Highway 2-west

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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Class trip and scheming boys meet their match, as cease any need for more schooling...


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"All named characters appearing in this story are fictitious, any resemblance to real persons or entities alive or dead, is purely coincidental." 

Ever drive a bus, for a school, a graduate class trip, and cross country though the Great Plains states, well I did, and regretted taking the job. The school was a Midwestern school for wealthy family boys that were my responsibility and primary problem. Seventeen student teenagers, all arrogant or grumpy acting like adolescents these being spoiled brats with rich parents. My bus loaded with snide and scheming boys wanting anything as everything their way no matter of whom or what they might harm, and traveling not by plane because of their last planned mishap.

I had to laugh at what the headmaster told me as to their scheme done to an airline stewardess during a flight. They planned it well, as locating members of the scheme from the front to the rear of the plane, each with something to say as add to make the plan plainly mean to all aboard.

A nine student tennis team boarded a puddle-jumper commuter airplane being fully prepared. Two students sat to the rear nearer the rest rooms, two to the very front seating, and the others spaced about the plane. Just after takeoff one of the boys to the rear seats began coughing and said he felt sickly. This had everybody around him nervous and not wanting to think of what might happen next.

Making a horridly coarse sound as if he was being sicker from flying, his partner set on the dark colored rug of the floor a fake rubberized splattering of fake-puke. As then the flight stewardess did according to her training and attending to the youth, she offered him a small, as clear plastic bag to use if he felt ill and would again toss up his cookies (puke!)

This is where the plot thickened as the ill faker came prepared with a precooked easy open can of beef stew. This was dumped into the plastic bag before another round of coughing and guttural sounds. A couple of the boys spaced about the plane then said aloud to help set the scene, as moaned and said to all nearby that they could smell puke.

By about then all in the plane were feeling sickly and the stewardess selling drinks, she left her drink cart to go help the sickly person. Meanwhile, the boy acting his part did his best or the worst impression of being sick and having to puking and looking sickly. The stewardess rushed to give aid and remove the horrid evidence bag. As she asked for the bag to be passed to her, his partner handling the bag with really just uneaten beef stew, he passing  it toward the stewardess, stopped, held it up, as stated he saw a potato in the mixture, dug his hand inside the bag, and retrieved the spud, he then ate it. The stewardess seeing what she expected to be puke saw a lad eat some of it, and she fainted on the spot.

An in flight emergency was initiated and the plane landed at an unscheduled airport to try and revive the stewardess, and calm the people aboard. It was turmoil and the students and teacher were deplaned, and told to find other means of conveyance to their destination.

That bunch and a few more like them was my duty to drive them across dank scenery to their planned ski resort. As we traveled across the northern tier of states the boys were waiting to find some place to cause me trouble. I and one lone guardian teacher were the dupes and from overhearing of talk about the bus I for one was feeling lonely and rather conscious of self. In fact the teacher remarked to me about his being a bachelor and living alone, he was feeling a bit horny, that was more information than I wished to hear.

Almost to Montana and along the highway there were occasional signs advertising a gas station and shop named the Stud Den. It was from such a shop that vacation began to add spice to a dull lifestyle.

The announcing of a student seated to the rear of the bus as feeling sickly appropriated a stop for gas, refreshments, and relief of the sick. The Stud Den was set a half mile away from the highway, it nestled between two hills in a gully, and from the look of it was not a clean establishment.

As I tended to the needed refueling the bus, paying for the fuel I had the chance to get a business card from this very out-of-the way store, since I collect business cards when traveling. Meanwhile our student teacher Ken went with the boys inside the store and found it as not quite what he had expected. Inside the store were a small restaurant and a curio sale outlet for families with children. To one side of the curio shop was the rooms for the Stud Den, as the sign over the doorway announced it so specifically for “Horny Men Only!”

Ken went after his students all of whom were eighteen and able gain entrance to enter the horny curio shop. The boys rushed inside and began poking about looking a various bins of very sexually odd, oddities. Ken and his lonely feelings from the trip and chosen to be the guardian had him thinking of rather gay or if not perverted thoughts.

What he found was bins filled with assorted body enhancing prosthesis parts such as furry ears, muzzles, masks, and stranger still, several bins of very realistic as animalistic looking male or female genitals. It was upon seeing these bins what made Ken begin to be amused and the wealthy students as wishing, to then making purchases.

It was about then when laughing at the heaps of supposed dildos that from behind a drape marked as changing rooms, Ken overheard someone making quite a ruckus.

Ken turned in time to see a sales clerk rush toward the draped changing room, as needed to slide back the drape to enter, Ken had a quick look at what all was the big ruckus. What he told me later of seeing inside the changing room was an angered fellow, a large muscular man standing as naked, but wearing a skin tight fur suit of reddish brown fur. He saw too in that quick flick view of the man as wearing a full and quite real looking donkey head. Real in appearance, as the man was arguing the lips of the muzzle moved as if forming words, though mixed through his ranting he would occasionally spout a donkey braying sound.

His fit of anger and seeming disgust with what he was wearing had him using foul language. There too was a woman with him, she looking rather serious, as dressed like a blacksmith, and with her was a man dressed like a rodeo wrangler.

After the sales clerk entered and redrew closed the privacy drape, seemingly the man inside the changing room ceased his expounding remarks and must have accepted his purchase. Ken figured the man arguing got what he wanted because he began imitating his best at making realistic donkey sounds, such as snorts, and brays. Ken thought how foolish the man looked, as wearing a donkey tail, and stood sporting a donkey size dildo stuck over her otherwise naked male member. The sheer perverted thrill of seeing the donkey-man, bade Ken to wait as watch for when the drape would slide open, and the furry fellow to walk out, wearing as modeling his dumb if not beastly costume.

