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Boys get to meet girls planning an orgy with male goats....


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Friday evening, 6:33 p.m. and Lionel returns home from his afternoon job of delivering newspapers about the neighborhood. He finds the house dark on that October eve, a note from his parents, they having gone for the weekend to visit a favored uncle, this leaving him his freedom to do about anything he so wished.

Just then, the phone rang; he answered the call and offered a friendly sounding, “Hello.”

“Lionel, hi this is Emily… Post, you tossed our newspaper on the front porch and our doggy used it for a bone, could, could you come here and deliver use another copy, I would be very appreciative of you.” Emily said, and he knew her from the junior college, she being a cheerleader and one wild pretty woman.

Lionel agreed, taking the newspaper he took home for his parents in hand, jumped on his Cushman motor scooter and raced to the Post residence with passion on his mind.

When Lionel arrived, the sun was setting and the house looked as dark and not a sole home. He wondered if this was some sick trick played on him because he was black. As he then whip-tossed the newspaper at the front door to the Post family house, he heard something.

"Pss…, pss…, Lionel, he heard a soft voice calling to him from behind the tall hedge surrounding the swimming pool and bath house.

Lionel walked carefully toward where he heard the voice, waiting for some bunch of athletic types to jump out and pounce on him. His family heritage had been for him a major bother during high school and there was little difference when he enrolled at the local college.

Generally, Lionel was one nice person, always willing to help. He mostly enjoyed helping those people with soft sounding voices and a need of some personal attention.

Lionel could speak perfect English but he used his jive lingo when he thought a girl wanted him for being a strong male. "Who dat, who callin' me, Lionel the man of town news,” he said, slang using his words for the hope of some horny a female feeling a weekend need.

"Me, its Emily," she replied, "Please Lionel, I have something to show you that will give one hell of a hard!"

A clatter of pool side chairs and a yelp he knew by the sound, Lionel said, "Is dat you Tami? You such a klutz, and with Emily some pair! What kind’a fool you play me foo? I not just born yesterday, he said, as Lionel chided them he turned to walk away.

"Oh, Lionel please, we, ah I want you, we are so horny, took some of dad’s pills for erections and we are going nuts trying to masturbate. Please come, Tami and I want to show you a good time.” She paused, waiting for Lionel to answer, as then she added, “You are cute and I heard how big you are, I, we want to feel you inside us, you so long as deep in us, please!" Emily begged, she known around the college for her occasional orgies, her animal passions taking control of her desire and mind.

He stood outside the thick hedge and looked about.

Lionel remembered he left his scooter motor still operating, and he turned as ran to shut it off, he planned to be there at the Post residence for quite a while.

“Damn it, he is running away,” grumbled Tami, she picking an argument with Emily, horrified by their male conquest escaping.

Hearing of harsh words between the two horny girls, Lionel knew his returning to be with them would have both passionate in the extreme.

Lionel being one of the few blacks there in that wealthy community, his family and the others who dared move into town felt racial bias. Instead of a nosey neighbor seeing a black boy near the front of the Post family mansion, he approached the house from the delivery driveway.

Walking cautiously along the hedge-lined driveway, he kept a wary lookout for any passing police patrol cars.

When he stood leaning as peeking through the stockade fence behind the pool house used for bathing suit changing, he had second thoughts, wondering if he were some rich girly fun tomfoolery.

Lionel then called, “Emily,” but only Tami responded saying to him, “She is first, won the toss and is inside waiting and ready for you. You may enter and come to the pool house, she is inside."

Lionel crept inside the fence and moved with quiet stealth as he nimbly jogged the distance, over the plush green grassy lawn, and to changing house near the big pool. As he opened the door ever so slowly, he saw a silhouette of a lovely female form stand behind a loveseat, as Emily said to him, “It’s me, Emily, and Tami will come and join in soon!"

Tami entered then and slammed the door shut, putting them in the dark.

Lionel jumped when the pool house door slammed closed, as from behind some light- weight body leaped on his back, as from the front, another grabbed at his shirt. Lionel teetered and let himself fall forward, as he fell onto a fuzzy form.

