Memories Of Walt & Carol

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A farm and witches, what was likely to happen...


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(This story was not written for some Literary Citical Pureist to feel enthralled!)


A good day to you reverend, please excuse my drastically different from common lack of wearing apparel, my lifestyle is changing. I know why you came but from seeing, of what I have as became you can understand better my reasons for remaining in seclusion.


Please come in a have a seat in the living room while I get some coffee warming for refreshment. Yes, I can understand you curiosity and the reasons of what caused this change to my appearance. I shall begin with

Walt and I are good friends! He is a different sort, not like anyone I ever met until we met. Where should I begin, maybe I need to back up a couple of years and start at the beginning.


Marge, my wife and I decided to move from the city to the country. We looked at homes but Marge found a fixer-upper, at a cheap price. It was an old brick farmhouse with a single car garage and a pump house in the backyard. It has stood vacant for many years and looked like it too. We had fixed up our townhouse in the downtown, making it comfortable and increasing the value to where when I sold it, we could have bought an entire farm in the country.


We began working on the new-old homestead as time permitted, me working in the city, and Marge going to take care of our grand kids by day to let their parents go to work.


It was a Saturday and I was standing on an extension ladder fitting a new window and sash to replace a very old and deteriorated second floor bedroom window. When I would stop working and want to stretch a bit my arms from reaching, I stood there and admired the country scene around our home. That was when I heard angry voices of a man and a woman arguing.


As from my lofty perch I could see the two elderly people thrashing about through the bushes bordering our property, as from that of the nearby Centennial farm up the road about a half mile or so. Before we purchased the old house and the ten acres of property, I had ventured to the township hall and checked the taxation registry, learning of who would be our neighbors.


Imagine my dismay when told by a secretary there at the township hall that the Centennial farm was once the largest hog farm in the state of Wisconsin.


Such information required me to ask if the farm was still a working farm, as was there pigs bred and kept for final sale to meatpackers. The township supervisor laughed when I asked him about the farm. He informed me the place was a wreck, as owned still by Edith and Jack…, ah, there last name I forget! Well the couple I was informed were in their mid eighties, and kept but a few animals for the livery of the property. 


As from the top of my ladder, I stood there and watched as listened, able to see as hear the two people hunting about, the woman seemed as angry with her husband. About then Marge called up at me asking if I was where I could stop working and climb down to have lunch. I turned to face toward the ladder and climb down when coming from the Honeysuckle bushes hedgerow charge out this pig, a mammoth size pig, it as large as a medium size pony. The animal was quick and agile for such size, I thought then the pig must weigh in at more than five hundred pounds!


The big pig was there and gone again by the time I had stepped off the bottom wrung of my ladder.


Jack struggled with his wife Edith to then press their way out from the hedgerow and stood then as surprised, just gawking at me. I greeted them properly, as informed my two neighbors of my purchase of the old house, with plans to rejuvenate it and live there with my wife Marge.


Jack, a gauntly thin as tall a man, acted as a friendly neighbor should, as he greeted me and welcomed the wife, to our living in the country and me. Edith was not cordial, she a rotundas shaped woman, short, her breasts like large jugs acted to help her stay balanced due to her rump as large and protruding above fat thighs shoved snug fitted into blue jeans stretched to near bursting. That woman was on a hunt, and said she had no time to dilly-dally conversing with the city dweller hoy-palloy.


Jack apologized for his wife having poor manners. As Edith told her husband to walk on, and keep looking. I asked them as to what they were searching to find. Edith grumbled something what sounded as if unkindly, but her husband informed me they were seeking their runaway son, Walter.


That said and Jack with Edith scurried on past our house and off into the pucker brush.


At lunch, I told Marge of my meeting the elderly neighbors Jack and Edith. As I paused, Marge saw me smile, and asked as what was I thinking. “I cannot help but from meeting, and seeing Jack and Edith, as am reminded of the nursery rhythm of Jack Sprat!” Marge began then to chuckle. as I sat there with an impish grin, proud of my imagination.


I then as we were picking up the lunch dishes for washing them, I told Marge to watch, as the two searchers might come again through our property looking for their son shirker son Walter. When I had finished drying the dishes for Marge, she surprised me with her offering of some scratch-made red cake as a desert. Two pieces of cake later, I walked out the rear door to get back up on my ladder, and finish what I had started. It was then I heard something fall off a shelf in the garage.


I became curious, and walked into the open garage as came face-to-face with that huge pig.


