Futuristic Zoo

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
Last Edit: Apr 30th, 2015


A young couple go to visit a zoo without cages, but having a life changing force field...


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(This story was written for enjoyment and not for critical, Literary Purests!)


Lysaila took the hand of Phil and pulled him toward the Future Zoo entrance, the whole way there as he drove the car she nagged him about her wanting to see firstly the Mammals Exhibit. Upon arriving and the long walk from the parking lot to the zoo’s front gate, Phil stood and stared at the massive main gate. The gate looked like something from the movie Jurassic Park. It stood near to twelve feet high and had two inch thick steel bars. Phil a mechanical engineer as his career had to marvel at seeing how the gate easily swung open, perfectly balanced, as if it were made of feathers and not iron. As he stood there looking at the gate in a mechanical minded stopper of wonder, his girlfriend Lysaila took him by an arm and pulled him along. She was quite excited from what all she read, and of the zoo and its methods of security according to the reports in the tabloid newspapers she liked to read and believe as if all was gospel truth. She kept nagging at Phil to go with her as said, "I want to go see this all new zoo and the American Plains Exhibit first!"

They entered the zoo and immediately stood in a courtyard surrounded by five new gateways, one for each continent. The American gateway front gate looked even taller than the main entrance gate, though barely wide enough for the two humans to walk shoulder to shoulder and stroll inside.

Upon entering they saw no fences. A sign announced the new security posted along a bricked sidewalk as it meandered from scene to scene, each with varied animals. The new security was announced to all visitors as being a high powered, nearly invisible a force-field what kept the animals and visitors separated. The American Great Plains scenes were announced as being a long walk for those visitors with medical condition, and to beware as to daytime temperatures. The first scenes were a mixture of animals of the northeastern American continent with historic habitats of people living during that era of the eighteenth century.

The sidewalk wove along as a path into a forest filled with birds and an occasional bear, a fox and woodchucks everywhere. Phil and Lysaila walked the pathway stopping to see what she was interested seeing, as he liked to look at the ground vents doing the broadcasting of the force-field.

The pathway then split off in two directions, as to the left offered a tour into the southern states, as the right hand pathway ventured into the Great Plains, the Rocky mountain ranges, to rejoin the southern pathway as it meandered northward into the American desert lands.

Lysaila pull Phil to the right side path toward where and of what she wanted to see as had some special interests sparked by her tabloid newspaper stories. After a hundred yards of transitioning from forest to flat as open grassland the vastness of grassland spread out wide in all directions. Along the walkway were many small signs. Each sign offered a note as of what different breeds of Plains animals a visitor might see at that location.

Also there were signs posted as to warn visitors about the new futuristic force field barrier. As Phil stood reading a warning sign, he looked past it as well, toward the area beyond and wondered. Lysaila had read to him of personal accounts of wives or husbands to workers building the zoo and of unsubstantiated incidents dealing with what happened if or when a person were to enter past the force field barrier. According to what the strange newspapers stated was if a human entered a scene, they passing through the force field, it caused a disturbance to body cell structure, neutralizing the natural D.N.A. pattern. Unexplained as how, but of those who dared or just foolhardily entered a scene and happened to come into physical contact with any animal, there would be a D.N.A. pattern transfer to that human. The transferred pattern would affect the neutralized pattern and begin a rapid physical change in a human to become the duplicate of the animal as touched.

Phil did not believe most of what any tabloid newspaper stated was true, as most of what they stated was too fantastic to be logical or real.

Lysaila stood by him being elated as she pointed at many different scenes containing animals. She saw a lone Pronghorn deer and then a herd of twenty mustang horses. All the while Phil was looking at the force-field broadcast vents what trailed along side the bricked pathway. He would look up to see whatever his dearest Lysaila exclaimed of her next delight at spotting various kinds of animals.

As they walked the summertime heat of the sun baking down upon the grassy fields radiated back as well to the pathway. Though there was a tented awning over the walkway, the sides were open, and the security force-field kept animals from escaping, but allowed heated air to cause visitors some discomfort.

A colony of prairie dogs had their burrows dug into a domed mound of earth, as Lysaila fell in love with watching the critters, some on lookout for predators and others searching for food.