All eye irises opened wide, allowing some limited vision of Lionel and his two, horny hosts.

There under him lay Emily on the carpet, she wearing some furry fantasy costume. As he smiled and eyed her, Lionel saw her legs; they looked as if shaggy with thick curly fur. It was what she had between her legs he was more interested with, surprised though at the fur surrounding her mound. Young and horny rich girls keep their snatch shaved. Why then Emily did she have as part of her costume thick fur pasted in her crotch, or was she for real as furry there, deciding he had not the time to care.

In what little light invaded the bathhouse from outside, what he saw of Emily, she wore some other fur pieces, likely stick-on types, some about her face, chin, along her spine, and butt, it donned with a cute whisk of a tail.

He smiled at her, assured of a night wild with sexual pleasures. She was and her friend too, both quite horny were a pair. The fact they had such detailed fun costumes, so realistic, he seeing Emily, wearing cloven hooves over her toes and small hooves at the end to each of her fingers. The Mahogany colored curly fur accentuated her wonderful curvy body. He laughed again when seeing her tail; as she motioned to him to take note of it. He petted the curly hair on her cute butt, giving a stroke-pet to her tail, suggesting their romp would be an all-night orgy.

Looking back, Lionel saw Tami in as much the same or similar a costume, she having rear-curved horns seemingly protruding from her upper forehead.

“Neat your pointed ears, they make you look the essence of a beast,” Lionel said as he saw the ears what stuck out laterally from the side of her head, they did look very real.

Nimble fingers with little hoofs unbuttoned his shirt, removed his pants, making Lionel a naked black form for two young women to enjoy.

Lionel knelt and began to nibble on Emily, her breasts were so special, she aroused; he saw her nipples stuck out as if they were teats for him to suckle.

Tami slipped in down low using her mouth to engulf the complete length of his very erect shaft in her mouth. He felt and heard the sound of some hard sucking, and liked it, knowing Tami was having her fun with his tool.

As play became a little rougher, Lionel sucked on an aroused nipple on Emily. He was surprised to taste the flavor of milk coming from out her breast. His surprise feeling had him slow and cease, pulling away his lips from off her tit, eying then the elongated nipple that resembled then a teat. A moment later the harsh shove of her cloven hand pressed his face against her breast, back to her nipple, as both she and he felt beguiling urges.

Loving the sensations, Lionel moaned with joy as he enjoyed the orgy.

Tami sucked on his penis until from the sensations; he could not hold back his flow.

A push from Emily wanting a different position, he then laid onto his back brought Tami along still sucking on him. Emily swung her strangely decorated leg over his chest, she sitting on his, bringing her snatch snug to his mouth, letting Lionel know what she wanted next of him.

Aroused, Emily was horny, her snatch smelled musky, a spicy scent. He long-hence had seen her, wanted to try her. He poked his tongue at her nether lips, licking at them, as with a push they parted, initiating a rush-flow of her juices. A wealth of her juices flowed out at his tongue, mouth, and chin. Seeping strings of female juices feel to touch his lips, coating his tongue, beginning in Lionel a fire of lust that wanted to consume his soul.

Wild the moment, and then to his greater delight Tami slipped off his penis and did as had Emily. She took a kneeling position over his erection, guiding his penis into her wanting depths. Then the orgy gained momentum as he laid there enjoying sexual pleasuring by two women at once. Pleasured and being pleasured, the only sound he could make was to moan, thrilled with absolute delight.

Time passed, hours but Lionel did not care, as his parents were away and if he failed to come home until morning or later in the day, so what, who would know!

The wild frolicking continued until the golden rays of sunlight beamed past the Venetian blinds to give a little light to the room.

Nothing could stop Lionel then, he filled with the devil. Not wanting to stop his fun humping of Tami, Lionel continued his pleasuring. As he stood there and plunged his stout penis into the depths of what he saw better as a satyr goat costume on his present sweetheart, he slowed his thrusting to a halt.

