Mystery Spot

Published: Jan 1st, 2012



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Series of 2012


While traveling through the Midwestern states along highway US-2, my friend Chris and I saw a place advertised as being a mystery spots. We talked about it, as in my travels during the late nineteen hundreds saw such odd places in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, but to see one still there, open for business and available to see, I said he should stop and see it.


When we arrived, the building was as all the others I remembered, it painted all black except for a large red circle where two doors were the entrance to a supposed mystery.

Chris had plans each day of driving some five hundred miles, he wishing to see four national parks while having two weeks to travel. He had passed two of the weird mystery spots advertisement billboards setting along the highway when seeing his third, Chris decided and felt duty-bound to stop and have a look-see.

He parked his S.U.V. in the lonely parking lot that late morning, his vehicle the only one there. Seeing not another car there, he began to argue with me; about stopping and that, this adventure was a waste of valuable time. Looking around, even I wondered why not a sole or even an employee had a car parked in the lot. Shrugging off all concerns, Chris in his normal manner walked boldly to the red doors and peeked inside. There to his surprise stood a man already on a pedestal stage, and seeing Chris enter, the man began introducing the exhibit.


We then stood there and gave listen to the orator, the man speaking said, “Come my friends and see one of the true wonders still around in this modern age!


Do come and enter through the chamber made of pure Alexandrite, a rare stone when found still of this massive size. Peer inside the dark purple arch; see how it glows with hundreds of shades in pretty purple. Now then, and by me adding some electrical pulsed charges creates a working miracle on those passing through the adjusted magnetic fields.


Come witness for yourselves the beauty and wonder which can be yours to see as walk into the arch and stand within the powerful spectrum. People only may walk inside the spectrum, as rational thinking beings can subsist, while animals, pets, or the like entering the field density, their little lives would end abruptly!


Chris was more the sucker to a mystic idea, and he steps forward and moves past the curtain. He entering the purple arch seemingly made with one solid piece of what looked as if it were made of rare Alexandrite. As we stood almost under the precious arch, we saw there waves of shimmering power tracing the facets within the stone arch.


"See as the waves of power dance before your eyes! Fear not, further to the center and see, as feel and know the wonders. Friends, see a sight looking back and outside the sphere of influencing power, seeing the world outside dance in an array of strange colors. See then too of those inside the arch as their own colored hues make for aurora flares which some say is their very souls. Feel the arch pulse of power within your own bodies, the electricity dancing, instilling to those mature enough an aroused sense of languishing sexual desire. Strange the miracle from within the stone as many boast of feeling gained as increased strength,” alleged the orator, he smiling, urging, acting as if by those entering he would profit greatly.

Chris and I stood inside the arch and began feeling his arms the skin tingling, as waves of electric power coursed to surround us, he speaking loudly stated having  a feeling as tickled by the waves of static power. As my head began to ache I stepped back outside from the stone arch and looking back at Chris still inside and mesmerized, what I saw happening scared me.


The power waves surged and moved around, in as through Chris, as I watched from outside the purple stone arch, saw Chris, his skeletal bones, as if  he had an ex-ray done to them. The sight within the electric fields added to Chris a personal glow, with variation of colors.

Pleased at this exhibit and the wonders he had seen Chris walked further inside, as into what he thought of as being the way to exit. As I watched, and Chris walked near to what seemed the far edge of the sphere of power, he stopped. As he stood, appeared as if stunned, he motioned for me to come back inside and enjoy what he originally thought was not worth his precious time to see.


As I then entered the huckster orator began to laugh. I soon stood just behind Chris, my eyes affected, head aching, stood there seeing of two soft hands slip out the sparking darkness and slip past the waistband of the jeans worn by Chris that day. He began moaning with seductive tones, as I watched the hands reach in as down and begin cupping as massaging his maleness.


He looking up from what we saw and he felt, suddenly there before him inside the arch, stood a pretty woman, she eying at him and having an alluring smile.

"Are you two together here today?" She asked more of Chris, saying so with a sassy tone in her voice, and a wonderful smile.

"No, I came with my always questioning friend to see the sights!" Chris replied, he pointing to me standing closer to the entrance side of the arch. Chris cast a gaze back in my direction, as he then looked down, likely feeling a stiffening arousal.

"Ignore him then, please do stay here a while longer, let me show you something few have seen and even fewer could or would know how to explain such an experience," she said, and spoke loud enough for me to easily hear her beckon to Chris. 


"I am Christopher Reid, but call me Chris," said my foolish friend, he as somewhat embarrassed, looked down at what she was doing to him, he of the two of us being normally the essence of a religious, moralistic an individual.

