Friendly Trade

Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A college age student travels to the great plain of Africa to visit his famous doctor stepfather, as differences happen...


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A Friendly Trade

Sandy Chapman planned to travel to Africa. He could talk about nothing else for months previous of his leaving home. He told all his friends as to where he would go and when there of meeting his scientist father, a Doctor Francis L. Chapman III. Sandy then a last year college student in the study of Biological science would soon earn his degree. Excited and looking forward to three weeks of fun and friendship as he visited his father, Sandy joining the man while on his Serengeti expedition.

Dr. Francis L. Chapman III, though the stepfather of Sandy, was in the eyes of people who knew Sandy as a man what ignored his teenage son. Sandy the son of another man, as he worked for the past ten years on a special project, that of the "The Nunji Tribe” and their plant enzyme medicines.

Sandy arrived at the airport in central Africa and from there took a seat on a bus ride for four hours. He then transferred to five more hours riding in a Jeep until he arrived and met his personal idol, his stepfather. Sandy wrote his mother a letter telling of what he had seen getting there, and that was the last his mother heard from him. He according to the story told by his stepfather, wrote about the many dangers that lurk could if disturbed or invoked there on the African Serengeti, might well swallow him as gone forever from her his mother.

Quotations from his daily diary, Sandy wrote about his meeting there a tribal chief, his daughter, and of those people there as superstitious and a belief of magic. Saysa her name, as Sandy wrote, she being different, pretty even if dark as night, had an enchanting smile, great figure, well endowed, her thin cloth dresses tented by her constantly aroused nipples. Saysa walked and talked with a sense of personal grace and a great appreciation of her father. Her mannerisms, enthused Sandy enough after meeting her, and she as his guided did show him much as of the wonders there on the central plains.

He wrote about Saysa, as she like he had much in common, their love of life, as of she liking him, and she coming at him with words and ways to suggest she wished they were as lovers.

Sandy wrote about a tribal judgment and the sentencing of a young thief. He specified as the guilty person by the tribal chief, and allowed no defense, as innuendo about his manners and ideals were on trial and not a thing mentioned as to his crime. Judged guilty then by the chief, the elder men took the youth to a special place, and there trussed him up with leather bindings.

A weird ceremony followed and with the use of those exotic plant enzymes what his stepfather came there to learn about, played a big part in the imprisonment of the boy.

Sandy watched from afar, he using his camera and the telephoto lens, saw as the sweating youth hung suspended off the ground, then doused with dust, he wreathing as if the dusting caused him great pain. The camera shutter clicking, the sound of it carried to where the chief heard it, and he sent Doctor Chapman to find and control his mischievous son.

Doctor Chapman told Sandy of many things he needed to understand and learn about what it is to living on the African plains. Most important was he had to accept the rules of a tribal society. The chief was the one man not to lose his trust. He, the Medicine Man there offered to teach the doctor as of rare and exotic plants, their enzymes, and of what the mixing of them could heal as well doom.

He as warned Sandy of the chief having a bag of tricks some things of ideology, which bordered on witchcraft, as black as it could be evil if evil existed.

The Doctor was a father figure and personal idol to Sandy. They set and argued the moral values of the judgment, to where his stepfather gave Sandy an ultimatum. “Do as I say, and ignore this sentencing, as he the subject chosen was of low importance, as after the ritual ends, he then shall inspire fear in the tribal people. This custom keeps the chief in control. Of what you witness and keep as something unspoken and not outspoken, otherwise the same punishment could happen to you, imagine then becoming as damned and doomed to be like an animal!”

Saysa and some of her friends were there to witness the condemnation of the youth, she cried, while begging the elder men there not to do what she said was the worst humiliation possible. Her father, the tribal chief and a medicine man spoke, ordering his daughter to be silent. He then turned and with an evil sneer, told the youth of when done with the ritual, he would be then as a goat with similar duties. A body poisoned, but mind alert and remembering, would live then the life of a buck-sire. Required to mate with doe goats in public, he replacing the wealth he stole.