A full head and body shiver, and Lionel felt new strength in him from his wild as wondrous night of sex. He could not deny the two women had worked him hard, as he them, gaining a feeling of greater camaraderie, they would remain as friends after this!

He had reached beyond the word horny from his endeavors, still feeling his penis as willing and able to the task to continue, he snorted from his nostrils. A brash sounding a snort, something to him as animalistic, uncouth, considering his friends as showing of poor manners. He felt the desire to apologize, but then Tami gave his penis a thrust back with her furry butt, nestling him snug with his furry thighs.

A strange and unexpected the sensations of he having fur, Lionel could not remember donning on any costume. He stood hunched forward and humping into Tami. His chest against her back, odd his stance, the feelings, he shook his head and wondered. The worry faded and again he began his thrills, rutting Tami and looking around for Emily.

An hour and several more harsh climaxing loads, Lionel had Tami moaning. He rolled off her and lay on his back on the bathhouse-carpeted floor. Wild was his thoughts of many more such conquests, of his domination over all females, his wonderful night had him thinking, “I am a champion, worthy as a herd sire!”

As he lay on his back, Emily crawled closer to him and began finger fondling at his curly beard.

Tami bounced back, she returned to again sucking at his penis. He moaned as a sign of his appreciation, pondered how the thing felt stiff, if by her touch, being strangely narrower, while longer. He eyed at his penis, and of what he could see, its color not black but quite red, his circumcision gone, replaced by a pointy shaped head.

“There,” said Tami with some sense of authoritative notation, “He is finally finished! I sucked him dry of every drop his human semen. Now his big balls can refill with just the yellow goaty stuff.

Lionel heard and suddenly felt so strange down in his groin, he tried to reach a hand to feel at his then hairier balls, but his arm would not reach that far. Fearing something was medically amiss, he turned to look at Emily, as of questioning he said, “Baa, baa…, baa…,” a valiant try at asking about what he felt and failed to understand.

He then licked his lips, feeling them as different, somewhat fuzzy, his teeth blunt, tongue, and mouth, seemed different. Lionel tried to speak but his lips and tongue would not coordinate. Again, he tried to speak, to ask why he felt odd, as seeing his lovers of the night, they kneeling were looking at him, still wearing their costumes.

Looking at each girl, Lionel stared at Tami, she having her lower lip and chin crusted with dried semen, his semen. She then began a ritual, doing her morning stretching exercises, came over him, let him see as sniff her reddish rubbery looking vagina.

"Baa,” Lionel made a short cry, as Emily scooted up closer and cupped her hands under his bearded chin. She with her lovely eyes looked him in the face, she said, “Dear, you can not talk, our sacrificial orgy is done, and with it, you have lost your humanity.

Indeed, if your own parents came here and saw you now, they would never think you were their son. As you were black of skin, you are black with fur, covered all over from head to hoofs.

We made a deal and needed a sacrifice, you. To gain wondrous powers we made use of you as the male in an orgy, what necessitated the changes to your human form. This new you, your bodily form and soon a lifestyle is that of being a champion grade, herd sire a Goat. Sixteen inches of penis, your balls several times bigger than when of a human male, and free to be as bestial to please you, small cost your soul!

“Baa…,” Lionel cried a bleat, as Emily scratched at his beard, she said, “It is all different now, you are as changed, as being a goat for you is something permanent. Learn to accept it, be strong, it can be a better way of life, you are a big black buck of a goat, sex is your one reason for living, love it!"

"Baa, baa…, baa…," again Lionel tried to speak; he saw as felt and still could not realize his drastic changes. He raised his right foreleg to try as point at her but saw how a foreleg and cloven black hooves were better for use as legs on him.

Tami touched her hairy hands on Lionel about his shaggy chest. She combed through his smooth fur, down his chest to a belly, her fingers caressing along his goat sheath. She digging into his sheath with nimble fingers, aroused his cock, tracing its length, stroking him until with a baaed moan, Lionel fired his first all goat load of yellow semen.