"Beth Anne…, please you address me as that, I prefer to be more informal. Do come, as let me show to you what you have not seen." Beth Anne said to Chris as he turned and looked at me with a sly grin. I saw him and her eyes having a glistening sparkle, giving me a sense she felt some annoyance I was there with Chris.


She then led Chris by pulling him with her hands about his maleness, walking further along as in deeper the arch toward a dark portal. As they walk ahead of me, her hands around his cock, Chris gives a look over his shoulder at me, seeing I was still following.


My watching of Chris and the young woman, I see her first fade into the darker dimly lighted section to an extending tunnel, she coaxing Chris along to go with her to a place she comments as being more private.

"Where are you taking me?" I heard Chris asking her, he saying it with a sense of urgency as then loudly in hope I could hear, as be a witness.

"To a window in time and to places and dimensions which few have seen and fewer would or some could wish to leave once they see it," she said as urged Chris along.

There from the darkness opened two doors, and behind them flared a reddish-orange brightness, as coming up through the arch, I felt a hot wind. I looking ahead saw Chris and her by his side, as dark shadowy silhouettes. Where they were seemingly standing looking to be a virtual roaring furnace, as came up behind them we heard the sounds of screams, as if of thousands upon tens of thousands of people. Chris turned to look at Beth Anne, then, as back toward me as he literally yelled, saying, “Of what is this?”

Chris suddenly hunched his stance as if she with her hands around his arousal did squeeze it, she staring down at him, she said loudly, “That is Hell!”

The horrid din of screaming people and the hot wind was enough to make Chris for sure and I as well to sweat. As then, Chris went to wipe the droplets of sweat from his forehead, she retracts one of her hands and stops him.

"Do not dare waste even a drop of your sweat less the Devil himself comes here and grabs you! Remember the old story that the road to Hell is broad. You stand here looking at a place made for those dead, but I have and can offer something much more thrilling, now come!" Beth Anne says as the two back away from the opening to a fiery furnace, the great doors close ever so slowly.

A few steps backing away, the two attached sensual enjoying turned as if able to follow along into another direction. I kept close to following behind Chris seeing as to where she was leading us, as an archway appeared, showing an entrance to a steaming jungle. Chris peered at what lay just past the archway, we feeling a cooler but warm a humid breeze what cooled our sweaty skin, giving a clammy feeling instead.

Beth Anne points to a moving bush as out from the brush strode a family unit of great apes. The large male struts along in the lead, as several females waddle along behind.

”This was your species most early beginnings,” said Beth Anne.

Chris watched as the apes stopped to nibble on leaves and berries. As Chris leaned out past the edge of the arched opening to look and see the scene, Beth Anne asked him a question. She saying, and the echo of her words returned up the tunnel to me as I heard her say, “If what you see here you find as interesting, if so, all you need do is to step forward, enter the scene and physically join the happy throng below."

Chris turned and looked at Beth Anne. "Say I would do and step into the scene what then?"

She smiled as said, “Then Christopher Reid will cease to exist, and a new as young ape shall live as part of the jungle!”

Chris stood looking at her as if she was just plain crazy. His face and eyes told all as Beth Anne started to coax, pull, as manipulate him into the scene. “So, in you go Chris, go and become another great ape,” she said as implored Chris to enter and lose all he was as would be or might own.


Chris dug his fingers at the edge to the scene, fearful of what he saw could become as his reality of a body and life changed as horrid.

"No, no, stop pushing or shoving me into there, I feel no want to be some dirty, stupid Ape," said Chris as Beth Anne had him at the very edge of the jungle scene.

Suddenly from below came a thrashing sound as both Beth Anne and Chris stepped back and stood watching. Bursting out of the brush strode a large male ape. The animal stopped and stared, cocking its head before with a leap forward he jumped to within inches from able to reach and touch a scared Chris.

"Hello Beth Anne," said the Ape speaking with perfectly annunciated English language.

"Roger," replied Beth Anne.

Chris looked at Beth Anne, then to the Ape named Roger, then back to Beth Anne.

"This scene is quite full, we need no more Apes, Beth Anne," said Roger.

"Roger…" said Chris in a questioning voice.

"Yup, that was my name then about four years back before she pushed me into this jungle scene. Since then, the scene takes control, as I have strained hard to keep my memories and the facilities of my human past.


Now, as what you see I am a great Ape, living daily in this jungle mountain scene! I do, as would a born Ape, eating and the other requirements of living. I am prone to find my delights with pleasuring of seven females, they provided by our mutual friend Beth Anne.