There in a grove of trees, they were witness to the sentencing of a teenage boy. Watching and photographed as the tribal elders trussed up the youth from off the ground, held by leather straps. The medicine Man danced about tossing a gray powder over the boy and calling on tribal spirits to carry out the judgment.

Having a literal disbelief that spirits exist, Sandy gained a first-hand viewing of what the enzyme powder as tossed on a sweating body, entering through the skin pores, caused a metamorphic condition.

Obviously scared, alone, the boy screamed bloody murder, pleading as to his innocence, until when fully doused in the powder. Suddenly, he calmed, knew as if understood his ultimate doom as real. He just hung there limp, his eyes blinked as stared at what the Medicine Man did next.

Sandy watched and wrote of his close observations as to the boy, seeing how the powdered enzyme liquefied by the sweaty body, soaked into the skin, beginning the reconfiguring. Shaggy brown fur sprouted and grew, as spread to cover the youth from head to toes. He screamed again once before silenced, all there seeing his legs began to change, feet lengthening as narrowing. What were his heels became as hocks, and arms changed in much the same manner, they became as long forelegs. Violent the drama of changing species, the boy in obvious pain, his belly convulsing, skeletal conforming, as tail grew out and his head and skull changed his identity into a common animal. The chief admired his handiwork, as the tribal elders looked on, watched, as a human teenage boy became in full form as if born to being a male goat.

The end came when two horns sprouted out the changed to goat skull making for bleated screams, then all was silence. 

The sentence carried out, the elders left in single file, as the chief jeered the boyish mind held captive in a goat head. He stepped close and again repeated as reminding of the assigned duties and the goat to do them where all in the village could watch. He hung there until morning, wriggling his body, occasionally becoming aroused his penis with an erection.

Dawn, when Saysa with her girl friends stood up, came close, and began washing the dust and sweat from the furry goat. Very little of the gray dust residue washed off, as most soaked into him, execrating his body. As the wet cloths used sponged as washed those enlarged his genitals, the new goat sprouted an erection. The erection made the girls to giggle, as one girl eyed Saysa, she then took hold the reddish pencil size penis, and she put it into her mouth began to suck on it.

Sensations and the sucking, Sandy would later learn, drained away the remaining human semen to allow replenishment of goat semen for breeding sessions.

He stood upright, as fawning on Saysa. They as equal in height, he stepped close as she with her hand did fondle and feel of his furry sheath. The boy-goat gained a new erection, Sandy notating the girth and length as of the penis after the sucking of it had grown. He bleated at Saysa, stood there as if they knew something more about the other, he a strikingly handsome goat, dropped to stand on all fours, stood beside Saysa as with some inner sense of pride still.

Sandy stood in silence and dumbfounded as Saysa noosed a rope to the goat and talking as to him as if he still could understand, she led the boy-goat away." As demonic and damning the punishment carried out, Sandy wrote of he feeling jealous of the youth. The verdict became as a gifting, a lifetime of sensual freedom, enthused with his masculinity. As noted the male goat had large testicles and a belly sheath, was slim of build and had eyes of bright teal green their color. He pranced as if eager to go to his new duties, he with Saysa, she petting him as he would leap up and try to mount her back.

As part of the ceremony, were four doe goats tethered, were staked on short reins, just outside the parameter of the village. The chief there with his village elders stood by and watched the boy-turned-goat, then sniff, and lick at the vaginal lips of his four perspective mates. That done and when fully aroused, he did mount and mate the  four doe goats, doing each several times over before moving to the next, this the beginning of his daily duties.

Admiration for Saysa, as of her compassion for the boy made goat, Sandy wrote of his feeling love for her and she of speaking as to her passions for him, he went to the chief and requested the blessing of him marrying Saysa.

