Matter Of Value

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 30th, 2015


Traveler stops along the road and gains an experience of living life similar to that in the old west...


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(This story was NOT written for the critical literary purest types to enjoy.)

I was driving the country selling advertising novelties, ink pens, letter openers, calendars, napkins, just all kinds of items with store names printed on my products. I would interview a prospective customer and write up an order, send it by snail mail to the home office for them to do the actual work of printing. My job was a rush to get from one appointment to another. I drove to all states and in every kind of horrible weather, my business and the driving made me a nervous Nelly!

Driving U.S.-2 in the month of November in the state of North Dakota where the highway stretched straight ahead to near infinity, I began to feel sickly. The local diner I ate my breakfast at served me some runny-under cooked eggs, the bacon too was greasy and not crisp as I usually ate. The restaurant was a truck stop, and for me, I was as if as foreigner mixed with their favorite ole’ boy truckers.

I was in the outback nowhere of the Dakota Territory and feeling ill. The view ahead and to either side of the car saw only prairie, fences, a few cows, or Pronghorn deer. Imagine then as from the driving and feeling a growing want to stop and puke, what should I see looming ahead. A refueling station, store, and hope of a remedy to my ailing stomach, drove into the small gravel parking lot and parked the car.

Opening the car door the cold wind about tore the door off the vehicle. A howling constant wind had nothing in its way to slow it or divert it from being blustery. Another look around offered a sense feeling of aloneness still, seeing how this place was a real “Nowhere-Ville, U.S.A.!”

The second thing I noted was there were no other cars parked there, no even a car for the store proprietor. I wasted no time to look around outside in the bone-chilling wind, so I opened the door to the shop entrance and walked inside. Once inside the shop, general store, hardware, grocery, and a stunning discovery, as in the far back of the store hung a sign what read, “Apothecary.”

An Apothecary is what in New England I had seen the word used to describe a drugstore.

I walked up to the cash counter and saw there a bellhop bell and a card stuck to the countertop, as it read, “Ring bell for service.” Therefore, I gave the bell two pinging rings and a moment later, there stood a smiling face of a spiffy dressed pharmacist. He looked like he had come from a cookie press, his white jacket and black pants, a gleeful smile and eyes what never seemed to blink, as he said, “Greetings, so then what manner of complaints are bothering you today?”

Somewhat taken by the presence of the young professional there in nowhere, I said, “First I have an upset stomach from a too greasy my breakfast, that is my primary complaint.”

“OK,” the young man said, as he walked from behind the service counter and a step down to the sales floor. He walked to a shelf and picked up a small bottle of tiny white pills. I expected he would tell me that the pills would work for my problem, but he instead opened the bottle unscrewed the cap, removed a cotton ball and shook out one pill and handed it to me.

“No need to purchase a full bottle, when one pill is all you have a true need!” The young man said, as much astonishing me standing there, I put the pill into my mouth and dry-swallowed it down.

Not a moment later, the burning ailment ceased and I felt wonderfully fine again.

“Wow, that worked fast,” I said as with a renewed smile on my face thought to thank and congratulate the young man for his proficiency.

“Five dollars please,” the young pharmacist man said, as my smile faded and the price for one small pill seemed an awful price to pay.

“Five dollars for one small pill, five cents maybe,” I remarking said, as the young man walked up to his service counter and stood there smiling again, he asking said, “Is there something else what bothers you today?”

I felt denied my argument as to the cost of the one pill for five dollars, so I thought for a moment and then said, “Yea, I got a few complaints! First, I am alone and out in the wilds of the Dakota Territory. It is chilly cold outside, my work requires me to travel the countryside meeting cold people and for little pay. If you had a pill for my woes I would accept most anything, wishing at present for some companionship, considering the wife is at home in New Jersey. If you had a way to arrange for me to meet and some hot female, for us to share our dislike of the weather, for her and I to frolic, fondle, fornicate, and enjoy our raw feelings together, then we could relate each to the other!”