I stood there stunned and properly scared of the huge beast, as it stood looking across at me, we stood there staring at one and the other for several long minutes.


“Get,” I said as if by my tone of voice could force the beast to get scared and run out from inside my garage. That was when I about fainted, as the pig rolled its lower jaw and with some peculiar tonguing it spoke to me.


“Please mister let me hide here, do not let dad or mom find me. My mom, she sees not her son but the money I would bring if sold to the auctioneer, and he would sell me for sure to the slaughter.”


I stood there stunned with a sense of horror for the youth, the pig.


Like most people, I never had a conversation with a pig before then. After a long minute of mutual silence, I said, “You can stay on my property if that would help, I will set out a bucket of water behind the garage for you to use to get a drink.” To that offer, he seemed pleased, as the large pig actually cracked a smile at me.


“So then, you must be Walter,” I asked, as feeling still scared of the huge beast, boy, non-human, I leaned then against the garage door sash to steady my stance.


“Yes sir, and of what you see here being me, must be difficult to believe. It is all too real my being…, a pig. I was not always like this, as like people I was born a boy, the one son to my then, loving parents.” The pig said, as he sighed and leaned back to sit on his round big butt.


As Walt sat his bulk self down to a sitting position, he holding his upper bulk still with stout fore legs propping his torso and head to remain partially upright. After having seen him run past me when I stood high up on my ladder, I had a quick look at his bulk, and part of his rump were two football size testicles protruding past his buttocks. His taking a seated position and sitting down on his big balls made think that might hurt.


Walt then began explaining his situation to me.


“I was ten years old when come Halloween I went with some friends trick or treating, and we being boys, did more tricks on neighbors than to ask for treats. Some neighbor saw my friends, and me she called my mother and complained. Mom became angry, and she can get really, very angry, especially of men in general, dad and I included.


That year was when I learned personally about my mother being in a secretive group, a coven! Our known family history dates back to Salem, Mass. As mom and her coven belong to an older historic lineage of women being as what she told me is the “Sisters of Circe.” As it happened first to me that Halloween night, we, five friends and I were darting about doing foolish stuff when friend Bobby, as then Andrew, Tye, Winston, and Kyle all suddenly collapsed to the ground and began convulsing.


I stood there helpless and not having a clue as to what I saw happening, but my friends, their faces became horridly contorted before their bodies began to change. There formed a greenish glowing halo about my friends as they looked to be in great pain, I saw them change, as in the span on a half hour of hellish agony they became then as buck goats.


Yes, goats and being goats their bodies matured due to their true ages, and became as goats ten years old. When their changing finished they stood up and all looked at me as if I had done it to them. The five sprouted horns out their heads and my friends became as wild animals, they filled with fear and hate, charged at me, as I turned and ran.


Back then, I was lean and agile and could run as run with great endurance. I ran with my bleating friends chasing me, but they soon stopped as I stopped, and watched as the five bucked friends stood sniffing the breeze. As one ran off, soon then followed the others as they, with me chasing them, ran to join a neighboring goat farm and mingled there with the herd of real born goats.


I ran home to a spiteful mother and a quiet father, as I told of what happened and mom seemed as not surprised, she acted rather pleased.


What I failed to tell my parents was of seeing bobby, he a dark brown furred goat when he mingled with the goatherd. He followed after then mounted as began mating with a large nanny goat. I felt stunned by his seemingly then perverted act of blatant sex with an animal, but it took my watching him breed with her before it struck me, he had become an animal, a goat, a buck, and then a herd sire.


The next day was a Saturday and no school, I finished my farm chores and went to the goat farm to try as explain to my friends, why they were then as goats. When I arrived to the farm, I was met by Misses Albert, she the wife to the owner. She said she was expecting me, and that my mother had called, and asked her to let me mingle with their goats.


I went straightway to the goat pasture and began wandering about looking for my friends, as they were all of the same coloring and easy to spot. When I found them, they were lying like goats and chewing their cuds. My five friends had around them about twenty some doe goats, they as their mated mates.


I started to explain what happened and that it was my mother who cursed them and not me. One of my friends stood up, as looked about to the other brown bucks as he then walked toward me. He was maybe twenty feet away when he lowered his head and charged at me, his right horn slamming me in my groin, making me double over in pain.


I fell to my knees and was groaning when my goatish friend approached as fawning his forelegs over my shoulders, did cock his head to gaze down at me, he let go then his bladder and urinated, he peed into my face.