After that magical scene, of what Sandy wrote an incomplete note as told by his father of Saysa and her father being upset, stated, said he, Sandy disgraced Saysa, and must pay the great price of… That horrid story might have ended there had not some of the friends to Sandy continued a vigilant inquiry as to what all was his last hours on earth. Myself, I knew Sandy well and if one could say anything about him, he was not foolhardy. The story spun by his stepfather and repeated to friends did not add up to the person we all knew. Sandy was if anything methodical in all he did. What he did or tried, he wrote personal as detailed notes. I approached his mother in her time of grief and requested from her to look over the personal items of what returned to her, after her second husband sent them home with the sad news of Sandy meeting his demise.

I arrived at the small village of Nunji on the eastern side to the great Serengeti plains. There I met a surprised Doctor Chapman, greeting him as he me, we of the same background in sciences. I told of my appreciation of his work, and the many lectures he had given, thought to come there as gain direct understanding of the gray powder. I asked directly as to the tribal spiritual beliefs. As then challenging the great doctor to explain as of how the chief could change a human to animal of bone and flesh.

"No, now stop and think, do not confront the chief, or ask him about Saysa as if you know what happened to her or to Sandy.” Doctor Chapman said to me, as before I could get close to the chief. Sandy in his next to the last entry wrote of Saysa begging him not to, but he knowing what he liked as wanted, went to the tribal chief, he her father, and requested the privilege to marry Saysa.

I told of having read the diary written by Sandy and of his last unfinished entry. I searched the home files of the doctor, finding in them a erotic photo of a zebra stallion showing the length to his erect penis, and the handwritten caption below it as if it were Sandy, changed, living as an animal. I stood there showing the doctor a copy of the photo as proof to its existence.

My boldness was part of a greater plan, that my fun fantasy wish in me, a want long-hence of becoming an animal, me then as a stallion, a bull, or buck goat. The proof of the reality and ability was the photo and it inscribed with the name as of Sandy suggested, if such were possible, then there in that village laid the way to my fantasy. Brash and foolhardy, but that is what seeking of fantasies is all about!

That evening the air hung still, no breeze, it hot and humid as the stench of sweaty men and their animals mixed to make din of African stench.

A young Nunji boy came to my tent and said he as ordered, told to be my guide while visiting their village.

He seemed friendly, so as I talked with him, I asked if he knew of or heard where I could find and meet Saysa. He hearing me asking as about her his eyes widened, he became nervous as if afraid. He said that Saysa was nearby and I should go to the fire-grove of trees just north of the village, wait there and he would bring her to meet me. I could then ask of her to explain what I wished to know.

The boy seemed as willing of doing as I did ask, as he left and I went seeking the grove of trees as told about in what Sandy wrote, and of the bonfire. That hot night and a little sleep I went walking, blurry eyed, found the grove and sat waiting to meet Saysa. After just minutes, the boy arrived, he leading with him a sleek and acting as happy, a prancing doe goat. He addressed the goat as being Saysa, she returned to then as she was a goat, was human for a few years, her father returned her to being a goat after disgraced by an American lover.

I talked as Saysa nodded or wagged her head to signify either a yes answer or a no. She could and did write using her hoof in the dusty ground there in the grove, and I learned much. As daylight beamed from the Far East, in rays of red, Saysa seemed to dull in her ability to answer. When I stood up, she rose up and did of a likened manner the boy made buck goat did to her, she snuggled her goat body close to mine.

The sensation was thrilling, I became aroused and had an erection, of which she expected. She did stroke at it with her right fore hooves. Her eyes stared as beckoned of me to do to her what I down deep felt an urge, a growing lust to do as of like-kind stud male goats have relations with doe goats.

I undressed partially, removing my pants, underwear; she dropped to all fours as I positioned my erection, ready to plunge it into her rubbery looking vagina.

Having ignored the boy, as I set kneeling behind Saysa, my penis erect, the boy came from behind and he with a hot stick from the smoldering fire did jab it at my naked butt. The fiery pain made me lunge forward, my penis slipping in and hilted fully inside Saysa as she moaned with a soft bleating cry.

