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Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A spiteful sister learns enough witchery to transform her brother...


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Tom and Bob were two friends that had played together from their earliest of years. As they entered high school, they gained other friends, one of whom was Dan. Dan was what then was termed as hefty, not fat but muscularly bulky, as thought by all in the sports department at school said as thought he could not run well and they denied him his entry into playing any sports.


Pudgy kid Dan sat waiting for his friends to get finished with soccer practice when a wild kick sent the ball flying at Dan. He saw the ball coming at him as stood up and caught it. He then drop kick of the ball, giving it a kick like his strong legs could muster and sent it streaming over the heads of both teams and into the goal net.


The team player stood there stunned with surprise, the home team coach walked across the field and asked Dan why he never asked to play. Dan told him that he had requested to play but as told he because of his bulk size was at a disadvantage, and could not run fast or have the stamina enough to play sports. Allowed then to play soccer, Dan played in the next game, and he proved his abilities by kicking the ball into the goal net three times.


Bob and Tom were as well surprised to see their stout friend run fast and being extremely agile, as he would run circles moving the soccer ball ever closer toward the goal.

Then something happened and Dan would occasionally trip over his footing and fall. This odd problem became a regular happening, as did his becoming as injured by shoe spikes poking holes in his skin.


The continuing problems only made Dan try harder to play at his very best. Many on the team took note of a red haired girl seated on the bleachers who yelled during the game to get rid of the fat player. Bob knew who she was, she being Angela, the older sister of Dan, she being very spiteful about anything Dan did, as did well.


So it happened on day when the temperature was very warm and a high humidity that the soccer players took note of Dan having an offensive sweaty odor. The game referee noted that Dan smelled rather gamy. As the team members stood along the sideline, they made mention about Dan stinking. His spiteful sister overheard their comments and this inspired her to stand and yell nasty remarks about Dan and his filthy body.


Angela became so vehement with her catcalls about Dan that the referee stopped the game. He asked the school security officer to escort Angela off the grandstand and then take her away from the playing field. As Angela went with the officer, as then many people and players applauded the ridding of a heckler from being at their game.


The game referee having her removed and embarrassed more by the officer made Angela madder yet at her brother. Dan often argued with her, but their parents usually sided with Angela, as Dan thought, almost as if they were hypnotized. What he saw and Bob especially noted was the evil nature that was Angela. Her dislike of others, students or grownups as well, had her close when those she disliked had unhappy or unlucky happenstances in their daily lives.


Angela was not at the games for more than a month. When noticed, Bob asked Dan, as he said his sister was away visiting an Aunt of their family on his mother’s side of the family. When Angela returned home, she was more vehement about having then a scheme to rid her existence of Dan, forever. She told Dan to use aftershave to cover his stinking sweaty body, but that in due time even perfume would not do him any good at keeping the flies away.


Angela and her comments about Dan she said of often, even in the presence of Bob and or Tom. It was a September day, one of many in autumn-summer heat. Bob stopped by and picked up Dan to ride in his car to the soccer game. Dan got into the car with Angela close behind him as she mentioned again of her plan and wish for the demise of her fat as ugly, younger brother. As Bob turned his car around and was about to drive onto the street, Angela stood then with her hands folded, eyes closed, as if she were praying for something awful to happen to her brother.


Bob did not understand but ignored Angela, considering her as a real nut case. As later, Dan, Tom, and Bob were players in the soccer game. They enjoyed the good luck of Dan as their team won because Dan kicked four goals during the game.


When the teams were leaving the playing field, Bob pointed at Angela being there as if she were waiting to volley more insults at Dan. As Dan and his two best friends walked toward Angela, as they saw her standing by herself, she muttering, her lips constantly moving.


What Dan failed to consider was why his hateful sister came to that game. He did not believe what friends and other people said of her, that she had the power to put a curse on those she most despised. Dan knew long hence that he was one she had a great hate.