Having masturbated Lionel and his goat cock, Tami then smoothed her hands about his groin and cupping the two large and hairy balls. She smiling at Lionel, as inched her smoothing hands downward, giving him a fuller feeling of what he was then unable to touch his broad furred thighs, stout legs, and his cloven hooves.

Leaning forward she again looked him in the surprised face and said, "Lionel, you…are… now… a goat!"

Lionel looked around him at the girls there, he feeling fear. As with eyes welling up tears, he had a blurry view through fixed rectangular yellow pupils. Scared, crying, he began to baa with snorting, terrified, he felt doomed. A quick turn of his head he looking, saw his erect cock leaking urine onto the carpet. This and the rank smell of his urine was a sudden harshness, forcing comprehension of what was reality. It was real, what Tami said, her words callous but to the point, he knew he was a goat. The horrid a fact as realized to him and Lionel rolled over, jumped to standing on all fours; he stood there for a few moments finding it satisfying, what to him then felt quite natural.

He knew he was naked, but being then as a goat, who would care?

Emily was second to reach her hands under him and comb her fingers along his furry belly. As her fingers graced his goaty sheath, another truth of spoken words screamed new fears in his mind.

Lionel stood there and looking at one girl, then to the other he saw in the dim light a greenish glow encircling them. The girls smiled at him, Emily announcing the glow was their power beginning, Tami and she were as Satyress devils, graced with the ability to make men into beasts.

Lionel still had some reasoning powers at that moment to know he should fear them.

The fear and his natural animal instinct merged into a bolt of speed. He spun around and ran with all his strength and new agility. He charged out through the bathhouse door, past the opening in the hedge and along the roadside, where he slowed to a trot, feeling free from all his worries. Car drivers honked their horns, seeing a stray big black goat trotting along side the road. Lionel saw the cars and obeyed the learned rules governing pedestrians staying to the shoulders of the roadway. He and his brain, his head being smaller, goatish was his mind, another new worry, would he fade into ignorance?

The instinct had blended with his human memories and he knew to run towards home. At last, he arrived at home, and in his own backyard. There he felt safe for the moment he could not enter the house, his cloven hooves, and sure impossibility of it turning the doorknob. He looked around, wanting a place to hide and time to figure out what he could do next, seeing the yard storage shed, he nosed his way inside gaining both privacy and safety.

The cool darkness offered him a place to stand or sit, as he examined his black hairy body. Shivers of fear still ran through his body as the memories of his orgy, the change and of the harsh words came to mind. Even as he stood there in the dark, he felt the sensual reaction of his goat cock aroused to emerge the sheath and stiffen.

Feeling lust in bestial ways, Lionel mounted his animal self over a porch chair stored there in the shed. He reared up and instinctively humped as thrusting his cock into the air. A pulsing action with his pelvic motion wrenched his bigger balls to orgasm. The new inner desire and lust he felt, Lionel whimpered a bleat, wishing he were inside a nanny and pounding his cock deep, so deep.

Head held high in the air as the ecstasy of the moment drove all humanity out of his thoughts. As yellow semen spewed and sprayed, he coating much of the chair back. The load spent for the moment, Lionel began to calm and think, using reasoning to consider his future.

Suddenly he heard the sound of someone coming toward the shed; he settled down to stand on all fours, moved into the shadows and waited. The angered words of his human mother, she muttering about what she heard going on in the shed, likely had some animal in there, she thinking it was her Lionel and some girl.

As the shed doors parted, she gasped at the sight of a big black goat trying to hide. She saw the chair he had used to hump. Anger more than fear on her face, his own mother scolded the beast, kicking at him she drove the goat out of the shed. A hard kick to his flanks by his mother, her blunt tennis shoe sending Lionel out and rolling on the grass, he got up and ran, entering the world as a goat.

Once outside the fenced backyard a bigger world loomed at him. Lionel began to run, aimlessly, he did not know where to go or of whom he could trust. Whether luck or some divine providence, but Lionel stopped running, remembering, knew the yard, the house, it was where his friend lived.