The boy sat couched and watched, he just a few feet away. I again ignored him, dutifully rutting at as in Saysa, we mating then until the break of day.

A truly wonderful experience was Saysa! She knew the right way to move, adding to rejuvenate my erections. I humped her as would a buck goat, and found my fun fantasy as real a thrill, more than I dreamed it to be…!

Sunbeams and the boy led Saysa back to her pen. I followed, as when there and watching, saw her dripping vagina telling of my spent loads. A big buck goat stood close to Saysa, he all brown his fur, began a tongue licking of her rump, he cleaning away the stringy droplets of mixed bodily fluids.

Come breakfast time and to my surprise came to me the black, native boy, he again introduced me to all there. He announcing that during and through the night I had used a tribal doe goat as a thing for sex. He spoke, telling if graphic details what and as how I fornicated with a female goat, talking to it as if loving every minute, and hour.

Making matters worse, the tribal chief arrived, he told by an elder as of what the boy said I did to the doe goat Saysa.

A tough and harsh man, the chief grabbed me by the arm and tossed me to the ground, telling me to learn to wallow in the dust. A swift kick to my head and then two men came and hoisted me up, dragged me away from the crowd of onlookers.

The Doctor heard of some problem in the village and he came to the grove. He seeing me made him smile, as he said, “Your second day here and already they are about to truss you up and do to you what was done to Sandy.”

The tribal chief then said, "You have disgraced yourself, as well this learned doctor!”

A man arrived with Saysa in tow, she facing he who was her father, stood upright, and held out her forelegs and cloven hoofs as a sign of supplication.

If not for the leather straps binding my hands, I would have jumped into the ring, grabbing Saysa, and begin rutting her as had the big brown male goat.

Yanked high up off the ground, my clothing cut from off my body. I hung there naked, aroused, nervous and sweating. Then all stopped as the chief took a clay pitcher and began the dousing of its contents on, around, and everywhere about my body. From which I began to moan, noting that all eyes were on me, I screamed once, a long and a terrorized yell and then went silent.

“Young man, soon an animal, there are some people I guess in this world who must be taught the laws men live by!" said the chief to me.

Saysa stood eyes to my trussed up self she licked her lips and stared at my erection.

The Chief and Medicine Man stood looking the Doctor, as if he held him in some native mind control.

“Tell them Saysa, we are friends, and friends do for friends what they feel as is a need, I doing you of my desires, and you requesting of me to do to you what you enjoyed from Sandy.” I as much begged to plead, afraid what the Chief might do was something terrible to me.

Doctor Chapman stepped back, as said, “He means nothing to me, do with him as you see fit.”

"I trust no one; it is for those who live in our village, while I keep a strict hand ruling over them! Saysa born a doe goat lost her mother from a lion kill. I took compassion on her and since of others. You lead her to sin; your sexual ways blackened your soul. Now as she is and the both of you shall be then under my curse. The black powder here has been handed down the ages giving power to men like myself over those so scared, those feeling it on their skin do bow to me and beg for mercy!" said the Medicine Man.

Doctor Chapman walked away, he never looking back at me, discarded me as he did Sandy to the spiteful uses of the tribal chief.

The dear doctor is as the others, he has seen and gained knowledge of what the enzyme powders do to a body. He took a walk with me some months ago and begged to learn the properties of these medicines I hold. I offered, he asked, and I blessed him with a very light dusting of this powder. It is Zebra powder and mattering as to how much of it is doused and taken inside the host body through the skin pores, what was born human and not mattering if mature or not, a person becomes as is a male or female Zebra.

My friend and partner enjoyed a hearty two weeks of transformation, he living a terror-filled nights and days being a male Zebra upon the dangerous African plains. He experienced and learned as you shall learn!" said the Medicine Man Chief as he tossed a wealth of black powder over a screaming college student.