Instead, when the changing room drape was slid back to allow the sales clerk to exit the room, it allowed Ken to peer past it, and see what was happening. The students were waiting while browsing, as all wishing as much to capture the first view of that loony braying guy inside. As the drape was slid back, Ken saw bright rays of sunlight glaring into the changing room aisle. What he saw was a dark silhouette of the large man looking more like a real donkey, but walking on hind Jack type legs with hoofs, wearing a head halter, and being led with rein clipped to the halter, as outside and into a sandy corral.

Once the furred fellow had walked out and around the corner of the building, Ken saw from the then blaze of light, a heap of torn clothing piled on the room's floor.

Just then a gruff looking woman dressed like a man stood standing at the entrance to the horny men only shop. She with a terse sounding voice began hollering for her husband named Bart to come out into the shop, and show her his truest democratic new self. When no husband responded to her calls she looked cautiously around, as walked inside that portion of the store. Ken smiled at her as she grabbed from a bin an animal mask to cover her face. He said how he thought her choice as being appropriate due to her pudgy body, picking up a pig mask before rushing inside the then darkened changing room.

The students and other men there looking at the odd wares, as even the sales clerk seemed to pay not attention to the woman entering to where the sign outside the door specified only horny men allowed. She slid back the drape but did not slide it closed. She began calling for her husband Bart, her voice began to sound as a woman worried, maybe scared about what her husband went in to purchase.

Ken stood watching the passion play, he smiling about from all he had seen. Whatever the reason, but the wife looking for her husband took note of Ken watching her predicament. She acted indignant back as she raised her right hand with a singular middle finger equaling he said her intelligence quotient.  She stood there giving a truck driver’s wife indignant expression, as then the room rear door opened and in walked the stout blacksmith woman and another wrangler man.

The more blacksmith woman and wrangler man looked first at the trucker’s wife and then past her, to seeing Ken watching from outside on the shop sales floor. Ken watched as the wrangler-man grabbed hold the worried woman, he wrestling her to lie face down on the changing room floor.

“That Bart fellow was your husband!” Stated the blacksmith, as she then added, said, “This place is for men only, and a woman entering here means to me she wants to be as look like a different sex!”

Just then the blacksmith woman looked toward the open shop and saw there Ken watching wide eyed and interested.

A tussle began by the detained woman wishing to leave the changing room. What then Ken said he saw was a black furry hand reach from inside the changing room and slide closed the modesty drape. A moment later and the worried trucker wife cried out loud enough for all in the shop to hear, “No, oh god no, let me go, you can keep him then, just let me leave here!”

 Everyone there had to hear the woman cry out but just the sales clerk began to laugh. “Ignore her boys that stupid bitch the boss lady will straighter her out, you just keep looking around, see something, and just ask me any questions you can think of!”

Ken continued to wander from bin to bin waiting to learn if the woman would soon exit the changing room and leave with, or without her furry husband. During the wait all of the men looking for some odd thing bought what they wanted, and walked outside the store. It left Ken and his students there as perspective customers, being there and not having asked any questions or brought something to the sales counter for a price check.

As just then from behind that burgundy colored drape of the changing room, Ken heard the woman/ wife cry out again, “Damn you woman, what kind of f…ing place is this, don’t you touch me, what is that a syringe?”

The next sounds heard were of a muffled screaming cry that trailed off to sound more like a piggish shrill squeal. As then there were sounds of another scuffle and much thumping sounds, imagined as heavy hoofs stomping on wooden planks. It was then that the woman ran out past the changing room drape and bumped into Ken. She was naked, trying to speak, her face similar to the pig mask she picked up, her eyes bugged from fear, only voiced squealing pig noises as she tried to plead for help.

“Holy crap lady,” Ken exclaimed as his student seeing the situation began to laugh. Ken pushed the bristly naked woman away from him. He then looking toward the changing room drape saw standing in the doorway the blacksmith woman. She, the wrangler man, and another body, that of a naked as black fur covered woman, reminding Ken of an artistic female satyr, the three there as standing, waiting to see if Ken would dare to get involved.

Ken then looked at what was a gruff woman looking as changed in just the span of an hour, standing there naked, having a pelt of coarse pig bristles sprouted out her slightly darkened skin. She had a pig like head on her shoulders, but Ken could not determine where the prosthesis stopped and her skin began, it did seem a part of her anatomy!

She was acting very jumpy, standing uprightly, though her arms looked much smaller, as shorter, and her fingers were but dark tan colored nubs. As he gave her a manly look-over, what he noted, and ignored the students, felt a dire urge to touch of her. What Ken said that held his interest about the pig woman was she had a pig sheath like that of a boar hog.

His touch to the sheath made her to shiver, as her piggy boar shaped corkscrew cock emerged from the bristly sheath, and quickly rose to a fully erect state. Ken felt again the want to stroke it, as if to feel it being warm flesh and not some silly fake prosthesis. About then was when the wrangler man approached and noosed a rope about the neck of the changed woman. As he said nothing to Ken before marching the pig-woman back inside the changing room, followed by the blacksmith, and then the black goat woman gave Ken a bright-white toothy grin, before she slid the modesty drape closed.

All was silence again there on the sales floor as Ken stood gawking and thinking, from behind him stood there the sales clerk. “You waited long enough to get quite a showing of what we can sell, and do here for those willing to purchase our method for getting away from the responsibilities of life!” The sales clerk stated to Ken, as both stood and stared one at the other.