Tom had noticed halfway though their game that Dan, his face looked darker as if he had a deep, dark suntan of skin tone. The more he ran and ran faster, the worse that day of his body odor to where some of the other team players began to comment and complain.


With the game won, all the players ran to the locker room to get a hot shower. Tom and Bob stayed behind with Dan, they being proud of him, as he ran so well, and outscored other senior members on the team.


Dan met Angela, she all smiles that afternoon as after the game. He had some words with his sister while Bob and Tom waited. Tom noticed Dan leaning forward slightly, as it looked as if he were becoming ill.


When Angela turned and walked away, the boys all saw how she was laughing loudly, her hand up was wagging her long index finger as if to shame her brother.


Tom and Bob asked Dan what she had said. As Dan replied, “She said she had cursed me and made me run well for the game to stout my legs. She knew I enjoyed my abilities on the field, as she stood in the crowd scheming, as laying curse after more curses of her hate upon me.


I stink and I know it, I dare not go now and shower with the other players.” Dan said his voice quivering as he spoke. Both Tom and Bob noticed how choked up with worry and a fear Dan was as he spoke.


The three friends walked past Angela and up a small knoll overlooking the soccer field, to sit as Dan spoke as said then, “My sister is a witch!”


Tom looked at Bob, as both began to laugh as roll around holding their stomachs and laughing, they agreed, Angela acted as if she were a real caldron stirring a witch. Though it was from the way Dan said what he said about his sister, his deadpan manner of speaking, made his statement seem funny.


“You think it is funny, well the reason she came to the game was from what she said to me before coming , as I was to make an Ass of myself if I played. Well she was talking about her hate for me. Her being a witch is more real than you know or could imagine, so I best show you what she has done to me.” Dan said, as the more he talked as explained, the fear he felt could be seen by his two friends.


That said, and Dan grabbed at his pullover shirt and yanked it up as pulled off over his head.


Tom jumped up and took two backing steps away from where Dan sat on the grassy hill. Bob was standing and laughing, as he saw then Dan, he gasped and fell to kneeling beside his friend.


“I am becoming like she said,” Dan muttered.


Bob and Tom gawked at Dan, as their friend sat there, his chest and back covered with thick black fur, where they could see his skin it looked like weathered tough animal, black hide. Bob reached forward his hand and stroked at the fur covering the chest of Dan, as he commented, “Your fur feels coarse to the touch, it is like what I felt once when petting a donkey!”


Dan began to look teary about his eyes as he too began inspecting his changing self. “I am going to miss a lot of fun things, if I need stay like what my sister wants me to be!”


Tom then sat down, obviously stunned yet mesmerized by what until then he thought was but fantasy. He did stay at an arm length away from his changed and changing friend, if maybe because of what was causing his changing might become contagious.


Both friends sat in amazement as Dan began shivering. I was easy to see his fur sprouting as advancing up along his, as then lengthening neck. As the swift changes began about his head, Dan started to cough and hack, his few worried words, “Oh my head, it feels like there are a million ants inside of it and they are rearranging…” he said. His voice became coarser, as sounded harsh, as if he was having troubles speaking at all.

As the two who were watching Dan, his head changed of contours, became longer about the nose and jaw, as bones snapped into new positions, Dan winced from sharp pains. As his ears moved more toward the peak of his changed head, they grew, and as they extended, Dan rolled his jaw as he was munching. His eyes too, became rounded, the iris as still a hazel color but his pupils looked as if a rectangle.


When it seemed that what became as his whole donkified head could not change anymore to be of a donkey, the waves of change reversed and began changing his torso.


Dan had ceased complaining, not that he could speak with a mouth made for grazing, and even his terse sounds ceased. He rolled over to take a sitting position, bolstering his balance by holding his arms out straight, hands and palms pressed against the grassy ground.


All was of quiet and calm, with the exception of spinal bones popping as they grew and snapping into positions, extending the length of his spine and his torso.  His ribs expanded in silent growth as what was a human torso became the barrel body of an equine form. Dan was taking the shape of becoming a donkey.