Sifting the powder over my head, it drifted down clinging to sweaty skin. Burning pains made me cry horrid screams, me in pure agony. Eyes welled up with tears as pains only increased. I looked down to see Saysa in a moment of compassion, she the only one there who really knew my fears and pains. Blurry tear drenched eyes gawked at her, of seeing standing below me a young, and beautiful female nanny goat.

One of the elderly men there knelt down and began the hand milking of an aroused Saysa, she bleating as he squeezed and drank her milk.

You, your body will change, growing much larger similar in species but wild where she is of the tame animals. I deem you to be as is your friend Sandy, he a stallion zebra. Like him shall you need deal with the wild plains, and at risk of those animals as predators!

A curse enough to be the zebra animal, but likened to Sandy, you shall remember of who you were, as by what you were born, and become an animal. You will learn quickly to be alert as you graze, and to gain the needed bacteria to digest grasses, eat then some fresh manure.

The first week as a zebra shall bring on the maddening drives for mating. As Saysa remembers you for a time, you will remember her, but being what you are, as a wild beast, you may never come in contact with her again!" explained the Medicine Man.

"Yea, whoopee at last, to become equine, me a zebra stallion, thank you so much! God how I wanted this to happen, prayed for it, and then you doing it to me, I am pleased.” I said with bold glee, my manners caused much surprises for the demonic devils.

The explosion of glee makes the chief to take a step back. Needing to reconsider as wondering of what he thought was something I would consider as being horrendous. I tried to respond, wishing to give him my undying thanks for proving his ability and making of me what I longed to become, if it were possible. As his powder liquefied from body sweat, and how could he miss, the daily temperature and humidity being each in the 80/90 ranges caused a body to perspire.

As his enzyme soaked into skin pores, the changes began to soft tissue first, one such being as of lips and tongue making speech difficult to impossible. Eyes strained to remain focusing, but that too would become as fixed of focus leaving me nearsighted, and relying upon my senses of smell and hearing to remain alert to dangers.

Hung by my wrists and bound with straps to my ankles, kept me stationary, unable to break loose if I were to struggle from feeling the onslaught of changing. Looking down, there looking up at me was she, Saysa in all her doe goat glory. Seeing her as she was a goat and having talked with her, I knew how kind and loving she could be, I realized why Sandy fell in love with her.

Fire like burning body pain began, I screamed, strong of will I was but the sensation so intense felt as if dipped into a French-fryer. Toasted from the inside out, my skin became varied shades of darkening hues until I was like that African boy who came to me as a guide. Though his skin was black it had sheen, as my skin was dull, felt thicker, like an animal hide.

Willing to endure pain to achieve my fun-fantasy goal, what seared, ached, and upset my internal organs became vile as the realm of change moved aggressively at my groin and maleness. Such a spike of pain, as if the magical hands took hold and began reforming my penis, molding it, stretching, changed of girth and contours until it hung down from a sheath, grotesque, bestial, and mine.

Thighs, the pelvis, helped form a deeper groin, an equine stifle, as human testicles swelled, larger, looked as felt weighty the size of yams in my scrotum.

Feeling then of those unseen fingers working to reshape human thighs into rounded muscular hind flanks, something began by the face and head as if a wave of changes, highly sensual, a delight, and it tickled my mind, making me give an equine laugh to the startled Chief.

The laughter was short-lived humor as the pains returned, causing the gritting of teeth and a stiffening of the body. Unexplainable the searing feel of fingertips and toes as a dark ooze boiled out, helping to fuse skin and bone into one singular toe as soon a hoof. When that pain subsided from the ends to the leggings an enjoyed feeling began in me, I liked having hoofs. Stranger were the sensations what made for a joviality, eyes wide, mouth agape, my very male endowed zebra erection standing stiff, out from its sheath, I saw it and relished when first to use it to mate with a zebra mare.

