlie wanted to take on some farm responsibilities, and assigned him to help me with the breeding of horses. I knew better what Charlie liked, as early on he liked to get very close to the brutal action happening. It happened then on our first venture of mating two draft horses that when the stallion dismounted, Charlie was there close up and caught spewed horse semen all over his face.

When the sudden spurt of semen hit him, he wiped off with the sleeve of his shirt. He then sniffed of his shirt then found the scent of the semen as something quite provocative. So enticed he was by the smell, the next breeding session he got right close to a stallion mating, he placed his face just inches for the action. This ideal got him what he wished for then, as the orgasmic surge blast from out from the mare vulva, drenching Charlie about his face, neck, and chest.

Charlie stood there laughing hysterically as he was literally drenched in ejaculated horse semen, sloppy goo made from the blending by mare vagina juices. My foolish brother coated with semen and yuck smiled at me. Coated in what if on me would be a vile stench, Charlie elated, turned and walked away smiling. Ignoring any though as to his personal hygiene, my brother walked away to lie down under a maple tree, where he took a horse scent nap!

I decided to ignore Charlie and let him nap. When he awoke in was late afternoon and the sunny sunshine had dried the semen on his face, neck, and like starched his shirt stiff. He panicked upon discovering his eyelids were stuck shut, the dried semen clinging to eye lashes and having puddle, were caked to his peach-fuzzy face. He looked as one encrusted mess from his head of hair, along his neck, shoulders, all plastered thickly by stallion semen. Charlie as much as blind screamed for help, and when help arrived it was our father who found his elder son looking unsightly.


Then some fatherly indignation raked Charlie verbally, no excuses would he listen to for what he knew his perverted son did for fun. It was from that situation our father knew best as of where his son truly belonged. Dad decided to send Charlie away. Thinking best to fight fiery perversion with an elder old horror of a woman we all knew, all respected. She the entire family feared enough not to get her pissed off at you, if you wanted to live to a ripe old age. Hers was a history of having had six husbands, as each after marrying her they all died by strange incidents. Our Uncle Arvin, a quiet type if friendly man, said or did something to anger Auntie, as what caused him to join the throngs of the known as missing. Just after two years to the day from Arvin having married our Auntie, he vanished, and was never seen or heard from again.


It was father alone who did the deciding to send Charlie away, he would go live with and do chores for Auntie Esmeralda, the elder sister to our father. I have vivid memories of the supposed tall tales father told me about his evil sister. According to father, when his sister and brothers lived with their parents, Esmeralda lorded over her brothers. She had befriended an old woman there in the village what taught her how to speak with the spirit realms and from it she gained powers what her brothers did not own.


Our sad mother did the honor of packing two suitcases of clothes for Charlie to take with him. She dared not speak a word of warning or a reminder to her son in front of our father, about Charlie being careful when Auntie was anywhere nearby. Our ages old Auntie was quite rich due to the wealth she attained from having so many husbands, as after they died their wealth was left to her, that being of everything they owned.


Mother stood waving her goodbye at the bus with Charlie aboard. He went without feeling any shame for his happy actions, likely he thought about his enjoying more of the same after he got to living at the estate of Aunt Esmeralda. The bus let Charlie off about a mile walk front the front gate to the massive estate our Auntie owned.


Charlie wrote back e-mails of his experiences while working for and being around Auntie.


The afternoon when he arrived to the front gates leading into the estate, he had to call the great house by an intercom for permission to enter the fenced property. As what Charlie wrote, his arrival at the estate it seemed more a prison, but after seeing the mansion, he thought the place was an asylum. He told of having a sensed fear when he stood on the grand front porch, only the sound of the wind in the tree tops and no birds singing, no happy sounds at all!


He thought then to ring the doorbell, only to have it answered by none-other than Aunt Esmeralda. His first sight of her made him shiver, as she seeing him sweating and acting nervous, caused her some humor and she stood there laughing at seeing Charlie.


Charlie wrote as to how she greeted him. “You all believe I am some kind of an evil and old horror, well I can be if need be!” Auntie said, as they met. Auntie had Charlie leave his suitcases by the front door before she took him on a personally conducted tour of the mansion. She informed my brother of two places he may not go, one being the mansion basement, and the other a room what she kept locked.