As the spinal changes came to the bottom end to what was his human spine, there was a surge of growth, it not painful but tickled Dan as he made sort of a chuckling sound. It was then that he began struggling to remove his sweat pants first as then his play shorts, followed too by a stretched as binding jockstrap. As Dan had some difficulty removing the remainder of his clothing, Bob reach forward and was a helper.


When then Dan set there naked to his friends, all there were witnesses to what he was feeling as it happened.


Dan lay back, he leaning on his upper arms and elbows as Bob did the work at removing the jockstrap from along his, by then furry legs. Tom being further away from the happening that he saw, and made a comment as said to Dan, “Did you know you grew a tail?”


Dan made a cheesy sort of donkey grin as he rolled then to lie on his right side, giving Bob a look-see of the fully grown and furry a donkey tail.


A minute later and Dan then groaned an agonizing sounding horrid moan as he sat up and tucked his legs up snug to his furry, equine barrel of a body. “Oh god it hurts, how Angela must hate me,” Dan said.


Bob and Tom looked one to the other as each wanted a thought to offer Dan some friendly words of comfort, but they sat silently watching.


“Sorry Dan, but for the life of me, if I could think of what to say as suggest that what you were going through would be for the best, it would be a lie.” Bob said to Dan. “Your face, head, neck, the mane, your torso, even now your butt and tail suggests that very soon my good friend will be then a male donkey.”


Just then, Dan then stood up on his knees and stretched stiffly his then changing arms. He cried out with an exhaled scream what sounded likened to a donkey “Haw…!”


As he rolled his head to eye one eye skyward as if begging of higher powers to intervene, the finality happened and he gained forelegs of a donkey. In silence, Dan watched his fingers melding together, something diabolical reformed hands into hoofs.


Dan took to wagging his donkey head, as if it made him dizzy he fell forward on his ever stouter of muscled fore legs and hoofs. He stood there all stretched out, his knees then straightened, as the changing swept into his groin, his thighs, it causing Dan to scream as bray like a donkey in pain, “Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw!”


Bob backed away from his changing friend. He sat back and away some ten feet from Dan as with changes entering the legs, Dan was gaining bulk to his rump, smooth muscle, he becoming more like a mature size of a real animal.


Huffed breathing began as the changes rolled along his body in waves of sisterly hate. Dan just stood there suffering. The snapping sounds of bone joints changing to new as permanent positions made even Bob and Tom shudder.


“Oh god Dan, that must hurt,” Tom said, seeing how Dan as his pelvis became equine of form and purpose.


Shivering changing legs became as the hind legs of a donkey. Dan, his feet became elongated as narrow, while what were his heels became as hind strong hocks. As had his fingers become hoof, his toes followed the same manner of changing. As the changes subsided and Dan slowed his huffed breathing, he stood for a long minute before thinking to turn and face toward his faithful friends.


Bob felt daring enough to step up close and begin petting Dan about his black donkey mane. As he then said, “I must say, your sister is a witch but her spelled curse worked wonders, as of those donkeys I have seen, you then Dan would be a state fair champion!”


“Champion,” screamed then Tom, “Just look…, at what he is, as happened to Dan, she made of him into an animal!”


Dan then brayed softly, as swung his donkey head to cock an eyed look back toward friend Bob, as wink at him. Bob felt overcome with concern for what became of Dan and he then hugged his donkified friend about his neck. The hug made Dan to shiver and offer Bob a soft bray of thanks.


Dan shook his head then quite violently, the shivering shake rattled along his spine as through his changed guts. As then, Dan raised his tail, and from his puckered, black, donut of an equine shaped anus began a stream of poop. The poop came, as kept on coming out of Dan, as falling to the ground in a ever high pile of vile stench.


Then all ceased coming, the tail lowered and Dan walked away from where his bowels voided out all human foods he had consumed. As if to demean Dan more with his intestines empty, he lowered his head and began to graze there along the grassy knoll. As instincts and grazing brought on a change of menu, Dan felt pleased!