John Andersen was a good friend to Lionel, his best friend. Lionel being black meant nothing to his white friend as they went everywhere together. The Andersen family accepted Lionel as if he were another son. The memory of that fact seemed unlikely to continue, the situation was far different. Lionel had become a male goat, a sex toy of and for the two Satyress devils, Tami and Emily. He knew well, had he stayed there with them and learned to play their games, he would have lost more than his humanity, likely all of his mental abilities. A goat he was and feeling somewhat proud to be a big hardy buck. The feel of being then a furry, as naked animal eased his apprehensions. He wanted to share this wonderful time with a good friend.

A kicking knocking at the back door to the house, and a smiling Johnny stepped out to see not his friend Lionel, but standing there bleating madly was a big, black buck of as goat.

John tried to shoo the beast away, not knowing where it escaped from, no goat farms anywhere close to where he lived.

Lionel stood his ground, reared up, did fawn his forelegs over the shoulders of his friend John, Lionel stuck out his tongue. It was an instinctive devil inspired action, one made to help infect another with satyr ideals and maybe worse, a change of form.

As a goat tongue reached past and parted the lips on John, tongues met, infection transferred, and mentally, John knew then the goat was his friend Lionel.

Together, animal and human as friends, a goat and friend walked aside the other to enter a cluster of tall Honeysuckle bushes, giving the privacy. Once inside where nobody could see them, Lionel reared up on his hid legs and cloven hooves, as he fawned on John again.

“How do I know that this is really you, Lionel, my lord you are a goat, a handsome looking goat. Our tongues touched and I knew you, why? How did you change and why a goat…though to look at you, black still, you look very sexy!” John said, as eying his changed friend he felt indifferent to his transformed form, seeming to like it, wishing to be the same if possible.

John stopped cold his lurid thinking, felt the touch to his leg of a goat cock coming erect. A smile appeared on his face as he took a firm grip to the goat cock. Lionel began some humping action, his hard cock sliding through the fisted grip on his cock.

Friends felt a mutual acceptance as John took a step closer to his friend, their lips touched in a gay feeling kiss, something they never did before. A simple kiss and the tangling of tongues with Lionel and he sent the strange passion curse to infect again John.

Kneeling down, John began to pet this beautiful animal about the groin. He felt a sudden friendship to his friend, he an animal then, they had known the other for years. Eying the goaty erection, John opened his mouth with thoughts to suckle.
Lionel stopped John from sucking on him, he reaching down; put his forelegs in through the armpits on John, listing him to standing again. A quick move to touch foreheads brought John, his mind into communication with his goat friend.

Memories as if a video played into John, he with his mind seeing the remembered transformation done to Lionel by two Satyress creatures, Emily and Tami. Connected, the vivid memory of Lionel gave quite a show to John of the changing and his accepting, humping a chair in his home shed.

John pulled his head back from their mutual touch and said, "Lionel!" The big goat gave a friendly nod, given a hug by John. As both knew then the quick way to talk was with heads butted together, the two again touched their foreheads.

"John please, come with me, you too can be and live the life of goats together!" begged Lionel.

"Oh it sounds so fine, but what about my parents and the plans for college, I want that too!" thought John back to his friend.

Lionel wanted company in his journey through life as the buck goat he was now. His friend could be a companion even if he had to trick him into coming along. The thrill to talk with thoughts was an extra ability that Lionel had not planned, but was eager to use.

A nudge from the black goat and John touched forehead with the beast. Lionel stood with his stance stretched long, as he lowered his head, staring at John, the pink end of a long red goat penis stretched into the air.

John felt a pressure to kneel down, to watch his friend extend his rather grotesque goat penis. A mental suggestion in John had him give the cock tip a lick. The very touch of the shaft was all Lionel needed to bring the bestial passion into his friend. As the goat cock bumped the roof to the mouth of John, some drips of yellow cum spurted.

John starred, a quick swipe of his tongue he tasted cum, as then he sniffed a pungent odor. Looking down, John eyed the hanging sack of huge testicles that Lionel sported. A pulsing feeling in his lips and then mouth brought forth squirts of sticky goat semen.