It was about then three men walked into the horny shop and began looking at a bin filled with male dildos. Ken wandered away from the clerk and began pawing through what he thought was a large bin filled with black, as short, as irregular made, baseball bats.

He eying them and reached into the bin picked one up. Quickly he noted that it felt like made of soft black rubber, and not wood. The bat had an odd shape to the hand slip flare normally milled at the end of baseball bat. This bat was not tapered like any other bat shaft, making it look more like a club. At the base grip it flared with not one ridge but two, the secondary flare being twice to three times wider than was the first hand-slip flange.

As would a batter in a game swing his bat to gain the feel, Ken began to swing the black club in the same fashion. He waved the thing about like he was at batting practice, or until a shop sales clerk walked over to Ken and suggested he cease his fun play.

The clerk made a simple suggestion for Ken to take a better look at what he thought to be a baseball bat, and realize it was not a baseball bat. In fact it is as many of the things about that part of shop, it being as if a horse sheath and penis. He held it down toward the floor like some kind of golf putter, the shape of it struck a cord in the mind of Ken the city born kid.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed as his students watching began again to laugh seeing his realization of what he held hit home. He saw it for what it was, not as a worthless club or bat, having nothing to do with sportsmanship. It looked and felt like a rubberized erect horse cock and sheath. Ken became enthralled with his find, reminded to the equestrian mounts at the school. The gelded horses let their cock fall and with an erection when smelling the urine of a mare.

Ken began toying with the black prosthesis finding it could collapse and can extend to resemble a stallion erection, especially when added to the prosthesis to some equine size balls at one end look extra real.

Ken forgot his place and started to mutter, as the sales clerk hearing Ken said, “Yes sir, now do you get the idea!”

Bat cock and balls in hand, Ken stood there holding onto the things and he looking toward the changing room. He admitted to wanting to see just how neat it would be to see such prosthesis on him, pondering how it would actually look like a horse cock on him?

I had filled the bus and while waiting decided to nap, forgetting about time or the scheduled arrival at the motel. As I slept, Ken was walking around looking at other things trying his best to make those also inside the shop forget the foolish things he had just done. He held in his right hand and in a death grip the rubbery horse cock, fumbling with it as he had learned to like the feel of its morbid beastly contours.

Somewhere into the third hour of Ken continuing to browse and his students buying items and one at a time entering the changing room, he realized his student numbers were dwindling. There was a line of students holding varied purchases all awaiting their change to enter the changing room.

Ken said he was beside himself with anxiety as to that weird shop, he had looked at many silly things; most were what a religiously reared person could only consider as crude or things sexual. He recalled having fingered felt at varied items in other bins, not just male cocks, some black or red, but of black and pink vaginal horse or cowish vulvas, some shaved and some fuzzy.

I was snoring by then having slept for some three hours in the bus while waiting for the students to return. It was Ken having his great adventure, humored at watching next a pair of cyclists pawing at the merchandise.

The students in line were then down to only three left waiting their turn for the changing room session as Ken waited and wondered. It was then that the niece to the store manager, he Ken saw there walk in and out the shop, he a time-worn looking man, had an odd name of Jeb Flycatcher.

Melanie, the niece to the manager, did her thing helping with chores about the livery stable and various cattle shipping pens located around behind the gas station and store. She was working her third summer vacation time for her aunt and uncle. Ken saw her and thought she looked innocent and kind, never expecting that in fact she was as tough and uncaring as her old uncle.

She knew of what happened to those fool enough to step inside the changing room. Some of the students exiting through the rear door to the stables or a corral of interest, she helped make choices, suggesting of additional items to gain fuller sensual affects, if only for them to live out their wildest of fantasy.

"You thinking of any, I mean they all are quite nice, but the one in your hand would be a little profound, don't you think?" asked Melanie of Ken.

Ken quickly tossed the black rubber horse cock into its original bin and turned to walk away, he said he felt rather embarrassed.

"Oh, but if you like it don't toss it away, no by all means if you think it too big there are other nice ones here too!" offered Melanie.

"I'm really just looking around and waiting for my students!" stated Ken, he then wishing he had not even entered the shop, or held onto that crazy crude fake horse cock. He stood there feeling foolish when dear Melanie reached into a bin and offered another equine shaped cock and balls, these smaller, more equal to neatly being nestled into a human crotch.

"These could be nice to own," she said as then tossed Ken her suggestion like it were a pair of slippers, and not a mostly black penis with a pink oval in the side of the shaft as attached to the balls of smaller breed equine.

Ken looked at what he held, and then looking up at her face he just smiled a friendly face, but tried again to turn to walk away. Dear Melanie was one good sales person, and has seen many in past summers before try to walk away when they really want to try on the shop wears. "If this isn't to your taste, maybe some sow teats or a cow udder, we have goat horns, or doggy cocks too," she offered to Ken, as listing of the inventory to view.

Ken looked at her in the face expecting she would crack a smile. Instead Melanie's face remains sound, her eyes flash of happiness, a smirking grin of a friendly manner, and a face so sweet he said a guy could fall in love with her by just looking her way.

"Really I'm just browsing around; I saw maybe a little too much when that man walked into the changing room. I mean the next thing I saw was a big man leading away a donkey walking on hind legs, into a corral out back, as what was the guy was gone!

His wife since entered the room to where she began to squeal and stopped when the wrangler man noosed his rope about her bristly neck and led her away being more then a boar pig then the pudgy woman she was when coming into the shop.