The pathway made a ninety degree right hand turn into a scene of grazing bison to one side and on the opposite side of the walkway there stood a grass sod house. As in years past when the pioneers moved west, the great plains had few trees but the grass had deep roots, and by digging or sawing the sod, leaving them to dry in the hot sunshine they hardened into fibrous bricks.


The sod bricks were all held together by their bulk weight. The doorway to enter being a blanket draped in the entrance to limit the wind from blowing hot or cold into the house. The roof to the small house the pioneer pilgrims used the lumber from their covered wagons and laid sod on top to help hold the wooden planks together.

Phil stood there studying the primitive but imaginative method of building a shelter, while Lysaila was mesmerized watching the bison grazing.

Phil and Lysaila were of course not the only two people visiting that day, there were dozens of families moving along the pathway, as hundreds of people were enjoying the close-up viewing of the varied scenes and the animals.

Lysaila came to stand beside Phil for a minute to see what had his engineering mind so captivated, when from behind them they heard an Italian woman yelling at her teenage son to be considerate and careful of the force-field. Phil saw the teenage brute of a boy turn away from being near his mother, and he began to run along the pathway, zigzagging of people standing and enjoying the scenery.

As he ran and was heading toward Phil and Lysaila, at the last moment Phil tried to keep him and his lover from being run into, he gave Lysaila a push to one side. The very athletic brute boy tried to side step Phil, but did a harsh shoulder bump of Lysaila.

Lysaila got hit by a football lineman sized body and she being a hundred pounds lighter in weight, the hit sent her staggering backwards, spinning as her feet danced to keep her upright. She was shoved off balance and Phil seeing her velocity feared she might go past the force-field and enter a scene. He cried out for somebody, anybody to catch his dearest, but at the last moment before she would have fallen through the force-field she came to a stop standing on her tiptoes, just an inch from touching the sizzling power waves of the security barrier.

She relaxed and went to turn to face Phil. As it happened, she turned and felt a likely ache in her shoulder she reached a hand to give it a message. Lysaila pushed her hand into the force-field and was with a sizzling sound like flesh frying, her body was drawn away from the pathway and through the barrier.

Lysaila screamed as did Phil but both were powerless to stop that dangerous moment. Phil watched as Lysaila was amerced through the force-field rays, her body suspended as she passed through the field, her clothing and anything not of living flesh, was incinerated.

When then Lysaila fell free from the force-field she found herself lying face up, her body being then naked. Her sunglasses gone, her purse, all items of identity, in essence she was just another life form there in that zoo scene.

Sounds penetrated the force-field as did the wind and the hot breeze. Lysaila sat up and screamed for Phil to help her. One oddity of the pathway was that nowhere along it was any device to communicate with the zoo park management or security to come and be of help.

Although Phil stood there worried and concerned for her safety. As for the other people who crowded to see the situation, seeing a lovely naked woman some men made rather sexual as lurid comments about Lysaila, she being what was termed as an “Ass Model.” Lysaila had what photographers said was the perfect shapely butt, and her cute butt was photographed often stuffed in skin tight jeans and posted into magazines and on television for advertizing of clothing products. She had posed so often half nude or all nude her being nude there then, mattered little to her.

Just then there was another woman who screamed and the attentions of those people turned away from Lysaila and her situation, to that of an argument and brawl.

Phil stood there close to the force-field and called out to Lysaila. He wanted to warn her as not to pet any of the animals, but lie low in the tall grass and wait, as Phil said he would go and get a security guard to release her back to the pathway. She agreed, and looking around her, Lysaila sat, as then laid back into a area of four foot tall grass.

As Phil turned toward the pathway the crowd watching the brawl, all stood in silence. The people standing nearer the side of the pathway and close to the force-field moved back as away from being too close to the sizzling power field. It was about then when one of the fellows brawling fell to kneeling very close to the force-field. As Phil pressed his way through the crowd, he heard the kneeling fellow try apologizing to his friend.