Lionel bleated his thrills, felt wilder than previous feelings; delighted as of the ease he could masturbate his goat form. The black goat stood wide-eyed, seeing his friend gain a silly grin that lasted but a moment before a look of terror for him, he feeling as of what would occur. Indeed John had only a short time to wait. The view of his friend seemed to blur as eyes and face began the drastic change.

An intense feeling of heat made John almost rip clothes from his body. At the sight of sprouting hair from his bare youthful chest, he liked the feeling what brought on a wild sexual madness. John began to lick at the goat cock erection, seemingly insane to gulp all the semen he could swallow.

Passions urged on by wild demonic animal lusts hit full force as John reached a furring hand to poke the red goat cock deeper into his mouth. Sucking on the cock as if he were drinking a milk shake, John soon had Lionel in a fit of masturbation.

The two made oral sex into a totally, new language. Lionel with his eyes about crossed from wild pleasure a human mind relished, were in kind to what a Billy goat could enjoy. John too sucked at the red cock with hope of drinking his friend dry. The male orgy continued for some time, as John, his mind tainted first, allowed his body to quickly accepting the change to being a male goat.

Thick fur of reddish color sprouted from John on his chest and back. Lips which hours before could speak English, and then could only emit short bleats. Teeth relined, becoming blocked, blunt, better configured for eating or grazing as a goat.

Flopping ears made the change even more sensual as John sucked harder. It was a long time before Lionel tried to step away from his changing partner. John then a red furred goat was taking shape, as what was a red haired youth, liked his changing, looking forward to a new way of life.

Lionel watched his friend change as he sat on a flat butt licking the semen from rubbery sheath. A short Bleat from Lionel urged John to stand for the first time on all fours.

The new buck goat looked down as along one side and then the other. As soft moaning sounds issued from John, he took inventory of a newly strong animal form. A wiggle of his tail made him notice it for the first real look. A funny goat smile spread across his lips as the two bucks turned to walk together, ready to seek new fun in a bodies made for sex.

The evil lust for his friend being equally a goat welled up inside John. As they trotted down the street and past many homes, John had an idea for a cute sex toy for them both.

John had the thought of Lucy Packard, she a teenage girl that was always thinking new ways of enjoying him and her, they to better enjoyment of having sex. Lionel bleated in wonder as they trotted on, he wondering, as he tried to get the attention of John. It took a short run up Lucky Drive before Lionel understood where John was leading them.

It was about ten at night when the two stood on back lawn of the house where Lucy lived with her widowed mother. John saw her car as missing from the driveway, he deciding she was away, playing some guy for a sucker. As time wore on and general boredom took its tolls, the two goats deemed it right to try grazing. This act of eating turned to foraging, as their goat instincts soon took solid hold of body and mind. As the East lawn began to disappear down to the nubs, the noisy return of a sports cars coming into the driveway and then parked, finally broke the grazing cycle.

Lucy returned home at her usual time of midnight. She near to being legally drunk she sat in the car seat trying to catch her bearings. As the car door opened, she then greeted by one big black goat, and his partner, a slightly smaller reddish goat.

The drunken state removed all fear as she sat in the car seat and felt the goats nibble at her arm. A swing of her legs to exit the car brought an interesting tingle as John shoved his head up under her dress and began to lick a pussy without any panties.

The touch of this fluid tongue brought the drunken sexy girl to the new height of willingness. In just minutes, the two goats had Lucy ripped naked and lying on her back over the picnic table. Dumbfounded, she lay there liking the licks to her sex by two lusty male goats.

She seeing the sight of a long as red goat-cock coming toward an entry into her nether lips, she giggling said “Take me, fuck me insane!” Lucy as then spread her legs wide apart, did squeal when the cock tip slipped in and slid ever so deep.

As she lay with spread legs, the weight of her lovers body pressed down to keep her in line. A helping hand from Lucy showed the smaller as red goat, his reaching cock tip to touch the right spot. This time John was in such a fit of sexual lust, he jumped at her, as rammed the shaft deep into Lucy.