So dear girl, please let this one go or go elsewhere as I need no other male to fight with to try as keep my harem, is that ok with you," said as asked Roger.

Beth Anne pulled on Chris, at his shirtsleeve and beckoned him to walk along, they returning to the more lighted tunnel.

"Good Bye Beth Anne, you… dirty bitch," yelled Roger.

“You are OK Roger, and a sincere no thanks, I hate the flavor of bananas!” Chris said, he acting with his usual comic manner in the face of some disgusting situation.

Beth Anne drew him as us stunned by hearing her victim make such a nonchalant nasty a remark. She stood gawking at Chris, saying after a moment said to him, “I could offer you something equally special, I do this for a dire reason, so please do not think me to be plum crazy!

"Come please; let me show you another scene which might be of interest!" I heard Beth Anne ask Chris, as he turned to look back at where I was standing safer as closer to the way outside the purple tunnel.


I could imagine why Chris was not willing to be a gorilla and spend his life scratching, picking at his anus and peeling Bananas. He was no fool for a pretty face, as having seen enough, he did jerk his arm away from her grasp. She had then a look of fearful, her mouth slid into making a broad, sly smile.

Turning, my friend Chris decided to run back up the tunnel. He put one foot in front of the other, jogging as then running. As he ran, the tunnel walls burst forth-lighted windows to various possible forms and lifestyles, all dooms and permanent. Faster and faster, he ran away, leaving me then closer to Beth Anne, as she just stood there, eying me with her nasty smile.

The Jungle scene flickered dark, as I standing with this strange young woman felt her hands slide in as down and begin fondling my genitals as ahead a lighted window scene showed a Satiric orgy. We, she and I stood there at the precipice to the arch tunnel as from the debauchery stood up and walking toward me was a very alluring Grecian goat Satyress, she hand beckoning me to join the throng.


Such was a slender and lovely a nimble creature that Satyress. She stepped to stand so close I could feel her breath on my face, sniffed at her sweet musky smell, saw her eyes look into mine, as she said to surprise me, “You look to be middle aged, so I urge you to reconsider, and not enter this scene. Your age shall become your indignant doom, as anyone older than thirty who comes here enters in then the form of a whole goat form.


If you wish to become a big balled, long as narrow cocked male goat, then come ahead and expect to live an eternity of mating doe goats in exceptionally bestial methods.


If not or otherwise, I suggest you move on, look elsewhere, the next scene is as open to new guests of varied ideas.”


I stepped back and away but seeing she the goat Satyress form I stood wishing somehow I could join her, being a satyr, as her body, her groin begged to be fucked!


When with walking away I watched, saw the scene darkened and she there disappeared into her world, I stumbled along letting Beth Anne the devil move us onward.


“Bob,” I heard Chris yell, as he had reentered the purple stone tunnel and was running toward me, as various scene window lit and lighted, showed a visitor the possibilities for them if they were to enter a scene.


I turned then in proper timing to see Chris, he standing at the satyr scene window, had she there standing snug before him. I stopped, stood and watched, seemingly knowing what was to happen. Chris my protégée’ friend was twenty-some years my younger his age. He to her was a greater allurement, she did more than stick her hands down the front of his pants, she undid his belt, unsnapped his pants, and helped Chris undress before he should gain permanent entrance to her scene.


Once my young friend stood disarrayed from his clothing, the Satyress fondled him aroused and his male member to stand fully erect. She knelt before him and with her tongue; she licked at and guided his penis inside her mouth as she sucked on it.


Chris stood there not inside but properly prepped to enter, as she the Satyress suckled on him, he shivered and danced a jig of excitement, wishing to enter the scene.


“Forgive me my old friend, live your thrill!” Chris said, his last words to me, as she the Satyress drew back and off from his penis with her mouth, leaving Chris with a penis of added inches in length, had with it all an upturn to it, similar to those penises of a male goat.


She the Satyress stepped close up to Chris and she guided with her hands his new shaft to slide in, entering her vagina, she hugging him snugly to her, they walked together into the satyr scene. At that moment she led Chris inside her scene, I saw his full form change, he becoming an all furry, all black, satyr, having black horns, yellow eyes, and a happy wiggling goat tail.


My friend was gone, moved on into a different form and newer life, leaving me to explain where he went while knowing not a sole person would believe me.


“Come with me,” Beth Anne said, she walking beside me, holding my hand and not leading me along by the grip to my maleness.


We walked along the tunnel where the walls became exceedingly warm to the touch.