When Phil had come within the second row of people watching, he being six foot six inches tall could see over the heads of others. He saw the sod house and the sod shed, as close to the force-field was a pig sty. In the sty was a monster! Really it was the man pushed through the force-field who had fallen into the sty and there fell or tripped over a large pig, it lying wallowed in the muddy sty.

What was a man was from going through the body cellular rearranging was evolving from what he was born as to what he had touched, that being the pig. As Phil took a moment to watch he too stood there mesmerized at seeing a man changing, his head almost that of a pig, he being naked like was Lysaila, but he had pig bristles sprouting in reoccurring waves of changes. His hands were all bloody as his fingernails were merging, making fingers into cloven hooves. He screamed a shrill squealed cry when his tail protruded. The man was scared and in pain, so much pain that he fell to his side, he lying then in the same stinking mud as was the sleepy big hog.

“How awful,” said a woman there in the crowd!

“Rather neat I think,” said both of a couple of fellows holding hands and in a crushing hug. They looked to Phil as excited about the prospect of becoming a pig. As some there in the crowd became embarrassed by the scene, they walked away rather hurriedly, as if to leave the zoo. Other people coming along the walkway stopped to see, as the man changing gained a pig-boar size of an erection before a stream of urine shot out of it, coming close to entering the barrier.

Phil shook his head at noticing how many people there were identifying with the man changing, as if they too would like to try to become a pig, either there or in some fantasy world.

Phil backed his way out of the crowd and gave a quick look toward where Lysaila might be, he looked up to note there a number posted, it likely for maintenance men working the pathway to have a numbered reference as of their location. Phil began walking briskly as then began to jog, he carefully weaving through the zoo visitors, as heading toward the far end to the path being more than a half mile ahead.

At last as Phil came close to the end of the pathway he saw two security guards standing one to each side of the exit. Phil called to them as they looked up but hearing what Phil stated aloud, the men did not want anybody causing a panic. The two guards took hold of Phil and literally dragged him from the Great Plains exhibit, and loaded him into the rear of a security vehicle.

Phil was upset, angered by his abrupt treatment, and then locked inside the van, but the van did not move. He heard then the guard there banging his fist at the rear door to the van, as he announced to Phil, he would stay inside the van until their shift ended at 5p.m.

Phil checked his watch and it was just about noon. He horrified at the thought of leaving then Lysaila to roast out in the sunshine for at least five hours more, angered Phil. The all white service van grew warm inside and Phil was sweating, had no water bottles. He was near to delirious when two men unloaded him from the van, they dragged him inside a building, tossing him into an interview room, and told to sit and wait for someone to talk to him.

Just at nine o’clock in the evening as the door to the interviewing room opened and a guard looked in, he seeing Phil, then said, “Sir you may go, please return to you vehicle and then leave without any exhibition style driving, the zoo management will not seek a warrant or plans to press charges!”

“What,” Phil screamed, “My girlfriend was pushed through your force-field by some clout running away from his mother. I come for help and am incarcerated now for nine hours, as calmly told to leave, so what then of her, she is nude, lying in the tall grass at path marker ninety-six!”

“Huh, fine time to tell us,” the guard commenting said, “Why did you fail to report this until now? Sir I think you are liar! You made a scene there on the pathway and were arrested, put inside a security van to wait, and became more rowdy. The guards reported you were screaming and they had to gas the truck bay to quiet you.”

“Wrong, it is all lies, that was not… at all how it happened,” Phil said, as it was easy to see he was angry, as then he added, “I want some action, my girlfriend is in grave danger. I was a witness to see another fellow as pushed into the sod house pig sty, and many along the pathway saw him changing, becoming a boar pig because of your force-field style of security.”

“That pig incident was reported, the supposed victim was not found anywhere within the sod hut scene, just two male pigs brawling over one sow for breeding privileges. The reports of people falling through the force-field are ridiculous, just wild claims. D.N.A neutralized, pure fantasy, the management checked those claims of full transitioned species, just plain B.S!” The guard told Phil as Phil knew better, he rebutting the guard. “Oh no, I was there, and I witnessed the man changing. There was just one big boar there wallowed in mud when the man was pushed through the security field. I waited for several minutes being mesmerized by the medical miracle, seeing as what was a man become almost fully changed into a healthy big boar, before I left him and returned to seeking help for my Lysaila. So I suspect you then might be telling me a lie, shall we go then and check at… post marker ninety-six to release my betrothed!”