His point of view as of the mansion being an asylum built by horrors unknown, struck him when Auntie suggested Charlie should take a bath before afternoon tea time. She smiled her evil grin down at Charlie when she told him his bath was especially prepared and waiting for him in his upstairs bedroom.


Charlie said he did as told, not knowing what Auntie might insist of him to do while he need be there. Entering his bedroom he thought it looked like a room prepared for a six year old child. He undressed and walked naked into the bathroom when entering the room it felt overly warm and held a scent. The scent came from the bathroom it reminded Charlie of sweet hay as if in a stables. He found there an all to the ready operating surge-tub pulsing with looked like soapy water. Charlie felt kingly as had ideas then to relax and let the turbulent water soak away his fears.


What Charlie discovered was not a tub filled with soapy water, but with little water mixed to make a tub filled with thick slurry as of mostly equine semen. As he slipped into the tub the slickness of semen made the tub slippery. Charlie slid in as all of him went under the waves, eyes wide and mouth open, he said he swallowed a gallon of thick and slimy equine yuck.


He remembers rising up out of the water like some Moby dick whale broaching, splashing about in the very warm solution. Charlie told of his eyes burning, throat coated and a stomach full of semen mixed in water, as a moment after he surfaced to see something he never expected to see.


“Greeting young sir, I trust the bath is as something you consider as refreshing! Your Aunt ordered this prepared special for you to bathe or wallow in, liking to let it dry as become encrusted. The semen was the ejaculation collected from our stallions in the home stable, as well from a hundred other draft horse stallions, all blended, kept refrigerated until this morning when I had your bath prepared.


Madame requested that I come personally and apply this, a special toxin to aid in the fun your transition to residing here at her estate.” He who looked like a butler having said, he uncorked a small bottle, and poured out a honey-thick liquid, dribbling it into the bath tub with Charlie.


As the honey colored liquid blended into the semen and water, Charlie felt his skin to burn, his crotch to ache, and gained such an erection it hurt!


The butler then turned up the surge-pressure making Charlie sink to the bottom of the tub as the toxic waters boiled around him. Several times Charlie surfaced before he again sank and stated he nearly drowned. Finally, the tub drain opened and the watery contents drained way. When he lay there in the still slick tub, the Butler timely returned, as offering Charlie a towel to dry him, and something to use for stepping up as out from the tub.


Charlie said he expected to feel all sticky after his weird bath. He went to lie upon his bed, he being still naked, felt weary he went to sleep. My brother slept for two hours until waking to a surprise. When Charlie awoke he said how he felt warm, relaxed, and comfortable. Soon after waking, the butler walked into the bedroom and dropped at the foot end to the bed some appropriate clothing to wear when going downstairs.


“Your Aunt expects you to dress according to your status here while living under her roof!” The butler said, as Charlie felt no shame for his being naked. The butler acted like a real snob, he had no look of surprise from finding Charlie lying on his bed sleeping there butt-naked, especially after being given a bath in stallion semen.


He dressed accordingly to what his auntie wanted. Charlie went downstairs to meet an elder maid, she pointing the way for him joining his auntie. Walking out on the patio he saw the tea and cookies on a table between two chairs. Auntie was sitting and waiting for her nephew to come and sit beside her on the sun porch patio.


“A good afternoon young Charles, you look properly refreshed as dressed accordingly, due come and take a seat here on the patio for some tea and nourishing refreshments.” Auntie said to Charlie, as so he reported, and as he replied said, “Yes Auntie, as I should thank you for that interesting tainted bath. Would you care to tell me what the Butler added he said some special toxin to the water, it something special that I might like, like what?”


Smugly, Auntie replied, “Your father told me of how you like equine semen plastered on your face, in your hair. My wealth allows me to entertain my guests with whatever they like. I heard you slid beneath the waves, did you ingested any? What better way to welcome you here to my estate than give you a part of what you like so well from home. That said some refreshing tea and sweets, a good supper and a night’s rest. As come tomorrow the estate manager will assign you your duties, I trust you shall do as ordered and not require any further as unhappy reprisals on my part.”


Charlie drank what he told was sour tea and ate several of the sweet cookies, as Auntie sat and watched. He felt hungry from travelling and after swallowing some of that bath slurry, he wanted something else in him. As he munched Auntie sat watching him, she with smug little grin as if planning something diabolical.


Expecting something still, Charlie ate dinner later and retired to his bedroom where he slept until rising early come the next morning. He still felt sickly, his mind finding it hard to concentrate; as did his whole body have achiness all over.