My friends, the other brown bucks there then began bleating as sounding happy as of my being disgraced.


I got to my feet and turned as ran home. I never went back to plead or explain, as my friends had accepted their new forms and lifestyle, they were then just goats.


When I returned to school on the following Monday, the teacher, and the other pupils held not knowledge or a memory of Kyle, Bobby, Tye, Winston, or Andrew of ever being students at our school. Indeed, as I would learn, their entire history changed with their becoming goats.


I learned a terrible lesson and at a horrible cost to my friends.”


“Wow,” I said, as of what Walt told me. His story seemed oddly logical and from what Edith had said, or how she acted when searching about for Walt.


“I believe your story, but what about how you are now, you are…” I said.


“Me being a pig, a boar, with big… balls, yea I read your thoughts, what you wondered about me sitting on my big balls!” Walter said.


I apologized, but my new friend was in need of a safe haven, and took no offense of a manly concern to a sensitive body part.


“I was ten when I lost most of my friends to mother and her bewitching ways. After she knew, I knew about what she could, as would do to a person, as without a bit of remorse, her love for her son began to fade. She kept a keen eye about me for some years. As of what am I, it began after a family gathering where I met my cousin Alice.


 Alice was a real wow of an eighteen year old, more a woman than a teenage girl! We met and began conversing, but along in the learning about her, she had a demeaning set of ideals about us of the male gender. I felt as if she were leading me along to do something to as for her. I lowered my guard and she walked us away from the families to where alone she could get her kicks at my expense.


When she had walked us into a thicket, she smiling at me began to undress.


Me a teenage male and the usual attitude of a teen about wanting to try having sex, Alice being so forward astounded me. She approached a scared mouse that was I, as sunk her hands into my pants and fondled me into a fog of sexual lust.


To say what she had us do would be easier to list maybe what I failed to do, and that was to think about my future. I remember well being all over her, and she with me, we played her sex game so named as sixty-nine.


All the while I was aroused, my penis hard as a rock and thrusting she kept referring to me as her fun piggy boy. It never in my heat of sexual pleases did I think that Alice or her mother might be members of the coven my mother governed.


As I thrust into Alice, as her vagina seemed to tighten. However, of fact my penis was growing, changing, and becoming what Alice wanted to feel. We had wild sex together, she as much the animal as she was causing to happen with my genitals. When, after what was hours of frolicking sex she said she had had enough, I then had a moment to notice what was the new me.


Naturally, I was upset, though in a male teen way rather pleased with owning a boar sheath grown from just below my navel. I felt of the sheath and the simple touching to it brought forth a morbid looking, corkscrew shaped penis, and my permanent penis.


Alice saw my reaction to that sensual but ugly cockhead. She smiling and still naked did kneel before me and with both her hands she took to stroking of it. I gained a much longer an erection, it pulsed with my sense of passions, as from deep in my groin I felt a stirring.


One look to my groin I saw no testicles, but felt them as if there, so I sent a wandering hand to feel about as find. What I touched were two baseball big testicles stuck out behind as below my still human buttocks.


“My cute piggy boy,” Alice said to me, as if to help me recall the half dozen times during our sexual fun she made mention of me as her piggy boy.


Alice stood up as above me, she spread her legs and leaning forward, she pressed with her hands to her lower abdomen. As she compressed her tummy, out from her vagina oozed forth the semen I had for hours ejaculated inside her. To make my situation all the worse, she cupped a hand to gather her vagina discharge and my swinish semen. In a quick but decided move, Alice reached forward her cupped hand holding that goop. She went to smearing it about my groin and along my thighs, as trailing a smear of it over my sheath, encircling my navel.


As I sat there, I felt a need to scratch at what all itched. As from where Alice smeared her goop, I watched with a sense of forlorn horror, as pig bristles sprouted, grew to length, and began to flourish.


Alice got partially dressed but tore her blouse sleeve and ran off leaving one shoe and one sock there with me in that thicket.


I got dressed, but by the time I felt halfway comfortable wearing my clothes, the thicket spread open by strong arms of the father to Alice. She wanted to humiliate me into being totally submissive to her sexual whims. Alice had run back to the picnic area and reported her as raped, by me.


That day did not become a dastardly experience, even if my mother would never let me forget, nor would Alice. As Alice, when able to drive her own car came to visit me, and knew when my mother and father were away leaving me vulnerable.