The young man stood with that dumb grin, as he stared across the store to the front door. I was about to give up and toss the man a five dollar bill and leave, when he said, “OK, I have just what you need to feel better!”

“Duh…,” I thought, as I did not expect an answer to my impractical complaint of life, so I followed the man along one aisle, he searching the rows of brown glass pill bottles. “Would local companionship do you satisfaction enough, or was there a memory of someplace else where you enjoyed your masculine delights better?”

“OK,” I thought, I will play along with his game, so I said, “No, a local would do just fine, but I want a healthy companion, youthful but not too young, experienced, pleasing to my eyes, a female not what I would consider as ugly, and willing to let me enjoy her body more than once!”

“Local, ah this one will do that,” as the young man unscrewed a bottle and shook out a yellow colored pill. Youth requires youthful agility, ah huh, this one too is needed!” The man said, as he then shook out another pill, this one looked bluish of color. “Capability is next, or do you feel capable as is, the having of more down low is usually considered betterment!”

This was weird, but I continued to play the game, I had little time but this fun was getting me interested as to where he thought he was taking me. I replied then, said, “Yea sure, more is better, enhanced output too,” I thought I knew what he was attending to suggest, so I added more as said, “Volume and surge pressure feelings are a must!”

The young man looked at me as if stunned by my response, as he took a breath and said, “Of what heritage is your family, what country did your grandfather originate the family lineage?”

“Scotch, Scotland is where grandpa was born, why?” I replying said, as what my family heritage had to do with his game seemed outlandishly dumb.

“Scotch, Scotch,” the man said as he began to look along a row of very small bottles. After some minutes of him looking, he came to one bottle its seal unbroken, and picking it up, he held it toward the lights. He then said, “I have this one brand name Scotch nature pill, it is strong, has some burly side affects, long lasting, but does nothing permanent. Oh, ah, unless you wish for something with permanent compliance, a complete redefining of self, other than of personality, for that I would chose to use something else, more toward of the local variety.”

Going along with his game, I answered, said, “As from the stomach pill, it all matters as to the price, what is the final price for all this special comfort you seem capable to offer.”

“Sir, as with all drugs there are brand name products and generic, we sell both, but what you said and suggested was of the lesser affects of something not permanent, as you stated you had a wife at home…! Unless she has ceased to satisfy your masculine cravings if in that case the choice is a brand name product, such would give you a life-long redefined sexuality in a new reality.” He said, and what he reiterated sounded as if his drug pills had other uses than to heal my ill feelings for passionate delights.

“The generic a price for your fulfillment of desires…, totals fifteen hundred dollars down and an equal amount when the reactions fade; returning you to what is your normal constitution. The brand name product is of the longer lasting variety, beginning of a more permanent solution, it tends to cost less. As from its use, your attitude changes as would your relationships become a way of life, while feelings of satisfaction become a direct involvement with local or regional lifestyles. The cost for a permanent predetermined lifestyle reorganization is…, Ten dollars!”

He must be an idiot I thought, so feeling the wish to fun him back, I asked, “Would you accept a check?”

“His answer was another rising of the stakes when he replied, “Yes sir, a check is as good as is any “I Owe You,” and I would accept your personal check for payment of the remedy!”

I walked outside to my car, rummaged in the trunk until I found a fake checkbook as a sample of what I had for sale to some store as a novelty. I walked back inside the store and up to the apothecary service counter, as standing there I wrote the check for fifteen hundred dollars, handing it to the young man, as me with a dumb smile.

“Thank you for your down payment, I expect this check to be authentic, as if it is discovered to be otherwise, the store has its ways of getting back the owed funds through some vigorous methods.

If you would walk through the brown drapes and enter one of the small dressing room, take with you these four pills, swallow them, do not chew them, the coating is a protection to your throat and voice. Water and a glass is provided in the dressing room, when you have undressed and swallowed the pills, remain there in the room until called upon for meeting your hot female!”