A ways further and we walked up to a lighted scene offering a barnyard and children playing with their dog. The scene and its offering of peaceful tranquility were anything but a truth. Seen by me was a corral and inside it stood cattle, as all eyes looked at the outsider, as some mooed to beckon, others tried to scream as ward away another fool.


I looked around the scene using one hand to hold at the arch, lest pushed into the scene and become something of which I was not born to become as live my life. The brightly lit afternoon scene had with it a refreshing cool breeze. A look at the peaceful scene what kept coming closer to me was the barking dog, and without a word from Beth Anne the devil, I thought my entering the scene might end up being another dog.


I backed away from the farm scene and the window returned to being dark.

The next window lit directly behind me, as turning to see it, I saw my bedroom when a teenager living at home. The room, the painted walls, the floor carpet, it was as if I had just left it. As there on what seemed his desk set a computer operating, and I stood leaning close, straining my see what the screen was scrolling though a site. One such site I remembered well was that of the, “If wishers were horses,” something I discovered some years hence and liked to visit and read sexy stories about people living as transformed.

"No, no," I yelled, “That can not be my room!”


As the computer monitor played onward printed stories of people becoming horses, who should walk into the bedroom scene, not my father or mother, but Chris in his black satyr form.


“Come Bob, this is what you always wanted, see here your room as you told me it was, and of having your first computer, massive the thing, it foretells of various transforming stories you liked and if you came here and now, you could chose one of them to be your own doom.” Chris said, as from the outer hallway she his Satyress lover strode stepping into the bedroom scene. Her coming there, the two of them sprawled unto my bed and she atop Chris helped him to begin thrusting, they enjoying sex as I stood there considering my gains if I entered the scene.


Beth Anne the devil was patient with me, allowing me to look at the screen, while watching of Chris as he got his thrill having wild sex with a lusty looking Satyress.


“Humph, humph, humph…, Chris said as he thrust harshly, surging his bent cock up as deep within the satyr female. “Man, you need come and try her, she has such moves, she does a twist and I get immediately hard.


Re…remember, humph, when you were younger and sat at your computer looking at zebras. Their long as black cocks, and their huge balls, you wondered then if offered, you might like living that way, as oh, oh-ah, oh wow another massive a climax, Carla, you must have a full vagina now!


Please dearest, do get up and off from me, start the genetic emitter, and produce for my friend she who he met and liked so well.


Carla the sexy Satyress got up, letting slide from her slick pussy a glistening red snake of a goat penis slide out from her vagina. I watched as eyed her walking on cloven hooves as across the bedroom floor as stringy trails of semen leaked out her vaginal slit. She did not sit on the secretarial chair there by the computer, but leaned over forward, showing me her flat rump, udder, and a reddish brown colored anus.


As she typed with her nimble fingers at the keyboard the machine hummed, lights flashed, a green sprinkling of rays began building on that bedroom like floor the form of a pony-woman.


“No, no, no, I did not and do not want to become sexual fodder for she-devil monsters!” I yelled and backed away from the bedroom scene, leaving all there to frolic on in the dark.


Scared and not thinking, I began to run, but ran further as deeper into the eternal tunnel.


I running did yell, “Is there never a way out.”

Then there lit the next window presented its offering, as I stopped after hearing a man as if screaming in pain, the sound of him echoed out into the tunnel. A South sea island, a fort-fenced house with several buildings all painted white. The outside of the fortress stood there a crowd of creatures’ half man, half-animal, they sauntered about growling, squealing, and barking as if angered.

Screaming continued as the scene changed to one inside the fort. I watched, seeing a young woman, she was walking about as if seemingly nerved by the man screaming. She stopped, stood there just inches from where I stood watching, as she said, "Please sir help me escape from here, or I as then maybe you might be next!"

I felt like offering her a hand up as out and away from her predicament there in that scene. As just then, the view of the scene changed to showing me a security guard helping a dark figure off the exam table, and walk into a steel barred cell. A tall lanky man stood in a white Lab coat and black dress pants, as he stood there holding a syringe, was filling it while I watched and he looking toward me.


“Welcome, please come and lay down on the exam table! I have for you prepared something here which will give you the vitality and bodily strength of a Buffalo,” said the obvious Doctor.


Then the other man chimed in and with a sad look offered his wisdom. "Sure come in, lie down, and let the doctor show you how you need to live and learn what it is like being a Buffalo, because that is just what you will then be as was this other fool!"

Looking around I shook my head and backed away from the window, the young woman pleading with me, as she then forcibly ushered to lie on the exam table, began screaming when the Doc administered to her the prepared injection.