He slid out of bed, as sat on the side of the bed, cradling his head in his hands. It was an hour of moaning groans coming out of him before he happened to look up, as see what he thought was a monster looking at him from near the bedroom closet.


What my brother saw was a reflection of his new and changed personal self. He stood up, but fell backward onto the bed. He laid there for a minute before again with a struggle tried to stand up. He felt strange and seeing then his legs, feet, even his toes had drastically changed during the long night of sound sleep. Charlie discovered that morning he had the hind legs of a pony. He had pony fur growing out of every pore in his skin all over his legs, butt, body, neck and about his face.


He feeling at his changed self noted how his pelvis had changed, grown slightly larger, as were his legs jointed differently, leaving him hunched forward when he wished to stand completely upright. He lifted and moved his very different hind-like legs, having pony feet, and hoofs. He was horrified, but with passing minutes his fear faded into feeling nervous and very horny.


Charlie noticed a glass jar setting on top of his bedroom dresser drawers. The jar had inside it a white cotton towel. He twisted open the jar lid and taking out the towel, he sniffed the rank musky scent. Instantly he recalled it as of mare vaginal juices, what a stallion likes to sniff as lick. It took but one sniff of the towel essence and Charlie felt his groin stir. Moaning and groaning he then realized his genitals were those similar to what a pony stallion too!


In the moments after sniffing the scented towel he gained an arousal. Charlie looked down to see he had a pony sheath. Huffed breaths he watched as the sheath stirred, and from it emerged the bluntly flat as un-circumcised head of a pony cock. He stood there feeling such a sense of lust while becoming aroused. He watched as his new cock rose up, extended some twenty inches long, having added girth, until fully up it arched out as upward. Charlie cradled his massive male organ feeling it as he had other time the brute stallion tool, the essence of what a stallion pony has as his male organ.


The towel filled the bedroom with its raw essence of sensual scent, much-too-much for Charlie to smell and not react as would a pony stallion. A wholly as unholy new manner of libido took control of the aroused penis, as my brother said he leaning against the dresser drawers began to thrust as if he were humping a pony mare. His blind sexual drive as desire urged from him to ejaculate. As Charlie stood there acting like a stallion pony masturbating, who should enter the bedroom but the butler.


“I was requested to check upon your progress Master Charles. I see the bath toxin worked well with the stallion semen, you doing, acting proper to your status, I should give you the congratulation sent by your Auntie, my Madame. Her wish was that you needed to expel all of what was your human semen by having masturbated. As you shall see why during the day working, the exercise continues your enhancements.” The butler said with a slight grin similar to that seen on Auntie.


“Once drained of any human traces, your genitals shall begin producing new semen, that of your equine nature, useful to you in your present change of species.


What you see as feel came from that toxin I brewed and added to your semen bath yesterday afternoon. According to Madame, what you enjoyed was watching stallions mate mares up close. The toxin will continue your’ changing of form and species, becoming if needed something I can make as quite permanent. What you feel and see are the physical changes beginning, trust me, more shall change during this your first day at work here at the estate!” The butler said, as smiling a grin, acted as if what he had done was not the first time he had tainted a bath tub, enjoying those tainted with such drastic a result.


Charlie could but stand and watch as his enhanced maleness slowly wither, it drawn back up, as inside the confines of its sheath. He said how he felt refreshed, taking note of feeling his ears growing then longer, pointed, and furry. Charlie said he had grown a mane on his neck too!


As he learned to walk taking long striding steps about his bedroom, he took an inventory of what had changed, he turning; looked at the mirror noticed his spine had grown a tail. His seeing the tail and feeling nervous by it being there, he found he could swish it, flick, or do a harsh swatting action useful for disturbing flies.


All fear from his changing had faded, replaced by a sense of masculine delight. He entered the bathroom again, and leaning with his hands on the countertop he stretched back his pony legs, and sniffed a head full of the mare-tainted towel. He thought to scream a hurrah, but he whinnied like a pony wanting to mate. Charlie recalled little, stated he could not remember much until after he had masturbated again. He remembers the bathroom mirror, the splatters and runny trails of semen he had just ejaculated giving him a greater sense of satisfaction.


It was then of what the butler returned to the bedroom, he carrying something and dropped across the bed foot-end.


