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Published: Jan 1st, 2012
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A youth visits his auntie and uncle where he discovers strange acts and a crystal crown...


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I remember my Uncle Waldo as being a very fun-loving fellow. What was more important to me then and now, my uncle wanted to be my friend. My own father was a man devoted to business and the status he gained. He was demeaning to me, when I would do something and it turned out wrong, he would use it to ridicule me in front of family, or his friends.


Each summer my parents would go traveling, wishing to leave me with somebody for three weeks, it was the only thing my mother ever asked me about, as of where I would like best to and stay while they were gone. My answer was an easy one, as I asked to stay with Auntie Edith and Uncle Waldo.


I was nine years old when I went to reside for three very fun weeks with my aunt and uncle from the side of the family to my mother.


Dearest Auntie would hug me and treasure my coming there to live with them at their small house set high on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Their house was a home built on love between two people, and they cherished me coming to be with them, making me wonder why they never had any children of their own. I one time asked auntie that question and she, he lovely smile became a scowl as she looked at Uncle and said, their daughter had run away from home.


I wanted to ask more about the daughter, my cousin, but I could see auntie felt saddened by my asking, so I kept quiet.


Uncle was a fun person, he taught me to swim, to hike, and we three rode bicycles to a special place for fun time picnics.


The summer when I was sixteen year of age and in high school, my parents informed me father had decided for us to take a round the world sailing cruise. They planned to be gone from home for three months, and wanted me to come along. I angered my father greatly when I declined going with them, I remember he swore at me, and slapped me across my face. “I suppose you want to go live with that old fool Waldo and watch him do his bag of tricks!” My father said, but what he said hurt less when I gained some information about Uncle Waldo he never made any mention.


Uncle Waldo was old to me, but compared to my father, they were the same age, yet uncle looked older, gray haired, his face wrinkled as if weathered by his age.


My mother took e to the bus terminal and bought me a ticket to ride to Petoskey, Michigan where Auntie and Uncle lived and loved. Mom said no good bye, but handed me my ticket and pointed to where would be my bus. Mom was angry with me that I would rather be with her brother and his wife than travel in style to faraway places.


When the bus I rode arrived at Petoskey, Auntie was there to meet and greet me.


“Where is Uncle Waldo,” I asked, feeling sad and worried wondering if he were ill.


“He is not feeling himself today,” Auntie replied, she giving me a happy smile but returned to looking glum a moment later.


As Auntie drove her old 1956 Chrysler along the county roads, it was a hulk of a car, painted gray with pink accent fins, a relic of a time long gone.


Halfway to their house I again asked auntie, “Is Uncle sick, under the weather?”


“No,” Auntie replied sharply, she then sighed, said, “He took a chance and went to visit Adel, our daughter. He found that she had sunk lower in her morality, she tried to beckon Uncle to, to…, molest her.”


My hearing that at my teenage age was a revelation. I read and saw television programs often dealing with sexuality and crimes of passion, but I never thought of that in the same context with my dear aunt and uncle.


Auntie drove us inside her garage and lowered the garage door before she opened her car door. She was acting very secretive and this was odd for her. We went inside the house and I put my things in the spare bedroom, coming out later to forget and ask as where was Uncle.


Before Auntie could answer me, I heard a bark. Auntie was never fond of dogs for some reason. She would give them a foot shoving away when one came close to her, as we would ride the bicycles. She kept an exceptionally clean and orderly house, so to have a dog in her clean house it seemed unlikely!


In the short span of time between hearing the bark and thinking of a dog being there in the house as something unbelievable, I turned to face there a tall dog. It was all blonde with straightly combed hair, a long tail that curved up and hung more over the back of the dog. It had a long and narrow snout, a black button of a nose, and sat on its flat butt, tongue lolling out the side of the mouth filled with sharp teeth, as the dog seemed happy.


“What is his name,” I asked Auntie, as she sighed, and sighed again, she relying said, “You can call him Waldo, he answers to Waldo, the same as would your Uncle…, if he were here!”