Alice mesmerized me, as if I were of a thinking mindset would have thought to kill her, but I did as she wanted, and molested her like a boar pig. Each time when we would cease pleasuring her, she would collect her vaginal discharge and smear my untainted skin with that goop. As you can imagine the pig-bristles spread, as by the time I turned twenty-one I was bristles from the base of my neck to my toenails.


Alice came for a visit a day after my twenty-first birthday and after our hours of pleasing her ceased, I had grown a piggy tail, and my toenails had become cloven hoofs. My sex life and the times of pleasuring Alice continued according to her wants, and my physical demise. She arrived one afternoon as I had finished plowing the fields, as requested me to go with her. I stank but she seemed to relish my sweat. As she drove and I sat there mesmerized again, I think I was naked and masturbating.


As it happened, where she drove me I became the center attraction at a witchery Sabbath orgy. Alice took me first upon her as all watched and waited their turns. I rutted Alice like the pig she liked, and when done, I was reluctantly given then to some other witch for just whatever her lusty pleasures.


When I awoke I was all alone, the orgy and the witches, and Alice with her sports car had left me stranded. I knew I was many miles for home, and as I stood up I realized I had change, I was a boar pig!”


As with that all said, Walter sighed and closed his piggy eyes, as lowed his bulky self to the garage floor he went to sleep.


We had spent an hour or more as Walt told me much of the important points in his life story. I knew I best not try to explain my meeting Walt to the wife, as the story sounded like some erotic tall tale. Yet, there was no doubt in my mind as of me having a social conversation that afternoon with a pig.


There was something morbid but likable about Walt. The youth had come to accept what his witch cousin and the others in their coven made of him. I wanted in the worst way to here more of his story, but I needed to deal with problems in my life and our old house.


I owed up to my promise of letting Walt stay on my property, there was enough room for him to wander, run, and or hide if the need be. He foraged on what he would if residing at home with the exception I did not give him pig slop to eat. He said he rather missed that unsorted a meal!


As summer moved into fall season Marge and I moved into our old farmhouse dwelling, it fully repaired and weather worthy for the coming or winter. We began to meet local people and gain our own friends. Marge said she joined a quilting group of women to which I was surprised, my wife seemed more the preferring to remain alone type.


Walt and I became good friends, as I would tell the wife I was going for a walk and went to the back of our property to where I had built an oversized doghouse for Walt to get inside during foul weather.


We conversed often as Walt made me laugh at the situation he caused with Alice and later, when a pig, he sought her and they frolicked. She became obsessed with sexual pleasuring by a pig cock. She became weary of Walter and his sexual techniques.  She craved more sex and bought three real born pig boars for truly wild styles of sex pleasures.


Walt stayed with Alice at their small farm. She was by then again living alone after getting married, but became disenchanted with her handsome husband. She told Walt her horny story of how she took Mallard to a witchery orgy. As during the sexual frolic, a witch said that Mallard had the sexual style of a brute bull in rut. The witches found the thought as humorous, and began to spellbind him during their orgy.


He did as told and serviced the witches, only to awaken come the morning sunshine to help him realize his changed existence. A man held captive inside the head and body of a bovine animal, he then as a yearling size Brangus bull.


Walt told of what he had learned from Alice as Mallard wandered aimlessly as lost and far from home, he was a young bull. He had his full sensed awareness of having been human and all this learned knowledge was intact. However, the scent of a cow vulva in season caused him to go bestial raving insane to breed, and his human mind took a rear set to sit as watch, taste, feel, and feel abhorred. When after almost a year of his wandering, captured, forced to breed and escape, Mallard arrived at what for Alice and him he knew as being home.


Alice was enjoying one of her boars rutting her when Mallard approached and mooed’ at her of his dislike, what she did to him. Alice did not care what any male human thought. She told Walt that she placed an advertisement about her ex-husband then a bull, as he being a herd sire for lease, set to print in the local farmers review magazine.


The coven of witches had their fun at the expense of many a man becoming farm fodder. I was feeling constrained to want to move back to the city where such was not practiced. I mentioned my idea to move back into the city as Marge exploded with her anger at such a fool idea. We were separating, she going with those she said were the best of friends as I had few friends and fewer still as real chums.


One morning I slept late and heard Marge leave in her car for god knew where. After I decided to rise out of bed I wandered the house, seeing a small package wrapped in brown paper, and bound up with a pink and blue ribbon with a bow.