My wiggling of the fetlocks, hoofs moving, a body growing, becoming like that of a yearling colt with a matured maleness, I longed to be free, on all fours, and happy to prance away joining a zebra herd. The herd instinct was not for safety in my mind, but of sensual camaraderie of being with those like me. I wanted to mingle, to sniff the scent of the other zebras, their varied genders giving equally different smells, and a want oddly to sniff as lick the posterior of a zebra mare to know if she were needy and willing tended to disturb my teetering sense of morality.

Impatient for gaining my freedom, I cried, making a shrill whinnied bray, my mind feeling the changes could not decide as to what or which species I belonged. Lastly, came then the sprouting wave of white and black hairs to make the striping of me, as aroused by the instincts to act and be an animal, my coloration by then meant nothing to me, as did the concept of beauty. Struggling at my bonds, the gained male erection flagging back and forth, slapping at my broad thighs, doing something I never expected, adding to the wild desire to become as much an animal as nature would allow.

The Chief brandished a knife. I knew it as being something sharp but could not then think of the name humans addressed the thing. He did slice at the leather biddings, what broke, dropped me to standing on all fours, giving me a realization of something I had for so long a time wanted to feel. Sensations were many. The larger of all was my erection what felt its tugged weight at the roots in its sheath. Aroused became drastically aroused more, I toyed with my heightened ability of equine libido, raising the massive member to bump a furred belly. The sensation, the flared bestial bell shaped end felt highly sensual. More sensual my penis the skin, as along its entire length it owed to stimulating me, my life was my penis and it the greatest fun thing in life.

Suddenly such passion in my chest and a massive wanton lust of kinds, were something I had never known merged and moved together. Feeling the urge to walk, trot, run, and join the herds. I could hardly wait, looking around I saw encircling me were men. The chief put a rope about my neck and tied the other end to a post. As I stood there and felt the need to masturbate equine style, I watched, listened, and struggled to understand their manner of speech.

"My good Doctor, I had a deal offered that of capture and sale of Plains animals to zoos around the world. As to insure our young friend here will remain silent and ignorant of human language, my thought is to send him into zoo slavery. An almost humoring thought the parallel, as a century ago Dutch slaver ships took thousands from here to where they worked as animals, not understanding the language, they kept to their kind for safety.  Now comes the time for whites to become as animals, taken from here and sent about the world, being things of interest to children.

I want him to remember everything that has happened here to him, as for years to come those memories shall churn in his brain. One thing that will set his mind free from the occasional remembering, causing grief, while not understanding the language spoken to him, his want to mate, breed, and fornicate shall replace his sense of living in a dishonored state. Given due time he like Sandy, this fellow shall prefer having a mind of ignorance and live in bliss.

As for your son Sandy, my men have captured him and he with his friend shall go to live together. I doubt by then they will know the other as anything but a competitor for the affections of zebra mares. They are worthy commodities, and enjoyable entertainment for me, I like watching what was born of human to change, and become, as is an animal. Those changed by the enzymes accept what for them is new and beyond their ability to change again.

I know your willingness to understand the powders, and promise, as assured that this fellow is the last to come looking for Sandy. Without further interference to our mutual trust, and future relationship, you can focus on what the enzymes can do to comfort the sick, while I make use of them to intimidate!" said the Medicine man.

A sad and still distressed Doctor stood there looking past the Medicine man, he seeing of me the same he had of Sandy, we of a kind. As I strained to gain my freedom, our eyes met. As learned man stared at what was another man but not as learned, I brayed.

More changing continued, as I held captive alone in a pen waited crating and shipment to some home zoo. A busy tail and flicking ears kept away the bugs from where as what were sensitive parts laid bare before all nature. My mind alert and from listening, the use of occasional English language made me want to laugh. The Chief and his big plans to keep me silent failed to carry though to reality. When they came to place me in my shipping crate, I became unruly, but calmed when seeing as able still to read, not having forgotten that ability as then, read the delivery as to the U.S.OF A. Milwaukee, WI. My home state, country, and where they spoke English.