Why I went ahead and did as told seemed to this very day as an unanswered question, something I have thought about for quite a while. I did as told, went to the gruff looking dressing room made of rough sawn planks and a heavy wooden door. Looking inside I saw no place to sit and two hooks to hang my shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. I looked for where to put my shoes when high up I saw two long nails protruding the wooden plank and thought to hang them each on a nail.

My four pills went down the throat with ease and first one, then two, then three large glasses of water, I drank feeling suddenly as horribly thirsty.

Instantly I felt stiffness in my joints, my muscles began a mild aching, especially my arms and legs. The icy wind just outside was seeping through the plank made wall, it so brisk I began popping goose bumps everywhere on my then naked self.

I refilled my glass with water and drank it down, as after two more refills, I had drained-drank the full gallon size bottle of water and felt then an urge to urinate. As long feeling minutes passed and my urge became worse to critical, my head began to ache. The paining headache outweighed the urge to urinate, of feelings I forgot my urge entirely. The pain in my head became so bad I closed my eyes, and leaned with my hands against the wooden walls and moaned.

“Hey out there, how long must I wait…,” I yelled, feeling impatient, achy, and having a head ready to burst.

Then my stomach began to acidify again, as I stood there leaning at the wooden wall, my legs stretched back, long, my heels high off the cold concrete floor, literally standing on my toes.

Pains, pains, and more pains compiled at my mind until at some point I felt the urge to scream. I began to moon and scream, scream and groan, groan and grown, screaming for somebody to come and get me, as I felt sick from those accursed pills. Somewhere after my valiant yelling, I think I fainted, remember slowly giving up with life and slipping to lie then on the cold floor.

Dull as vague flicks of remembered visions, of smells, some fresh, some rank, I felt as part of a greater whole and that seemed to satisfy my longings. I remember wakened and told to come, guided, no led, as someone spoke to me, insisting I do as told, of rewards, and duties to repay for generosities provided.

All was so hazy, my view, my mind, the urges I felt of things done and of wishing to ask why, why me all the time but nobody was there to answer. I felt alone in a worse way. There was the occasional company of a female and we got it on together in a vigorous manner, to which I know I enjoyed, as relished for the next time of feeling so elated.

One morning as I stood eying the sunny day and those there around me, I felt a pinprick at my neck, just behind my ear, and of something slipping deep as inside the side of my head, as it caused a burning sensation.

A voice, I heard a man say, “Knock-knock, are you all there now, can you remember, think, relate, understand my words, it has been a while, maybe too long but you were doing well we thought it a good reason not to disturb your endeavors.

Mister Milner, Mister Alan Barnes Milner, I would like for you to think as remember your name and from it return to the world of the rational beings.

Ah, ha, I believe that by your actions you are awakening to know your reality. Please remain calm, while I shall insure my safety. As I slip this rope and a head halter over your face, your head, and snug it taunt, I shall tie it to this fence post.

I shall kneel here, so you can see me better, your ability to look skyward is difficult. Now what I wish to convey is the question about your fake check and the repayment of your purchase at our store located on old U.S. highway two. Our mechanical sales clerk there thought to interpret your request for living a more satisfying a lifestyle, and as it happened, you gained your erotic desires many times over.

The injection administered has worked and shall continue to give clarity to your past memories, and those of the last twenty months of fun frolicking service.

No, no, please do not strain your voice at trying to speak. The reason being you cannot talk, as do I, understand me, as I inform you those as cattle, and you a bull cannot speak fluent English? As for you and of the last twenty months to now, you became and did maturing, became as is a Highland breed bull, a herd sire at our North Dakota based farm!”

Sudden vibrant memories from that wood plank room I saw as felt what happened happen, as I did scream until my voice changed and all I could do was to moo. Taken from there, someone lead me inside a truck, and they trucked me to a farm where then released into a herd of cattle. As smells, scents, and instinctive ideals took control and I walked with, merged into the community that was a herd.