The guard gave a quick check-look to his watch and then shook his head, sighing as if what Phil wanted done, was more trouble then it was worth. “OK, I have two hours left to my shift, we can go and check on your’ who, her name is Lysaila.”

“Oh all right, we can go check if she has survived the day in the scene,” the guard said to Phil. They walked out together from the security building, but not to a truck, but to a golf cart. Phil was surprised at this being their transportation for going to help Lysaila, getting her out of a dangerous situation. Phil grumbled about the choice of vehicle because it was so very slow. Slow driving got slower and when Phil begged of the guard to drive as fast as the cart would go, the man stopped twice along the route. One long stop was at the men’s room bathroom, and a second stop was for the guard to buy a cold can of pop from a dispensing machine.

It was then almost 10:30 at night and the fear in Phil was rising, he worried that Lysaila being naked under the bright summer sun would be burnt bad, she having lain naked in the grass would be hurting. It took the guard some forty minutes to drive the pathway and stop then at marked post number 96. Phil jumped off the cart and began to call out into the darkness, he yelling for Lysaila.

After a few moments and to the surprise of the guard, but with a sense of relief to Phil, they both heard someone out in the darkness stammering speak, calling back the name of Phil.

The security guard shined his L.E.D.-type flashlight out into the dark. The swaying flashlight panned a bluish beam of light from right to left and back right. He continued to suggest that they were too late. The guard continued to reiterate to Phil of similar reports and/or situations having happened like what Lysaila read in the tabloids. “Since we opened the zoo there were a few people who entered and were not accounted for by day-end, as if they failed to exit? As management ordered a search, but no bodies were ever found, no injured people, nothing to suggest the force-field security barrier does more than act as a barrier!”

The guard went and sat in the golf cart as if ready to leave be whatever became of Lysaila. “I think we can go back, in another half hour I need to clock out and go home for the night.”

It was just then some deep toned voice struggled again as stammered before it said the name of Phillip, as said then “Phil, is that you?”

The security guard flashed his light toward where both he, and Phil thought they had heard the sound to originate.

It was there in the beam of bright light that Lysaila sat up from where she laid in the grass.

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Phil gasped when seeing Lysaila, she her head, her ears, her lovely face, that enticing smile she used to goad him into doing whatever she asked him to do. To look at her eyes, they were hazel and so lovely as then being deep dark pools of being bovine, and her skin covered by brown fur, all that was her beauty, had accordingly changed.

“Lysaila my dear, I told you to be careful, I reminded you of what we read and not… to touch any animal while you were inside the scene. Why, why did you ignore my warning?” Phil said, his voice trailing off to almost a whimpering as fear and concern of what all else might happen. Phil was worried the security guard would leave her inside the scene, and let her continue to change, until she would become a bison cow.

It was the security guard who said aloud for all to hear, “She was touched and now is changing, just look at her and tell me she resembles what you arrived here with? She has a partial transition, is just another victim having a species change. Her mind and attitude about you, your relationships, she shall soon be forgetting, losing care for family, continuing to evolve of body, and become completely a Bison cow!

I told you we were too late to save her, can we go now!”

“No…,” cried Phil, “You need to lower the force-field and let her out of your damned scene, she is my…!”

As just then the guard saw Lysaila moving, as he shined his light again at her, she stood up, the moonlight behind her and the flashlight lighting her, they saw her changed form as Lysaila made for an eerie scene.

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Horrified by what he sees, Phil turned to face the guard as he felt outraged at the thought of just leaving Lysaila to some beastly sort of doom.

“Ha buddy, look at her, and tell me, that what she is what you wish to marry and keep at home? She shall continue to evolve toward becoming a bison cow, would you like to have sex with a cow, I think not!

She has changed so drastically and in the span of just eleven hours elapsed time, think of what you will let walk into your house after ten hours more, look at her!