Since then her squeals have stopped and she has not come out. Melanie stepped closer to Ken and whispered in his ear, "The shop is the beginning for some and the real end for others. Those wishing to live in a new reality come through here and find for them a simpler or wilder lifestyle. Others as might that lady and maybe too her husband, found a fantasy fun similar their falling into Hell. The real trick is to get someone to try something on; penises work the best by not causing a change too close to the brain. The man wearing donkey ears and head piece felt the worst when the ears root into the skull and the muzzle warps the mind into that of a true donkey.

If you were speaking about the donkey named Bart, his ears warped his mind and he became so willing he was mounting jennet donkeys all afternoon. He forgot all about his wife, and she of him, as she became male and quite incompatible, she a different species and as well of male gender.

I would expect some city-slicker like you to be upset, or ready to run out the door, but you are asking very reasonable questions of me. As what you were carrying around for so long was indeed your preferred choice, I might tell you it was the cock of a Percheron draft horse, extra sensual as tender soft, the permanent placement of it would guarantee a fun fantasy time and your retention of all your memories of past, present, and leaving what was rational still intact." Said as Melanie was trying to explain and urge Ken to go for a thrill.

Melanie steps closer yet to Ken, and she took what she had picked out from the bin, pressed to the front of his pants a black cock.

"There wouldn't that just look grand! Your one hell of a athletic build of a handsome young male, and having a penis and balls of a Shetland pony would make you any woman’s favorite stud of studs!" suggested Melanie to Ken.

Under his pants Ken said he felt his erection flourishing, it made stiffer at the touch of her hand, and worse yet when imagining his having a penis like a pony stallion. Ken stood there perfectly still, his mind undecided about the sales girl and or what she proposed for him to maybe do. Looking down as he imaged the feel of having a pony cock and bigger balls in his groin he had an orgasm. The thought of feeling such animal lust, of what it would be to feel his cock jammed sheath deep inside a willing vagina and then enjoy the feel. His mind pained away for being with a woman, to momentarily thinking of hair round butts covered with a hairy tail and big, big, big vulvas.

"No, and where are all my students," said Ken, as he pushed Melanie and her offering gift away?

"Oh, I'm so sorry because if you are gay, maybe then you might prefer one of our puffy pink cow cunts over here," offered Melanie as she points for Ken to check out another smaller bin. Ken was at that moment again wishing to leave that shop, as what he had seen, and of it suggested made him nervous. He was looking for the students under his care, as they had all gone through to the changing room and was elsewhere.

Melanie being a good salesperson kept up her attack making suggestions to Ken. Her loud voice carried across the shop as others being of equally sensual minded ideas and listening, if to humiliate Ken into a choice while encouraging the other men there to check out the items being suggested.

As Ken milled about with Melanie hot on his heels suggesting, one leather-jacketed motor cyclist tough-guy picked up a black colored cow vulva and a black furry cow udder before me vanished past the changing room, as never to come out.

"Look lady, I am not interested in cows or of bull things! I came in to browse, and keep watch over the students in my care…,” Ken said as he looked around and saw not a student in the shop, was hit then with the horrid possibility they too had gone inside the changing room to try on their fun favorite purchases. “Oh no,” said Ken in an angry tone.

"Worried," she asked back to Ken?

Ken's eyes panned the small shop and then transfixed on the door to the changing room.

Melanie too looked around and then turning to face Ken made him an offer. "You don't have to go in there you know! Just buy what you want and we will ship it free of charge to your home. There, as later you can toy and play with yourself and find new delights as our product offers many thrills to a man." suggested Melanie.

The items were of interest to Ken and the thought for his pleasure seeking done in private at home, seemed a fair idea. Bemoaned at that moment by his own fantasies and the concerns for his boys left in his care, he went from bin to bin doing quick picks and choosing. Caught in the panic of that moment, Ken picked up his first choice, the one what Melanie remarked it as the equal to a draft horse penis by size.

Ken held it as if weighing it in his hands, he having thoughts how useless it would be for him if he were lie with a woman, might limit its use, being both long and thick. He began again poking at others prospective choices, some short, some long. Ken picked up one that was almost as long as the draft horses cock, instead this one tapered to a narrow end. It looked like a perverts dream cock, offering the ability to slip up into a woman, more over than just some horse. With his choice of cock and two large as furry black balls in hand, Melanie took Ken to look into the tail bin. There he had to consider by bony length and base color of hair what would look the best to add to the final affect. Many were long and black but Ken seeing then what seemed as just right to him, he pulled out a hairy tail that was short and creamy white hair more at the end.

A smile of agreement from Melanie sent them to look at ears, a muzzle, and lastly jars of skin tone salve. The strange medicinal salve she explained was used to make his pinkish skin to look dark as if heavily tan, or to become black and tougher are an animal hide.

Then they walked to the cashier counter and Ken with his credit card. When asked for his address Ken stopped and thought a moment. If they shipped them to his home there were others who might open the box and make wild assumptions over what was inside. Instead he decided to take the items with him to the vacation resort.

The heat of that moment was for Ken quite intense. His purchases were strange things that to him even then, seemed rather kinky. His questioning mind showed well on his face as seen by the cashier, Melanie. It was her winking of an eye at Ken what bade him dare to go with her to check out yet another bin, something she said he might like the best.

Ken, his purchases made, the package wrapped and looking every bit as if it were confidential, he turned away and followed Melanie. Taunted along by Melanie to come and see something really neat, or strange, Ken followed her like a lamb. As they walked together past the changing room, Melanie urged Ken to hurry along. Foolishly and trusting, Ken looked back to see what if any of his graduate students were inside the shop, and then he happened to see me walking toward him, I had just paid for the bus being refueled.