I accepted what Auntie said as the truth and turning to face then the dog, I said, “Waldo come,” and the dog came closer, he panting his hot breath at me, acted attentive to my every wish. A youth at play, I never owned a dog and went outside to frolic with the big dog, playing tag, and tossing a ball for Waldo to retrieve.


Come night, and after having a great meal prepared by Auntie, I felt quite tired and went to bed. Auntie and her dog sat together in the living room, she knitting as usual, and her pet lying by her feet.


What happened later was I awoke about one in the morning, hearing Auntie talking loudly as if angry.


Cautiously, I snuck out of my room and did my secret agent act, to go see what was up, just as I did when overhearing my parents arguing often late at night. Auntie was in her bedroom and the light was on in there, as I peeked through the crack between the door and the sash to see as well hear what went on.


What I saw astonished me, as Auntie stood there in her long nightgown, she having the big dog fawned with his forelegs over her shoulders, wagging his tail, he acted as if anxious, was dancing on his hind paws.


Auntie was arguing with the dog, she saying things like, “You keep your distance, you were away too long, and consider our ages, we are not the same!” As the two of them shuffled about in this strange way, they turned and to my eyes, I saw the big dog standing there with his foot-long as dark red penis stuck out his sheath, acting as if he wanted to mate with my Auntie.


I dashed around the door, ran into the bedroom and with an extended arm and my right hand I grabbed at the dog collar, gripping it, and yanked the dog away from his standing at Auntie.


A scared dog yelped from fear, as did Auntie when she seeing me suddenly there, she too screamed and stumbled backward, as fell onto her bed.


I manhandled the dog as it fought with me to get loose. I dragged the randy animal to the patio sliding door, and ejected him out with a kick from a bare foot. As out went Waldo with a yelp, as I sent him into the warm humid air of the outdoors and a lake breeze to flutter his long fur.


The dog outside and standing by the patio door, it began barking angrily. I returned to be by Auntie, she by then had recomposed her self to acting like my loving Aunt Edith.


She asked me what I did with the dog and I told her, the news made her smile. Auntie then asked me to come and sit in the chair beside her bed. She still with a smile on her face because she could hear the upset dog barking wildly. Auntie said she wished to tell me a story to explain the reason for the dog being in her house.


“About the dog,” Auntie said, as then paused for thinking, she began again and said, “No, first you should know about the crystal glass ball crown. We have come to own a very special crown made of crystal glass balls attached with gold to make a crown. This crown has strange powers and an ability to do dangerous thing to people. We learned by experience your Uncle and me, as from placing the crown upon our head and then were to come into physical contact with an object or an animal, something magical happens, as to meld physically into that other form.


Imagine how it would feel to merge there with the chair you are sitting on, and feel people sitting on you.


Well, to make a long story longer and inclusive, we went out to visit friends one evening, leaving our daughter at home and alone. Somehow she fold the magical crown and she placing it on her head she…, petted, touched Aasha, the Afghan dog belonging to our near-neighbor. That playful Afghan hound and our daughter Adel were, as drawn together in the twinkling of an eye, they merged of forms.


A question arose as to why animal bodies are stronger in magic, as Adel out daughter lost her humanity, became a mixing of cellular structure, and was lost to being whatever the animal touched while wearing the glass crown.


I lost my daughter to being a dog, she became a bitch, and ah…, that is a breeder female. Later, she mated and that sealed her merger, and she lost her path of return to being her human self. My Adel I lost some fifteen years ago, and to this day I feel a sense of horror , knowing what she felt when and after she gave herself to letting a male Afghan hound breed her pregnant.


Uncle talked about that day and of the coming anniversary when Adel found and decided to play with the glass crown. He decided to try to visit her by his wearing of the crown it allows family members of those merged and who have not returned to being human. His wearing of it and being with a few feet from her in her present dog form. They, their minds could communicate as through a form of telepathy. What he feared was that from her many years of being a dog, her memories were gone, and she being then an ignorant animal.


What he discovered was our daughter as lost from us, her mind deep set into being a breeding bitch. Uncle kept his distance from Adel, fearful that he might touch her and become as then a third mental entity in the dog body.