Lucy moaned as the cock shaft dwell deeper and deeper until, even drunk, she knew the cock had found her womb. As the thrusting began in urgency, it soon turned harsh and Lucy felt her drunken state was wearing off. Moans of passion turned to screams of fear for what she now understood was really happening.

When released by her goat lover and the two goats returned for a moment to grazing, she wishing to be free of her mates, tried to crawl away to the safety of the still open car door. A thump and she looked up to see the red goat shove the car door closed.

"You knew, knew what I was going to do, you a goat!" said Lucy. The red goat walked slowly to Lucy and pressed his forehead to hers.

"Hi Lucy, this is me John, and grazing there behind you the enjoying goat is our school chum Lionel. In some wild fate of luck that let us become goats. This wonderful form is driving us to great heights for sex. We have chosen you to become our first of many female sex toys.

I remember how you propositioned me many a time. Now the time has come, the semen Lionel and I squirted into your body will make the change happen. We welcome you to our growing herd!"

As the mental contact broke, John felt a great urge, his larger testicles could hold back no more. A hot flood of infecting goat semen pent, shot, as spewed into Lucy. She had not noticed his cock enter her vagina, she stunned to hear and think about becoming a goaty sex toy. As the feeling touched her inner body a mind terrorized at the thought of her being a nanny goat made her scream.

As John stood and continued to rut Lucy, Lionel touched her forehead with his.

"Feel the thrill Lucy! Do not be afraid, it comes over you quickly and has no pain. Oh but Lucy the desire you had for sex, for soon the wanton lust comes ten time what you felt when human, it is demanding. Lust, sex, and more sex some six to eight times and then comes the feel of quelled, and you graze until the lust comes again, that is what it is to be an animal, a goat!

Come now accept our gift!" pleaded Lionel, as John rutting, stood there terrorizing his girlfriend.

John doing Lucy missionary style, was doing his best humping yet.

She began to weasel, feeling a want to urge deeper his red cock into her. He and she seemed to please the other, his hairy sheath at last tickled at her pussy lips. Lucy at that moment felt the wild essence as if she were a nanny goat, a bestial desire begin to well up from her sex to her mind.

Lucy, she reaching her left leg back to upright her stance off the picnic table, she straightened it to stretch the sore muscles. The move made John with his long cock inside her pussy and humping, did kink his cock tightly, almost sending him into the next life.

Then Lucy wiggled her out stretched leg, watching mesmerized as the devilish magic made her toes to melt into cloven hooves, her feet became those of her goatish self. A dirty blonde color of coarse fur sprouted from her skin, as she moaned from pure delight.

John stood near, his own goat shaft in full erection at the sight, sounds, and scents of the aroused female, almost a Satyress, she standing there before him.

As bone and muscle changed, Lucy fell mentally into the depths of bestial lust. Her rump poked in the air, tail wiggled with sexual glee, she huffed and puffed as Lionel hit her for a sixth mating.

Lucy closed her eyes and thought of how easy these two always were, and how she would have them as two sex slaves, such to enjoy!

Lionel withdrew after he spewed Lucy quite full of sticky semen. He tired feeling, the animal in him suggesting he graze until feeling again as horny.

Lucy looked back over her changed rear and offered her first true bleat for more pleasuring from a mate. Her beckoned cue felon weary sires, as Lionel and John too, both stood grazing, ignoring the horny Satyress.

"Hey, get the Hell out of here!" yelled a man, his gruff sounding voice enough to scare two goats and a strange creature made by the demos to inflict sex and cause deforming.

All passion suddenly put aside Lucy stood up, she facing, looking at her angry faced Father. Lionel and John stood on all fours, they looking toward the screaming, angry man. A bleating cry-call by Lucy set the stage for what was next; she and her bucks were witness to seeing a shotgun in her hand of a disgruntled Father.

Lucy saw his face, his expression of acknowledging what he saw what was his daughter, she by then a monster, she knew he was angry enough and ready to kill !



Keep a watchful eye for a sequel chapter II of Friends and Foes, coming soon at Doc's Lab. Posted 04-05-17