“The boys, where did they go,” Ken remarked, as the girl he was with ignored his question, it was to me an eye opening suggestion to stand away, and look as someone not involved. What Ken said had me then wondering if any of the boys might be returning to ride the bus, or able to go skiing, as if not, would their parents want them as offspring or just as pets. I just stood looking casual but watched as Melanie stopped as stood with Ken at a door to a closet, she smiled and opened the door as Ken peered inside, he seeing whole body fur suits hung there covered in clear plastic bags.

“I could let you have any of these full body enhancing suits for the same price as all the items you just purchased, but these have more to give a man reasons for enjoying feeling aroused. Ken reached a hand inside the closet and felt of an all black furry outfit, as then Melanie plucked the suit from off the hanger and closed the closet door.

Ken asked of what he had touched, as he noted a white tag stapled to the plastic bag, he a speed reader as one of his abilities. Seeing the tag he read it, and with excellent recall, Ken verbally recanted of what he read to Melanie, “Bovine, one size fits all, male-gender, offering any of Calf, Bull, or Steer.”

Melanie smiled, as she began telling, or reminding Ken as of the Greek myths and the Minotaur creatures, as if what she held were a full body Minotaur suit, a complete packaged costume. She offered Ken a sly suggestion of his trying it for a fitting at the least. But not to take the suit through the changing room personnel, but go with her to the livery stable out behind the store and in personal privacy she would help him see as feel wild joy of wearing a furry body suit.

Melanie walked Ken outside the main store, past the bus and a sleeping bus driver, to around back to the livery stable. They entered the stables front wide door and she walked Ken along an aisle lined with stalls for horses, some clean and others showing signs of having been recently used.

That was when Ken saw in one stall Jason. Jay was the youngest of the students allotted to his keeping them out of trouble and safe, as Ken saw Jay, Jay burst into tears.

Help me, help me please, I thought their stuff looked like kinky fun, but look what that big woman did to me. She, the blacksmith here, she stripped me naked and smeared on me a salve as I stood there stupid and giggling. She then injected into my butt some serum, as sprayed me with hair flocking, attaching to me my choice of a black pony cock and larger pony balls. I was stabbed in the butt with a pony tail appendage and placing molds on my toes I watched in horror as they became hoofs what were then shod with steel nailed on pony shoes. I have changed more and the stables manager man told me he had a buyer for what I was becoming, me a Shetland pony, I want to go home, home, to see my parents again…,” as Jay stated his last wish his voice changed and words ceased, he able then to whinny shrilly, as would a real born pony.

“No need to worry about him anymore, as by tonight he might not remember he was ever anything but a pony. Uncle Jeb will place Jay with a good as loving family who will care for him through the years. Shetland ponies can live up to forty years, and life as a pony is not all that bad, most learn to like it as relish life when they go into feeling the call of rut.” Melanie said as she tried to rush Ken on past the stalls to a small room with privacy.

Once there together and inside the windowless room, Melanie took out the black suit from the plastic bag and some extra items.

“Please, strip naked and let me show you what fun a complete suiting can do for making you feel masculine.” Melanie asked Ken, as she reached to help and unbuckled his belt and un-snap the front of his pants.

Ken did as she suggested. The kinky idea of being furry and wearing a Minotaur suit had Ken wondering. He seeing there then the furry black suit as of a bovine had him getting horny and sporting an erection it was growing stiffer than stiff!

Melanie began telling as from the experiences of other men wearing a full body suiting what joy they felt, and the more lasting affects in pure delight and comfort. She had Ken all caught up thinking of his manly pleasures and the different sort of delights.

Ken was standing naked as Melanie began with a gloved hand to smear on his skin the special tanning salve, when from outside in the stables they heard, a wretched scream.

Both of them looked toward that privacy room door to wonder what horror was outside in the livery aisle. The sounds were half of a young as scared voice mixed in with coarse guttural braying of one young male student discovering his form and future as permanently donkified. Unseen by Ken or Melanie, though she knew what was likely happening. The almost donkey but having some facial recognition still, Todd had a rope nosed about his stronger furred neck, as Jeb and a wrangler man were dragging the stud donkey toward a box stall where he could come to grip with his situation. Still of blonde colored hair his furry self, the almost Jack donkey was being dragged into a stall where with a jennet donkey he would mate, mount, thrust as thrash away his humanity.

Ken wondered if his students were all like Jay, as he had see the man become a donkey and his angered wife became a boar hog, this way-station in the wilds of the Dakotas might be the beginning of a whole new way to live their foolish lives.

Melanie frowned when from out in the stables her uncle began verbally telling his wrangler man how best to try taunting a boar to begin humping of sows, or threaten her she might become a side of bacon by the weekend!”

Those outside braying screams soon ceased to become wooing sounds of a donkey mating a jenny, both feeling their changed lifestyles. High pitched squeals of a hog grunting seemed close by, as Ken wondered if maybe coming from the one ordered to begin humping or die.

Next was a sound of a rusty hinged door slowly closed and of a pleading girl and her friend.

“Two girls, both are lesbians, they each saw enough for one to ask as both since found their wilder fantasy possible dream coming true. Auntie Jo served them iced tea with her home brand potion mixed in; as they drank they became exceptionally horny. Both of the lesbians are well close to being satyr females, as then they shall find a new life together!” Melanie said as she began helping Ken slip on the black and soft furred suit.

Ken had one hand on the supposed Minotaur suiting when something in him felt disturbed. “What, what the hell am I doing!" he said showing a renewed alertness of his possible doom. He turning to look at Melanie, as she smirked a rather less than reassuring sort of a grin, was enough to remind Ken, that as with animal parts tried on they might well become real. Those fool enough to enter that changing room never came out, because the attendant helping did more to add, enhance and make the weird prosthesis things a reality. They too failed to return to the shop or seen again by friends. Standing there with his hands holding the furry suit and one arm down a sleeve, Ken had a moment of rational thought.

