Met My True Love

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 30th, 2015


Driving at night on a lonely Dakota highway and a furry woman runs across the road...


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“Erg… what the hell is that?”

Driving the long as straight west to easterly road through Manitoba, as on a dark, moonless and foggy a night, what I saw was something so weird that it scared me to swerve as not to hit it and losing control I drove into a ten foot deep drainage ditch beside the road.
A long moment of stunned thoughts and I unlatched the drivers door to plan to get out when from the angle of my car I literally fell out the vehicle and landed face down in a small stream. The cold water stimulated me to stand up, as I staggered, grabbing hold of the car front fender I took two steps before I fell again.

Suddenly, I felt as not so alone there, and having seen something in the running across the road had gotten me in a mess. I turned my head to look up and along the embankment to see there…, cloven hooves in the residual light from my car headlights.

“Duh, oh my!”

Stunned by the swerving, the fall into the stream, the falling to the ground and then to see those hooves, as animal feet with me there alone and in the nighttime.

I am sorry, are you bad hurt, bleeding at all, I am sorry, I did not pay proper attention to anything but what might be chasing after me, and then there was your car.” She said, she with a lovely as soft sounding, seemingly caring voice, I was full of wonder then of what I was looking at!

As I struggled then to sit up and seated, leaned up against the front bumper and grill of my car as to see something unmentionable!

“What the…”

There then in the glow of my car headlights was more of the creature I was sure I had seen running across the road. What I gawked at was thick furred calves, knees, thighs, a short tail, and as well two hands quite deformed in the literal sense, as they seemingly protecting, or trying to cover a fur surrounded vagina.

“Please forgive my strange appearance, but it is from what that man did to me I am on the run, hiding, and tending to my new needs of this deranged a body.” She said, as said what I a witness to her, I would agree.

Stunned, my seeing her, as what caught my eyes and imagination too, I reached up as forward a hand to poke two fingers inside what I still though was some wet dreamy mirage.

My poke met a sensation of warmth, as well a moist slickness, and coarse feeling fur, as I said, “Excuse me, but I needed to know that you were real!”

Her hearing my fool remark made by me she laughed.

For good reason I cautiously raised my head and the field of vision to see her face?

“Oh my…, what are, those are the largest, longest, I am sorry, please do not hurt me!”

Her smile on thick black lips of a human nose and mouth partially merged to form a rudimentary muzzle, obviously capable to smile and allow her to talk. She was slinky her hourglass form, but her breasts, where so enlarged, and the nipples looked like small cow teats, had me wishing to suckle on them.

I know I stared up as seeing her, she being beautiful if as well animalistic some of her form. Her deep as dark cow eyes were alluring too!

I almost laughed when I saw her cow ears wobble, she too smiled at understanding my thoughts, as announced to me then said, “Before you ask, I am what is termed a Bison-woman, the prospect of an experiment what if I stayed there, come next month he would turn me out to the pasture and have me graze before learning to mate with a bull.

Eventually, I was to become as part of a bison herd, or after allowing him to mate with me to seek his thrills with yet another prodigy of his extreme scientific abilities. When he came at me wagging his enhanced length of human penis I slugged him in the jaw, likely injuring him, maybe killing him, I would hope!”

She pulled my fingers from out of her vagina and kneeling down; she came close and looked me in the face.

She, as closer had a beauty about her, as when she were all woman she was something very striking to see as well be near.

“If you uninjured and able to drive you car, I am able to help push it back up onto the road surface.” She said as offered, and as much as I wanted to have her help, I wanted to help her escape the evil man.

As she leaned forward more and cupping her half hoofed hands under my arms to help lift me to standing, her face mesmerized me. I lost track to all thought except that of as her breasts came close and those nipples brushed against my face, I felt duty-bound to try and suckle.

“Really, you too…, well if the need is great, then suckle and let me mother you!”

“Mau…ther me,”
I said I asking as what she meant or implied?”

“Ted, my ex-husband who came along as traveled with me, as he did suckle me too! His drinking my tainted breasts and the fouled my breast milk, infected him with bovine Bison serum. He being more the college athlete the serum worked faster, accentuating his transition from human to be a bison bull calf.”