Charlie seeing the something, he knew it was what a pony might consider as clothing. He reached for it and picked up the stylish black leather, and silver buckled pony bridle. Holding it as he looked at what he was expected to wear, he felt of the silver bit, and thought about what having reins meant for him.


Even before he could ask the butler about the reason for the bridle and bit, considering his head was not contoured properly to have it fit. The butler began to slip onto Charlie the bridle, as then the bit slid into the mouth of Charlie, he saw thousands of twinkling lights. It happened as the bridle slipped over his face and head, as the butler snuggled tight the straps through the buckles, Charlie rolled his lips back and screamed a shrill whinny.


A struggle ensued, but the butler won, and soon after, the man urged Charlie to stand up, as try and walk toward the full length mirror. What Charlie recalled seeing was his changed pony self. As if by some magic the addition of the bridle, the bit in his mouth, his body increasingly grew as changed. He was conforming to what our Auntie wanted for Charlie, he becoming outwardly then as is a real stallion pony.


“Well congratulations there Master Charles, anyone looking at you sees but a handsome roan red American Shetland breed of a stallion pony!” The butler announcing said, as much Charlie knew he should be afraid, he felt instead a sense of contentment, and to his delight from changing, he was a stallion!


I cannot imagine the whole of the actual scene and sensations what Charlie felt as he learned to deal with becoming an animal, he as a pony, a stallion his sensed instincts. He struggled still, stood with his pony mouth open and a wider tongue lolled over the bit placed inside his mouth.


“I know of your fascination and delight for watching up close as horses mate. Your Auntie informed me, but from my resources I gained knowledge and prepared for your arrival. Your Aunt Esmeralda has the knowledge and powers of a witch, but she asked me to take full control of her nephew upon his arrival. I am the butler here, but as well I am the devil-familiar sent to guide and if need be, govern what Madame thinks and makes as is then a new reality.”

Charlie had changed; he was to look at a red-roan stallion pony with two front leg white socks, and a white blaze along his face. When the devilish butler took hold the reins, Charlie recalls feeling a reinforced urge to follow. They walked out from what for one night was his bedroom, and to the service elevator, what brought them down to the first floor of the mansion.


When the elevator stopped, and the doors slid open, the butler handed the reins to another man. A tall as lanky a man looked at the butler and asked, “Is this the fellow what Madame wants me to train?”


“Yes,” replied the butler with a quick answer to an imposing question.


“He is to receive the normal training given to a teaser stallion. As after stallion Charlie has masturbated after aiding in several mares mating sessions, and then used for semen collecting, Madame wanted him stabled with the ponies, in pasture by day. He gets no special considerations given him. Madame plans him to remain in the stables as is until October, but that length of term may change!” Charlie recalled perfectly what the butler said, or anybody said about him while he had little else to remember with his instincts do the rest.


The tall man took Charlie in tow, as he walked Charlie, the man began to describe the training sessions, while in between the instructions given, as he continually apologized for what he must do!


When held reined in place, Charlie had to stand nearest the rear of a mare in her stall. He stood leaning forward, his muzzle and nostrils sniffing the scent tended to make the mare nervous and arouse Charlie until his erect cock hurt. He moaned, as tried to lick at the mare, she, her rump and vulva just out of reach. Frustrated, all he could do then was work his pony libido and masturbate away his feelings of great need. The stables manager-trainer made use of Charlie during the coming weeks. Charlie the inferior stallion worked at testing, teasing a mare of her willingness to be mated.


Happening at the final teaser session, Charlie managed to stretch his reins to finally breaking. Elated by his freedom, he stepped forward then to lap-lick at the mare, she spewing many squirts of her urine and weeping as winking her vaginal juices to tantalize Charlie. What she did was to further tempt Charlie into the wishful mindset of remaining permanently as is a pony at stud. He had begun his teaser status in May of that fateful year. Some three months later, he with what to him was his real of body and attitude toward being a pony stallion, the devilish butler asked Auntie to authorize for Charlie leased out to other stables as a breeder stud, and allowed to breed as should a young pony stallion. It was during those months and after, when in pasture that Charlie could not type to write me reports by e-mail. Though he was able to remember what he did and how much he enjoyed becoming a pony stallion.