His worries about what all he had as future plans and of his parents love faded from the challenging instincts he relished by becoming firstly a donkey, and secondly a bestial animal. The usual beastly reaction to pleasured thoughts tended to cause this male donkey his first, real donkified an erection. It astounded friend Tom, he standing some ten feet, stood there as pointing at the aroused and swelling of a donkey cock.


Dan brayed happily from the larger than life sensations of having a equine sheath and the massive donkey size as his cock.


Bob was equally surprised but held the cock with a sense of personal trepidation and some jealousy. He seeing the cock expand to its long length and morbidly beastly form, he said, “Dan you lucky stud, just think if you can of what pleasures you shall know, and as well the rank sensation it shall give to your future female companions.”


As the donkey size cock stiffened and hung down at an angle toward the earth, Dan closed his eyes as if he were imagining. Then his libido kicked in, and he was able to raise his hefty sized cock to bump at his furred belly. This happened several times until the cock began to dribble clear pre.


“Holy crap, Bob look at Dan, he is masturbating right here before us!” Tom said in a panicked as squeaky a voice.


“Have at it the buddy,” commented Bob, as he knelt down close to the hind legs of Dan to get a better view of the sexual play.


Tail held stiffly as somewhat up off the rump, Dan moved his cock using the enhanced equine libido, all the while he was as close to showing a smile, as could a donkey being able to show a sense of glee. Bob knelt there and watched how Dan was acting as if his fears had faded, and he was thinking of wanting to find some delight while alive and living as would a donkey.


The late afternoon breezes swirled the smell of where Dan had voided his intestinal load, as mixed with the park air, making his body begin to assert another major change. Bobby was first to notice, pointing at Dan, exclaiming, “He had an orgasm, his first donkey orgasm!”

Tom started to laugh at Bob and at Dan, until the donkey cock spewed forth three long streams of murky white and yellowish colored semen. The thick slurry of cum and semen splattered around the front hoofs of Dan, as then the cock wilted to hang flaccid.  


Bob and Tom being true friends to Dan, they both remained at his side, talking about how healthy he looked, as Bob commented about the large size of his testicles and that impressive donkey cock. They had stayed with Dan watching him change, he becoming aroused, and gaining his best ever an erection.

A scramble of four legs had Dan standing to model for his friends what it felt like to be a donkey Jack stud. He was and felt immensely virile being a male donkey. He brayed continual greetings to two good friends, as he would turn to give them a side views.


The original curse had Dan becoming a dull sort of a donkey, but his love of family and Angela to a minor extent curbed her cursing of him as Dan became happier by becoming a donkey. Dan felt a sense of wonder about what he could accomplish from being as living his life in the form of a male donkey.


Dan made rotating head motions as if suggesting they jump on his back for taking a ride. He let his friends ride him, as he learned how to trot, and gallop with them balanced seated on his back. As a joyful afternoon of play between friends saw the sun setting to the west, they then reminded of the curse Angela placed in force upon Dan as an undeniable reality.

It was well into the evening and the spell began to fade, as Dan thought less of his being ever a human, and began acting like some common as ignorant a skittish donkey. Tom and Bob tried to keep Dan near as walk with them, but he preferred then to wander alone, as stop and begin to graze. His lingered sense of embarrassment had passed, as did his intelligence when the sun sank below the western horizon.

Tom felt a hunger and went on toward his home. Bob was reluctant to leaving Dan to grazing there at the sports arena property. He was a good friend, and begged Dan to come home with him. Bob, his father was a man of big business and their home was as much a farm, and had stables where Dan being as a donkey could stay in comfort.


Come midnight and Dan wandered away as Bob felt he had to leave Dan to being what he was, as Bob walked home. Bob and Tom went to school for two days as they worried about whatever became of Dan. As it happened that Friday afternoon when Bob arrived home, Dan was standing outside the stables, he haltered and tied with a rein to a hitching post.