Did you listen of what she wants of you, as to enter the scene and join her? She is feeling her body transforming, being physically and soon mentally an animal. Her big tits and those nipples are aching, begging to get sucked. If you ingest her milk, tongue her pussy, have sex but once, her wish for you to become as her bull bison she as you shall realize together. You two can graze and breed until you as her bull and the sire with many other cows, acquires a serious case of Trioch, the venereal disease common in cattle. It comes I am told for mating a cow as she in the heat of being bred would crap, the poop coating the penis, it retracts inside the sheath to then cook a virus and infection. You get it and the zoo or any farmer would sell a bull to the slaughter house, you die, is that the lifetime you planned for being together?” The security guard said to Phil, as much asking him to think about what was as what Lysaila was asking of him, they both thinking she was acting as a horny female, half a woman and half a brute cow.

Phil stood there with his back to Lysaila, she had strode-stepped her walking to come and stand just inches from touching the force-field.

“Phil, I love you, beast that I am and shall be soon, I still love you!” Lysaila said, her deep tone voice struggling to sound alluring to her lover.

The guard stepped up to stand facing Phil, his eyes wide with a sense of horror, he seeing what Phil was thinking. The guard said, "Hey are you crazy, you can't… just go into the scene. It is like entering a virtual death of mind and to live your lives in the crudest, most bestial manners. Do you hear me, as what I say, don't go off the walk and enter that scene,” the guard said, he feeling with his own sense of panic.

"She is right there, not but three feet inside the scene, I can't let her go and become alone an animal, and worse when she would die, I can't not be there,” said Phil!

Lysaila then raised her head to face skyward and she did bellow a bison scream. Her mouth open as her lips swelled, that cute nose merged with her mouth to form a muzzle. She then lowered her head as looking down at Phil, her words slurred more then as she said, "Oh God, it hurts, Phil help me I feel on fire. Help me I can't stand these horrid, nasty pangs of lust. Oh too but my pussy is weeping, my furry crotch is soaked, I feel ten times worse than if I was having my period, oh Phil!"

“She is feeling her first onset or bovine estrus, and in the females it really hurts and makes them moody, mean, wanting to mate, and hateful to he who does it!” The guard said, as he put his hand on the shoulder of Phil to try and offer some man-to-man comfort. Phil could see what the guard had seen many times from his being employed there at the zoo. Then too, it was easy to see what Lysaila wanted considering her pains. She stood there whip-swatting his bison tail, her constant messaging of her vagina using what remained of hands halfway to being cloven hooves. Phil noted more so then what Lysaila had said, about her furry pussy being soaked, as it was, and then messaging was working up a frothed lather of her female juices into the thick fur grown into and all around her groin.

Lysaila became weary of the two men discussing her as if she already were but a beast of the field. She screamed at Phil to either get help for her, or for him to prove his love and walk though the force-field barrier, joining her by becoming a bison bull.

Phil stood transfixed, watching his girlfriend become a living portion of the zoo’s Great Plains scene. As she was showing rapid changing, her toes merged to become as cloven hoofs, her feet narrowed but lengthening, as heels became her hind hocks, she ignoring all that for to demand he prove his betrothal to her by dooming himself then to be her bull.

Another long moaned bellowed moo came out of Lysaila just about then as her hips bloomed into large rounded well muscled hind quarters. He noted the slow change to her waistline, it was so slim, but had like her belly begun to bloat as ribs expanded. As she stood there close up to what from her side was a deadly barrier, she was thinking only as of her pain and not her changing posture. Then as her rump and legs completed all required changes she felt an urge then to lean forward, it became apparent to her of her becoming of reality to stand as live then like a true animal.

She leaning did touch the very tip on one of her horns to the barrier and with a sizzling sound the horn tip was seared off, as it was disintegrated. The sizzling sound seemed to remind her as of just why she could not return to stand upon the pathway.

“Oh Phillip…, oh my god, oh, my crotch, my pussy…, its moo…ving…, slipping as up behind me, I feel as if my breast have merged, and they too are wriggling down…, oh no, I am going to have an udder and teats!