"Forget them, all they you heard, they will all be just fine!" urged Melanie.

"Fine, fine, they will become as what they try on, and never go home! I saw one already as he was led outside into a corral, he was then a donkey! Now you would have me enter this small room, me trying on a Minotaur suit? Per-say, once fitted into the sexy suit will it have the same prospect, will I then become in reality a Minotaur bull or maybe a cow?" asked Ken, his eyes wide with the thought of just how callus Melanie was to any of the patrons there visiting the Stud Den shop.

Tossing the black furry suit to the floor of his private small room, Ken grabbed his pants and put them on, as picked up his shirt and pushed Melanie to one side. Ken did all this before he dared make his exit from that small room. He walked quickly along the stables aisle meeting then Auntie Jo. She did her best at trying to stop him from leaving, as she reached her hands to grab him by the wrists, and throw him down on the ground. What she did grasp was a sleeve to the shirt Ken was struggling to slip on to cover part of his nakedness. Auntie Jo was a strong old girl and she held on to him, keeping Ken from exiting out the stables main doorway.

"No thanks, I've seen enough to know your plans, and not me, no thanks!" said Ken as he tried to pull his shirt sleeve out of Auntie's grip.

As Auntie had a trick up her sleeve!

Ken looking at her wrinkled face was not watching her other hand. Around it came holding a small aerosol can, she let loose a silvery white mist into his face. A thick cloud of mist tinkled his skin and he then panicked realizing what was happening, he took a quick inhaled breath.

The mist shot into his nostrils, filling his sinus with it properties, making Ken as like the can label stated, "Totally Horney!"

Instantly the rational thought of his want for escaping the stables seemed silly. Melanie came a running and she with Auntie Jo tugged Ken into a horse stall and began undressing their victim. As Ken felt all horny and was lying there moaning hapless to all but his feeling a growing arousal, the black furred suit was being expertly slipped over his head, arms, body, legs and feet.

Ken would be in due time reminded of what Auntie Jo did to him with her smiling. Melanie added to that thrilling time for him as she finished smearing on him the skin conditioning salve before the furred suit was slipped into place, literally confining Ken into what he was urged to try on but with the salve became something more worn permanently.

Ken was so mesmerized by the sensations coming from the skin color conditioning lotion, he did not think twice when asked of him to drink something given him by Auntie Jo. He lay there feel horridly aroused and exceptionally horny, he felt a sense of friendship for Melanie when she began throttling his changing penis to feel and become the stout cock of a bull.

Ken then inside the furry suit began toying with what were changed fingers and toes, he asking questions of Melanie as why would a Minotaur not have furry hands rather than having cloven hooves. It was then that Auntie Jo silenced Ken from talking when she positioned over his face a very realistic bullish mask. The mask had a fur hood what included two short skull mounted horns and bovine shaped ears. It all slipped one part into the next to fit tight around a changing body covered in animal hide and fur.

I continued to stand nearby as listening and seeing, being a witness to such debauchery done to the students and as much to Ken the appointed guardian, chaperone, and my partner along on the trip.

Snuggled sensually into his bovine suit, Ken reached a fore leg and cloven hoof to touch as stroke at his hind leg, feeling still very horny, he tried to express a smile across his then bovine lips.

I had slipped inside the stables and waited until both Melanie and her Aunt left Ken to his troubles and walked off to check on old uncle Jeb dealing with other victims.

Ken lay there patting the furry suit as it began becoming snugger fitted to his body and especially about his groin. It was then that I approached him and kneeling by him, he had to point at his yam size large furry balls hanging heavily, as well trailing along his sheath to the opening where we both saw his reddish-pink colored, very bovine bullish a penis standing out being aroused.

Ken tried as pointed like asking of me to stroke my hand along his sheath to the end where from it stood a fully erect bullish cock, Ken enjoying then his first bovine erection. His penis all out the sheath had Ken shiver feeling the passing burst of a soft breeze through the stables. I watched as Ken mooing-moaned, he feeling a chill, made the cock spring stiffer erect, it protruded from the sheath end to its morbid cock point was twenty-some inches in length.

“Moo…,” bellowed Ken as he feeling horny I thought too he was feeling a relished desire to soon be mounted as mating some equally enthused as horny cow.

Ken was not becoming g a Minotaur but a very complete form of a black bull animal. He had a slight Brahma bull hump behind his head along his beefy neck, and horns on his head, but otherwise his body seemed more like that of an Angus breed bull. He began to snort as from his erect cock I saw it leaking pre…, as Ken rolled over and stood up, he standing upon all fours.

I then happened to hear Melanie and her Auntie Jo both laughing, they returning to check on Ken. I backed away and knelt inside a box stall across from where Ken stood acting as if he were appreciating his becoming more so like a real bull.

The women returned and seemed enthused as how well Ken was changing. Melanie made mention to her Auntie that the fur suit she chose for Ken was of the Brangus breed, as that breed bull brought much higher prices at the county farms auction.

Ken heard the comment and offered both women a mooing bellow as if what Melanie said he approved of and felt a delight at the idea of him being sold into an enslaved sexual lifestyle. It was then that Auntie Jo took from her dusty jeans pocket a brass ring for insertion of it into the bridge of Ken’s new bovine contoured nostrils. Melanie offer Ken a hand for him to sniff while the crafty old Aunt reached her hand with the ring and in a snap it was sunk through the soft nostrils tissue and locked in place.