What Uncle did not know our neighbor friend had done was to plan for this Afghan bitch to breed with another Afghan, he having the sire on premises. While your Uncle was wearing the crystal crown, the male dog leaped on him and caused then a merger, it happening in a quick as sudden flash.


The ultimate merging of man and dog, your Uncle Waldo merged inside the form of that bold acting Afghan male dog you just dragged out of the house.


Uncle merged some seven weeks now as of three days from today. If he had remembered the rules of a merger and remained divorced from mating with the Afghan bitch, he would have separated and returned to being his human true self after seven days and six nights being that dog.


However…, Aasha the dog and Adel of mind both knew uncle, and by merger, the male dog scent changed, being in part that of your Uncle. Why, how, and whatever went though those dogged minds, our dog daughter aroused the male Afghan and uncle, as both dogs then mated, the sire breeding with our bitch of a daughter and a stupefied Uncle in dog form.


What I did was to keep Uncle in his doggish self indoors and away from any aroused dog bitch. The reason is as if he were to mate again, each session increases his need to remain in the dog body another month. Uncle in his male dog form mated three times with Aasha/Adel, and two times with another Afghan female brought to the neighbors for mating purposes.


Bark, bark, bark, oh go please and let your uncle back inside the house, I am sure he will wish to be in control of his doggish behavior.”


I went and did as Auntie said, as opening the patio slider door, I said, “Please Uncle Waldo come inside, I hope you did not go and… fuck some other dog!” As from my blunt remark and question, he who was my uncle barked his anger at me.


We, my dog uncle and I returned to the bedroom where Auntie had not moved an inch. She seeing us then coming into her bedroom gave her to smile. She said when pointing a finger to uncle, “I suggest you try harder to keep that your doggy pecker hidden in your furry sheath. I am not a lurid bitch for you to fornicate with, I insist upon wanting my husband returned to me. You tried my patience twice by acting like a stud dog begging to show his extra special manners of libido.


I had to inform your nephew as to who and what all lurked inside the form and body of that Afghan dog. Since now that he knows the story about you, I think I should bolster it with the telling of my story.


What began this travesty for us started some years ago from a friend to your uncle buying the crystal crown while traveling!


I shall refer to him as being a friend to Uncle the man who bought the crown in a Madagascar bazaar. He had it sent ahead to his home and after returning from his travels, he toying with it accidentally merged himself with his prize winning quarter horse mare.


He was fortunate as the mare was not in season, feeling horny, and though he owned some excellent stallions, after a scary seven days time being his mare allowed him to transition out and away to becoming his human self.


Foolishly, your uncle while visiting with his friend at his estate, the friend informed uncle of what he knew about the crown, its powers and abilities. Uncle did not believe his friend and wishing to prove him a bold liar; Uncle donned on his head the crown. With the Crown set in place on the balding head of your Uncle Waldo, his friend then made a dare to walk through the horse stables. As Uncle is bold, he accepted the dare and entering the stables, he happened to touch one of the male horses.


Your uncle went about insane as he told me later, some months later. When he failed returning home, from visiting his friend, I called there, and they told me my husband was not there. I set at home and wondering, worried for a week before going to the estate to ask the friend as of the whereabouts of my husband.


Inadvertently, I discovered what happened to Uncle, as he resided there at the stable belonging to his friend. Uncle lived happily and horny, he being a Belgian draft horse for the coming seasons of fall, winter, and until the springtime call to rut. Luckily, for him he merged with a gelding, but not so funny, when his friend thought it comical to use your uncle as a teaser male horse to test the willingness of mares, before they would accept a stallion to mate and breed.


Your Uncle enjoyed his fun time being a horse, and nearly lost his mind to being an animal, a horse.


My coming to the estate to inquire about what happened to my husband; as our friend goaded me to try to set the crystal crown on my head, as if to communicate with my horse-husband.


That son of a…, that man tricked me as of its purpose, having me model the crystal crown while I stood beside a Percheron mare. The instant I happened to touched the horse, my body, and life entity did merge into as becoming one with, me finding myself as inside the mare.