Unable to hold back, I suckled on her big nipple, mouthing it, licking it, and suckling from it an oily milk that coated the inside of my mouth, throat, and upset my stomach. Luckily no other cars came past on that lonely stretch of road. I suckled both her tits dry, and feel full as well oddly sick; she did something I never expected.

“Would you care to be a good by and be of help to me?”

“What can I do for you?”
I asked her.

“This, it needs a thorough tongue licked cleaning, eat me out!”

Stunned at the thought of her wish, I eyed it closely. When then all I could see was fur and her labia lips what were winking as if to entice, they movement drew me closer. I reached forth my tongue and when it entered her my mouth lips touch her nether lips the suction and cleaning began in earnest.

Somewhere after I had tongue scooped clean her vagina, she helped push my car up as onto the roadway, she got inside, as laying the seat back, I drove, and we continued on to where I called home, the providence of Ontario, just outside the city of Sudbury.

She, her name being Monica, when feeling safe inside my car as I raced again along the road, she began telling of her experience. What she said of the man who had the intellect and formulated the means to process a person, changing them of form, of desires, until at some point during the transition they give up, give in, and begin living similar to the animal he chose for his victim to become.

Monica told of when she first met him, the story he wove seemed insincere of any true wants to help her plight, the before and after her husband succumbed to enjoyment of his new bestial desires.

She fought had with a dire wish to remain human, but found the chemicals used to begin the process as overwhelming.

“It was unpleasant the two phases of change, as what he explained that of the body being soft tissue begins first, and then comes the skeletal conforming.” Monica began to explain, telling of what happened to Ted and her while made sexual toys.

“Scream," I screamed and not a sole anywhere near that cared or had the ability to take pity of a person feeling their humanity draining from their body. He was no sweetheart! He would come and stand as watch, admiring his handiwork, prodding me to wish for what was as then something inevitable my transformation.

“Tell me you would rather join my herd and I shall administer something to relieve the tensions and quell your pain.” He said, he would stood bye and laughed when Ted knelt of furry knees and begged, pleaded of him not to do to him what he felt taking away his senses.

He taunted Ted, asking him to consider, telling him of his future life was easy time, surrounded by good companionship, and granted a wild thrill with every load of semen he would ejaculate inside a bison cow. Told as taunted of his coming time when he could then mate, fuck, me his ex-wife as then another bison cow.

As Ted changed and his penis protruded from his bovine furry sheath the man sprayed it with topical rush liquid, arousing him to where he screaming began to bellow a moo. Taunted as told his twenty some inches of bull cock would not then hurt me, as a bison cow can accept such length and girth into her vaginal depths. Ted hung for a while, hours actually, he having to deal with his chemically induced as charged passions. As much as he hated the thought of becoming as is an animal, his body continued to betray him by his continuing numbers of erections.

He would ask Ted about when we made love and suggest that after we were bison together, his long cock would not cause me hurt, and we would like doing it two or three times in quick successions of breeding. Told of and then constantly reminded of what a cow vagina was capable of doing to enhance the sensations while mated, as after a dozen times, the wow factor would still be there, as I would have ways to show him some fantastic new moves. As if when I were on all fours, covered in fur, my labia lips as weathered black leathery covering the inner sensual lining of my vagina, and come then I would be something special to behold.

She, she, what he meant was me, as I was present, stripped naked, lying on a hard gurney, strapped and bound to it, I had to lie there and listen to Ted groan, moan, and hear his sounds change slowly to low groaning moos. When Ted had passed some point of change where he could not fight it, that man, that evil man turned his attentions then upon me.

Lying there helpless, he began taunting me verbally, as seeing my firm manner of defiance, he then inserted what was a bison dildo into my vagina and began thrusting it in and out, over, and over so many times for so long until I stopped screaming and learned to obey him as moo for asking him to quit agitating my body to a dozen orgasms.

“Such muscular controls I shall gift to you, your vagina for example, has a grip to clench the imposed cock of a bull bison and stroke him as he is stroking inside of you, and it is something magnificent!”

As fur nearly exploded from out my skin and the skin changed, thickening, grew tough as is an animal hide, my delights came from a fan blowing down on me, tickling every one of the billions of new body hairs, distracting me from my will to fight him and his plan to dehumanize me completely.