Ken the bull, felt a sharp pain from his nose, while I saw a trickling of red blood come from where the nose ring had cut the skin. I was stunned at how Ken a grown man so easily accepted what they made of him. He stood there swishing his bony tail acting anxious for doing what a bull likes to do. His tail swaying, he flicked it, and slapped Auntie Jo across her face.

I expected her to say something terse but she smiled at Melanie.

Ken stood there and I could see his body gaining mass, becoming a smooth but muscular form of about a yearling bull. He was well endowed about his sheath, penis, and those huge hanging furry balls. I could not begin to imagine what he was feeling but he acted as if quite delighted with the thought of never returning to work or his home. I wondered about Ken but also to what became of the students. As hours passed and the day became a reddish fiery sky sundown I remained hidden, watching, listening, trying not to get made a captive.

Old Uncle Jeb noted the bus without a driver and he inspecting the vehicle, asked then his wife Jo as to any driver, and she suggested it might well be their newest Brangus bull did them their good fortune that day by increasing the animals in the corral. She then surprised me further when showing her husband the collected social security cards from those who were so changed that day and how the numbers would bring a fine price from those wanting to buy such numbers. She had totaled the monies confiscated that day what totaled into the thousands, and of all the credit cars she would send to their other stores in other states to max them out before the card companies were alerted to them being as stolen.

Melanie joined her relatives and they talked about different fools who asked for their personal demise, and would marvel at their enhanced sexual ability, as each went willingly taken to mating with females of their new as similar species. She remarked as of the teacher/driver fellow once aroused and his body contoured to being a bull, he pranced into the coral to join as mate the three cows provided for him.

She had a list of names and their transit species retained for sale or available for training and the sold. Jason, Jay as he wished to be called, became a dappled gray with black stockings Shetland pony. Melanie telling how she put him with the two newest as youngest of the jennet donkeys and let him molest them and they him. She thought he could be put up for sale as a child pet by the following day.

Seventeen students and all were brash and egotistically foolish to let Agatha the blacksmith there do to them such enhancements that nine became donkey Jacks. Four students chose female genitals and became a team of happy, horny, mules. One student purchased a cow udder and cunt, became a Jersey milk cow, as his buddy chose a bull penis and balls making him a Jersey bull, the two mounted, mating, mated all afternoon and were at nine in the evening still going at each the other in wild frantic joyous sex play.

One student liked being goatish of form and asked for more until he became a buck goat acting horny, Melanie put him with the two lesbian Satyress and they and he became quite affectionate.

The one student who of all when he learned he would be changed of species did request of Agatha to make of him an Arabian stallion. He became as a six month old horse, and Melanie had him stabled separate from all the others as he would mature and require saddle breaking.

She mentioned then of Ken and said how she felt sorry he became a bull, he had a loving, caring manner about him. Indeed Ken was very mild mannered and considerate of others.

Auntie Jo told her niece to forget feeling any empathy for their beasts, as she noted of her having listed two bicyclists who stopped and stayed, they were two of the three cows provided for Ken to learn liking being a bull. She laughed when telling of three brute men motorcycle bums buying sow teats, cunts, tails, and meeting Agatha, by late afternoon they were enjoying the wife turned pig boar having become bestial and mindless. All in all it was a bumper crop of a day for their store, the livestock sales, the after marketing of social media, and the chop-shopping of vehicle parts would mark that day as a record profit.

I hid in some bushes waiting for night before planning to get aboard my bus and leave there as fast as possible. I checked my watch as to the time and was about to exit my hiding place when who should meander up and give my right ears a broad tongue bullish lick but Ken the then Brangus bull. He knew me still, and with his three cow herd following, he stood near, trying to communicate, acting anxious, and his bony tail swishing over a puckered anus as one of his cows walked past me to present me with a grand view of her black cow cunt, she winking it for me.

“Sorry there Ken fellow, but I must leave you all here and make my escape!” I said, and expected Ken to argue or moo, but he stood there silent. He did a full body shiver as if enthralled by being a bull, he having enjoyed his wild delights with his cow friends.

Ken was acting friendly, but one of his cows saw fit to nuzzle her muzzle and give me a shove. I fell off balance and tripped, went face first into the wet cow cunt, the winking cow offered to me. I was surprised and did wallow with my face in the spicy scented slimy cunt, before regaining my stance and walked away toward the waiting bus.

I got aboard the bus and was about to turn the key as start the diesel engine when I happened to look in my left side review mirror. As walking toward the bus was a slender shapely womanly form, she carrying over her right arm a furry hide, a furry udder, a tail and likely the sexual genitals for someone she thought to change into a cow.

I started the bus engine and began turning the steering wheel to make a complete U-turn exit from the Stud Den parking, when the woman tossed inside the bus through the still opened door all of what she was carrying.

The bus roared into life and with a cloud of dust it sped up onto the two-lane highway and I made my escape.

I drove for an hour before daring to stop and check as what all was tossed into my bus.

Kneeling on the bus floor with the doors still locked shut there was a black fur cow hide skin, a black furry udder, a black cow cunt, a black cow tail, a bottle of skin lotion, a bottle of some murky potion, and a cell phone of one of the students.

I flipped open the cell phone to see that someone had used it as a camera. Saved within its memory was videos of friends, they the students as they changed. Some of what I saw were student boys horrified by what they could see their bodies becoming, as then too were other students, enjoying the perverse affects as they and their classmates became finalized, fully changed to being animals.

I drove on until I felt safe from anyone catching me. I stopped at a motel and unloaded my travel bag and the gifts tossed aboard the bus. I was intently tired and slept until mid-day the next day. After waking and not feeling groggy, I decided to report the horrid mishap. Using the cell phone bearing the videos as my proof, I called the school, spoke to the principal administrator, and trid most earently to tell how as why teacher Ken, and seventeen students would not be returning home.