Later, as I stood in my crate waiting to leave the Nunji tribal village, the Medicine Man Chief came to face me. I tried not to act as happy, though I was elated, he then knelt and did take from his left pocket came a small bottle of elixir. Reaching up he poured it down the length of my erect as black cock. The slow flowing liquid spread slowly over the arched shaft. I could not see it but felt it the tickling sensation.

"This anointing of your male member grants added assurance that what the enzymes caused to change, is as precisely what you shall remain. No future use of the enzymes could change you back to being human. Your memories of what you were and the knowledge of what you are shall continue for a while. As upon arrival a trueborn zebra would seek refuge into a herd, but you being once an individual, shall prefer staying alone. As have others who tried, lived and struggled with their pangs for animal communal relations, all wished to continue their mentality. The noticed lack of personal hygiene is an early sign to them their intelligence is failing. Sexual urges, whether remaining alone and masturbating or accepting the role of a breeding male, by the third mating season, the sexual urges tend to muddle a human mentality. What was your memories of being and learned knowledge shall fade into a dark oblivion. You, I would expect to become a herd member. Your perverse desire for preferring as and of being an animal, resolute to use, feel, and enjoy your enhanced length, girth and heightened libido characteristics. Three years of sexual bliss and as of your third anniversary from today, both body and mind shall adjust, making of you a common as ignorant zebra stud!

I think your coming here was providential, as was your want to be like an animal, equine as is a zebra. Please pay close attention to this warning, if you were to try to act as if still a rational individual, by hygiene or maybe communicate with any person during the coming three years, the anarchy you will cause shall end your life. Human mentality in an animal embodiment would entice scientists to study such and in due course, dissect as kill, murder the life entity.

Usual use by me of the enzymes to make such changes of a person continues the fear of me by the tribe people. They other times I make use of the knowledge is when there is an easy gain of money, that is why you are the way you became a zebra stallion. I trust you shall do honor to me and keep your changing as something a privilege.

Months later, as after the first season of estrus and mating me with nineteen zoo zebra mares, two Belgian draft mares, five welsh pony mares and with my trainer Jessica some several vaginal incursions, the discovery of Jessica having sex with a stallion zebra made my castration mandatory. Having lost my two yam size testicles, my mentality remains sound. Rational is my understanding, healthy is associated with good hygiene, and abstaining from sexual promiscuity makes the living of life as a zebra male as so dull I am thinking of suicidal thoughts.

Jessica tried to purchase me, and when that hope failed, I lost all interest in eating. As time and body began to decline, the managers here sold me, and then sold again, ultimately to Jessica. We are lovers, I communicated of a mentality alive and understanding human ways. I assured her our relationship would never cause her injury by me, so we are together daily. I like it when she does her method of belly riding me as it makes the insertion easy and what is easy for both becomes a great thrill!

Six fun years with Jessica and she giving her friends their times of thrills by me, as word spread and one day an envelope arrived from Africa. Inside was a hand written letter.

Good day,

Our Nunji village inhabitants and I the Chief gained moderate notoriety due to your coven of sexual pleasuring. Belly riding is becoming a sport of the wealthy and they are appreciative when the animal, horse or zebra has a human mental understanding.  Zoophiles come and pay handsomely for their spouse to become the animal of their choice and delights. Fantasy seekers like you come and pay as well, and I sell them to zoos and pet shops worldwide. Government agencies have contacted me, requesting animal enzyme as a catalyst for use as cost affective imprisonment of dangerous individuals. A more recent objective request for aid with cases of witness protection, what people imagine, as is a safe from to retire from humanity lacks all understanding, and in due course so shall they.

Enclosed is for Jessica something if when applied to the vaginal lips will expand her appreciation of our mutual zebra friend, allowing him and you a greater depth to continued sexuality. Please enjoy and accept the gratitude of all in our Nunji tribe.





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