He did keep me the mare as partially sedated during the month of September 1977. As after more than a month of elapsed time with me residing near mindless and unthinking inside that mare my mindset slipped into a relating the mare and me as being one and together. He kept my equine self as busy working by day and put in a stall by night. He knew enough tricks and ways of keeping both Uncle and I as merged into being as horses for some more diabolical a reason.


After residing merged inside an animal for a month, it became difficult remembering I was anything other than a Percheron mare. As that mare and with the coming of springtime came the time of rut, when mares feel the urge to mate, and stallions become frantic over the same ideas.


Our friend knew I would be angry and if too Waldo were angry, the two of us returned to being human might do him some harm.


Why he plagued me to become a mare, but he tried to get me to mate and if impregnated, the crown-power could not separate me from the animal, and as a mare, I would live out my life.


You have come to know your auntie as a strong willed woman, and my mental control remained strong. I believe the expected blundered was of me to let the animal dominate the merging, and as through those many months and the weeks of passionate pangs what was your auntie would die away.


Please believe me when I say that the becoming an animal brings on such dire feelings, urges, fears and the worst sexual desires, together it is mind boggling. I remained vigilant to my wish of returning to being human, others, those weak in conviction would surely falter and learn as accept the living of life in animal form.


The mare animal became mine to control, and she with use of hoof, teeth, and lashing hind kicks at stallion suitors kept us from getting mated, impregnated, and seal the union of the merging. As was uncle, he being a stallion, the more times he allowed his passions to get the better of his situation, the longer was his duration, time he would be as an animal. His friend thought to control us and keep us occupied while he stole what he had attained of money and valuables.


Fortune favors the stronger of the will to live, and when he came to me with the crown on his head wanting to converse and offer me my bodily form in trade for the combination to our safe, he stood there as one vulnerable. A sudden hind kick of my horse leg shoved him out of my stall and into the stables aisle. Thrown off balance he ricocheted off a support post and fell headlong into the stall across from mine. The force of my kick did not knock him senseless, though fortune favored the situation and he falling into the other stall, fell over the back of pony mare he had for his ten-year-old daughter. He then merged, and became, as uncle and I, the crown falling off his head when his body merged.


It was with my string will to be my true self, I walked from my stall to the pony stall and slipped the crystal crown over my muzzle and holding my head high, the magic returned me to being the human me.


That began a month-long struggle to find first clothing and get from where I was to home and regain my lifestyle. I later purchased your uncle in his horse self and had him transported back home where I caused his physical disconnecting from being a draft stallion horse.


The horse I sold to a farm a few miles from here and the animal is content and happy.


I purchased from his estranged widow the horses and pony divining with the crown those merged and able to return to being their human selves. Nine elated and very appreciative people we sent back to living their lives being humans. Four lost and merged souls were as such indifferent and merged so through a mutual trusted friend; each animal went to a good owner.


Friend Ashton Alan Pitt, that was his name, of him in the form of a pinto pony mare, I sold him to a carnival to walk endless circles wearing bridle, bit, and a saddle to carry children wishing to ride a pretty pony. He was very repenting when I told him of my plans for his permanent future, he offering me wealth he as an animal had no control to handle. I…, we your Uncle Waldo and I wished Ashton a good long life being a pony mare, and at last check, he/she had dropped her fifth pony foal.


The crystal crown is of its power and ability a sensual seeking curse, and or until uncle tried to contact our daughter, the thing has remained locked away and unused.


A few more days and Uncle can become his real self, as maybe with a bit more humility and consideration of what he would prefer is his life and form.”


All that was some story and me being of such a young age wondered how it could be the truth. I could not deny that the big Afghan dog there acted as might a man trapped inside the form/body of being a dog. I felt content with what Auntie said, her story the passing of time would tell if uncle did appear and the dog went home to be again a prized stud sire.


Fortunes change and after just three weeks of me residing with Auntie and Uncle a telegram arrived, sent by the foreign office of Nigeria, informing of the finding a storm-ravaged hull of a sailing ship washed up on shore, the crew and all aboard lost at sea. The news of my cruel parents having died or drowned while sailing the south Atlantic, hit me oddly, and I began to laugh.