I was there looking over the shoulder of father in September as he read the e-mailed report of how well Charlie was progressing. Auntie told of vivid oral pleasuring by the young stud with cute females. My brother was acting and being used as would a real-born stallion. When father told mother about how his sister had worked her magic on Charlie, mom cried. She argued some as what dad did, sending his son to her that witch. I knew more of what father wished of Auntie to do, both having a mutual hope. Father spoke to me, he being decided and hopeful of his sister that she would never send Charlie back home, except if he were still a mature pony, his form.

I was witness to later e-mails received by father, he signing the request for Auntie to begin a broad plan to grow my brother from being a pony, to becoming a medium size horse. Charlie soon then became as of the Haflinger breed. I read the private e-mails set to father, and his replies, asking to enhance Charlie, with hope that his mind would deteriorate into something bestial, as animalistic, and fully equine.


Weeks later a second notification arrived, was lying open of the farm office desk. In the report it was so noted that with Haflinger enhancing, Charlie acted as delighted having then a larger penis, sheath, and his testicles swollen of equal the size of baking potatoes. His hormone production tripled, the levels of testosterone soared, as my brother went sexually wild. Auntie told of Charlie growing, he molested a jennet donkey, two Welsh pony mares, and liked to sniff at the crotch of his Auntie Esmeralda. 


When in December of that fated year I walked away from home. I let my beard grow out, and used an assumed name; I applied for employment at the estate belonging to my old horror of an Aunt Esmeralda. Me being as one strong and healthy a young male human I was accepted and added to the common workforce there maintaining the estate. Then was the sixth month since Charlie arrived to the estate, the stables manager, a tall man, made mention about the Madame and some man conversing by phone, were of the same plan, as she should keep Charlie as a horse. Auntie had contacted the local authorities, the police, and reported my brother Charles as another on a growing list of missing persons.

January and then February I worked and resided there at the stables do the daily cleaning of stable stalls, who should I happen to hear as know his voice, then it was father. He came to the estate and the stables, entered walking and conversing with Aunt Esmeralda. He was there for what Auntie specified as the final christening enhancement what would change-grow my brother Charlie from his Haflinger stallion form, to becoming Draft-horse size Haflinger stallion. They chuckled when she suggested to soon then have Charlie gelded, assuring his change being permanent, and using him for a five-year plan beast of burden work.


Auntie told dad how she had approached Charlie, she informing him of most of her plan with the exception of where he would be then as gelded. She had him as begging for becoming more like a true born animal, a horse, stallion at stud. Auntie acted as if she held some gracious love for what Charlie would and wanted to become like, she said to father, “His hearing of my plans gave the lad something more to keep him thrilled.”

This was when I began to snoop, discovering much about what Auntie did to hide notable people wishing to slip from public scrutiny. She had several ways to help such people for a price, as after, when that said person discovered their form and future Auntie had a toxin put into their water buckets. Having seen it happen more than once, the brew when swallowed, said animal with a human mentality felt their memories fading, until they slipped into oblivions of complete animalistic ignorance.


I found the stash of poisons and toxins used by the orders of Auntie to her stables manager. I hoped to do my best with pouring an antidote into the water bucket given to Charlie when he nightly was returned to his stall. As after nine months of being an animal, the response to changing away from being equine began but happened very slowly. Charlie began to shrink, within a month his body mass and height was similar to that of a Haflinger pony.


Charlie noted when he became aroused as to how shorter he stood when close to a Haflinger mare.


Luckily, Aunt Esmeralda was away on a business trip, exploring property for permanent placement of those she aided into becoming as missing persons. It was May again before Auntie returned from her business matters, as she came looking for Charlie, I having placed him back with the ponies in pasture, she thought he had escaped.


Auntie became infuriated with her estate manager, and with my boss, both of which entered new as different forms standings, and assumed positions there on the estate.


I continued to give Charlie his twice weekly doses of the anti-toxin, as he continued to reduce in size and stature until one morning when I arrived to feed him, his bodily self was halfway to being facially human. It was then he tried to talk, to ask, as inquire, not knowing of for how long he was an animal.


Without any stables manager, I could work and do as much I felt pleased, as long as I did the chores, and not raise any suspicions. I kept Charlie secluded inside his box stall as he continued to show more reversal of his equine body to being somewhat human. I used a minor dose of one toxin mixed in his water, as it changed his body fur color to make him look like a Bay horse, his black horse hide remaining while he felt and looked different.