Easiness of life quelled all my pondered ambitions; I strode, fed, and mingled with those seemingly of my kind. I felt contented, watching, mimicking, learning my place and of a future time when others would fight, brawl for the rites to follow a dire urge. As after many months my own feelings of an urge began and continued to mount, pile high, pressing at my mind to follow the lead of others. I then began to assert my dominance, fighting, head-butting brawls that would last all day.

When I would win the jousting, a sense of conquest led to a want to follow that instinctive urge, I ventured to mingle with the females. To me they were female, and not cows. I had watched the bulls come and sniff at the rumps of cows, and having tried it a few times, the sniffed scent was of a spicy, fun, and arousing smell.

I was aroused, and feeling no reason as why to abstain, I leapt up on, forelegs straddling the cow body, did saunter closer with hind legs to where I felt my sensitive erection touch the warmer welcoming place of the cow. The mere touch of her with the tip to my penis and its length speared forward, coming from out my belly sheath to slip, slide inside the cow and make me extremely passionate. As requested the pressure, surge and the volume of what my yam-big sized testicles were able to produce, I did well at impregnating, breeding of my herd cows.

Huffed as excited breathing by me, the man there chuckled as knew, he said, “Exhilarating I am told by those who choose to return, to being their original selves, as to how they enjoyed their raw and sensual romps. You have needed to remain for a while longer, as your check bounced and our company insisted upon full restitution by you for services rendered, the situation deemed useful to keep you as a bull for longer than a year.

At the twenty-month mark, it is customary to inject and cause memories to surface. You know what you are, and what you have done these many months. If you decided now, today for reconstitution of your human form, you need-be as a bull for another four months before the drugs would show signs of helping your return to an upright form.

You may, and some do, request to remain in their animal from, you as the embodiment then being a bull. The injection what invigorated the return of your rational thinking mind to working as it had while a human, will continue then, allowing you to know more of what you do and how you need live by being a bull.

As an added incentive to remain at what you have learned to do so very well, management is prepared to offer you a variance of breed, a choice as to changing your form, your color, and where you reside to a different latitude south from here.

I can either offer you a change of physical form to that of a hornless Angus bull, red or black your furred body. The Angus cattle we own are in the more southern states of Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. I have Hereford serums, and once physically as a red/white Hereford, you may wish to venture closer to home as living in New Jersey.

If you like what and of where you are living here, then you may stay and allowed many content fun years doing what comes natural to a male animal, a bull!”

I wandered away to think about the interesting offers posed for me to consider.

A friendly heifer walked to stand aside her herd bull and licked at my sheath, wishing to urge it as me to breeding with her. Ultimately, I did as she wished and I felt the urge. As I felt of her soft and yet not leathery weathered a vulva, my cock tip had a grown a callous.

Sensuality of my first months of erotic fun were decreased by the blunt end to a not so sensual a cock tip. Although I enjoyed my walking, the feel of huge testicles swaying, bonking at my hocks, this I liked very much!

Sensuality is of having a tail, as is on the rump of a bovine. The swishing of it is useful against flies, but nasty when it smears dribbled wet turds, coating the rump with green shit!

Odd when I would think about it, but I liked the having cloven hooves replacing toes but mostly different taking the place of me having fingers. Odd because one should wish for sensitive hands, finger, as the ability to touch as desirable, but I learned to like standing on all fours, on hooves.

I decided against remaining a bull, not wishing to go south and deal with warmer temperatures, insects, and a life of sniffing at, licking of cow vulva lips, as most contain splotches of their manure making what smells spicy to taste like crap.

Two weeks later and after seven injections of what the man said is Reformation Serum, I have begun a long road to walk toward when I might return home. That was two months ago and since then I have learned to walk uprightly, my head and hind quarters, legs, feet, to cloven hooves are those of a bovine bull. That erotic draw of a cow and my erection slammed inside her still bothers my conscious.

Undeniable, the luring in me to go by night, to walk the pasture and lie then humped-over and penis sunk sheath deep, my erection wonderfully inside a cow. I tend to take a longer while before I ejaculate, taking time to pleasure her as much me, enjoying what with time and changes will become a thing of a fond memories.





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