Any time I thought of the way they liked to treat me, and then they testing their fortunes, they set sail where neither of them knew what to expect, it seemed hilarious. Uncle and Auntie began to worry that I was near to going insane, and Auntie suggested what I needed was a shock to return me to understanding my future.


They asked to trust the deciding of what Auntie and Uncle thought was best for me. I did trust them, and one afternoon when I was having a laughing hysteria problem, they took me with them in their old car to visit a farmer friend.


Once there and the three of us walking together, Uncle took the lead and wanted me to see the yearling bulls in their pen. Trusting him, I went along, coming to the pen fence, the young bulls saw a chance for food handouts, they gathered in a group all sniffing the strange guest.


As I stood there petting the snotty nosed, frothing mouths of anxious beasts, Uncle Waldo placed the crystal crown upon my head and in an instant, my life changed. My maniac laughing ceased, replaced by a pathetic bellowing mooing of me merged into the form of a yearling bull.


I mooed, pleading for my dear and trusted relative to change me back to being the human me, but they stood there and in agreement that after a week of me living, as does a bull, I might feel better about my being human.


Uncle then used his phone camera to snap a few pictures of the new me, telling me I could have the prints later to reflect and think about my experience.


Fortune slipped into the bigger plans for me, and as it was supposed to be, I for my week was to stay separate from the cattle herd, they farmer friend forgot to inform his workers not to let me go to pasture with the herd. Strange my feelings and the situation, but from being in pasture the animal took control through a strong herd-instinct. His instinctive action-reaction manner of living became an easy accepted as fun idea to a weakening human mentality.


Fortune intervened a second time, as at the end of one week when Auntie and Uncle had planned to return and with using the crown return me to being a person, on the drive to the farm a drunk driving a pickup truck ran a stop sign and crashed into the old Chrysler.


Auntie and Uncle as told to me later were injured and both hospitalized for four weeks before moved to a nursing home to regain their strength before allowed to return to living at home. After all, of that, my time as living in the form of a yearling bull, my bovine form matured and the call to rut changed my attitude about wishing to be human.


I was quite large when Uncle came with his crystal crown in hand and planning to use it to return me to being human. What he found was a nephew elated and content with being a bull. He repeatedly tried to come close enough to me to place the crown on my bovine block of a head, but I shied away.


When Uncle stood safely outside the corral fence and placing the crown on his head, I came close enough for us to converse mind to mind.


“Nephew, it is time to return to living with us!” Uncle thought to me, asking me to give up what I had come to like, me my lifestyle of sensuality the kind when as a teenager I did not have or know.


“How long have you let me be like this, more than a week, many months, the passing of more than six seasons?” I said, as much loving what I became, I held a grudge for my dear relatives not coming to visit or offer me the promised early return to being the real me. The informing as to their accident, time in hospital, and rehabilitation, to me seemed a lame excuse. I from being as is a bull became self-centered, selfish, jealous, and demanding.


“Not six seasons, but six years since we used the crown to shock you back to being a rational and understanding person dealing with the loss and grief. If buy thinking is seasons, what you consider as a easy remembered time is the feeling of rut, and of mating, you having mated with cows!


As you might remember, I had my sad time being a horse and living through the bestial feelings.


If what you are and do, find it enjoyable to graze, chew a cud, sniff cow butts, lick shit stained cow vagina lips, and breed with cows as does a bull, then you can stay and be a bull until sold and sent for slaughter.


If you would care for the choice of being human and with use of the crown return to your sensual fetish on occasion, then come and accept my humble apology.” Uncle Waldo said then and stood looking at me for my response.


The mooing allurement of cows wishing me to tend to quell them of their sexual urges tugged at my soul. I would have rather stayed there and mounted, mate, and bred my cows, but the thought too of slaughter tickled an ugly memory suggesting of a violent death.


I stepped forward and lowered my head as a sign of my submission to the will of my dear Uncle Waldo.


Since that sad day, when I became again a person, a human, and sit treasuring the photos Uncle took of me when I was truly happy. Fortune and times are changing as Auntie and Uncle are aging, and soon their wealth shall become as mine. When that time comes, when fortune changes, my use owning of the crystal crown my return me to where I can enjoy feeling content, living a simpler way of life.





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