Moo, ma…-moo,” Lysaila said as then her internal organ began adjusting to her becoming bigger, more like being a bovine cow. As she continued to develop an udder and her sexual parts moved to new locations the changes began contouring her shoulders, upper arms, as wrists became fore-knees, hands melding into cannon bones and fingers fetlock joints and her fore hooves. As both men watched, what arrived there that day as one sleek fashion Ass model was to end the day and begin her life anew being a bison cow!

Lysaila feeling nervous as well sexually aroused turned her rump toward the men folk watching her and she feeling a need let go a mighty stream of hot liquid. Her urine poured from her well developed Buffalo ass. This being liquid did pass through the barrier just like the wind or rain. As both the guard and Phil stood there the urine hitting the barrier, the stream disrupted into a spray what doused them both in bison cow urine.

The guard voiced his disgust and Phil tried to excuse what Lysaila did from his concern and love for the woman he knew and loved.

The yelled words of “Bull Shit,” and a brawl commenced as then a cowish looking bison stood outside the barrier, she of hope her betrothed would from pushed or shoved fall through, as touch her and Phil become her bow-bull.

Rank was the scent of her urine, as Phil sniffed of it and the guard became incensed with rage.
The guard grabbed at Phil to try and handcuff him as put him on the golf cart to take him back to where management might do the deciding of what to do with him.

Phil was athletic while the guard knew techniques of subduing. They began to brawl and push as push back, hands grabbing, pushing aside, they moved further away from Lysaila and dangerously closer to the sod hut and the barnyard scene.

“No now stop this insanity, you are not going inside the barrier,” the guard said with a demanding tone.

“But Lysaila,” Phil said, as with a hearty shove of the guard, the man stumbled his boot heel against a pathway ground light causing him to topple backward, through the force-field and inside the sod hut scene.

“Damn you, look what you did to me…,” said the guard as in the dark and without his flashlight, he turned and tripped again, falling to the ground.

Phil stood there on the pathway, he holding the flashlight in his right hand. He flicked on the light and pointed in the direction of where he heard the guard curse at him, as saw a naked man lying on his back and elbows to the damp ground. The guard had touched there a mother cow with her calf, her udder and teats being close, the guard had a teat in his mouth by then and was suckling she who would mother him and be there as his mate, in due time.

This whole scene was so terrifying to Phil he just started to run down the path.

Lysaila continued to change until she walked on all fours to join the bison herd and look for a bull worthy of giving her what she so badly had a need.

Phil ran a few hundred feet before he stopped and turned back. He couldn't leave Lysaila like that! He had to stop and do something, but what? He thought a few minutes as he pointed the flashlight toward the herd and saw a slender bison cow grazing as then a member of the herd.

"Lysaila," Phil yelled, trying to beckon her to walk up to the barrier and the pathway.

"Please, Lysaila come here!" Phil yelled a second time.

The buffalo looked up at him, seeming to recognize her name, but didn't move forward. He tried her name a few more times, but to no avail. Since that failed, Phil tried to think of some other way to get her back to the path. The path itself was lined with taller grass than the rest of the field. He thought to use a clump of that to bring her closer. Then again, if it was taller, maybe the animals were in fear of it.

Perhaps if he ran out onto the plain as fast as he could, then he might shoo her back, he could get them onto the pathway before he changed all the way into a part of the landscape, but no, that was deadly if some living flesh toughed the barrier from the scene side!

The herd started to slowly drift away, so he had to decide fast!

Phil took a deep breath and leapt out onto the open plains. He was then naked and made a bee-line for Lysaila, as she hearing something coming closed bade her to look up, was startled, she bellowed at Phil her manner of a greeting.

"Come' on, Get, Go," Phil yelled, he trying to wrangle Lysaila back toward the path.

The bison buffalo seemed to dimly be aware of Phil as if a friend or member of her herd. She began to respond to Phil talking her name, urging her to move toward the lighted pathway when something walloped Phil in the back, as knocked him to the ground.

He lay on the ground stunned for a moment before he rolled over and saw the giant buffalo male standing over him, it protecting his herd.

"Aw, Crap," Phil muttered as he tried to scoot away, "This isn't going to work."

There was suddenly a horrible cramp in his hands and feet. Phil looked at them only to see that they were quickly turning into hooves! Even as the fur sprouted along his arms, he tried to get back to the path, to stop his transformation!