I thought this a lover’s gift, and I unwrapped the small package as opened a hinged box to find a small bottle of green liquid. There was a small piece of paper in with the bottle, as had the handwriting of my wife, as it read, “Be back home this evening, drink this and you can love me all night!”


I was of a mind to remain at home that day and tinker with whatever seemed out of place. Her note specified no particular time when I should ingest her gift, so with my morning oatmeal I raised a loving toast to she my wife as chugged the nasty flavored drink.


As I got dressed for a day of work there around the house, I felt hot, sweaty, and often became aroused. I tried to work but it made me feel frustrated. So, at a peak of near anger with that day and my lifestyle I thought to take a walk along the country road he had our house.


It was a pretty day for a walk, and I did walk, as turned corners and walked for miles. When I noticed I was quite a distance from home and feeling my stomach growling, I did an about face and began walking back the way I came. I was coming to the crossroad just south or turning my last corner before getting home when who should I happen to meet but a chum friend riding his newly purchased black Morgan breed mare.


Dan greeted me and I him, but when I went to pat as pet the strong neck of his black mare, I felt a sting like an electric shock. The jolt was enough to knock me off balance and I toppled over backwards, stunned, suddenly dizzy.


Dan dismounted as to be of aid to his friend. He let go of the horse rein and the mare turned, as she presented her rump toward me, her tail held high, her vulva lips winking. Dan was concerned with me his friend and did not notice what I saw and lying there, felt then a real want to give the mare what she was wishing to feel.


Dan walked me home leading his then nervous acting mare.


Our front door to the house as locked and Dan told me to stay as sit on the front step as not to walk or faint again. He walked around behind the house as went to get inside through the rear door to the kitchen. Meanwhile I was alone there with his horny mare and I feeling equally aroused. The mare turned tail toward me and raised her tail to give me full view as easy access to her equine sex.


As I stood up the mare backed up, she pushed me against the wall of our house, crushing me between her smoothly rounded buttocks. I felt lustily trapped and liking the situation, as leaned my head forward and sniffed her, licked her vulva, and pushed my face into her pinkish flesh beneath those black winking lips.


I heard in the house the phone ringing, Dan answered it, as I heard him speak the name of my wife. He kept talking so I continued to wallow, lick, and ingest as much of the mare had of her vaginal juices.


My eyes closed it was like drawn into a form of heaven, as faintly I heard Dan yell and call my name but I was past caring about him. What he saw was his mare having me pinned snug against the outside wall to my house and with me, my head compressed then into as inside her mare vagina.


Upset with concern, Dan tried to coax his horse to stand away from where she had me lovingly pinned. The mare seemed to have other ideas, and she reared up on her hind legs, as Dan tried to grab at the flicking reins, the mare lost her sense of balance and toppled over backwards. She slammed into the house wall and loosing her footing, she sank her rump to the ground, as I being of head in, then pressed further, as slithered all inside the mare womb.


I fainted from the lovely experience only to be then as awakened later by the veterinarian doing a c-section birthing of me free from the mare and saving the dear horse from a horrible death. As from there, they had me rushed to a hospital and given medications of varied kinds to fight infections.


What an embarrassing situation, though I did enjoy the strange experience. My unbirth story was in all the news; I was harassed by neighbors and friends alike. My wife acted as if I preferred the mare to her, and a month after the episode, Marge filed for a divorce.


Walt I had transported to a nature zoo for children. I had my attorney write a contract, specifying that my prize boar remain alive and able to breed, until he should die of natural causes.


My sending Walt to reside in a much safer confinement, meant my time and passions could keep me in seclusion. My memories of the mare being fond and thinking about it I become aroused. It is of my becoming aroused that the delights I felt have come full circle. If I were to show you, my penis changed, my testicles swelled, I am as they say, now hung like a horse, a Morgan breed stallion.


Marge entered the coven managed by Edith, and from my joined state with Carol my mare lover, her mental aberrations, I read her thoughts as Walt could read mine. She remembers her name as named Carol! As there are other memories, fond delights and angered times with her controlling Aunt, who she once resided with after the death of her parents.


If Marge were here and she saw what she was missing, I think she might come back to me. Such is my stamina, such libido from me being in part as equine. Tell you a secret, I will! As I drive by night and park off the road. I then sneak into the stables owned by Dan and we, she that mare and I frolic often. Our lusty delights go on but not without a growing price, but a worthwhile cost to my person. I suspect as by this time next year, Dan might wake one morning to owning a black Morgan stallion, the transformed essence of me, as I want to become.


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