Charlie was by July standing often on his hind legs, he having reverted back to human shoulders, arms, but having fetlock joints and a solid hoof in place of what were his human hands. We talked and he told me of his hundreds of fun conquests with mares he bred as doing so kept him happy. As peach-fuzz replaced horse hair on his face, I could see human facial similarities returning. Though his face looked nothing like what it did when he was just my elder brother, it was a remarkable restructuring.


August and the estate gained a new estate manager, though I was sure he had no knowledge of what or by how Auntie gained her wealth, she used me to administer the toxins, affectively hiding people away from all humanity. He noted my loitering about the one box stall and he came checking, as met then Charlie. My brother had that affect on anyone seeing him, as he scared the man so bad, the boss fainted. I revived the boss and began informing him of what as happened so often there at the estate. Naturally, he called me a bold faced liar. I asked him to sit and listen while I explain and answer his questions.


He sat in the break room while I poured him a cup of coffee laced with a small amount of prepared toxin. He drank while I lectured him as how the boss lady did her deeds what seemed as if by magic. He listened, as what I said made sense from what he had seen and noticed the odd almost human kindness shown by some of the farm animals.


He finally stood up and walked away to tend to his projects with something to think about, while not knowing what he would see come the next morning in his bathroom mirror.


The next day, it was near to mid-morning our Mister Clark arrived in his big pickup truck. He drove into the stables and parked his truck in the main aisle. He then paged for me to come to the stables for a conference. When I arrived, I heard someone calling me to stables stall five. I went to the stall and opening the sliding door, I met my rather excited boss, he feeling as not looking like his usual self.


“Mister Clark, ah good morning sir, did you know you are naked?” I said, as well I knew he knew he was naked, and more than that he was furry from head to toes.


“What is this, look at me, this is what I woke up being, and since early this morning the fur flourished, spread to cover all of me, my ears have points, and my butt is growing a tail. You did this to me, to try and prove your accusations about my boss lady, she your Aunt.” Mister Clark said as he nervously stood there swishing his tail.


“I wanted to prove to you that what I said was in no way B.S. so I added some of the bovine toxin to your coffee, and well, how does it feel becoming a true bull?” I said as asked, as received an angry bull scowl, from my boss.


“You need not worry, the bovine enhancements will fade and disappear by this time next week, I suggest two things, you get secluded and wait, or remain here, as come near any cows and the sense of lust will have you fornicating your way into becoming our newest herd bull.” I said, as seemed to make the furry boss man angrier.


“I am lucky I am not married, though I think you are correct about the lustier feelings, I would like to go roam with the cattle!” Mister Clark said, and he with shifting eyes wanted to seek out the pasture where grazed the cattle.


A wealth of sensations began taunting Mr. Clark. The more he talked about his sensed wants; his changing maleness began to look like that of a bull. He paced about in that stall, as all the while I stood by and watched, seeing my boss appreciate his transforming of form, he talking about wanting to try his luck with a heifer.


The stables phone began to ring and I asked Mister Clark to stay put there in that stall. I went to answer the phone; it was the boss lady looking for Mister Clark, she having seen his truck coming up the front driveway.

By the time I hung up the phone and returned to stall five, Mister Clark was not there, but I heard something what suggested of trouble.


When after listening and following the noises, I found my boss man sheath deep inside the rump of a Holstein heifer. He stood hilted as it were, feeling his cock erection wander as delve, as it continued to be bottoming out. The heifer swooned, she not born a heifer either, was but another young person ordered into being changed by the spiteful stepmother. Mister Clark was near to insane as he continued his rutting the heifer cross-eyed, her vaginal muscles taking a firm grip on the invading shaft; she literally milked her bull lover of all he had to give of semen.

Screaming about his sexual triumph, Mister Clark spoke and mooed after he had dismounted the lusty heifer, his body feeling and showing extensive change-conforming to being each more like a bovine.

Mister Clark would not wait; he trotted away with anxious desires for finding another heifer or cow what would arouse his cock, he keeping it embedded deep. I found him as he combed his fingers through the curly locks of bull fur, and turning to me he offer his thanks, as he mooed. The sounds coming out of his throat issuing forth a duller moo failed to startle him as much as it did me. If the lady boss saw her new manager as changed and liking it, she would come after me, so I ran back to the big black pickup truck and drove away, exiting the estate, leaving there Charlie as possible my replacement,  and Mister Clark to whatever futures Auntie might plan.










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