Diabolical, as he said “You Monica were one sleek and slender a beautiful young woman. To behold you was what Ted liked to do, he babbled on about your snug pussy and how having sex with you was heavenly. You can have that back and more if you do as I say. You are gaining strength, in time body mass, as then his equal, both being strong, similar except of sexuality. He with his twenty six inches of mighty cock, as much entering you, and your clenching vaginal muscles being such, you could grasp him and if you want, crimp it, kink it, constrain him from spewing forth his semen!

Yes, that is being a brute animal, stronger in a dozen ways and more agile your bulk body than a lady wrestler, both then brutes, bestial, and too ignorant to appreciate the whole of your new found sensualities.”
As to that he would begin laughing hysterically, talking as if arguing pro and con what he was doing to us was for the betterment of science, or for his maniac sexual fun?

The term of change for Ted was a biblical forty days and nights of him either hung-strung up like a side of beef as he changed. Our bestial donor urged Ted to begin thinking of cows as females only. Ted struggled to maintain his senses, turning his head to look away from what that man would show on a large viewing screen. Ted continued to act in defiance when taunted told he would like to mate with cows. When frustrated by Ted, that evil man took a towel, and with Ted watching, he stuffed it into and inside a young bison cow cunt, letting her juices soak it.

Then withdrawing the towel, he came at Ted, flagging the rag as if to instill my beloved to want to smell the scent of a cow. When Ted defied all attempts for him to give the towel a sniff, the man accosted Ted, taking the towel and wrapping it around the head and over the nose and mouth of Ted so that if he were to breathe, every breath held there the scent of a cow.

I thought this man worked alone, but he had there his son, of whom he called to him as Billy, a name what the young man seemed to despise. I did not get to see him until Ted was removed from the laboratory and taken to the barn, a stall where he would complete his changing. Billy then did as instructed, he coming into my view, was to administer more injections to various places upon my body, his favorite being to inject into my breast nipples making them as you see they are now.

Billy, my seeing him told much why he acted as if doing his duties was done in protest. He too, a product of his father, changed to look like he were a Greek satyr, half human and half goat. His goatish self continually prodding the human half, as he coming close and placing an injection into the labia lips, he gained a goat buck erection and struggled to throttle it lest he use it and mate with helpless me on the gurney.

As I said he struggled with his gaining erections when around me, but later, he came willful and foaming at the mouth. He crawling up over me on the gurney and with his red cock he lowered himself, hand pointing his cock to slip inside of me. He then for hours lay missionary still mated in me until his father came to check on me, and sprayed ammonia on the bare anus of Billy.

Skin and fur, ears, nose, mouth, I gained a muzzle, my face partially disfigured, my human beauty almost erased. I grew a tail, the essence of becoming an animal to me in my mind. My breasts swelled, as why that man did not know, he expected them to diminish and reappear as an udder with four teats.

As my feet grew and changed, heels became as hind hocks, toes oozed a jell to form blunt clumps, generic hooves of what he filed and formed to be as they are presently. The headaches I felt he seemed to take humored interest until by rocking my head I discovered my new growths, horns!

Shortly after my horns sprouted did Billy return on night and did to me for the entire night his sexual lusts for sex and oral pleasures. He had finished with me and left when his father arrived and he began his plan of coaxing me to want sex as would a cow, an animal. That was when he displayed his tool. He had immunized his penis to grow, changed color, texture the skin and become the equal to a pony penis.

He then began breeding me, and felt or learned of his son having beaten him to the thrill, he untied me, and then I turned my hatred of him into actions. I put a cloven hoof into his groin and stomped flat his cock to the hardwood floor. As he lay there groaning I made my way outside his facility, leaping the chain-link fence with ease, I ran until we happened by luck to meet.

Her story held me in suspense as I drove, and arriving to where I called home, a bachelor household surrounded by woodland, it was very private, a perfect place for her and later, when I began feeling my passions to roam.

I felt considering her being so friendly to me, and what I saw myself entering of what she told me, as being the early stages of us mutually resembling each the other. Monica said as a reminder about my concern, us having a formal marriage was an unnecessary formality. I ultimately had to agree, as after forty days the infecting of me would complete my transition of specie change, making me a bison bull tended by an affectionate bison-woman

I am the new me, and I like it!  Art:



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