Naturally I as accused of doing them harm. I was told of a warrant would be issued for my arrest.

Stunned and then getting drunk, not knowing what to do, I felt trapped. It was later, after the affects of the bottle had worn off that I could think and remember why I was standing before the bathroom mirror, there in my motel room. Feeling giggly, I stood looking at me as dressed in a black furry suit what was beginning to fit me snuggly. I smiled at what was becoming the newer me, seeing a bovine style toothy grin. The prosthesis items tossed aboard the bus were of a heifer, and I set them in place when donning the suit. Why I felt so enthused then might well have come from being inebriated, but I began fondling, as feeling exceptionally horny feelings, my body such of being almost a cow.

My ability to stand as walk uprightly became awkward and different time I teetered, as fell of balance and landed of changing arms becoming my forelegs and of hand boses rearranged with fingers that became my cloven hooves. I finally gave up the thought for standing upright, realizing then, for sure, I was destined to become a cow. The standing upon all fours and walking about there in my motel room I began to elate from feeling my udder teats jiggle when a took steps. My tail swayed when I walked and the bared anus being sensative almost as much as was my properly placed cowish vulva had me feeling giddy with delight about my future.

somewhere along with all my physical changing, my mind and what seemed righteous for me changed to liking what I did as tried to do for becoming like a real cow. The suit was for a heifer but I knew I was growing, maturing, my preference toward food had me devouring the flowering plants there in my room and later, I stood looking out the motel room window and salivated by seeing the grass growing arouns the swimming pool enclosure.

Retained thoughts of hygiene and moral responsibilites came to silly end when feeling the need to urinate I entered the bathroom and backing up to the toilet, let go a stream of urine. Unlike when I was a man and could pointing, aim my penis toward the toilet or a urinal, when as a cow the aiming is near to an impossible act. I ended up drenching the toilet reserve tank, the wall there, and causing a pooled puddle of cowish stink.

Feelings of exasperation followed the urinary mess. Like do cows, all cattle, I just stood there not thinking but existing, waiting for some other being or occurance to cause me to react or want to move. A inner sense of relaxation, I was accepting my becoming a cow, and was comparing what it was to being a man with the ease of lifestyle from being then a cow, the cow won. I felt relieved from the coming legal mayhem pointed toward me as if I caused the dissappearences or deaths of seventeen boys and a new to the teaching profession history teacher.

It was very late on the first day of my becoming a cow when there came a knocking at my motel room door. I strode toward it to open the door, seeing there Auntie Jo and her husband Jeb. I poked my very cowish head past the window drapes and mooing, I asked them to come into my room. My door I had left unlocked but found I could not work the door knob using teeth as my hands were gone, changed and as hoofs.

Auntie Jo entered the room first before her husband. I saw her holding a nose ring in her hand and he with a rope readied to noose it about a stout neck, my neck!

We exchanged greetings as then Jeb walked about inside what was my motel room, he began collecting all of what belonged to me when I had use for those things. Auntie Jo asked me to come quietly, and I did as asked. I was glad when she slipped the nose ring back into her pocket, I was feeling elated about my future and nagged still of the realiztion, I would never go to what was home and family ever again. The thoughts of those I should never see again had me wanting to moo, I felt dejected by so many at home and their ignornant attidtudes, it made my becoming a cow for Ken seemed ever so righteous an escape from going to prison.



Imagine then the surprise of teacher Ken when Uncle Jeb unloaded me from the stock hauling trailer and we met as bull and cow for the first time. Auntie Jo arrived just behind the truck and trailer, she driving my bus, it to her was an asset she could make money from, as I thought of it as something what stunk worse than do people. Uncle Jeb walked me to meet there his niece, and she took my rein and with Ken following, he sniffing at my rump, we were walked to the gate leading to the pasture. Given then to our living life in bovine freedoms, Ken and I greeted each the other by mouthing our best sounds of fellowship considering what we were, he a bull and me a cow, we of the same Angus breed. Oh, and of breeding, my feelings were of being cow and female, my penis changed to what is necessary for urinating like a cow, my vulva giving me dire sensual passions. As little my want or need for having a penis, with Ken being a bull endowed so well, with him there I forgot the delights of having a penis, as Ken stands mounted over my back and thrust-humping his cock inside me, who then needs more that what we are, a cow and her bull!

Melanie was smiling at us as her uncle and auntie joined her, they standing outside our pasture gate. I took note that some of the words said by our owners held vague meanings to me, as if it were all of some different language. I ignored what they said though the occasional gruff said comment bade me to turn and look away from Ken, he acting as should an ambishess bull wanting to claim a cow as his to dominate.

Unbeknown to my owners but I never did remember to drink the potion what would have erased all my past memories, affectively making me a dumb cow. I retained my ability to think and reason, as well over the next year I managed to teach my throat to do a ventriloquist style of talking to communicate with our owners and to warn visiting people of what might well happen if they entered the store.

It is difficult to imagine how from living a cow life the mind tends to become dull. I felt horrid realization from what were human thoughts becoming a mix with bestial desires. Think on it, as once being a human and changed into an animal body as retaining your mind it feels trapped in a cow body, I for a time was incapable of telling how I felt, or what I needed.

"So, now you know much of what happened that got me to where I am and of what I am. As if what you see of me or those in the pasture, the corrals, or the stables is something similar to what you might want then enter the store and chose your favorite form of future debauchery. However, if what you see of me is not what you want, I suggest you do not stop or stay too long at the way-station Stud Den."





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