It is almost as if magic, what you see here now on this examination table, shall change and evolving, becoming a lovely brute American Bison Buffalo cow. She with he who is in the changing cell presently, I plan to use them as parental specimens of a new herd.


This is where most of those who enter a scene gain their physical form changing chemicals. It is easy for me with what I know and have created to produce in days what to other scientists may consume years of diligent but ineffective research work.


My two parental buffalos as finished their new beginning, I have here some of the previously inoculated. Walk with me, said the scientist, and as he moves the view to the scene moves to follow him. He walks across the operating room, to open a door, as walk down a long and dark hallway to open a pair of doors and set inside a darkened room.


Once again, another view from the arch-window opens to show a rocky scene of a cliff, with mountains all around, and crags of rock. Suddenly from out of sight came a small herd of Mountain goats, seemingly all being nannies, they gathering in a group to stand before me gawking.


A mature large black doe goat jumped from rock to a crag and stood there just a few feet from me. She looked first to the scientist and then to me, as she opened up her mouth and said so perfectly in English, “Oh dear sir, please come, we all are in need of one sound male Billy, something the doctor could change you to become, as then being one of us but male, you could ease our passions."

"No, nope," was all I said or could offer as my reply, as goats I the forefront began nibbling at my pant cuffs, trying desperately to make me fall into their scene, and help effect  a change in their pain.


I stood there wondering if this place ever had an end. A look back saw Beth Anne smile at me, and she looking off as back up the dark tunnel. A fearful thought as if the arch had become a circled tunnel, where I alone would return to what was a messed up, mixed up life.

A doe goat leaped, and she with her opened mouth grabbed at, bit down, as took hold my belt buckle, and her weight tended to draw me off balance, I was dragged forward. A blink of light and I had entered the scene. The herd of goat leaped all over each other to get at me, they biting, snagged at my clothing, ripped, tore, and ate away reveling all of me to their delighted attentions. As the goat maligned me, the scientist saw his chance and I felt two, or three injections poked into my body.


As if out of honor to the scientist the herd slackened their intents upon me, and I in a scramble got up and ran. Running with the fear of what might happen to me, I ran fast, my heart, lungs, the whole metabolism of me struggling to retain me as a human caused just the opposite.


Running, hiding, peering out at the short doe goats, I hid as they sought to sniff the breeze for which direction I had gone. I knelt down and relaxed for a moment, wondering how if possible, I might find my way back to the purple tunnel and to the parked vehicle.     


Then the reality struck again, I was naked, my clothing, wallet, even the car keys the doe goats removed, ate or lay strewn around where they had first attacked me. As something odd though I was naked, I felt relatively comfortable being so, the reason why as then not apparent.


Peering out from the thicket where I hid, I saw the doe herd wandering off in the direction of the walled compound.


I relaxed and lay back on the ground, as in a moment sleep captured me and I was at peace. Peaceful the slumbering, yet the mind awake, alert, was wrought with enzymes injected, not the usual chemicals of my body. How long was I asleep, I could not be sure, but during that peaceful resting, my skin changed and fur grew to cover me from head to stiffening toes.


Seeing furriness, I said “No, and then said it louder, “No, as louder still I yelled from my anger, No!”


Goats have big ears and hear well, they heard me, deciphered the direction of the sounds, and rushed wildly toward where I by then stood combing fingers through thickening fur.


I heard the thunder of small hooves galloping getting closer, and knew they had found me. As much as I disliked what I saw my body becoming, the recent memories of lust-hungry tongues and weeping want filled vaginas said that life there would be the male ideal to living on an island with Amazon women and me the only man.


Ideologies put aside, I stood up and let them see me, they coming to crowd around me, and me letting them do whatever they could to beckon the attentions of a big buck.


Giving in to giving up what all I attained from so many years employed, I decided to stay, to live and feel love, even if done in a bestial fashion.


My fur was just the beginning traits I gained, as soft tissue things changed first, and skeletal changed secondarily.


As my legs conformed to become hind leg configuration, and toes merged to become cloven hooves, I felt headaches foretelling of a cranium getting smaller, and a jaw, teeth, and nasal passages becoming that like a goat.


When the legs, pelvis, and spine had changed, the narrowing of shoulders drew the changing method to induce arms, hands, as fingers to all become goat-like. As of into my third week of living the crude life of a Billy goat sire, I began walking on all fours, having then four legs, I thought to as why not? As horns sprouted there happened a thought of their roots entering the brain, headaches at the temples were a definite reminder.


Weeks and months later make Bob to become a dull lover of goats and bovine traits.


No matter the losses and gain of a sensual lifestyle, I have my druthers dealing with lying around and chewing cud, yuck!



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