Phil made it all of four steps before he was head butted again as this brute push sent him face first, head-long at as slipped inside the winking vulva of a larger than huge bison cow. He screamed the name of Lysaila as he slid in, but felt the changing begin and the cow uterus expanding to accept an ever furrier lump of living flesh.

The big bull then came upon his elder cow and his red cock slipped inside her hot body, he spewing forth a volume of semen upon a changing Phillip. He felt the semen pour over him as he grabbed at his gut and moaned the fiery pains. His body started to expand slowly, he grunted when his chest barreled outward. It took only moments through his pain addled mind to realize that he was turning into a bison, just like Lysaila had herself!

Phil closed his eyes and grunted as his skull changed. To his horror, he could almost feel his mind start to slow down. It was like being drunk in a way, but parts of his life seemed to slip away from him as his muzzle expanded and his head grew heavy. By the time the transformation was done, a re-born bison, buffalo, bull calf stood suckling while dimly aware that his stance and situation was wrong!

The huge bull buffalo had stood guard over the newest member of his herd, and Phil felt odd at his presence. It was only as his scent reached Phil’s new nose that a realization hit: Phil, he was a she, a cow buffalo now.

The realization was only a minor one, however. Even as a part of her mind fought against it, she seemed content to join the rest of the herd forever. Phil still remembered he had a deep seeded need for something, but the thought blotted out by his new lust to graze.

Walking aside Lysaila, Phil felt their bison bodies gaining strength. Their learning to graze together bonded them in strange ways, bison camaraderie, but lacking any real as rational thought processing. What was days turned to weeks as Phil the heifer became a bison cow. The occasional young bull bison would use Phil for a practice his mounting, Phil so loving, was a nice distraction from the cud chewing and flies.

Phil would go to the barrier often and stand there, mooing her beckoning of people to walk through as join her herd, as she would turn tail to the path and let go a stream of bison infection. As people stood within four feet from a young bison cow with an almost smile about her mouth, one almost grown bull poked at and then plunged into Phil, her bovine vagina. All new sensations felt by a once male mind as then locked into a bison cow body, Phil enjoyed her bison meetings.


One day after untold months with Phil being a sterile bison cow, her friend Lysaila met with her near to where the people stood watching. Heads lifted for a look-see at some visitors pointing and talked about the big beasts only an arm's length away. Lysaila was the first to notice the tall grass at the path side. As she turned to saunter over and taste the lush green grass, Phil had a quick remembrance about something there he/she had noticed there at the path, a break between two force-field broadcast ports, enough maybe to allow an escape.

An odd realization about the barrier and the pathway, she felt a desire to cross over and stand upon the brick path for some unknown reason. So Phil walked quickly though a gap in the barrier it where he recalled it as beside pole-point ninety six.

Lysaila followed and as two bison cows stepped up on the bricked pathway, people scattered along the path. A friendly hand reached out to pet Phil on her brown rump, as the human touched there was a flow of information traded, entering the head of a bison cow as her/his muddled human thoughts returned as if having never entered the barrier.

In a quick bounding turn Phil jumped her bison cow body to stand facing there Lysaila. As Lysaila stood confronting her herd mate and friend, they were out and free from their living as zoo animals there on the pathway.

All the people scattered except the one who touched Phil on her rump. He stood still and just watched.

Phil began to think like a human, her mind came back as did the memories, as she sat down on her rump and tail. Shaking her great head and horns, Phil realized much about her being bovine and a bison cow. Turning her changing head toward the human man, Phil offered his right foreleg in a shake of hands as thanks. As her face changed to become his, a human woman there screamed.

Lysaila remained mostly bison cow while Phil began to revert back to being human. Phil caught hold the tail of Lysaila in her/his mouth, she holding it gripped harshly; she did not want her to jump back into the Great Plains scene.

As zoo security arrived and men took note of Phil and her changing face as it regained human composure, she felt the sound of his/her voice come back and then tried to speak. At the sound of his voice Lysaila sat down on the path. All there within earshot of Phil became aroused or amazed at the story she wanted, as was able to tell.






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