Jonathon, the hired man stables manager saw Bob coming and pointing at the donkey, he said, “The beasty just showed up and acted like he wanted to stay!”


Bob was elated and began petting the donkey as Dan pressed his donkey face snug to the chest of his good friend. Bob took hold of the reins and with Jonathon, as they led Dan to his box stall there in the stables. Bob served his friend with some hay and a pan filled with mixed grains for him to devour.


Bob called Tom and together they spent their Saturday funning with Dan, as the donkey taught his friends how to play donkey soccer. It was a fun day for all, but as the sun set to the western sky, the mentality of Dan faded back to being little better than a stubborn as ignorant a male donkey.


Sunday morning sunshine returned Dan to thinking he was once human and gained knowledge of Bob as being a good friend. Days and nights continued for near to a month with Dan being happy to live there at the stables, as stand near to his friends. It happened one Saturday when Bob was not at home, that Angela arrived, and she seeing her black donkified brother grazing happily in a green paddock, she felt her desire to taunt him.


“Greetings there brother of mine,” Angela said as she stood outside the paddock fence. Dan looked up and away from where he stood grazing to see a woman he did not remember ever knowing. She looked pretty to his vague human mindset, her body slim but endowed with large nipples no big breasts.


Dan came to meet as greet the person who smelled like a female. As Bob wanted to be a friend to Dan being a donkey he had let his friend try his masculine stud luck by mating with some pony mares there on the family farm. That marked experience helped Dan to decide the scent of the human was female and she there on a mild day was nervous and rather sweaty.


Angela coaxed Dan from his paddock as he then trotted to the stables and entered his personal stall. She followed her donkey brother, and entered his stall, she closing the slider door to trap him inside the stall.


Bob returned home after doing some errands, he saw the sports car there he knew was that owned by Angela, she driving it to school as her personal transportation. As he saw Dan not being in the paddock, he went inside the stables, only to hear Angela crying as if in pain. When Bob came to the stall door to Dan’s stall, he began to laugh.


Laughing as Bob slid back the stall door, he stood striking a nonchalant pose.


There in the stall stood Dan sporting by then a flaccid erection still dribbling ruminants of his usually large volume orgasm. As lying half naked there on the straw strewn floor lay Angela, her hands cupped over her vagina, as thick gooey donkey semen was seeping out past her labia.


“I cannot imagine how you got her and bred her, but Angela dear, I think you should know that his semen is exceptionally rich, and could cause in you a pregnancy. But do not fret, if you get pregnant from Dan, our family stables will adopt your foal!” Bob said, as kept on chuckling, he ignoring Angela and her peril as he found a cotton towel and started cleaning the donkey cock from the fun fling between sister and her brother.


Angela did not return to the farm to visit with Dan, nor did she get pregnant from the sexual episode. She had lost her virginity to her donkified brother, though by him being a donkey the incident was not really incest but more as an act of crude bestiality on the part of Angela. Bob saw her at school and explained to her what sorts of troubles she could expect if she bothered Dan ever again.


Dan became a desired stud for mares to bear strong mule offspring. His sired mules became as famous as did his big balls and champion loins. When years later that the father to Bob passed on, and Bob took ownership of the farm and stables, Dan was there, he not looking like he had aged a year more than when he first arrived.


Angela went on with her egotistic witchcraft to foster other transformation of people into animalistic forms, only to gain notoriety. A wife of one changed husband came to Angela and by varied means purchased from her a potion to change a lover into a donkey. The potion mixed and sold, as a day later when Angela sat seated on her sundeck, she drinking some lemonade served to her, she began feeling strangely ill.

In a terrible scene of a witch given as drank her own potion, Angela became a twin donkey to her dear brother Dan. Her witchery allowed Angela to retain her gender, and by fate became as one of the jennet donkeys for Dan to breed. They stood breeding several times before she tested as positive, and felt full in her womb, knowing Dan had done his best, she just got impregnated!






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